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  • Quena. A South American folk instrument from the Andes mountains (Bolivia and Peru). Similar to a flute, it is made out of cane, 25 to 50 cm. long with five or six finger holes and a thumb hole. A notch in the upper rim allows the performer to blow across the sharp edge to create the sound. — “Quena”, music.vt.edu
  • You Are Here: Home " South American Flutes " Quena. Quena or Kena Flute. If the bird-like notes in Andean folk music make your heart soar, you have probably fallen in love with the Quena. This beautiful woodwind, sometimes called the Kena, is considered the flute of the Incas. — “Quena, Kena, Andean Flute Photos, Maps, Videos, History”,
  • Definition of quena in the Medical Dictionary. quena explanation. Information about quena in Free online English dictionary. What is quena? Meaning of quena medical term. What does quena mean?. — “quena - definition of quena in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • It is important to note that making a quena isn't an exact science; I definitely recommend making a few out of simpler materials, but the most beautiful quena I have ever seen was made completely out of wood and carefully sandpapered down to an almost divine softness. — [email protected], everything2.com
  • Aqui estoy tocando mi quena y tambien compartiendo humildemente algunas tecnicas que talvez les pueda servir en cuanto asu dijitacion ya la interpretacion de su instumento.Es lo poco que puedo ofrecerles The Quena, also known as the Kena, originates in the mountains of South America. — “quena Videos”, don***
  • Kids Major, Small Major, Calypso Flute, Quena, Brazilian Major , Irish Flute The Quena, also known as the Kena, originates in the mountains of South America. — “Erik the Flute Maker - Selling Flutes, Bamboo flutes, Quena”,
  • wikiHow article about How to Play the Andean Quena or Kena. Attain a quality quena. This is most easily done through the internet on sites like Ebay or Bolivia Mall. It is also possible to build your own for a few dollars and a couple hours. — “How to Play the Andean Quena or Kena - wikiHow”,
  • The quena is a South American wind instrument, mostly used by Andean musicians It is in the key of D major, a fourth lower than the quena. — “Quena - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • It's a ***ing flute people -open-ended with a small notch cut into the blowing end -originated in the Andes of Peru (Japan too? People do not fully understand the true meaning on quena as it is not only a cross between a queer and a chocolate bueno bar but was first founded by myself and two. — “Urban Dictionary: quena”,
  • The most conventional quena key is G4, that means, play G4 when all toneholes are closes. This quena is also called "en La" or "in A" or "in minor A", because is the best to play folk Andean tunes. — “Un Mundo de Bambú”, .ar
  • Quena. This is a compilation of 15 quena renditons of Indian Music Virtuosos. Mallku delos Andes, Una Ramos, Omar Ibarra, Inka Kenas, Tllapu,Toconao, Los Chaskas,Norte Andino. Quenas are end blown flute used as a lead instrument in the Andean music. Very common in Peru and Bolivia. — “ - Quena CD, Bamboo music”,
  • Aqui estoy tocando mi quena y tambien compartiendo humildemente algunas tecnicas que talvez les pueda servir en cuanto asu dijitacion ya la interpretacion de su instumento.Es lo poco que puedo ofrecerles The Quena, also known as the Kena, originates in the mountains of South America. — “quena videos - by Video Site”,
  • View Quena D. González's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Quena D. González discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business. — “Quena D. González - LinkedIn”,
  • Buy musical instruments from Bolivia: Charango, Quena, Zampona, Siku, Bolivian music. , Quenas, ケーナ. — “ ケーナ : Quena - Flute”,
  • The quena is a South American wind instrument, mostly used by Andean musicians Not to be confused with Quena, Egypt. Quena is mostly used in traditional Andean music. In the 1960s and. — “Quena”, tamil-
  • Quena & quenacho. Is the traditional flute of the Andes. Usually made of bamboo, it has 6 finger holes and one thumb hole and is open on both ends. The Quenacho (also "kenacho" in English) is a larger, lower-toned version of the quena and made the same way. — “World Flutes Festival - Festival Flautas del Mundo”,
  • The quena (qina, sometimes also written "kena" in English) is the traditional flute of the Andes. Quena is mostly used in traditional Andean music. In the 1960s and 1970s the quena was. — “Quena”,
  • Shop for Quena. Price comparison, consumer reviews, and store ratings on . — “Quena - - Product Reviews, Compare Prices, and Shop at”,
  • Musical Instruments: NOVICA, in association with National Geographic, presents African, Brazilian, Peruvian and Indian instruments - Djembe, Cajon, Quenas & more! Wood quena flute, 'Song of the Andes'. — “MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - Djembe, Cajon, Quena and Global Instruments”, musical-
  • Definition of quena in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quena. Pronunciation of quena. Translations of quena. quena synonyms, quena antonyms. Information about quena in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “quena - definition of quena by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Not to be confused with Quena, Egypt. The quena (Quechua: qina, sometimes also written "kena" in English) is the traditional flute of the Andes. Usually made of bamboo or wood, it has 6 finger holes and one thumb hole and is open on both ends. — “Quena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Quena music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Quena on Yahoo! Music. — “Quena on Yahoo! Music”,
  • The quena is a South American wind instrument, mostly used by Andean musicians Quena is mostly used in traditional Andean music. In the 1960s and 1970s the quena was. — “quena: Definition from ”,
  • Quena Jerzy Szatkowski, musician amateur, guitar, accordion, keyboards instruments,bamboo flutes, quenas, Japanese shakuhachi, shakuhachi. — “”,
  • The quena , also called kena, khena, Indian flute or flute of the Andes , is a kind of right Flûte used in The current quena appeared in XVIe century. It derives at the same time from the prehispanic quena , which had 5 holes to the maximum, and from the European recorder. — “Quena - SpeedyLook Encyclopedia”,

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  • Quena of Healing Forest 癒やしの森のケーナ Quena of Healing Forest in Japan. www.lifeact.jp
  • Alcasami Quenas Catalog of Quenas
  • Musique bolivienne. Music of Bolivia: charango, quena Jaime Torres & Los Koyas. ボリビア音楽 Musique de la Bolivie, musique bolivienne. South American music from Bolivia ("cueca boliviana" rhythm) played by Jaime Torres and Los Koyas using the charango and the quena (Andean flute) as solo instruments. Musica boliviana, musica de Bolivia: cueca boliviana de Jaime Torres, por Jaime Torres y Los Koyas. Music of the Andes, Andean music. Bolivian music, music from Bolivia.Syd amerikansk musik, Boliviansk musik. Musik aus den Anden, Musik aus Bolivien. Musica delle Ande, musica della Bolivia. ボリビア音楽アンデス音楽This tune is one of the Latin American musical pieces and songs recorded by Los Koyas in their new album of folk and traditional music from Latin America. More tunes and samples on www.los- www.los- www.los- www.los- www.los-
  • Quena Sax solos -- Los Andes -- Anibal Rojas "Los Andes" by Anibal Rojas recorded live at Steel City Coffee House in Phoenixville, PA. "I came to the US as a ***ager and everytime I go back to Chile more has changed, except the mountains. This is my song, from afar, for the Andes." Anibal Rojas, on sax and quena, Marlon Simon on drums, Alex Hernandez on bass, and Zen Zadravec on keys. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit or /anibalrojas. Anibal's music can be purchased through iTunes or . Un tema componido (compuesto.. jejeje) y arreglado por mi de mi ultimo CD! Gracias por escuchar amigos!!
  • Quena Pop, performed by Andes Manta Quena Pop, performed by Andes Manta (). Inconcert at The Institute of Musical Traditions () April 27, 2009. As always, we gratefully thank the Maryland State Arts Council (), the Montgomery County Arts & Humanities Council (), The House of Musical Traditions (/proaudio) and all our other donors, supporters, and volunteers. Camera: Pat McGee Video Editing: Ralph Lillie © 2010 Institute of Musical Traditions
  • Rene De La Rosa - Antoni Lujan - Quena y Charango - volaras - Illapu quena y charango Rene De La Rosa y Antoni Lujan
  • Quena lesson 1 Quena lesson for beginner. Thank you Master Checho. Amazing flute player
  • Quena solo - Vlado Urlich plays El Quitapesares El Quitapesares a joropo from Venezuela (composer : Carlos Bonnet) for more information about Vlado please visit the web site
  • Quena class Lesson No.2 at This is one of the most anticipated lesson from the free Quena class. Here you will learn to play this song and learn notes on the quena for the scale of G major (relative E minor) this is your chance to advance on your knowledge of this wonderful instrument. register free at
  • Final Fantasy X To Zanarkand QUENA Flute (Quena) y Piano. Played by Jmramos.
  • Quena Raúl Olarte - Bailecitos quenista humahuaqueño. C*** 7, Argentina
  • Quena El Condor Pasa [The Flight of the Condor] Inca The Peruvian Ensemble Peru Performance at The Natural History Museum on Jan 24,08 Featuring: Ulises, Fernando Popayan, Rodrigo Rodriguez,Gino Gamboa, Victor Vento and the director: Guillermo Bordarampe. For more information about INCA, videos, photos, soundbites and more, please visit: /inca. INCA, the Peruvian Ensemble "INCA", the Peruvian Ensemble was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles, for the purpose of researching, preserving and presenting Peru's rich multi-cultural heritage of ethnic and folkloric music, songs, dance and traditions. INCA performs music and dances form the Andean region (Inca heritage), from the central and northern coasts (Criollo, Hispanic heritage), from the southern coast (Afro-Peruvian, Black heritage), and from the Peruvian Amazon jungle (jungle natives heritage). Since its onset, "INCA" has gained steadily in artistic excellence and in reputation as one of the west coast's leading ethnic performing companies. Concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, the Redlands Bowl, The Fresno Civic Auditorium, Zion National Park, El Paso's El Chamizal Ampitheater, Santa Fe's Greer Garson Theater, Albuquerque's SBCC, Colorado State University, Colorado College, etc., are true indicators that the company has a feisty following throughout California and the western states. In '93-'94 "INCA" performed at Mingus Auditorium in Cottonwood, AZ; at the Luther Burbank Ctr. for the Performing Arts in Santa Rosa, CA; Saddleback Community College in Mission Viejo, CA; Fiesta Inn in Mesa, AZ ...
  • 'ESCAFLOWNE OST-In To The Light' Quena Play To Be Continue...
  • Japanese quena flute player; Japanese Folk Song Medley SOUL OF JAPAN's new album on sale Doppo Nagata live concert in Torrance California. traditional Japanese flute shakuhachi music folk song event asian Amazing grace Sukiyaki Song names from the top; とおりゃんせ、女一人、手まり歌、思い出のアルバム、SUKIYAKI, 君の行く道は、Amazing Grace, 君の行く道は、end.
  • Charango, quena y zamponia Pachamamam Proudly Presents: "Musica Andina" In Queens New York Featuring Quena Instructor Edgar P. Paucar, Omar Carrillo playing Charango, Bryan Alulema playing second Quena, George Palma and fellow students playing zamponia(s). Peter Apaza As the Introducer of Ceremony.
  • 'NARUTO OST-The Rising Fighting Spirit' Quena Play My First Movie.
  • Quena solo - fly me to the moon with quena... IMPROVIZANDO QUENA JAZZERA (JHOJAN LEON) Quena zampoña..... vientista - JHOJAN LEON
  • Peter Capusotto - Juan Carlos Pelotudo y la quena comico
  • Quena Bolivia Peru Japon soplar Song title: Gather Around+Unsophisticated Heart. Soul Of Japan's new album, The Resonator is on sale. Soul of Japan and Beyond Live in concert "Soul of Japan and beyond" is an instrumental band featuring Doppo Nagata on quena, bamboo flute. The style is in Japanese contemporary and traditional music. Ethnic world music. All tunes are my original compositions. It is hybrid of Ethnic music and contemporary music. So it is not really a traditional music. although I use Japanese traditional scales when I compose for this project.
  • Torrico Magical Quena - Yesterday Yesterday played at the Zane Grey Louge by Juan Torrico.
  • Quena Bambito y Maku ºLos DivinoSº ºDestrave Musicalº Bambito y Maku
  • Pan Flute and Quena Malaysia - Amanecer Amadino Visit our website at .my The song Amanecer Amadino is a traditional folk song with a modern arrangement performed by American Ecuadorian Mr. Wilson Lema at ER Studios. The soothing sounds of the panflute and quena induces a soothing emotion to anyone who listens. The natural sounds of the instrument are also used in music therapy so sit back and enjoy this amazing song! Venue and facilitiessponsored by Mama Treble Clef Studio and ER Studios Recorded in ER Studios. Camera & lighting by Ray Lee. Audio mixed and edited by Eizaz Azhar. Engineered by Eizaz Azhar. For best listening results play video on large external speakers or a good pair of headphones as laptop speakers are unable to reproduce many of the frequencies. Mama Treble Clef Studio & ER Studios are located at Lot 3015, 3rd Floor, Endah Parade, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA Tel : +603-95432201 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +603-95432201 end_of_the_skype_highlighting begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +603-95432201 end_of_the_skype_highlighting [email protected] http guitarempire99
  • Quena - Blanca palomita Los Calchakis
  • Quena The Quena, also known as the Kena, originates in the mountains of South America. It has been said that they predate the Incan civilization. Some quenas have been found made of clay, stone, bone and bamboo. Its musical voice ranges from celebration to mourning. It is an end blown notched flute in a major scale with a thumb hole in the back for the high do. To blow this flute you must grin and spit watermelon seeds while lifting the flute up against the lower lip tilting the flute so that the bottom of the flute moves forward and back slowly so the air begins to split across the notch at the top. Once you get the sound don't tilt anymore but keep applying some pressure upwards for good contact. more in : or
  • Quena Performance By Wilson Lema MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO proudly presents Mr.Wilson Lema, an American also known by his Native American name 'Southern Spirit', is a performer at his own country with rich traditional music. Born in Equador, Wilson has played his instruments for over 12 years and has given many performances throughout the United States from San Francisco to Manhattan, Europe , Asia and Malaysia. His three main instruments, the Quena, Panflute and Sidir, all descendants of Native American instruments are all used to perform his music which ranges from popular hits to ancient Red Indian and Inca melodies. He now lives in New York as a performer. "I come here to promote my lovely traditional Inca song to all of uI hope these songs serve as a tribute to the past , mother earth and the great spirit", said Wilson. We at MAMA TREBLE CLEF STUDIO are proud to present Mr.Wilson "Southern Spirit" Lema log in : tel
  • MUSIQUE DES ANDES / ANDEAN MUSIC - Los Koyas & Jaime Torres : "Romance de viento y quena". Musique des Andes : Los Koyas et Jaime Torres interprètent "Romance de quena y viento". Music of the Andes : Los Koyas and Jaime Torres play "Romance de quena y viento composed by Jose Donato Ramirez Torres. 風とケーナのロマンス・アンデス音楽Musica de los Andes : Los Koyas y Jaime Torres interpretan "Romance de quena y viento". Musik aus den Anden. Musica delle Ande. Música dos Andes. Sydamerikansk Musik. Quena, quenacho, charango, toyos. www.los- www.los- http www.los-
  • Quena improvisacion en flamenco Rene De La Rosa
  • Quenacho - Quena Jazz Quena-Jazz Leonardo, Lima-Chaclacayo-Los Angeles
  • Quena lesson 2 Thank you Master Checho Amazing flute player
  • Japanese quena flute player in concert 2; ethnic world music Song Title: Illusion. "Soul of Japan and Beyond" Live in Concert! Quena played by Doppo Nagata Japanese ethnic world music
  • Moliendo Cafe Quena Zampoña Charango Cajon
  • Free Quena Class!. More at www. If you are looking for a great method that will enable you to play one of the most beautiful intruments in the Andean Music of south america, now is your chance, this Bilingual Spanish,English Free Quena lessons will introduce you to the art of interpretation of this beautiful Instrument. so, the right moment you have been waiting for to learn how to play an instrument is finally here. go to and click on the free quena lessons link.you have nothing to loose and a great musical talent to gain.
  • Quena - Huarmicita Raúl Olarte - Taquirari
  • Quena Andean American fusion Michael Holmes, Fernando Popayan & Hector Cortouis playing Mcwhinney Beautiful song composed and singed by Michael Holmes in Hector's party last Saturday Dec 20. I am playing the quenacho (bamboo flute from the Andes of South America) and Hector is playing a big cajon and Michael the guitar and singing.
  • RAYMOND THEVENOT -audio solamente- QUENA # 4 Raymond Thevenot en la universidad de Stanford, California 1985.

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  • “Wilfredo played El Condor Pasa' on his queña and, suddenly, a real condor was gliding of the path and Wilfredo did play his queña (a type of Andean recorder) to encourage us”
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