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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Share prices are quintuple what they were a few days ago. — “Quintuple - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of quintuple from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quintuple. Pronunciation of quintuple. Definition of the word quintuple. Origin of the word quintuple. — “quintuple - Definition of quintuple at ”,
  • Single (1) (also: singleton, sole, only, etc.) Double (2) (also: pair, twice) Triple (3) (also: triplet, treble, thrice, threesome, troika, trio) Quadruple (4) Quintuple or Pentuple (5) ***tuple or Hextuple (6) Septuple (7) Octuple (8) Nonuple (9. — “single double triple quadruple quintuple.? that's 1-5 what is”,
  • to quintuple (third-person singular simple present quintuples, present participle quintupling, simple past and past participle quintupled) (transitive or intransitive) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/quintuple" Categories: Middle French derivations | English adjectives | English. — “quintuple - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of quintuple in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quintuple. Pronunciation of quintuple. Translations of quintuple. quintuple synonyms, quintuple antonyms. Information about quintuple in the free online English dictionary and. — “quintuple - definition of quintuple by the Free Online”,
  • TheArmandoVega: is being soothed by Tori Amos, Opeth & a Quintuple shot soy latte on the commute from hell. awalsakti: Quadruple for 4 Quintuple for 5 ***tuple for 6 septuple for 7 octuple for 8 nonuple for 9 decuple for 10. Sumpah baru tau gw. — “Quintuple - Define Quintuple at WordIQ Online Dictionary”,
  • Quintuple definition, fivefold; consisting of five parts. See more. — “Quintuple | Define Quintuple at ”,
  • quintuple adj. Consisting of five parts or members. Five times as much in size, strength, number, or amount. — “quintuple: Definition from ”,
  • Quintuple bonds. Climbers scale Mt. Everest, because its there, and chemists have their own version of this. Since then, something of a race has developed to produce the compound with the shortest quintuple bond. — “Quintuple bonds " Henry Rzepa”,
  • Quintuple Play I have been noticing more and more service providers registering for ITEXPO and I itexpo, quintuple play. — “Quintuple Play”,
  • quintuple: Definition and Pronunciation. — “quintuple: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • We found 28 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word quintuple: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "quintuple" is defined. General (26 matching dictionaries) quintuple: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of quintuple - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The Lincolnshire Quadrathlon Club is based in North Lincolnshire and is open to anyone who enjoys mult-sports such as Quadrathlons, Triathlons and Duathlons. Total time 60 hours Deca / Quintuple Enduroman UK: 22 hours for each Ironman. — “Enduroman UK (IM, Double, Triple, Quintuple, Deca & Ultra)”,
  • I'm trying to perish the thought but it simply won't be perished - Manchester United could actually win the Quintet. I want to see nothing like the Mighty Manchester United Quintuple. — “I want to see nothing like the Mighty Manchester United”,
  • Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos. — “Quintuple Pave Classic - a set on Flickr”,
  • The term originated as an abstraction of the sequence: single, double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, ***tuple, septuple, octuple, , n‐tuple, The unique 0‐tuple is called the null tuple. A 1‐tuple is called a singleton, a 2‐tuple is called a pair and a 3‐tuple is a triple or triplet. — “Tuple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Manchester United stars could bag an astonishing £9MILLION if they manage to complete the Quintuple On top of the basic incentives, United are also in line to pay out a Quintuple bonus based on each player's appearance tally in each competition. — “£9m - Utd stars are Quin money | The Sun |Sport|Football”,
  • Posts Tagged quintuple' Would a Man United quintuple' really be a clean sweep? by jakepjohnson on March 3rd, 2009 3 comments. As Rio Ferdinand lifted the League Cup into the Wembley air on Sunday afternoon, most thoughts turned to the idea of. — “Quintuple | CaughtOffside”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for quintuple in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “quintuple - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,

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  • Quintuple Kickflip (5 FLIPS!)
  • DotA Goblin Techies Quintuple kill Short clip of the true destructive power of the Goblin Techies. Nothing too much but it's always fun to watch. And yes, that is me as techies. HoN Username : Nicksan (link:
  • Miss Nek0 - Quintuple Kill x3 wrecking facee with spawn nade on GW
  • Let's Play Donkey Kong 64 #38 - Quintuple Team Takedown Five Kongs vs King K. Rool. Sounds fair to me, considering each matchup is one-on-one, with a different phase each time. Brace yourself for one lengthy fight, which if you fail once, you have to start over from Donkey Kong again. Game made by Rare and published by Nintendo.
  • The Bonton Boys - Quintuple full - Cameron Bonton age 13 5 spins with a little help from bro Xavier....
  • Strike 5 Kills in 1 Bullet :: Quintuple Amazing! need i say anymore? HD PVR SICK QUALITY? let me know btw i do make cinimatic intros for people i think im quite good! IGNORE JUST TAGS: call of duty 5 beta gameplay multiplayer 4 COD5 COD 5 infinity ward xbox 360 microsoft sony playstation play station three 3 PS3 wii nintendo world war 2 WW2 WWII Gears of War GOW 2 1 halo 1 2 3 longshot pwnage owned own3d terrible nine year old n00b glitches terrible Nizmojoe clan exo outsider hitmanN nick nerd trash kid headshot blood gore idiot gears tourque bow grenade cod 1 2 3 4 knife Call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 CE Gears of War Infinity ward xbox360 xbox 360 ps3 PC wii doggietreats machinima digitalpheer melee marytdom steady aim mp5 desert eagle 50 cal m40a3 r700 m21 dragunov outstanding superb awesome the *** lol lmao rofle no scope head shot gears of war 2 rainbow six vegas ACOG m4 skorpion g3 g36c m14 ak47 mini uzi shotgun sniper xfycnx dizastor xfycnx iceman snowman gdawgum shadowpunish3r xfycnx iceman xbox gears of war 1 gow 1 mad world gary jules angel of evil 360 rape ownage boom headshot pure pwnage ps3 elite halo 3 best sniper ever insane amazing blindfire no scope off host scope shot longshot rifle gears gridlock general ramm tutorial glithes ultimate funny chronicles marcus feenix multi kills clan mlg skill GOW gow nizmojoe nismojoe redux XxgdawgumxX headshot montage gears of war 2 gears of war film gears of war sniper montagexbox live amazing no-scope blindfire awesome nismojoe angelofevil69 angel ...
  • EMQ - La Restauracion del Ministerio Quintuple 1 Pt 2 / FMS Restoring the Fivefold Ministry 1 Pt 2 Apostles and Prophets were substituted by good administrators. There are great administrators with no spirituality in today's churches. Their experience is secular and they're running the church. They took the place of the Apostles. They are the supernatural ministries. People without discernment. People without power. The other three are focused on the needs of the people, but the Apostles and Prophets bring the truth and reality of heaven down to earth. They activate prophecy, healing, the supernatural. Read more at
  • 'Quintuple' Gravitationally Lensed Quasar Hubble image of galaxy cluster SDSS J1004+4112 with 3 phenomena marked- The blue circles show a five time gravitationally lensed Quasar. The red circles indicate three different images of the same background galaxy 12 thousand million Ly's away. The yellow circle marks a supernova found by comparing this image to a picture of the cluster taken by Hubble last year. Source/full article- www.esa.int
  • Las Oficinas del Ministerio Quintuple / The Offices of the Fivefold Ministry Apostles and Prophets were substituted by good administrators. There are great administrators with no spirituality in today's churches. Their experience is secular and they're running the church. They took the place of the Apostles. They are the supernatural ministries. People without discernment. People without power. The other three are focused on the needs of the people, but the Apostles and Prophets bring the truth and reality of heaven down to earth. They activate prophecy, healing, the supernatural. Read more at
  • TF2 || Quad airshots and a quintuple sit down mike
  • Lake Placid 1980 quintuple crown Olympics Lake Placid 1980 speed skating men (Commentary by Japanese). Eric Heiden got "quintuple crown" in the games.
  • quintuple backflip Teeterboard act quintuple somersault acrobatic act circus quintuple somersault Teeterboard quintuple tuck,quintuple backflip
  • tripple frontflip double backflip salto turmspringen diving 2 with quintuple Splashdiving Now it´s finished..... our video with the best of 2010.... So I hope you like it..... Pls comment and rate .... your Janwilko444...
  • the "Hurricane" on trampoline quintuple twisting triple layout Justice Frangipane The big trick in aerial skiing is called the hurricane, named by Jeret "speedy" Peterson a quintuple twisting triple, which is normally done full triple full, here it is done by justice Frangipane full double double, the spotter is Dr Max Veracruzen (sp) from hawaii academy on Oahu. This was done Tue 23rd or March 2010 at the age of 31. also the same day I got engaged the most amazing natural beauty my eyes have ever seen, my love priscilla.
  • Trampet Quintuple Frontflip my first quintuple frontflip
  • Yu-gi-oh! Quintuple Combine VWXYZ Deck Quintuple Combine VWXYZ Main Deck Normal Monsters: V-Tiger Jet x3 X-Head Cannon x3 Effect Monsters: Shining Angel x3 W-Wing Catapult x3 Y-Dragon Head x3 Z-Metal Tank x3 Spells: Combination Attack x2 Frontline Base x2 Fusion Weapon Inferno Tempest Limiter Removal Luminous Spark x2 Monster Reborn Mystical Space Typhoon Silent Fiend Swords of Revealing Light Traps: Bottomless Trap Hole x2 Call of the Haunted Formation Union x2 Return from the Different Dimension x2 Roll Out! x2 Extra Deck VW-Tiger Catapult x3 VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon x3 XY-Dragon Cannon x3 XYZ-Dragon Cannon x3 XZ-Tank Cannon x3 YZ-Tank Dragon x3
  • Zoom on quintuple quasar galaxy cluster Zoom on SDSS J1004+4112, a region with a quituple galaxy cluster. Credit: NASA, ESA
  • Manchester United legend Norman Whiteside on the quintuple The Manchester United legend on the Red's chance of a Quintuple, Dimitar Berbatov and Carlos Tevez
  • Quintuple, 5 in 1, Os Boot (2x Linux + Vista + Xp + Leopard ) by DjPan Quintuple Os Boot: ======== 5 Os in 1 ======== - Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring. - Mandriva Linux 2008.0 - Windows Vista - Windows Xp-DarkLite - Leopard iatkos v.15.4 by DjPan
  • Quintuple Thunder Pikachu has learned this new ability on level 1337. Not triple thunder, not quadruple thunder, but QUINTUPLE THUNDER Smashboards thread here
  • The Quintuple Quad The last of the quads, Holden says he won't do it again but who knows. Anyways enjoy this one and the surprise at the end.
  • Quintuple Kickflip (Broken Ankle?) 5x kickflip. The only reason I made this video is because that little kid who did a quad on a trampoline and thought he was pro. I just wanted to show him that its easy.
  • Whose Line Quintuple Feature: Gut Busting Irish Drinking Songs Let's go for a Quintuple Feature! for this feature vid, I put together some gut busting Irish Drinking Song, All of Colin's last lines in this one sends the cast in hysterics. Which Irish Drinking Songs are featured? Find out and watch! By the way, if you are a fan of Chip, you might like the fact that he's in four out of the five Irish Drinking Songs.
  • Europe will have to quintuple immigration rates, US Ambassador says at AmchamEU William E. Kennard, US Ambassador to the European Union, speaks in a debate on competitiveness in the European Union organized by AmchamEU on Tuesday in Brussels.
  • Cristian Castro with Teoria Quintuple During the halftime show of Mexico vs. Ecuador (May 07, 2010) soccer game at Giants Stadium, Mexico's biggest pop star performs with my friend's band, Teoria Quintuple.
  • DotA 6.37 Quintuple Kill *Sange was a leaver's item.* G-Frce-Elite gets an amazing quintuple kill with the Witch Doctor! I've never seen anything like it! Enjoy!
  • Arsene Wenger plays down United's quintuple chances Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger on facing Burnley in the FA Cup, the race for fourth spot in the Premier League and Manchester United's quest for five trophies.
  • Quintuple Trouble I had WAY too much fun making this one. I had honestly forgotten that this song existed until I picked up Pokemon Puzzle League on the VC not too long ago, but when I rediscovered it, I knew I had to use it for something. And apparently, that "something" was this. "Essentially, this is my tribute to the big bad guys of the Bo-Bobo anime's first part, before the hair-hunters from 100 years ago get thrown into the mix. Captain Battleship, Kitty-Poo, Over/Tor*** Girl, Halekulani, Giga...they're all there, and ready to whoop some heroic tail.
  • Medusa quintuple kill - same
  • Teoria Quintuple NBC Telemundo Teoria Quintuple en NBC Telemundo NY
  • Power Rangers: Samurai - Spin Sword Quintuple Slash (HD) Spin Sword Quintuple Slash
  • Quintuple Champion Chartay on Animal Planet Animal Planet TV presentation of Legacy's DeChartay, the only Quintuple Champion in the 125 years of the American Kennel Club. Chartay is now in the Vizsla Club of America's Hall of Fame.
  • TNX3 - Mission Quintuple Pump TNX3 by xuser3x and legss... DOWNLOAD:
  • EMQ - La Restauracion del Ministerio Quintuple / FMS Restoring the Fivefold Ministry Apostles and Prophets were substituted by good administrators. There are great administrators with no spirituality in today's churches. Their experience is secular and they're running the church. They took the place of the Apostles. They are the supernatural ministries. People without discernment. People without power. The other three are focused on the needs of the people, but the Apostles and Prophets bring the truth and reality of heaven down to earth. They activate prophecy, healing, the supernatural. Read more at
  • Varial Quintuple Flip! Trampboarding 5 Flips + Shuvit if you liked this trick you'll love the new video it has a Tre Quintuple flip, 720 Big Quadruple flip, and other tricks it's 5 minutes of madness!
  • Quintuple Rainbow Just having a laugh. For
  • south park quintuple mdr .. humour noir...
  • QUINTUPLE KICKFLIP! (5 Flips) quintuple kickflip (Jesus Flip), five flips, done on my trampoline (trampboarding). It sorta looks like I broke my ankle doing it haha. Filmed on my Canon Vixia hf m30 that I got for christmas. Ill have a video on that soon. Thank you all for your kind words and videos for Taylor, it was overwhelming to see and meant a lot. Hope you all had a wonderful christmas! Or Haunika if your jewish...
  • Uncharted 2 - Triple/Quintuple Dyno-Might Location This video answers the main question heard around gaming forums all over the world, "Where Is the best place to get the Triple(trophie) and Quintuple(medal) Dyno-might rewards?" So here it is. Go and blow 'em a new one....or three....or five!
  • Ballance Level13 (Twilight Zone) 8711 Quintuple Speed! I used quintuple speed balls instead of triple speed ones, and was successful in achieving 8700! Quintuple speed is crazier more exciting!

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  • “Triple Play Moving to Quintuple Play? If you thought the Green Blog. VoIP Forums. About Me. Contact. Channels. Community Sites. Photo Gallery. Triple Play Moving to Quintuple Play? If you thought the "triple play" offered by cable and phone service providers was pretty cool, it's time to think again”
    — Triple Play Moving to Quintuple Play?,

  • “The free-market think tank Blog. Events. Issues. Our Work. Heroes. Students. News. Support Us. Home Blogs Quintuple jeopardy. Quintuple jeopardy. Written by Dr Eamonn Butler. Thursday, 04 October 2007 19:00. View Comments. London's police are being prosecuted for their shooting of terrorism suspect Jean”
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  • “Remember Cal State Fullerton's Bobby Brown? Back in May, ESPN's Chad Ford watched Brown work out before the draft and wrote: There's no question that”
    Quintuple Overtime in Berlin - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN,

  • “Here's how to increase your income by 500 He writes regularly about marketing and life at his Entrepreneur Blog. Trackback URL: http:///blog/how-to-quintuple-your-income-not-easy-but-tested-and-proven-to-work/407/trackback”
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  • “Forums : HEY FOLKS- Welcome to the New Community Forum : Billy Burnette Undergoes Quintuple Bypass Surgery Re: Billy Burnette Undergoes Quintuple Bypass Surgery. I want to wish a rapid and speedy recovery with Billy”
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  • “Subscribe to this blog's feed [What is this?] Main | " Lampard Hails Capello Effect can come back from the international break and aim for the quintuple”
    — || The Second Half: Ronaldo Thinks Quintuple Possible,

  • “thanks for visiting my blog! Quintuple(8271055): Wed May 20, 09 10:38 pretty long time isn't it. Quintuple(8271055) Tue Nov 25, 08 07:27 PM”
    Quintuple - Quintuple(8271055) - BitComet,

  • “The stalwarts in these blog posts, AIM and ELF will be deployed to see if they too verify this simple concept. My post on quintuple bonds illustrates the difference between a blog (which addresses perhaps a very focused question or issue)”
    Quintuple bonds " Henry Rzepa,