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  • Flowers are numerous, dull-purple, 4 to 5 mm in diameter, and borne in scattered, racemosely arranged fascicles; the pedicels are few and about 7 mm long. Follicles are green, lanceolate, about 5 cm long, 5 mm thick below the middle and narrowed upward to the pointed apex. Distribution. — “Kulañgan, Tylophora perrottetiana Decne: Philippine Herbal”,
  • Iva: Any of various coarse shrubby plants of the genus iva with small greenish flowers; common in moist areas (as coastal salt marshes) of eastern and central north america. least the lower ones opposite, and small spicately, racemosely, or paniculately disposed or scattered and commonly nodding heads,. — “iva - definition and meaning from Wordnik”,
  • Sheaths open; ligules membranous, ciliate; blades flat. Inflorescences terminal, panicles of 1-20 non-disarticulating, spikelike branches, exceeding the upper leaves; branches digitately or racemosely arranged, if racemose, the lower nodes usually with more than 1 branch. — “species account”, herbarium.usu.edu
  • PARTS USED.—The rhizome and roots of Xanthorrhiza apiifolia L'Her. Natural Order Ranunculaceae, Tribe Helleboreae. BOTANICAL ***YSIS.—Rhizome, growing several inches below the surface, branched, woody, cylindrical. Flowers numerous, small, dark purple, racemosely arranged in a drooping, few-branched. — “Xanthorrhiza Apiifolia. Shrub yellow root. | Henriette's”,
  • racemose ( ) adj. Botany . Resembling or borne in a raceme. Anatomy . Having a structure of clustered parts Resembling or borne in a raceme. Anatomy. Having a structure of clustered parts. Used of glands. racemosely rac'e·mose'ly adv. English. English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Tagalog. — “racemose: Definition from ”,
  • Leaves: Opposite, ovate, or elliptic, often inequilateral, 5 centimeters to 12 centimeters long by 2 centimeters to 4.5 centimeters wide. long), disposed in racemosely arranged groups of generally. — “Camu Camu - Myrciaria dubia”,
  • The genus Sporotrichum is here restricted to anamorphs of lignicolous basidiomycetes with stalked, broadly attached terminal blastoconidia borne on randomly to racemosely branched conidiophores. conidia and hyphal cells are multinucleate. Only. — “Revision of the A genus Sporotrichum”,
  • Encyclopedia of Life Inflorescences narrowly virgate or racemose with involucres racemosely disposed throughout or at tips, 20-50(-60) × 5-25 cm, glabrous, rarely tomentose; branches. — “Eriogonum zionis J. T. Howell - Encyclopedia of Life”,
  • Search Results for "racemosely" 1) racemose. The American Heritage® Botany Resembling or borne in a raceme. 2. Anatomy Having a structure of clustered parts. — “Search Results for "racemosely"”,
  • forked (rarely) to racemosely or (rarely) subpaniculately branched, female infls. forked (very rarely) to racemosely or subpaniculately branched, nearly always with > 4 rachillae; female rachillae mostly. — “MBG: Research: Manual de Plantas de Costa Rica: Draft Treatments”,
  • Tendrils unbranched or bifurcate, sometimes racemosely branched. Tendrils racemosely branched; both leaf surfaces of same color when dry, margin undulate, fine teeth on curves of wavy margin;. — “Cissus in Flora of China @ ”,
  • Definition of racemosely in the Medical Dictionary. racemosely explanation. Information about racemosely in Free online English dictionary. What is racemosely? Meaning of racemosely medical term. What does racemosely mean?. — “racemosely - definition of racemosely in the Medical”, medical-
  • Words starting with r: rabanna,rabannas,rabat,rabatine,rabatines,rabatment,rabatments,rabato,rabatoes,rabatos,rabats,rabatte,rabatted,rabattement,rabattements,rabattes,rabatting,rabattings,rabbet,rabbeted,rabbeting,rabbets, racemosely. — “Words starting with r”,
  • Words That Start With R: rabanna,rabannas,rabat,rabatine,rabatines,rabatment,rabatments,rabato,rabatoes,rabatos,rabats,rabatte,rabatted,rabattement,rabattements,rabattes,rabatting,rabattings,rabbet,rabbeted,rabbeting,rabbets, racemosely. — “Words That Start With R”, words-that-start-with-
  • What is a racemous, definition of racemous, meaning of racemous, racemous anagrams, racemous synonyms Try the following resources for racemous: racemous. racemosely " racemose " racemoid " racemous " racepath " racepaths " racer. Word lists: All words, By Lenght, Letter Mix, All Unique Letter. — “Word racemous meaning. Word racemous definition. Free”,
  • Information about the Tribe Ingeae including photos, maps, and text. Inflorescence head or spike often racemosely or paniculately arranged. Flowers generally sessile, bi***ual, 5 or rarely 4 or 6-merous. Sepals usually 5, rarely 4 or 6, connate, campanulate, teeth small valvate. — “Ingeae (Tribe)”,
  • Definition of racemosely in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of racemosely. Pronunciation of racemosely. Translations of racemosely. racemosely synonyms, racemosely antonyms. Information about racemosely in the free online English dictionary and. — “racemosely - definition of racemosely by the Free Online”,
  • Racemosely definition, having the form of a raceme. See more. — “Racemosely | Define Racemosely at ”,

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