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  • Puz·zler n. One who, or that which, puzzles or perplexes. Hebrew, the general puzzler of old heads. — “Puzzler: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Puzzler Store - find puzzle games, problem solving resources, educational software, game magazines, and more. — “Puzzler Store: Great Puzzle Games and Problem Solving Resources”, puzzler-
  • provides perplexing problems for puzzle lovers of all ages. Come entertain your mind with our collection of challenging and fun puzzles for enthusiasts of all ages. So put on your thinking cap and get puzzling!. — “Logic puzzles and more to entertain the mind at Puzzlers Paradise!”,
  • Definition of puzzler in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of puzzler. Pronunciation of puzzler. Translations of puzzler. puzzler synonyms, puzzler antonyms. Information about puzzler in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “puzzler - definition of puzzler by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • ShopWiki has 1521 results for Puzzlers, including Zoink! Rubber Treat Puzzler, Puzzler World Nintendo Ds Sealed, Puzzler Collection - Nintendo DS, and Puzzlers Box Of Frustration. — “Puzzlers”,
  • is a fun and entertaining site for people who enjoy online games & crossword enthusiasts. It also contains codecrackers and other puzzles people might enjoy. — “The- - FREE CROSSWORD PUZZLES | BRAINTEASERS”, the-
  • Tile Puzzler - An online puzzle game with colored tiles. Includes Pentomino style game play, as well as interesting puzzle variations. — “Tile Puzzler - An Online Pentomino Puzzle”, tile-
  • Climb to the top of each tower while you dodge baddies and in this thumb blistering action packed puzzler. Ultimate Word Search Puzzler, allows you to create many different variations of the popular word search puzzle for print out, play on your. — “Puzzler Free Downloads - Barrel Breaker - Ultimate Word”,
  • Login Welcome to Puzzler. Friday, November 26 2010 @ 05:17 CST. Welcome to the glFusion Revolution! Learn more about the glFusion development © 2009 Puzzler • Terms of Use • Privacy Policy • RSS • Page created in 0.39 seconds by glFusion. — “Puzzled? We may have the answer - Puzzler”,
  • The Puzzler Solve riddles and play games with our resident Puzzlemaster, Sandy Weisz. Fashion Statement Smile in the mirror and kiss the world hello (with a pair of red lips). RedEye Royalty A blog powered entirely by RedEye's social media posse. — “The Puzzler | ChicagoNow”,
  • I left you a Puzzler last month, just before we all departed for Hawaii, to install a new rig in the lovely Benton-designed schooner Sugartime. This month's Puzzler is, how did we do it? Your job is to list places where you would try to save weight and reduce windage. — “Brion Toss Yacht Riggers Puzzler Contest”,
  • Puzzle Game with Human intelligence. Help Funny Creatures to solve amusing puzzles in the maze. Based on the Amiga classic, this is a unique puzzler with 3D rendered graphics. — “Puzzler Free Download”,
  • Puzzler World brings over 1200 puzzles of 8 popular puzzle types to your PC. — “Puzzler World on Steam”,
  • Designed by Zuzana Licko in 2005 Puzzler. Remedy. Sabbath Black. Senator. Soda Script. Solex. Suburban. Tall Pack. Tarzana. Template Gothic. Thingbat. Totally Gothic. Tribute. Triplex. Triplex Italic. Variex. Vendetta. Vista Sans. Vista Sans Narrow. Vista Slab. Whirligig. ZeitGuys. — “Emigre Fonts: Puzzler”,
  • Time: 00:00. — “Puzzler”, earth-api-
  • In the Puzzler's first appearance, he threatens a table tennis champion's life when he refuses to pay protection money. Again, the Puzzler challenges Superman to a game of cards, with Puzzler's henchmen sitting in. — “Puzzler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Funny Puzzler Videos, Funny Puzzler Pictures, Funny Puzzler Articles, Funny Puzzler Lists, and Funny Puzzler Blogs featuring celebrities, comedians, and you. — “Puzzler Videos, Puzzler Pictures, and Puzzler Articles on”,
  • Visit related products for puzzler, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other puzzler-related products when you use the quick search function at . — “puzzler Related Products at ”,
  • Download & Play Puzzler World. Enjoy challenging Puzzle Games Fun! Keep boredom at bay and your grey matter in top shape with an unbelievable collection of baffling brainteasers. in Puzzler World Free Game Download at GameHouse. — “Puzzler World > Play Free Now! | GameHouse”,
  • Solve our CROSSWORD puzzle GAME with a CELEBRITY twist. SOLVE a new FREE online PUZZLE every Friday on !. — “Games : Puzzler : ”,
  • This is puzzlers profile page. Check out their stats, Browse their games and friends here. Sploder is an online game creator. Create fun games that you can publish to the net and email to friends. — “Games by puzzler - Make your own Online Games Arcade, War”,
  • provides free interactive puzzles: bridges, codeword, crossword, hanjie, kakuro, killer sudoku, kriss kross, logic problem, pathfinder, pieceword, sudoku, word maze, wordsearch; plus a comprehensive Puzzler Encyclopedia of Puzzles,. — “Puzzler”,
  • Puzzler World is the must have video game and travel companion wherever you go, rain or shine. With over 200 hours of gameplay the fun never ends. Puzzler Worlds collection of various puzzle type games will challenge users with different degrees. — “Atari Video Games”,
  • We recommend and review the best casual games available on the Web today. Including walkthroughs, discussions and game links for browser games and This simply vibrant and unusual puzzler by the Super Flash Bros puts you in the role of a ghost who seeks to haunt a house in peace and quiet, but. — “Tag Search - Walkthrough Guides, Reviews, Discussion, Hints”,

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  • Puzzler World Nintendo DS Trailer Trailer for Nintendo DS game, Puzzler World Release Date: Dec. 8, 2009 Publisher: Atari Developer: Ideas Pad Genre: Puzzle Video and game content is property of Atari, Inc. & Ideas Pad Limited. I, in no way, am claiming ownership of this product. This video is only meant to get the word out on Atari's latest DS offering.
  • Hi, How Are You iPhone Game - High Definition Now available at and at the App Store. The game features a psychedelic universe filled with dynamic physics-driven gameplay, surreal enemies and challenging puzzles featuring Daniel Johnstons fascinating music and art. The first ever toon-shaded 3D puzzle platformer for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Puzzler #6 Java Puzzlers session. 6 of 7.
  • The Latest Thinking on Four Portfolio Puzzlers - Morningstar Video Morningstar's Christine Benz tracks down the latest insights on annuities, alternatives, fund redemption fees, and tactical vs. strategic asset allocation. For more Morningstar Videos, please visit:
  • Puzzler #1 Java Puzzlers session at Sun Tech Days Tokyo 2007. 1 of 7
  • Echoes trailer - PSP minis From Australian developer Halfbrick () comes Echoes, an action arcade game to be released on November 19th on the new PSPminis service on the PlayStation Network. Players control Charlie, a girl transported to a dream world while studying art, and finds herself in a series of bizarre and surreal levels. To complete each level, the player must collect crystals and avoid the deadly Echoes which spawn and follow the players previous movements. Gameplay quickly becomes fast-paced strategic action as more complex paths are taken and the Echoes begin to close in!
  • Puzzler Remix The Puzzler, The Puzzler, He's got a twisted mind! His bubbles, Mean trouble, If you get trapped inside, So you'd better, Start thinking, If the Puzzler has caught you! Cause if you don't sort the puzzle out, The Puzzler will sort you!!!!!!!
  • Gobot "Puzzler" combiner toy review My review of the Gobot combiner "Puzzler" made of six individual Gobots! Neat toy and I compare him G1 Menasor of the Transformers Stunticons.
  • Machine Robo - Machine Puzzler Commercial 1985 Bandai advert for the MR Machine Puzzler set, issued in the West as the Gobot Puzzler. Nifty stop-motion!
  • Missing Piece Puzzler Simple yet very impressive..Worth a look, I promise.
  • Go-Bot Puzzler A Review of the little know Go-Bot puzzler. V Devastator and Menasor
  • Serial Killers are People Too: Hangin with the Puzzler 2 A spin off cartoon of our Serial Killers are People Too series. A murderous puppet is kidnapping people and murdering them, while detectives Walburg and Stolen are hot on his trail. Walburg runs into trouble while looking for info on the puzzler. http
  • Gobots - Puzzler Commercial 1985 commercial for the Gobots Puzzler combining team, the US release of the Japanese Machine Puzzler toy.
  • Brain Puzzler Gray's Binary System Puzzle I used to have one of these when I was a *** and I recently found one again at a thrift store and wanted to share one of my favorite puzzles.
  • Minecraft: Puzzler, Cliffs of Insanity See this relevant tutorial. :)
  • Puzzler 1 Harry the Crop Circle Pirate This first puzzler from will tie in with a HUGE BRAINSTORM George had, a day after staring for hours at a whiteboard, trying to solve a problem about holograms. Just wait 'till you get the punch line to this one--it's cool!
  • The Puzzler - I Hate This Place [[LYRICS]] All rights go to ihatethisplace. I do not own the song or the picture in the video. Myspace: Enjoy! :) [[LYRICS]] These pieces don't fit But I don't mind the mystery A path so nonsensically leads Let's follow see what comes of it You walked me home Underneath the boulevard of linden trees Rain brought the falling leaves down The passerbys they scattered and left us alone Peculiar, I thought This only happens in the classless films of my youth It's not true to life But there I was Kissing you And I am a puzzler Cuz you keep me guessing what's in front of me We're friends so untypically paired An interlocked menagerie of funny words And strangely enough Something coherent Emerges from this blur of thoughts And I'll call your bluff When you say you're worried that These pieces don't fit Cuz I just solved the mystery Our paths fall together most defintely Let's follow see what comes of it
  • The Puzzler A time-lapse video where we do a jigsaw puzzle of a jigsaw puzzle. The first 4 hours of work are not in the video. Music is "Black" by Ambient Teknology.
  • Mulholland Drive,A Lynchian,Freudian,Jungian,Lesbian Puzzler (Gareth Rhodes) Mulholland Drive is a crazy film directed by David Lynch. I love how crazy it is. My song is suitably off centre.
  • Missing Piece Puzzler (Solution) Simple video showing the solution to the missing piece puzzler from ericsurf6
  • WorkshopGG`s Puzzler #4 Hey guys.WorkshopGG again with another puzzler! This time taken of a thread @ Just watch the video. Thanks for aswers and feedback. Please give any. BTW, is was this guy: who suggested the idea.
  • Todd's Origami Paper Airplane Puzzler Get Airborne Video Todds Shopboard™ Store Home Treasure Origami Puzzle Brain Teasers; Created To Fly! Get Airborne! You may purchase Soccer Robots from the Sports Collection, Tiger Beetles from the Bugs Collection, Pandas from the Mammalia Collection or Koalas from the Marsupials Collection; puzzlers available through Todd's Creative Design LLC: Original artistic sketches, wholesome family fun and imaginative educational toys. See if you can solve a dimensional puzzler? Follow spatial construction instructions? Enjoy flight school and get airborne? Imagine taking a fanciful journey into your own minds eye and getting lost; brought to you as a courtesy of Todd's Origami Paper Airplane Puzzler (patent pending) Brain Teasers. The puzzler is to see if you can take one of the four artistically conceived canvas sketches provided in each kit and fold it by generally following the provided origami folding instructions or construction instructions in order to reveal one or more hidden puzzler solution answers designed by the creator artisans. Each kit contains four canvas inserts and you will be able to attempt solving the puzzler four times or you can share with four friends. Determine who is the fastest spatial modeler. You must buy a kit to obtain the origami folding construction countdown and you must visit the website in order to view puzzler solution answers to confirm whether or not you have correctly solved each puzzle. In the end, you have a ...
  • Square One Puzzler: .5 or .25? Which decimal is larger?
  • 35 The Beatles - Hello Good Bye Video De The Beatles - Hello Good Bye En Version Anthology
  • The Dog Puzzler Toy /store is the only place to buy the Dog Puzzler. A tired dog is a good dog. Video shows my dog, Sagan, who is only too happy to stay home alone while she plays with her toy.
  • Puzzler World Video Game Nintendo DS Puzzler World is the must have video game and travel companion wherever you go,rain or shine. With over 200 hours of gameplay the fun never ends.
  • Gravity Master -- Physics Puzzler , iPhone app game "This game is perfect gravity kinds game for iPhone platform" - IGN "Perfect kinds of gravity puzzle game" - touchAcrade "The satisfaction of addictive level and simple control" - Slide to Play. ======================================= Welcome to Gravity Master! Gravity Master is originally gravity game that upgraded to iPhone Platform. Basically, Gravity Master has 5 direction of gravity. Touch and shoot the bomb to sign character on each gravity . Goal : You must hit each sign object on gravity. FEATURES: - 70 Level Stages. - Each Level has limit bomb - Each Level has 5 Gravity directions
  • [DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 : Crew Race] Electronic Boutique - PUZZLER [HARD]
  • Go-bots Puzzler Revenge of the bad eighties combiner!
  • No More Bad Physics Based Puzzlers Physics in video games. I love it. But Physics based puzzle games are a powder keg. They can be good or they can be very, very bad. How do you avoid making bad physics based puzzle games? Listen up. In this video I refer to The Incredible Machine ( Crayon Physics ( Fantastic Contraption ( which now has a sequel, Tumble Drop ( and Auditorium ( all of which are GOOD physics based puzzle games and I recommend you check them out.
  • Puzzler World 2011 Another Game Rewview hehe well this is Puzzler World 2011 even thought I uploaded it in 2010 XD anyways it is full of puzzles like: WordSearch, Find the missing pices, FitWord and many more! I give this 8/10 very cool just when you have to wherl that thing at the end you should be able to stop it :/
  • [DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 : Crew Race] Electronic Boutique - PUZZLER [NORMAL] Touch sensor has a problem.
  • The Puzzler The puzzler video off Numberjacks on CBeebies
  • Bedtime Puzzler - (株)ナムコ (NAMCO Co., Ltd.) Bedtime Puzzler - (株)ナムコ (NAMCO Co., Ltd.) IMO this song gives me a rpg/anime vibe/feel to it, dunno its weird but I like the song. Sounds cute. No copyright intent, only for music purposes.
  • Advanced Topics in Programming Languages: Java Puzzlers,... Google Tech Talks July 23, 2007 ABSTRACT Java Puzzlers, Episode VI: The Phantom-Reference Menace/Attack of the Clone/Revenge of the Shift. Josh Bloch and special guest star Bill Pugh present yet another installment in the continuing saga of Java Puzzlers, consisting of eight more programming puzzles for your entertainment and enlightenment. The game show format keeps you on your toes while the puzzles teach you about the subtleties of the Java programming language and its core libraries. Anyone with a working knowledge of the language will be able to understand the puzzles, but even the most seasoned veterans will be challenged. The lessons you take from this session are directly applicable to...
  • [DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 PREVIEW] Electronic Boutique - PUZZLER Composed by Electronic Boutique Visualized by SARA / Entia J Copyright 2004-2010 Pentavision, All Rights Reserved.
  • A Periodic Table Puzzler - Periodic Table of Videos Can you find the mistake in this periodic table? SPOILER: A blog about the answer can be found at A still photo of the table can be found at
  • Puzzler Collection PSP Gameplay Download ISO here: Here's me playing Puzzle collection on my PSP.
  • WP7 - Puzzler Gameplay Puzzler is out now! Grab the trial on your Windows Phone 7: Quick gameplay video of my first WP7 game, Puzzler, made with XNA. dev blog:
  • Squaremeat - Batman vs Puzzler

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  • “JavaFX Script: The Book, The Blog, And The Weekly Puzzler. Posted: Nov 24, 2007 1:12 Gao. Original Post: JavaFX Script: The Book, The Blog, And The Weekly Puzzler. Feed Title:”
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  • “This blog is now closing. But fear not - although this blog is closing, you can find a blogs, when a single blog could be used to keep people updated on all the Puzzler Sites”
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  • “Home Our Puzzler Sites Featured Sites Puzzler Blog Contact Advertise Quote Puzzler Report. Tuesday, September 23, 2008. During the mid-to-late morning today (Sept 23rd), the Quote Puzzler website lost”
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  • “Results for tag: puzzler. Blog Posts. MonkeyPaw imports two more fan-favorite PS1 titles tomorrow. Posted by: kc on Nov 15, 2010 at This week's no exception, with another killer shmup and a puzzler in the pipeline. Both of these titles have moonlit in the US”
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