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  • quadratura In Baroque interiors and derivatives, painted architecture, often continuing the three-dimensional trim, executed by specialists in. — “quadratura: Information from ”,
  • Quadratura is a term that emerged during the Baroque period to describe a type of ceiling painting (which had been going on for centuries). — “Art History Glossary - Q - quadratura”,
  • East England, UK based visual arts commissioning agency helping the development of artists and artwork commissioning in public spaces 'Quadratura' was conceived to explore how artists and architects might work together and how existing practices might be challenged and extended. — “Commissions East, UK - Quadratura”,
  • Quadratura is the term used in the baroque period to designate the architectonic illusions that domes and walls extended through *** l'oeil and perceptive games like the anamorphosis, generally using paints or sculptures. The main idea of Quadratura is working inside the head of the. — “matadero madrid :: PABLO VALBUENA”,
  • to German Gothic to modern art, but she was best known for her studies in Bolognese seven***th-century quadratura painting. interest in quadratura painting and the Bolognese Seicento artists associated with it originated during a trip to Rome in the early 1950s on a. — “Ebria Feinblatt research papers”,
  • Illusionistic ceiling painting, which includes the techniques of perspective di sotto in sù and quadratura, is the tradition in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art in which *** l'oeil, perspective tools such as foreshortening, and other spatial. — “Illusionistic ceiling painting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Quadratura - all available screenshots and captions "Quadratura enables you to also customize the decay for the Phase Scope along with the generator speed. — “Quadratura Screenshots, screen capture - Softpedia”,
  • I plan to start on the next version soon, and would like to know what people are looking for in a web page editor. Quadratura can be found at: http:///gttech/gttech.htm Of course if you find the program useful I won't mind if you register it, and give me feedback. TIA, Glen Tippetts. — “Quadratura”, w3.org
  • In addition to its obvious uses in painting and sculpture, perspective has seen a whole range of technical applications including scenography, marquetry, *** l'oeil, quadratura, architecture, gardens and the environment. 5. Ceiling Painting or Quadratura. One of the most dramatic. — “Vol. 3 Ch. 4”,
  • Aspects of the topic quadratura are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Sienese architect and painter, one of the earliest artists to attempt illusionist architectural painting (quadratura), the extension of real architecture into imaginary space. Other. — “quadratura (painting technique) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • Visit Quadratura's profile on Vimeo. Use Vimeo to share the videos you make with the people you want. Its free to join and really easy to use. — “Quadratura on Vimeo”,
  • QUADRATURE (from Lat. - Online Information article about QUADRATURE (from Lat. quadratura, a making square) Do not copy, download, transfer, or otherwise replicate the site content in whole or in part. — “QUADRATURE (from Lat. ... - Online Information article about”,
  • Unique, Innovative, and Creative Video Projection and Sound Design. — “Quadratura: Unique, Innovative, and Creative Video Projection”,
  • Tonho Crocco mostra para o público uma das faixas do primeiro trabalho em carreira solo, "Teto Solar", especialmente para a Casa Cuba. Fórum Social. — “YouTube - Quadratura”,
  • Le "*** l'œil" est de l'ordre optique. Avec mes pinceaux, j'ouvre les murs, je monte les plafonds, je crée des voûtes, des coupoles et d' Je pratique un art appelé "QUADRATURA", dont les bases ont été jetées par Les Peintres baroque Italien du 17è siècle. Il s'agit de réaliser une. — “REALE,Jean - Jean-REALE on Dailymotion”,
  • Illusionistic ceiling painting, which includes the techniques of di sotto in sù and quadratura, is the tradition in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art in which *** l'oeil, perspective artistic approaches to deception, quadratura is directly tied to. — “Illusionistic ceiling painting - Citizendia”,
  • Sangiovese from Montalcino and Primitivo (Zinfandel) from Pulgia? What a mixture and a sensational flavor. Super ripe nose but more moderate palate, balanced and complex perfect for polenta and sausag. — “1997 La Quadratura del Cerchio - SKU 231327”,
  • The present article studies what has become the most famous for these problems, namely the problem of Not long after the work of al-Haytham, Franco of Liège in 1050 wrote a treatise De quadratura circuli on squaring the circle. — “Squaring the circle”, www-history.mcs.st-
  • Quadratura designare potest computationem areae figurae geometricae planae (quadratura arithmetica) [recensere] Quadratura rectanguli. Computatio areae rectanguli et ex area longitudinis lateris quadri facilis est, nam area rectanguli computari potest formula A = lb. — “Quadratura (mathematica) - Vicipaedia”,
  • Solving differential equation by quadratures (reduction to quadratures) — finding solution as integrals of elementary functions ([2] plural form of quadratura. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/quadrature". — “quadrature - Wiktionary”,
  • qua quaalude quaaludes quack quacked quacker quackeries quackers quackery quacking quackish quackishly quackism quackisms quackle quackled quackles quackling quacks quacksalver quacksalvers quacksalving quacky quad quadded quadding quadplex. — “words that starts with qu? help me its 4 my brothers hw”,
  • Agostino Tassi Italian painter, Agostino Tassi worked mostly out of Rome where he was a specialist in quadratura. His most famous work is the architectural background for Guernico's fresco, Aurora located in the Casino of the Villa Ludovisi. He. — “Agostino Tassi (1580 - 1644) Artwork Images, Exhibitions, Reviews”,

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  • Quadratura Rehearsal 15072007 Quadratura's First and only rehearsal
  • 25TV Marta Llohis Quadratura del cercle 2
  • JupiterPlutao A quadratura Júpiter/Plutão
  • 25TV Marta Llohis Quadratura del cercle 1
  • Murals by Esen - 4 Some murals and decorative paintings for the same customer.
  • Malamute puppies squaring up to malamute adult! Articrainbows Chilli had her first litter of 6 boys and 1 girl. Some of them are starting to get brave with uncle Doobie now!! :) They were 26 days old when this was taken.
  • Chasing Shadows An original audio/visual composition by Alex May and Martin A. Smith interpreting the Art of Sally McKay. Commissioned by the GV Art gallery, this film is part of the "Chasing Shadows" exhibition running from 14th May to 20th June 2009 (Tuesday to Friday 11am to 7pm, Saturdays 11am to 4pm)
  • Out of White An audio/visual art installation by Martin A. Smith and Alex May for the "There Is Hope" exhibition at the GV art gallery, London.
  • Tonho Crocco "Teto Solar" Apresentação de Tonho Crocco no Radar de 20/11/2009.
  • Monotone Symphony by Quadratura In March 1960, at the Galerie Internationale d'Art Contemporain, Paris, Yves Klein presented his Monotone Symphony and Anthropometries of the Blue Period. Whilst a ten-piece orchestra played the Monotone Symphony, a work consisting of a single tone, three *** models rolled themselves in blue paint and then pressed their bodies onto giant pieces of paper to create paintings. Klein's idea was to distance the artist from the creation of the work, for the models to directly create the images. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this major event in contemporary art Quadratura and GV Art present a new performance utilising the latest technology. On this occasion a single musician using a laptop computer played a new interpretation of the Monotone Symphony and by using light, rather than paint, Quadratura re-created The Anthropometries of the Blue Period images. With the use of their state of art projector and technology systems, the recreation not only paid homage to Yves Klein but also attempted a new exciting interpretation of Klein's work. "We wanted to develop Klein's idea of physically distancing the artist from the artistic process, of becoming a catalyst rather than a protagonist. By utilising interactive light as an artistic medium, we have further realised Klein's ideal of an entirely timeless experience, where the art created by the dancers does not ever physically exist; its passing marked only in memory." Yves Klein said of his Monotone Symphony, "even in its ...
  • LumenOrtis' Light Art Exhibition Bournemouth: 994138 LumenOrtis' Light Art Exhibition Bournemouth: 994138 by Quadratura. 885138 UK soldiers and 109000 civilians were killed during World War 1. Each side of the monument has 248535 pixels projected on it, one pixel representing a single life. Each pixel will fade in from black to white, before turning red briefly and then returning to black. The duration of each pixel's cycle will represent the length of that persons life. Each second will represent one year of their life. The point at which the pixel turns red is the point at which they died. We cannot aim to accurately reflect the actual ages of the soldiers and civilians concerned, rather we will use an approximation based on, for the soldiers, the average life expectancy during warfare. As each 'life' will be a different length, the resulting image will appear as a slow, moving 'TV static' image with thousands of red dots flashing randomly across the surface. Without knowing the context, the resulting image will appear initially overbearing and complex, almost chaotic. We will provide a description of what the piece represents on a card located at the base of the memorial. Once the description is read, the piece will take on an entirely different form. From an almost abstract work to a cold, clear representation of historical fact. We also envisage that by its abstract appearance, rather than subverting its image by adding recognisable imagery, we are being respectful of both the monument and what it represents. (source ...
  • Sir David O'Clock: Overture Futurista -- Part Three: La Sina d'Vargöun A SPIONS -- THE PARTY -- PEOPLE'S HIGH SCHOOL production Traveling College of Time Consciousness presents: Sir David O'Clock's OVERTURE FUTURISTA Part Three: La Sina d'Vargöun Music for theremin & electronics Dedicated to Luigi Russolo and Francesco Balilla Pratella Premiere performance (as the opening programme of Panamarenko's 'Conquering Gravity' exhibition) at MODEM (Debrecen, Hungary), September 18, 2010 Video was created by VJ NoMore Part One -- L'Arte dei Rumori: Part Two -- Distruzione della Quadratura Distributor: www.artportal.hu Further info TCTC Curriculum 2010
  • *** L'Oeil "*** L'Oeil Window Mural" New 4 DVD's workshop film in HD, learn how to paint at the convenience of your home. This is a preview of a 40 hours workshop condensed in to 8 hours (4 DVD's) available at . Author of The Art of *** L'Oeil Murals, Yves Lanthier.
  • Tonho Crocco "Quadratura" Apresentação de Tonho Crocco e banda no Radar de 05/11/2008.
  • Sir David O'Clock: OVERTURE FUTURISTA - Part Two: Distruzione della Quadratura A SPIONS - THE PARTY - PEOPLE'S HIGH SCHOOL production Traveling College of Time Consciousness presents: Sir David O'Clock's OVERTURE FUTURISTA Part Two: Distruzione della Quadratura Music for theremin & electronics Dedicated to Luigi Russolo and Francesco Balilla Pratella Premiere performance (as the opening programme of Panamarenko's 'Conquering Gravity' exhibition) at MODEM (Debrecen, Hungary), September 18, 2010 Video was created by VJ NoMore Part One: L'Arte dei Rumori Part Three: Further info: TCTC Curriculum 2010
  • Quadratura Showreel August 2009 Some examples of Quadratura in action from recent events and commissions.
  • The Masters of Illusionistic Ceiling Painting The Masters of Illusionistic Ceiling Painting - National Gallery of Art Illusionistic ceiling painting is a traditional technique developed during the Renaissance, which includes the techniques of perspective "di sotto in sù" (up and down) and "quadratura" (squaring). This magnificent procedure was further developed during the Seven***th Century when it reached its apex with the emergence of Baroque and Rococo art, which regularly employed the technique of "*** l'oeil" (fools the eye) - a quintessential tool of perspective -- which, along with other spatial effects such as "foreshortening", deliberately generated the illusion of three-dimensional space on an otherwise two-dimensional or mostly flat ceiling surface, high above the viewer. This procedure is frequently used to visually suggest an open sky, such as with the "oculus" in "Andrea Mantegna's Camera Degli Sposi" (or a fictive architectural space such as in the illusionistic cupola - one of Andrea Pozzo's frescoes in Sant'Ig***o in Rome). This successful technique is the result of the work of Italian Renaissance artists, who applied their confidence in handling this more advanced, stylish prospect to projects for ceilings, whereby they successfully overcame the problems of utilizing linear perspective to the concave surfaces of domes in order to dissolve the architecture and create illusions of unlimited space.
  • DcServo4 Quadrature Test ingressi in quadratura servo dc drive
  • Quadratura: Video Street Art Performance, 17th August 2009 In the dying hours Monday 17th August 2009, Quadratura set out into the dark streets of London for an entirely different kind of public performance that would see graffiti artists Banksy and codefc, as unwitting collaborators. Using PatchBox, our custom video mapping software, we were able to literally draw layers of video onto the existing architecture without worrying too much about projector placement. We then used PaintBox and a graphics tablet to mask out and colour in, the graffiti; all in real-time.
  • Sir David O'Clock: OVERTURE FUTURISTA - Part One: L'Arte dei Rumori A SPIONS - THE PARTY - PEOPLE'S HIGH SCHOOL production Traveling College of Time Consciousness presents: Sir David O'Clock's OVERTURE FUTURISTA Part One: L'Arte dei Rumori Music for theremin & electronics Dedicated to Luigi Russolo and Francesco Balilla Pratella Premiere performance (as the opening programme of Panamarenko's 'Conquering Gravity' exhibition) at MODEM (Debrecen, Hungary), September 18, 2010 Video was created by VJ NoMore Further info: TCTC Curriculum 2010
  • JACQUELINE TRELOAR'S GREAT PAVEMENT PROJECT! This is a video that I shot of my friend, artist Jacqueline Treloar's latest project. The following is a quote describing the work "The exhibit of this commanding work, An Interpretation of The Westminster Abbey Great Pavement, will hang from the ceiling of The Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto along the east aisle from 19 January to 9 February 2011, and will be mirrored on the south side of the church with a new piece of multicoloured layered and cut nylon of the same size, which holds the lines of text and the quadratura patterns in the design of the pavement. The Great Pavement was created between 1999 and 2000 and exhibited in the atrium of the Library and Gallery Cambridge, Ontario, from 2000 --2001. It replicates the 1268 Westminster Abbey Great Pavement in size and pattern format, being a 24 ft square of translucent nylon with the shapes of the various elements of the original pavement cut from coloured nylon, stencilled with acrylic paint, and then superimposed one over another and appliquéd to the nylon base". Please check out this amazing exhibition if you can! Also, for best viewing results, please watch in 720 HD by accessing the arrow pointing upwards just under the video on the lower right hand side.
  • Tournefeuille 2010
  • Out Of White by Quadratura A site specific video and sound installation created for the GV Art Gallery in London. From the wall coloured blocks project and recess in reaction to a specifically composed soundtrack. The speed, colour and density of the blocks movement vary according to the volume and pitch of the sound. These blocks look 3D and appear to be coming out of the wall above the heads of the viewer. Visuals by Alex May Music by Martin A. Smith
  • QuadraturadelCerchio.mp4 Lumignano Brojon, 2009. "La quadratura del cerchio" is a short route, it goes in one single movement. I'm back after several years away from the crags.

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