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  • Quakiness - Qualifiedness - Qualimeter - Qualmishness - Quam libet - Quand même - Quandaries - Quanties - Quantitativeness - Quantitiveness - Quantity theory - Quantong - Quantum sufficit - Quarantine anchorage - Quarantine flag - Quarantiner - Quarmen. — “User:The Anome/Moby nouns/Q - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • qua quaalude quaaludes quack quacked quacker quackeries quackers quackery quacking quackish quackishly quackism quackisms quackle quackled quackles quackling quacks quacksalver quacksalvers quacksalving quacky quad quadded quadding quadplex. — “words that starts with qu? help me its 4 my brothers hw”,
  • Encyclopedia article about quantitativeness. Information about quantitativeness in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “quantitativeness definition of quantitativeness in the Free”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of quantitativeness from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quantitativeness. Pronunciation of quantitativeness. Definition of the word quantitativeness. Origin of the word quantitativeness. — “quantitativeness - Definition of quantitativeness at”,
  • PEG, however the quantitativeness of ELSD is so poor that the Compared to ELSD, the quantitativeness of CNLSD is so good that. the molecular mass distribution of PEG 1000 can be closely. — “Evaluation of the Quantitativeness of CNLSD by Using the NMIJ”,
  • Definition of quantitativeness in the Medical Dictionary. quantitativeness explanation. Information about quantitativeness in Free online English dictionary. What is quantitativeness? Meaning of quantitativeness medical term. What does. — “quantitativeness - definition of quantitativeness in the”, medical-
  • Suviska Tea Factory, a joint business venture located in Neluwa, Galle - Sri Lanka. Having about 45 employees at the moment, Suviska Tea holds 20,740, Quantitativeness. High Standard. Sri Lanka's finest teas are produced mainly from bushes that grow above 4,000 feet. The bushes grow more slowly in the. — “Welcome to Suviska Tea | Sri Lankan Tea Factory, Tea Exporter”,
  • quantitative adj. Expressed or expressible as a quantity. Of, relating to, or susceptible of measurement quantitativeness quan'ti·ta'tive·ness n. — “quantitative: Definition from ”,
  • Quantitativeness's definition, that is or may be estimated by quantity. See more. — “Quantitativeness's | Define Quantitativeness's at ”,
  • Archives of Ophthalmology, a monthly professional medical journal published by the American Medical Association, publishes peer-reviewed, original articles on all aspects of ophthalmology (SPK) magnitude and to examine the quantitativeness of the method. — “Arch Ophthalmol -- A Novel Grading Method for Superficial”, archopht.ama-
  • The effective size was compared at the levels of quantitativeness of the test complexity increases, and the quantitativeness of the test increases. — “Gender and Achievement -- Understanding Gender Differences”, doe.k12.de.us
  • quantitativeness (uncountable) The state or quality of being quantitative. [edit] /wiki/quantitativeness" Categories: English words. — “quantitativeness - Wiktionary”,
  • The Enneads of Plotinus, at sacred- Besides quantitativeness itself [the Absolute-Principle] does not possess quantity, which belongs only to things participating in it, a consideration which shows that Quantitativeness is an Idea-Principle. — “The Enneads of Plotinus: THE SECOND ENNEAD: FOURTH TRACTATE”, sacred-
  • This 100-voter example election illustrates an old controversy between Borda and According to Condorcet, A should win. ( A also wins under the IRV. — “ - Quantitativeness helps”,
  • Optics InfoBase is the Optical Society's online library for flagship journals, partnered and copublished journals, and recent proceedings from OSA conferences. it suffers from low spatial resolution and poor quantitativeness owing to the limitation of effectively applicable data types. — “Optics InfoBase: Applied Optics - Improvement of Image”,
  • Near infrared (NIR) diffused optical tomography (DOT) is emerging as a potential tool of non-invasively diagnosing woman breast cancers, neonatal brain hypoxia, and other human organ diseases. The including both the spatial resolution and the quantitativeness of the targets, was rather poor, and the. — “Influence from relative size and absorption contrast of”,
  • As described above, however, in the three-dimensional PET apparatus, since it is essentially difficult to remove the influence of scattered radiation, the quantitativeness of a reconstructed image is poor. This makes it possible to ensure high quantitativeness of a reconstructed image. — “PET apparatus”,
  • The two organisations agreed to merge all data even though the applicable fields and quantitativeness are different. The aim of this project is to collect spectra which are useful in any fields, obtained by any system at any conditions by inviting contribution from organisations. — “Terahertz Database”,
  • ly, without quantitativeness. The earlier realistic scholasticism attrib uted to quantitativeness, like other Realists could therefore affirm, as some did, that the accident of quantitativeness existed only in the celestial body of Christ, not in the sac. — “Page 497”,
  • amino.Quantitativeness of these results was suggested by (1) ***ysis of a standard containing a complex mixture of The quantitativeness of NMR was supported through. successful characterization of differential relaxation. — “N-CPMAS nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and”, www2.chemistry.msu.edu
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Quantitativeness - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • AskDefine is an online English dictionary. It features auto completion of search words, extensive set of dictionary words, lists of English synonms and rhymes. Visit the online dictionary. — “Define quantitatively | Dictionary and Thesaurus”,

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  • “Last Knight Live Blog 17 Kraus. Memo to David Frum: More Money Not Necessary for Economic preference with the obvious physiclal "quantitativeness" of many aspects of their”
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  • “There may be a good argument to make on behalf of teaching Intelligent Design in science class, but this documentary from Ben Stein does not make it. The movie itself is an example of design by faith and emotion rather By Nell Minow @ April 18”
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  • “A future issue of the FSL Forum will feature an in-depth article on the results of the such functionality adds a level of quantitativeness to examining the data (that is, one”
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  • “Also there is the whole matter of subjectivity and quantitativeness - it's easier to define a good car or a Rasyadi's Blog. Rojak Campoq Blog. romantika.name. Sa'eed & 'Aatikah”
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