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  • The Quantizer block passes its input signal through a stair-step function so that many neighboring points on the input axis are mapped to one point on the output axis. Permissible output values for the Quantizer block are n*q, where n is an integer and q the Quantization interval. — “Discretize input at specified interval - Simulink”, mathworks.co.kr
  • The Gif4J Java Quantizer is the Java-based implementation of the Wu's Color Quantizer algorithm (see Graphics The Gif4J Java Quantizer supports CBD values between 2 (4 colors) and 16 (65536 colors). — “Java Color Quantizer by Gif4J Software”, gif4
  • quantizer ( kwän′tīzər ) ( electronics ) A device that measures the magnitude of a time-varying quantity in multiples of some fixed unit, at a. — “quantizer: Definition from ”,
  • A vector quantizer for quantizing the vector of image and audio 1. A vector quantizer comprising: a vector quantization encoder including a subvector. — “Vector quantizer - Google Patent Search”,
  • The quantizer was developed by David Temperley; the Macintosh interface was written by Michael Brady. We hope to build a better version of the Quantizer in the future, perhaps in collaboration with others. — “The Serioso Quantizer”, link.cs.cmu.edu
  • Definition of quantizer in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quantizer. Pronunciation of quantizer. Translations of quantizer. quantizer synonyms, quantizer antonyms. Information about quantizer in the free online English dictionary and. — “quantizer - definition of quantizer by the Free Online”,
  • The output of the quantizer is the set of quantized wavelet coefficients represented in sign-magnitude notation (see below). This class provides default implementation for most of the methods (wherever it makes sense), under the assumption that. — “Quantizer”,
  • The Quantizer block passes its input signal through a stair-step function so that many neighboring points on the input axis are mapped to one point on the output axis. Permissible output values for the Quantizer block are n*q, where n is. — “Quantizer (Simulink Reference)”, www-rohan.sdsu.edu
  • The quantizer provides the same function with an ***og voltage - and therefore The quantizer's primary use is to simplify tuning of an ***og sequencer, but there are. — “ --- Q171 Quantizer Bank”,
  • Encyclopedia article about quantizer. Information about quantizer in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “quantizer definition of quantizer in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A quantizer is identified with its number of levels M, the decision boundaries {di} and the corresponding representation values The output of a quantizer has two important properties: 1) a Distortion resulting from the approximation and 2) a Bit-Rate. — “Quantization (signal processing) - Wikipedia, the free”,
  • Download Quantizer - Uses a sample and hold module to quantize audio The Quantizer VST plugin uses a sample & hold module to "quantize" audio - actually reducing it's sampling rate. — “Download Quantizer 0.9 Free - Uses a sample and hold module”,
  • Hi I am working on a backward adaptive non-uniform quantizer for use in wireless transmissions. I am digitizing the sampled signal be using a uniform quantizer, so the step (q) between two consective quantization. — “Quantizer | ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Quantizer - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • The invention relates to an N-bit asynchronous Quantizer including a 2N−1 signal amplifier stages (G12-G2N−12) arranged in series, the input of the first stage being capable of receiving a signal to be quantized; 2N−1 comparators (C12-C2N−12). — “Quantizer, ***ogue-to-digital Converter Comprising Such A”,
  • q = quantizer creates a quantizer object with properties set to their default values. q = quantizer(pn,pv) sets the named properties specified in the cell array of strings pn to the corresponding values in the cell array pv. — “Construct quantizer object - MATLAB”, mathworks.es
  • XImagic Photoshop plugins. Denoiser Toolbox with median, bilateral, wavelets, diffusion and nl-means noise reduction filters. Quantizer Toolbox with 10 color reduction and 11 dithering filters. — “Ximagic Photoshop plugins”,
  • quantizer (plural quantizers) An electronic device that samples a varying quantity (e.g. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/quantizer". — “quantizer - Wiktionary”,
  • Advanced audio equipment ***ogic acs make ***og sequencer, ***ogue Sequencer, modular synthesizer, voltage quantizer, techno music studio, motm moduls, pro audio , ***og synthesizer, drum machine, doepfer, motm, moog, auturia, clavia,. — “***ogic-ACS”, ***ogic-
  • The purpose of a CV Quantizer is to take any input voltage and output the same voltage This quantizer uses a counter and 7bits of a 12 bit flash D/A converter to generate a. — “LM1036 VC Mixer & Signal Processor”,
  • board is changed the first quantizer has the. same features as quantizer 2, i.e. the 3 determine the behaviour of quantizer 1 as well. Quantizer 2 enables other grids than just. — “A-156”,
  • Page 1 of 331 (Items 1 to 32 of 10564) 2 3 4 5 6 7 ..331. New 1-7 SATA Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 400GB SATA HDD ST3400620AS. Seller: younglae. — “Disc Drives”,
  • A quantizer-subtractor circuit is provided with a input circuit for inputting an input The quantizer-subtractor circuit contains 2.sup.n transistors. — “Quantizer-subtractor circuit”,
  • Quantizer Details. The following equations define the output of this Refer to the quantizer VI in the labview\examples\simulation\Getting Started\Nonlinear. — “Quantizer (Simulation Module) - LabVIEW 8.2 Simulation Module”,

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  • MOONMODULAR vcEG M511c & Quad Quantizer M565 M560 sequencer (960 clone), row "A" into one M565 quantizer, into VCO IN of a mini moog. M560 row "B" into ATTACK CONTROL CV IN of the M511c. (chained to DECAY and RELEASE) CV+ OUT of the vcEG M511c into VCF CV IN of the mini moog. (NO internal EG´s of the mini moog are used.) Trigger/gate signals controlled by a M563 Trigger Sequencer and the Seq.Divider Switch M564. lunar- gives you more information.
  • Moog Modular with ModCan Quantizer Short demonstration of a ModCan dual quantizer. This module can take a sequencer, noise or any other signal and map it into musical scales and perform transposition. Both scales and transpose are voltage controllable also. This particular module is a custom black one. Most are white.
  • quantizer test testing the sound of a moonmodular quantizer for diagnosis. Gert from MoonModular is taking care of the problem. So far the customer support has been 100%. Really good communication. Very assuring. Thanks Gert!
  • Gibbon Quantizer - Paisley Sweat (Divinorum Mix) A remix from "Anomalon' EP. Dancier-kinda track.
  • Lecture - 5 mew - Law and Optimum Quantizer Lecture Series on Digital Voice and Picture Communication by Prof.S. Sengupta, Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg ,IIT Kharagpur . For more details on NPTEL visit nptel.iitm.ac.in
  • moonmodular new Quad Quantizer M565v2 with the new M565e Expander Gear in use: Trigger Sequencer M563v2, the new Quad Quantizer M565v2 with the expander M565e. Sound source Oberheim Xpander (5 voices unisono). www.lunar-
  • How To Use The Quantizer In FL Studio 8 Facebook - Subscribe 2 My Channel - TheDJList - Myspace - Twitter - SoundCloud - Subscribe To My Second Channel! A video/tutorial that demonstrates how you can use the quick quantizer / quantizer within FL Studio 8. Thanks alot for watching, and I hope this video will help you! Please leave feedback, don't forget to rate, comment, and or respond to my video! Also please subscibe! =D, Thanks!
  • LFO into dual quantizer Playing around with two LFO CV signals into dual voltage quantizer. Trigger delay is used to manage the timing. The bass part is two A-111's. The lead part is a Cwejman VCO-6 square output through an MMF-1. The percussion is the cutoff of an A-121 self resonating.
  • Daft Punk- Technologic (DJ Quantizer Remix) This is my Technologic Remix and I'm happy about every comment!
  • CV Quantizer & Slope Detector PIC based CV Quantizer (mod & VC Scale) electro-
  • ArdCore Sketch 02: Quantizer An example of how to use the ArdCore quantizer within a your modular system.
  • 43 Quantizer Aid This is the second part on the quantizers Q171 and Q172. Here I focus on the Q172 quantizer aid and it's programmable note groups. Using a MIDI keyboard I program some notes into the note groups and the shift around between them. Last I do a little SID impersonation using an envelope for a real quick arpeggio on top of a sequence. The sound source is a Buchla 259e Complex Waveform Generator tweaked to play nice with a 1V/oct system.
  • 1st day with quantizer First experiment with Q171/172 quantizer. Q119 sequencer into Q171 controlling three Q106 oscillators into Ian Fritz Threeler VCF. Q119 switched between 3X8 and 1X24 modes. Q171 switched between Triad and Semitone modes. Various manipulations of Threeler VCF.
  • Quantizer "One" here is my latest track - please listen in HD. if you'd like to get in touch email me at [email protected]
  • READYdot's A-100 Experiments: Clockwork clocked Quantizer Did some interesting stuff with the Clockwork going into the quantizer. There is also some Dalek sreamin and some PCM sounds. Tried another view with the camera. The bass goes through Ineko "Space". Yeah, that's about all. Do cooment, question and vote! Cheers from Luxemburg, Europe and big thanks to Matrixsynth for spreading my humble tinkering all over the world!
  • RJDJ App for the iPhone - My Audio Journey through the house This is our first video. Hope you like! Just a walk through the house using RJDJ for the iPhone. It's a cool audio app that lets you create soundscapes on the fly! Post a video response of your RJDJ creations!
  • Quantix-8 Quantizer / Wavetable 'How it blink' demo Here is how the Quantix-8 blink when controled by MIDI - boot at power on - scan to autodetect modules (take care it go fast , short blink...) - one complete bank download ( count with hi blue led ) - playing with the controlers ( no blue led )to change bank wave - changing a parameter by sy*** Notes: The movie frame speed is 17pic/sec so it is sligthly less fluid than in reality- sorry for this, but it is just a tech video clip , no more! Sorry no sound , my webcam do not do that.
  • Silent Way Quantizer Demo of the basic features of the Expert Sleepers Silent Way Quantizer plug-in, processing a ramp signal from the Silent Way LFO plug-in.
  • MFOS Voltage Quantizer Oscilloscope Demo The output of the Music From Outer Space voltage Quantizer is shown on an oscilloscope with some explanation of the various modes.
  • Quantizer Module demo 8 Channel Quantizer module functions described
  • Gibbon Quantizer - Paisley Sweat Track 1 off of Gibbon Quantizer's 'Anomalon' EP.
  • Alien Swarm - Video Test - Quantizer @ 30 file size: 25858KB
  • FL Studio - How to use the Quantizer This is a backup channel. To view my main channel, go to: REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR ME ON THE_DJ_LIST! 99 REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE! http FACEBOOK 794a9c85 TWITTER 482d3 MYSPACE 3b4f7d11
  • I love doing the dishes with my iPhone and RjDj Quantizer I've had many nice RjDj dish washing sessions, so I decided to show you. It's a 10 minute video, that's rather long, but decided not to edit it. It's really more fun doing this duty. I used the Quantizer scene. Check out RjDj, google it!
  • Lecture - 6 Adaptive Quantizer Lecture Series on Digital Voice and Picture Communication by Prof.S. Sengupta, Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg ,IIT Kharagpur . For more details on NPTEL visit nptel.iitm.ac.in
  • Quantizer Minimal Pattern Using Kaoss Pad KP3 (delay&reverb, sampler,VC Kaoss Pad)
  • Quantix8 - 4Mb SRAM Quantizer / Wavetable oscillator demo 1 Beta version of the Quantix8 in action. This video show how the ZeroCrossing detector work ...The sound is also made with the quantix8 with but come from a previous audio recording.... Quantix 8 will be available soon ... To learn more go here : m.bareille.free.fr
  • dotcom quantizer.wmv First Patch with the new quantizer set Q171,
  • kt 25 quantizer 20
  • Quantizer Demo.mov Q171 Quantizer Bank module from . This demonstration uses a triangle LFO into the quantizer bank. There is a changing speed on the gate input to the quantizer. The speed of the LFO acting as the gate pulseis the only change. The quantizer bank module will output a gate signal when there is a change in pitch voltage. This interaction with the input gate leads to some interesting gate timings.
  • 46 Quantizer Abuse A quantizer has other uses than just locking voltages to note intervals. I thought I'd try how well the Q172 does at some of these uses. Or abuses :) I do pulse bursts, arpeggios, bit crushing and octave doubling.
  • ***og Quantizing Quantizer Quantize Modular Here is a brief run down of how a CV Quantizer can change your sound with ***og synthesis. Presented is a simple patch with no quantizing, and then quantizing is added with a run through of the scales presented in Bank 16 of the Wiard Miniwave.
  • Quantix8 - 1Mb RAM Quantizer/Wavetable - TX Wavetable 2 RAM Demo of a Wavetable send by MIDI from the PC to the Quantix8. The scope monitor the Quantix8 ***og output. The Quantix8 is driven a BF generator( the box on scope) Please note that the MIDI transmission process is hardly slowed down here , because i was recording the movie on the same PC while transfering datas to the Quantix8... In normal condition it goes appprox 10 time faster ! :)
  • Best Cry Ever now with pitch quantizer the original guy was a little off-key, i fixed it
  • Doepfer A-156 Quantizer Testing the A-156 voltage quantizer in clocked versus free running mode (jack out = unclocked) while switching between scale options. An LFO is the pitch source. All sounds comes from the Doepfer A-100 system with some RE-20 delay (pardon the lo-fi picture taken with a Macbook-cam from a distance..)
  • moonmodular QUAD QUANTIZER M565 A single modul with 4 semitone quantizer and gate referesh. On sale now.
  • Flame "Tame Machine" Quantizer+Beat-Looper The Flame "Tame Machine" euro rack modul QUANTIZER SECTION The module is a combination of quantizer and beat looper. A quantizer converts a continous control voltage (on CV-input) in the range of 0...+5V into a stepped output voltage in the same voltage range. The scale assign the possible voltage states. The quantizer can be triggered per external trigger input or per link of the pulse from the beat section. The module has 5 banks with each 7 patches for scales: Bank 1-4 with 28 fixed preset scales and bank 5 with 7 patches for individual user scales. The keynote transposes the actually scale. Keynote and scale can be set by external CV inputs (keynote, scale) or manually per keyboard buttons. The playing of keynotes is recordable over max. 4 measures. The keyboard buttons can be used like a mini keyboard (jack keygate=gate out, jack CV out=notes, octave setting with CV-2 ruler) . The CV inputs and outputs has the moog characteristic (1V/oct.). BEAT SECTION The second section can create individual beat patterns and can record over max. 4 measures. The GATE ruler assigns the gate length of the beat output pulse (off, gate, hold) and the BEAT ruler assigns the rythm of the beat output pulse. Also the beat section generates the CV-2 output with following settings: - variable voltage between 0..+5 Volt - Random between +1..+2 Volt - LFO down or up 0..+5 Volt (fixed time interval over 1 measure). The Tap-Tempo generates the internal tempo (two times 4th-tap) or per ...
  • Gibbon Quantizer - Prototype Track 3 off of Gibbon Quantizer's 'Anomalon' EP.
  • FL Studio Quantizer FL Studio Quantizer Mode
  • Cat Food Quantizer Demo of a rough prototype for the mechanism used to measure quantities of food from my automatic cat food dispenser.
  • STG Graphic Sequencer (into Flame Tame Machine quantizer) STG Graphic Sequencer at fast rate going into the Flame Tame Machine. CV from clocked down Doepfer sequencer selects between 4 custom scales on the Tame Machine. Sound from Doepfer A-110 Standard Oscillator via A-120 Low Pass Filter. Delay via Eventide TimeFactor.
  • 38 Quantizer First Look This is a first look at the Q171 quantizer bank that I got the other day. I have no previous experience with quantizers so this is me testing it out. I find them extremely musical and very inspiring. This is a basic patch, more involved things to come. Full length audio of a song recording made with this patch at

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  • “ the quantizer u passes through the quantizer—at which point, it's too late to correct the quantizer input u. u to the embedded ADC (called the quantizer) is subtracted from the quantizer output y to obtain the error e”
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  • “[Archive] Recode ignores quantizer setting MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 I set both to the same value and should thus get a constant quantizer which should make the effektive bitrate independent from the bitrate you set in Recode. But it seems the selected bitrate gets enforced whatever quants you set”
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