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  • Posts tagged Quarrymen at The Ultimate Music Blog for Free MP3s, Free CD Listening, Discovering New Artists - Spinner. — “Quarrymen Posts - Spinner”,
  • The Quarrymen Group Members: George Harrison , John Lennon , Paul McCartney , Pete Best , Pete Shotton , Stuart Sutcliffe , Len Garry , Eric Griffiths. — “The Quarrymen: Information from ”,
  • QUARRYMEN. In 1956 John Lennon started his first group, the BLACKJACKS at Quarry Bank School in Liverpool. As skiffle music was quite popular at that time, John Lennon's group also played skiffle music. At the end of June 1957 the QUARRYMEN finally found the right bass player. — “Star Cluster Music”,
  • We're The Quarrymen. We're a skiffle and rock n' roll group in Liverpool, which is in the north of England. So now - enter into the wonderful world of The Quarrymen!. — “Meet The Quarrymen”,
  • The two unofficially released collections attributed to the Quarrymen, "Liverpool 1960" and "The Quarrymen At Home", are, with the exception of the legendary shellac "Quarrymen At Home" contains mostly full run-throughs of real songs,. — “Alan W. Pollack's Notes on the Quarrymen Sessions”,
  • The Beatles legend found the instrument too difficult, according to drummer Colin Hanton, who played with Lennon in school band The Quarrymen. The Quarrymen were founded by Lennon with Griffiths and Pete Shotton at Quarry Bank School, Liverpool, in 1957. — “The Quarrymen - Prelude To The Beatles”, beatlesnumber9.com
  • The Ultimate The Quarrymen - American History Online Reference Guide. — “The Ultimate The Quarrymen - American History Information”,
  • Quarrymen-DVD now available as NTSC-version at "The Quarrymen – The Band that started The Beatles" (DVD) finally is available at in NTSC-format!. — “Quarrymen”, beatles-
  • Top tracks from The Quarrymen: In Spite of All the Danger, That'll Be the Day & more. The Quarrymen was the 1957-1959 name of the band which was later renamed Johnny and the Moondogs, which was later renamed The Silver Beetles, which was. — “The Quarrymen – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”, last.fm
  • Artistopia Music is the ultimate source for information on The Quarrymen, including short bio, biography, discography, cds, dvds, albums, concert tickets, tour dates, online shopping, downloads, photos, pictures, news, email list, fans, websites. — “The Quarrymen - Artistopia Music”,
  • The Quarrymen music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of The Quarrymen on Yahoo! Music. — “The Quarrymen on Yahoo! Music”,
  • The official website for The Quarrymen, with photos and biographies of the members, and offering their 40-year reunion CD. — “Home”,
  • : The Quarrymen: MP3 Downloads Never stop Rockin Rollin (Original + annex) by The Quarrymen $0.99. MP3 Songs and Extras. Showing 1-50 of 79 Items. To view this content, download Flash player (version. — “: The Quarrymen: MP3 Downloads”,
  • The Quarrymen. One of the first three known photographs of the Quarrymen performing – in Rosebery Street, Liverpool on 22 June 1957 [2] From left to right: Hanton, Griffiths, Lennon, Garry, Shotton, and Davis The Quarrymen (sometimes erroneously written "Quarry Men") are a British skiffle and rock '. — “The Quarrymen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In the 13 years since reforming, the Quarrymen have played concerts throughout the world. The Quarrymen will be touring the USA in September/October 2010 on their "Happy Birthday John!. — “The Quarrymen”,
  • The odds are extraordinarily high that, under ordinary circumstances, the Quarrymen (or Quarry Men -- no two sources agree on the spelling) would have been forgotten decades ag. — “ : The Quarrymen : Biography”,
  • Quarrymen. Learn about Quarrymen on . Get information and videos on Quarrymen including articles on john paul getty, mccartneys, band account and more!. — “Quarrymen | Answerbag”,
  • The Quarrymen are touring America this Fall to celebrate the 70th birthday of their old childhood friend and former band-mate, John Lennon. The Quarrymen on July 6th 1957 (The Day That John Lennon & Paul. — “The Quarrymen”,
  • The Quarrymen. The odds are extraordinarily high that, under ordinary circumstances, the Quarrymen (or Quarry Men -- no two sources agree on the spelling) would have been forgotten decades. ago, along with thousands of other skiffle bands that sprang up throughout England in the mid- to late -'50s. — “The Quarrymen | View the Music Artists Biography Online | VH1.com”, vh1.com
  • Get the Latest on Quarrymen - news, lyrics, pictures, album reviews, biography, discography, videos, best songs, concerts, photos and tour dates. — “Quarrymen - news, lyrics, pictures, reviews, biography”,
  • The Bob-o-Link Coffee is a result of a network of farmers, located in one of the best regions for coffee in Brazil, which have in Then we'll keep you supplied with delicious local fresh-roasted Quarrymen coffee!. — “Gourmet Specialty Coffee QCRC Bloomington”,

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  • collector psychologist and historian alike Needless to say first impressions of the collectible kind are highly valued and sought after Some first and rare impressions in print include The Quarrymen album 1958 The one acetate copy resides in Paul McCartney s collection On left Percey Phillip s acetate lathe used to produce original album recording
  • through time to when John Lennon Paul McCartney Len Garry and their friends were nothing more than a group of optimistic ***agers with ambition in their eyes and music in their hearts Click here to see the Plaque at St Peter s Church Hall Click here to see the promo Poster of this event John Paul Me by Len Garry First Edition ISBN 0 9695736 8 5 CG Publishing
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  • and 4 This series marked the beginning of the modern bootleg scene The Beatles Anthology series was based on these Volume 3 is 1966 1967 outtakes and volume 4 is 1968 Great compilations The Quarrymen At Home The Quarrymen was the first incarnation of The Beatles Luckily they recorded this 1960 rehearsal The sound is rough for completists only I enjoyed the early
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  • Quarrymen play at London launch of Hunter Davies autobiography After a lifetime of writing about other people Beatle Biographer Hunter Davies eventually put himself under the microscope and produced his autobiography entitled The Beatles Football
  • There is a book titled The Day John Met Paul in which author James O Donnell reconstructs the movement of John and Paul that day in narrative form Though slightly hokey it reads like a
  • 1242146720 Quarrymen 2004 04 jpg
  • THE QUARRYMEN This photograph shows the quarrymen and their tools In the front are the sawyers with their Frig Bobs In the backrow note In the middle two of the men are holding lamps mounted on
  • of Liverpool s Beatle Day celebration the Quarrymen played at the Echo Arena as part of the evening concert in aid of the Alder Hey Children s Hospital Appeal Loads of top Merseyside acts donated their services free for this good cause including Gerry Marsden The original 4Most Karl Terry The Cruisers the Merseybeats The Undertakers King Size Taylor the Dominoes the
  • άλματα κρατώντας τη λεκάνη σε σταθερό ύψος από το έδαφος ώστε να μη θορυβεί το σακίδιό μου Για να πω την αλήθεια ούτε εγώ θα ήθελα να συναντήσω στο βουνό κάποιον με την εμφάνισή μου Η
  • aaron 20johnson jpg Already you can see it s browner there than the initial photo Who knows what it ll look like with movie lighting Anyway here s a picture of the Quarrymen http i205 photobucket com albums bb52 The Playlist nowhereboy quarrymen jpg I think it s safe to say Johnson is far more handsome than Lennon so I think you re just going to have to grin
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  • Action for Brazilian Children was a holding a charity evening featuring the music of Os Britos a group of musicians from Brazil s two top bands George Israel from Kid Abelha Rodrigo S anto and Guto Goffi from Barao Vermelho plus Nani Dias who decided to get together to help the charity by making a tour of London Liverpool and Dublin in the company of a huge crowd of
  • Multiculturita Al Parco
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  • From www liverpool com EVENTS When John met Paul
  • QEQuarrymen with JZ guitar wall JPG
  • Q uarrymen in Union Springs possibly Mosher Quarry Note tools 2
  • formado entre otros por John Lennon y Paul McCartney al que mas tarde se agregaria George Harrison fundadores de The Beatles 1960 harían su primera actuacion en 1958
  • the Quarry Men s performance that day In 1994 the tape was rediscovered and auctioned off EMI bought it for £78 500 but it was never released because the sound quality was so poor There is a book titled
  • set into a frame which could be rotated by means of a handle In these hotter summer days the butter may even have had to be lowered into a well out of the reach of the hot rays of the sun When a batch of butter was completed it was taken to the market at Redruth on Fridays and sold there Every farmer possessed his market basket a huge strongly made basket specially made
  • Tip Artists are organised by their most commonly used names This is usually but not always their surname e g Leonardo da Vinci is under L Van Gogh is under V and Raphael is under R
  • and guest bassist Frank Cairns flew to Hamburg and then travelled on to the little seaside resort of Dahme on Germany s Baltic Coast There they were to top the bill on the Sunday night of the Oldie Tag = Oldie Day which was part of the fantastic entertainment organised by the resort s Events Director Frank Timpe to amuse the thousands of tourists who flocked to Dahme
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  • at Redruth were transported by horse drawn cart the journey there and back again lasting at least half a day For this the farmer was paid the truly magnificent sum of sixpence per load Household coal was also fetched by the same method from the Quay at Penryn whenever necessary It was not unknown for the farmer to have to go to Redruth by horse and trap in the middle of
  • QEQuarrymen laying down FACTORY GIRL vocal JPG
  • quarry jpg 18 Jan 2007 19 53 55k quarrybanksign jpg 18 Jan 2007 19 53 8k quarrymen072 jpg 18 Jan 2007 19 53 237k quarrymen07small jpg 18 Jan 2007 19 53 34k
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  • Bei Wienerworld erschien die DVD John Lennon Live in Toronto `69 Kontakt
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  • History of Braich Goch Slate Mine Experience the working lives of Welsh slate miners a real piece of Welsh history + by kind permission of Gwynedd Archives DRO The first slate mining to take place around Braich

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  • The Quarrymen - That'll Be The Day The cover version of Buddy Holly's classic song, "That'll Be The Day", recorded by The Quarrymen on 14th July, 1958 at Percy Phillips' Studio, in Liverpool. On this day, The Quarrymen made what would become known as The Beatles' first recording. In addition to John, Paul and George, the band still included Colin Hanton on drums and new member, John "Duff" Lowe, on piano. Vistit the official site on: and for further details about the event go to
  • The Quarrymen (The Beatles) - 1958 - "In Spite of All the Danger" (re-mastered) This song was Re-remastered by me. The hiss noise was removed as mush as possible... Enjoy "In Spite of All the Danger" is one of the first songs recorded by The Quarrymen, then composed of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, pianist John Lowe and drummer Colin Hanton. The song was written by McCartney and Harrison, and is the only song to credit the two alone. It was recorded in 1958 at Percy Phillips' home studio in Liverpool (see 1958 in music). It cost 17 shillings and six pence. Along with their cover of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be the Day" recorded at the same session, these songs are the second recordings of what would become The Beatles. (The first recording of the Quarrymen was a reel-to-reel recording made by an audience member on 6 July 1957, during the Quarrymen's last set for the 1957 Rose Queen garden fête at St. Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool.However, 6 July 1957 was the date on which McCartney first met Lennon. So, while it's true that an audience member made a recording that night—the recording was not under the band's control, and it was made before McCartney or Harrison joined the band.) Only one copy of the "That'll Be the Day" and "In Spite of All Danger" recordings was made, and each band member kept the acetate disc for a week. Lowe was the last have it, keeping it for nearly 25 years. In 1981, Lowe attempted to sell it at auction, but McCartney intervened and purchased it from him. McCartney had engineers restore as much of the record's ...
  • The Quarrymen - The Beatles The Quarrymen - The Beatles The Quarrymen were founded by John Lennon at the Quarry Bank School in Liverpool in March or April 1957. Their sound was skiffle, a highly animated, heavily rhythmic variation American folk and country music. On July 6, 1957, Paul McCartney showed up at the Woolton Church Fete where the Quarrymen were playing and subsequently met John Lennon backstage. Legend has it that he showed John how to play a song called Twenty Flight Rock. John could see that Paul was a good guitarist and singer and that he was probably more seasoned than anyone else in the band. In July McCartney? joined as a singer-guitarist, and this line-up was stable for approximately six months. Quarrymen played local youth clubs and dances, picking up a small following around Liverpool and a little money in the bargain. And in February in 1958, George Harrison, all of 14 years old who'd been playing with his brother Peter in a skiffle band called the Rebels (who played exactly one official gig) joined on guitar and vocals.
  • The Quarrymen - Puttin On The Style / Baby, Let's Play House First recordings of The Quarrymen: Eric Griffiths, Colin Hanton, Rod Davis, John Lennon, Pete Shotton & Len Garry. Saturday 6 July 1957 St. Peters Church Field Garden Fete Woolton Parish Church Liverpool, England ------------------- This is the earliest known recording of the group that evolved into the The Beatles.
  • The Quarrymen - I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone John Lennon's Original Quarrymen with JB Fonfrias on bass Live at The Cavern Club Hard Rock Cafe, Boston - October 12, 2008. "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone" written by Stan Kesler and William Taylor Recorded by Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Robert Gordon, Billy Fury, Charlie Feathers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Joe Royal, among others.
  • In Spite of All the Danger The Quarrymen (The Beatles) Cover "In Spite of All the Danger" The Quarrymen (The Beatles) Cover 1958 All tracks are made by myself. Honors for this video (1) #85 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - United Kingdom
  • The Quarrymen Interview (Part 1) Before The Beatles, there was a band called The Quarrymen. The musical menagerie of John Lennon and his school friends was formed in 1956, inspired by the skiffle craze that was sweeping the country and the intoxicating allure of rock and roll. Over the next four years, the band would evolve, losing players here and there and constantly upgrading — first with the addition of a precocious young guitarist-singer named Paul McCartney and, later, with an even younger guitarist named George Harrison. Eventually, all of the original Quarrymen — save John — would fall by the wayside until only John, Paul and George remained. Thir*** years ago, the surviving members of the original Quarrymen reunited to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the epochal performance at the St. Peter's Church Rose Queen garden fête, where Paul was introduced to the band. Since that time, they have continued to play music together and spin tales of those days when legends were born. With what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday fast approaching, the three remaining active Quarrymen — Rod Davis, Len Garry and Colin Hanton — sat down at the Gibson New York Showroom to talk about the formation of the band, playing alongside a young John Lennon and the various characters who played a role in the birth of The Beatles.
  • Introducing John Lennon's Original Quarrymen Some of John Lennon's original Quarrymen Skiffle group from 1956 are STILL playing. This is their story.
  • The Quarry Men Two original members of the Quarry Men Filmed by David Hart of Icebox video Productions, Bristol
  • Peter Marshall meets the reformed Quarrymen (BBC) It is 50 years since Paul McCartney saw the Quarrymen, a group led by John Lennon. Peter Marshall meets the reformed Quarrymen. -- Featuring visit to Russia (May 2007)!
  • Quarrymen Part 1 Part 1. A short Documentary about how technological advances are slowly replacing man by machines. Music by Richard Jackson
  • In Spite of All The Danger - The Quarrymen Hi folks =) I made a little video with the song In Spite of All The Danger, by The Quarrymen. Hope you enjoy it! :)
  • The Quarrymen - Mean Woman Blues The Quarrymen US Tour playing Mean Woman Blues @ Santa Monica's Boot Camp show 10-18-08 in conjunction with organizers for Guitars in the Classroom.Supporter & brilliant guitarist Laurence Juber set the perfect tone with an amazing set before The Quarrymen with JB guesting on bass took the stage.
  • The Quarrymen - I'll Follow The Sun [Original / Early Beatles] Early Beatles - Paul McCartney The Quarrymen - 1957 - 1960 Album: The Quarrymen At Home
  • The Quarrymen At The Hollywood Bowl! The Quarrymen salute their old pal John Lennon at the Hollywood Bowl - Friday October 1st 2010. An impromptu performance of John's "In My Life" by John's oldest and closest childhood friends. See:
  • The Quarrymen - Baby, Let's Play House Another earliest known recording of the embryonic group that evolved into the Fabs "Baby, Let's Play House", recorded on 6th July, 1957 at St. Peter's Woolton Parish Church Hall, in Liverpool. On the tape is the unmistakable voice of John Lennon, singing Elvis Presley's song. The Quarrymen: Colin Hanton - drums Eric Griffiths - guitar John Lennon - vocal, guitar Ivan Vaughan - tea-chest bass Pete Shotton - washboard Rod Davis - banjo Visit the official site on: and to download the audio excerpts go to
  • The Quarrymen/Beatles skiffle tribute "Live" Maggie Mae - I Saw Her Standing There The Lew Dite Skiffle Group at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall Montreal Feb 6, 2004
  • The Quarrymen - All Shook Up Legendary The Quarrymen performs live at "Beatles, Blues & Rock'n'Roll" festival in Saransk, Russia - 20 The Quarrymen was formed by John Lennon in 1957. There are three original members: Rod Davis, Len Garry and Colin Hanton.
  • Quarrymen-Part 2 Part 2. A short Documentary about how technological advances are slowly replacing man by machines. Music by Richard Jackson
  • The Quarry Men - Puttin' On The Style Sourced from: "The Day John Met Paul" + "Puttin' On The Style" + unbooted version. This is the most complete version till now. Recorded: 6th July, 1957 - St. Peter's Church Hall - Woolton, Liverpool, England.
  • In Spite Of All The Danger - The Quarrymen Guitar Cover In Spite Of All The Danger - The Quarrymen Guitar Cover/ Lesson.... Follow me on Twitter and request a song you would like to learn
  • The Quarrymen Bari The Quarrymen live - Penny Lane
  • The Quarry Men - Puttin' on the Style - Baby let's play house - 6/7/1957 - The Day Paul Met John The Quarry Men perform Puttin' on the Style & Baby let's play house. Pete Shotton arranged for the group to perform at the summer fete of St Peter's Parish Church in Woolton, held on Saturday, July 6, 1957 That is where Paul met John for the first time! Tracklisting: Baby let's play house - 0:00-0:23 Puttin' on the style excerpt 1, 2, 3 (ghostly ^^) 0:24-end Notice that after the artists rendition of the John&Paul meeting, the photo's show another gig of the Quarry Men, which they had a bit later.
  • Quarrymen - 'Puttin' On The Style' The Quarrymen singing Lonnie Donegan's 'Puttin' On The Style'. Lead singer here is Rod Davis. He also recalls how the Quarrymen's early recordings with John Lennon and Paul McCartney ended.....
  • Inspite of All the Danger by The Quarrymen/The Beatles VERY RARE (original recording) Inspite of All the Danger is the only existing McCartney/Harrison composition. The Quarrymen consisted of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, pianist John Lowe and drummer Colin Hanton. It was recorded before George, Paul, and John knew Ringo (in 1958) and before the Beatles were created. I compiled video clips of both George Harrison and Paul McCartney singing together while the song is playing. Rate, comment, subscribe! :]
  • The Quarrymen - I Forgot To Remember To Forget The Quarrymen live at "The Cavern Club" - Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, October 12, 2008. This song was the first #1 Country hit for Elvis, establishing him as a credible country music artist. The Beatles later recorded it (Live at the BBC), as well as Johnny Cash and others. Playing bass with The Quarrymen in this clip, is JB Fonfrias of "JB's Yesterday", from New York. Filmed by Eddie "brontis" Goicuria (c)2008 Adricia Productions
  • Scene From Nowhere Boy I do not own this movie.. rights go to the filmmakers and all who worked on this great movie. In this scene The Quarrymen preform.. Where?? I don't know.. But still this is some music..
  • The Quarrymen - In Spite Of All The Danger Legendary The Quarrymen performs live at "Beatles, Blues & Rock'n'Roll" festival in Saransk, Russia - 20 The Quarrymen was formed by John Lennon in 1957. There are three original members: Rod Davis, Len Garry and Colin Hanton.
  • The Quarrymen At John Lennon's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame The Quarrymen salute their old pal John Lennon at his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame - Friday October 1st 2010. An impromptu performance of one of John's favorite skiffle songs "Lost John" by John's oldest and closest childhood friends. See:
  • John Lennon´s Quarrymen - Trailer - DVD available at "The Quarrymen - The Band that started The Beatles" - English Film Trailer.
  • Quarrymen at Woolton Music Festival,Liverpool The Quarrymen playing at the Woolton Music Festival, Liverpool, July 8, 2007. It was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first meeting between John Lennon and Paul McCartney in 1957. The song is Maggie May. Washboard player was a member of the audience from The Netherlands. See the band and other Liverpool photos at and
  • Hello little girl / The Quarrymen
  • The Quarrymen - John Lennon Birthday Live At BB King's NYC 2008 The Quarrymen kicked off their 2008 USA tour with a special appearance on John Lennon's Birthday, October 9, 2008 at BB King's Nightclub in New York Ciy. Joining them on bass for the tour is John B. Fonfrias of the New York band, JB's Yesterday. Standing in on washboard in this clip, is Lou DeJesus, drummer for Mersey Express, also of New York. This was a very magical evening filled with much Love and beautiful memories of John Lennon shared by the band and the people of New York City. A splendid time was guaranteed for all! Visit: http
  • The Beatles (The Quarrymen) -1958 FIRST RECORDING THAT'LL BE THE DAY ENJOY:p
  • The first song ever recorded by The Quarrymen(Pre-Beatles) the first song ever recorded by The Quarrymen,who will become the Beatles.Recorded in 1958,in a "home" studio with only one mic.George was only 15 years old,John 18 and Paul 16.Not even Pete Best was there.Its called "That'll Be the Day"
  • The Quarrymen - In Spite Of All The Danger This song was the first recording by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison made on 14th July, 1958 at Percy Phillips' Studio, in Liverpool, along with the version of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be The Day". "In Spite Of All The Danger" was The Quarrymen's only original song at the time co-written by Paul McCartney and George Harrison, but, again, with John Lennon singing lead, John "Duff" Lowe at the piano and Colin Hanton at the drums. Visit the official site on and to download the audio excerpts go to
  • THE QUARRYMEN FROM THE MORGAN HOTEL IN TEMPLE BAR PRESENTED BY MUIREANN O KEEFE John Lennon formed the Quarrymen in 1956. The line up including the current line up of Rod Davis, Colin Hanton, Len Garry and ( when a piano was available ) John Duff Lowe.The Band played together regularly and on July 6th 1957 played one of the most important gigs in music history at the Woolton Garden Fete the band played a set in the afternoon and after the show Paul McCartney was introduced to John Lennon.In 1997, as part of the 40th anniversary of this event the band reformed and continue to play all over the world. Expect Skiffle tunes , Beatles tunes and great stories from this Rock N Roll Time ! Tune in again tomorrow!!
  • Tales of the Quarrymen, John Lennon,Paul McCartney Members of the original Quarrymen(John Lennon's former band) on stage at The Woolton Music Festival, Liverpool on July 6th,2007, 50 years after Lennon met McCartney at St.Peter's Church Fete. Here Colin Hanton, drummer, tells stories of the bands early years and how they made their first record. Other members of the band are Len Garry(lead vocals),Rod Davis(guitar & vocals), John Lowe (Keyboard), Jane Ennenko(tea-chest bass),looks too young to be an original member, and another guy on guitar at the back(apologies, don't know his name). Hope I got the facts right. See more photos of them and other Liverpool/Beatles related photos at and
  • More Quarrymen / Early Beatles This is a little mash up of the 30 seconds from THE fete, and 1960 version of One After 909, ( spooky ), and a passable jam session. One thing though, I am now more sure than ever that the 1960 tapes are not all from the one place, there are 2 different styles, one is virtually music lesson learning mode, and others are far more accomplished ( in comparison ). I think the blues/rock jam is Hambug 60, but that's just my opinion.
  • Quarrymen Rock 'N Roll Quarrymen(John Lennon's first band) kick off their show at The Woolton Music Festival with a rock n roll number after an introduction from Mike Byrne(I think), owner of The Beatles Story.
  • Beatles Quarrymen.wmv A Fun look at the early beatles

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