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  • quench tr.v. , quenched , quenching , quenches . To put out (a fire, for example); extinguish. To suppress; squelch: The disapproval of my [Middle English quenchen, from Old English -cwencan (in ācwencan, to quench). — “quench: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • The quench vessel uses two atomizing nozzles to quench the gas from the Secondary Regulating the amount of the quenching water can control the gas temperature exiting the. — “QuenchEN”, ntua.gr
  • English Translation for Quentchen - dict.cc German-English Dictionary quenchen. Quenching. Quendel. Quendel-Ameisenbläuling. quengelig. quengeln. quengelnd. quengelt. Quengler. quenglig. Quentchen. quer. Quer- quer über. querübersetzen. querab. Querabflug. Querachse. Querachsen. Queranflug. — “dict.cc | Quentchen | English Dictionary”, dict.cc
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for quench in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education Middle English quenchen, from Old English -cwencan (in cwencan, to quench). — “quench - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • quenching definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary Origin: M. E. Quenchen, fr. O.E. Acwencan. Fluorescence quenching, a technique used in investigations dealing with binding of antigens (haptens) by. — “quenching - Definition”,
  • Definition and other additional information on Quench from Biology- dictionary. Quenchen, AS. Cwencan in acwencan, to extinguish utterly, causative of cwincan, acwincan, to decrease,. — “Quench - definition from Biology-”, biology-
  • Play casino online! ENTER Casino | Casinos in mississippi | Big cypress casino clewiston | Cascades casino poker room cascades casino poker roomHarrah's Casino Tunica, formerly Grand Casino Tunica, is a casino and resort the quenchen casino. — “Casino | Casinos in mississippi | Big cypress casino”,
  • Definition of quench in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quench. Pronunciation of quench. Translations of quench. quench synonyms, quench antonyms. Information about quench in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. [Middle English quenchen, from Old English -cwencan (in cwencan, to. — “quench - definition of quench by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Okonjima, Namibia. Home of the Africat Foundation consumed by all and how much water Okonjima has to pump daily to quenchen' everyone's thirst which also includes staff and guests. — “Okonjima, Namibia. Home of the Africat Foundation”,
  • Definition of quench from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quench. Pronunciation of quench. Definition of the word quench. Origin of the word quench to cool (hot steel, etc.) suddenly by plunging into water, oil, or the like. Origin: ME quenchen < OE cwencan, to extinguish, caus. — “quench - Definition of quench at ”,
  • Das 'Quenchen' (Abschrecken) der Rauchgase im 'Tail-end' (Austrittsende) des Strahlungskessels, wobei die Rauchgase von 800°C auf das gewünschte Niveau von 650°C abgekühlt werden, erfolgt mit Hilfe von fein zerstäubtem Wasser, welchen äußerst schnell verdampft. — “Sprayquench Projekte 5”, xs4
  • Troilus and Criseyde discuss the meaning of love and jealousy Pandarus brings Troilus and Criseyde together. But now help God to quenchen al this sorwe, So hope I that he shal, for he best. — “From Geoffrey Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde", Book III”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define quench as NQuench \Quench\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Quenched}; p. pr. & vb. n.{Quenching}.] [OE. quenchen, AS quenchen, AS. cwencan in [=a]cwencan, to extinguish utterly, causative of cwincan, [=a]cwincan, to decrease,. — “Definition of Quench from ”,
  • VH11.com presents complete artist information on Lynyrd Skynyrd, including news, bio, message boards, song clips, Urge Music Downloads, and more. 8/18 - Yuma, AZ @ Quenchen Paradue Casino. — “VH1.com : Lynyrd Skynyrd : Following Wilkeson's Death, Lynyrd”, vh1.com
  • Sprayquench and Soniquench: gas cooling, conditioning, quenching, rookgas koeling, quenchen, conditioneren, konditionieren, conditionnement, Rauchgaskühlung, Sprayquench en Soniquench: conditioning, gas conditioneren, quenchen, konditionieren, Rauchgaskühlung, conditionnement, Sprayquench. — “Sprayquench International”,
  • Gaswäscher, Kompaktwäscher, Strahlwäscher, Quenchen, Venturiwäscher, Abgasreinigung, Rührwerke, Vakuumtechnik, Engineering, Projektleitung, Software. — “VUM : Gaswäscher, Kompaktwäscher, Strahlwäscher, Quenchen”, vum-
  • PRESSEN (1) PREST (5) PRESTE (1) PRESTES (1) PRESUMPCIOUN (1) PRETENDE (1) PREVE (10) QUENCHEN (1) QUENE (1) QUEYNT (3) QUEYNTE (2) QUIETE (5) QUIKE (3) QUIKEN (1) QUOD (211). — “Troilus and Criseyde”, umm.maine.edu
  • Quencher definition, to slake, satisfy, or allay (thirst, desires, passion, etc.). See more. 1150–1200; ME quenchen, earlier cwenken; cf. OE -cwencan in ācwencan. — “Quencher | Define Quencher at ”,
  • Uw partner in Warmtebehandelingen en Thermisch reinigen! Fog Quenching. Heat treatments in controlled atmosphere. Ontlaten. Baking and curing of insulation concrete materials. Fog quenchen. Testing. Fire testing. — “Usage - WBT Electron”,

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  • Phillips MRI 1.0 Tesla Quench 22-sept-2010 Phillips 1.0 Tesla controlled Quench on 22-sept-2010 @ Doctors Center Manati Puerto Rico by Imaging Dynamic of the Caribbean Inc.
  • NMR Quench orginal.mpg The orginal video fro Bruker company shows the Quench, have fun.
  • Quenching a 300MHz NMR Magnet This 7.05 Tesla Superconducting Magnet was in service for over 20 years, but had to be decommissioned to make way for a new Instrument. This magnet is a Varian "R2D2" magnet, and was quenched by blowing warm helium into the magnet cryostat. We normally do everything possible to avoid a "Hard Quench" like this, but this magnet is never going to be used again so... enjoy!
  • The Way of the Dragon/A Sárkány Útja HD Full movie A Sárkány útja - Meng Long Guo Jiang - The Way of the Dragon 720p Full movie
  • 900-Quench.mp4 Video from 2005 showing the planned-quench of our 21.14 Tesla (900MHz) NMR magnet, which was done during the energizing process. I realize that the loss of precious Helium is extremely regrettable, but it was unavoidable in this case. Please don't send me nasty messages about that, as it wasn't my decision.
  • Titanium tetrachloride + water violent reaction Some moisture sensitive inorganic compounds react extremely vigorously with water in the atmosphere forming undesirable products. For this reason they are usually handled in an inert atmosphere and/or under vacuum. In the start of this video the liquid - titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4) - releases a white vapor of highly corrosive hydrogen chloride from the open flask as moist air from the room flows into it. The liquid is discarded after a successful inert atmosphere reduced pressure distillation by quenching the highly reactive material in a bucket of ice-water. The fume hood and filter system take care of the large quantities of corrosive HCl vapor that are released. All other items which have been in contact with the TiCl4 must also be placed into the ice-water, including all the glassware used in the distillation. It was noted that the pH of the water in the bucket was less than 0.5 by the end of the clean up. Historically, TiCl4 (titanium tetrachloride) has been used in naval warfare to hide ships in a plume of white 'smoke' so they can make a quick getaway.
  • magnet quench I quenched this magnet as it was to be moved This was done under controlled conditions by opening the vacuum valve. The magnet was an 360 MHz Oxford d15000 and the gas being vented is helium just above 4 kelvin
  • Quench How to dismantle a MRI equipement.Quench can happen by accident or on purpose. In this case the old MRI machine is to be replaced. There is allways concern about metalic objects in MRI. Enjoy and do not try it at home. Movie by radiology tech mr Kurki.
  • NMR Oxford Superconducting magnet QUENCH at Reading University Follow me: or /scottbouch 400MHz Oxford superconducting magnet Quenched by opening the vacuum valve to a little helium gas. It filled the ceiling with helium gas boil off from probably about 40 Litres of liquid helium. This magnet had reached the end od it's economic life, and was being replaced by a newer model. Quenching a magnet is not only exciting and fun, but also the fastest way to warm it up ready for dismantling. I was a Bruker engineer at the time.

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