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  • The field of social neuroscience has been spared as well, because the full title of the paper is now "Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition" (PDF) Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition. — “The Neurocritic: The paper formerly known as "Voodoo”,
  • Ape-*** Crazy can cure to any rotted archangel. The phrase was programmed in 1886 by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and soon was programmed into mainstream usage by Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Now, the phrase is used puzzlingly, especially by drying. — “Ape-*** Crazy - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • Blending hard rock wallop, alternative rock smarts, power pop songcraft, and punk rock urgency, Dramarama was a band who seemed on the verge of a major commercial breakthrough several times during their 11-year career. Puzzlingly, it never arrived, though the band developed a potent following in their. — “Dramarama | Music Videos, News, Photos, Tour Dates, Ringtones”,
  • Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition. Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social Cognition. — “eScholarship: Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of”,
  • puzzlingly (adv) Synonyms: strangely, curiously, confusingly, incomprehensibly, unaccountably, astonishingly, enigmatically, without explanation, disconcertingly, perplexingly, surprisingly, oddly, bizarrely, mysteriously, inexplicably, bafflingly. Antonym: understandably. — “Synonym for puzzlingly (adv) - antonym for puzzlingly (adv”,
  • British astronomers have solved one of darker riddles of universe - culprit behind gargantuan clouds of cosmic dust. There are around 100 billion galaxies each containing an estimated 100 billion stars in visible universe. Puzzlingly, almost half. — “Cosmic Dust Culprit Unmasked”,
  • The sun is in the pits of a century-class solar minimum, and sunspots have been puzzlingly scarce for more than two years. Now, for the first time, solar physicists might understand why. Researchers have discovered that a jet stream deep inside. — “Mystery Of The Missing Sunspots Solved?”,
  • Rubik's Cube Head: Puzzlingly Gross. By Brian Barrett on August 6, 2010 at 10:40 PM. Had your breakfast yet? Might be best not to watch this man assemble his head on an empty stomach. Still, however disgusting, it's one of the cooler effects I've seen in a while. — “Rubik's Cube Head: Puzzlingly Gross | Gizmodo Australia”, .au
  • Oprah Winfrey is big. We're not talking physically big here. That's a given. We're talking about an ego so freakin' enormous that it operates like a gargantuan black hole, physically and spiritually swallowing up everything in Oprah Mag Puzzlingly Acknowledges Someone Other Than Oprah. — “Oprah Mag Puzzlingly Acknowledges Someone Other Than Oprah”,
  • According to the development guidelines on the site, the new device (puzzlingly referred to as the Archos 5 Internet Tablet throughout) will feature According to the development guidelines on the site, the new device (puzzlingly referred to as the Archos 5 Internet Tablet throughout) will feature. — “Archos confirms Sept 15th Android event, readies AppsLib app”,
  • The puzzlingly parenthetical (Malin + Goetz) luxury beauty brand sets up shop on the Upper West Side in a new space by Konyk Architecture. — “Sign of the Times - 2009-09-01 04:00:00 | Interior Design”,
  • Definition of Puzzlingly in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Puzzlingly? Meaning of Puzzlingly as a legal term. What does Puzzlingly mean in law?. — “Puzzlingly legal definition of Puzzlingly. Puzzlingly”, legal-
  • Rubik's Cube Head: Puzzlingly Gross [Ads] Had your breakfast yet? Might be best not to watch this man. — “Rubik's Cube Head: Puzzlingly Gross [Ads] | tech news blog”,
  • The latest attempt to put the dictator on screen is puzzlingly subdued and self-congratulatory, says Sukhdev Sandhu. — “Hitler the lemonade drinker - Telegraph”,
  • The Governator's appearance is puzzlingly successful; Cheney and Miller continue a logic-free smear campaign. — “Economic Girlie Men | | AlterNet”,
  • puzzlingly (comparative more puzzlingly, superlative most puzzlingly) /wiki/puzzlingly" Categories: English words suffixed. — “puzzlingly - Wiktionary”,
  • The Puzzlingly Small Ca II Triplet Absorption in Elliptical Galaxies Saglia, R. P.; Maraston, Claudia; Thomas, Daniel; Bender, Ralf; Colless, Matthew. — “The Puzzlingly Small Ca II Triplet Absorption in Elliptical”, caha.es
  • Puz·zling·ly adv. In a puzzling manner. puzzlingly. Dictionary: Puz·zling·ly. Home > Library > Literature & Language > Webster 1913. adv. In a puzzling manner. English. English Deutsch Español Français Italiano Tagalog. Search unanswered questions. — “puzzlingly: Information from ”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Puzzlingly - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • SSRN-Equity Returns and Inflation: The Puzzlingly Long Lags by James Lothian, Cornelia McCarthy. — “SSRN-Equity Returns and Inflation: The Puzzlingly Long Lags”,
  • CNN, 26 August 2010 - "From the sky, the massive inland sea of water stretches beyond the horizon -- flashbacks from a different disaster with a puzzlingly different response to the same desperation," writes UNICEF's DANIEL TOOLE. — “UNICEF Malaysia - Media centre - Why the world must help Pakistan”,
  • City Clearing Out Parcel 42 Free at the Hirshhorn Tonight: A Digital Composer Takes on Real Instruments Curbside Cookoff Starts Today at CityCenterDC Charter Schools, Sherlock Holmes Directed by Guy Ritchie Nine Directed by Rob Marshall Downey shines; Day-Lewis is puzzlingly atrocious. — “Reviewed: Sherlock Holmes and Nine ~ Downey's great; Day”,
  • Puzzlingly High Correlations. in fMRI Studies of Emotion, Personality, and Social (2009) Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI Studies of Emotion,. — “Reply to Comments on Puzzlingly High Correlations in fMRI”,
  • Definition of Puzzlingly in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Puzzlingly. Pronunciation of Puzzlingly. Translations of Puzzlingly. Puzzlingly synonyms, Puzzlingly antonyms. Information about Puzzlingly in the free online English dictionary and. — “Puzzlingly - definition of Puzzlingly by the Free Online”,

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  • "Day 19 - Hanoi" Al_fey's photos around Hanoi, Vietnam A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Hanoi, Vietnam by TravelPod blogger Al_fey titled "Day 19 - Hanoi" Al_fey's travel blog entry: "GOOOOOD MORRRNING VIETNAM.... Sorry, I've been looking forward to doing that for days ;) God this place is noisy. We're on the 8th floor and all you can hear are car & bike horns! I think they use horns like we in the UK use indicators, brakes and maybe even mobiles?! Drivers or riders don't seem to ever use their mirrors, they just pull out and wait for the horn to be blasted right behind them! They use the horn to warn other drivers not to pull out, or to get out the way, or to ask them out, or to see how their Aunt Ethel is doing, it's amazing. I think the fundamental difference between our culture & theirs is that we use the horn AFTER someone does something stupid, whereas they use the horn to try and PREVENT someone doing something stupid. As Katie pointed out this morning, thank God we didn't get a room near the ground floor, all the noise would have driven us crazy! We slept really well last night, even if I stayed up until 1:30am to watch Portsmouth v Liverpool from last weekend (an erm... "thrilling" 0-0 draw) and all the Champions League goals from Tues/Weds games... I can't tell you how much I miss live English football :( We decided to explore Hanoi on foot today because everything is quite walkable here. I wouldn't say it's an attractive city, but there are some nice spots. We started off at the Hoan Kiem lake ...
  • Two lone swordsmen - taste of our flames (with Nina Walsh).wmv The darkest and maybe the most puzzlingly delightful track of the masterpiece album named From The Double Gone Chapel
  • WaMu Commercial - Pink salt flats race Girl rockets through salt flats screaming "Whoo hoo!" until parachute explodes.
  • AWZ - Episode 605 - Selected Scenes (English Subtitles) Episode 605: Roman agrees to be Jenny's skating partner if she plays nice. Jenny bloodies his nose. Oh, it's so heart-warming to see these kids being all cuddly BFFs as usual. Speaking of heart-warming, dammit, Jenny and Simone! Stop making us sniffle. Also, Lars shows up, which puzzlingly merits a YAY! Nina gets suspicious of Nicole, because she remembers her acing her I'm A Crazy Psycho test in Stalkers' College (apparently Nina dropped out after failing to snare herself an Öztürk). And Lena embarks further down the road of My Soap Pregnancy And 15 Ways How To Exaggerate It In Crazy & Hilarious Ways (just in case you were planning on ever getting pregnant, your hand will not actually be physically glued to the small of your back, you will not yet be required to move in a rolling waddle when you're about 4 months along, and your bump will not crazily jump sizes from one minute to the next in manner of mad alien creature). The Dark Years Playlist: All Playlists: Disclaimer: Alles was zählt copyright belongs to Grundy UFA, RTL. We own absolutely nothing.
  • NASA Jet Streams Suspected of Triggering Sunspots The sun is in the pits of a century-class solar minimum, and sunspots have been puzzlingly scarce for more than two years. Now, for the first time, solar physicists might understand why. At an American Astronomical Society press conference this week in Boulder, Colorado, researchers announced that a jet stream deep inside the sun is migrating slower than usual through the star's interior, giving rise to the current lack of sunspots.
  • NASA - SDO Solar Dynamics Observatory (new images) The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is a NASA mission which will observe the Sun for over five years. Launched on February 11, 2010, the observatory is part of the Living With a Star (LWS) program.[3] The goal of the LWS program is to develop the scientific understanding necessary to effectively address those aspects of the connected SunEarth system that directly affect life and society. SDO's goal is to understand the Sun's influence on Earth and near-Earth space by studying the solar atmosphere on small scales of space and time and in many wavelengths simultaneously. SDO will investigate how the Sun's magnetic field is generated and structured, how this stored magnetic energy is converted and released into the heliosphere and geospace in the form of solar wind, energetic particles, and variations in the solar irradiance NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is beaming back stunning new images of the sun. Launched on February 11th from Cape Canaveral, the observatory has spent the past two months moving into a geosynchronous orbit and activating its instruments. As soon as SDO's telescope doors opened, the spacecraft began beaming back scenes so beautiful and puzzlingly complex that even seasoned observers were stunned.
  • AWZ - Episode 990 & 991 - Selected Scenes (English Subtitles) Episode 990 & 991: Bah, plots are for wimps! Zooper-speedy exposition time! Celine/Richard is no more! Huzzah! Celine mooches off her friends as usual! Whoosh! Babybump shrinks and grows inexplicably in rapid succession! Whoosh! Roman thinks marriage smells, woos Ben, shags Annette and Ingo on the side! Vanessa approves of alternative lifestyles! Hi Keule! Whoosh! Celine! Oliver! Can you smell the contrived speed-romance? (Actually, it's puzzlingly twee. BUT WE'RE NOT COVERING IT!) Whoosh! Lil sneaks in that damn boat transition! Aldi tweaks translations to exposition harder! Whoosh! Jenny stole money! What to do? Bribe Jenny, blame Axel, get back company! Huzzah! Whoosh! Steinkamps are cats! Axel glares! Eyeflash! Any questions? (Don't you dare.) * (Nospoilers in the comments, pls. Any comments containing spoilers will be deleted without warning.) DeRo 3.0 (and related storylines) playlist: All Playlists: * Give your support to the pairing and the show! Watch full episodes here on RTL Now: rtl- (Hint: Anything listed as "kostenlos" is free) New episodes are added to RTL NOW at the same time they air, Mon-FRI 7:05pm CET * Disclaimer: Alles was zählt copyright belongs to Grundy UFA, RTL. We own absolutely nothing.
  • First Images: The Solar Dynamics Observatory, SDO/AIA Launched on February 11th from Cape Canaveral, the observatory has spent the past two months moving into a geosynchronous orbit and activating its instruments. As soon as SDO's telescope doors opened, the spacecraft began beaming back scenes so beautiful and puzzlingly complex that even seasoned observers were stunned. SDO is the first mission of NASA's Living with a Star (LWS) program. The goal of LWS is to understand the sun as a magnetic variable star and to measure its impact on life and society on Earth. Program scientist Lika Guhathakurta of NASA headquarters envisions big things for the new observatory. One Man's Dream music by YANI More at: First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory
  • "Cuzco and Sacred Valley of the Incas" Johnmyers2's photos around Cusco, Peru A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Cusco, Peru by TravelPod blogger Johnmyers2 titled "Cuzco and Sacred Valley of the Incas" Johnmyers2's travel blog entry: "I have reorganised a little some of the narrative as I realized that we had not really touched on Cusco (sometimes Cuzco, both from Quechua Q'osqo) or the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Incidentally the software map has mistakenly moved the location of Cusco to north of Lima. This is incorrect but I am unable to adjust. Some of the photos for these places are in other entries. I could move them but it is a long and involved process so I won't. Cusco was the capital of the Inca empire and is still the centre of Quechua activity in Peru. It has about 400000 residents and sits at an altitude of 11150 feet. Machu Picchu is actually lower. That's why it takes 3 hours on the train to get to Machu Picchu but 4 (when the locomotive doesn't break down) hours coming back. Walking around requires a gentle stroll (my speed) to prevent shortness of breath but as there are many steep steps that is hard to prevent. The city sits surrounded by the Andes mountains and the large Plaza de Armas allows views of them in every direction. Our hotel was just off the square and overlooked an archaeological site. As the original Inca street layout is still followed most buildings in the center sit on top of Inca foundations. This is particularly true of the early Spanish buildings. The Spanish strove to remove any trace of the ...
  • "Chiang Mai" Jeznkez's photos around Chiang Mai, Thailand A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Chiang Mai, Thailand by TravelPod blogger Jeznkez titled "Chiang Mai" Jeznkez's travel blog entry: "Chiang Mai. It's the second biggest city in Thailand and a really old place that has a moat around the old city and sections of the original brick wall at the four huge brick gateways and the corners. I was there around 8 years ago and due to rapid expansion and increase in tourism the distinction between old and new parts has almost dissapeared; apart from crossing the moat it would be hard to tell which part you were in. On the first night we were there I managed to rip the skin off the bottom of my big toe without knowing how, as we had been drinking for several hours with some ex-pats in a dingy place on a side street near the night market. As we were leaving Kerry (my personal and highly skilled medical advisor) noticed that my sandal was full of blood. Numbskull. This effectively put paid to plans of climbing and mountain biking but we did go to a really cool Wat on the top of the nearby mount Doi Suthep. You have to climb 300 odd steps up the dragon staircase to reach the temple and it's cool and tranquil at the top, and as usual brimming with dazzling gold painted everything, stupas, pagodas, viharas and Buddha images. There is also a cracking view of Chiang Mai on a clear day but all we could see was an impenetrable blanket of cloud and smog hanging over the city. Food in Chiang Mai for us consisted of Amazing ...
  • Richard Dawkins: Insurance Policy: Two Eggs, One Survivor Richard Dawkins explains the related egg-laying habits of Nazca ***ies, Blue Footed ***ies and Gannetts. These evolved adaptations may seem cruel to us, but the genes for these varying insurance policies get passed on through the surviving chicks to future generations. Download Quicktime: iPhone: c0116791 720p HD: c0116791 Get the RDF TV podcast through iTunes! "In May 2007 Josh and I were among those who went to Galapagos with a large group from the Center for Inquiry. As we walked with the guided parties over the islands, Josh took every opportunity to film the wildlife. Occasionally he would turn the camera on me, and I would ad lib a few words about whatever animals we were looking at. These 'vignettes' were unscripted and unrehearsed, and there was no time for any "Take 2" repetitions, because the guided walk was moving on." Richard If you enjoy the video, and would like to help us make more videos like this, please consider donating $1 (or any other amount you'd like) to The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science: Camera & Music by JOSH TIMONEN Presented by THE RICHARD DAWKINS FOUNDATION FOR REASON AND SCIENCE
  • 0002_The Rules of Argumentation 1 WARNING: This video might contain sarcasm, doubletalk, word play, hidden meanings, mind games, deception, hoaxes, barefaced lies, half-truths, exaggerations, inaccuracies, narcissism and other jocosity, especially when telling the truth. People are encouraged to do their own research on the subject matter. The content of the video may or may not align with my own opinions at any one point in time. The point of this video is, of course, to have fun while making the experience. 2011-03-21 The Rules of Argumentation 1 This video addresses the ten rules of critical discussion as originally formulated by van Eemeren and Grootendorst in 1987. I invite viewers to use this video as a means to polish one's skills of argumentation. Eemeren et al. propose the following pragma-dialectical rules of conduct as instrumental towards successful discourse. Application of such rules does not necessarily guarantee successful resolution of conflict, but violation of these rules likely discourages actual progress (2). Rule I: "Parties must not prevent each other from advancing or casting doubt on standpoints." (2) Rule II: "Whoever advances a standpoint is obliged to defend it if asked to do so." (2) Rule III: "An attack on a standpoint must relate to the standpoint that has really been advanced by the protagonist." (2) Rule IV: "A standpoint may be defended only by advancing argumentation relating to that standpoint." (2) Rule V: "A person can be held to the premises he leaves implicit." (2 ...
  • **AMAZING** First Close Up Video From SUN (First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory) ***Warning*** The images you are about to see could take your breath away. At a press conference today in Washington DC, researchers unveiled "First Light" images from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, a space telescope designed to study the sun. "SDO is working beautifully," reports project scientist Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "This is even better than we could have dreamed." Launched on February 11th from Cape Canaveral, the observatory has spent the past two months moving into a geosynchronous orbit and activating its instruments. As soon as SDO's telescope doors opened, the spacecraft began beaming back scenes so beautiful and puzzlingly complex that even seasoned observers were stunned. For instance, here is one of the first things SDO saw:
  • KYLIE MINOGUE WHITE DIAMOND RED CARPET PREMIERE©HDTVNEWS HDTVNEWS VIDEO CLIP & REVIEW:Kylie Minogue's White Diamond RED CARPET on 2007-10-16. A new Kylie documentary is unstinting in it's bland. Kylie shows her beautiful pearly whites and a Dolce Gabbana Dress as she arrives with her sister DANI in Leicester Square for The world premiere of Kylie Minogue's White Diamond. The musical documentary is "An intimate portrait of Kylie Minogue" - and around 1000 people line the red carpet at Leicester Square, waiting for her arrival. The crowd includes two drag queens, wearing gigantic pink and white ostrich feather head-dresses, which slowly turn into damp rats tails in the rain outside Burger King. Even in the rain, however, they are still more glamourous than celebrity guest Rupert Everett, who turns up in a greasy pair of tracksuit bottoms and three inches of stubble, looking as if his taxi was booked to pick him up from a bin. Next to Kylie -- arriving to screams and cheers and luminous in, of course, white diamonds -- he looks like a tramp. He looks puzzlingly, fundamentally unsuited to the dazzle and sequin of a Kylie Minogue event. Filmed between August 2006 and March 2007, White Diamond follows Kylie on her resurrected "Showgirl" tour -- originally abandoned halfway through, in Sydney, when she was diagnosed with breast-cancer. White Diamond aims to show her "Home coming" -- the reactivation of the Showgirl tour, which was reworked to be "Light, joyful and fun, as always; but that means something much deeper, now given the ...
  • iPhone gaming podcast: Episode 11 We have news this week of the movie tie-in Shooter, the puzzlingly different looking puzzler Zen Bound and the steak through the heart-em-up, iDracula. We also go hands on with Days of Thunder, Rotorumpus and Downhill Bowling in this weeks reviews so prepare to be entertained. To subscribe via iTunes just hit up the following link:
  • Is it real ? - A Jonas Story - Chapter Six*** We were all sat around the Jonas' suite in the hotel, Kevin had disappeared into another room and hadn't come out and Ben and Joe were in the kitchen getting food, that left me and Nick to choose a film. 'So, what film ?' Nick asked looking at me, I hadn't even looked at the shelf yet, I was looking at his face, I have this talent where if I look at someone long enough I can find a flaw of there looks, I'd been looking for at least 5 minutes, and I still couldn't find anything, usually it only took a few seconds. 'Becca ?' Nick said turning to look at me. 'Oh, sorry, erm I don't know, what'd you fancy watching ?' 'You're the guest so you get to choose.' 'But Ben's a guest too,' I pointed out. 'But he's choosing food, now choose a film.' Nick ordered. 'Okay, sorry,' I tried concentrating on the film titles in front of me, but it was no use I was too concentrated on thinking of a flaw about his face. I reached out for a case, any case, I didn't care which one I chose at this point, I was past caring, I picked it up and handed it to Nick. 'Halloween ?' Nick said puzzlingly. 'Erm, yeah, why not ?' I said, trying to figure out if I'd even noticed it on the shelf. 'Okay then..' Nick got up and offered a hand, I took it and he helped me up. Ben and Joe came in laughing just to see me and Nick standing close together him holding my hand, of course they thought something was going on. But nothing could of been, I mean, I didn't even know him. 'Sorry for interupting,' Joe said ...
  • AWZ - Episodes 1029-1034 Part 3 - Deniz & Roman (English Subtitles) Episodes 1029-1034 Part 3 (DeRo/AnnIngo/Lena-centric plot): "Lena tries to sell stained dresses." No, really. As plots go, this one clearly should be ranking somewhere in the vicinity of the Quiz mit Biss embarrassment fest, but it's actually puzzlingly charming, thanks to Lena's Max-free verve and sparkle, Deniz playing the non-sneaky yet adorable knight in shining armour, Roman beckoning with promises of cross-dressing fun (come on, you *** tease, where is the follow-up scene to that??), Annette being both smart and pretty, and Ingo... yeah, well, don't think we've remotely forgiven you for the asshattery during RoMarc times, buddy, but okay, in this ep you're legitimately back in the realm of "entertaining", possibly verging on "dear." (PS: Some context for Annette & Ingo's sudden poverty: They were blackmailed by a corrupt official from the building authority (Potthoff) who threatened to have the fry stand demolished over a minor breach of building regulations unless they bribed him. They ended up having to give him all their savings, so they're currently drowning in debt.) Modelling montage song: "Mare" by Black Eyed Peas These episodes were directed by Matthias Paul, with Rene Wolter taking over from ep 1034. * (No spoilers in the comments, pls. Any comments containing spoilers will be deleted without warning.) Days of Fluff playlist: All Playlists: * Give your support to the pairing and the show! Watch full episodes here on RTL Now ...
  • Disco Toilet This toilet in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is rather puzzlingly equipped with flashing lights. Presumably this is to guide the weary art-lover in for a safe landing. Either that or those wacky Dutch are trying to get you to dance while you dump. If that is the case then it's about time they stopped smoking all that stuff over there. If anybody knows the real reason as to why a kharzi should require flashing lights please let me know.
  • "Day 12 - Tengboche (3860m) to Namche Bazaar (3440m" Profbrainstorm's photos around Namche Bazaar A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Namche Bazaar, Nepal by TravelPod blogger Profbrainstorm titled "Day 12 - Tengboche (3860m) to Namche Bazaar (3440m" Profbrainstorm's travel blog entry: "Very cold night - by far the coldest so far - and we are at fairly low altitude. I wonder how cold it has been for the rest of our group at Gorak Shep - about 1300m higher than here. 6am - look out of the bedroom window - what a view - Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam. The sun is just starting to catch the mountain tops, so I rush outside with my camera. For the next 2 hours I walk around the tiny village of Tengboche taking photos. The views are fantastic - and the monastery, chortens and prayer flags complement the scenery perfectly. I can understand why John Hunt, the leader of the successful 1953 Everest expedition, said that Tengboche 'must be one of the most beautiful places in the world.' Our group is due to arrive here tomorrow night - and I am really looking forward to spending today and tomorrow exploring around Tengboche. There are no other trekkers around - just a few monks rushing from their quarters across to the monastery. It is bitterly cold - and although most of the valley is now in sunlight, Tengboche is still in shadow. Finally the sun appears over the edge of a hill - and in just a few minutes the temperature rises by at least 10 degrees! After breakfast I suggest to Dom that we go for a walk around Tengboche. I am very surprised when he simply says ...
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication Solo Ver 2 A much more recent attempt. I consider my playing to have improved a lot since the original (which still gets puzzlingly high ratings) with more accurate bends etc. Actually recorded this one properly too, although youtube sucks the quality out of the recording.
  • 1Blast Hornet Another challenge for the Emasculation Station: Beating Megaman X3 with the X-buster only! First up is Blast Hornet, a boss I used to think was hard, but with my new-won skills he's a pushover. His stage begins a trend of bland factory-style levels, and the most puzzlingly bad miniboss I have ever seen.
  • Dr. Devra Lee Davis PhD MPH | Environmental Health Trust Environmental Health Trust educates individuals, health professionals and communities about controllable environmental health risks and policy changes needed to reduce those risks. Current multi-media projects include: local and national campaigns to ban smoking and asbestos; working with international physician and worker safety groups to warn about the risks of inappropriate use of diagnostic radiation and cell phones, exploring what factors lie behind puzzlingly high rates of fibroid tumors, breast cancer and endometriosis in young African American women, and building environmental wellness programs in Wyoming and Pennsylvania to address the environmental impacts of energy development, the built environment and radon. Environmental Health Trust was created with the goal of promoting health and preventing disease one person, one community and one nation at a time. Capitalizing on growing public interest in my popular books, When Smoke Ran Like Water, a National Book Award Finalist, and The Secret History of the War on Cancer, and recent documentary films, the foundations website will become the go to place for clear, science-based information to prevent environmentally based disease and promote health, and will have portals for the general public, children, and health professionals. Support the Campaign for Safer Cell Phones! Facebook: Twitter: Brought to you by Environmental Health Trust Media Courtesy T ...
  • T Accident Driver makes a left in front of T train. T train honks, brakes, hits left side of car. Car spins backward into MUNI signal and wrecks back end of car in addition to signal post. Daniel sees whole thing and is distracted for hours. Driver and passenger get out of vehicle without injury. Puzzlingly, MUNI passengers are trapped inside streetcar for over half an hour. Tow woman pulls bumper off vehicle. Later, tow man stuffs bumper into vehicle with a spin-kick.
  • Hookah Hookah Chai review for Sahara Smoke and summer contest Puzzlingly delicious!

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  • “Puzzlingly, tests I've run show that the conversions I am doing are a bit more than This is my first blog post. Surely I will have to switch to a "real" system soon, but”
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  • “Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is in puzzlingly short supply in distant young galaxies, and astronomers think black holes could be to blame. By studying a sample of galaxies”
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  • “Repo is still puzzlingly inverted. Posted by Izabella Kaminska on Aug General collateral remains puzzlingly inverted to fed funds' – FT Alphaville”
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  • “Converse Chuck Taylors are the unofficial official sneaker of rock n' roll. The Ramones wore them. Kurt Cobain wore them. And you wore, and wear, them, probably. In the film Quadrophenia, Jimmy the Mod explained, somewhat puzzlingly, that he didn't want to dress like anyone else - that's”
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  • “Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are my personal ones and are not those of She also puzzlingly says that "God is love. It says that in the Bible”
    — Mano Singham's Web Journal, blog.case.edu

  • “Worth A Glance - Know what's happening, and affect it Puzzlingly, however, it perfunctorily defines "Security Breach" as: (6) SECURITY BREACH (A) IN GENERAL- The term security breach' means compromise of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of computerized data through misrepresentation or”
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  • “Later in the vid is some footage from my trip to Senbeb Cafe, one of the puzzlingly few destinations for raw foods in Washington, D.C., where KDcat and I hung out with raw couples Blaqberry & Jer and Wysteria & Ryan. Blog Search: This form searches our blog (not our entire site)”
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