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  • puppet human or animal figure, generally of a small size and performing on a miniature stage, manipulated by an unseen operator who usually speaks. — “puppet Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Puppet Hub is a Ning Network. — “Photos - Puppet Hub”,
  • Puppet Revelation is the home of the original full/half body puppet. Hand puppets, animal puppets, & finger puppets are just a few of our unique lines. — “Puppet Revelation - Hand puppets, animal puppets and finger”,
  • Puppet's open source data center automation and configuration management framework provides system administrators with a simplified platform that allows for consistent, transparent, and flexible systems management. — “Open Source Data Center Automation And Configuration”,
  • Puppet definition, an artificial figure representing a human being or an animal, manipulated by the hand, rods, wires, etc., as on a miniature stage. See more. — “Puppet | Define Puppet at ”,
  • Make an Owl Puppet These were easy to put together - construction paper triangles and circles for the face, button eyes, furry felt bellies and pipe cleaner feet, and fall leaves for wings. This puppet is from Amy Glassenberg's blog Scroll down on her page for a larger photo of the puppet. — “Puppets”,
  • Puppet: is the headquarters of hand puppets, marionettes, puppet theaters, and all things puppet. Get more information on puppets. — “Learn More About Hand Puppets, Marionettes, & Puppet Theaters”,
  • Encyclopedia article about puppet. Information about puppet in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. hand puppet, puppet theater, puppet shows, puppet show, shadow puppet, black light puppet, famous. — “puppet definition of puppet in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A puppet is an inanimate object or representational figure animated or manipulated by a puppeteer. Puppetry by its nature is a flexible and inventive medium, and many puppet companies work with combinations of puppet forms, and incorporate real objects into their performances. — “Puppet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • puppet n. A small figure of a person or animal, having a cloth body and hollow head, designed to be fitted over and manipulated by the hand. — “puppet: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • A puppet is an inanimate object or representational figure animated or manipulated by a puppeteer. The puppet undergoes a process of transformation through being animated, and is normally manipulated by at least one puppeteer. — “Puppet - Reference”,
  • All Folkmanis Puppets on sale at 25% off! Huge Stock, Best Puppets, Lowest Prices, Fastest Shipping. — “PuppetU - Best Puppets, Lowest Prices, Fastest Shipping!”,
  • Buy Melissa doug puppet from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Best prices on Melissa doug puppet in Puppets & Puppet Theater online. — “Melissa doug puppet Puppets & Puppet Theater at Bizrate”,
  • See a show, play with puppets in the hands-on museum, make a puppet souvenir to take home and shop for puppets til you drop in the museum store of the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA!. — “Center for Puppetry Arts”,
  • one whose acts are controlled by an outside force or influence Origin of PUPPET. Middle English popet youth, doll, from Middle French poupette, diminutive of *poupe doll, from Vulgar Latin *puppa, alteration of Latin pupa. First Known Use: 1538. — “Puppet - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Learn about Puppet Theater on . Find info and videos including: How to Make Puppet Theaters, Famous Puppet Theaters, The History of Puppet Theaters and much more. — “Puppet Theater - ”,
  • Sells puppets, marionettes, and related accessories from top puppet manufacturers. — “ - Puppets, Hand Puppets, Puppet Theaters, Finger”,
  • Puppet Data Center Automation Solution helps you save time, gain visibility into your server environment, and ensure consistency across your IT infrastructure. — “Puppet Labs: The Leading Open Source Data Center Automation”,
  • Puppet gifts and toys and unique professional puppets at lower prices to meet all your puppet needs!. — “Puppet - Unique puppet lines for pretend puppet play and”, puppet-
  • A puppet is an inanimate object or representational figure animated or manipulated by a puppeteer. Puppetry by its nature is a flexible and inventive medium, and many puppet companies work with combinations of puppet forms, and incorporate real objects into their performances. — “Puppet”,
  • A puppet is an inanimate object or representational figure animated or manipulated by a puppeteer. It is usually - but by no means always - a depiction of a human character, and is used in puppetry, a play or a presentation that is a very ancient form of theatre. — “Puppet - by ”,

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  • Potter Puppet Pals: Harry's Nightmares Twitter: bit.ly Facebook: bit.ly Harry is a wizard who dreamt he was a muggle and hated it. But now that dream is over... and the wizard is awake.
  • Potter Puppet Pals: Snape's Diary Extended version: Tweetness:
  • INSANELY important Potter Puppet Pals news! Harry has become sentient and smashed through the fourth wall, straight through into his own special channel:
  • Hilo Puppets NOTE: You won't understand this video unless you watch Potter Puppets Mysterious Ticking Noise. So if you haven't seen it, go check it out! Hilo Puppets By Ryan Higa Sean Fujiyoshi Tim Enos Kyle Chun Jason Lin Based on the original video "Potter Puppets" Our version is called "Hilo Puppets" because we are all from Hilo, Hawaii.
  • PUPPET RAPIST - episode #1 Has he been rehabilitated? Will the urges come back?
  • Amazing beatboxing puppets Become a fan of VideoJug on Facebook: Beatboxer Belletrix shows you how to make beatboxing puppets - the videojug way. If you'd like to embed this video, visit:
  • Potter Puppet Pals: The Vortex Internal power conflicts in Hogwarts. Who will emerge the victor? Harry Potter. Created by Neil and Emmy Cicierega, with puppeteering help from Alora Lanzillotta, Emmy Cicierega, and Ryan Murphy.
  • Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Swears Harry and the gang learn how to curse. Er, not like magical curses, like swearing. Just watch okay?
  • Metallica - Master Of Puppets With lyrics *Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectfull owners. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only. Here is another lyrics video I made with Metallica. I just got the album today (as of 3/17/2007) and I felt like posting my favorite song from it on youtube! This only took me 2 hours to make :-) it was, honestly, a worthy 2 hours of my life. By the way, I understand the girl/phone joke. I know it was pretty ridiculous, but whatever. I know I wrote 'I'm bored' in the solo, but that didn't mean I got bored of the solo. I was expressing my current thoughts when I wrote that while I was making the video. You know, it's a bit of work :PI know I messed up on some of the lyrics, but it shouldn't matter too much. I can't go back to change those errors now, unless I want to delete the video with a good haul of views. I know that some of you don't like the quotes, and you'd rather have pictures instead. I put pictures at the beginning but I deleted them from my documents afterward so they got deleted. I got lazy right then and didn't want to find them again, so I did something a little different instead. I know that before the second solo, there is a "Fix me!" shout right before then that I forgot to put in. My bad, I didn't know what was being said there. I was looking at the booklet that came with the CD for lyrics, and it didn't show what was said there. If you want to, go ahead and shout out ...
  • Giant Puppet Arthur arrives at Dromore West, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Live Music by bofield ceili band
  • Pete The Meat Puppet Diesel proudly introduce Pete, a meat puppet, and his sing-a-long tale of dark confessions from life in the fast lane. More tales from the darker side of Diesel at
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5: Puppet Warp Sneak Peek Now in Photoshop CS5. Try or buy Photoshop CS5 at bit.ly Many people use Photoshop to bend and twist images in unique ways. Russell Brown, senior creative director, delivers a new take on warping images and image elements in this early glimpse into Photoshops Labs. CS5 is coming on April 12 - Images courtesy of
  • War Horse Puppet at Sandown
  • Potter Puppet Pals: Mustache Buddies Twitter: bit.ly Facebook: bit.ly A test of Snape's loyalty to the Dark Lord.
  • MVPs - Kobe & Lebron Puppet All Episodes All Episode - Car Jump:Chalk:Mrs.Louis:Championship Ring:Pingpong:Quick Move by Kobe:Lil Dez Neighbor:No Finals for LeBron:Lil Dez rap:Unstoppable:LeBron 2010:Good Luck from LeBron:Kobe Champ:News Anchor singing
  • Rihanna & Chris Brown: Sock Puppet Theatre Check out more f%#@ed up Chris Brown sh*t at Please Subscribe to catch future episodes of Celebrity Sock Puppet Theatre! Disclaimer This parody video in no way endorses domestic violence. The purpose is merely to show how outrageous and unacceptable celebrity misbehavior can be, and how willing we are as a society to forgive our pop culture idols. If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for help: 800-799-SAFE (available 24 hours). Follow Us: Face Us: Watch Us: Created by Chris Case and Greg Benson Written by Chris Case and Greg Benson Directed and Edited by Greg Benson Produced by Chris Case Puppets by Pogo Saito Camera Carl Ratajski Sound: Payman Benz Theme song by Eanan Patterson Photoshop Images by Chris Varns Voices: Greg Benson Chris Case Payman Benz Pogo Saito Announcer: Jon Bruno Special thanks to TMZ for use of the horrific Rihanna police photo. tags: celebrity tabloid gossip scandal news entertainment paparazzi comedy sketch parody spoof fight slap film funny cute dumb silly crazy improv series movie hit abuse break up domestic violence drugs agent manager daily fill dailyfill tmz leak police photo famous music rap hip hop r&b singer rapper duet funny wacky weird crazy insane media story tv television puppets theater Chris Brown Rihanna P. Diddy Puff Daddy Usher Kanye West Amber Rose Oprah Winfrey Donald Trump mediocre films ...
  • Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise Snape hears a strange ticking sound. Love ensues.
  • Metallica - Master Of Puppets live Seattle 1989 An awsome clip of master of puppets live that I took from my Seattle 1989 dvd.
  • The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age Of The Understatement" (2008) Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) & Miles Kane (The Rascals) are The Last Shadow Puppets. Directed by director Romain Gavras, their debut video is as big as Mother Russia, following our intrepid heroes' adventures in Moscow and includes ice skating, an Orthodox priest, Soviet tanks and a chorus of Russian Soldiers. 'The Age of the Understatement' single is out on Monday 14th April on 7" and digital download and you can order the Last Shadow Puppets debut album (Out 21 April in the UK & 6 May in the US) from our Mart ( x.php?page=mart). For more:
  • Puppet Dick in a Box *uncensored* * Due to tons of automated spam (which YouTube should be able to prevent!) I've disabled comments for this video. When I saw the original "Dick in a Box" video it cracked me up, so what better way to honor it then by remaking it with puppets! Yes, I know it's well past Christmas, but I wasn't able to spend as much time filming as I wanted. Regardless, please enjoy Puppet in a Box!
  • Thousand Foot Krutch- Puppet This is the music video from Thousand Foot Krutch and the song Puppet. hope you rate it:D
  • PUPPET: A Film by Patrick Smith This animated short film was created in 2006 by American animator Patrick Smith. It is a story about a young man who creates a hand puppet that hurts him in increasingly gruesome and bizarre ways. It is a story of desperation, fear, and an ever-present question: does the puppet have a mind of its own, or does the hand want to control it this way? This film is shown courtesy of the Portable Film Festival, You can also visit Pat Smith's personal website at http Also, just so we're clear, I did not make this movie or claim ownership of it. I am not Patrick Smith.
  • Japanese Bunraku puppets Bunraku is Japan's professional puppet theater. Developed primarily in the 17th and 18th centuries, it is one of the four forms of Japanese classical theater, the others being kabuki, noh, and kyogen. The term bunraku comes from Bunraku-za, the name of the only commercial bunraku theater to survive into the modern era. Bunraku is also called ningyo joruri, a name that points to its origins and essence. Ningyo means "doll" or "puppet," and joruri is the name of a style of dramatic narrative chanting accompanied by the three-stringed shamisen. This exhibition from a show in Kyoto...
  • puppet puppet is an animated short done by Ivan Kaplow while a student at Ringling School of Art and Design in 2002. It was in Siggraph's Electronic Theater in San Antonio in 2002.
  • Photoshop CS5: Puppet Warp New in Photoshop CS5, warp your objects easily with the new Puppet Warp! Check it out in Photoshop CS5!
  • Avatar: The Last Puppet Bender - Hot Air Created for presentation at the 2008 New York Comic Con Avatar Fan Panel, I slapped this skit together with a short deadline mostly taken up by building the puppets. It's just after episode 311's cliffhanger and Zuko is about to catch up with our heros! If you like & know about Avatar, you'll get the humor. If you don't... Probably not. XD But hopefully you can still get a kick out of the puppet craft. A very big thanks from me to Dave Roman, Alison Wilgus, and Johane Matte for letting me participate in their panel. I had a blast! And of course many props to the insanely funny & talented Luliandfishy for coming up with and writing many of the jokes for me! I do indeed fully admit & acknowledge that this is a take-off on the far more superior "Potter Puppet Pals" and no claims are made of it being wholly original in concept.
  • Van Canto - Master of Puppets Van Canto's a capella cover version of Metallica's Master of Puppets off of their latest album 'Tribe of Force'.
  • Funny Puppet Show Acmed the dead terroist a funy puppet show
  • Nike MVPuppets "Puppet Chalk" (in HD) Nike presents to you the MVPs (Most Valuable Puppets). The roommate puppet versions of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant get competitive in this campaign for the NBA Playoffs.
  • Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse "Puppets always have to try to be alive," says Adrian Kohler of the Handspring Puppet Company, a gloriously ambitious troupe of human and wooden actors. Beginning with the tale of a hyena's subtle paw, puppeteers Kohler and Basil Jones build to the story of their latest astonishment the wonderfully life-like Joey, the War Horse, who trots (and gallops) convincingly onto the TED stage.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on , at
  • Potter Puppet Pals: Ron's Disease Ron has a problem. Special thanks to Emmy Cicierega, Ben Cicierega, Ming Doyle, Alora Lanzillotta, Ryan Murphy, and ! :)
  • THE ***ED PUPPET!!!!! thanks for SUBSCRIBING to my stupid vids. i love you guys :} FACEBOOK Check out MILLY on the fine bros channel
  • Metallica - Master of Puppets (S&M) Metallica - Master of Puppets
  • Wheatley Puppet Finally my Wheatley puppet is complete! This is a demonstration of him in action. =3 He has 10 quotes in all. This only shows a few. I'm still getting used to puppeting him, so apologies if his movement seems a little weird. I've got a blog detailing his build process here if anyone's curious: You can also see some pictures of him here: trp-
  • Skeleton Puppet Street artist performing with a puppet skeleton.
  • Twilight The Puppet Saga - Twilight parody Twilight the Puppet Saga The most highly anticipated vampire puppet film EVER! You have read the books; youve seen the movie, now you can watch TWILIGHT THE PUPPET SAGA! Stephenie Meyers Twilight has now been Spook-ified! I hope you dig the latest in my series of Puppet adaptations. Feel free to embed and post it all over, leave comments and rate the film! SpookyDan I keep getting emails saying that our puppet version is funnier than the Taylor Swift SNL parody...woohoo
  • Potter Puppet Pals: Wizard Angst Harry Potter feels cranky and pubescent today, and he doesn't know why.
  • LABYRINTH with SOCK PUPPETS (feat. AMANDA PALMER & FRIENDS) A Very Bowie Xmas Gift... Love, AFP, Mr. Neil Gaiman, and Team Chaos Merry Xmas and Kwanzaa to all!!! Sara: Amanda Palmer Jareth (aka David Bowie with a Mullet, miscredited as "Jared" in the credits): Neil Gaiman The Eyeballs: Max Melton The Evil Worm Sock Puppet: Sam Siggs Wardrobe Mistress: Rosie Cunningham Set Photographer & Moral Support: Holly Gaiman DoP/Editor: Marc Smith Music: Jamie Smith Producer: Alan Jeffrey Silver City Theatre Thanks To: Chris Cunningham, Mary Siggs & The City Of Edinburgh
  • Potter Puppet Pals: Draco Puppet Twitter: bit.ly Facebook: bit.ly You asked for it, you've got it! DRACO MALFOY IN PUPPET FORM!
  • I'm your puppet - James and Bobby Purify Cruisin' Oldies

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