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  • You are viewing the community queerdom. Log in Create a LiveJournal Account Learn more Yes boys, hair is back and it is beautiful. So dont be afraid if you dont like waxing or shaving your hair off because the natural look is back in. — “Deanie and Tims Homo***ual Corner”,
  • St. Francis was a 12th Century Italian monk who preached the values of poverty and chastity. While extremely effete, he may not have been gay. He is considered a "toss up" by the One True Church. Nevertheless, his name has been appropriated for the capital of Queerdom, San Francisco. — “St. Francis of Assisi - Wikiality, the Truthiness Encyclopedia”,
  • A board for anyone who is Butch, Femme or Female to Male. Features. Joinable Groups. More Search FAQ Documents: Submit. Theme: Queerdom. 8:10 PM Nov 29. Hosted for free by ZetaBoards. — “Help Documents”, s11
  • Host Jack E. Jett takes viewers to the farthest reaches of "Queerdom" on this nightly talk show. Host Jack E. Jett takes viewers to the farthest reaches of "Queerdom" on this nightly talk show. — “Queer Edge interview with Charo”,
  • Queerdom Redefined. The queer is here. Not just me! The things I love and the people I So I haven't seen alot about the ways that T affects guys emotions on the internet. But. — “Queerdom Redefined”,
  • SANCTIFYING QUEERDOM: RELIGIOUS IDENTITY IN NEW QUEER CINEMA. by Marco Torres. This thesis offers a critical reading of the intersection of religious and queer identities in films from the second wave of the New Queer Cinema movement (2000-2007). — “Sanctifying Queerdom: Religious Identity in New Queer Cinema”,
  • Then there's the convenient world tour of queerdom these films afford; money-squeezed viewers who like to travel can check out the scene from Iceland and Argentina to Israel and France. This valentine to one of queerdom's most famous pairs — who knew a. — “Bright Lights Film Journal :: The 2008 Portland Lesbian and”,
  • One gay man's life story about how he struggled with and came to terms with his ***uality. A Journey to Queerdom. One man speaks out about his experiences trying to come to terms with his ***uality. — “A Journey to Queerdom - Table of Contents”,
  • Lavender Magazine published an article last week saying that the Rev. Tom Brock, senior The magazine said its reporter, John Townsend, joined the group undercover after getting. — “Alleged 'outing' of pastor assailed - ”,
  • They Hate Us For Our Queerdom. by Simon Sheppard, September 7th, 2010 at 10:13am. Back in the W. Days, President Bush had no problem coming up with a simple—not to say simple-minded—reason why Islamic militants were jihading against us virtuous 'Murricans: They hate us for our freedom. — “They Hate Us For Our Queerdom | CarnalNation”,
  • Taylor Marsh is a national political writer, commentator and political ***yst, writing on the web since 1996, Huffington Post contributor, progressive liberal. Of course not everyone in Queerdom is on board, but the number of LGBTs who are withholding both money and votes from the party. — “"We're keeping the gAyTM CLOSED" | Taylor Marsh – TaylorMarsh”,
  • Stop, I'm trying to stay straight for awhile. Lol. — “Have you ever heard of a Trans / Butch / Femme site called”,
  • queerdom. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 20 August 2008, at 19:43. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “queerdom - Wiktionary”,
  • Sorry kids for the nearly Thursday update of QueerDom. You just don't seem to understand that I have what is commonly reffered to as a life now that I have a boyfriend. It's not like we're painting the town red while I'm painting him white, but days start slipping all together. — “QueerDom - Long live the Queen”,
  • One gay man's life story about how he struggled with and came to terms with his ***uality. More than a coming out story, this narrative covers emotional healing and self-perception issues. A Journey to Queerdom - Table of Contents. — “BGLAD : Detail: A Journey to Queerdom - Table of Contents”,
  • A board for anyone who is Butch, Femme or Female to Male. — “queerdomnet”,
  • Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the. — “ | Facebook”,
  • Comic queerdom. By Oliver Pulumbarit. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Last updated 19:18:00 11/07/2008. GAY characters have appeared in homegrown graphic novels and comic book series, which tackle the sometimes-controversial subject in varying degrees. — “Comic queerdom - ”,
  • Queerdom on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Queerdom (1978) More at IMDbPro " ad feedback. Related Links. Main details. The Internet Movie Database accepts no responsibility for the content of the external sites linked from this page or for products offered or purchased from participating companies. — “Photos from Queerdom”,
  • A safe place for the colorful & queer: the bois, the grrls, the inter***ed; the single, the poly, the "it's complicated," and everyone else. Click to submit a post. FYI: this blog may contain. — “Colorful Queerdom”,
  • Queerdom. The following are the titles of recent articles syndicated from Queerdom. Add this feed to your friends list for news aggregation, or view this feed's syndication information. makes no claim to the content supplied through this journal account. — “Queerdom (syndicated by )”,
  • A social and support organization for self-identified queer geeks. nonexistent or considered obscure, extreme, nonsensical, mathematical, anti-social, or otherwise conflicting with mainstream or popular queerdom. — “Queer Geeks”,
  • Hi. I'm a 32 yo queer/lesbian (with sweetie-30yo) new to the Claremont area looking for queerdom. We moved here from San Francisco and miss all of its lovely queer-affirming nature. Looking for L. — “Abi Weissman - WEST SIDE GAL PALS (West Hollywood, CA) - Meetup”,
  • Open Forum: V-Day, Queerdom, and You Valentine's Day rolls along every year and most people love it or hate it depending on their marital status and whether they are content with their partner(s). For the hetero***ual majority Valentine's. — “Queers United: Open Forum: V-Day, Queerdom, and You”,

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  • Sheep Lake Couloir. Chinook Pass, WA. Surprised to find wind buff powder during such a good corn cycle. Bully for me!
  • ueer Edge interview with Stars of the L Word Part 2 Second part of Jack E. Jett's interview with the stars of the L Word, Leisha Haily and Katherine Moennig on the Queer Edge. Jack E. Jett is also Joined by gu...
  • Timmy's Vlog #1- July 01, 2009 Tim's informal foray into Vlogging.
  • UNITED QUEENDOM Ep#4 | Decision Time | #indyref In or out - once and for all :: Scottish independence as a gay romantic comedy :: Damien Hughes as Scott Daniel Page as Adrian Created by Bob Denham #indyref...
  • The Story of Liza Doolittle dead and gone rap and video made for english class... made off of the story pygmalion.
  • Queer Edge Promotional Video Host Jack E. Jett takes viewers to the farthest reaches of "Queerdom" on this nightly talk show. Jett delves into all definitions of the word "queer" with hi...
  • Sins Invalid 2009, Cara Page, MC Cara Page in Sins Invalid 2009 at Brava Theater in San Francisco. Transcript below: Welcome to our queendom / kingdom/ queerdom / multi-bodied universe... I ...
  • Queer Edge interview with Stars of the L Word Jack E. Jett interviews stars of the L Word, Leisha Haily and Katherine Moennig on the Queer Edge. Jack E. Jett is also Joined by guest co-host Sandra Bernha...
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #5--October 04, 2009 ---Wizard of Oz, Waxing, Julie Andrews News Timmy rambles about seeing The Wizaerd of Oz on the big screen, going for his first ever waxing, weighing himself, Julie Andrews' birthday, her new movie tra...
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #4- September 23, 2009,--Julia Child I give a brief movie review of Julie & Julia and 2 Girls 1 Cup, also talk about how I no longer have to fear arrest and my excitement over going to see the W...
  • The best gay dance ever. You thought you've seen gay before...... Welcome to a whole new dimension of queerdom.
  • UNITED QUEENDOM Ep#2 | Adrian's Wall | #indyref Adrian puts up barriers of his own :: Will they break up or won't they? You decide :: Scottish independence as a gay romantic comedy :: Damien Hughes as Scot...
  • put a lil hair on ya chest!!(explicit language) Astudwitnoname and no sense WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE NO PUN INTENDED!!! and jus bent and high butch queer dom ag stud tomboi chillen music bent drinkiin gin...
  • Coming home from Hawaii!! So Leene is coming home from hawaii. She will be here sometime tomorrow. I finally get to see my best friend!! Well I hope you enjoyed this video. bye bye ti...
  • Darling Timmy Vlog --June 23, 2011-- Darling Timmy talks about stuff.
  • OMG MICHELLE ***y weirdos, their 1st nyc show... they killed it...and then served it to you for dinner... 5 course meal of love, ***y time, bumpin rhymes, hip shakin and ...
  • RB2 xGtr Score Duel w- HalfxTruism - Snow ((hey oh)).mp4
  • There's a LIght Upon the Mountain - Part 1, Gary Edens Gary Edens on November 21, 2010 at the 50th Anniversary of Paradise Valley United Methodist Church.
  • The Gayest Scene in Any Anime Ever Trowa and Quatre, two co-stars in the musical "Heero and Duo Just the Way God Made 'Em," are each pondering major life decisions: Trowa wants to give up dati...
  • Sin Is Sin? Right? sinner homo***uality gay straight queer dom femme stud butch lesbian bible follower hypocrite convenience worship xp3erynce.
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #11, 5-20-10, Projects,Queerdom, 'Liza Doolittle Day Timmy shows off his new hat and matching choker that he made out of ribbon, talks about being "Queer," celebratrating May as Julie Andrews Month, and his rec...
  • queer ranting about queer identity in a lesbian community.
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog - October 31, 2009, Happy Halloween from Julia Child Happy Halloween from Julia Child.
  • Julia Child makes Lemonade Julia Child makes lemonade.
  • Shrek Forever After Movie Review The fourth entry to the popular Shrek Franchise takes us to a world where Shrek has never existed. Voice starring Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Walt Dohrn, Eddie...
  • Lee Harrington "Gender Reassignment Surgery" December 2006 .au interviewed me in Melbourne, Australia about whether I would have FTM Gender Reassignment Surgery- I have since had top surgery, bu...
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #12, 5-26-11, Weight loss, Master Cleanse, Lady Gaga Darling Timmy talks about completing one week on the lemonade diet, love for Lady Gaga, etc. Sorry the video is kinda glitchy towards the end. My screensaver...
  • Mister Junior at the MCA Chances Dances: Summoning A New Queer Reality. First Friday, December 6th 2013, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Mister Junior, Allusion Illusion: The ...
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #10--depression, dental issues, productivity Timmy talks about his most recent bout of depression, dental issues and completed projects.
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #9, 3-13-10 Bible Reading, Healthy Living Darling talks about his "read the Bible" project, and progress with diet and excercise.
  • TV - Christopher Kelk Actor Christopher Kelk Goes Beyond Hope and Despair in His Latest Project Duet For One.
  • I'm Jessi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! true queerdom.
  • VIDEO BLOG: Queer Is In, Lesbian Is Out Cyndi and nicHi converse about the exciting new land of Queerdom.
  • RB2 xGtr Score Duel w- HalfxTruism - Waking the Queerdom.mp4
  • Darling Timmy's Vlog #11.5, 8-11-10, Timmy introduces the new format for his vlog Darling Timmy talks about the new way he will conduct his vlog.
  • RB2 xGtr Score Duel w/ HalfxTruism - Hangar 18 by Megadeth Now complete with ***ty title page! I hate powerdirector, does anyone have a suggestion to a better video editor?
  • Irish Anti-Gay Commercial New anti-gay marriage commercial made in Ireland by a religious group and promoted by the (American) National Organization for Marriage. onkneesforjesus.blog...
  • GAY BASHERS, BEWARE! (I'll Kick Your Ass...) (explicit) - punchitkickit http:///us/artist/punchitkickit/id458192678 (featuring PINK FLOYD's legendary engineer ANDY JACKSON @ the controls!) http:///punchit...

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  • “The activist blog uniting the Lesbian, Gay, Bi***ual, Transgender, Queer, Inter***ual, A***ual community & Allies in the fight for equality. Open Forum: V-Day, Queerdom, and You Valentine's Day rolls along every year and most people love it or hate it depending on their marital status”
    — Queers United: Open Forum: V-Day, Queerdom, and You,

  • “I read about them through another blog and managed to get sent a tester for myself, now I I eat everyday, and make a visual food blog so I can see exactly what I'm putting in”
    — The Twinkleboi Diaries,

  • “Pink Triangle: Quakers and queerdom,gay, humanism, gay humanism, atheism, secularism, secularist, humanist, freethinking, freethinker Pink Triangle is a forum provided by the Trust for the discussion and interchange of ideas concerning Humanism as it relates to gay and lesbian issues, and how gay and”
    — Pink Triangle: Quakers and queerdom, ptt-

  • “Blog. There are no status updates to display. There are no actions to display. Friends. queerdom hasn't added any friends yet. Comments. queerdom has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello? Skin and Language. Theme: Language: Execution Stats. Time Now: Dec 01 2010 06:35 AM. Back to top. Forum Home”
    queerdom - Viewing Profile - iPhonehellas.gr - iPhone 4 | 3GS, iphonehellas.gr

  • “Want your Sons or Daughters sharing rooms, showers, and receiving passes and receiving from Queers? ? ? This can and will destroy any and all Team Work, let t”
    — Forcing Queerdom on Our Military - Thank You Quisling Gates,

  • “It's back to Argentina on Day 9 (well I said it was one of my favourite film producing nations, so I couldn't leave it at The Lesbian and Gay festival embraces the whole gamut of queerdom, which includes trans, allies and something that Plan B exemplifies perfectly”
    — London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival: Day 9 - The Moviefone Blog,

  • “A board for anyone who is Butch, Femme or Female to Male. Queerdom Lounge. We hope you enjoy your visit. You're currently viewing our forum as a guest. This means you are limited to certain areas of the board and there are some features you can't use”
    Queerdom Lounge, s11

  • “I am a Non Op Trans Woman living in Rural Northeast Iowa. I kinda think of this place as the "Bermuda Triangle of Queerdom"! Ya know that there are people out there, ya just can't find 'em! LOL!! Anyway, today I celebrate 39 yrs of life, and it”
    — Goth Girl's Wicked Little Blog on Shine,

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