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  • D3 Rabbitry, D3 Rabbitry is a small family adventure. We raise Flemish Giant rabbits for show and love to help with 4-H projects.. . We also recently started working with Dutch rabbits and will have some pet Dutch for sale in the future. We have pet goats, chickens, dogs, and cats as well. — “Welcome”, d3
  • S. The Lionhead Rabbits Den [ Join Now | Ring Hub | Random |. — “PrideLands Rabbitry”,
  • Welcome to A-B Rabbitry on the web! We are Jesse and Kim Bloomer and located in NW Indiana. All pictures, information, and graphics on this entire website are property of A-B Rabbitry and are NOT to be used without written permission!. — “AB Rabbitry - Quality Holland Lops”,
  • AA Rabbitry--small family run rabbitry located in Southern Louisiana, raising Mini Rex in blue, chocolate, red, black, castor, and tort; Dutch in tort and black; Hollands in opal, tort, and whatever pops up; and French Lops for showing and pets. — “Home”, aa-
  • Angel Rabbitry is a breeder of Champion Mini Rex rabbits. Our Mini Rex Rabbits are for show, breeding or pets. We sell Champion Mini Rex rabbits. — “Mini Rex Rabbits - Mini Rex Rabbit Breeder - Champion Mini”,
  • The rabbitry is named after my two children, Joseph and Kerrie. This pair - Princess (a broken gold tipped steel doe) and Rex (a solid black buck) - led to the rabbitry we have today with many quality Mini Lops. Raising rabbits has become a fun hobby for me with lots of new friends!. — “Home - Joe-Kerr Rabbitry”, joekerr-
  • C&J Rabbitry is owned by Cindy and John Rogers of Lima OH. It was accepted on April 28, 2005 by the ARBA and was assigned Rabbitry Number X586. — “C & J Rabbitry - NW Ohio”,
  • Any brood does can be bred to one of our bucks or a Cambridge Rabbitry buck for a small View more about on the Litters page! Wee Rabbitry "If it doesn't say Wee, come and see Me!. — “Home”,
  • Rose wynd rabbitry is located in Rhode Island. We raise and show Holland Lops, Dutch, Flemish Giants, Dwarf Hotot, Lionheads, Mini Rex, and Satin rabbits. — “Home - Rose Wynd Rabbitry”,
  • Sycamore Rabbitry is a small, family-run rabbitry located in Charlotte, Michigan. Be sure to look for owner, Kristy Hume, in the open division at shows in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. — “Sycamore Rabbitry : Home”,
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: We have sold out of bunnies and closed our rabbitry. As of February 2010, our rabbitry is closed and we are no longer breeding or selling rabbits. — “After The Rain Rabbitry”,
  • Clearing Sale ZR Rabbitry. Written by xazaquan on Oct 13th, 2010 | Filed under: MAKING MONEY, ZR STORY. This is my clearance sale in ZR Rabbitry. Not that I want to quit as breeder, but my cage is full and new batch of ND is coming in future. — “ZR Rabbitry: Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Hutches”,
  • We are a small rabbitry, that specializes in Holland Lops, and raising Mini Rex and Silver Fox rabbits. We also have pet rabbits available. — “K&V Rabbitry Holland Lops Mini Rex Silver Fox rabbits”,
  • Ewok Rabbitry is a registered rabbitry, working toward improving the quality of each breed. Ewok Rabbitry is a home run rabbitry in Homestead, Florida, just below Miami. — “Home - Ewok Rabbitry”,
  • Specializes in many colors in both solid and broken varieties. Forget-Me-Not Rabbitry is located. in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. near Seattle in Washington State. This is the oldest portion. — “Forget-Me-Not Rabbitry”,
  • Rabbitry Nest Box. Rabbit For Sale. Rabbits Breeders. Show Information Welcome to our rabbitry, we have 4 breeds , which includes Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Mini. — “R & D Rabbitry”,
  • Laymon's Rabbitry is located in NE Indiana, Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch, & American Fuzzy Lops for sale. BEW, REW, Otters, Tort, Chocolates. Come look around, we look forward to hearing from you. — “Laymon's Rabbitry”,
  • CHP Rabbitry is a small Rabbitry in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains. We specialize in raising show and meat quality New Zealand Reds. Our Rabbitry is registered with ARBA and all our rabbits are pedigreed. — “CHP Rabbitry: Raising New Zealand Reds”,
  • Home Page Plank Rabbitry. All rights reserved.Web Design by Christine Plank. Pictures or content may not be used without express written permission of the site owner. Wordpress Hosting. — “**Plank Rabbitry**Champagne D' Argent, Holland Lops, Himalayans”,
  • ARBA Registered Rabbitry. Rabbitry #8656. Visit us on Facebook!! **See the For Sale page Bunnies Playing. Feywild Rabbitry. Website updated: 11/22/2010. email:. — “Feywild Rabbitry Lionhead Rabbit Breeder Illinois”,
  • 4D-Rabbitry - Breeding, Raising, and Selling Champsionship Californian Rabbits for 4H Projects, MEat Pens, and Breeders. — “4D-Rabbitry - Championship Californian Rabbits For Sale”, 4d-
  • At the beginning of 2008, I started a rabbitry back up again and couldn't be happier that I had decided to come back. We are a small rabbitry consisting of approximately 35 holes between the two breeds. — “Pease & Carrots Rabbitry”,
  • We are a registered rabbitry specializing in the Mini Rex Rabbit. Rabbitry registration number B591. Thank you for visiting our website, enjoy your selves and contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions. — “CG RABBITRY provided by ”,
  • A special thank you goes out to Inese Benks of Latvian Amber Rabbitry as well for getting us such a great start! Email [email protected] To contact us: We are located in Central Pennsylvania, about 25 miles north of Altoona or 40 miles southwest of State College. — “Home”,

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  • South of 64: Meat Rabbits Photos by Julia Rendleman, Audio by Nadia Samie as part of the South of 64 Project, a Weekend in Murphysboro. Bob and Shirley Moore were born and raised in southern Illinois near Murphysboro. They met over 50 years ago after Bob ended his service with the Navy. They live on a small farm on 127 and raise lambs, cows, and rabbits. He sells the rabbits frozen and dressed for $6 each, or about $2 a pound. There aint no money in it (rabbit farming). I dont know why I do it for something to do I guess, Moore said. Bob, who is 75 years old, continues to work sun up to sun down- everyday in the fields and barns of his 60-acre farm. Moores wife of 45 years, Shirley, describes her husband as a workaholic. Hell never retire, she said.
  • Breeding Meat Rabbits pt2 Nibble's First Litter This is the end result of 2 of my meat rabbits 3 minute encounter. This is her first litter and our first litter after trying for about 6 months.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 1 Day Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Backyard rabbitry. Raising meat rabbits. Just about done with my my hutch. Top cages are 30x36 lower cages are 24x30. This is a project I started for my daughter and me. We will be breeding three does when the youngest is old enough but for now we will have the Californian having litters in about two weeks and the New Zealand in a month.
  • My Rabbitry My very first episode. I invite you to check out my mini rex outdoor rabbitry. Please subscribe to see more!
  • wooded acres rabbitry tour I raise pedigreed dutch rabbits. The nice show rabbits are used for breeding stock and the mismarked rabbits are sold for pets or are used for meat. Animals are used for meat this is just a fact of life, mean comments just for the sake of dissing my channel will not be tolerated. If you express your opinion in a respectful way then I will respect your opinion. Check out my website at
  • rabbits 5/17/2011 lionheads and meat rabbits Just started consolidating my little rabbitry into one area for ease of feeding and care.
  • Meat rabbits and garden update 7-11-10 Trying to the keep rabbits cool in the hot weather we have had this last week but lots of growth in the garden.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 2 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Country Town Rabbitry This a tour of my rabbitry we raise Lionheads, Netherland dwarfs, Holland lops , and Harlequins.
  • Micro-rabbitry We decided to incorporate some meat rabbits into our homestead. It seems lots of people in our area are raising the novelty mini rabbit breeds, but not too many of the larger, Californian or New Zealand rabbits around. I finally located a litter of mixed breed meat-type rabbits near us, and bought two does from it. Here they are. Rabbit manure, by the way, is the only manure you can add "raw" or fresh to plants without danger of burning the plant. It's wonderful stuff and I am looking forward to having it for the garden. Due to the nature of this video, and the fact some people with differing opinions on the raising, slaughter, and consumption of meat can't seem to express their viewpoint politely and nicely, comments will be pre-approved. Oh, and sending me a nasty private message will just get you blocked. Life is too short.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 3 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Homestead Rabbitry 2/16/12 Update on the rabbits. Most babies are 6 weeks old now and we have two litters due in 3 days.
  • Teaching the wife how to butcher rabbits Teaching my wife to process a rabbit. I agreed that the rabbits were my responsibility but I wanted her to try it at least once. She had never killed or cleaned any animal not even a fish. She did a great job.
  • The rabbits are mulitplying Everything is coming along nicely with the rabbits. We currently have 11 adults and a combined total of 33 kits. More litters are being born at an average of 2 weeks apart. This allows reuse of the nesting boxes as needed. I need 4 more. The only draw back has been the flies recently. Getting that under control better after a few days of the fly bait. Have to spray insect killer outside of the shed next and make some adjustments to the duck area to keep things drier. But that's another video. Any suggestions on fly control?
  • Urban Survival Livestock: Raising Rabbits Part 3 In Part 3 of Raising Your Own Rabbits for Food we see how fast the bunnies grow.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 5 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 9 &10 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Meat Rabbits and Garden update 5-31-10 Update on my bunnies and the container garden on the deck. Rabbits are doing great and growing fast. Container garden is not doing very good though.
  • Netherland Dwarf Rabbits- Junior Bucks High quality Netherland Dwarf Rabbits For Sale At All Times /netherlanddwarfsflorida Babies available most of the year. All rabbits get the best possible care and are handled every day. The quality ranges from pet to show. All rabbits are wormed and treated for mites on a regular basis. If you see anything that you like, please let me know. If you are interested in coming to see the rabbits, I am located in Central Florida and you can e-mail me at [email protected] /netherlanddwarfsflorida
  • Meat rabbits - Ireland Just a quick description of my new rabbit setup. I intend breeding them for meat. The does are crossbred Californian x NZ White (Moose & Blue). The buck is a pure Cali (Derek). I want to see what it's like to breed for meat and see is it a commercial possibility. What do people think?
  • Geise's Rabbitry Documentary with Robert Geisenhof Robert Geisenhof, owner of Geise's Rabbitry Business, takes you on a tour with over 75 of his favorite animals in this short documentary film. We head to South Dakota Brookings Rabbit Show to get a view of what a rabbit show is like and then we head to his home to learn about the care and uptake of his rabbits. Robert's rabbitry business has taken him across the nation in search of finding the next best rabbit. Bagnall Productions allows you to get a sneak peak inside of what Geise's Rabbitry Business is all about.
  • Breeding Rabbits FAQ My answers and advice on some of the questions I get asked on rabbit breeding.
  • Californian Rabbits, Our Meat/Show Rabbits This is in response to KainanRa's video "meat rabbit roll call". These are our Californian meat rabbits that we breed to show at the county fair. In 2010 my step-son took reserve grand champion. In 2011 we lost our fair babies and their mothers due to an extreme heat wave that summer. If you would like to see more video on rabbit care & breeding give me a thumbs up.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 4 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • rabbitry update 6-20-12 Somehow I managed to misplace this video and I totally forgot all about it. Oops! :)
  • Rabbitry Roll Call If you keep a meat rabbitry let us know. Some links to check out.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 6 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Breeding meat rabbits california / flemish giant / and new zealand crosses A quick vid of Henry ( white Buck ) and Stew ( grey Doe ) on a romantic date. Because I am learning by doing on my microfarm I eventually want to get into larger meat animals like sheep and goats but I have no experience. I figured starting small with chickens and rabbits I could learn as I go without a huge commitment. I will be letting the kids sell as many of these as they can and we will consume the rest. As much as I don't enjoy the day they go in the freezer, I try to look at it like cleaning a fresh fish that I caught. I really want to start eating better and become a little more self sufficient, plus rabbit is delicious.
  • Our Homestead Rabbits In an effort to know where our food is coming from we have begun raising our own meat rabbits. This is our rabbitry.
  • Backyard Rabbits , The Family Rabbitry Our Backyard Rabbitry
  • (Californian & Dutch Rabbits) Tour of the Wylie Rabbitry This is a tour of the Wylie Rabbitry. Our rabbitry consists of Californian and Dutch rabbits. We have Dutch/Californian and Californian rabbits available. If you are interested in owning a rabbit, please visit our website for more information. Also, you can view our available rabbits on the Dallas/Ft. Worth Craigslist website. If you have any questions on raising or caring for rabbits, feel free to ask. Visit:
  • Rabbitry Tour: Chloe's Rabbits first tour of my rabbitry, been raising rabbits for over 2 years, send video requests with any questions! thank you.
  • Dirk's Rabbitry Here is my rabbitry. It was started on 8/23/11 in an attempt to have a reliable food supply on hand during uncertain times. It also can be used as a source of income by selling either rabbits for meat or for pets. I chose New Zealand and Dutch to enable either scenario to be achieved. I can produce large meat rabbits, medium meat rabbits or small pets depending on how I choose to breed. All rights activists comments will be deleted and they will be banned.
  • Urban Survival Livestock: Raising Rabbits Part 1 It is important for survivalists to be able to produce their own high-quality animal protein. Using his own rabbitry as an example, "Survival Doc" demonstrates how easy it is to raise your own rabbits for food, even if you don't have much space or live in a city.
  • Urban Survival Livestock: Raising Rabbits Part 2 In Part 2 of Raising Your Own Rabbits for Food, "Survival Doc" demonstrates rabbit breeding, the nest box, and birthing baby rabbits.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 7 Weeks Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Raising New Zealand White Meat Rabbits From Start to Finish 1 Week Old Me documenting the best ways to raise my families protein needs in a small amount of space on my urban farm.
  • Backyard Rabbits Family Rabity....Update An update of our family Rabbitry!
  • Californian meat rabbits breeding. Breeding my two Californian rabbits for meat bunnies. My Four year old daughter thought it was very funny and I would have to agree.

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  • “Blog about Raising Rabbits in Vermont Sarah and SR's JR BB, one of the founding sires of our rabbitry, born and bred at Silver Ridge Rabbitry”
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  • “The Rabbitry. Our Blog. view: full / summary. Weight/Breedings. Posted by melynn on November 19, 2010 at 9:49 PM. comments (0) Here at So I decided to breed them to the other bucks in the rabbitry so I can increase my gene pool”
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  • “The Nature Trail Rabbitry BLOG. Monday, August 11, 2008. The End. Check your calendar, it's not April Fool's Day and this is no joke Holland lop BLOG about daily life in my rabbitry. I share show results, my daily routine as I provide rabbit”
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  • “Tulamore is a small rabbitry located in Maryland producing grand champions on the show tables and luxury fiber from our angoras. At times we have rabbits available to approved homes”
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