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  • This fact sheet details the rules applying to foreign loss quarantining and foreign tax credit calculation rules up until the date of effect of new law which received royal assent in September 2007. The date of effect of the new law is 1 July. — “Foreign loss quarantining and foreign tax credit calculation”, ato.gov.au
  • Quarantine is voluntary or compulsory isolation, typically to contain the spread of something considered dangerous, often but not always disease. The quarantining of people often raises questions of civil rights, especially in cases of long confinement or. — “Quarantine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Welfare quarantining was first introduced as a part of the Northern Territory intervention into remote indigenous communities three years ago. Income quarantining restricts a portion of welfare to spending on essentials such as food, clothing and bans items such as alcohol and ***ography. — “.au - Income quarantining success remains in question”, .au
  • Infected PCs should be quarantined by government action, Microsoft's Scott Charney told a security conference in Germany. Infected computers should be quarantined. That's the recommendation of Scott Charney, vice president for Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing effort, in. — “Sci-Tech Today | Microsoft Official Suggests Quarantining”, sci-tech-
  • Home window>>System configuration>>Quarantining>>802.1X quarantine method radio button. In 802.1X enforcement mode, the Enforcement servers must be able monitor DHCP conversations and detect endpoints by sniffing network traffic as it flows between the DHCP server and the endpoints. — “Novell Doc: Novell ZENworks Network Access Control Users”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. to detain in or exclude by quarantine. — “Quarantining - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Quarantining Verizon's Union Workers. by Nancy Scola, Fri Apr 06, 2007 at 05:13:00 PM EDT By quarantining already the unionized technicians, sales people, and service reps of core Verizon from the rest of the growing employee. — “Quarantining Verizon's Union Workers”,
  • Congratulations on your new acquisition! With proper care, your koi should give you many years of enjoyment. This care begins right now. Please read thru this explanation of quarantining, the importance of which cannot be over emphasized. — “Midwest Pond and Koi Society - QUARANTINING YOUR NEW KOI”,
  • Definition of quarantining in the Medical Dictionary. quarantining explanation. Information about quarantining in Free online English dictionary. What is quarantining? Meaning of quarantining medical term. What does quarantining mean?. — “quarantining - definition of quarantining in the Medical”, medical-
  • The quarantine period gives you a chance to see if there are going to be any health problems with the new rat and what, if anything, they may be. This will help prevent you from accidentally passing on anything life-threatening or disabling to the others rats you own. — “Quarantining | Ratz R Us, Rat Health And Care Guides”,
  • Definition of quarantining in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is quarantining? Meaning of quarantining as a legal term. What does quarantining mean in law?. — “quarantining legal definition of quarantining. quarantining”, legal-
  • First is alg.exe there? C:\Windows\System32\alg.exe In any other folder its probably a virus. Do a search. If it's not there, you'll need to replace it. Get this program. It's like task manager on steroids. It shows you what. — “Can't connect to internet after deleting and quarantining virus?”,
  • Mike Huckabee is drawing new scrutiny about his possible role in the release of a convicted rapist and past support for quarantining people with AIDS. .. (MICHAEL LUO and KATHARINE Q. SEELYE / The New York Times). — “Blogrunner: Parole Case and '90s AIDS View Trail Huckabee”,
  • Quarantine is a process by which you try to eliminate or minimize the risk of In the case of our rodents, quarantine is used before new animals are. — “AFRMA - Quarantining”,
  • . — “”,
  • quarantine n. A period of time during which a vehicle, person, or material suspected of carrying a contagious disease is detained at a port of entry. — “quarantine: Definition from ”,
  • Definition of quarantining from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quarantining. Pronunciation of quarantining. Definition of the word quarantining. Origin of the word quarantining. — “quarantining - Definition of quarantining at ”,
  • Criticism is mounting over federal government plans to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in Aboriginal communities under the Northern Territory intervention, by extending compulsory income quarantining to all Australian welfare recipients. — “CPA - The Guardian - #1444”, .au
  • Protesters against the Northern Territory intervention say the Basics Card welfare quarantining system is causing shame for many Indigenous people. — “Shopping with Basics Card like 'apartheid' - ABC News”, .au
  • Who are BHP's real buddies in Canberra? Is NSW's welfare quarantining being extended? Why is Four Corners sniffing around Melbourne Storm? The NSW government is preparing to support the Commonwealth's spread of welfare quarantining to other disadvantaged communities. — “Tips and rumours: BHP wonders who its real friends are | Crikey”, .au
  • In December 2008, Green Left Weekly's Emma Murphy and Peter Robson spoke to William Tilmouth about mandatory welfare quarantining — a feature of the federal government's Northern Territory intervention — and its impacts on the Aboriginal town camps in Alice Springs. — “Welfare quarantining and NT town camps | Green Left Weekly”, .au
  • Quarantining. Learn about Quarantining on . Get information and videos on Quarantining including articles on infectious myringitis, infectious disease deaths in wales, infectious. — “Quarantining | Answerbag”,
  • To be effectively done with our rats, quarantining must be done in the separate airspace of a separate building for a minimum of 2 weeks. Quarantine means keeping some rats in a different airspace to your other rats. — “Quarantine”,
  • Properly quarantining infected or out-of-policy devices is a critical This ensures end users understand what's occurring and why their device has been quarantined. — “Surgical Quarantining & Remediation | Network Access Control”,

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  • Truancy & Welfare Quarantining 2 Senator Siewert delivers a speech in Parliament about the Government's proposed truancy welfare quarantining legislation. Part 2 of 2
  • NT welfare quarantine legislation linked to restoring Racial Discrimination Act - what change, uhh? Applying welfare quarantining to everyone receiving benefits in the Northern Territory may still be contrary to the Racial Discrimination Act, a Northern Territory legal group has told a Senate committee that. The Federal Government wants to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in the Northern Territory, which has been suspended since the start of the federal intervention. But the Government also wants to retain some aspects of the intervention, such as income management, which up until now has required the suspension of the Act. The Government is planning to apply welfare quarantining to everyone in the Territory, rather than just Indigenous communities..... .au
  • Keeping a Bearded Dragon : How to Quarantine Bearded Dragons If you have a sick bearded dragon, quarantining is a good idea to monitor behavior.Learn how to take care of a bearded dragon and reptiles in this free video tutorial on exotic pets. Expert: Nichole Bragg Bio: Nichole Bragg is the reptile expert from The Pet Kingdom in Cottonwood, AZ. She has many years experience at the pet store and with her many reptiles at home. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
  • THE *** vaccine-program - nasty stuff coming our way - USA GETTING TRICKED BY PHARMACIA Add me on & follow me on Today the Swine-flu hit the Media like a real virus :) It is a joke - but it will create a pandemic (where you will beg the government for a vaccine in the end because of fear).Call no man upon this place good - there is nobody here that is good, the author of this video is not good, you are not good, your mama is not good, your brothers and sisters are not good - if you where good, you would not be here, you would be home safe. The Earth is not your home - it is a maximum security prison reform school with no bars - and you and me are here to learn to be something we currently are not, we are here to learn to be good! Religion has nothing to do with truth - avoid religion, become individual - choose to listen to the good voice inside you and reject the evil voice inside you - this is something you can do - make it a sport for yourself to accomplish what you taught was impossible After you have watched this video - send it to 10 people or 100 people or 1000 people or more - it will change the polarity of the mindset to a state where you can actually comprehend where you came from, and the urge to get back home. Let´s help one another back home - support each other - do good - show compassion towards everyone from now on - it is the only way you can succeed - choose to be kind - choose to do good - choose the right way! You should also support the author of this video financially - Paypal a contribution to [email protected] ...
  • John Kozachenko - Part B.mpg John describes the earliest demonstration in which he was arrested -- an anti-Lyton Systems demonstration in Ontario in 1982. Lyton Systems were the company that manufactured the Cruise Anti-Missile system). In 1984 John went to Dallas Texas to attend the re-nominating convention of Ronald Reagan for the Republican Party and was arrested and jailed for two days. John describes the impact of his HIV --ARC diagnosis on his job that he had returned to at the New Westminster and then having to go on disability. Turning to his AIDS activism, he describes helping to found the Persons with AIDS (PWA) organization in 1986 as well as being involved with Coalition for Responsible Health Legislation (CRHL). John discusses his involvement in two protests against Socred Bill 34 which would allow quarantining of people with AIDS and the actual discussion during debate of this bill of the possibility of quarantining HIV+ people to the Queen Charlotte Islands.
  • Mitigating Web-based Malware Attacks Google Tech Talks July 29, 2009 ABSTRACT Presented by Neil Daswani. Over the past few years, malware spreading primarily by infecting web pages has been a significant emerging trend that has become so significant that the major search engines (including Google, Yahoo, and MSN) and browsers (such as Firefox, Chrome, and IE 8) have been blacklisting infected web pages to protect users. This presentation provides statistics about this trend, and discusses how we can scalably defend websites from the problem via an open-source, security-as-a-service model that enables hosting providers to protect web sites that they host. I'll also discuss how Dasient's technology platform provides automated diagnosis, monitoring, and quarantining of web-based malware, and a few ways in which search engines, technology providers like Dasient, and hosting providers can collaborate to control the spread of web-based malware. Neil Daswani is a co-founder of Dasient, Inc., a new Internet security company backed by some of the most influential investors in Silicon Valley and New York. In the past, Neil has served in a variety of research , development, teaching, and managerial roles at Google, Stanford University, DoCoMo USA Labs, Yodlee, and Bellcore (now Telcordia Technologies). While at Stanford, Neil co-founded the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) Security Certification Program (proed.stanford.edu His areas of expertise include security, wireless data technology, and peer-to ...
  • Headzup: Quarantining For Christ Mike Huckabee is asked about his statement that AIDS patients should be "isolated" from the rest of the population. Read more about it here-- Download daily Catch and Release Comedy™ political cartoons to your mobile phone or iPod at www.headzup.tv
  • Truancy & Welfare Quarantining 1 Senator Siewert delivers a speech in Parliament about the Government's proposed truancy welfare quarantining legislation. Part 1 of 2
  • Fully Sick and the Side Effect Project: Episode One An all original web series created by me and my brother (on our laptops) based in and around my actual real life quarantining, where I was contained with an infectious disease, within a 3m x 4m hospital room between Dec 2009 - July 2010. In this episode, my brother Connor points out that my Fully Sick Rapper videos are appealing to a very particular audience demographic, and so to capitalize on this, we decide to battle it out... in man-on-man, hand-to-hand ultimate fighting combat. Who will be the victor? Will our audience be impressed by our pandering? You will have to watch to find out... To stay informed about upcoming webisodes, to have a chat, or to just hang out, follow me (The Fully Sick Rapper) on Facebook at /fullysickrapper
  • Quarantine Tank - Purple tang, Checkerboard wrasse 29 gallon AGA with a Purple tang and Checkerboard wrasse. Neither are showing any signs of disease but am quarantining just to be safe before going into my display tank.
  • Lock me up for 40 days! to request words. Quarantine, why 40 days? Marina on phone Yeah, I'd like to being Gorby with me into the country, what exactly is the procedure? Listening 40 days?? What? I have to quarantine him for 40 days? But he's my co-host.. I can't shoot my lessons without him laying at my feet or making noise off to the side while he tries to make himself comfortable on top of the microphone wires! Listening -- guy yelling 40 Days! Why 40 days? Why not 41? Or 39? And doesn't quarantine have the word 40 in it anyway?? You know what? I'm just going to smuggle him in.....We hear guy yelling.. you can't do that we'll... and phone hangs up. Can you believe the nerve of them, they want me to put Gorby into quarantine for 40 days before I can bring him into the country! That's crazy! But what's even crazier is.. did you know that the word quarantine actually has the word 40 in it? And it's a really old word.. I don't think they were quarantining dogs a thousand years ago. So what's going on here? Must investigate! Before we look at the word quarantine, we need to look at a number first.. and that number is the number 40. 40 is a VERY biblical number. Noah's flood lasted for 40 days. Moses was 40 years old when God summoned him and he kept the herd of Jethro for 40 years. Moses also stayed for 40 days and 40 nights in the summit of Mount Sanai while the commandments were being hacked out. The Hebrews wandered around the desert for 40 years. And both David and Solomon ...
  • ThreatFireVsSwizzor Video of ThreatFire quarantining Swizzor. For more information go to Also http
  • Basics Card income management for 20000 in NT soon - welfare quarantining Australia-wide in 2010? Welfare control goes country-wide - November 25, 2009: COMPULSORY income management will be expanded to welfare recipients across the country to make the Government's control of Aboriginal welfare comply with racial discrimination laws. From July 1, the measure that forces people in remote indigenous communities to allocate half their welfare payments to food, rent and clothing, will apply to all severely disadvantaged people. The Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin, said disadvantaged areas - in cities, regions and the outback - would be defined by high levels of unemployment, welfare dependency and juveniles caught up in the justice system. The Government expects the new measures to include as many as 20000 people in the Northern Territory, from all racial groups, by the end of next year. In the NT alone, the scheme will cost $350 million over four years..... .au Welfare recipients are facing significant restrictions on the way they can spend their payments under major changes to the welfare system announced by the Federal Government. The measure of quarantining welfare so money can only be spent on essential items has been in place in Northern Territory Indigenous communities as part of the federal intervention. Now the Government plans to extend the scheme to non-Indigenous people in the Northern Territory. It is part of a trial for a national rollout..... .au
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  • NT Greens candidate suffers 'Intervention' laws: Garma elders call for constitutional recognition The Greens indigenous candidate for Lingiari says she's applying to be taken off the BasicsCard to free her welfare money from being quarantined. Barbara Shaw lives at the Mount Nancy town camp in Alice Springs and she says the BasicsCard has not worked for her family. This week Centrelink started rolling out welfare quarantining to non-Indigenous welfare recipients in the Northern Territory. Mr Shaw says she wants people to know the pitfalls of having 50 per cent of their money quarantined before the roll out is complete. .au NT Greens candidate living on welfare - A GREENS candidate yesterday admitted that she is living on welfare. Barbara Shaw has more than half her Centrelink payments withheld for essential goods and she called for an end to welfare quarantining and the BasicsCard. Ms Shaw, who lives at Mt Nancy town camp in Alice Springs, is standing in the seat of Lingiari, where most voters are Aboriginal..... She yesterday went to Centrelink and ask how she can be taken off the BasicsCard and have her "welfare rights restored"..... .au Well known anti-intervention campaigner Barbara Shaw has announced her candidature for the seat of Lingiari. She'll be the Greens candidate standing against Warren Snowden (ALP), Leo Abbott (Country Liberals) and Independent Deirdre Finter .au Alice Springs convergence condemns NT intervention - More than 200 people gathered at the Yirara College in Alice Springs over July 6-9 for a conference ...
  • my custom timesplitters future perfect story map - cortez of the dead! Toxic waste in teh street has turned people into zombies and teh military are quarantining everywere, you have to escape before the roads are blocked off. Main objectives - Escape the backstreets escape quarantined area deactivate security reach military carpool escape on the motorway i have secondary objectives i didnt do on this playthrough it was a bonus optional one if u like which was to destroy all teh biohazard containers, these are the containers that caused the zombies, but they are scattered around the level. sorry for bad quALITY best i can do i have no capture card this is the xbox version
  • SPIRIT jailbreak all idevices even 3 1 3 MC model new bootrom FOR PEOPLE GETTING ERROR CODES PLEASE DO FOLLOWING 1. right click on spirit logo click on properties 2. go into compatibility mode and run as windows 98/windows me 3. on the same page at bottom click the box to run as administrator 4. I use NORTONS ANTIVIRUS and it kept quarantining the spirit saying something about a dl extension if this happens you must take it out of quarantine and make your antivirus trust it. THIS IS EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGE!!!!!
  • ThreatFireVsBredolab Video of ThreatFire quarantining the virus Bredolab. For more information go to and http
  • Re: Porky-Virus and Quarantining America, Mexico and Canada Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Wise Owl Quarantine.MOV This is the quarantine facility that Wise Owl Animal Hospital has been asking GovGuam to inspect & permit quarantining of animal within. Wise Owl has been asking for inspection for 5 years and it still has not happened. This is a world class facility. Presently they are installing cameras in each kennel that the owner can access via the internet and view their beloved pet at any time. Tomorrow a local artist, John Francis, will be painting famous Guam landmarks throughout the facility in a manner that they will all flow into one comforting visual display. It will also aid the animals in feeling more relaxed. Despite GovGuam corruption and intransigence Dr. Joseph has continued to update the facility into its present form. All this without the aid of incoming funds from use of the facility. IT IS TIME FOR THE CORRUPTION TO STOP AND ALLOW QUARANTINED ANIMALS TO BE HOUSED IN A SANITARY AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT.
  • Richard Banner - The History of Angles Newspaper (Part F).mpg Part F discusses Angles' Christmas parties, fund raisers, involvement in Gay Pride Parade how people socialized within the Angle's organization, as well as the presentation of the 1984 SEARCH community award to Richard Banner for his work with Angles. Richard than discusses his post-Angles political involvements including the organization, FAGS (the Front for Active Gay Socialism) and the Coalition for Responsible Health Legislation (CRHL) and the opposition to Socred Premiere Bill Vander Zalm's Bill 34, which provided for the possibility of quarantining persons with AIDS to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Finally Richard reflects on the progress in the Vancouver gay/lesbian community and our place in the over all civil rights and feminist movements and how this has impacted on our current place in society. He warns about the possibility of right-wing fundamentalist attempts to roll back these gains, and cautions that we need to continue to fight bullying and homophobia in the schools.
  • China takes drastic measures to prevent flu outbreak China has come under diplomatic pressure for quarantining scores of foreign travellers upon their arrival. But authorities believe these measures are necessary.
  • Insane national income management welfare quarantine - Macklin's Machiavellian plan! New law to quarantine all welfare social security payments around Australia - does that include retirees/pensioners + those on disability pensions as well as the unemployed? Back to the 1950's as John Howard always wished..... a "banana republik" + Australia as the Cuba of the SW Pacific ("poor white trash" as Labor's Paul Keating once warned, uhh)..... all in preparation for the effects of the GFC, permanent part-time workers + a 2-tier Dickensian economy of the working but homeless poor..... all ruled over by a bloated bureaucracy..... "Welfare recipients" are facing significant restrictions on the way they can spend their payments under major changes to the welfare system announced by the Australian Federal Government. The measure of quarantining welfare so money can only be spent on essential items has been in place in Northern Territory Indigenous communities as part of the federal intervention (since 2006). Now the Government plans to extend the scheme to non-Indigenous people in the Northern Territory. It is part of a trial for a national rollout..... .au WELFARE recipients across Australia face compulsory income-management under a Rudd government move to ensure their payments are not being wasted on alcohol, drugs or gambling. Under legislation to be introduced into the House of Representatives today, the government will have the power to require that 50 per cent of a welfare recipient's payments be quarantined for spending on food and the essentials of ...
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  • Is welfare quarantining discriminatory? #electionWIRE Income management or welfare quarantining. Whatever you call it, it remains a reality for many Indigenous Australians. Joel Philp takes a balanced look at how it benefits and disadvantages those living in the Northern Territory.
  • Quarantine new reptiles - Part III - BOA ANTIBIOTICS http CLICK THELINK UNDER THE VIDEO TO WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY!! More support to the importance of quarantining a new reptile... Larry, my Surinam Red Tail, ended up having mites and a stomach parasite. The mites spread to another boa this time and after finding out about the stomach parasite, the medicine was given to all boas as a precaution. A mite would have to be swallowed live by another boa for the stomach parasite to spread, so the chances are small. I've sprayed with Nix again and I hope to be rid of the problem for good! CROSSED FINGERS, OH PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!! 7/7/08: #3 - Most Discussed (Today) - Pets & Animals - Canada #31 - Most Discussed (Today) - Pets & Animals #13 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada #55 - Most Discussed (This Month) - Pets & Animals - Canada #17 - Most Viewed (Today) - Pets & Animals - Canada #70 - Most Viewed (Today) - Pets & Animals - United Kingdom #66 - Most Viewed (Today) - Pets & Animals #99 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada #5 - Top Favorites (Today) - Pets & Animals - Canada #89 - Top Favorites (Today) - Pets & Animals #17 - Top Favorites (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada #5 - Top Rated (Today) - Pets & Animals - Canada #37 - Top Rated (Today) - Pets & Animals #16 - Top Rated (This Week) - Pets & Animals - Canada #66 - Top Rated (This Month) - Pets & Animals - Canada 7/9 #13 - Most Discussed (This Week) - Pets & Animals #60 - Most Discussed (This Month ...
  • How to: Quarantine a New Pig Tomorrow: How to: Clip Guinea Pig Nails
  • Rosie my ADF This was one of my first African Dwarf Frogs. Rosie was a male frog, this was taken when he was quite young and healthy. I had him about a year, maybe 18 months. He died when I foolishly got him a "friend" without quarantining the new frog, who apparently came in with "red leg" and they both died. Now I quarantine all new additions (fish and frogs) for at least 2 weeks. ADF's live entirely under water, coming up for air about once every 20 minutes. If healthy they shed maybe twice a year -- more often and you'd better check your water quality. They can NOT survive in shallow water, even though they "breathe air" if they are out of water any length of time they will die. They need to be in an aquarium. This one is a 20 gallon 12" deep.
  • "Quarantining My Swag" [Produced by RJ - Genesis37Productions 2009] "Quarantining My Swag" (R.Isla) Produced by RJ Copyright Genesis37Productions 2009 - All Instruments by Ray RJ Isla - Arrangement by Ray RJ Isla Add me on Facebook "Ray RJ Isla" or /rjmelbourne.the.producer
  • Military may backup FEMA for pandemic quarantines and Forced vaccinations Corporate media 'confirms' that Northcom is proposing that five regional military teams backup FEMA during the H1N1 pandemic if mass quarantining were enforced Seem like they really want to stick us with whatever is in the vaccines. Some say they will sterilize people in order to reduce the population, others are claiming they are looking to straight out kiil us... As for me, I dont know what to believe, all I know is I'd rather take my chances with H1N1. Somehow, I feel safer un- vaccinated...
  • NRT - Japan Quarantining us and running Thermo Scans.. landed in NRT and they quarantined us for about an hour scanning us and making sure we weren't infected...
  • Bush talks about quarantining parts of America
  • Importance of Quarantining Ever had a pest invaid your tank and eventually destroy everything? If your not quarantining, there is a strong chance it will happen to you. Treasure Coast Corals quarantines all trade-ins for a minimum of 6 weeks. Watch the video to learn more.
  • ThreatFireVsSpywareGamer Video of ThreatFire quarantining the virus Spyware Gamer. For more info visit and http
  • WHO Level 6 H1N1 Pandemic Declaration Lambasted By Ontario Medical Officer Dr. Richard Shabas Dr. Shabas former Chief Medical Officer of Ontario Province current Medical Officer for Hastings and Prince Edward Health Unit, Ontario slammed the World Health Organization (WHO) for raising the pandemic alert level for the H1N1 "Swine Flu" to the level 6 "red zone" calling it irresponsible and unjustified. He say's "it's not based on good science" and will just generate "more concern, more hysteria & more panic." Being under such a high state of alert has some extremely serious implications in terms of government powers that can be put into action on a moments notice, including quarantining, martial law, mandatory vaccinations, etc. This subject should NOT be taken lightly. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best and stay safe.
  • WELFARE QUARANTINING - Michael Eckford aka Anderson Independent Senate candidiate for NSW Michael Eckford aka Anderson. More - go to:
  • I'm Quarantining Myself ~ Flu Shots In Amurderca educate yourself with science not greedy politicians
  • School vaccinations.HR 2596. And School Fencing; coincidence? HR 2596 No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza Act. Is the School fencing related to this and other new laws? There is legislation about parent's rights in their children's health care, Quarantining children in the schools, transporting children to other locations, etc. All of this causes me great unease. Do you feel this way?
  • Bulletin Important bulletin. Please spread as widely as possible. Do you know about Natural Solutions Foundation, and Health Freedom USA? Please, encourage others to take action on "self quarantining". Link at site This is a copy and paste of Hubristine's words, but this site is real. I signed myself. We can have a bill introduced, but we must have participation. A "willing" congressman stated such. Whether it passes may be irrelevant if it creates a breach in awareness - more will say no. Better if it is entered and finds as much support as HR1207.
  • Basic Rights -v- Police Brutality (Australian style re NT Intervention)-1 Anti Northern Territory Intervention protest from Minister Jenny Macklin's Electorate office in Heidleberg, Victoria round the corner to the Centrelink office where Barbara Shaw from Mt Nancy Town Camp, Alice Springs in the Northern Territory is unable to access her low income due to the racially discriminatory welfare quarantining of Aboriginal Peoples' income in the NT. The Melbourne Anti-intervention Collective and SOS Students of Sustainability demonstrate with Barbara Shaw in support of Aboriginal Peoples living under the racist NT Intervention. Victorian police brutality breaks up the non violent sit-in at the Heidleberg Centrelink ... Contact: Short film by Eleanor Gilbert, [email protected]
  • Stop The Intervention Sorry 13 Feb 2010 protest Sydney (please share this video through this link as this one has a typo This marks the 2nd anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generations, when Prime Minister Rudd committed the government to, "a future where this Parliament resolves that the injustices of the past must never, never happen again". But ongoing NT Intervention policies reek of the same paternalism and commitment to assimilation that created the Stolen Generations. The Intervention has been a $1.5 billion disaster. The government has taken control of Aboriginal lives and land - but has not yet built a single house. Shamefully, communities will not receive housing until they sign 40-year leases over their land. This policy is expanding nationally. The income quarantine is leading to greater poverty and social dislocation. Government statistics show reports of domestic violence are up 61%, substance abuse up 77% and 13% more infants have been hospitalised for malnutrition. Minister Macklin has said the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act has "denied dignity" to Aboriginal people. But her changes to Intervention legislation will see the RDA suspended until December 31, 2010. Rather than do away with failing policy, new legislation will allow the compulsory welfare quarantining to be extended to "areas of disadvantage" around the country. This will start across the NT from July 2010. Draconian measures such as compulsory acquisition of Aboriginal land and extreme police powers have been ...

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