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  • Well, it's my job to answer questions, get people started on their own costumes or tell them where they can buy weapons, costumes, rank pins, etc. I have a basic list of costuming resources that I forward to anyone who asks. Who says you can't get great stuff from the Quartermistress?. — “Mindscanner #62”,
  • eBay My World for theperfectpresentstore. Read theperfectpresentstore's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. quartermistress(86) 05-Oct-09. 270264494639 % THE MOST AMAZING EBAYER EVER SUPERFAST PAYMENT A DREAM TO DEAL WITH JUST FAB. — “eBay My World - theperfectpresentstore”, .au
  • Assistant Quarter Mistress - Joanne Liew. Scores Director - Lew Kai Sing. Assistant Scores Assistant Quarter Mistress. Scores Director. Assistant Scores Director. — “SNCO SIO ! 想实现一个梦想,就放胆地去追这个梦!”,
  • Drum Corps Planet is the world's largest online community for the drum and bugle corps activity, featuring news - information - and discussion forums. Mrs. Connie Kardash, "Mrs. K," former Quarter Mistress (1953-61) of The Cadets, passed away Jan. 21st following a brief illness. — “Drum Corps Planet - Cadets Lose A Beloved Family Member”,
  • Get your LEXULOUS, Scrabble, and Literati word finder here. Beat EVERYONE! Word Lists, Dictionary lookup, AEIOUY words, Scrabble Helper, 3 Letter Words, 2 Letter Words QUARTERMISTRESS. QUATERCENTENARY. QUATTROCENTISMS. QUATTROCENTISTS. QUERULOUSNESSES. QUESTIONABILITY. QUICKSILVERINGS. QUINCENTENARIES. — “ - Word Lists - SOWPODS Lexulous Q Words”,
  • - Virtual Pet Community! Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more! Guild: QuarterMistress in The Pirates of the Neopian Seas. — “Neopets - User Lookup”,
  • Swords and Fire: PyrateFest, specializing in sharp things and hot things. When you are through with the Talk Like a Pirate [email protected] Now Playing. Pepe the Pyrate : Cannons at Sea Reprise. — “Pyrate Fest 2010”,
  • Story archive hosting Harry Potter fanfiction and original fiction and poetry. Quartermistress [Contact Me] Member Since: 2007/03/02. Favored Skin: GobletLite. Reviews Posted: 0. No Favorite Stories Listed. No Favorite Authors. — “The Petulant Poetess :: Fiction Archive”,
  • From 1953-1961 she served as Head Quarter Mistress for the Holy Name Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps and was charged with maintaining and creating uniform items for the 60-member cadet corps. From 1953-1961 she served as Head Quarter Mistress for the Holy Name Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps and was. — “Constance A. Kardash - ”,
  • With Eli Ben Zer, Nissim Chefetz, Ifat Gezel. Visit IMDb for Photos, Showtimes, Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussions, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Fan Sites Ifat - Quartermistress. — “"Zinzana" Guli Gul (1999)”,
  • We like to have fun, entertain and try not to take ourselves to seriously. We do our best to offer a warm, fun and safe haven for weary travelers who choose to visit us while we are docked. Quarter Mistress: Sitara O'Taters. aka The Brazen Hussy. Princess of Punishment: Sinead. — “TheWyldRose”,
  • eBay My World for cityscrew. Read cityscrew's Reviews & Guides, blog, and eBay profile. Buyer. sab1804rina(15) Apr 08, 2010. 360243592437. Lovely thank you. Buyer. quartermistress(84) Apr 06, 2010. 360245759551. The item arrived quickly and well packaged. — “eBay My World - cityscrew”, .sg
  • Comments on Blue Gal: In local news Check out yer new promotion, QuarterMistress Mine! yours, my Capitain! Okay, I'm takin' th'button, QuarterMistress I. — “Comments on Blue Gal: In local news”,
  • Landlubber?!!! Ye lil coxswain I AM BIANCA OF PERIWINKLE, bein' de fines' quartermistress in de trade and de blood o' Gracey O'Malley in me veins!!! Watch yer tongue or I be havin ye keelhauled an' ye be payin' a visit to Davey Jone's. — “What's that ye be sayin?!!! at Pirate Mystery Forum”,
  • Former Quarter Mistress Connie Kardash passes away. Connie Kardash, center, is greeted by long-time friends during The Cadets 75th Anniversary Summer Mrs. Connie Kardash, "Mrs. K," former Quarter Mistress (1953-61) of The Cadets, passed away Jan. 21st following a brief illness. — “The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps: The Cadets lose a beloved”,
  • Quartermistress/Treasurer. Liz Ashworth. Bill Boutilier. Bob Cook. Dave Gosselin. Geoff Johnson. Rob Sanders. Bob Turgeon. Patrick Veysey Copyright © 2010 Rob Sanders for Branch 23 Pipes & Drums. — “RCL Pipes & Drums : Band Members”, northbaylegionpipesanddrums.ca
  • The coal burning steam narrow-boat President is owned by the Black Country Living Museum, and maintained and operated by 'Friends of President' The Quartermistress's Tale ". — “Steam Narrow Boat President - Quartermistress's tale”, nb-
  • Benjamin Major? | Wen Jie Major? | Raiyan Conductor? | Alexis Quarter Mistress? | Sherry Principle Player?. — “Who do you think made the blogskin”, 99
  • quartermistress (plural quartermistresses) A female quartermaster. /wiki/quartermistress" Categories: English compound words | English. — “quartermistress - Wiktionary”,
  • The Rum Runners first came about when Captain Erik Drago (Tony Couch) crewed up with Quartermistress Tabitha Crow (Catherine Barson) and Balthus Coarse (Bert Couch), Deck Swab second-class. Ever since, they've been terrorizing and entertaining. — “Welcome to Dragon*Con! - Dragon*Con Biography: [The Rum Runners]”,
  • When you call up the quartermistress you can discuss what is suitable for you and what is available. Contact Quartermistress Debbie Hage { This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. — “Club Gear”,
  • [email protected] Quarter Mistress. Kathy "Mother Jugs" Hamby. 907- 488-2194 [email protected] Web Meister & Hashstorian. Charles "Mr. Groper" Hamby. 907. — “Frozen Chozen H3”, frozen-chozen-h3.org
  • Like the old hideout when Tamlin's gang was still a gang, the camp was well-hidden. "I offered to become the Duke's quartermistress," she said. " But Guðrún didn't think the troops were ready for that, so I became a barmaid instead. — “Webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan:”,

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  • Milikan likes to nom things doesn't matter what it is... Thank you Candy Baron, for putting up with a dragon, a female Pyramidhead, a shaman, a quarter mistress and another steampunk. And thanks for the Lion Bars, Milikan greatly enjoyed them x3
  • Phone booth Milikan was just trying to get the point across to some telemarketer... Quartermistress Pernille off camera barking orders. And calling me a boy Oo

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  • “Sal's RuneScape Forum > Community Blog > Merch Gwyar's Blog > Dungeoneering As It Should Be Played I think that if I'm ever quartermistress again, I'll organise the room better. I was just dumping everything from one run into individual piles, but by the end, I sussed that this wasn't”
    — Sal's RuneScape Forum -> Dungeoneering As It Should Be Played,

  • “Search Forum: Search In: Archived Posts. Search By Date: Search By HP Galleries Wing at St Mungo's is in no way affiliated with JK Rowling, her publishers,”
    — St Mungo's - Search,

  • “[Wanted] Flag bag and leather carry strap/holder Items For Sale or Wanted (Scouting Related Only) Thank you for visiting Escouts If you would like to view the Escouts Forum click on this http:///forum”
    — [Wanted] Flag bag and leather carry strap/holder - Escouts,

  • “London Pirate Festival 2009 This forum contains 876 topics. We have 270 registered users. Please welcome nig morvred, our newest member. News: The UK Pirate Brotherhood Forum is”
    — London Pirate Festival 2009,

  • “Please read Two Swords; The Return of the Rapscallions before you read this, as this is a sequel. If anyone wants to be on an update list, say so in a comment”
    — User blog:Gandr Adderbane/Two Swords; Descent - Redwall Wiki,

  • “I just spit champagne all over your blog. C.K. Dexter Haven. January 01, 2010 06:42 PM Official memo of the Pirate Wimmin Quartermistress corps. xenonlit xl. January 01, 2010 07:”
    — Open Call for Last Call - Make an OS Special Drink - JK Brady,

  • “About Me Iron Molly Black, Quartermistress of the Flying Dragon, Keeper of Ship's Rat about EVERY faire I visit, and I almost always come on here and blog about how fun it was”
    — Renspace > iron molly black,

  • “The magazine by Rennies for Rennies. Latest Forum Posts. Sterling 2011 season. Hard to believe nothing has been Powered by e107 Forum System. NERennies Chat. Help this community thrive!! Got something to say? Well, here is you chance to say it!”
    — NERennies: A Renaissance Faire Enthusiast Community, a place,

  • “I shall start the ball rolling with this blog! Well, every since the end of UMC's AGM @ 29 August 2006, we N Publicity Officer::-- --::QuarterMaster::-- --::QuarterMistress::-- --::Special Project Officer::-- --::Liason Offier:”
    — NTU's University Mountaineering Club, clubs.ntu.edu.sg

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