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  • I've now made two trips to Southern California to visit some rad dudes. Here's all the places that I went and highly recommend, that is if you have a Hmmmm, if I were Jimmy Buffett putzing around Long Beach and wanted to go eat somewhere I can feel at home in AND enjoy some tasty fish, where. — “Guidespot: Long Beach Rippin' - The Tale of Two Trips!”,
  • Photos by Scott Stauffer, Mar 14, 2008 - Just a little bit of fun. — “Picasa Web Albums - Scott Stauffer - putzing about”,
  • MPNnow - If I hear one more person ask me “what I do all day” now that the kids are entrenched in college, I’m apt to commit a crime. Having no time limits, you see, is what distinguishes putzing around from any other activity. — “The fine art of putzing and futzing - Canandaigua, NY - MPNnow”,
  • Putzing Around in the Rain. I got out to see what wonders the rain brought this morning and discovered about an inch and a half in the gauge. The lichen on the old umbrella is gorgeous with the saturated light unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice. Yes!. Full to the top!. — “Conscious (Un)gardening: Putzing Around in the Rain”,
  • Putzing Along. Sometimes I think about what to write in the blog off and on all day. I compose paragraphs in my head, edit and rearrange them. Then later in the day when I usually actually write posts my brain seems to think I have and just stops thinking about it. — “KarenJoSeattle: Putzing Along”,
  • In Victorian days a century ago, it was the custom in Bethlehem for Moravians to "go putzing" during the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's. Families would visit each others' homes, view their respective putzes and enjoy refreshments. — “Central Moravian Church - Seasonal”,
  • According to a report Wednesday by ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, the Phillies have expressed interest in former All Star reliever J.J. Putz. Putz, coming off season ending elbow surgery last year wi. — “Phils Putzing around? | ”,
  • Nothing exciting . Just putzing (don't you love that word?) Anywho - doing some putzing in the hall Dusting, putting things away - putting things back No biggie - just putzing. *edited* to confess that now I've been putzing in the. — “Daisy Cottage: Putzing”,
  • It became clear over the Winter Meetings that, if the White Sox wanted to add a veteran bullpen arm, signing a guy like J.J. Putz would be the only way to. — “Putzing around | Sox Machine: Chicago White Sox blog”,
  • Painting, jewelry making and just plain putzing around. — “Bird in a Tree Home Shopping!!! on Justin.tv”, justin.tv
  • Date Posted: 3/24/05 3:02pm Subject: Matrix Online Advertisement is putzing me off big time. OK you succeeded in putzing me off so bad I will never buy the game even to try it out. — “VN Boards - Matrix Online Advertisement is putzing me off big”,
  • Nissan Titans at Glamis Sand Dunes putzing around. Trip to Sand Drags, Sand Drags and Night drive to Olds.. Glamis Dunes Nissan Titans by Faith +1 ROCKS YOU!. Watch it on Myspace Videos. — “Glamis Dunes Nissan Titans Video by Faith +1 ROCKS YOU”,
  • putzing. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 11 August 2009, at 02:23. Text is available under the. — “putzing - Wiktionary”,
  • Who'd have thought the day would come when it would be staid old Mississauga serving up the best political entertainment in the region? Imagine how much better things might have gone for Richard Nixon had he said, instead of "I am not a crook," that he was "just sort of putzing" at the Watergate. — “Yiddish ideal tongue for politics - ”,
  • History of the Christmas Putz Houses and Villages custom. New putz item pictures every month. — “Christmas Village Houses, History of Putzing and Toy Train”,
  • Monday, October 12, 2009. Roundup: 'Dollhouse' Putzing Along; 'Dexter' Hitting His Stride Soooo, rather than try and go back and recap two weeks worth of episodes, I thought I'd give more of an evaluative write-up at how the shows seem to be doing as they progress into their. — “Pass The Remote: Roundup: 'Dollhouse' Putzing Along; 'Dexter”, passtheremote08
  • Definition of putzing in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of putzing. Pronunciation of putzing. Translations of putzing. putzing synonyms, putzing antonyms. Information about putzing in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “putzing - definition of putzing by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • You can go in there, Bubba is just putzing around with the computer. Often used as "putzing around". Means to fool around, tinker, mess with, dabble. Could. — “Urban Dictionary: putzing”,
  • Putzing Around the Mexicali Border. November 2, 2010 No comments. I got stuck on wifi for much of the day today. I was however told that Spring Mountain was worth checking out. I'll generally have a look at anything anyone suggests. I looked at a map, spotted it, and rolled out to explore. — “Putzing Around the Mexicali Border - Travel by Motorcycle”,
  • Putz definition, fool; jerk. See more. Use putz in a Sentence. See images of putz. Search putz on the Web. Origin: 1900–05; < Yiddish puts lit., ornament, finery, prob. n. deriv. of putsn to clean, shine; cf. early mod. G butzen to decorate (G putzen to clean, brighten) Dictionary.com Unabridged. — “Putz | Define Putz at ”,
  • putz n. Slang . A fool; an idiot. Vulgar Slang . A penis. intr.v. Slang , putzed , putzing , putzes. — “putz: Definition from ”,

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  • Angeln in Putzing Das erste Fischen in Putzing verlief sehr erfolgreich !! seht selbst ;D CATCH & RELEASE !!
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  • Acoustic putzing Testing out an iPod touch app that shoot video like an old 8mm... Guitar piece is something I wrote... I didn't realize the video would have the 8mm clicking...
  • Let's Play Minecraft Survival: Episode 37: Putzing Around This was SUPPOSED to come out yesterday. But Youtube failed to render it twice, making me have to upload it 3 times. Wheee. *NEW SOCIAL MEDIA* Twitter: @sigi...
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  • Putzing around in Pro 10 A demonstration of data available from object dialog boxes for your use (Roof dialogs, Wall dialogs, 2-D line dialogs). I demonstrate how you can use the "Nu...
  • Hocus Pocus Filming! Putzing around Salem, MA :) Hi my beauties! This is from when we went to salem,ma. We found out that Hocus Pocus was filmed there and we just HAD to go haha. I hope you like it! FOLLOW ...
  • Putzing around old Fort Ord, California on the YSR Cruising around my neighborhood on the YSR.
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  • Putzing Around
  • Putzing about in the studio - G+ Artists Hanging Out!
  • extrem putzing da achte mal bitte jemand auf die riesen Füße !! **lach** und putzen ist doch ansteckend ;)
  • putzing about actions on a skateboard.
  • Tennessee Walking Horse Zorro for sale Putzing along.mp4 This video is solely to showcase my Zorro's beauty. In this lesson, we were just starting to get him to speed up more to get ready for future gaiting up less...
  • New Laguna Glazes Arrived & Putzing Around the Pottery Studio I'm having a WONDERFUL day in the studio today and didn't edit this much...just plunked the clips together so I can go back outside! Got some new glazes to t...
  • June Anna putzing around June Anna putzing around.
  • Creeperland #04: Just Putzing Around I putz around spawn with Blockhead and Brickhunter (aka Brickhead or Blockhunter) and Fireally. Creeperland is a small private almost vanilla survival ser...
  • Putzing around on a tard at Reno-Fernley Riding with Putz on a supermotard at Reno-Fernley Racetrack (config C) during the Sierra Sportbike Association's trackday May 23, 2010. Axial Video camera is...
  • Let's Play Oracle of Seasons - 05 - Putzing about in winter While it seems like I have no idea what I'm doing, I swear that somewhere in my subconscious I know what's going on.
  • Putzing around. . . Recorded on May 30, 2011 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • Advanced Minecraft - 2b2t - Season 2 Episode 15 - Putzing Around Doctrzombie, having explored the empty shell of his old base, sets out for a plot of land to call his own in the cold, harsh world of 2b2t. Episode 15 - Putz...
  • Putzing around on a bike 2 hours of putzing around Silicon Valley on a bicycle compressed into 2 1/2 minutes. I didn't realize there are so many palm trees around this place. Gah! Th...
  • Let's Play Plok! Part 4 - Putzing Around in the Thicket The Penkinos have been deflated and Plok has moved into Venge Thicket to do some thorough cleanup of what's left of the fleas. Content shown under fair use.
  • Putzing around Drums.
  • Just Putzing Around 11.25 months old.
  • Outlast blind playthrough w/ Facecam - #1 - Putzing Around I got so psyched out by the initial atmosphere and the way fraps made my game chug that I didn't get too far. xD Yet I still shook more than Courage the Cowa...
  • Dyna Agility Putzing This is Dyan the 10 mo old Chessie pup putzing around with the agility contact equipment...she's getting the idea.
  • Putzing Slow mixed terrain rural cruise on the Rivendell Quickbeam fixed gear.
  • June Anna putzing more June Anna putzing more.
  • A Trip To Modded Morrowind: Part 11 - Putzing Around Balmora - Gameplay Commentary In this episode we do some bartering, have a chat with the warrior Nistac and make our way to the temple.
  • Putzing around in the Audi coupe Q 20v, Audi coupe quattro 20v at half throttle fairly high RPM,
  • Putzing Along In Zero Gravity Zen Searching For Attitude Adjustments To Accomodate Flammable Rooms unreleased track by justin marc lloyd. .
  • Putzing around the kitchen Created on December 27, 2011 using FlipShare.
  • putzing around
  • 5 Points benefit ride Wallace WV - Dodge Ramcharger putzing through the first decent hole. Benefit ride held @ 5 Points near Wallace WV. My white Ramcharger creepin' through the first decent hole - turns out it has a nice hard bottom to it. 8-)

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  • “A Retired Blog. Blog. About Lex Friedman. Music and Videos. J-Lo Putzing. July 31, 2003 on 6: So, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's latest ball of stank, Gigli, is predicted to tank at”
    — Lex Friedman Presents The Lex Files " J-Lo Putzing,

  • “This morning I was putzing around on the internet, getting sitemaps registered with Google, correcting some title tags on posts, etc when I thought I'd stop by Mikes Marketing Tools for a gander at my rankings for one of my sites,”
    — The Power of a Tomato Blog!,

  • “[Archive] putzing around craigslist Join the Discussions; Meet other WAHMs The WAHM community forum was created to be a place for work at home moms to share their ideas and stories”
    putzing around craigslist... [Archive] - WAHM Forums - ,

  • “I am putzing on the computer instead of napping not sure that's my best choice but I'm afraid that if I sleep now that I won't be able to sleep later tonight. I talked with Sheila some today, told her that leaving him and living alone wasn't”
    — - Artsy Lady's blog,

  • “Gonna be putzing around with the blog software for the next So, please excuse me if the blog acts funny. Hopefully I'll screw up the security real”
    — Sharp as a Marble - Now you see her, now you don't,

  • “My wonderful father is a big "putzer." He can spend the entire day in the garage doing what seems to amount to nothing. He can rinse and repeat the putzing in his large garden, the shed, the long driveway up”
    — Do You Really Accomplish Anything Putzing Around The House,

  • “Oh So Organized! Blog by Linda Samuels So, if you find yourself futzing and putzing, perhaps you need to indulge. Maybe you are craving a break from your busy schedule and list of to dos”
    — Futzing, Putzing & Getting Motivated - Blog - The Other Side,

  • “ok.. got s12 back from RAAC after a few months.. then waited another 3 months to get trigger now after with putzing with BHO and FCG and safety t”
    — Safety Issues... - forum.Saiga-12.com, forum.saiga-12.com

  • “I enjoy putzing around my house constantly trying to organize things. Sounds crazy but I enjoy it! I also like messing around on the computer even though I still know very little about them. Also, of course, there is always shopping!”
    — Trela's Blog on Shine,

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