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  • Sulfoacetaldehyde is excreted quantitatively by Acinetobacter calcoaceticus SW1 during A quantitative enzymic determination of sulfoacetaldehyde and its bisulfite addition. — “Sulfoacetaldehyde is excreted quantitatively by Acinetobacter”,
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "quantitatively" is defined. quantitatively: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info] quantitatively: Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary, 11th Edition [home, info]. — “Definitions of quantitatively - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The Yeast N-Acetyltransferase NatA Is Quantitatively Anchored to the Ribosome and Interacts with Nascent Polypeptides We found that NatA was quantitatively bound to ribosomes via Nat1p and contained a previously unrecognized. — “The Yeast N{alpha}-Acetyltransferase NatA Is Quantitatively”,
  • potentially de. Wne quantitative trait loci (QTLs) with altered. patterns of ethylene Monforte AJ, Tanksley SD (2000b) Fine mapping of a quantitative trait. — “Identi Wcation of Solanum habrochaites loci that”, hos.ufl.edu
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Examples of QUANTITATIVE. Scientists are gathering quantitative information about human intelligence. Origin of QUANTITATIVE. Medieval Latin quantitativus, from Latin. — “Quantitatively - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • [edit] Adverb. quantitatively. in a quantitative manner. with respect to quantity rather than Retrieved from "http:///wiki/quantitatively". — “quantitatively - Wiktionary”,
  • quantitative. Membrane protein redistribution. induced by EGF signaling. quantitative combination with quantitative proteomics ***ysis. •Two biological application including. — “Quantitatively Probing Cellular Membrane Proteome Dynamics”, ncrr.pnl.gov
  • A test method and medium for quantitatively identifying and distinguishing biological materials in a test sample. A first biological material has enzyme specificity for a first chromogenic substrate,. — “Test media and quantitative method for identification and”,
  • Descriptive statistics describe the main features of a collection of data quantitatively.[1] Descriptive statistics are distinguished from inferential statistics (or inductive statistics) Together with simple graphics ***ysis, they form the basis of quantitative ***ysis of data.[citation needed]. — “Descriptive statistics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A solution can be semi-quantitatively described as. unsaturated: a solution in which more solute will dissolve, or. saturated: a solution in which no Quantitative Expressions of Concentration. There are a number of ways to express the relative amounts of solute and solvent in a solution. Which one. — “Expressing Concentration of Solutions”, chem.purdue.edu
  • Surfactant Properties: How to Quantitatively Measure. In order to measure the properties of surfactant, we can use the surface tension, emulsification activity, and hemolytic activity as the parameters. Here are the methods: Surface tension. — “Surfactant Properties: How to Quantitatively Measure”,
  • Quantitatively Measured Hope can be Deceiving Sometimes. By James Picerno|Jan 22, 2010, 3:32 PM|Author's Website. The Conference Board yesterday reported that its closely watched index of leading economic indicators (LEI) was up 1.1% in December. — “Quantitatively Measured Hope can be Deceiving...Sometimes”,
  • Definition of quantitatively in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quantitatively. Pronunciation of quantitatively. Translations of quantitatively. quantitatively synonyms, quantitatively antonyms. Information about quantitatively in the free. — “quantitatively - definition of quantitatively by the Free”,
  • In this fourth paper on measuring fame quantitatively we introduce a new unit of fame and discover a new category of celebrity with only one known member. Schulman (2006) presented a quantitative method for classifying people as 'A' List Celebrities, 'B' List. — “Measuring Fame Quantitatively. IV. Who's the Most Famous of”,
  • A spectrophotometric method is described of quantitatively determining the concentration of a dilute 22. A spectrophotometric method of quantitatively determining the concentration of a. — “Spectrophotometric method for ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • Definition of quantitatively from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quantitatively. Pronunciation of quantitatively. Definition of the word quantitatively. Origin of the word quantitatively. — “quantitatively - Definition of quantitatively at”,
  • This new version of the M's Watermaster Waders remains quantitatively tough, puncture-resistant and breathable. This new version of the Men's Watermaster Waders remains quantitatively tough, puncture-resistant and breathable. — “Shop for Patagonia fly fishing waders from Greater Yellowstone”,
  • Gene transfection by quantitatively reconstituted Sendai envelope proteins into liposomes In this study, the virosomes containing DNA were prepared by quantitative reconstitution of Sendai envelope proteins, fusion protein and hemagglutinin–neuramindase in liposomal vesicles. — “Cancer Gene Therapy - Gene transfection by quantitatively”,
  • quantitatively in a quantitative manner; 'this can be expressed quantitatively' How to Study for the Quantitative Section of the GMAT. — “quantitatively: Information from ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about quantitatively. Information about quantitatively in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “quantitatively definition of quantitatively in the Free”, encyclopedia2

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  • F-stops Jason Tomaric discusses how to quantitatively measure light by using F-stops.
  • Culturomics: Quantitative ***ysis of Culture Using Millions of Digitized Books Construct a corpus of digitized texts containing about 4% of all books ever printed, and then ***yze that corpus using advanced software and the investigatory curiosity of thousands, and you get something called "Culturomics," a field in which cultural trends are represented quantitatively. In this talk Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel — co-founders of the Cultural Observatory at Harvard and Visiting Faculty at Google — show how culturomics can provide insights about fields as diverse as lexicography, the evolution of grammar, collective memory, the adoption of technology, the pursuit of fame, censorship, and historical epidemiology. More on this event here: cyber.law.harvard.edu
  • Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity (Simple Living) - Part III (Empty Materialism) A non-serious video about a serious issue. The video depicts ideas on voluntary simplicity which involves actively choosing a simpler lifestyle and consumption choices. From this alternative viewpoint, there's no need for incessant consumption and acquisition of new things, hence allowing one to focus on more richly qualitative and deep activities (rather than on quantitatively focused surface-level activities). Awaken today and realize the empty promise of consumerism. This video is part of a 4-video series focusing on Voluntary Simplicity. The other videos can be found here: Part I: Part II: to come Part III: Part IV:
  • Black Business Works To identify and connect black business owners and professionals, for the purpose of growing their businesses qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • Inflation Anyone??? (Part 2) Easing Quantitatively
  • Instrumentation for Quantitatively Assessing Tremors Capstone Design Project 112: Instrumentation for Quantitatively Assessing Tremors: Expo 2011 at Michigan Tech presents Capstone Design Discovery-based learning, interdisciplinary teamwork, design, innovation and entrepreneurship, and students working with industry for senior design projects More info: www.expo.mtu.edu 112tremor 7789
  • Carpet Monkey Simulation #1 Using the power of simulation to enhance my Carpet Monkey quantitatively. Simulated using Phun 2D: My tutorial on simulating robots:
  • Common Core Standards - Mathematical Practices (Part 1 of 2) In this video, Mr. Almeida talks about the first 4 mathematical practices found in the Common Core Standards.
  • Sága krásy - Lemkos - Rusíni. Wedding song. Eastern Slovakia. Slovak folklore. Sings Maria Macoskova. Archival record. Lemkos - one of several quantitatively and territorially small nationalities who also traditionally call themselves Rusyns (Ukrainian: Руснаки, Lemko: Руснакы, Rusnaky; sing. Руснак, Rusnak),are one of the four major groups inhabiting the Eastern Carpathian Mountains. Their language has been variously described as a Lemko language in its own right (literary Lemko language is one of the four literary norms of the Carpatho-Rusyn language), a dialect of the Rusyn language (a group of dialects which is, itself, sometimes described as a distinct dialect of the Ukrainian or Slovak dialect group). In any case, the Lemko tongue and the Ukrainian language are akin but not always mutually intelligible (ref: Best and Moklak)The Lemkos' homeland is commonly referred to as Lemkivshchyna (Ukrainian: Лeмкiвщина, Lemko: Lemkovyna (Лeмкoвина), Polish: Łemkowszczyzna). Up until 1945, this included the area from the Poprad River in the east to the valley of Oslawa River in the west, areas situated primarily in present-day Poland, in the Lesser Poland and Subcarpathian Voivodeships. This part of the Carpathian mountains is mostly deforested, which allowed for an agrarian economy, alongside such traditional occupations as ox grazing and sheep herding. This area was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until its dissolution in 1918, at which point the Lemko-Rusyn Republic (Ruska Lemkivska) declared its independence. Independence did not last long however ...
  • Geostatistical Motion Interpolation Tomohiko Mukai and Shigeru Kuriyama A common motion interpolation technique for realistic human animation is to blend similar motion samples with weighting functions whose parameters are embedded in an abstract space. Existing methods, however, are insensitive to statistical properties, such as correlations between motions. In addition, they lack the capability to quantitatively evaluate the reliability of synthesized motions. This paper proposes a method that treats motion interpolations as statistical predictions of missing data in an arbitrarily definable parametric space. A practical technique of geostatistics, called universal kriging, is then introduced for statistically estimating the correlations between the dissimilarity of motions and the distance in the parametric space. Our method statistically optimizes interpolation kernels for given parameters at each frame, using a pose distance metric to efficiently ***yze the correlation. Motions are accurately predicted for the spatial constraints represented in the parametric space, and they therefore have few undesirable artifacts, if any. This property alleviates the problem of spatial inconsistencies, such as foot-sliding, that are associated with many existing methods. Moreover, numerical estimates for the reliability of predictions enable motions to be adaptively sampled. Since the interpolation kernels are computed with a linear system in real-time, motions can be interactively edited using various spatial controls.
  • Ithu Igan makes you look quantitatively qualified. This makes him hilarious and ***y.
  • Warren Buffett - Why Coca-Cola is a Great Business For the latest Warren Buffett, go to - The buys are when the numbers tell you not to buy a company. You definitely aren't buying a cigar butt business in that case. You will only do that when you feel extremely positively about the product. Buffett has never been to the offices of General Re. Hopefully it actually exists. If you don't know a lot about a business instantly, then you won't understand enough in a month or two. You've got to stay within your circle of competence. It doesn't matter so much how big your circle of competence is. What is more important is that you understand the boundaries and then stay within it. The nice thing about investing is that you really don't have to learn anything new if you don't want to. Quantitatively, you've got to put a price on a business. But that should be a relatively simple manner. Coca-cola has seen a lot more of its earnings come from international sales. The fact that things are going to be tough for them for the next 3 or 4 years isn't a big deal. It's not going to be tough for them for the next 20 years. It is a bargain product for people given how much of their work day they have to give up in order to pay for it. It is a product that has gotten cheaper and cheaper relative to people's earning power over the years. Cola has no taste memory. You can drink them all day, and the one at the end of the day will taste just as good as the one in the morning. This isn't the case with most foods. People ...
  • HSC Chemistry experiment: Titration -- Part 1 of 2 Part 1- For the HSC Chemistry ( .au ) syllabus dot-point: "Perform a first-hand investigation and solve problems using titrations including the preparation of standard solutions, and use available evidence to quantitatively and qualitatively describe the reaction between selected acids and bases". This experiment is important because it is one of the most commonly chosen experiments for Prac Exams. Prac Exams could come any time throughout year 12 -- but most of the time they occur as part of your trial HSC exams, and usually worth around 20% of total internal assessment. Therefore it is important to pay close attention to proper titration procedure and understand the underlying processes of neutralization reactions. For this titration, our unknown was a solution of NaOH (the ***yte) and our standard solution was oxalic acid (crystals in dihydrate form) -- the titrant. Glassware was rinsed properly with either deionised water or with the solution it was to contain (conical flask, volumetric flask -- water / pipette, burette -- solution). A total of 1 'rough titre' and 3 accurate titres were done. The average of the 3 accurate titres were recorded and used to finally calculate the concentration of the unknown NaOH. Our indicator was phenolphthalein due to its slightly basic endpoint (the titration was between a strong base and a weak acid, therefore the equivalence point would be slightly basic). Tip: If required to make your own standard solution, make ...
  • QM0.4: "Square" Potentials In order to display quantum effects, we are going to consider potentials which varied considerably over small distances. Quantitatively, this is represented by a 'Square' potential. For an in-depth study, check out
  • IM2GPS: estimating geographic information from a single image Google Tech Talks August 5, 2008 ABSTRACT Estimating geographic information from an image is an excellent, difficult high-level computer vision problem whose time has come. The emergence of vast amounts of geographically-calibrated image data is a great reason for computer vision to start looking globally on the scale of the entire planet! In this paper, we propose a simple algorithm for estimating a distribution over geographic locations from a single image using a purely data-driven scene matching approach. For this task, we will leverage a dataset of over 6 million GPS-tagged images from the Internet. We represent the estimated image location as a probability distribution over the Earth's surface. We quantitatively evaluate our approach in several geolocation tasks and demonstrate encouraging performance (up to 30 times better than chance). We show that geolocation estimates can provide the basis for numerous other image understanding tasks such as population density estimation, land cover estimation or urban/rural classification. Speaker: James Hays James Hays received his BS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2003. He has been a Ph.D. student in Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department since 2003 and is advised by Alexei A. Efros. His research interests are in computer vision and computer graphics, focusing on image understanding and manipulation leveraging massive amounts of data. His research has been supported by a National ...
  • C4Pain -- The Pharmaceutical Clinical Research Organization CRO C4Pain is the only research based international CRO / CRU focusing entirely on pain and inflammation. C4Pain is the one partner from Phase I to Phase IV. The scientific staff behind C4Pain has published more than 1600 scientific papers and has more than 25 years of experience in the field. C4Pain offers a comprehensive mechanism based drug screening program where modulation of pain and inflammatory mechanisms are evaluated quantitatively by the most advanced human bio-markers. C4Pain's technological platform of advanced translational pain bio-markers and surrogate pain models provides the basis for mechanism based proof-of-concept studies in healthy volunteers and pain patients. The surrogate models are unique as healthy volunteers may transiently experience the same symptoms (eg hyperalgesia or allodynia) as pain patients. Surrogate models may therefore act as proxies for clinical symptoms/mechanisms and the effect of compounds on such manifestations can be evaluated quantitatively. Proof-of-concept studies in small groups of volunteers or selected patient populations help target validation of new and existing compounds for the treatment of various pain and inflammatory conditions. Specialties: Proof-of-concept, Pain study, Pain biomarkers, Clinical trials For more information please visit our website: www.c4
  • Jesus Christ's Limited Atonement? "Let there be no misunderstanding at this point. The Arminian limits the atonement as certainly as does the Calvinist. The Calvinist limits the extent of it in that he says it does not apply to all persons (although as has already been shown, he believes that it is efficacious for the salvation of the large proportion of the human race); while the Arminian limits the power of it, for he says that in itself it does not actually save anybody. The Calvinist limits it quantitatively, but not qualitatively; the Arminian limits it qualitatively, but not quantitatively. For the Calvinist it is like a narrow bridge which goes all the way across the stream; for the Arminian it is like a great wide bridge which goes only half-way across...." - Loraine Boettner This clip from Amazing Grace: The History and Theology of Calvinism deals with the subject of the L, limited atonement. You may purchase this video in its entirety along with others made by Eric Holmberg and The Apologetics Group at or their eBay store http
  • VsCap: How to construct the best portfolio A video using excel to create a portfolio and calculate the Sharpe Ratio, volatility and quantitatively pick the most optimal weights for your stocks. Although there are many various permutations to calculate this, the above example uses the Excel Solver function in Excel. Downloads Copy and paste the below links for the spreadsheet in this video Optimal portfolio excel 2003 - /youtube_optimal_portfolio.xls Optimal portfolio excel 2007 - /youtube_optimal_portfolio.xlsx Risk free rate study - /risk_free_rate_study.xlsx Please let me know if you require a different format.
  • Image Sensing Technologies : Aoki Group The Aoki Laboratory is researching about image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, and those applications such as Medical, ITS, and Industrial fields. The Aoki Lab studies image sensing from a variety of perspectives, ranging from new algorithms to sensor development and systems that utilize sensors. As part of this work, the Lab is developing a system to monitor babies breathing, using devices called FG sensors. These are non-contact sensors that can measure the three-dimensional form of the human body and its movement. Q. The sensor is placed above the sleeping baby, where it detects the upward and downward movement of the babys chest and abdomen with millimeter precision. The breathing motions are recorded, and based on this data, the babys breathing status is quantitatively evaluated. Q. The orange dot shows upward motion, and the blue dot shows downward motion. This is the area around the babys chest and abdomen, Next, you can see that red and blue dots are appearing. This shows that there is regular up-and-down motion from breathing. Image sensing technology is also useful in sports. The Aoki Lab is using its technology to detect and track the complicated motion of players in a soccer match, to ***yze tactics and replay highlights. By using a special algorithm, players can be tracked with high precision even if they move in front of each other. Image sensing technology can also be used to record and ***yze various techniques. For example, in cooking ...
  • microfluidic sequential injection and mixing in a capillary gravity flow was stopped by the capillary force(surface tension) while changing slotted vials at capillary, based on sampling time, nanoliter sample and reagents could be introduced. the laminar flow and Taylor dispersion could interpret the effect of mixing downstream quantitatively. ***. Chem., 78 (18), 6404 -6410
  • Video Puppetry: A Performative Interface for Cutout Animation Authors: Connelly Barnes, David E. Jacobs, Jason Sanders, Dan B Goldman, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Adam Finkelstein, Maneesh Agrawala Abstract: We present a video-based interface that allows users of all skill levels to quickly create cutout-style animations by performing the character motions. The puppeteer first creates a cast of physical puppets using paper, markers and scissors. He then physically moves these puppets to tell a story. Using an inexpensive overhead camera our system tracks the motions of the puppets and renders them on a new background while removing the puppeteer's hands. Our system runs in real-time (at 30 fps) so that the puppeteer and the audience can immediately see the animation that is created. Our system also supports a variety of constraints and effects including articulated characters, multi-track animation, scene changes, camera controls, 21/2-D environments, shadows, and animation cycles. Users have evaluated our system both quantitatively and qualitatively: In tests of low-level dexterity, our system has similar accuracy to a mouse interface. For simple story telling, users prefer our system over either a mouse interface or traditional puppetry. We demonstrate that even first-time users, including an eleven-year-old, can use our system to quickly turn an original story idea into an animation.
  • Seven Illusions About an Israeli-Syrian Peace Maj. Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland participated in press conference on April 22, 2009 held at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs about his new special report on Defensible Borders for the Golan Heights. View the entire briefing at Defensible Borders on the Golan Heights By Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland Introduction For most of the period since the June 1967 Six-Day War, when Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria, Israel has viewed this strategic region as the front line of its defense in the north. Prior to 1967, Syrian armor and artillery on the Golan posed a constant threat to Israeli farms and villages in the Galilee below. However, in the years that followed, with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) positioned on the Golan, Israel acquired an optimal line of defense to enable its quantitatively inferior standing army to hold back a Syrian ground attack and provide Israel with the time it needed to mobilize its reserves and neutralize any aggression against it. Despite these military considerations, since the early 1990s, both direct and indirect contacts have taken place between Israel and Syria to examine the possibility of arriving at a peace agreement. In most cases the contacts did not mature into genuine and open negotiations with the intent of arriving at a detailed agreement. The one exception was the effort initiated by Prime Minister Ehud Barak in the years 1999-2000. The negotiations at that time reached the ...
  • Spurious Trip Level - Introduction Functional Safety is driven by the international standards IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. These standards describe performance levels for safety functions and the devices that operate them. This performance is expressed as the Safety Integrity Level (SIL). The SIL is a measurement of the qualitative and quantitative performance of the safety function. Quantitatively, SIL level is expressed as the probability of failure on demand. The probability of failure on demand (PFD) is a measure of safety availability, and not of process availability. End-users need safety availability and process availability. Learn more about the measure of the process availability and the Spurious Trip Level® concept developed by Risknowlogy. To find out more visit To download a Technical White Paper on STL or to contact M. Houtermans go to http
  • The Evolution of the Human Forebrain.wmv The Evolution of the Human Forebrain based upon the Parameters of Input Specificity and Phylogenetic Age. The cortical and thalamic parcellations of Brodmann, von Economo and Hassler are each quantitatively correlated to a specific Cartesian coordinate value designating discrete levels for both age and input basic parameters. The variable of phylogenetic age is represented in the cortex by the five circumferential growth rings demonstrated by Sanides, plus an additional growth ring detected intermediate to the fifth and sixth age levels and designated as "prekoniocortex." The paleocortex and the archaecortex are the two primordial neocortical precursors that form the mammalian neocortex. In contrast to the arrangement in the planar cortex, six phylogenetically distinct "growth shells" are detected in the three-dimensional thalamus and are designated after the corresponding schematic levels of Rolf Hassler's paradigm of hexapartition of unit-thalamic inputs. The subthalamus and the epithalamus ***ogously represent the primordial diencephalic precursors of the mammalian dorsal thalamus, Both the neocortex and the dorsal thalamus evolved in response to the necessity for a more comprehensive blending of inputs from differing neuraxial levels. Unlike the age variable, the parameter of input specificity is most readily apparent in the dorsal thalamus; which is the site of termination for each major forebrain input. Accordingly, the four*** individual units of the parameter of ...
  • MOST- Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor Test by Pam Marshalla (Part 1) The Marshalla Oral Sensorimotor Test (MOST) by Pam Marshalla is the only comprehensive assessment that quantitatively and qualitatively evaluates oral motor movement and sensation.
  • The Limitations of Science and "Scientism" Have you ever heard of Scientism? Look it up on google, it really is worth knowing about. Scientism, in the strong sense, is the self-annihilating view that only scientific claims are meaningful, which is not a scientific claim and hence, if true, not meaningful. Thus, scientism is either false or meaningless. -The Skeptic's Dictionary My problem with Scientism is rather than making someone more scientific, it makes them an enemy of science. Science is a useful tool, but it can become a barrier to learning and the pursuit of knowledge when it is used as the only method of investigation to the exclusion of all other disciplines. Telos, teleology, is the study of design and purpose. If you quantitatively define a painting merely as matter, you can not see its design or purpose. If you ***yze the amount of paint, the direction of the brush strokes, but fail to see the big picture and the intention of its author, you have entirely wasted your time. How much more when we look at the universe, do you miss the big picture by only looking at the small details under a microscope?
  • Hiroshima As another anniversary of the American bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki comes and goes, I have no wish to lend my voice to the still raging argument as to whether the dropping of those nuclear devices shortened the war, saved American lives or was merely a heinous calculated ploy—the first gambit in the Cold War of Mutually Assured Destruction. I am writing here only to testify to the futility of war itself. Everyone speaks of the Last Good War. Even many of those who opposed our recent wars of choice and folly in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, reluctantly admit that WWII was justified. And yet wasn't it that same war that quantitatively and qualitatively increased man's indifference to man beyond all previous expectations? The quality of this indifference found evidence most notably in the Holocaust, the fire bombing of Dresden and that abandonment of all humanitarian restraints: the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When will mankind come to realize that war always and ultimately results in the abandonment of our humanity and our very reason? Robert Fisk is the Middle East correspondent of The Independent. He has reported on nearly every war in the Middle East for the past 30 years, including the combat zones in the United States' wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He holds more British and International Journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent. Robert Fisk is a man whose knowledge of war is extensive and intimate. I cannot ...
  • 24 August 2011 First Trust rings the NYSE Opening Bell First Trust visits the NYSE to celebrate the listing of 14 new AlphaDEX exchange-traded funds (ETFs) this year. Out of First Trust's 60 ETFs, half of them use the AlphaDEX strategy which is really an evolution in indexing. First Trust's AlphaDEX ETFs are quantitatively driven, index funds. In honor of the occasion, Dan Waldron, Senior Vice President & ETF Strategist for First Trust, rings The Opening BellSM. About First Trust: Based in Wheaton, IL, First Trust and its affiliate First Trust Portfolios LP provide a broad range of investment products and services that help financial advisors meet the financial needs and objectives of their clients. Among the firms' more than 200 investment product offerings are its family of 60 Exchange-Traded Funds, including the AlphaDEX® series of ETFs. As of June 30, 2011, 17 First Trust ETFs, including 10 AlphaDEX® ETFs, received a 4- or 5-Star Overall Morningstar RatingTM.* Founded in 1991 with the goal of offering investors a better way to invest, First Trust is nationally recognized for its proprietary, rules-based, quantitative investment methodology which it makes available in several of its product lines. As of 6/30/11, the firms managed or supervised $51 billion in assets. For more information, visit
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) - Riskonnect Riskonnect ERM is a comprehensive, web-based Enterprise Risk Management system that gathers diverse risk data from across the enterprise in a highly visual manner so that risks are easily identified, assessed, and mitigated. This Video will demonstrate how the Riskonnect ERM system facilitates: • Understanding and Prioritizing Risk • Measuring risk, both quantitatively and qualitatively • Improving communication across all business units • Driving return on investment (ROI) • Instilling confidence among shareholders
  • Gimme A Redox Titration A Chemistry Project that turned into a music video. In the video: Karl K, Morgan G Singing: Anthony W, Shawn K, Karl K, Morgan G Also involved: Rahul R. Lyrics: Its gone wrong - And Im reaching the end-point, its gone very slightly pink, Ive lost half my lab materials down the sink; Manganates Oxidizing the contents of my volumetric flask, Thirty half-drops later, it has gone at last; Ive added too much of That lovely purple stuuuuuuuff! Gimme gimme gimme a redox titration, ***yze the aliquot quantitatively! Gimme gimme gimme a redox titration, Oxidize the iron(II) till it is iron(III)! Now Im stuffed, Cuz the tap is going bonkers, and I havent noticed yet That Ive left the funnel stuck in my burette; My results Arent exac tly concordant theyre 6 cm3 apart - My pipette filler was knackered from the start; What sad results Ive got - I think Ive lost the ploooooooot! Gimme gimme gimme a redox titration, ***yze the aliquot quantitatively! Gimme gimme gimme a redox titration, Oxidize the iron(II) till it is iron(III)! Gimme gimme gimme a redox titration, (Repeat, trail off)
  • i4energy: Measuring the Usability of Thermostats and Other Really Annoying Devices Speaker: Alan Meier, LBNL Abstract: Residential thermostats control over 10% of the total energy use in the United States; however, the details of how people use them have been largely ignored. Five investigations of usability of programmable thermostats were undertaken. The majority of occupants operated thermostats manually, rather than relying on their programmable features, and almost 90% reported that they rarely or never adjusted the thermostat to set a weekend or weekday program. Photographs of thermostats were collected through Amazon Mechanical Turk, which revealed that about 15% of the thermostats displayed the wrong time and that about 33% of the respondents set their programmable thermostats on "long term hold". We developed and tested a measurement protocol that could quantitatively distinguish usability among five thermostats. This protocol will be used to establish minimum levels of usability in programmable thermostats and other energy-using devices with complex controls. Part of the Spring 2011 i4Energy Seminar Series. Live broadcast at mms://media.citris.berkeley.edu/webcast. Questions can be sent via Yahoo IM to username: citrisevents. All talks may be viewed on our YouTube channel The schedule for the spring i4energy series is at www.citris-
  • Israel Cannot Defend Itself Without the Golan Heights - Maj. Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland, Part 1 Maj. Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland participated in press conference on April 22, 2009 held at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs about his new special report on Defensible Borders for the Golan Heights. View the entire briefing at Defensible Borders on the Golan Heights By Maj.-Gen. (res.) Giora Eiland Introduction For most of the period since the June 1967 Six-Day War, when Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria, Israel has viewed this strategic region as the front line of its defense in the north. Prior to 1967, Syrian armor and artillery on the Golan posed a constant threat to Israeli farms and villages in the Galilee below. However, in the years that followed, with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) positioned on the Golan, Israel acquired an optimal line of defense to enable its quantitatively inferior standing army to hold back a Syrian ground attack and provide Israel with the time it needed to mobilize its reserves and neutralize any aggression against it. Despite these military considerations, since the early 1990s, both direct and indirect contacts have taken place between Israel and Syria to examine the possibility of arriving at a peace agreement. In most cases the contacts did not mature into genuine and open negotiations with the intent of arriving at a detailed agreement. The one exception was the effort initiated by Prime Minister Ehud Barak in the years 1999-2000. The negotiations at that time reached the ...
  • Nonlinear Shape Manifolds as Shape Priors in Level Set Segmentation and Tracking We propose a novel nonlinear, probabilistic and variational method for adding shape information to level set-based segmentation and tracking. Unlike previous work, we represent shapes with elliptic Fourier descriptors and learn their lower dimensional latent space using Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models. Segmentation is done by a nonlinear minimisation of an image-driven energy function in the learned latent space. We combine it with a 2D pose recovery stage, yielding a single, one shot, optimisation of both shape and pose. We demonstrate the performance of our method, both qualitatively and quantitatively, with multiple images, video sequences and latent spaces, capturing both shape kinematics and object class variance.
  • TEDxDavis-Lloyd Knox-A Sample Size of One In this personal talk, Professor Knox charts his career as a cosmologist. From his early beginnings as a curious child, to his success, disillusionment, and eventual rediscovery of his passion; he uses his story to encourage people to fight the fear of failure, and pursue their dreams despite what others might say. Lloyd Knox is UC Davis Physics Professor who joined the faculty in 2001. In his reseach, Professor Knox uses the cosmos as a laboratory for studying our origins and the fundamental laws of nature. He has motivated significant observational projects (including two satellites), brought to his field now-standard data ***ysis tools, had the most precise determination of the age of the Universe, contributed to the establishment of the ``Lambda CDM" cosmological paradigm, quantitatively predicted and then detected the clustering properties of the far-infrared background, and advised federal funding agencies how to support research in dark energy via his service on the Dark Energy Task Force. His current work is focused on interpretation of data from the Planck satellite and the South Pole Telescope. AboutTEDx, x=independently organize event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x ...
  • microfluidic structures for separation of bloodcells and bacteria In this work, several lab on chip devices were designed, simulated, fabricated and tested that enable a clinically relevant sample preparation step, ie the separation of bacteria from a human whole blood sample. Here, passive microfluidic structures were proposed that use continuous flow separation method for the subsequent size based separation between human cells and bacteria. Since the separation process is predominantly depending on structure geometry, minimal flow tuning is required after microfabrication. The proposed structures were simulated with Comsol Multiphysics before realized, using soft-lithography technology and PDMS. The realized structures were subjected to a variety of experiments that qualitatively and quantitatively characterize their separation performances. Fluorescence and high-speed camera measurements qualitatively showed the successful separation of suspended beads/cells to distinctive outlets. Here, simulated trajectories of beads indeed correspond to the visualized bead-tracks obtained with the high-speed camera. Furthermore, an 10x diluted mixture of normal human whole blood with B. Subtilis was introduced and successfully separated by directing the WBCs and the bacteria to distinctive outlets. Lastly, end-point efficiency measurements were conducted with a suspended beads solution and ~100% and ~60% of the introduced 10 and 2 µm beads were successfully collected at the intended outlets. Theoretical models that were used to design the devices ...
  • Canine VacciCheck from Biogal Canine VacciCheck, is a portable solid phase ELISA kit for the detection of antibody levels of the core vaccines, Canine Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Distemper Virus. The kit offers an opportunity for the vet in the clinic to periodically check core vaccination levels. What is unique about Biogal's ImmunoComb® Canine VacciCheck is that it gives the veterinarian the opportunity of being able to quantitatively diagnose all the 3 core vaccines as a follow up to vaccination. This is all done in one test, in the vet's clinic or a lab, with an answer received within 21 minutes. No lab equipment is required for this test. The kit is also useful when making a decision about vaccinating an animal with unknown vaccination history, or for determining if puppies have received immunity from vaccination.
  • Module 10: Measuring Performance Part 10 of 12 Supply chains are tasked with being effective, efficient, and adaptable. While the best companies on earth claim to have strong supply chains, it is only via performance measurement that managers and executives can truly prove the strength of their supply chains. Also, since continuous improvement is a business imperative, managers are constantly being asked to demonstrate positive outcomes and consistent improvement quantitatively. This module introduces the multi-layered world of performance measurement and its relationship to world-class supply chain management. This is the 10th installment in Arizona State University's twelve-part introduction to supply chain management video series developed by Eddie Davila, Jeff Hough, Randy Cates, Dawn Feldman, Dan Ichikawa, Ian Schmoel, and Matt Hardy. ASU, the WP Carey School of Business, and the Supply Chain Management Department are proud and happy to share this video series with supply chain management departments, supply chain instructors, career specialists in high schools and universities, as well as industry leaders in an effort to inspire a new generation of supply chain management professionals across the country and around the world. For more information, visit WP Carey's SCM Web site at wpcarey.asu.edu or send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Music and the Market: Song and Stock Volatility Can you tell just by watching and listening if higher market volatility tends to correspond to popular music that is steadier, and vice versa? Or is it a phenomenon that can only be tracked quantitatively? The top left chart shows the movement of the S&P 500 for a rolling one year period. The bottom two charts show the time series and histogram of daily returns for the period -- the more vertical lines there are on the bottom left chart, the more volatile the market was at that time. On the top right is a music video for each year chosen to be representative of the rank of that year's average beat variance. For more info see
  • Śrī Īśopaniṣad Mantra 7 yasmin sarvāṇi bhūtāny ātmaivābhūd vijānataḥ tatra ko mohaḥ kaḥ śoka ekatvam anupaśyataḥ One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, knows things as they are. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him? Purport This mantra of Śrī Īśopaniṣad introduces us to the point of view of the self-realized soul. Ekatvam anupaśyataḥ means to see the qualitative unity of all living entities with ones intelligence by hearing from the revealed scriptures. In the beginning such clear and certain realization of the Absolute Truth may seem far off, but it is readily attainable through the guidance of the Esoteric Teaching. A person in material consciousness is always in illusion, because the senses of the material body are imperfect. For example, our sense of sight can be interrupted by a mere sheet of tissue paper; the frequency range of our hearing and the sensitivity of our sense of smell are less than a dogs. Because of our imperfect senses, we do not know things as they are; in other words, we are in illusion. Because we are in illusion, we make mistakes, but then we try to deny our imperfections because we have a tendency to cheat. The only remedy for the imperfections, illusions and anxieties of material existence is to take knowledge from a source that is not subject to illusion; the Vedic Esoteric Teaching is that perfect source. The Esoteric Teaching is originally spoken by the Supreme Personality of ...
  • Arminians/Semi-Pelagians Teach and Believe in Limited Atonement. "Let there be no misunderstanding at this point. The Arminian limits the atonement as certainly as does the Calvinist. The Calvinist limits the extent of it in that he says it does not apply to all persons (although as has already been shown, he believes that it is efficacious for the salvation of the large proportion of the human race); while the Arminian limits the power of it, for he says that in itself it does not actually save anybody. The Calvinist limits it quantitatively, but not qualitatively; the Arminian limits it qualitatively, but not quantitatively. For the Calvinist it is like a narrow bridge which goes all the way across the stream; for the Arminian it is like a great wide bridge which goes only half-way across...." - Loraine Boettner (Posted with permission of CrossTV Part of the series "The Sovereignty of God" )
  • Songs That Make Dogs Happy? "Songs To Make Dogs Happy!" is the first qualitatively and quantitatively researched musical CD, based upon 200 canine participants' responses to what THEY would like to hear in songs! ... This is how my dog responded to the tracks
  • Leaping Shampoo and the Stable Kaye Effect. Scientists of the University of Twente in The Netherlands won a prestigious place in the 'Hall of Fame' of videos about fluid-in-motion. They have made a video of leaping shampoo, in which they explain the so-called Kaye effect. A. Kaye in Nature magazine in 1963 wrote "I can offer no explanation for this behaviour." At high-speed recording of 1000 frames per second the following observations were made in 300ms interval 1) a heap is formed, 2) a streamer ejects, 3) the outgoing jet rises, 4) hits the incoming jet, 5) ends the Kaye effect. What causes the Kaye effect? Streamer ejects through shear-thinning property of fluid. A dimple is formed in the viscous heap. Outgoing jet is thicker quantitatively following continuity. The dimple deepens through a vertical force acting on the viscous heap and the jet rises. The scientists set up a simple energy balance model. It includes viscous dissipation and the sear-thinning behavior of the shampoo in the dimple structure. Elastic properties of the fluid play no role. The model predicts the leap height of the shampoo as a function of the release height. It even predicts a critical release height as observed in experiment. (For details see: JSTAT / 2006 / P07007) To prevent the outgoing jet from interfering with the incoming jet the surface was tilted, leading to a stable Kaye effect cascade. Leaping shampoo may even act as a light guide for laser beams in multitude of colors. The people who worked on ...

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