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  • Common methods used to quantitate RNA include UV spectroscopy, fluorescent dyes such as RiboGreen, and the Agilent 2100 bio***yzer. This article on RNA quantitation discusses all three of these methods. — “Ambion TechNotes 9(4): Quantitating RNA”,
  • The major aims of this research proposal were to develop assays for quantitating cellular aging and telomere shortening rates using yeast as a model system and to investigate factors that affect the kinetics of these processes. During the past. — “"Role of Oxidative DNA Damage in Telomere Shortening and”, ecommons.txstate.edu
  • radioimmunoassay n. ( Abbr. RIA ) A procedure that measures minute amounts of a substance, such as a hormone or drug, by quantitating the binding,. — “radioimmunoassay: Definition from ”,
  • Quantitating the Cult posted by Razib @ 10/30/2005 03:24:00 PM. Quantitating the Cult. There are omnipresent nods to the "Cult of Diversity" in the mainstream culture. This is no longer a powerful faction, it is now an essential face of the State Cult as well as the Elite Cult. — “Gene Expression: Quantitating the Cult”,
  • This document is abstract for a research study commissioned by the California Air Resources Board 1980 Development of a Biological Test System for Quantitating the Respiratory Hazard of Ambient Concentrations of Air Pollutants and Evaluation. — “Research Abstract: 1980 Development of a Biological Test”, arb.ca.gov
  • Assessment of an Indicator-Dilution Technic for Quantitating Aortic Regurgitation by Electromagnetic Flowmeter to assess the upstream sampling dye-dilution technic for quantitating aortic regurgitation by simultaneous determinations of the regurgitant fraction. — “Assessment of an Indicator-Dilution Technic for Quantitating”,
  • A method for quantitating platelet aggregation in whole blood is described. A method for quantitating platelet aggregation and ***yzing drug-receptor interactions on platelets in whole blood in vitro. — “A method for quantitating platelet aggregation and ***yzing”,
  • Reagents for quantitating peroxidase and the activity of a variety of other oxidases are described in this section; reagents for detecting the activity of cellular peroxidases and the oxygen radicals produced by these peroxidases are described. — “Substrates for Oxidases, Including Amplex Red Kits—Section 10.5”,
  • quantitate differences between highly artificial datasets. We then apply the PB metric to quantitate differences between lymphocyte staining pat- terns of cells derived from. — “Probability Binning Comparison: A Metric for Quantitating”, herzenberg.stanford.edu
  • F1500 -98(2008) Standard Test Method for Quantitating Non-UV-Absorbing Nonvolatile Extractables from Microwave Susceptors Utilizing Solvents as Food Simulants , extractables, nonvolatile, extractables, non-UV absorbing, extraction cell, Waldorf. — “ASTM F1500 -98(2008) Standard Test Method for Quantitating”,
  • Workflow FeaturesIdeal for quantitating individual miRNAs from a broad assortment of species, including human, mouse, rat, Drosophila, C. elegans, and Arabidopsis Each kit includes the TaqMan® MicroRNA Assay and reverse transcription primer spec. — “Targeted miRNA Quantitation”,
  • His short list of mandatory features included substantially decreasing the manual review rate for differentials while automatically quantitating nucleated red blood cells, reticulocytes, and platelets. estimating stem cell numbers by quantitating surrogate cells, counting reticulated platelets, and. — “College of American Pathologists - Perks plus: the new”,
  • Definition of quantitating from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of quantitating. Pronunciation of quantitating. Definition of the word quantitating. Origin of the word quantitating. — “quantitating - Definition of quantitating at ”,
  • : Proteome Characterization and Proteomics, Volume 65 (Advances in Protein Chemistry) (9780120342655): Timothy D. Veenstra, Richard D. Smith: Books relative protein abundances, multiplexed proteomics, quantitating phosphopeptides, multidimensional protein identification technology, proteome. — “: Proteome Characterization and Proteomics, Volume”,
  • Definition of quantitating in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quantitating. Pronunciation of quantitating. Translations of quantitating. quantitating synonyms, quantitating antonyms. Information about quantitating in the free online English. — “quantitating - definition of quantitating by the Free Online”,
  • The invention provides an improved procedure for the precise quantitation of organic oxidants in a solution with hydrogen peroxide in which the peroxide is removed by the addition of catalase to scave. — “Method for quantitating organic peracid using catalase”,
  • This is a very significant step forward in the UPR field as it allows, for the first time, to quantitate the ER stress directly at the level of UPR sensors. A patent application "Physiological Unfolded Protein Response" has been filed, US provisional application #61/289,110. — “Quantitating ER stress_Qi lab”, human.cornell.edu
  • Provided is a method of detecting the presence and quantitating the amount of glycogen from a biological sample. This method employs PAS staining with detection in the infrared range. — “Periodic Acid-schiff Staining With Detection In The Infrared”,
  • FREE Webinar: Quantitating Multiple Protein Expressions in Intact Tissue However, the ability of tools to support these activities depends strongly on their precision and accuracy for quantitating protein labels. — “Landing - FREE Webinar: Quantitating Multiple Protein”, cri-
  • Methods are included for quantitating the efficacy of oral care products at dislodging cells from biofilm test surfaces or inhibit or delay the accumulation of cells on a test surface. Further included are quantitative methods that rely upon the use of nucleic acid. — “Patent 6,309,835”,
  • that trying to quantitate fluorescence intensity in terms. of an actual number of Cytometric Quantitation of Immunofluorescence Intensity: Problems and Perspectives,. — “/nist3:/usr/kjw/jres107-1/Pschw-01”, nvl.nist.gov

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