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  • Definition of quackery in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of quackery. Pronunciation of quackery. Translations of quackery. quackery synonyms, quackery antonyms. Information about quackery in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “quackery - definition of quackery by the Free Online”,
  • Protect yourself from quacks. Let QuackeryWatch helps you sift through the advertisements, the bad practitioners, and more. If you would like to support our efforts to combat quackery, health and diet fraud we make it easy for you to donate to the cause. — “Quackery Watch - Protecting the public when the government”,
  • Quackery definition, the practice or methods of a quack. See more. — “Quackery | Define Quackery at ”,
  • Quackery is a derogatory term used to describe the promotion[1] of unproven or fraudulent medical practices. "Health fraud" is often used as a synonym for quackery, but quackery's salient characteristic is aggressive promotion ("quacks quack!") rather than fraud, greed or misinformation.[1] "Pseudo. — “Quackery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • [[Image:Pietro Longhi 015.jpg|thumb|Pietro Longhi: The Charlatan, 1757]]Quackery is a derogatory term used to describe questionable medical practices. According to Random House Dictionary, a "quack" is considered a "fraudulent or ignorant. — “Quackery | ”,
  • quackery. Quackery used to be a pejorative term describing medical charlatanism, i.e., health practices or remedies that have no compelling scientific basis. Quackery usually involves integrating metaphysics and such things as sympathetic magic with healing. — “quackery - The Skeptic's Dictionary - ”,
  • These definitions suggest that the promotion of quackery involves deliberate deception, but many promoters sincerely believe in what they are doing. The FDA defines health fraud as "the promotion, for profit, of a medical remedy known to be false or unproven. — “Quackery: How Should It Be Defined?”,
  • Webster's Dictionary defines quackery as "the actions or pretensions of a quack," and a quack as "a pretender to medical skills he does not possess." Quack is short for "quacksalver" [1] meaning literally to [ 2] The duck symbolizes quackery because it makes a lot of noise about. — “Some Notes on Quackery”,
  • Consumer guide to health fraud, quackery, and intelligent decision making on traditional and alternative health topics. — “QuackWatch”,
  • Fad diets that produce rapid weight loss at the expense of gross malnutrition, dangerous nutritional imbalance, or outright poisoning are another aspect of quackery that the general public frequently encounters. able to halt the explosive growth of medical quackery in recent times. — “Questionable Healers”, webspace.utexas.edu
  • Quackery is the practice of fraudulent medicine, usually in order to make money or for ego gratification and power. Those who practise quackery are called "quacks" and are in the business of selling false hope to gullible people who may be genuinely suffering. — “Quackery - Definition”,
  • Web sites devoted to stopping quackery. Introduction. Medical quackery has been around as long as medicine has existed. It was not until early in the twentieth century that there much difference between the practices of mainstream medicine and quacks. — “Medical fraud and Quackery”, your-
  • Quackery. The following is an edited version of a speech I gave to a dinner meeting of the Australian Skeptics on Saturday, 22 February, 2003. The speech also appeared as an article in the July 2003 edition of the Skeptic, the journal of Australian Skeptics. — “Quackery”,
  • Quackery summary with 18 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Quackery Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Quackery: Quackery is a type of health fraud that promotes products and services that have questionable and unproven scientific bases. Quackery is short for quack-salver, which is derived from two Middle Dutch terms that mean. — “Quackery”,
  • QUACKERY. The overall theme of the family of sites is enlightenment through philosophy and its child science. The methods of ***ysis developed by the Greek philosophers, which I apply as they had done, provides superior answer to numerous questions. — “QUACKERY”,
  • Quackery invests its efforts in propaganda directed at the public rather than in controlled research directed toward other professionals. Quackery, having nothing to gain by objective discussion, urges. — “QUACKERY”,
  • Everyone condemns medical quackery. Government regulators seek to protect us from it. Alternative providers strive to distance themselves from it. Orthodox medicine wants to stamp it out. The question is: What constitutes. — “Quackery | North America > United States from ”,
  • Dubbed 'The Quackery Hall of Fame,' the museum is the world's largest display of what the human mind has devised to cure itself without the benefit of either scientific method or common sense. — “Bob McCoy: founder of the The Museum of Questionable Medical”,
  • We found 33 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word quackery: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "quackery" is defined. General (22 matching dictionaries) quackery: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of quackery - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Archive for the Quackery' Category " Previous Entries. Power Balance Wrist Band: Yes, It is a scam. Monday, November 22nd, 2010. It's really amazing that a product like the Power Balance Wristband could be considered "controversial" or that there would be any kind of debate or inquiry over this. — “Depleted Cranium " Quackery”,
  • Learn about quackery of arthritis. Arthritis sufferers are sometimes vulnerable to quackery, the business of promoting unproven remedies. Read on to learn of supposed arthritis cure-alls that have no scientific proof of benefits. — “Quackery of Arthritis Information by ”,
  • Lahore is home to scores of unqualified medical practitioners -- some even administering animal vaccines to their patients. Quackery quagmire. Lahore is home to scores of unqualified medical practitioners -- some even administering animal vaccines to their patients. By Rasheed Ali. — “Quackery quagmire”,
  • Vaccination Quackery Appears in Plain Sight. 3/23/2010 - There was a mumps outbreak in the New York area late 11/7/2007 - Another example of outright quackery by pharmaceutical companies has finally gathered enough steam to achieve. — “quackery news and articles”,
  • Quackery is a type of health fraud that promotes products and services that have questionable and unproven scientific bases. Quackery is short for quack-salver, which is derived from two Middle Dutch terms that mean. — “Quackery Information on Healthline”,

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  • Dr Quackery's: RAWFOOD XMAS SPECIAL! Dr Theodore Quackery MD reads A Raw Christmas Carol. Get your christmas off to a RAWKIN start!
  • Candyman Quackery Lots of things to add here in the morning. The video's kinda late, but I'm a procrastinator. 1.Vogters's vid: 2. Vogter's articles: a. b. 3.FearsEdge's vid: 4. This video is called such because A) He works in a candystore, and B) I needed the alliteration with 'Quackery'. 5 He's much more articulate about this sort of thing than I am. Music Credits: (Revival) Kevin MacLeod ()
  • Hello America - Quackery Ayesha Khalid, Urdu VOA News, Washington
  • 1959 Quackery - Good Educational (part II) Part II of a video uploaded already. Old, but still relevant..
  • Dr. Mario Quackery, #1 The bittersweet drama of two ridiculous people who play Dr. Mario Online RX too much, yet still suck.
  • Dr Theodore Quackery MD Medically Tests a Green Smoothie! He's an old school doctor with over 50 years experience. So he knows quackery when he sees it. Is Raw Food and Green Smoothies Absolute Quackery? Watch and see!
  • 1959 Quackery - Good Educational (part I) We're used to laughing at videos from the 1950's which show overly-conservative social values, stereotypes and primitive science. However this video shows how we may have taken a few steps backward. Although it may contain some 1950's ***ism and idealism, it illustrates how medical education and regulations seem to have gone in the wrong direction in recent times. Questionable medicine and quackery is a bigger problem now then ever. Listen to this. It may be old. It's more relevant than ever
  • Global: Quackery, Luck, Integrated Medicine Chris spoke about herbal medicine being labeled as quackery, his success considered by others as lucky and about integrating herbal medicine with conventional medicine.
  • QUACKERY - ANITO (part 1)
  • Re: Re: Quantum Quackery: Hameroff's Silly Hunch Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Quackery Trevor age 10!
  • Quantum Quackery: Hameroff's Silly Hunch In this video I attempt to show why Stuart Hameroff's quantum theory of consciousness is not borne out by the evidence that he presents to support it. I then entertain an alternate possibility for what could be motivating his claim, and then demonstrate why it is unfounded as well. I conclude by pointing out the fact that any interpretation of quantum mechanics stands on less than stable ground and also that Hameroff comes no closer to solving the hard problem of consciousness than any other neurocomputationally based theory.
  • Sharron Angle and Scientology Quackery Sharron Angle appearing in a promotional video for Scientology front program Second Chance www.xenu- Scientology's 'Second Chance New Mexico' does *WORSE* than doing nothing
  • Cures and Quackery: The Rise of Patent Medicines www.musee-mccord.qc.ca "Cures and Quackery: The Rise of Patent Medicines" Denis Goulet, Université de Sherbrooke How did Canadians care for their health in the latter half of the 19th century? In those days, medical science was making great strides in diagnostic techniques and disease classification. But curative medicine was evolving more slowly and remained limited in scope. Quacks and opportunistic entrepreneurs capitalized on this situation, flooding the market with a host of low-cost "miracle" cures. Aussi disponible en français: www.musee-mccord.qc.ca © McCord Museum, 2003
  • FDA Quackery PSA This old PSA had to tell some really dumb people not to be fooled into health scams.
  • Gardasil Vaccine for Boys pure quackery A variety of commentary both mainstream and alternative regarding the use of hpv vaccine,..........
  • SSS(11 of 14) Homeopathy, Magnets, and Quackery SSS(11 of 14) Homeopathy, Magnets, and Quackery from Brian Brushwood's lecture, "Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural." Brian reveals the completely nuts origins of homeopathic remedies, magnets and Therapeutic Touch, and explains why these remedies seem to work.
  • (1 of ...) Re: The snake oil of quantum quackery response to: on science, invention, and coin flipping
  • Kormac - Quackery (Scribble Records) Released 26th April 2010, Quackery is taken from the "Word Play" album from Kormac out on Scribble Records & available on iTunes.
  • Off label prescriptions: Is it a scientific quackery ? What do you think about off label prescriptions ?
  • Linguistic Quackery: Edenics Edition The first of a probable series. Isaac Mozeson's site: Mark Rosenfelder's article: Music Credits: (Pinball Spring) Kevin MacLeod ()
  • Re: Quantum Quackery: Hameroff's Silly Hunch Video Cam Direct Upload
  • Scientology at work - Touch assists and other quackery. So many scientologists insist that scientology works. Instead of my standard refute, I'll be posting a few videos which indirectly support their claims. However I'll explaining how it works, not how they THINK it works. Links to source material sampled
  • QUACKERY - COOL DUDES (part 1)
  • Elli Perkins Killed by Scientology quackery Elli Perkins née Present (1949 March 13, 2003) was a mother of two, a professional glass artist, and a Scientologist who lived in Western New York. She was a senior auditor at the Church of Scientology in Buffalo, New York. Her son, Jeremy, started showing signs of strange and disturbing behavior. She attempted to correct this with treatment by non-psychiatric means consistent with her Scientology beliefs, but his schizophrenia progressed to the point where he felt Elli was poisoning him, prompting an unsuccessful suicide attempt. When this failed, Jeremy instead murdered his mother. The crime received both local and national coverage including The Amherst Bee, The Buffalo News, the New York Post, and an installment of the investigative news program 48 Hours. Aside from the tragedy itself, issues covered included the implication that her refusal to allow Jeremy to be treated by a psychiatrist caused his eventual outburst, and her death.
  • Quackery Gallery - "Phrenology and the Psycograph" A clip about Phrenology, the pseudo-science of reading the shape of the skull to determine one's character, and the 1927 Psycograph machine, from "Quackery Gallery" hosted by Bob McCoy, Curator of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. More information, clips and full copies of "Quackery Gallery" available at 1996© GREATTAPES CORPORATION
  • (2 of ...) Re: The snake oil of quantum quackery response to: probability
  • Quackery Gallery-"Radium Treatments" A look at Radium and radioactive quack medical devices from "Quackery Gallery." Hosted by Bob McCoy, Curator of the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices. More clips and full tape available at 1996 © GREATTAPES CORPORATION
  • Mass-Quackery Factory GP = Google Practicioner = more useful than the general variety. Doctors used to have a monopoly on knowledge and enjoyed the privileges that came with it, nowadays they can be superceded by google and can be reduced to bureacrats whose job it is to confirm or deny self-diagnoses of "customers". Given that their status within society has been lessened by increased numbers of doctors, the existence of google and other factors which have resulted in a lower standard of pay and conditions, resulting in lower motivation and poorer service, what is to be done with the general practioner? Shouldn't they be trained to be specialists since we seem to be short on specialists?
  • Dr. Mario Quackery, #2 Duking it out via improbable situations posed to us by Nintendo. Word.
  • The Duck Stops Here - Ending Weight Loss Quackery Part 1 Lecture delivered on May 8th, 2009 at the Canadian Obesity Network's first national obesity conference. The talk covers weight loss quackery through the ages and culminates in my recommendations as to how this type of health care fraud can be fought.
  • An OB/GYN responds to menstruation quackery A very well known person within the African-centered community is spreading misinformation about menstruation and menstrual health. I will not name this person, but this is what he says: 1. "Menstruation is not normal" 2. "Menstruation is a disease" 3. "Afrikan women don't menstruate" 4. "Only women in slavery menstruate" 5. "Menstruation is caused by having *** at night" To correct these absurd statements, I contacted a REAL expert on women's health, Dr. Ngozi Anachebe of the Morehouse School of Medicine. The full interview can be found here:
  • Drugs, Psychiatric Quackery, and Lyme Disease Kathleen Dickson, a Lyme Disease Activist, and former research scientist for a major pharmaceutical company weighs in on psychotropic drugs and the mental health field.
  • Quackery in Pakistan.flv Quacks, non degree holder so called doctors, hygenists practising as BDS doctors and other unqualified practitioners are selling disease anddeath everywhere in the country. Investigative reports about their clinics, qualifications, cruelty and escape from the responsibility will be presented in the programme. Qualified doctors, representative of Pakistan Medical Association and health minister would participate to discuss the cases suffering from the pain for wrongly diagnosed and badly treated disease.Quacks and representatives from All Pakistan Dental Practitioners. Association together with unqualified doctors would defend their practice.
  • Hope For Knee Joint Pain (Natural Alternatives Testimony) knee joint health mind body medicine quackery holistic medicine quackery holistic medicine mind body medicine. "arthritis pain relief" holistic medicine" arthritis foundation
  • Dara O'Briain with home truths about quackery Dara O'Briain tells it like it is (or should be) about various delusions pretending to be medicine.
  • Expert Village ear candle quackery! Ear candles are a dangerous scam! They are not part of authentic Hopi Indian tradition! They are dangerous! Ear candles can mess up your ears! Mirrored FDA Alert on ear candles: img229.imageshack.us QuackWatch: American Academy of Family Physicians article: Medical report: m.nih.gov
  • Quackery Bloopers (THE BEST EVER!) Lets not make the issue bigger pa, so what if they set their faces against us? Our movie was a real big hit sa alimodian compare to their--duh!--KITES(lets make it sosi, guryon is CHEAP eh. HAHA!) they're just too big for their britches, that's why they have the guts to post their stupid slide show and have negative feedback about our very FANTASTIC movie. Why would they make a fuss over it? Hey, you know what? INSECURITY CAN KILL. ;)

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  • “Quackery such as homeopathy need to be treated as such; quackery. Endorsement for quackery from the government, NHS or the endorsement for quackery. It is a hard battle fighting nonsense, but we do need to get away from these”
    quackery " Matharu's Rants and Raves,

  • “New Anti-Quackery Blog. January 6th, 2008. Share. From one of our friends in the JREF, there's a new blog which takes on the issue Not surprisingly, one of the first issues taken on: homeopathy, which is about the best example of quackery around”
    — Depleted Cranium " Blog Archive " New Anti-Quackery Blog,

  • “As a follow-up to my post on skepticism and hypnosis, I thought I would take a look at skepticism and acupuncture. Needless to say, skeptics deplore acupuncture as a pseudoscientific method based on mystical principles. This attitude is perhaps”
    — Michael Prescott's Blog: Quackery!,

  • “Medical Quackery and Ellen White Blog entries (0) Re: Medical Quackery and Ellen White " Reply #18 on: November 16, 2010, 10:23:56 AM " You lost the argument several times by now, but that "answer" above takes the cake because it is a series of insipid retorts purporting to answer the OP”
    — Medical Quackery and Ellen White,

  • “APS Friends & Support Forum ~ Brought to you by the APS Foundation of America > Forum Information > Important Information > Educational Links About Quackery If you join our free private forum, you will finally be "home" where people can relate”
    — Educational Links About Quackery - Important Information,

  • “Definitions are hard. You could argue that one person's quack is another's health professional. I do not want to limit the definition to just those people”
    — What is Quackery? | The Quackometer,

  • “The SkeptVet Blog. A Vet Takes a Science-Based Look at Complementary and Alternative Of course, many of the warning signs of quackery are often present, especially claims of revolutions or "paradigm shifts" that overturn well”
    — Double Helix Water: More Magic Water Quackery " The SkeptVet Blog,