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  • QAT will be presenting its prize-winning Birds show in four Maisons de la culture this October and November. In addition to these shows QAT had the pleasure of creating the music. — “QAT - News”,
  • QAT has repeatedly witnessed that those customers who fully utilized our results-oriented solutions were consistently successful and extremely satisfied with the end-product of their application development efforts. QAT professional services. — “ABOUT US | IT STAFFING — OMAHA METRO AREA — NEBRASKA — QA”, qat-
  • Qat contains the alkaloid called cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant which is said to cause excitement, loss of appetite and euphoria. Qat use has traditionally been confined to the regions where qat is grown, because only the fresh leaves have the desired stimulating effects. — “Khat - Wikipedia”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of QAT. — “Qat - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • In Sana'a, qat governs. Each day at three, climbing the steps to a smoky room with a bundle under the arm; then closing the door to the outside world, choosing the leaves, gently crushing them with the teeth and waiting for the drug to take effect. — “Yemen: the Qat page”, al-
  • QA Technologies, Inc. (QAT) provides software development, consulting, enterprise products, web development, and IT Staffing in the Omaha metro area and nationally. — “QA Technologies, Inc”,
  • Download Free Vdo, FLV,mp3 , You can view a Media for free. Qat Videos Qat Videos Qat Videos Qat Videos Qat Videos Qat Videos Qat Videos Qat Videos. — “Qat Videos -, Free video and music download, Free”,
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  • AFRICAN STUDIES CENTER. Everything about Qat/khat/kat. KHAT (KAT) Because khat contains ephedrinelike compounds it seems best included in this section [a setion on Amphetamines]. Lewin (1931) gave a brief account of khat and how it was used. — “Everything about Qat/khat/kat”,
  • It may be less reliable than other entries, and may be missing parts of speech or additional senses. Please also see qat in the Kurdish Wiktionary. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/qat" Categories: English nouns | English words containing Q not. — “qat - Wiktionary”,
  • Qat definition, kat. See more. Link To qat. World English Dictionary. qat (kæt, kɑːt) —n. a variant spelling of khat. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. — “Qat | Define Qat at ”,
  • Qat (Oceanian mythology) The good-natured spirit hero of Banks Island. Although some people claim him as their ancestor, this Melanesian hero never. — “Qat: Information from ”,
  • Khat (Catha edulis Forsk, family Celastraceae), pronounced "cot" and also known as qat, gat, tschat, and miraa, is a shrubby plant used for centuries in parts of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. There, chewing khat predates the use of coffee and is used in a similar social context. — “Qat - Definition”,
  • QAT was developed to ease the issues encountered by having to perform Quality Assurance tests across a variety of hardware and software combinations For more detailed information, please follow the documentation links. — “QAT”,
  • Translations of qat. qat synonyms, qat antonyms. Information about qat in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. qat - the leaves of the shrub Catha edulis which are chewed like tobacco or used to make tea; has the effect of a euphoric stimulant; "in Yemen kat is used daily by 85. — “qat - definition of qat by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Highlighting recent QAT solution releases, insights, service and industry information, upcoming events, case studies, and press releases. WordPress Version 3.0 Released! June21. The long awaited release of WordPress Version 3.0, named for Thelonious, was released to the public on June 17, 2010. — “QAT Insights”,
  • Imports and Exports. Part II Role of Qat in Yemen's Broader Development. A. Qat and Water Qat in Yemeni Life. The Explosive Growth of the Qat Phenomenon. — “Qat”,
  • Because the plant produces alkaloid stimulants, perhaps three quarters of Yemeni adults chew qat leaves each afternoon, for a period lasting at least five hours. People spend about one-quarter to one-third of their cash income on qat (Weir, 1985). — “The "Rational Peasant" vs Sustainable Livelihoods: The Case”,
  • When chewed, qat leaves produce feelings of euphoria and stimulation. Qat (pronounced cot), also referred to as khat, quatt, kat, and tchat (in Ethiopia), is a leafy narcotic popular in certain areas of Africa and, more recently, Britain.(1) Qat, from the Catha Edulis tree, originated in Ethiopia. — “Case Study”,
  • General English. IELTS Preparation. TESOL. Children's Services. English for Academic Purpose. Business Program. — “ Queensland Academy of Technology QAT - Language School in”,
  • QA Tindy - All Build Failures. Queue. Build. Port Directory. Version. Reason. Last Build 2010-11-23 13:40:28. 2010-11-08 07:34:48. 8-STABLE-NPD. archivers/pxz. pxz-0.20101123. fetch. — “QAT - All Build Failures”,

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  • Witness - Qat Barons of Sheffield - Part 2 An ancient Yemeni tradition is maintained in the unlikely place of north England.
  • Pro Tour Qatar Open 2010, Doha (QAT) Men's Single Final : WANG liqin (chn) vs ZHANG Jike (chn)
  • Selling qat in Sana'a, Yemen Selling qat in Sana'a, Yemen. This scene takes place every noon. Qat is a commonly used psychoactive plant in Yemen. It contains cathinone, an amphetamine.
  • Giudecca -flashback 2 rave- / qat itna Its better than Nucreation! :o From HELLO, BOSS.
  • Qat, Yemen A Call for Christians to pray about the Qat issue in Yemen, it take a large portion of daily wages to buy qat and much of the water in Yemen goes to grow this crop. In 1980 the World Health Organization classified qat as a drug of abuse that can produce mild to moderate psychological dependence.
  • Speed Caravan - Qat Market 4th track from the album titled "Kalashnik love" If you like the song buy Speed Caravan CD. MySpace: Random info: Those who are familiar with Mehdi Haddab's eclectic track record to date will not bat an eyelid at the mention of his new project, Speed Caravan - although fans of the oud (the pear-shaped, stringed instrument used in Middle Eastern music and considered by many to be the predecessor of the western lute) may be a little more bemused. Mehdi Haddab, a musician renowned on the French music scene for his pioneering work with a number of fusion projects, has now ventured out in a new direction, forming a "contemporary musical caravan" with bassist Pascal Teillet and electro musician Hermione Frank. The three create a magic triangle of sound, infused with rock energy and electro trance, and Mehdi's virtuoso acrobatics on the electric oud take the instrument way beyond its classical image. Speed Caravan started out as a pact between two innovative nightbird musicians, Mehdi Haddab and Pascal Teillet (better known to family and friends as Pasco) who decided to hook up together and work on their own original compositions as well as an interesting selection of cover versions ranging from Udi Hrant to the Chemical Brothers and The Cure. The pair both come from very different musical backgrounds, although they are united by a passion for striking off in unexpected directions without a musical compass.
  • About Chewing Qat In Yemen
  • Pro Tour Qatar Open 2010, Doha (QAT) Women's Single Final : GUO Yue (chn) vs LIU Shiwen (chn)
  • Mes Kerman (Iran) Vs. Al Sadd (QAT) - Full Highlights [ Asian Champions League 2010,Group D ] FULL HIGHLIGHTS of the Asian Champions League Match: Mes Kerman (Iran) Vs. Al Sadd (QAT) Date: Tuesday 30 March 2010 Result: 3-1 Group D / Match-Day 4 Goal Scorers: 7′ [0-1] Khalfan Ibrahim 37′ [1-1] Eder Luciano (Edinho) 48′ [2-1] Ali Samereh 82′ [3-1] Paulo Zaltron LONG LIVE PERSIAN GULF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AFC - KERMAN, Irans Mes Kerman kept their AFC Champions League hopes alive after recording a 3-1 comeback win over out Qatars Al Sadd at Shahid Bahonar Stadium on Tuesday. Khalfan Ibrahim looked to have put Al Sadd on course to follow up last weeks 4-1 win in Doha after opening the scoring after seven minutes. But after the home side improved as the first half progressed Brazilian striker Edinho equalised before half-time and Ali Samereh and Paulo Zaltron sealed the crucial three points in the second half. With Mes needing to end of a run of two consecutive defeats, the home side suffered an early blow as Al Sadd opened the scoring after just seven minutes. Midfielder Hasan Al Haydos looked to have wasted the chance to deliver a cross into the area but eventually found Ibrahim at the back of the Mes area and the striker showed superb control to bring down the high ball before curling it into the top corner over the stranded goalkeeper. Mostafa Seyfi, though, should have equalised for the home side just a minute later but goalkeeper Mohamed Saqr produced a low diving save to turn away the header from the edge of the six yard area. Mes Brazilian striker Edinho, who ...
  • Qat'aa ba-huzoor Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) by Sibt-e-Jafar A Qat'aa (fragment of poetry) in persian language in praise of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny). Though it can be recited in any majlis/Mehfil but is recited specially on 28th Safar (Youm-e-Rehlat) and 17th Rabi-ul-awwal (Youm-e-Wiladat) of Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny). The same Qat'aa is available in written form in URDU language at Shaaer-e-Mashriq (Poet of the East) Allama Muhammad Iqbal (ra) is the poet and recited with devotion by Prof. Syed Sibt-e-Jafar Zaidi sahab. The 3rd line of this Qat'aa in written form is TOO MEE BEENI GAR HISAABAM NAAGUZEER whereas in video it is recited as GAR TOO MEE BEENI HISAABAM NAAGUZEER (i believe that both have lines have same meaning but different order) It was recited in Toronto, Canada in 2002 (most probably). Multamis-e-Dua, Zaidi
  • Flying Qat to Mogadishu Landing at k50, a dirt airstrip south of Mogadishu, August 1996. The flight was bringing a load of qat (khat) from Nairobi to Mogadishu. The airstrip was under the control of the son of warlord Mohamed Farah Aideed.
  • 1 Vw Xhet Falma qat gabim
  • Rostam Sabirtan qat wa nadtya PUK YNK kurd kurds kurdish kurdistan kordistan crazy shamo hamko kak kosrat talabani music song zakaria
  • Esteghlal (Iran) Vs. Al Gharafa (QAT) - Goals [ Asian Champions League 2010, Group A ] Goals of the Asian Champions League Match: Esteghlal (Iran) Vs. Al Gharafa (QAT) Group A / Match-Day 3 Goal Scorers: 13′ [1-0] Farhad Majidi 53′ [2-0] Farhad Majidi 79′ [3-0] Pejman Montazeri LONG LIVE IRAN AND LONG LIVE THE PERSIAN GULF!!!!!!
  • 8H Doha (QAT) - 2010 QTEL FIM Endurance World Championship Best Shots of the 8H of Doha - 2010 QTEL FIM Endurance World Championship
  • yemen wedding-QAT qat
  • Yemen's Problem: Qat Amr Ali Hussain AbduRabh has submitted this video to the ExchangesConnect 2009 Video Contest 'Change Your Climate, Change Our World'. You can vote for this video at
  • FreshGAT™ buy khat chewing khat Tachzina qat catha edulis Tachzina qat catha edulis
  • Ippon of the Week 38 - QAT v LTU - 2008 Junior Worlds Klokov of Lithuania scores a Sangaku Shime Ippon against Al-laram of Qatar in the -60kg category. Clip taken from the 2008 Junior World Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. http
  • FreshGAT™ buy khat chewing khat qat catha edulis chewing khat fresh leafs plants arakhat vodkhat gum khat Yemenite yemen Somalian Ethiopian qat catha edulis
  • Qat dealing Qat dealing at Tahrir Square, Sanaa, Yemen. More information about qat:
  • 11 Esteghlal (IRN) v Al Gharafa (QAT), Azadi Stadium Goal Goal Goal GoalEsteghlal (IRN) v Al Gharafa (QAT), Azadi Stadium Farhad Majidi Part 9 Pakhtakor (Uzbekistan) vs Sepahan (Iran) سپاهان ايران - پاختاكور ازبكستان Esteghlal (IRN) v Al Gharafa (QAT), Azadi Stadium قطر الغرافه استقلال Al Ain, winners of the inaugural AFC Champions League, will host Al Shabab, with the club from the oasis town in the UAE in need of a positive result to kick-start their campaign. Matchday 3 Tuesday, March 23, 2010 (Including local kick-off times) Group A Esteghlal (IRN) v Al Gharafa (QAT), Azadi Stadium, Tehran (17:30) Al Ahli (KSA) v Al Jazira (UAE), Prince Abdullah Al Faisal Stadium, Jeddah (20:30) Group C Pakhtakor (UZB) v Sepahan (IRN), Pakhtakor Stadium, Tashkent (17:00) Al Ain (UAE) v Al Shabab (KSA), Sheikh Khalifa International Stadium, Al Ain (19:30) Group E Kawasaki Frontale (JPN) v Melbourne Victory (AUS), Todoroki Stadium, Kawasaki (19:00) Seongnam Ilhwa (KOR) v Beijing Guoan (CHN), Tancheon Sports Complex, Seongnam (19:00) Group G Singapore Armed Forces (SIN) v Gamba Osaka (JPN), Jalan Besar Stadium (19:30) Henan Jianye (CHN) v Suwon Bluewings (KOR), Hanghai Stadium, Zhengzhou (20:00)
  • qat chew digital delay 5 DD5 pedal praisers mess with DD5 pedal at a wedding qat chew
  • Stupcat a ban qat numrin e Telefonit stupcat-humor
  • Qat in Yemen Qat isn't something we're proud of in yemen.
  • Qat and Bubble ***ysing bubble gum in Yemen after chewing qat for four hours.
  • yemen yaffa Qat 13 abo gaber
  • Pro Tour Qatar Open 2010, Doha (QAT) Women's Single 1/4 Final : DODEAN Daniela (rou) vs KIM Kyung Ah (kor)
  • WKF Aziz Dalloul (QAT) Vs Triantafyllis (GRE) Aziz Dalloul 5 - Triantafyllis 5 then Triantafyllis won by golden point !
  • How to Chew Qat Our teacher instructs: "....first thing is, you wipe it clean. wipe it. clean by hand, clean. good. now, first, take this and break it off. now this one is not good (i think its because the piece is dry) now eat it. don't eat it and let it go to your stomach. eat it and store here (in your cheek)"
  • FreshGAT™ How To Chew Khat qat catha edulis How To Chew Khat
  • QAT - Language School in Brisbane Queensland Academy of Techology QAT promotion video
  • karim kaban- qat naday azari mamosta karim kaban Qat naday azari giani masto bedarani shaw
  • best qat the kind of qat we chew
  • Al Gharafa (QAT) Vs. Esteghlal (Iran) - Goals [ Asian Champions League 2010, Group A ] Goals of the Asian Champions League Match: Al Gharafa (QAT) Vs. Esteghlal (Iran) Group A / Match-Day 4 Goal Scorers: 45′ [1-0] Younis Mahmoud 58′ [1-1] Mehdi Seyed Salehi LONG LIVE THE PERSIAN GULF!!!!!!
  • Witness - Qat Barons of Sheffield - Part 1 An ancient Yemeni tradition is maintained in the unlikely place of north England.
  • Mes Kerman (Iran) Vs. Al Sadd (QAT) - Goals [ Asian Champions League 2010,Group D ] Goals of the Asian Champions League Match: Mes Kerman (Iran) Vs. Al Sadd (QAT) Group D / Match-Day 4 Goals scored by: 7′ [0-1] Khalfan Ibrahim 37′ [1-1] Eder Luciano (Edinho) 48′ [2-1] Ali Samereh 82′ [3-1] Paulo Zaltron LONG LIVE PERSIAN GULF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MrExcel's Learn Excel #398 - QAT Taming The only toolbar that is easy to customize in Excel 2007 is the QAT or Quick Access Toolbar. Episode 398 shows you how to customize the QAT with your favorite icons. Thisblog is the video netcast companion to the upcoming book, Excel 2007 Miracles Made Easy. Download a new two minute video every Tuesday and Thursday to learn one of the tips from the book!
  • Got qat? An introduction to Yemen's favorite vice -- qat. Here I tour one of the qat souks. I love bargaining for the stuff. I can usually get some for $2-3. For more info on qat (or khat) go to

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  • “Obviously I'm not very good at this. It is 3pm in the afternoon, or 9 o'clock Ethiopian time, and I am sitting slouched over with two branches of qat plant in my hands in a smoky, dim room off Bole Ro”
    — Qat-ing with the World's fastest runners,

  • “Yemen president to stop chewing narcotic qat leaves: reports: Thursday December 20, 2007 Yemen AsianFanatics Forum > Headline News > News around the world > News Archives. View New Content. Page 1 of 1. You cannot start a new topic. You cannot reply to this topic. Yemen president to stop”
    — Yemen president to stop chewing narcotic qat leaves: reports,

  • “Ãdª" ̄QÀt ¼Ð°O¡G ÂåÀø"O°·, ̄QÀt. ¥Ñ¤j½ÃRumsey. ¤j¦h ̄óÀt¬O¤ô¥Íª¦¦æ°Êª" ¡C ̧U¤@±z¦b¤£¤ô¥Íªº©øÂÎÁý¾i±zªº ̄QÀt¡A don†™t¦b¤g¦a¤ñ'X¤ÀÄÁÅý­¹ª"¬°§ó¦h¡C ±z¦b±zÁý¾i±zªº”
    — ̄QÀt | - [Blog],

  • “Sunday Africa Blog Roundup: Sudan, Ethiopia, Qat, Western Sahara, and More Ethiopia: Barry Malone of Reuters Africa Blog asks what comes next for recently freed”
    — Sunday Africa Blog Roundup: Sudan, Ethiopia, Qat, Western,

  • “Get QAT Distributed Test Harness at . Fast, secure and free downloads from the largest Open Source applications and software directory. Distributed test harness for testing of non-homogenous architectures. Distribute your tests”
    — : QAT Distributed Test Harness: qat-cvsevents,

  • “The continuously rising market price causes more and more destitute farmers to switch from coffee or fruit cultivation to growing qat. Furthermore, the consumption of qat represents a source of disease and a financial burden to thousands of families”
    Qat | ebbf blog - mindful people meaningful work,

  • “Carol's Blog. Links. Policies. Posts Tagged QAT' Where is Close All and Save All Command in Add it to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and it will always show the current style, the”
    QAT " Carol's Corner Office Blog,

  • “We noticed that khat is in the news again this week after 3 men were arrested for transporting khat in Minnesota a few days ago. This drug, unlike Salivia Divinorum, is illegal”
    — Khat (Qat or Kat) - Amphetamine Plant That is "Semi Narcotic",

  • “QA Technologies' support forum for clients. Our Community Forum is a user-to-user support forum where experts and other QAT users get together to discuss QAT products and solutions”
    QAT Solutions for CA Gen | Support Center - Support Forum, qat-

  • “QA Technologies' support forum for clients. Our Community Forum is a user-to-user support forum where experts and other QAT users get together to discuss QAT products and solutions”
    QAT | Support Center — Community Forum, Online Support,