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  • This results in heavier / punchier bass in the output signal. This results in heavier / punchier bass in the output signal. Feed-back is a vintage style, while feed-forward is a modern style of compression. — “ - Liquid assets downloads”,
  • Shorter yet punchier, Halo 3: ODST is the best Halo yet. The campaign is shorter than in previous games, but the quality makes for a punchier, action-packed thrill ride from start to finish. — “Microsoft Halo 3: ODST - reviews - Games - Consoles - PC World”, .au
  • Takeovers Panel pushes for punchier guidance – and hints at tougher funding requirements A new Takeovers Panel Consultation Paper1 signals a push by the Panel for punchier guidance. — “Takeovers Panel pushes for punchier guidance – and hints at”, .au
  • Definition of punchier in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of punchier. Pronunciation of punchier. Translations of punchier. punchier synonyms, punchier antonyms. Information about punchier in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “punchier - definition of punchier by the Free Online”,
  • The talk has begun about his new movie Nenu Naa Rakshasi' and the grapevine is that it is going to be a Mind Blowing Treat which will be bigger than Idiot' and punchier than the comedy in Pokiri'. Rana-Puri Jagannath's Nenu Naa Rakshasi' first look. — “Rana Daggubati Personal Blog & Website”,
  • Oxford won 152nd Boat Race after rain and winds upset Cambridge's sophisticated rhythm more than it did Oxford's robust and punchier style. Sport: Oxford Cut Early Dash to Set Light Blues Up for Chop. — “Sport: Oxford Cut Early Dash to Set Light Blues Up for the Chop”,
  • New digital camera? Good stuff. But hold your horses: you should learn how to use three simple software tools, which you can apply to almost all your photos and 2 Responses to " Three Steps to Punchier Christmas Photos ". — “Three Steps to Punchier Christmas Photos | PC Pro blog”,
  • Punchier definition, punch-drunk. See more. Link To punchier. Slang Dictionary. punch-drunk definition. and punchy. mod. unstable; stupid acting; bewildered. ( From a term describing a boxer suffering from brain damage.) : I feel sort of punch-drunk after a roller coaster ride. — “Punchier | Define Punchier at ”,
  • Since 1985, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) has been the bane of insurance companies, energy utilities, politicians and other entities that the Santa Monica-based consumer group. — “Punchier Name | Consumer Watchdog”,
  • Post your comments for Blur the Background for Punchier Photos here. — “Blur The Background For Punchier Photos - PCWorld Forums”,
  • BECAUSE SOUND MATTERS. Much more than a cymbal manufacturing company, SABIAN is a collection of dedicated and very talented individuals whose only focus is to create the finest cymbals and percussion instruments possible. for thinner cymbals, for even faster, punchier accents at all volumes. — “SABIAN Cymbals - Cymbal Search Results”,
  • Astronomy Class return with a punchier hip-hop sound, writes Andrew Drever. - The Age Online Pursuit of Happiness is punchier, more accessible and has a straighter-edged hip-hop sound than its predecessor. — “A Class of their own - Music - Entertainment - .au”, .au
  • How To Layer Drums in the Redrum - Learn how to layer drum samples within the Redrum instrument in Reason 4.0 for clearer and punchier kits. — “How To Layer Drums in the Redrum Video – 5”, 5
  • Spunk & Bite: A Writer's Guide to Punchier, More Engaging Language & Style: Amazon.ca: Arthur Plotnik: Books. — “Spunk & Bite: A Writer's Guide to Punchier, More Engaging”, amazon.ca
  • Lil' Rascal This squatty firebrand has all the speed of a retro-style shape, but with the holding power of a modern board. Using This design has better traction than your typical retro-style speeders, and goes looney even in punchier waves. — “Lil' Rascal modern round nose fish”, proctor-board-
  • I've talked to a lot of digital photographers who are disappointed with basic photo editing tools because they don't always have the intended effect. Blur the background for punchier photos By Goodison on October 7, 2010, 11:49 pmThe comment that "Using a small aperture (which equates to a large. — “Blur the Background for Punchier Photos”,
  • Here's how to use your image editor to change the depth of field in your photos after you take them. Blur the Background for Punchier Photos. By Dave Johnson, PCWorld. — “Blur the Background for Punchier Photos - PCWorld”,
  • Slovakian made with high power and very agressive dynamic tone punchier sounding but still a sweet tone. — “Groove Tubes GT-6L6-S Duet Power Tubes - American Music”,
  • Definition of punchier from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of punchier. Pronunciation of punchier. Definition of the word punchier. Origin of the word punchier. — “punchier - Definition of punchier at ”,
  • Costello's hardest-rocking effort sounds livelier and punchier than ever! Punchier, gutsier, and livelier than any of the myriad CD remasters, this ***og edition offers a transparent window onto the. — “ELVIS COSTELLO THIS YEAR'S MODEL #'D LTD ED 180g LP - elusivedisc”,
  • [edit] Adjective. punchier. Comparative form of punchy: more punchy. .org/wiki/punchier" Category: English adjective comparative forms. Personal tools. Log in / create account. Namespaces. Entry. — “punchier - Wiktionary”,
  • The purpose of bass drum compression and compressing a kick drum tutorial is to make the meat' of the drums louder and to reduce the transients / peaks at the same time so that the kick can be punchier. This tutorial is going to focus on. — “Bass Drum Compression; Compressing a Kick Drum Tutorial”,
  • The "Speedball" bass drum beater from PureSound Percussion provides drummers with an easy and effective way to create a punchier bass drum sound and enhanced pedal performance. effective way to create a punchier bass drum sound and enhanced pedal. — “Bass Pedal Beaters”,

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  • Why I Support Ron Paul UPDATE: I have a new version of the video here: I made this short video of clips from the debate Ron Paul participated in, as well as some facts from his record. I like the looks of Ron Paul; I don't like the looks of any of the other candidates thus far, not even the Libertarians. Unless/until that changes, I'm behind Ron Paul 100%, and this video shows why. He's a man of honesty, principle, and integrity like this country has not seen in 100 years.
  • Ready To Fall (Rise Against) Drum Cover My first Mic'd Cover! I did this one to Rise Against's song "Ready To Fall" They hold all ownership..although i did pay my 99 cents for it. Fair use...i just wanna know what i can do better....this is used for criticism and not to make money I'd say this is my most accurate cover...with only one noticeable error any questoins about my kit or setup just message me or check the page. the page might not be up to date... (mics were: 1 sitting in the bass drum 1 over head 1 by snare and rack) how do you make the bass drum record punchier? it sounds a little punchier in person
  • Meshuggah BLEED Drumtrax (Metalheads EZX) Bleed played by Tomas Haake of Meshuggah on his personal drumset at Fear and Loathing Studios in Stockholm, Sweden for Toontrack's EZdrummer "Metalheads Expansion Pack" (VSTi). Recorded and Produced by Daniel Bergstrand. Midi editing by Fredrik Thordendal. Post-production mix by Professor Serious in Reaper 3.72. Video was created with Nero, and I guess it cant handle line-level audio (some clipping). In my opinion Drumkit From Hell has a more "punchier" sound, larger soundscape and better cymbal tone seperation. But if mixed properly (with a little extra EQ work), Metalheadz EZX sounds epic! If you want Thomas Haake's drumset and the rest of the Meshuggah midi drumtracks (12 total) in High Quality visit and for more info on meshuggah visit the hi-hat seems a little quiet in this mix, otherwise ENJOY! \m/ \m/
  • Mixing: How To Layer Bass Sounds This tutorial explains how to mix a DI (Direct Input) Bass recording with an amped version of the same signal within Pro Tools 8. This technique allows you to create tighter and punchier bass lines for your mixes.
  • Black Sabbath - Falling off the Edge of the World 1981's Mob Rules was the second Black Sabbath album to feature vertically challenged singer Ronnie James Dio, whose powerful pipes and Dungeons and Dragons lyrics initially seemed like the perfect replacement for the recently departed and wildly popular Ozzy Osbourne. In fact, all the ingredients which had made their first outing, Heaven and Hell, so successful are re-utilized on this album, including legendary metal producer Martin Birch (Deep Purple, Whitesnake, etc.) and supporting keyboard player Geoff Nichols. And while it lacks some of its predecessor's inspired songwriting, Mob Rules was given a much punchier, in-your-face mix by Birch, who seemed re-energized after his work on New Wave of British Heavy Metal upstarts Iron Maiden's Killers album. Essentially, Mob Rules is a magnificent record, with the only serious problem being the sequencing of the material, which mirrors Heaven and Hell's almost to a tee. In that light, one can't help but compare otherwise compelling tracks like "Turn Up the Night" and "Voodoo" to their more impressive Heaven and Hell counterparts, "Neon Knights" and "Children of the Sea." ________________________________________ I think about closing the door And lately I think of it more I'm living well out of my time I feel like i'm losing my mind I should be at the table round A servant of the crown The keeper of the sign To sparkle and to shine Never, no never again! Listen to me and believe what I say if you can Never, this is the end You ...
  • beatdown/***/thrash some tunes that i made
  • Making Gears of War 2 - Touch the Sound Learn all about the "meatier," "crunchier," "punchier" Gears 2 audio and sound design.
  • Badfinger - Better Days Pete Ham on killer lead guitar of this nice Joey Molland tune. Punchier than the record.
  • line 6 PODxt POD XT tones amp models demonstration heres a couple different tones from my line 6 PODxt, using several different amp models. guitars were a squier HSS strat and an ibanez prestige. most amp models in the video were being boosted by the "screamer" stompbox model, to get a tighter punchier sound. songs used: Metallica - Battery Opeth - The Baying of the Hounds Dream Theater - Pull Me Under Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) no particular song, just playing around Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due Pantera - Revolution is My Name Killswitch Engage - Rose of Sharyn Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be Dream Theater - Pull Me Under Slayer - Angel of Death *amp model must be purchased from the "metal shop" add on pack i accidentally forgot to put the asterix for the criminal (5150) setting, but yeah, it comes with the metal shop if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or a PM
  • Sony PS-X5 Turntable - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (1959 MONO) Sony PS-X5 Turntable - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Blue Mondo ala Turk (Mono) Sony PS-X5 Ortofon 2M Blue Musical Fidelity V-LPS w/ Radio Shack PSU Harmon Kardon 330c stereo receiver Recorded at 24/96 (24-bit, 96kHz) on Audacity Notes -- This is the 1959 MONO version of Time Out, by The Dave Brubeck Quartet. This is a rare record, originally recorded in mono, and sounds much better than the stereo version that is commonly available today. Take Five is the third song on the album, and closes the LPs side one. This is the Dave Brubeck Quartet's most famous song, composed by saxophonist Paul Desmond, and played in 5/4 time. This rare MONO version offers a punchier, richer sound, with a remarkable depth in the soundstage. Joe Morello's drum solo is a standout. This video is solely for archival purposes, and the promotion of turntables and the ***og LP. See, music industry? Free advertisement! This is a free commercial for YOUR products! Word-of-mouth from your own customers....it's a good thing.
  • Biyang Ds-10 Max Distortion The DS-10 is designed specifically to reproduce the sound, feel and crunch of several different classic tube guitar amps. Getting the real tube amp feel and "girth" is something a lot of pedals promise, but we feel the DS-10 delivers. This great looking aluminium-cast-enclosure pedal has three modes: * "Normal" is the glowing tube, fat and gutsy four-input "Plexi" sound. Lots of mids, chunky warm bottom end and a crisp, relaxed high end. * "Bright" is a crunchier, punchier version, more of a good, hot modded plexi sound * "Warm" is a more compressed lead sound with a bit of a midrange scoop- like a hotrodded JCM-800
  • Sony XEL-1 OLED TV review One of the most-common questions we get as CNET HDTV reviewers, after the overwhelming favorite "What HDTV should I buy?," is "What's the next big thing in HDTV?" Granted, we don't hear that question as often as we used to, perhaps because LCD, plasma, and microdisplay sets have become more commonplace--but we still hear it. A couple years back it seemed that the next big HDTV thing might be SED, a flat-panel technology backed by Toshiba and Canon that promised to surpass the picture quality of current panels, with better blacks, faster response times, and punchier colors. SED is basically DEAD, but those same promises are now being made by OLED.
  • Classic Kick Drum [ b ] Description: This is the most common way of making a kick drum sound in human beatboxing. It was the method first used by beatboxers such as Doug E. Fresh and Buffy from The Fat Boys. Phonetic Description In phonetics, the Classic Kick Drum is described as a bilabial plosive. This means it is made by completely closing both lips and then releasing them accompanied by a burst of air. In the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as well as in Standard Beatbox Notation (SBN) the symbol b is used. Method The simplest way to make the classic kick drum is to say the letter 'b'. To make it sound louder and punchier, you need to do what we call a lip oscillation. This is where you let air vibrate through your lips - a bit like 'blow a raspberry'. Once you can do this, you make a very short lip oscillation. 1. Make the b sound as if you are saying b from the word bogus. 2. This time, with your lips closed, let the pressure build up. 3. You need to control the release of you lips just enough to let them vibrate for a short amount of time. For the full tutorial, go to
  • Fusion Encounter Subwoofer in Ford Focus Sub that I put in my 2003 Ford Focus. It's very basic. It makes the bass punchier, not really going to knock your doors off. Plenty loud for me, but I don't like my bass increadibly high.
  • Gimme Shelter-Bass Demo.m4v Bass tips - demo Song-Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones who created this awesome song which I own a copy of! Album-Let It Bleed. This is why 'digging in' when playing bass guitar gives the sound an edge - the bass on this was recorded directly from protools with the volume turned up slightly and no pedals or plug-ins at all! This also means you get a louder, clearer, punchier sound for recording, playing live and so on. And maybe the odd blister! Mail me for lessons / advice Watch this demo for details...
  • Fender American Standard Jazz Bass The Fender American Standard Series Jazz Bass has a vintage body radius and contour for a classic vibe and feel. The Jazz Bass's body is rendered in premium ash or alder for optimum tone and sustain. Its rosewood or maple fretboard features detailed fret and nut work. The neck is graphite-reinforced and has rolled edges for a broken-in feel from the get-go. HMV Bridge (high mass vintage) increases sustain, provides punchier tone, beefier looking plates and 3/8" diameter vintage saddles. String height adjustment screws have nylon patches for a tight fit that won t vibrate loose. A 12-gauge cold rolled steel plate machined brass backstop increases mass and enhances top end. Socket head intonation screws are engineered for a tighter fit, and are now more stable. The J Bass features Fender/Hipshot tuning keys. They work great, and are 30% lighter, minimizing neck dip. Classic 20:1 tuning ratio, cast zinc with aluminum string posts and mounting nuts, and steel clovers. Brass worm gears, steel worm drives. With a thinner undercoat, the Fender Jazz Bass body breathes easier and has improved sound (more wood influence). Neck pocket paint buildup has been reduced by 40%, greatly improving the wood-to-wood connection/reaction.
  • Yo Sere Tu Sol (instrumental) *UPDATE* SO.... I was practicing and I realized that the first verse is actually too long. I will be fixing that promptly and reuploading. Also i'm fix a few other things to make it sound more like the original so stay tuned! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!! :) Well I was looking around for this cause i'm supposed to be performing it soon and I couldn't find it anywhere. So i'm like, "oh what the heck" and remade the beat. So I present to you Redimi2 ft. Tercer Cielo - Yo Sere Tu Sol (instrumental). It's a bit punchier then the original but other then that I tried to make as close to the original as possible with the tools that I have. :) Enjoy! PS Here is the download link. It's much higher quality . :)
  • Un-Boxing Denon AH-C751 in HD Un-Boxing Denon AH-C751 in HD Whether you're upgrading the earphones that came with your MP3 player, or upgrading the £60 'phones you invested in initially, Denon's £150 AH-C751s could be a stonking entry into high-end earphones, if they're anything like their predecessors, the excellent AH-C700s. As sound-isolating earphones, they aim to passively block out ambient noise around you without the electronics involved in noise-cancelling headphones. But are they worth £150? Strengths Sturdy aluminium enclosures make these a weighty but robust pair of earphones, with decent cabling and a detachable 0.8m extension should you only need a short wire. Every connection is gold plated to ensure you get decent audio performance, and a lovely sturdy carry case is supplied to keep things safe when not in use. When they are in use, you'll notice the sound isolation -- provided by soft silicon tips on each 'phone -- is fairly good, and a range of differently-sized tips are provided to ensure you get the most comfortable fit. The importance here is placed on sound quality and, as with the previous C700s, we're pleased to report it's superb. The C751s demonstrated an ability to produce beautiful highs, punchier mids than the C700s, and the same smooth, deep bass we loved so much in their previous incarnation, with a response range of 12-24000Hz backed by Neodymium magnets. Tool's complex track Ticks & Leeches from the album Lateralus was the first to show just how capable these earphones ...
  • Teknoman / Tekkaman Blade Intro Redux 02 An updated version of my Teknoman / Tekkaman Intro Remix. I re-recorded the guitars using a real guitar amp instead of an amp mod and it made a huge difference. The guitars are punchier, crunchier and deeper. I also extended the song with a little bit of a change up at the end. here is the link to a higher quality mp3: Just please spread the love and give credit!
  • Guitar Tricks 62: Blues Lick in G This week on the channel Neal shows you a catchy lick in G. Useful for country, blues or rock, it's based on the pentatonic scale and can be applied anywhere on the neck. This lick is a good exercise in bends, double-stops and finger independence. Good tip of the week: how to get a punchier sound out of your pickups without spending any dough!
  • Epiphone P-90 Pickup Experiment . I'm demonstrating the sound of the neck P-90 with and without the guitar's electronics. It's noticeably brighter and punchier without the electronics. The next experiment is to replace the pots and caps to see how that sounds. My daughter Emily is supervising for quality control :)
  • Fender American Standard P-Bass This American Standard Series P Bass has a vintage body radius and contour for a classic vibe and feel. The body is rendered in premium ash or alder for optimum tone and sustain. Its rosewood or maple fretboard features detailed fret and nut work. The neck is graphite-reinforced and has rolled edges for a broken-in feel from the get-go.HMV Bridge (high mass vintage) increases sustain, provides punchier tone, beefier looking plates and 3/8" diameter vintage saddles. String height adjustment screws have nylon patches for a tight fit that won t vibrate loose. A 12-gauge cold rolled steel plate machined brass backstop increases mass, enhances top end. Socket head intonation screws are engineered for a tighter fit, and are now more stable. Features Fender/Hipshot tuning keys. The work great, and are 30% lighter, minimizing neck dip. Classic 20:1 tuning ratio, cast zinc with aluminum string posts and mounting nuts, and steel clovers. Brass worm gears, steel worm drives. With a thinner undercoat, the American Standard P Bass body breathes easier and has improved sound (more wood influence). Neck pocket paint buildup has been reduced by 40%, greatly improving the wood to wood connection/reaction. FEATURES: • Ash or alder body • Graphite-reinforced neck with modern C shape and satin polyurethane finish • Rosewood fingerboard with rolled edges • 20 medium jumbo frets • Open-back cast machine heads • 1 American Precision Bass split single-coil pickup • Volume and ...
  • Canon HFS100 Test The FX7 ended up being replaced by a Canon HF-S100. The FX-7 was nice and a pleasure to use, but it lacks 24p/30p progressive shooting modes. The Canon HF-S100 was released this spring. So far, I like mine and took it out yesterday afternoon to put it through its paces. The picture quality is impressive, and most of the manual shooting controls found in the FX7 are found in the HF-S100. Camera settings: PF24 frame rate, Cinemode colour, 1/48sec. shutter speed. No colour correction or grading was done, but a polarizer filter was affixed to the lens to make the overall image a bit punchier. The HF-S100 is the same camera as the HF-S10. The main difference is that the 'S10 has 32GB of flash memory on board, while the 'S100 does not.
  • Tom Middleton - It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference (mono) Issued in Canada May 1973 on Columbia C4-4002, in the US on Columbia 4-45972 and in the UK on CBS SCBS 2269. You'd think that there'd be at least one writeup on Tom Middleton, but you'd be wrong. He's from Victoria, BC, and still lives there. Before becoming a solo artist, Tom was with Victoria group The Marquis, from 1967-69. What he did after that is undocumented. We know that he made two albums; this track is from his first. The album and single were recorded at Can-Base Studios, produced by Mike Flicker, and arranged by Flicker and Howard Leese. By 1976, you would find these credits on albums by Heart. The recording was specially prepared in mono for single release. It's a punchier, drier, less busy mix, with less of the bongos, and almost no reverb, as opposed to the stereo mix. "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" is a cover of the Todd Rundgren song from "Something/Anything." It charted in the RPM 100 on May 19, 1973 and reached #35 on July 21st. It reached #15 on CHUM in September. Note: there is another artist named Tom Middleton, from England, born in 1971. Most of the Related Videos in the list are by him, and have nothing to do with this particular Tom Middleton. Typing &fmt=18 on the end of the URL and hitting Enter to reload the page will get you a better-sounding mono rendition, and the label will look sharper. I've just heard the ugly, nasty audio compression forced on my music by the YouTube conversion process. It sounds absolutely crap, and I want you ...
  • Learn Photoshop - How to Add a Romantic Touch to Photos www.Free-Photoshop-Video- Learn how to add a romantic, punchier touch to a photo with a soft overlay diffusion effect. Here we cover the use of the overlay blend mode, gaussian blur and solarize filter, use the apply image and levels commands to achieve the effect.
  • Knight Rider - Extended Version Another brilliant TV Show tune from the 80's! I did my best to recreate it and to turn it into an extended version just like I did with the Airwolf Tune. I used different drum sounds compared to the original. This way I think the beat sounds a bit punchier. Enjoy!
  • Suhr Modern Carve Top and Vox AC30C2 Combo The Modern Carve Top is the deluxe carved top version of the very popular and successful Modern 24-fret model that was introduced in 2008. Featuring the same sleek body shape and an extremely fast playing 24-fret neck, the Modern Carve Top adds a 3/4 inch top that adds more mass for a thicker and punchier tone. The carve on this model is not as ornate as the carve on the Carve Top Standard and has a more subtle radius, enhancing comfort and complementing the Modern body shape. Like the Modern, the Modern Carve Top features the distinctive asymmetrical body shape, the comfortable and fast Elliptical neck shape in three different thicknesses, easy high-access neck-heel joint, a premium 3/4 inch top of highly figured Maple or plain Maple for solid color finishes and a variety of options for wood combinations, fingerboard radiuses, frets, hardware, pickups, electronics and stunning finishes. There is nothing quite like the luxurious look and feel of a carved top solid-body electric guitar. The thicker top also imparts a different tonal character than its flat-top counterpart - adding more brilliance, punch in the mids and tightness in the low-end. This makes the Modern Carve Top ideal for heavy distortion sounds where clarity is needed to cut through a dense mix, whether you're playing pummeling detuned rhythm sounds or mach-speed solos. If you're looking for the ultimate deluxe 24-fret solid-body electric, you need to look no further than the Suhr Modern ...
  • Fuzion - Daily Liquid multi - vitamin Liquid Vitamins, Minerals, and M-state Elements Fuzion is Instantly absorbable and fully loaded. One taste and you'll know this blend is the right daily supplement. No more trying to choke down a handful of pills to get your vitamins. This powerful liquid blend is nutrition and energy at the cellular level. This is not an energy drink, rather a thicker, punchier blend of vitamins, plant derived minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and conductive m-states elements. Performance energy like you've never had before. ZP.tech knows and understands how important health is. We only have one body, we need to make the best if it we can and protect ourselves from disease, illness, fatigue, age and breakdown. Our bodies are amazing machines and can take tremendous punishment over time, however not without a toll to the bodies performance. Fuzion, ZP.techs newest product is an essential. As our bodies perform well with minimum requirements for vitamins and minerals, they do perform better when the right diet and exercise are implemented. Fuzion is a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and M-States to maximize health benefits and brain function. Protecting ourselves from the elements that pose a risk to our well-being is vital, we must be proactive in giving our bodies what it needs to be at its peak performance for defense and recovery. Fuzion is a powerful blend of 12 vitamins, 17 herbs, 18 Amino Acids, 75 plant minerals, CoQ10, Omega 3,6,9 and much more. With its immune ...
  • The Brick's SummerFest 2009 Announcement Shorter, punchier version of the Powerpoint presentation made for the Festival Announcement Party for The Brick, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • KIKBAK's RAW [email protected]+4dBv Vol. 2 Reason 4 Refill These drum sounds are from Kikbak's louder and punchier customized MPC 60ii. At the heart of this ReFill are 250+ drum sounds, 100 Redrums, and 134 Combinators.
  • Proctor Surfboards: Lil' Rascal Round Nose Fish, Surfing Malibu Updated movie here: This squatty firebrand has all the speed of a retro-style shape, but with the holding power of a modern board. Using a bulby outline with a flatter rocker and new generation hull contours, it loves to rocket on 2 foot gutless days when most people are running for their longboards. This design has better traction than your typical retro-style speeders, and goes looney even in punchier waves. Should be ridden 5 inches shorter and 1 wider than your standard shortboard. Check out the movies above to watch how the Lil Rascal will have you flying past the longboarders at your favorite spot. Also available with quad fin setup. footage courtesy: Tony Streicher, Streicher Media surfer: Jay Phillips Proctor Surfboards Worldwide Custom
  • City And Colour - The Girl (Version 2) "The Girl" by City And Colour (aka Dallas Green). The 2nd half of the song, the punchier, livelier version for those that don't want to sit through the first, slower sombre version. Off of the 2008 album Bring Me Your Love.
  • CMATMODS Signa Drive (w/ R8 Les Paul) A brief demo of the amazing CMATMODS Signa Drive. I used my Sennheiser e906 mic along with my R8 Les Paul and Reinhardt MI-6. The cabinet is JDesign, speakers are reissue greenbacks. As you can see, I toggle through the three way switch to show the variety of tones available. The up position has a great Marshall feel, the middle seems a bit cleaner and punchier, the bottom position has a singing compressed feel with more gain. This position has a little less volume and you would want to crank the volume knob a bit to compensate. ____________________ /mikenixguitar
  • Reason: How To Layer Drums in the Redrum Learn how to layer drum samples within the Redrum instrument in Reason 4.0 for clearer and punchier kits.
  • ELECTRIC FUNKY DISCO CHILD Electronic House Disco summer hit. Luxembourg 2008 , written and produced by Nic Herber from Anubis pictures. A shorter and punchier version from this track is under construction. Distribution at the moment only on YouTube. Thanks for your interest, Greetz, Nic.
  • Epson Home Cinema 6100 and Home Cinema 700 in action. Epson's Jeff Paiva compares two new Epson products. The Home Cinema 6100 (1080p native) and Epson Home Cinema 700 (720p native) projectors. The HC6100 has a clearly punchier image with about twice the number of pixels. More pixels mean a smoother and more detailed image. Paiva explains.
  • Michael Nyman - Nyman Brass - 16. In Re Don Giovanni The two main sequences on the album are from the scores to The Ogre [Volker Schlondorff, 1996] and The Libertine [Laurence Dunmore, 2005]. The Ogre was never seen in the UK and the soundtrack not released here, so this will be the first time many people will have heard this music. Originally composed for brass ensemble with saxophones, Wingates Band's performance is not hugely different from the original. The album is completed with the Michael Nyman Band classics, In Re Don Giovanni and Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds from The Draughtman's Contract [Peter Greenaway, 1982], where the music sounds very different from the original performances. Michael Nyman says, 'the whole sound-world was transformed. Things like repeated rhythms which I originally gave to piano are punchier, edgier, more dangerous on cornets and trombones.' Wingates Band was formed in 1873 by the members of the Bible Class of Wingates Independent Methodist Church in Westhoughton, Bolton, in response to a challenge from the members of Westhoughton Old Band, which had been in existence since 1858. By the turn of the century, led by legendary 'giant' of the British brass band movement Willaim Rimmer, Wingates had been turned into one of the top bands in the country. In 1906 the Band achieved national fame by winning the 'double': the British Open and the British National Championships. The following year Wingates astounded the brass band world by completing the double again. ...
  • Nitrous Oxide - Dreamcatcher (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) BUY NOW FROM: iTunes: Beatport: Audiojelly: Trackitdown: Juno: Dance Tunes: www.dance- Ever since the storming 'Magenta' we've seen Krzysztof Prętkiewicz experimenting more and more with that electro-tinged bassline with stunning results and it's very much a key feature of 'Dreamcatcher', the title track from his debut studio album. Anchored by the grubby, distorted bass, the steadily building breakdown and vast atmospherics create the energy from which the soaring synths take this powerful track to euphoric heights, particularly on the punchier and more direct Club Mix. Stoneface & Terminal stop by for the remix, softening the bass, tweaking the synths and bringing the lead melody to the fore on a gentler, radiating mix.
  • Battle Los Angeles - Trailer HD This is the official trailer for the movie Battle Los Angeles, but it's using music from the band In My Coma, a song called Losing Sleep. It's heavier and makes it punchier. I still like the song from the original trailer as well though.
  • Basic Object Guard Instruction With Francis Metcalf This video shows how I enter the dog on the Object Guard exercise so that his understanding of the concept builds with his motivation. This method limits the potential conflict inherent in an exercise that relies on cues that contradict 90% of the dogs prior learning in bitework. Less conflict means clearer communication which means punchier more committed results.
  • Solarity - Long 41 Solarity are up-and-coming London duo Alfie Granger-Howell & Nick Harriman, and this double A-side represents their first outing on the label. Long 41 moves into a techier and punchier mindset but, as with its predecessor churning, uncut grooves remain the order of the day. A handy debut and hopefully the first of many more top-notch tunes to come from the boys! Click here to buy from iTunes. Click here to buy from Beatport. / Long 41 Click here to buy from Audio Jelly. Click here to buy from Track It Down. Click here to buy from DJ Download. Click here to buy from Juno.
  • MON Promo V5 Punchier iPhone

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