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  • In early 18th century England a common practice when speaking was to answer in a single syllable, made from a larger word. People did it for fun. The word 'pundigrion' was coined to describe this kind of word-play. It's believed that this was the. — “Here is an untrue story:Oscar Wilde was bragging that he”,
  • WISE 2.1 THE DARK JOKES - IN A GREGORIAN GARDEN (PREVIEW VERSION) on Vimeo by Julien Pearly / Pundigrion Films JOKES - IN A GREGORIAN GARDEN (PREVIEW VERSION) on Vimeo by Julien Pearly / Pundigrion Films[/url] by [url=http:///people/jupearly/]Julien Pearly[/url], on. — “WISE 2.1 THE DARK JOKES - IN A GREGORIAN GARDEN (PREVIEW”,
  • Anni Rossi,Rollin Hunt, Horsebreaker, Pundigrion anni rossi,rollin hunt, horsebreaker, pundigrion. Reviews of event. We currently have no reviews for this event, please add one using the link above. — “Anni Rossi,Rollin Hunt, Horsebreaker, Pundigrion”,
  • (no subject) - pundigrion, 2008-01-31 11:45 pm UTC (Expand) (no subject) - pundigrion, 2008-01-31 11:53 pm UTC (Expand) (no subject) - bluejayway,. — “damnportlanders: Vegan strip club”,
  • pundigrion, the probable forebear of pun, is merely obsolete; where used the meaning can be easily determined from context. you for the rundown on "pundigrion". Tentatively, then, I'd guess it. — “limns --and other currently unfashionable words. - Wordsmith Talk”,
  • In this film Alan Bissett recalls the intense experience of growing up next to one of Europe's largest petrochemical plants and the harrowing experience of an explosion that temporarily deformed his father. Hidden Door Festival Preparation - Day1 from Julien Pearly / Pundigrion Films on Vimeo. — “Hidden Door Festival”,
  • Uncyclopedia was once a carefree Wiki in a golden age of innocence. The humour within was amusing and largely free of poorly timed word play. All The Puns originally descended from the Pundigrion tribe of Italy who had interbred with the Punctilious and were in-tern descended from the. — “The Pun Invasion of Uncyclopedia - Uncyclopedia, the content”,
  • The OED records the short-lived synonyms of pun, namely punnet and pundigrion; yet pun cannot be a clipped form of either. In any case, it is more likely that pundigrion is an extension of pun than that pun is a. — “OUPblog " Blog Archive " The Dubious History of Pun (Pun”,
  • Extract Scene shot while filming I'm Sorry LOVE, Liam is playing in the meadows of Edinburgh a Bob Dylan song "simple twist of fate"(Copyright ©1974 Ram's Horn Music) feature some shots used for the final film by Julien Pearly / Pundigrion Films. — “OUT TAKES "I'm Sorry LOVE" - Busking Bob Dylan Cover 2 on Vimeo”,
  • Chapter 6. Tendencies in American. 3. Processes of Word-Formation. Mencken, H.L. 1921. The American Language brandewyn), pun from pundigrion, grog from grogram, curio from curiosity, canter from Canterbury, brig from brigantine, bus from omnibus, bant from Banting and fad from fadaise. — “Chapter 6. Tendencies in American. 3. Processes of Word”,
  • pundigrion [origin unknown, but prob. the source of pun ; perhaps a humorous alteration of It. puntiglio equivocation, trivial objection] obs. — “pundigrion: Information from ”,
  • pun ingilizce türkçe sözlük pun nedir? pun tanımı tüm sözlükler pun etimolojisi pun okunuşu pun sözlük anlamı pun çevirisi pun kelimesinin eşanlamı nedir? you do not mean to make a joke about something) (Probably from pundigrion (17-19 centuries), perhaps from puntiglio; PUNCTILIOUS). — “pun < tüm sözlükler < sesli sözlük : ingilizce türkçe almanca”,
  • Check out Pundigrion's Comment Board on MySpace! Post your own comments and view messages from friends. — “Pundigrion's Comment Board | – Comments”,
  • funny puns for good clean family fun. Actually, the term 'pun' was coined from 'pundigrion' which means word play. It is an act of deliberately exploiting words and their meanings to give. — “Funny Puns For Good Clean Family Fun”,
  • Pundigrion Films is specialized in mixing documentary and fiction to celebrate music in a cinematographic and Pundigrion Films is specialized in recording the music of Edinburgh, to celebrate it in a cinematographic and narrative way but. — “I'm Sorry LOVE | Fest21.com”, fest21.com
  • Pun Abaara Free Fun Facts - research all topics from Business, Health, Law, Computers, Entertainment, Games, Investing, Society and more The word pun itself is thought to be originally a contraction of the (now archaic) pundigrion. — “What is Pun? : Abaara fun facts and uncommon knowledge - Pun”,
  • pundigrion. 2010-06-24 10:14 am UTC (link) "I mean, I'm fairly sure that given a chance I could pretty much do anything with a bit of training. pundigrion. 2010-06-25 10:08 am UTC (link) There are still some apprenticeship programs left, but not so many. — “ameranth: Ripping up floors is surprisingly theraputic and”,
  • Punn: (v) to punch, hit, or strike Derivation: The word punn itself is thought to be originally a contraction of the (now archaic) pundigrion. This. — “Urban Dictionary: punn”,

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  • SAUGHTON PARK SLOW MOTION.mp4 my friend julien pearly aka pundigrion has used one of my songs - i told jesus- for this short clip. this is a first draft, but i wanted to put it up for you guys. the music production is from my friend show n prove, and myself and persian cat on vocals. track will be on my album !! peace ! (check his channel on you tube : shownprovetv) and my music : peace
  • pundigrion films 2009 clip video of the past year projects
  • Tinderbox Orchestra (feat. Anneke Kampman) - Bachelorette (by Bjork) Tinderbox Orchestra performing Bjork's "Bachelorette" with singer Anneke Kampman from Conquering Animal Sound. Original arrangement for orchestra by Tinderbox. Recording by CP productions. Filming by Pundigrion Films. The Tinderbox Orchestra is a contemporary youth orchestra from Edinburgh, playing modern styles of music, writing original compositions and collaborating with local bands and artists. It is part of the Tinderbox Project, a wider initiative aiming to inspire and educate young people in contemporary music and arts.
  • Star 1 Music By Punit Yaatri A Film by Julien Pearly From the Album STAR Available to download now on image Copyright Pundigrion Films 2010
  • WISE 2.4 THE DARK JOKES - Low Winter Sun I filmed Low Winter Sun (2.4) the 1st time when the band was still called Burning Clouds the year before, in a superb acoustic version. Now electric this is a powerful pop song about the coldness of Scottish winter and is much simpler in its construction than the rest of the band materials. Opening with the line "wake me up again in spring", it reflects the feelings we get through when the dark days bring us down and this is why this song goes straight to cheer people hearts up. The 2nd take was filmed at their studio for the Halloween party they organized with other bands the lined up. It was weird though very enjoyable to watch Aaron beetle Juice playing surrounded by witches, gargoyles and especially Paul Hitler bombarding the room of his strong drumming all night through. The warm atmosphere of the place fitted perfectly the spirit of the song.
  • WISE 2.3 - Jean Charles de Menezes The next song (2.3) is a strong testimony about the controversial shooting and death of Jean Charles de Menezes, which happened two weeks after the London bombings of 7 July 2005, causing the death of 56 people. It's a though subject again and maybe one of my favorite. I love the rhythm and the bass line. The repetition of his name during the chorus seems like judgmental cry and reminder to the injustice that happened on that night. The other take was shot in Aaron mum back garden the same night than the Leith Links festival. To finish the day with such a superb collection of live songs in a garden of Edinburgh was a pleasure of the senses, and all ended again, though it was quite late, when the police came, they were in black this time, the dark menace had stricken again.
  • WISE 2.1 - In A Gregorian Garden Workers In Song Edinburgh (Preview Version) A film By Julien Pearly A song by The Dark Jokes /​thedarkjokes WISE 2.1 - In A Gregorian Garden /​14578828 WISE 2.2 - Yellow Menace /​14578828 WISE 2.3 - Jean Charles de Menezes /​14638080 WISE 2.4 - Low Winter Sun /​14609711 Edinburgh, August 2010 - January 2011 So here we go for an amazing new set of songs from one of the most exciting band in Edinburgh. For this new WISE episode we introduce Aaron Dennington Band, The Dark Jokes, starting where we left him last time, in an abandoned hospital near Coldingham where I witnessed something unique and beautiful. Without doubt he knew what song would fit this kind of environment and "In a Gregorian Garden" was the perfect choice indeed. When he sings "she (mother nature) gonna make you pay and she will blow everything away", I'm drown into the desolation of the place and contemplate how right he is. By that time of the week end, I had already filmed a lot and saw the only card I had was almost full and my battery close to die, so I got only half of the song at the end. The situation gave me the idea of breaking the one take rule, like I did for WISE 1.4. It brings a new layer to the song also gives the freedom to travel through time and space. Here thanks to a tv set and through a hole in the ground, our friend Aaron is flew back and fro from one place to another without trouble, just by the magic of imagination and editing. The song ...
  • WISE 2.2 The Dark Jokes - Yellow Menace Workers In Song Edinburgh (Preview Version) A film By Julien Pearly A song by The Dark Jokes /thedarkjokes For Yellow Menace (2.2), I took a playful approach, though the theme of the song is obviously serious and about the police, here it's more of a blonde menace. But what if you could jump from one person perception to the next and enter into his (her) memory and imagination? Let us assume one or two of them have watched the band live already and remember the experience. So on a sunny day at the Mount, like a lot of people passing by, I enjoyed the weather while watching The Dark Jokes then filmed this song trying to grasp the expression on people faces and their reaction to the music. Again the song happens to be well chosen for the location without any plan on my side. Also by a wonderful game of circumstances I realized I ended up filming in the exact same position than one of the audience leaning against the iron fence. So watch the whole clip as a game of perception. When the trumpet and sax come in we switch to the concert and hear them as a calling for a music experience as intense as I did that night. Shot at The granary down the shore, one busy night of June where I filmed 2 other gigs, I went up on stage among the band and couldn't get closer to the whole idea of jamming with a camera instead of an instrument. And I can't recall a comparable emotion as the one I had towards the end when, close to Paul and his impressive drumbeats, the song changes ...

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  • “la.ce.rate |ˈlasəˌrāt| verb [ trans. ] tear or deeply cut (something, esp. flesh or skin) : the point had lacerated his neck | [as In the 17th century it also appeared as "punnet" and "pundigrion," though it is not clear whether "pun" comes from them or vice versa ("punnet" seems”
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  • “This is usually for humorous effect, although one well known pun of serious intent is to be originally a contraction of the (now archaic) pundigrion”
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  • “Julien Pearly's blog. Pundigrion Films is specialized in mixing documentary and fiction to here is the first blog about the completion of my 1st short film which i started”
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  • “The OED records the short-lived synonyms of pun, namely punnet and pundigrion; yet pun cannot be a clipped form of either. In any case, it is more likely that pundigrion is an extension of pun than that pun is a clipped form of it”
    — OUPblog " Blog Archive " The Dubious History of Pun (Pun,

  • “[Or paronomasia or pundigrion] Dryden called it the "lowest and most groveling kind of wit. He nonchalantly suggested adding a Pun Blog as it dovetailed nicely with the Spoonerisms”
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