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  • Putrefier (Live @ Sunday Black Mass by Pendu, 03/15/09) Putrefier (Live @ Sunday Black Mass by Pendu, 03/15/09) Video Shot by Todd Brooks
  • UO Adventure #11 "Fortress Of Horror" 1/13 Part One Of Thir***. *WARNING: More Strong Obscene Language featured then usual* Hail all, thanks for checking out this Eleventh Adventure, apologies it's so long delayed, I kinda suck. This adventure, we travel to Ilshenar! East of Valour, we spent some time in and around the Fortress of Horror, I dunno it's real name still, but that's the cheesey name I'm giving it. Then we join up with some random person we bump into, and check out a Dragon's Lair which I'm sure I've NEVER been in before, heh. And ultimately end up in the Sorceress Dungeon briefly, for a bit of a blast with Blood Ele's and Elder Gazer's - Oh Joy! I also apologise for this new recurring problem of Video Glitches, very horrible ones at that, I'm gonna spend some time tomorrow tweaking things to get my old quality back. I can't believe it might be because it's HD Size captured footage, maybe my crappy HDD Setup on my PC isn't helping storing Data accurately (Try putting the temp files on a newer drive I shall). Sorry the music is a little loud, but wacking the volume up higher greatly helps my Voice become audible. I'll be more careful in the future about keeping all aspects of recording in better shape (I'll make a darned check list of things at this rate). Other then the above problems, it's all there with a tiny bit of gradual Audio Desynch - so please try and Enjoy, and I'll do my best to Iron out the recording problems!
  • UO Adventure #24 "Palace Of The Putrefier" 2/6 Part Two of Six. I've never been a fan of Plague Beasts -_-
  • Putrefier Putrefier - extract from Hagshadow's 'La Bas' video compilation at the 121 - Anarchist centre. 2000
  • UO Adventure #26 "Aspire" 1/4 Welcome to Adventure #26! My plans for this adventure, was to solo Lady Melisande. Guess how this adventure pans out? Yeah, I'm such an idiot, lol. But! Plenty of stuff happening in the Grove itself, killing the Dryads, and running away from Silver Serpents, Coils and Tangles. Oh yeah, plenty of nasties I forgot all about... oh god yeah, and Hydra's, some of this stuff deserves to go on my Top 10 Monsters list. Don't worry, you'll get to see a Hydra smash me into oblivion. I censored this one, as coming from me, it never sounds... good, and it's just not unacceptable. It creates an unwanted atmosphere/feeling for me. I watched back Adventure #2 recently, and I really don't like it for my attitude at times, ie when I start losing. I reckon I've learned to lighten up and accept my losses now though, and just lol heartily at my deaths, or at least keep my cool. Whatever! Enjoy this Adventure, it's "only" 49 Minutes, but I don't think it's half bad. And it features someone else besides me too :P Always spices things up, and tends to focus my efforts better.
  • #1 Putrefier vs Ruby the "Clown" seek.co.jp
  • UO Adventure #24 "Palace Of The Putrefier" 3/6 Part Three of Six. DIE DEMON THINGS! Finally past the Plague Beasts, onto the meaty stuff :P
  • UO Adventure #24 "Palace Of The Putrefier" 5/6 Part Five of Six. More heckling with monsters, eventually reaching the Putrefier.
  • Mark Durgan (Putrifier) - Live at The Fenton, Leeds 12.09.07 Mark Durgan aka Putrefier has been producing his singular, skewed and brutal noise/power electronics since the inception of Putrefier back in 1986. This tour finds him minus pseudonym producing a pulsating collection of field recordings and homemade gadget improv, which stomps on the head of Scanner and 'sound artists' everywhere. Filmed live in Leeds by G. Proctor at this Termite Club Event! A full good quality version of this set and the Jazkamer set from this night will soon be available on DVD from the Termite Club, keep a look out!
  • afterparty 2 - No Fun Fest Stockholm 2009 Dancing to the DJ - perfect ending of a great festival.
  • Putrefier | NYC @ Death By Audio | 13 Oct 2007 For more (((unartig))) recordings please go to Putrefier live at No Fun Fest at Death By Audio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City on October 13, 2007.
  • UO Adventure #24 "Palace Of The Putrefier" 1/6 Part One of Six. Welcome to Adventure #24! It's been a while since I did a UO video, guess after having explored most places I've not been keen to replay the same things again. Maybe less frequency on the Video output will balance it out? *Shrugs* Obviously when I play without recording stuff, I revisit the same places over and over, there's no way around that as the land's are fully explored, unlike other MMO's with their massive scale worlds. But seeing the same stuff all the time, it's gonna lose it's value and just be a blur of the same recycled junk. So by keeping it minimal, I hope my continued UO recordings don't lose substance as fast. Basically I need something new to work with in-game, but that's a whole other can of worms ~_~ Anyways, this adventure takes me to The Palace Of Paroxysmus. This is our third visit here, but my first time solo. Filled with Demonic creatures; Succubus, regular Demon, Balron, Moloch and Arcane Demon creatures, there's a lot of running around and scrambling for Heal macro's! And to compliment the above, there's an Acidic river flowing through the dungeon, which apparently draws Plague Beasts (plus the Lord variant!) and a couple of Elemental creatures. Oh yeah, can't forget the Putrefier, one of the worst creatures to cross paths with O_o It's knarley, but I did my best to stay alive and bring my wrath of Magery to them! Thanks for watching, and apologies for the sound change in the final two parts, I'm not sure how that happened, but ...
  • Afterparty 1 - No Fun Fest Stockholm 2009 Hair Police and Putrefier plays Abba!
  • #16 Putrefier vs Garnet the "Wizard" seek.co.jp
  • UO Adventure #24 "Palace Of The Putrefier" 4/6 Part Four of Six. Get some payback after dying, I have no idea why my Lightenings weren't casting back there, I'm pretty sure I had the targeting reticule and everything ~_~
  • UO Adventure #24 "Palace Of The Putrefier" 6/6 Final Part; Six of Six. Thanks for watching, sorry it turned out a little long winded. If good things come from this latest Adventure release, then I 'spose I'll be prompted to do another someday :) Also, perhaps the most ridiculous thing about this Adventure is the Profit, or lack there of: I must have died 4-5 times, that's at least 20-25k spent on entrance fee's. Then there's the Insurance costs, maybe 100 Gold per item, about 20 items maybe? Multiplied with 5 deaths, that works out overall about 35000 Gold. I almost made that back in Gold Looting, but guess what happened to that? The Putrefier seems to have acquired it off my corpse. So I lost out completely, with the exception of the Jewels. Good job I picked them up, I guess XD Hopefuly the amount of monsters slain balances out the Fame loss from deaths...? ^^;;
  • #5 Putrefier vs Emerald the "Berserker" seek.co.jp

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