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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. quirked. The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above. acquired. — “Quirked - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
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  • 3D rendered weekly Web comic The Ultimate Underwear Survey © 1997 Copyright. David Koehler. Quirked, cartoon, comic, comic strip, 3D rendered, cool, original, funny, humor, weekly, unique. — “Quirked Comic”,
  • The idea for Quirked is derived from a definition of quirk: a peculiarity of action or behavior. Contrary to what is seen on TV, where the characters bring trouble upon themselves through stupidity, selfishness, or other bad traits, the Quirked characters are smart. — “Comics Strips Starting with the Letters "Q & R"”,
  • Consumer complaints, customer service and product review questions and complaints answered free directly by thousands of Businesses that use MeasuredUp. — “quirked's profile”,
  • quirked. recent projects. Friends of Monmouth Battlefield. The Friends of Monmouth Battlefield, Inc., was formed in 1990 and is a 501 (c)(3) not-for -profit organization devoted to preserving, protecting and historically interpreting Monmouth Battlefield and historically related sites. — “Quirked”,
  • Aenean ornare, nunc eget pretium porttitor, sem est pretium leo, non euismod nulla dui Donec ultrices, augue ullamcorper posuere laoreet, turpis massa tristique justo, sed. — “Indigo”,
  • The Quirked Muse. In my never ending search for vintage and antique images to use in my ~tinyartjewelry~ I come across many amazing ones that won't be used in my craft, but are very inspiring none the less. Yeah,so I haven't posted in a long time and no I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. — “The Quirked Muse”,
  • Welcome to Digital Art Quirks, home to an ever-growing community of digital artists and ATC Swap: We just can't get enough ofthese little 2.5x3.5-inch cards. The theme for this. — “”,
  • The Atlantic covers breaking news, ***ysis, opinion around politics, business, culture, international, science, technology, national profiles on the official site of the Atlantic Magazine. — “Quirked Around - Magazine - The Atlantic”,
  • The student's instructor in drawing and working the five orders of architecture: Fully explaining the best methods for striking regular and quirked mouldings, on forty-one plates--with explanations by Peter Nicholson (Unknown Binding - 1837) Out of Print--Limited Availability. — “: quirked”,
  • An Oxfordshire slang term. Used by the gay community. Refers to a homo***ual who regularly partakes in activity known to make the eyes water i.e. o. — “Urban Dictionary: quirked”,
  • Filed under: Regular Contributors, Lewis Schofield, Themes, Auties & Aspies, QuIrked Kids " Filed under: Regular Contributors, Lewis Schofield, Themes, Auties & Aspies, QuIrked Kids. — “Irked Magazine " Lewis Schofield”,
  • Get the FREE one-click dictionary software for Windows or the iPhone app quirked her head in a peculiar way" Derived forms: quirking, quirked,. — “quirk, quirking, quirked, quirks- WordWeb dictionary definition”,
  • Definition of Quirked in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Quirked. Pronunciation of Quirked. Translations of Quirked. Quirked synonyms, Quirked antonyms. Information about Quirked in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Quirked - definition of Quirked by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Quirked a. (kw ẽ rkt) Having, or formed with, a quirk or quirks. — “quirked: Information from ”,
  • eBay: Find Superb quirked ogee moulding plane, Brain late Shepley in the Collectables , Tools Hardware , Tools , Carpentry Woodworking , Planes category on eBay. — “Superb quirked ogee moulding plane, Brain late Shepley - eBay”,
  • Definition of Quirked in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Quirked? Meaning of Quirked as a legal term. What does Quirked mean in law?. — “Quirked legal definition of Quirked. Quirked synonyms by the”, legal-
  • Letters posted here are associated with the following Salon Premium Member: quirked. Published Letters: 23. Page 1 2 3 Next Page " Thursday, May 10, 2007 02:39 AM ET. Original article: God grief. What's the audience, again? I haven't read the. — “Letters: quirked - Salon”,

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  • The Vampire.... In My Dreams *Nelena* Ep.3 Srry for the wait :/ *writers block* A Cape? He wasn't wearing a cape. "Oh well, he's right here" I said proud of my accomplishment. I motioned to Nick standing behind me. Demi looked around me "Right." I turned around. Nick...was gone...... ______________________________________________ Chill bumps freckled over my skin again, and I took a deep breath, partly to calm my anxiety, and partly in exasperation that he would disappear and leave me behind to explain what happened. "He was right here." I looked back to Demi, but skepticism was written all over her face. She'd been chasing after him all along as far as she was concerned. No way did she want to think I had been speaking with him while she attempted to run down a phantom. Demi folded her arms and quirked a sculpted a golden brown eye-brow. "All right. So was he one or not?" She believed me? Well, I wasn't one to make up stories, good thing for me, so I guess that's the reason she didn't think I was doing so now. "He told me in so many words it wasn't a good idea to know the answer to that question." Demi snorted, although the way she did it, she sounded classy. She was every guys heartthrob. In fact, I couldn't understand why Nick had left instead of engaging conversation with her. Her charming ways encouraged any guy want to talk to her. Heck, if he had been leading us on a wild goose chase, why not visit with her in the cloak of fog up instead of coming to see ME???? "Right. So you didn't pin him down on an ...
  • September Winds [Nick Jonas Bad Boy Love Story] Chapter 17. probably my favorite chapter at the moment, js. :D -------------------------- Chapter Seven***. -Nick's POV- I know this is wrong, but I followed September to her doctor's appointment that she had the next day. I sat in the parking lot, waiting for her to exit after her appointment. And when I saw her emerge and pull out of the parking lot, I made my move. "Excuse me," I asked the lady at the front desk. "Can you tell me who is September Armstrong's doctor?" "Are you family?" Quickly, I nodded because I knew that there was no other way that she would tell me what I wanted to know unless I answered yes to her. She quirked an eyebrow while searching the computer database. "Her doctor is Lewis. She's just down the hallway there," She pointed. "Thank You," I spoke and half-smiled as I turned away and made my way to the Doctor Lewis's room. I lightly knocked on the door. "Excuse me.." My voice trailed off as Dr. Lewis looked up from behind her glasses. She smiled. "How may I help you?" I sighed, leaning against the doorway. "How far along is September Armstrong? If you don't mind me asking.." At first she seemed a little confused, but flipped through her notebook and slid her finger down the page. "She's about five and a half weeks. ... -September's POV- Driving home, mine and Nick's song came on the radio.."Please Be Mine" and when I'd change the station, another song that reminded me of him would come on, so I just shut off the radio all together. I pulled into my driveway ...
  • Cottesloe Beach - Cleana Arena 3.mov PLAY IT LOUD ! - Here the 'nocturnal sculptor' is captured in the early morning darkness at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia during the 'Sculpture by the Sea' event March 2009 - sculpting the beach in preparation for the new dawn arrivals ....... Enjoy as he weaves his magic ! And thanks to the legendary Atlantics for use of their timeless track 'Pipeline' () - truly awesome ! PLAY IT LOUD ! ... and of course better in HD as there are lots of little quirky details .... Please don't send praise or money (only if you insist) - it will only encourage me to do more ! (c) [email protected], 2009
  • twisted - 11 // the end. "Are you crazy?" Nick whispered as he wiped his hand across Miley's sweaty face. "Why in the world would you want to go back to that psychotic ***phile?" Miley's lips quirked into a small smile. "We're all a little crazy, Nick. I mean, look at what we just did." She murmured, reaching between them to grasp onto Nick's flesh. His eyes widened and he flushed a deep pink, "we should get dressed before Selena walks in. This feels wrong and right at the same time." "Who cares if she finds us like this? We love each other." Miley said hotly and squeezed her hand tightly around Nick's member. Nick's mouth dried and he pressed his face into Miley's *** chest and suppressed a moan into her perfect orbs of breasts. "I-I'll take you to see him, but you're coming back here with me." He answered in a diligent moan. -- "Where are you two going?" Selena asked as she looked up from her cup of hot chocolate. Nick immediately let go of Miley's hand, which causes a frown to appear on Miley's lips, "I want to take her out to explore . . . since we haven't seen each other for so long." "At four in the morning?" Selena asked with a raised eyebrow. "I guess." She laughed and waved them away, turning back to the glowing television screen. "Don't come back drunk or whatever!" she called out after them as the door slammed closed. -- The atmosphere felt eerie as Nick drove through the shrubs of the all too familiar nightmare that haunted him ever since he left. He pulled up to the wooden house ...
  • The Impossible Promise *Chapter 13* December 15th 2007 Toronto, Canada Last day of filming Watch your step. Those stilettos werent made for the woods. Nicks dry quips and steady arm kept Demi focused as she teetered along the gravel path, lit only by Joes flashlight. Nervous much? Kevin said as he and his brothers headed towards the Final Jam set with Demi. She bowed her head a bit. A little, she said, smiling to herself at the understatement. Dont worry. The worst you can do is forget all the words and have an entire audience of your closest family and friends laughing at you. Joe grinned, and Nick rolled his eyes. Pay no attention to my crazed blood relative here, Nick said. And besides, if you forget anything, Kevins written up some cue cards for you. Kevin pulled from his pocket a few very rumpled pieces of poster paper. This is real, this is me Im exactly who Im supposited to be, Yeah Gonna let the light, shine on me! Supposited? Demi quirked an eyebrow. Hey, said Kevin, hurt. I dont spell well when I wrote fast. Demi began to chuckle. Then she threw back her head and laughed. After eying her strangely, Joe shrugged. At least shes loosening up. They entered the large hall with its rustic wood paneling and high rafters. Demi took in the scene of black-clad crew dashing back and forth, checking and rechecking sound and lighting. The whole hall was lit only with a bright, yellow spotlight centered on the T-shaped stage. Extras milled around, dressed in trendy concert attire. Demi spotted her mom and ...
  • Rich Girl -- EPii #66 A Justin Bieber Love Story Marathon 3/5 Previously: Jade gives Chrissy a chance to do whatever she can to help Katie. The next day (Tuesday) At School. Katie's Pov - I sat in Mrs. Rodriguez's Spanish class as bored as ever. The moment She left to get more practice sheets for us, surprisingly, Jade came over to me and sat down. "Hey.." She half smiled at me. "Um.. what do you want?" I raised my eyebrow as I lazily sat back on the hard wooden chair. "It must be good to have a boyfriend as amazing as Justin huh? But hey, I mean, I should know.. we dated, of course." "Excuse me??" I sat up. "You're excused." She quirked. "But don't worry all that sweet talk, is gonna wear off real soon." She nodded. "Huh??" I looked at her.. puzzled. "Once a player, always a player.... right?" She stated. "Jade, listen I know you're--" .."Just drink a lot of water, and breathe.... a lot." "Ok?? Where's this all coming from??" I raised my eyebrow. "From my heart..." She pat my back. "Sincerely..." She said before getting up and leaving. "Jade wait, what is this all about??" I asked getting up and walking over to her. But Mrs. Rodriguez came back in the classroom. "Miss Wyatt, on your seat please." She ordered. I sighed and did as I was told. Sitting in Spanish as all the other kids repeated what Mrs. Rodriguez was saying, I sat there fumbling on the last words Jade had spoken. Why did she tell me that? At first I thought she was just in the mood to bug me, but when she pat my back, and said "Sincerely" I felt and saw ...
  • The Countdown - A Zach Porter Love Story (Chapter 37) Hey there. ~~ Zach's POV After Mandy left, I sat on my bed, kind of stunned. What had I just done? I heard Vic bound up the stairs, and moments later, he appeared in my doorway, looking bewildered. "Mandy kind of...bolted out of here, just now. What was that about?" he asked, strolling into my room. I shook my head. "It was nothing," I waved him away. He decided to continue intruding in on my conflicted mind, and questioned,"What did you do?" his voice full of assumption. Sometimes I wished people would simply believe me, when I said that nothing was going on, and move on with their lives. The intrusive nature of my brother wasn't helping me much right now. "I didn't do anything," I stated. Move along now, little brother. His eyebrows quirked, and he gave me a knowing grin. "What, did you kiss her or something?" he joked. I knew very well that he was kidding, but in spite of myself, I tensed up. "Very funny." He studied my expression for a second, any traces of a joking manner sliding right off of his face. "Wait...you didn't really...I was joking," he appeared shocked. He knew about Cameron, then, I assumed. I raised my eyes to those of my confused brother. Shrugged. "Zach, she's your best friend. Cameron is your best friend. What is he going to think when he finds out that-" Straight away, I cut him off. "Cameron will never hear about this. I know Mandy, she'll hate having it on her conscience. Ultimately, she'll blame me for it swo she doesn't feel as bad about what ...
  • FFX-X2 Christina's Last Resort(Version 1) Disclaimer: No money or profit is being made from this video. YouTube Remix Video(meaning I didn't make it, I found it and thought it went well): VERSION II - Clubbed2Death Vid (this is the vid I have on here called FFX-X2 Clubbed2Death, I just changed the song and made it end on cue with the song): Now this is my Last Resort vid to FFX-X2 which is already uploaded on my account, but I changed the song and fixed it so it'd fit so it's basically the same vid, just quirked so it'd end right. I've attached the link to the other vid so you can compare and tell me which one goes better.;P
  • Decorative plasterwork - running a double quirked bullnose moulding 1987 footage of Ian Taylor running a double quirked bullnose in plaster. A quirk is a corner so this sausage moulding, the bullnose, has two corners on each side and is made by running a template through the wet plaster.
  • The Young & The Hopeless 2x37 Ok, so this is one of the old, technically new for you guys, chapters. I just wrote it a long time ago. It's not recently written. But anyway, yeah enjoy. ** I spotted Joe sitting exactly where I left him, with Selena rooted right next to him. So I did an instant U-turn and headed for a drink. I was bending down to get a beer out of the cooler when the same guy I ditched on the dance floor-or tried to ditch-appeared in front of me, his hand grazing my butt. I bit the inside of my cheek as I straightened back up. "I didn't catch your name." He said to me, flirting. "Maybe you're not important enough to know it." I didn't say it like I was flirting back, but he obviously took it that way. "How about you find out if I'm important enough this Friday night?" He winked at me. Wow, is he kidding? "Sorry," I bit my lip and put my hand on his shoulder. "I don't date guys like you." "What, confident?" He frowned, but at the same time I could tell he was trying to tease. "No." I put my arm by my side and started walking away, "Jerks." Ok, so I might have dated a jerk or two... but hey, lying was necessary to get him away from me. With a smile I turned around and headed toward Joe. "Have a fun time talking to Jason?" Selena quirked an eyebrow at me as I walked up. "You were talking to Jason?" Joe turned towards me. I put a hand on my hip and smiled slightly. "Is that his name?" "Yeah, he's the most popular guy in school." Selena told me like I was stupid. Joe coughed. "Why is he so ...
  • I'll Be Your Cure - A Kashley One-shot part 1 STORY IN HERE! Part 1: Ashley's POV "No," I whispered, clutching the countertop with my hand to keep my legs from buckling underneath me. The doctor on the other end of the phone mumbled something about there not being much time left, but I wasn't really listening anymore. I was trapped in my own mind, in a realm of horror and disbelief. This couldn't really be happening, not to us. This kind of stuff just happened in movies like Bridge to Terebithia. That movie had brought tears to my eyes and I had thanked God that I would never have to go through the pain of losing someone I loved, like Jess had lost Leslie. But apparently, I was wrong. I was vaguely aware of the dial tone on the other line as the caller hung up, leaving me to drown in my misery. I didn't want to believe his words, they must be some kind of fantasy. There was no way that I could be losing the one I loved because of an accident. Without even thinking I grabbed my black leather purse from the kitchen table, snagging up my keys from the tiled floor where they had fallen but a moment before. I didn't want to believe what must have been lies the doctors were feeding me, but my concious nagged me, urged me to go to the hospital immediately. I had to find out if the rumors were true. I slammed the front door of my apartment behind me, rushing down the sidewalk as fast as my cheap heels would allow. I reached for the unlock button on my key ring and I heard the quiet trio of honks emerge from my bright red ...
  • The Flower Of Telmar Chapter 54 DON'T STEAL On the afternoon after the ball, Caspian came to call on Jasmine in her temporary quarters in the castle. When he entered, he looked slightly disheveled about something. "What is it?" she asked, once she spotted his face. "Aslan has just called for an assembly in town," he muttered. Jasmine dropped her book. "N—now?" He nodded. "Yes. We're expected there in just a few moments..." "But—but, why now?" she asked. "Surely he can wait for...a—a day or two?" Caspian looked almost liked he didn't know what to say to her. But then he reached forward and patted her shoulder reassuringly. "It'll be all right," he told her quietly. "I know you'll make the right choice..." Jasmine quirked her eyebrows questioningly at him, but he apparently didn't notice because he slipped back through the doorway. "I'll see you in the main hall," he called back, sweeping down the hall. Worriedly, Jasmine went to her partition and stripped off her day dress to slip into a more suitable gown for the assembly. Her hands trembled as she smoothed out the violet skirt and they fidgeted through her hair as she brushed it. Finally, she could find no more excuses and made her way down to the main hall, where she met with Caspian and the others. During the whole time that passed as they all went into the town, she was sure that she could feel Edmund's gaze on her. But she never looked at him. How could she? She had pushed him away all this time and now she was going to have to willingly give him ...
  • Assassin's Creed Quick video of Acre Fraps quirked the video at the end.
  • CITY OF BONES; [Jace/Clary] // Say When For those who haven't read the book yet (Mortal Instruments) : It may contain MAJOR SPOILERS. ADVICE: Don't watch in HD 'cause the quality of the video gets worse. This video is basically a resume of City of Bones from The Mortal Instruments seires focusing Jace & Clarys relationship through the story. I hope you guys like it :)! NOTE 1: The some of the events aren't in order. NOTE 2: Ok, I know this description might look HUGE, but what I've put under is only there to help you follow the video. 0:00 - 0:11 Clary is with Simon at Pandemonium and notices Jace 0:13 "Stop!" she cried. "You can't do this." 0:15 "A mundie girl," he said, half to himself. "And she can see us." 0:18 "Of course I can see you," Clary said. "I'm not blind, you know." 0:21 "Oh, but you are," said Jace "You just don't know it." 0:25 "My name is not 'little girl,'" Clary interrupted. "And I have no idea what you're talking about." 0:27 "Clary?" It was Simon's voice. She whirled around. He was standing by the storage room door. 0:28 "Why are you in here by yourself? What happened to the guys—you know, the ones with the knives?" 0:29 Clary stared at him, then looked behind her, where Jace, Isabelle, and Alec stood, Jace still in his bloody shirt with the knife in his hand. He grinned at her and dropped a half-apologetic, half-mocking shrug. 0:33 "I don't believe it," Simon said (...) ''I don't believe those guys with the knives just disappeared." 0:34 "I thought they went in here," she said lamely. "But ...
  • FFX_X2 Christina's Last Resort(Clubbed2Dth Version) Disclaimer: No money or profit is being made from this video. YouTube Remix Video(meaning I didn't make it, I found it and am borrowing it as I thought it went well): VERSION I - Clubbed2Death Vid (this is the vid I have on here called FFX-X2 Clubbed2Death, I just changed the song and made it end on cue with the song) Now this is my Last Resort vid to FFX-X2 which is already uploaded on my account, but I changed the song and fixed it so it'd fit so it's basically the same vid, just quirked so it'd end right:
  • The Flower Of Telmar Chapter 42 DON'T STEAL "I don't understand. You are the only one who calls me by my title after I've repeatedly asked you to just call me Ed. You are the only one that looks at me with fear even though I have never purposely hurt you." He looked up with his hands trembling and looked in her direction. "I just want to know why. Please... If I'm not doing something right, if I ever-er-offend you or anything, please tell me. I'd rather like to know what it is that bothers you." "You're a king," she whispered. "To be frank, you're a king in everything you do: the way you walk, the things you say, the way you say them. I could never act so familiar towards one so great, if you'll permit me to say so." After saying this all, very quickly, she gave him a shifty glance. He quirked his eyebrows. "This is about respect? Why can't you just simply call me by my name? I would not think it disrespectful at all. Perhaps more so, in all actuality." Jasmine almost looked offended. "I call you by your rightful title because I should have no right to call you by anything as personal as your name. It would not be right of me." He looked up at her curiously, his face still downcast in distress. "And what if I want you to?" She looked away. "I would wonder why." "You want to know why?" He sat up again and moved closer to her and looked right at her face though she averted her eyes from him. "It's because maybe I just happen to care about you. Maybe I just-maybe I just like you." She shook her head in ...
  • Collecting Your Jar Of Hearts//Nine - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Collecting Your Jar Of Hearts - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Catalina stared at Justin from her spot in line, and leaned forward to whisper to her best friend Phoebe. "This is just depressing," she sighed, torment filling her bright brown eyes. "I mean c'mon." Phoebe spun around in the spot, bemused. She pouted, "Regretting dumping him?" Catalina shook her light hair, laughing. "As if. I like to look at it as a mutual agreement." Whisking back a loose strand of blonde, Phoebe groaned. "What did she do to him anyway?" Catlina flashed a toothy smile at the image of their close friend telling him off. "She was never one to start a fight. Maybe she just stuck her tongue out at him." "Have you ever even HEARD her swear?" The two laughed for a moment, then it soon faded as a depressed Justin dropped his lunch onto the table in front of him, staring down at it. Catalina quirked her lips. "I'm gonna go talk to him.... keep Emma busy." Phoebe sighed, pushing her blonde hair back from her face. Emma was currently chatting up a storm with Liam, the cute dork in her math class. "Hey Em!" She said, nudging her friend in the ribs. A smile played on her lips. "Whatcha talking about?" "The gifted exchange coming up, apparently five kids in our-" "Oh, that's nice! So, how's the tutoring been going Liam?" Liam started droning on about how some of the kids in his math class were nusciences, and Phoebe uned out, nodding every ...
  • Freedom Riding An awesome all blue, manual, and quirky †rack made by †he one and only mrmusic, dedica†ed †o †he one and only enjoy . _ |\ . _ |\ |_ | |\| |- |\ | |) |- |\
  • GabrieI M - clip 30 there was only two people in the other team
  • Turn Right; Fif***. This is for @sweetvanillazz she is the only reason why I even posted today. Part Fif*** [Both] Selena's cheeks burned hotter than fire, as she suspected that she had been more guilty of treating him like the ultimate adult woman's plaything the night before, for she had fully satisfied all her curiosity. "Last night was last night. I didn't know what was on your mind then. I liked you until we had this conversation--" A black brow quirked. "Did you? I would have said that you wanted me the same why I wanted-- and still want-- you. Can you really switch off like that?" "Yes," she lied curtly. "Yes, I can. I'm not a forgiving person, either!" Selena stalked out to the hall where she had seen her coat lying across a chair. She had only snatched it up when it was removed from her grasp and politely extended for her to slip into by Nick. "You really put the 'o' into offensive with your offers, but, hey, you've got exquisite manners!" Selena remarked as she dug her arms into the sleeves and spun back round to face him. Nick nudged her coat out of his path and slid a business card into the front pocket of her white blouse. "My private phone number. For the moment you come to appreciate what you're passing up." "That moment will never come--I'm making a lucky escape from a guy who belongs in the dark ages and still think its alright to treat women like *** objects!" she hissed back. Nick curved lean fingers to her cheekbones to hold her steady and plundered her soft pink lips in ...
  • I fell inlove with my enemy Ch. 36 (A Justin Bieber love story).wmv Hiya!!! :D Thank you so so so MUCH for the 111 Subs!!! You are all AMAZING!!! :D (Could you answer the questions below?) BTW, another idea from my friend KARA!!! :))) *************** Justin's POV I decided to quick run and change pants, since I fell in the wet spot in the kitchen. I walked into my bedroom and was about to change pants when I heard a familiar voice behind me say... "Thanks again Bieber." "You're welcome Kelsi." I turned around to see Kelsi propped up against the door frame. The sun was hitting her hair just right that it made her hair look shiny and natural and flowy. She had a sparkle in her eyes. And her lips were quirked sideways as if she was tryin not to show her big beautiful smile. And without thinking... I walked over to her and wrapped my hands around her and gave her a big hug... Kelsi's POV I walked upstairs to tell Mr. Piggy that breakfast was ready and to say thx again. I walk up and lean against the door frame to his room and say: "Thanks again Bieber." "You're welcome Kelsi."Then he looked at my hair then eyes then lips. I had no idea what he was thinking about.... Then all the sudden he came up and hugged me???? "Uh Justin?" He pulled back from the hug a bit but he still has his arms around my arms and waist. "What?" "2 things... Why did you hug me? And breakfast is ready." "I just felt like hugging you, I guess." He smiled. "Uhmm okay??? But can I go now?" I asked smiling. "Sure. But remember we are meeting up with Amber today!!" He said ...
  • GabrieI M - clip 31 idiot getting on top of the van
  • GabrieI M - clip 28 very lucky
  • Chapter 20 Pretty people: Behind the Facade Pretty people: Behind the Facade Chapter 20 Sonny was happily admiring her newly painted nails. She had managed to snag an exclusive limited-edition OPI color, a rare find in any makeup store. A tall figures delicate silhouette was visible in the doorway, but Sonny didnt notice. Suddenly, she had a strange and unshakable feeling that she was being watched. She glanced over her shoulder, and there was Maria. She strutted in and pulled up an artistically carved chair. Sonny felt the need to instinctively scoot away. Maria placed a restraining hand on Sonnys arm. No; stay. We need to talk. Sonny nodded and closed the nail polish. Despite Marias toleration and almost-acceptance of her, she suspicious of the older girls intentions. Maria got straight to the point. I have found out some interesting information about you, Allison—or shall I say, Sonny Munroe. That was all Sonny needed. Maria now had her full and undivided attention. Youve gotten rather close to Vince, havent you? Forgetting herself, Sonny blushed. Yeah, she smiled sheepishly. Hes a nice guy. NO, hes not! And you need to stay away from him, said Maria, lowering her voice to a harsh whisper, or I will tell everyone that you were on a lowly comedy show and that youre cheating on Chad Dylan Cooper. Sonny blinked. But thats not true! Chad and I arentdating. Maria noticed Sonnys hesitation and pounced on it. But you were at one point. Sonny avoided Marias accusing stare. Look, either way itll make a great story. Do ...
  • I Do Chapter 12 Part 1 "I'll be going to school tomorrow around lunch time, so go to the office, ok?" She nodded, and leaned in to give me a hug. I hugged her back, but jerked back when the seat belt got stuck. She quirked an eyebrow at me, laughing. "Are you ok there?" I nodded, laughing. "The stupid seat belt got stuck." I answered, taking the seat belt off and putting it back on. "Bye, Mile. Bye, Joe." She waved, and Joe called a "Bye". Her brother opened the door when she knocked, and he waved at me. I waved back, and took off down the street. "Have you eaten yet?" I asked Joe. "No, and Im so hungry." I smiled. "Me too. What do you want? Im thinkin' fast food?" I looked over at him, and he was staring out the window. He pointed. "Look, Taco Bell." I laughed, and turned the car towards it. We went through the drive through, and Joe kept his face turned out the window. I gave him his food, and we ate in the car in a parking lot. I turned my body towards him, and started eating. "So, what time is lunch at the school?" He asked me. "It starts at 11:45, and its done at 12:50." I said, taking my soft taco out of the kids meal bag. "So, around 11:30 well leave the house." I took a bite out of it, and looked up at Joe to see him watching me. "What?" I asked, after swallowing. "I like watching you eat." He said. I blushed, taking another bite awkwardly. He laughed, and started eating his taco. "Joe?" I asked slowly. He looked over at me, and smiled. "Yes?" I took a deep breath. "II love you." I said ...
  • GabrieI M - clip 29 2nd quad
  • A Poem of TRUE FRIENDSHIP :) A really cute poem I made up :) The second video I have now done about a poem I've done... :P Every girl and also every boy needs a true friendship, a best friend they can rely their own life upon and can always trust. If you are even fortunate enough to have a friendship like this, treasure it. Never let it go, and love your friend forever and ever :) Basically this is a wee photostory I made on iMovie all about friendship. Originally made this based on my sister and her two best friends Alisha and Niamh {LOVE you guyssss!:D} but I quirked it around a bit and ended up with this :) I hope you all enjoy and please, comments apreciated bad or good! Thankyou :) PLEASE SHARE! Send this video to your friends and tell them how much you mean to them :D Disclaimer: All images used in this video all belong to their rightful owners, I do not own them. Also the song featured- Michael Buble's: You Belong To Me- is also not owned by me. I do not own any copyrights associated with that song, it is on this video for enjoyment purposes only.
  • Natalina; "Stuck In The Past" #37 Christmas Marathon: 3/4. I'd like to say a huge thank you to Ashley for helping me the story line for this episode and a couple of others coming soon. "You think I didn't feel the same way?" Rosalina clasped Nat's hand into hers, needing the reassurance that the contact provided. A tiny chill ran down Nat's spine at the softness of her skin, he'd so often missed. "I'm so sorry about that night. I didn't know it would happen that way." Rosalina said softly, bowing her head down in shame "I guess, they set us up good," Nat sighed adamantly. "I heard they got the highest ratings the show had ever had," Alex broke in, Rosalina lifting her head "I'll bet they did," Nat quirked "Wait, Alex. When did you walk in?" Nat frowned in confusion, looking towards the now open door then back to a smiling Alex. "Just now," Alex smiled sheepishly "Does this mean we have our bass player back," Nat questioned "Maybe" A small smile touched her lips as Rosalina lightly ran the fingers of her free hand lightly up Nat's arm, wrist to shoulder, and then back. Alex narrowing his eyes suspiciously "Did I miss anything while I was gone?" Alex staunchly asked. "Nope," Nat clasped Rosalina's hand in one of his, lowering it. "I'm calling the guys, to tell them." Alex quipped, sending them both his best smoldering look, both of them laughing "Tell them what?" Rosalina questioned "Well theres a lot to tell, so little time. But I think i'll definately start with how Nat's spent most of his leisure time ...
  • Starstruck; 29 Everyone looked up at Joe and I with curious and eager faces once we left the closet. Selena was trying hard to stifle a laugh, Taylor was turning red in jealousy and Miley was trying her hardest not to burst out of excitement right there and then to know how good--or as I assume, bad--of a kisser The Joe Jonas is. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. So, as expected, Miley beat me to it. "So? How was it? It seemed like you guys enjoyed each other's company!" She winked at that, and then went on, "Did you guys make out?" already knowing the answer, due to my and Joe's tangle hair and clothes; it was for mere confirmation. I merely nodded, gulping the huge knot I had stuck in my throat; I was still unable to speak, for fear I would mumble the wrong words. Selena quirked an eyebrow mischievously, signaling that she would now ask her own question. "Did you guys do anything more? Oral ***?" She asked, bluntly, and at that, all the heads in the circle looked up expectantly at Joe and I. Beads of sweat were starting to run down my face at that question; the room suddenly felt hotter than it was before, . . .tenser--I don't know whether it was because of the pressure of finally being capable to answer correctly or . . . whether it was because of the humiliation, embarrassment and awkwardness that specific question made me feel; it was one thing to imply that I was making out with a guy, but another to insist that I enjoyed sucking my own brother's dick for ...
  • Turn Right; Seven***. Part Seven*** [Both] She was stunned into silence, her tongue clinging to the roof of her dry mouth. Bathed in spring sunshine, luxuriant ebony hair ruffled by the breeze, lean, bronzed classic features set in serious lines, he was devastatingly handsome. "May I come in?" Nick studied her intently. She had turned pale, her shock at his appearance palpable. Her eyes bright as jewels glanced evasively off his, her wealth of black curls tumbling down past slight shoulders now rigid with tension. She was wearing a shapeless garment liberally stained with clay. "Why? What do you want?" Nick quirked a brow at her intonation. She was a rough diamond in the manners department. "To see you—what else" Selena let him in only because she didn't want to start an argument with him on her doorstep. He had no right to come to her home, a voice screamed inside her head. She felt cornered and her brain cells felt as though they had been frozen into inactivity. When she caught a glimpse of a vast car sitting out in the street, her jaw simply dropped. "Does that limousine belong to you?" "Si...yes." Nick settled the ice bucket he was carrying into her hands, startling her. "I thought we could share a drink." Dumbfounded by the gesture and clutching the bucket awkwardly, Selena stared fixedly down at the bottle protruding from the ice. It was very expensive bubbly, the very best. "It's the middle of the day," she muttered helplessly. "So?" Brilliant dark eyes with a mesmeric glimmer of gold ...
  • Chapter 10 Pretty people: Behind the Facade Pretty people: Behind the Facade Chapter 10 Chad slid into the booth in his usual, effortlessly suave way. Sonny fought the urge to roll her eyes. She almost wished she hadnt agreed to meet him at the restaurant. Look at you! he exclaimed, not unkindly. All dressed up and everything. Hollywood has treated you kindly. Despite herself, Sonny found herself blushing prettily. She had spent more time getting ready than she was used to. You dont look so bad yourself, she grudgingly admitted. As Chad ordered their food, Sonny sat back and studied his face. He looked the same as she had always remembered him. Same perfect complexion, same apathetic look that masked his deeper feelings, same superficial façade. He caught her staring and leaned forward until he was just inches from her face. Those Randoms miss you, a lot. Sonny shrugged. Theyll get over it. Chad sat back. I dont think so. You left behind some pretty dedicated cast mates. They made a mosaic of your face from gum wrappers. Sonny glared at him, disgusted. Eww! Why would they do that? Chad tilted his head slightly and smiled. Because they care, he said matter-of-factly. But I want to know about YOU. How have you been? Sonny suppressed a yawn and thanked the waitress, who had just arrived with their food. Sonny leaned forward and smirked. You dont have to put on an act, Chad. Its just me! Ive been doing well, at least as well as to be expected with the circumstances given. Chad quirked an eyebrow. Whats that supposed to ...
  • Lion Bar - The Hunter Lion Bar was a 70's wild child that was aimed at young men who never thought about the amount of calories they're chewing down. Unfortunately, the target audience grew up into a world surrounded by health conscious choices. The only people picking it up were part of a Lion Bar cult. JWT Kuwait's challenge was to modernize Lion Bar and make it appeal to today's young men. Lions reigns supreme over the animal kingdom; it is of no surprise that they are one of the most sought after animals on earth. In this campaign, JWT Kuwait quirked things up by spinning an ***ogy around the hard-to-get beauty of a beast and Lion Bar. These off-beat, National Geographic-esque TVCs feature Lion Bar enthusiasts or rather, Average Joes, that adopt the traits of professional hunters who are famed to go to extreme measures to capture their prized prey and taxidermists who work skillfully to recapture the wild essence of the animals they preserve.
  • I Need You ; A Jemi Burning Desires Story, Part Fourty-Three - The Birth 3/4 Joseph's Point Of View ; - - - "We've been trying to get in but the elevator stopped between floors and -" he was interupted by another shriek. Each scream would tear me apart inside, I was pretty sure I was going to upchuck my lunch. My breathing was uneven and the room was spinning. "I need to get in there with my wife." I repeated with an edgier tone. "Enrique, i've got an opening!" Another spanish guy cried out. "Joe, go. You'll do fine." she assured me with her sweet smile. She enveloped me into a friendly hug before shoving me toward the technician who's name was Paco. "Follow me." he said as we jogged over to Enrique who was standing on a ladder. "Este es su marido." He said in his native tounge. "Oh okay, go right ahead man." he urged as he jumped off the ladder, leaving me space to climb up. I took in a deep refreshing breath before climbing up. The first thing that was visible was Demi sitting against the wall with tears falling down her face. It was too late to decide that I couldn't do this. Miley was kneeling beside her holding her hand. I placed my hand on her shoulder to have Miley spin her head around. Her eyes were glassy, her lips quirked into a small smile. "About time." She smirked as she pulled her hand out of Demi's tight hold. "Baby, i'm here." I told her wiping moist forehead with the bottom of my shirt. "Joee. . ." She screamed again burying her head in my shoulder. "You did this to me!" She hollered at me. I couldn't help but chuckle lightly at ...
  • Willis & the Tall Kitchen bags: "The Classic" Video Willis emerged from the Bog of Eternal Stench in 1999. They played and played and quirked and quibbled and all along their path they scribbled. Unfortunately, their time ran dry and Jareth sent them back to the ol' poo bog, never to return agane. RIP. Be sure to check out Willis' Myspace and Gregg's new band: /wtkb /herraterra
  • Rich Girl -- EPii #64 A Justin Bieber Love Story Heyoooo! I really wanna say thanks to evrybody for those comments, very heart warming....lol so THANK YOU!! And your reward for them, A Marathon???? Oh YOU KNOW IT!!! :D Marathon 1/5 Previously: Jade found out about Justin and Sophie. Chrissy's Pov - Break time! "Chrissy! Stella!! I bring news from afar!!!!" She quirked. "You will NOT believe what I JUST HEARD! Ok..." She leaned down to us. "Justin cheated on Katie! He did 'it' with Sophie!! And she doesn't even know yet!! AND PLUS I heard Summer swear to Sophie and Justin that she wouldn't tell anyone.." She shook her head. "Too bad I'M gonna tell 'anyone'!! HA HA!!! As a matter of fact. i'm gonna tell EVERYONE! So that they know before Katie does! HA! Yay me!" She cackled. "Jade that's terrible!" I looked at her. She stopped laughing and gave me a serious look. "Listen.." She squealed in her annoying high pitched voice. "When those two haggle-bottom girls ditched you to go to Dean's AWESOME party, I was the one who comforted you, and BEFRIENDED YOU! Remember without me... you're FRIENDLESS!" She screeched in my face (for the fifth time today). Every time I dared to disagree with her, she did. She reminded me that I was 'friendless'. That's something Katie or Summer have NEVER done to me... if i'd disagree about something they wouldn't have any negative comments or reviews about it. I pushed air threw my lips and widened my eyes. I can't stand her anymore.. At first, she didn't seem all that mean... but days later, she ...
  • Lion Bar - Taxidermist Lion Bar was a 70's wild child that was aimed at young men who never thought about the amount of calories they're chewing down. Unfortunately, the target audience grew up into a world surrounded by health conscious choices. The only people picking it up were part of a Lion Bar cult. JWT Kuwait's challenge was to modernize Lion Bar and make it appeal to today's young men. Lions reigns supreme over the animal kingdom; it is of no surprise that they are one of the most sought after animals on earth. In this campaign, JWT Kuwait quirked things up by spinning an ***ogy around the hard-to-get beauty of a beast and Lion Bar. These off-beat, National Geographic-esque TVCs feature Lion Bar enthusiasts or rather, Average Joes, that adopt the traits of professional hunters who are famed to go to extreme measures to capture their prized prey and taxidermists who work skillfully to recapture the wild essence of the animals they preserve.
  • Please Don't Leave Me Chapter One And I don't own Joe Jonas or the Jonas Brothers (but I wish I did) I only own the story plot as a whole, and Stephine. Song: I Just Wanna Be With You Album: High School Musical 3: Senior Year +++++++++++++++++ Chapter One "Steph, are you sure you can't give me any free stuff?" Joe asked for the ump***th time that night. "For the last time Joseph, no. I'll get in trouble," Stephine told her friend. Well, Joseph was more than a friend to Stephine. Back in the sandbox, they were just friends; sharing secrets and toys. Then in junior high, they realized there was something more in the friendship, more than just friendship. Now they were in their senior year of high school, and still going strong. "C'mon Stephine, no one's here, no one'll know." Joe smirked. Stephine quirked an eyebrow. "But I'll know Joe, and the guilt would eat me alive. You know how I am." Stephine worked at a local resturant, while Joe played gigs there and at other local hot spots, with his brothers in their band. Tonight, it was her turn to close up and Joe was hanging around to keep her company. Candy's was silent, except for the sounds of Stephine cleaning up, and their conversations. It was a quiet, autumn night outside, nothing out of the ordinary. Just a boringly normal night in Wyckoff. In the silence, Stephine took a sip of water. "Okay, if I don't get free food, how 'bout you and me go into the backroom and have a make-out session?" Joe asked. Stephine spit out the water as soon as soon as the ...
  • I was tagged by JustineLibby! I was tagged. I tag: Anyone who comments and says they want to be tagged! :P THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS!!!!!!!! Credit *in order* -Brown eye Ruthie: FarmHouseGirl (AGPT) -Gray eye #25: new2ag/FreakTM (AGPT) -#24 w/ #23's wig: new2ag (AGPT) -Summer #7: Liberty Jane Clothing /li...
  • Freedom Riding An all blue quirkish track dedicated to -mrmusic
  • Bets, Pranks and Romance Chapter 16 DON'T STEAL JASMINE'S POV After mine and Fred's detention was done I went straight back to the dorm room. I was still upset over the happenings and laid down on the bed so I was staring at the ceiling. I must have been really out of it because when I finally came to (with the aid of a pissed off Parkinson slamming her door because she had most likely been rejected by Malfoy again), I realized with much angst, that my cheeks were wet. I had actually been crying. I can't even remember the last time I cried. Oh wait. Yes I can. It was when Alex had convinced me to confide in her for the first time. The first time I had opened myself up to someone and made a real friend. The only problem now was, should I tell her about what happened between me and Fred? Or should I keep it to myself? I am a fairly good liar when I want to be. And this time I really wanted to be. I decided I wouldn't tell her. It was just too humiliating. I wiped my tears and went to the bathroom. I took the towel off the rack and wet it with cold water and dabbed it under my eyes until the puffiness vanished. Just as I replaced the towel and dried my face, Alex walked through the door positively beaming. "What's got you all sparkly?" I asked, a little envious. "Oh, my, gosh Jaz he is so amazing!" She sighed. "Who? What? Did I miss something?" "George! He's even more amazing than I thought!" She twirled to her bed wrapping her arms around herself and falling onto the bed with another dreamy sigh. "I take it ...
  • Shiba idle playtime Genji being used to test my iPhone video capabilities. I rather enjoy the quirked head as the stove timer goes off...
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