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  • Examples of synaptophysin-immunoreactive (IR) puncta (red), GluR1-IR puncta (green), and colocalization (either yellow or adjacent red and green) in dishes fixed 3 hrs after brief application of saline (control), glutamate, or glutamate following pretreatment with anisomycin. — “PLoS ONE: Rapid and Long-Lasting Increase in Sites for”,
  • By 7 DIV, Fz1 is observed in isolated axons as fine puncta that mostly do not co-localize with Bassoon puncta (Figure 3C), suggesting that Fz1 is not associated with presynaptic proteins during the initial stages of synaptic the number of Bassoon puncta per neurite length, indicating that. — “Neural Development | Full text | Role of the Wnt receptor”,
  • Punctal occlusion means blocking some or all of the puncta (small openings in the corners of the eyes near the nose, through which tears drain) Puncta are the drainage ducts that your old tears, or extra tears, can escape through while your glands are making new ones. — “The Dry Eye Zone :: A to Z :: Punctal occlusion”,
  • Definition of Puncta in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Puncta. Pronunciation of Puncta. Translations of Puncta. Puncta synonyms, Puncta antonyms. Information about Puncta in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “Puncta - definition of Puncta by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Then, the logical AND image was multiplied on the NR2B raw image, and the resulting image (synaptic NR2B image) was ***yzed for puncta number and intensity as synaptic NR2B puncta by "integrated morphometry ***ysis" with MetaMorph software. — “Diminished Neuronal Activity Increases Neuron-Neuron”,
  • We then found that most of the fluorescent puncta were moving in neurites of living neurons in the A detailed observation indicated that most of the puncta in axons moved smoothly in the anterograde direction, while most of the puncta in dendrites did not move or moved back and forth. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Difference in trafficking of”,
  • [VIEW] You see a statistical output for "puncta", with related words that are connected in [VIEW] The number below that words indicates the max. amount of logical connections to "puncta", that are available. — “puncta”, w9
  • Puncta Stagni vel Sabbioncellum, olim fortasse Parduensis Paeninsula et Puncta Parduae (Croatice: Pelješac; Italiane: Sabbioncello), est paeninsula in Mari Hadriatico, quae ad Croatiam pertinet, praesertim Dalmatiam historicam regionem et Ragusinam–Narentinam regionem Croatiae. — “Puncta Stagni - Vicipaedia”,
  • Puncta information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Puncta - ”,
  • aggregated into puncta shown as distinct regions of ER close the plasma membrane. "interactional" model, the aggregated STIM1 in puncta near the PM conformationally couples to STIM1 pre. — “Calcium signals mediated by STIM and Orai proteins —A new”, ulb.ac.be
  • Overview: Anatomy of the Nasolacrimal System The nasolacrimal drainage system serves as a conduit for tear flow from the external eye to the nasal cavity. This system consists of the puncta, c***iculi, lacrimal sac, and nasolacrimal duct (see. — “Nasolacrimal System Anatomy: eMedicine Clinical Procedures”,
  • The lacrimal c***iculi, one in each eyelid, commence at minute orifices, termed puncta lacrimalia (or lacrimal punctum, or lacrimal point), on the summits of the papillae lacrimales, seen There are two lacrimal puncta in the medial (inside) portion of each eye. — “Lacrimal punctum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of puncta in the Medical Dictionary. puncta explanation. Information about puncta in Free online English dictionary. What is puncta? Meaning of puncta medical term. What does puncta mean?. — “puncta - definition of puncta in the Medical dictionary - by”, medical-
  • puncta Plural form of punctum . p. maxima — points on the chest wall where heart sounds are heard. — “puncta: Definition from ”,
  • Proper functioning of the visual system depends on maturation of both excitatory and inhibitory synapses within the visual cortex. Visual Deprivation Decreases Somatic GAD65 Puncta Number on Layer 2/3 Pyramidal Neurons in Mouse Visual Cortex. — “Visual Deprivation Decreases Somatic GAD65 Puncta Number on”,
  • The lacrimal c***iculi, one in each eyelid, commence at minute orifices, termed puncta lacrimalia (or lacrimal punctum , or lacrimal point ), on the summits of the papillae lacrimales, seen on the margins of the lids at the lateral extremity of the lacus lacrimalis. — “Puncta”,
  • Eye (right): organ of sight composed mainly of eyelids, eyelashes, the lachrymal gland and the eyeball. Lacrimal puncta: minute orifices related to tears. Lower eyelid: muscular tissue covering and protecting the lower part of the front of the eye. — “Eye”,
  • In practically all experiments, we observed a gradual increase in the total number of PSD-95:GFP puncta, mainly (but not exclusively) due to increased density of PSD-95:GFP puncta along existing dendritic segments, at both spine tips and shafts (Figures 1C and 3B). — “PLoS Biology: Long-Term Relationships between Synaptic”,
  • Welcome to . Your account has been created. You can access your Web site right away using d88860.u31. Over the next few days, DNS servers all across the Internet will Once that happens, you will be able to access your site at its permanent address, . — “”
  • The number of anti-PRL positive puncta per cell and the brightness of individual puncta were determined from ***ysis of z-series Relative size of the structures containing internalized anti-PRL over time was estimated from the fluorescence intensity of individual puncta. — “Retention and stimulus-dependent recycling of dense core”,
  • Punctal occlusion is a painless procedure in which the puncta (small openings in the corners of the eyes through which tears drain) are blocked. Two puncta are on each eye, one on the upper lid and one on the lower lid. — “Punctal Plugs - Dry Eyes and Punctal Plugs”,
  • The lacrimal c***iculi, one in each eyelid, commence at minute orifices, termed puncta lacrimalia (or lacrimal punctum, or lacrimal point), on the summits of the papillae lacrimales, seen on the margins of the lids at the lateral extremity of the lacus lacrimalis. — “Puncta - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News, Shopping”,

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  • vitiligo, vitiligo images , vitiligo pictures in USA Skin is largest organ of the body and constituting almost one sixth of total body weight.it is 1.5 to 4.0 mm thick and forms 9 % of the total body mass.and skin is very important organ of human being and skin is also called integument of cutis. Skin covers the entire body.It lines external auditory meatus and lateral aspect of the tympanic membrane.It also lines the vestibule of the nose.It is continuous with the mucosae of gastro-intestinal track. Respiratory track and urogenital track at thier respective orifices.It also fuses with the conjuction at the margins of the eyelids. and with thelining of the lacrimal c***iculi at the lacrimal puncta.So skin has close association with ears and eyes. The structures of skin vary from one part of the body to another
  • Understanding Cancer using Nature as A Teacher Cancer's Break-in Tools Possibly Identified: Nematode Worm Provides Model Of Invasive Cancer ScienceDaily (Aug. 25, 2009) — A single cell in a 1-millimeter nematode worm is providing valuable new clues into cancer's deadliest behavior -- its ability to put down roots in new tissues after spreading throughout the body. Duke University biologist David Sherwood has spent the last several years studying the mechanics of a single cell in the developing body of a worm called Caenorhabditis elegans. It's called the anchor cell and one of its jobs is to connect the developing animal's uterus with its vulva, a crucial step in ensuring the worm's fertility. To establish this slender connection, the anchor cell must work its way through two layers of basement membrane, a dense, sheet-like barrier structure lining most tissues, including the epithelial cells in humans that are the hosts of many cancers. In a paper appearing online Aug. 17 in the journal Developmental Cell, Sherwood and colleagues describe how the nematode's anchor cell uses a series of molecular signals to create a stretched opening in the membrane. They believe the process is essentially the same as the one cancer cells use to invade new tissues. Together, these molecules, called integrin and netrin, may be a valuable new target in the efforts to halt cancer's spread via metastasis. "Metastasis accounts for most of cancer's lethality," said Sherwood, who is an assistant professor of biology at Duke. "It's the most ...
  • Gag protein moves into synaptic button in HIV infected T cells during synapse Supplemental Movie 5, from Hubner et al: Courtesy Science Magazine, Movement of a vesicular Gag puncta into the virological synapse. Same puncta shown first without, then with, the object highlighted in a 3D reconstruction. Elapsed time is depicted in minutes:seconds.
  • TEDxPalermo - Paolo Emilio Carapezza - Musicology in Sicily Paolo Emilio Carapezza is professor of musicology in Palermo University since 1963. He was one of the promoters of the Settimane inter***onali di nuova musica in Palermo (1960 -- 68). Together with Antonino Titone, he started and edited Collage, inter***onal review of new music and contemporary visual arts (1963 -- 70). He is general editor of the series Musiche rinascimentali siciliane (Florence, Olschki: 25 volumes since 1970), Puncta, studi musicologici (Palermo, Flaccovio: 12 volumes since 1974), Constellatio musica, monografie sui compositori antichi (Palermo, L'Epos: 20 volumes since 1998). His works regard the music of ancient Greeks, Renaissance and contemporary music, Mozart's theatre, music theory and philosophy: they are translated in the principal European languages. His edition (1997) of Greek ancient musics has been registered on cd (1999). In 1992 he was decorated with the medal of Polish Composers Union. Thank You to Margherita Bruno for translation. AboutTEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self ...
  • Puncta dilation small clip of initial puncta dilation. Preparing for insertion of collagen punctal plug. Silicon will follow if these work out.
  • What in The World Are They Spraying? | Reality Zone 6/8 [HD] PLAYLIST - | What would you say if you were told that airplanes were regularly spraying toxic aerosols in the skies above every major region of the world? Mauro Oliveira, the Webmaster of , was one protestor recently. He claimed that the program for Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering (SAG), AKA chemtrails, has been well under way around the world. As a matter of fact, Oliveira stated that witnesses from around the globe claim that heavy aerosol spraying is occurring almost every day over just about every city. He went on to explain the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail. He stated that when a jet airplane flies at a certain altitude, a visible trail of streaks of condensed water vapor sometimes form in the wake of the aircraft. This is called a contrail. Contrails are normal and usually dissipate in a few seconds. They are very similar to when we breathe in cold weather. According to Oliveira, what occurs behind a SAG plane spraying aerosols is quite different. What can be seen is a thick white line also called a chemtrail that lingers in the sky for several hours. The SAG lines are sprayed into the upper atmosphere and then spread out forming what then appear to be clouds. The particles from these aerosols then fall to the ground where they enter our soil and water and can also be inhaled. Wake Up / Look Up!
  • Rapidly moving spots of Gag near a virological synapse Supplemental Movie 7, from Hubner et al: Courtesy Science Magazine, Rapid movement of a small puncta out of and back into the synaptic button. 3D reconstruction image is first shown without, then with, the object highlighted. Elapsed time is depicted in minutes:seconds.
  • S 019 Tränenabflussk*** Lasern / tear drainage system Eine Alternative zum mikrochirurgischen Eingriff mit dem Minibohrer ist der Laser. Auch er wird durch eine Sonde zur Verengung vorgeschoben und löst sie auf. The tear drain consists of two small openings called the puncta, one in your upper and the other in your lower eyelid. Each of these openings lead into a small tube called a c***iculus which, in turn, empties into the tear sac at the inside corner of your eye along your nose. An opening into the lacrimal sac leads into a c*** called the nasolacrimal duct which passes through the bony structures surrounding your nose and empties tears into your nasal cavity. The tear duct apparatus may block at any point along the tear passage, but the commonest place for a blockage is just below the tear sac. lacrimal sac. Endoscopic laser dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) enables an obstructed lacrimal sac to be opened through an intranasal approach, avoiding the need for a skin incision. .
  • Punctal plug insertion This Video was taken using the Marco iDoc Digital Imaging System attached to a Marco Ultra G2 Slit Lamp.
  • Metatron Responds to Arkansas Crystalline Vortex Activation 3/3 [HD] END PLAYLIST: | UPDATE Arkansas: The Story is still Fireworks??? This channeling from Metatron adds a new layer of clarity to the physics currently being observed on this planet. [I, Zack Covell, am NOT the channel of this being]. I have made this video for those people that are metaphysicians and lightworkers and are curious about what other factors exist on Earth that are killing birds and fish worldwide right now. What happened in Arkansas was not a result of HAARP or any covert military, secret government activity, despite the conspiracy theorists speculations. It was a natural occurrence that has taken place before in this area, albeit from a different tension source. All quartz is piezoelectric. This is a mineralogical property of quartz well known to electrical engineers and scientists today. Quartz is capable under certain pressurized conditions of emitting an electrical charge. ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● To read the full information about Arkansas and the birds falling from the sky please refer to these posts: On Facebook: UPDATE Arkansas: The Story is still Fireworks??? What's really going on? Arkansas Answers in 3 Steps ONLY New Theory Emerging About Arkansas Birds and Global Animal Die Off UPDATE Arkansas: The Story is still Fireworks??? Whatever... ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● Transcript of all 3 parts of video: Listen to my Personal ...
  • The 2007 Jeffrey M. Trent Lectureship in Cancer Research: Genomic Information Eric Lander, Ph.D. Broad Institute NIH Intramural Sequencing Center 10th Anniversary Symposium Genome Exploration by Large-Scale DNA Sequencing: Circa 2007 and Beyond Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Masur Auditorium Building 10, Clinical Center National Institutes of Health Bethesda, Maryland More: www.genome.gov More about the Jeffrey M. Trent Lecture: www.genome.gov
  • Fluorescence of post synaptic protein of synaptic puncta over time in presence of activity inhibitor From doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000136. "Each circle represents one PSD-95:GFP punctum, with its momentary fluorescence depicted by its position along the y-axis. Data from two neurons, 281 synapses, and 110 30-min time steps. Data were smoothed with a six--time step kernel."
  • HIV Gag protein coalesces at cell surface near virological synapse Supplemental Movie 6, from Hubner et al: Courtesy Science Magazine, Coalescing of Gag puncta, and vectorial movement into the virological synapse. Same puncta is first shown first without, then with, the object highlighted in a 3D reconstruction. Elapsed time is depicted in minutes:seconds.
  • Lamento de Tristan Lamento di Tristan, with Rotta The Lamento di Tristan is a piece of Italian dance music, from the 14th century in the style of an estampie. An estampie is a type of French dance music from the 13th and 14th centuries. It consists of stanzas called puncta, each of which is repeated but with a different ending. There is no text to an estampie. The source is a 14th century m***cript preserved in the British Museum, Add. 29987, fol. 63r-63v. There are many sources of the story of Tristan and Isolde. The following people wrote of the two lovers, Thomas of Britain (ca. 1160), Eilhart von Oberge (ca.1170), Béroul (ca. 1200), Gottfried von Strassburg (ca. 1210), and Brother Robert of Norway (ca 1260). The poem was recorded in Norman French, Middle High German, Old Norse, Middle English, and Italian (La Tavola Ritonda, 14th century.) Story adaption by Doña (lady) Sol la Cantor. Performed by Sol la Cantor at the East Kingdom Bardic Champions Competition in the Crown Province of Ostgardr on Feb 20, AS XLIV (44, 2010 AD)
  • (1)Animated story from The Bible - Daniel - Partea 1-Subtitrat in romana Animated story from The Bible - Daniel - Partea 1
  • Eyelid anatomy - punctum The punctum (puncta) are tiny holes located in the eyelids near the bridge of the nose. Excess tears drain through the punctum, down the c***icular system into the lacrimal sac, then down into the nose. This explains why you get a runny nose when your eyes are watering.

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  • “Disclaimer: This blog is not a substitute for a visit to an optometrist or medical professional. Most problems require an exam, of the lower lid which moves the drainage hole (the puncta) away from contact with the eyeball itself”
    — Ask an Optometrist Blog, blog.opto.ca

  • “ALS TDI forum is a free portal that is dedicated to exchange information about ALS, scientific advances in ALS, and treatments for ALS. The researchers were unable to determine the identity of these puncta; they could be protein aggregates, vesicles, or another kind of intracellular”
    — Is ALS Role a Go for Nogo-A? - ALS Research & Treatments,

  • “Q: I would be interested in learning more about the puncta plugging diameter of your lower puncta lumen, thereby decreasing permanently the total outflow, leaving your natural tears around longer,”
    Puncta Plugging and Tear Production | FAQs,

  • “Blog. Blog Links. Blog Page. Forum. Who Are We. Get Involved. Schedules. web-casts. events. chicago-tv. Web Casts. livestream. ustream. viewer the tears into the nasal cavity via a tubing system called the Puncta”
    — Treating Dry Eyes with Surgery | Never Not Here,

  • “Channa Fish Punctatus and. WordPress blog about Channa Fish Punctatus. Channa Fish Punctatus. And apt; the yeat face of Israelb Accorealore hidnesciessian's cut ited, apt. Fory sestown min hophright he brin an dravidethey saverefort ast sirell wagain of the of If him”
    — Channa Fish Punctatus,

  • “The eye does not take a bath in asses' milk like Kleopetra, but every tear is a spa to it. And: the "eye elixir" is transparent, sea, are drained from the eye throgh two Puncta lacrimalia (1a/b), enter the C***iculus lacrimalis and the”
    — Eye Basics 2 – lacrimal system – refreshing elixir " Eye care, blog.getoct.ch

  • “Blue Danube Wine imports wines from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Montenegro, and Slovenia to buy and distribute in the United States”
    — Blue Danube Wine - Blog - Articles about Prosek,

  • “Important note: the upper puncta are actually positioned outside the vertical metrics of the font, which Because the puncta are so seldom used, I did not want to have them”
    — Print Page - Lower punctum problem for Internet Explorer users,

  • “CPT code 68761 should be used to report the lacrimal procedure. This procedure is based on per puncta, not per eye Subscribe to our Medical Billing Blog via RSS feed or Email and get the latest post delivered to you”
    — Permanent Lacrimal Punctum Plug Billing,

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