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  • Shop Race Horse Postcards. Large selection of unique and funny race horse designs. 100% satisfaction guarantee. Fast shipping. — “Race Horse Postcards - CafePress”,
  • racehorse,. — “racehorse -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • racehorse (plural racehorses) A horse which competes in races. [edit] Translations. a race, horse-race, horserace. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/racehorse". — “racehorse - Wiktionary”,
  • Race Horse Place brings you a huge selection of race horses for sale from all across the country. Also offers listings for horse racing professionals including veterinarians, jockeys, sale prepping, and more. — “Race Horse Place | Online race horse listings for sale”,
  • Definition of racehorse from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of racehorse. Pronunciation of racehorse. Definition of the word racehorse. Origin of the word racehorse. — “racehorse - Definition of racehorse at ”,
  • racehorse ( ) n. A horse bred and trained to race. racehorse. Top. Home > Library > Literature & Language > WordNet. Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun has one meaning: Meaning #1: a horse bred for racing. Synonyms: race horse, bangtail. Translations:. — “racehorse: Definition from ”,
  • 404 Racehorse stock photos and images. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage helps you find the perfect photo or footage, fast! We feature 7,700,000 royalty free photos, 95,000 stock footage clips, digital videos, vector clip art. — “Racehorse Stock Photos and Images. 404 racehorse pictures and”,
  • Article about horse racing, its origin, forms in various countries, and the controversy surrounding the handling of horses during races. does not reach full maturity until the horse is at least four years of age, young racehorses often suffer multiple injuries.[21]. — “Horse Racing - Wikipedia”,
  • Insight and news for Owners and Trainers from Professional Thoroughbred Race Horse Trainers. Thoroughbred race horse trainers transport their racehorses to many tracks in order to place their horses in the appropriate races. — “Kentucky Racehorse Trainer”,
  • With more than 40 years of experience in the racehorse industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find what you want and need! Do you have a new product that relates to the racehorse industry?. — “Race Horse Ads, your source for horse racing tack, supplies”,
  • racehorse - a horse bred for racing. bangtail, race horse. Equus caballus, horse - solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times. thoroughbred - a racehorse belonging to a breed that originated from a cross between Arabian stallions and English mares. — “racehorse - definition of racehorse by the Free Online”,
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  • Horse Racing and Online Horse Betting; TVG is the #1 Wagering Website and Horse Racing Network in the USA, with over 150 tracks worldwide. — “Horse Racing and Online Horse Betting - TVG”,
  • Racehorse definition, a horse bred or kept for racing, esp. racehorse - 2 dictionary results. race·horse /ˈreɪsˌhɔrs/ Show Spelled[reys-hawrs] Show IPA. –noun. a horse bred or kept for racing, esp. in flat races or steeplechases. — “Racehorse | Define Racehorse at ”,
  • NSW Racehorse Owners Association. Our mission is to further and protect the rights of racehorse owners in New South Wales and our aim is to make owning a racehorse cheaper and more enjoyable. — “NSW Racehorse Owners Association”, .au
  • Own a share in a race horse today. Horses for Sale | Racehorse Syndication | Horse Racing Shares | Racehorse Ownership | Horse Racing Syndicates. — “Racehorse Syndications 4 Sale”, .au
  • Bought the wrong horse It is good for something, though. Watch Video about Ads,Commercials,Animals by . — “Racehorse - Video”,
  • Horse racing tip sheet that defines profiles for speed, class, pace, and pedigree. — “Racehorse Runner”,
  • Race Horse Supply offers the highest quality custom jockey silks, horse blinkers, and saddle towels.All available with fine custom embroidery racehorse blinkers. — “Racehorse Supply Custom Racing Jockey Silks Blinkers Custom”,
  • Shop our large selection of race horse gifts, t-shirts, posters and stickers starting at $5 . Unique race horse designs. Fast shipping. — “Race Horse Gifts, T-shirts, Stickers and more - CafePress”,
  • Racehorse Training | VIDEO | ARTICLES | PICTURES | FORUMS | Training Racehorse. — “Racehorse Training | Training Racehorse”,
  • Equine Now listing of Listing of racehorse horse classifieds on Equine Now. — “Racehorse Horses for Sale”,

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  • Barbaro... A True Racehorse..... Barbaro Was A True Racehorse.I Loved Him Alot!
  • Race Horse Company 'Petit Mal' Wild physicality comes at you with nonchalant daring, on a stage littered with garage debris. Breakdancing and hip-hop fuse with a Chinese pole, trampoline work and acrobatics. Petit Mal emerges from the Finnish underground, ready for a riot.
  • Runaway Racehorse Ep. 1 *** I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC AND I AM NOT USING IT FOR SALE OR PROFIT*** A racehorse tries hard for his owner, Tom, but can't win any races. His owner just pushes him harder and harder until he can't handle it anymore. Is there any chance to escape? This video can also be viewed on Himekahorselover's account.
  • Famous Fallen Race Horses This is just a video that I put together in honnor of five of the most known "fallen race horses" whose lives had ended in a leg/foot/ankle injury. It really is sad.. but hopefully, we will remember them as the great race horses they were and still are in our hearts.. Song: Halo by Hailey James Scott Pictures from: Google/Yahoo/Blood_Horse Put together by: Carrie Lynn JT Lyttle
  • Retired Racehorse Adoptions Lynn Reardon gives retired racing horses a chance for a new life. She re-trains them to live without racing, and then adopts them out to ranches, farms, and animals lovers. (#1027, 5/05/2007) Lynn's organization is called LOPE -
  • A Thoroughbred Racehorse The lines being told in this video are and excert from the book Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand. The way she worded the paragraph was absolutely amazing. I just had to make a video using the lines :) It's my first video, and I'm really hoping they get better. Please comment & rate! Song: Return To Innocence by Enigma
  • Dancing With The Racehorse Downtown Rosalie is at the beginning of her new career now that her days at the racetrack have ended. Alessandra Deerinck retrained her using her past experience with racehorses at the track and with the Carolyn Resnick Method. With her newly acquired communication skills, Downtown Rosalie will be able to achieve anything that a horse and a human being can do together in any equestrian pursuit.
  • Sports: Where Do Racehorses Go? - /video Every year, thousands of thoroughbred racehorses end their careers and become economic liabilities to their owners. What happens to former stakes winners who are no longer profitable? Related Article: bit.ly
  • Zenyatta: Best Racehorse Ever? If Zenyatta wins the Breeder's Cup Classic to cap an undefeated career of 20 straight victories, some say the 6-yr.-old mare might just be the greatest thoroughbred racehorse in history. Bob Simon reports.
  • Michael Owen Racehorse Feature - Part Two Racing Post TV's Brough Scott visits Michael Owen and Andrew Black's new racing yard in Cheshire, where Tom Dascombe has been appointed as trainer
  • LDCH-Lucy Wins A Race Horse 1/6 Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux) wants a horse-a dream quickly shot down by Big Ricky, who is concerned about the cost. But Lucy discovers a way to win one for free in a name-the-horse contest sponsered by a breakfast cereal. Actress Betty Grable and her husband, bandleader Harry James, guest-star as themselves, and Lucy enlists Betty's help to make the newly acquired horse, "Whirling Jet," a winner at the racetrack.
  • Famous Racehorses Only a few of the greatest racehorses.
  • Stewball (Was A Race Horse) Peter, Paul, & Mary (cover) I think this is a delightful song & story. It is based on a true story of a British race horse named Stewball (aka Squball and Sku-ball) and a famous race that he won (against all odds) in Ireland in the mid 1700's. Stewball Old Stewball was a racehorse, and I wish he were mine He never drank water, he always drank wine / D - Em - / A - DG D - / His bridle was silver, and his mane it was gold And the worth of his saddle has never been told Oh the fairgrounds were crowded, and Stewball was there But the betting was heavy on the bay and the mare As they were approaching, about half way around The gray mare she stumbled and fell to the ground And away out yonder, ahead of them all Came a-prancing and a-dancing, my noble Stewball I bet on the gray mare and I bet on the bay If I'd bet on old Stewball, I'd be a free man today Oh the hoot owl she hollers, and the turtle dove moans I'm a poor boy in trouble. I'm a long way from home Old Stewball was a racehorse, and I wish he were mine He never drank water, he always drank wine ps - just found this: Stewball Recordings on file by: Woody Guthrie & Friends, Peter, Paul & Mary. The most famous horse race in folksong history took place on the race course at Kildare, Ireland sometime in the late 1700s or early 1800s. Matched were Sku-ball, a skewbald horse owned by Arthur Marvell, and a grey mare, Miss Portly, the property of Sir Ralph Gore. A skewbald horse, according to authorities, has patches of brown or bay on a white coat ...
  • Thoroughbred Race Horses in training Ocala 2007 Here are some Thoroughbred Race Horses in training Breezing on the track at Ocala, April 2007. For a selection of Thoroughbred Race Horse DVDs go to:
  • Life of a Race Horse This heartwarming video was created by a young girl who adopted a racehorse (who was also a lead pony) from Second Chance Ranch in Elma, Washington. She re-named the horse "Chance" after our organization. We could not be more honored and proud of Braiden and Chance! For more information about the OTTB rescue, go to
  • Secretariat-Perhaps the Greatest Race Horse of all Time In 1973 after winning the Kentucky Derby in (still) record time, and winning the Preakness, Secretariat was about to become a legend, and only the Belmont Stakes stood in the way. One of the greatest moments in sports was about to take place, and perhaps the greatest race in history--enjoy
  • Greatest Racehorse Ever The Champ wins maiden from impossible position on the turn
  • The Best Racehorses of the World! This video begins with my horse Bassow and continues with the best Racehorses of the World!
  • Gay Future Racehorse 20 moments that shook Irish Sport Gay Future was the racehorse at the centre of an attempted coup by an Irish betting syndicate in Great Britain in 1974. The plot involved a Scottish trainer named Antony Collins initially presenting a poorly-performing horse at his stables as if it were the real Gay Future. This lowered the expectations of reviewers, and hence raised the betting odds on offer, when the real horse was entered in a race at Cartmel in Cumbria. On the same day, two additional horses trained by Collins were entered in earlier races at other courses, but these were withdrawn shortly before the races. Syndicate members had used bookmakers away from the courses to place a large number of double and triple wagers, which involved Gay Future in combination bets with these additional horses. The last-minute withdrawals now meant that a large number of bets would roll over onto Gay Future. As the race start time approached, syndicate accomplices at Cartmel ensured that the long odds (10 to 1) on Gay Future were not lowered by on-course punters. Gay Future won easily, but bookmakers became suspicious at the unusual betting patterns. A follow-up police investigation resulted in syndicate leaders being convicted of attempted fraud, although they received relatively small fines from a sympathetic judge
  • Wild Flag - portland - Racehorse - 11/13/2010 - Doug Fir Wild Flag live at Doug Fir in Portland, Oregon on November 13, 2010. Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss, Mary Timony, Rebecca Cole. "I'm a racehorse."
  • Race Horse, AreUTalkinToMe, wins Barbados 2009 Triple Crown Race Horse named AreUTalkinToMe. Youngest Trainer & Jockey to ever win the Barbados Triple Crown 2009.
  • LDCH-Lucy Wins A Race Horse 2/6 Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux) wants a horse-a dream quickly shot down by Big Ricky, who is concerned about the cost. But Lucy discovers a way to win one for free in a name-the-horse contest sponsered by a breakfast cereal. Actress Betty Grable and her husband, bandleader Harry James, guest-star as themselves, and Lucy enlists Betty's help to make the newly acquired horse, "Whirling Jet," a winner at the racetrack.
  • 533. Stewball Was a Racehorse (Traditional) The song, "Stewball", originated in either England or Ireland, where it began as "Skewball", meaning a horse with white patches on a coat that is not black. The horse in question won a race in Kildare in the eigh***th century. An American version of the song was sung by slaves in the Southern states, and the location varies between California, Texas and Kentucky. It uses an African-American-style call and response technique, as opposed to the ballad style of the English version. This version was popularised by Lead Belly. A recording by Joan Baez, which was my introduction to the song, is closer to the English version. This better-known version has been recorded by Woody Guthrie, Cisco Houston, Dan Fogelberg, Peter, Paul and Mary, Slainte and The Hollies among many others. There are some excellent versions by YouTube stars such as Lew Dite, the BCB Band, marcoacca and David Holness. This video is dedicated to my YouTube friend Max, aka oldstewball.
  • First Openly Gay Racehorse To Compete Sunday As controversy swirls around thoroughbred Ship's Captain, the horse's trainer says people should focus on the horse's abilities, not its ***uality.
  • Famous Retired Race Horses - "Old Friends" Here are famous former race horses Ballindaggin, Kiri's Clown, Ogygian (son of Damascus) and Sunshine Forever at their "Old Friends" retirement home in Kentucky. Find out more about this project at: http:///
  • LDCH-Lucy Wins A Race Horse 4/6 Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux) wants a horse-a dream quickly shot down by Big Ricky, who is concerned about the cost. But Lucy discovers a way to win one for free in a name-the-horse contest sponsered by a breakfast cereal. Actress Betty Grable and her husband, bandleader Harry James, guest-star as themselves, and Lucy enlists Betty's help to make the newly acquired horse, "Whirling Jet," a winner at the racetrack.
  • Phar Lap - Australia's Greatest Racehorse A racing phenomenon, Phar Lap was the greatest racehorse ever to come out of Australia. In 1932 he arrived in America where on 20th March, 1932 he easily won the Agua Caliente Handicap in Tijuana, Mexico - he is pictured winning this race in the video - and was scheduled for other important races in the United States. Unfortunately he died from acute enteritis just over two weeks later at Menlo Park, California, on April 5 at the age of six years. It is believed that the cause of his untimely death was arsenic poisoning, but whether this was accidental or whether he was the target of gangsters is open to speculation. A very gentle horse who was called by the name Bobby, he is pictured frolicking with his strapper, Tommy Wood***.
  • Where Racehorses Go To Retire PETA went inside Japans largest horse slaughterhouse in early 2009 to expose a little known fact about horseracing. When horses can no longer perform many are sent to slaughter.
  • 2007 Racehorse Tribute I could only find good footage of Zanjero, Cobalt Blue, Street Sense, Any Given Saturday and Dominican... and I'm really only a big fan of Zanjero... but it'll do, because horses+dinosaur music=awesome. As for my Derby pick? I'm enamoured with Curlin. Footage (C) Keeneland Race Course (I think all of it) Music (C) James Newton Howard and Disney EDIT: I have become a silenced critic. Street Sense was awesome in the Derby yesterday, but I was also very impressed with Curlin, Hard Spun, Tiago and Zanjero. They were four of seven horses who actually moved forward in the final eighth - and Zanjero was cost a major run when Street Sense dodged into a sweet rail spot that both Borel and Zanjero's jockey saw. Oh, well. Tough luck. I'm still going to root against Street Sense in the Preakness, but if he wins that, he's got my support in the Belmont and beyond. EDIT 2: Score! #46 - Most Viewed (Today) - Pets & Animals - All (May 6) EDIT 3: Muhahahaha. It's Belmont day. Curlin was awesome in the Preakness. I'm hoping for a repeat! EDIT 4: Well, that was the most awesome Belmont since Secretariat's. THEY WERE BOTH INCREDIBLE. w00t! Note the very very fast last quarter.
  • LDCH-Lucy Wins A Race Horse 3/6 Little Ricky (Keith Thibodeaux) wants a horse-a dream quickly shot down by Big Ricky, who is concerned about the cost. But Lucy discovers a way to win one for free in a name-the-horse contest sponsered by a breakfast cereal. Actress Betty Grable and her husband, bandleader Harry James, guest-star as themselves, and Lucy enlists Betty's help to make the newly acquired horse, "Whirling Jet," a winner at the racetrack.
  • Michael Owen Racehorse Feature - Part One Racing Post TV's Brough Scott visits Michael Owen and Andrew Black's new racing yard in Cheshire, where Tom Dascombe has been appointed as trainer
  • retraining ex race horse GELANOR PART 1 8 year old successfull race horse, came out of the Greek races 3 days before this video
  • Rescue 911 - Episode 421 - "Racehorse Rescue" (Part 1 of 2) A horse is trapped in an overturned trailer after a car wreck. This segment was taken from Episode 421 which aired on March 23, 1993 on CBS. This particular version of the segment was taken from a 30-minute syndicated episode, so small parts of it may have been cut out to make room for commercials.
  • Giacomo & Ghostzapper famous race horses 2007 2005 Kentucky Derby winner Giacomo and his buddy, 2004 Horse of the year and winner of the 2004 Breeder's Cup Classic Ghostzapper at their home at Adena Springs in Kentucky 2007
  • jordaan mason & the horse museum - racehorse: get married! live at the CD release show at the Music Gallery in Toronto, ON some time in early june i forget i mean c'mon guys it's been a while okay.
  • Old Race Horse John Henry This race horse is 32+ years old and still lives at the Kentucky Horse Park:)
  • Funny Race Horse Heres a really funny video i found!!
  • In Memory of our Beloved Racehorses This video is to remember all of our beloved racehorses that we have lost. I just want them all to know that we love them and they left us to soon but with awesome memories. They have left our world but not our hearts. I would also like to point out that I only put the horses I could find pictures of but there are thousands of racehorses dying every year that just don't get any coverage.
  • Runaway Racehorse Ep. 2 ***I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC AND AM NOT USING IT FOR SALE OR PROFIT**** After the latest race Rush's efforts to escape may just be spoiled. But before he can think about that he has another problem...

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  • “I had never even heard of Zenyatta until I saw her on 60 Minutes last week. She didn't start racing until late in her third year, which explains why she never ran a triple crown race. She's won all 19 of her starts, and will retire undefeated”
    — Zenyatta - best race horse ever or statistical anomaly?,

  • “Welcome to New Walk Chambers, the largest set of Barristers Chambers in Leicester. Home page. The New Walk Chambers Blog page is only intended to provide an accessible forum for a general overview and discussion of the topics posted on it”
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  • “Watch this blog for updates and announcements on my progress. Posted: Racehorse. View My: Blog | Pictures | Videos | Layouts. SUBSCRIBE. USER OPTIONS. RECENT BLOG”
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  • “But, as we enter a period of prize-money decline in a time of economic recession, this conviction will be tested like never before. It would be cold comfort to be proved right that even the British racehorse owner has a limit. February's Blog Entry. January's Blog Entry”
    — President's blog by Paul Dixon - The Racehorse Owners Association,

  • “In the past ten years, race horse Zenyatta has been hands-down – er, hooves down! -- the most impressive race horse on the tracks. Her track record of”
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  • “I first contacted Melanie in January 2010 to ask advice on re-training my ex-racehorse. He was extremely unwilling to work in any gait and this really puzzled”
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