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  • The lacrimal c***iculi, one in each eyelid, commence at minute orifices, termed puncta lacrimalia (or lacrimal punctum, or lacrimal point), on the summits of the papillae lacrimales, seen on the margins of the lids at the lateral extremity of the lacus lacrimalis. — “Lacrimal punctum - wikidoc”,
  • The punctum plug is a small silicone or collagen plug that is inserted by an eye doctor into a tiny skin opening (punctum) in the eyelid that drains tears away from the eye. This procedure is often used to help alleviate a problem called dry. — “Punctum (or Punctal) Plug”,
  • Punc·tum n. [L., a point.] A point. ||Punctum cæcum . [L., blind point.] (Anat.) Same as Blind spot , under Blind congenital absence of an opening in the lacrimal punctum, usually the lower, occurs most often in toy and miniature poodles. — “punctum: Definition from ”,
  • [LOCATION] You are located in menu-tree (+1) for the word-cloud of "punctum mobile" [VIEW] The number below that words indicates the max. amount of logical connections to "punctum mobile", that are available. — “punctum mobile”, w9
  • Definition of Punctum in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Punctum. Pronunciation of Punctum. Translations of Punctum. Punctum synonyms, Punctum antonyms. Information about Punctum in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Punctum - definition of Punctum by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Punctum definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Punctum | Define Punctum at ”,
  • Punctum is a live arts organisation based in central Victoria, Australia. Punctum also manages an arts incubator - a place where artists working with contemporary form can research, practise, and build. — “punctum | live arts organisation”, .au
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Punctum. Get exclusive content and interact with Punctum right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Punctum | Facebook”,
  • Lacrimal Punctum. Lifestyle, fitness & health information about Lacrimal Punctum. 5 Things you Need to Know About Caring for Dry Eyes. — “Lacrimal Punctum | ”,
  • Please forgive us all here at Punctum for our lack of news updates as of late. Punctum is very pleased to announce the first Private View of 'Ghosts in Armour' on September the 5th at the. — “Punctum News”, punctum-
  • Sheila and her muse, the painter, Margaux are in a taxi in Miami concluding that what you need to know in writing and what you need to know in art has nothing to do with Herzogs ecstatic truth or Kants notion of the sublime or Barthes punctum. More News & Updates. Images for Punctum. — “Punctum”,
  • Welcome to my place in cyber space, welcome to my world of visual impressions, welcome to where it matters what you see – Welcome to the Galleria Punctum Saliens. — “Galleria Punctum Saliens - The Art Of Viewing by Roland Voegtli”, punctumsaliens.ch
  • Skip to sign in form. Login. Join Twitter! punctum. This person has protected their updates. Name punctum. Web http://punctumliu 55 Following. 50 Followers. Following. View All Footer © 2009 Twitter. About Us. Contact. Blog. Status. Apps. API. Search. Help. Jobs. Terms. Privacy. — “punctum (punctum) on Twitter”,
  • Definition of punctum in the Medical Dictionary. punctum explanation. Information about punctum in Free online English dictionary. What is punctum? Meaning of punctum medical term. What does punctum mean?. — “punctum - definition of punctum in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Punctum information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Punctum - ”,
  • For the genus of land snails, see Punctum (gastropod). A sample of the Kýrie Eléison (Orbis Factor) from the Liber Usualis. The virga and punctum are sung identically. Scholars disagree on whether the bipunctum indicates a note twice as long, or whether the same note should be re-articulated. — “Neume - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • COMING OUT IN OCTOBER 2010. [email protected]“PUNCTUM under construction”, punctum.asia
  • punctum (plural puncta) (anatomy) a sharp tip of any part of the anatomy; a point or other small area punctum vegetationis [edit] Latin [edit] Etymology. Neuter form of. — “punctum - Wiktionary”,
  • Delivering quality video illustrations and short films to church leaders and teachers. — “Punctum Media | Delivering quality video illustrations and”,
  • Punctum Day Awards. 2009 Worldwide Punctum Day Awards will dish out $45,000. We all love images: it's why we're here. We love photographs that stop us in our tracks, make us forget whatever we were just doing, and force us to just sit and stare. — “Stock Photography: Search Royalty Free Images & Photos”,

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  • Eyelid anatomy - punctum The punctum (puncta) are tiny holes located in the eyelids near the bridge of the nose. Excess tears drain through the punctum, down the c***icular system into the lacrimal sac, then down into the nose. This explains why you get a runny nose when your eyes are watering.
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  • The Solid Doctor - Punctus Contra Punctum From the compilation: Sty Wars - A Collection Of Pork Medallions (Pork Recording, 1998).
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  • Puncta dilation small clip of initial puncta dilation. Preparing for insertion of collagen punctal plug. Silicon will follow if these work out.

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