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  • CNC Machining, Metal fabrication, Welding & Design. Services. Gallery. History. Technical Partners. Design. Contact Info. click here to see our shop. Copyright © 2009. GT Prototypes. March 16, 2010. — “GtPROTOTYPES”,
  • The SAP Design Guild is a website in which SAP offers its interface design tools and methods to the user interface community at large. It is also intended to serve as a forum for active and open discussion on user- and business-related topics. — “SAP Design Guild -- Using Prototypes”,
  • Invention Prototypes & Prototyping How to make a prototype - prototyping technologies and resources A prototype is a model of your invention that a. — “Invention City | Invention Prototype and Prototyping”,
  • Welcome to prototypes and models, your online source for all of your prototyping needs. Prototypes and Models, Inc. was founded by Tom Austin who is a master prototyper with over 30 years of. — “Prototypes and Models, specializing in prototypes, models”,
  • Welcome to Rapid Prototypes. Rapid Prototypes is an electronic contract manufacturer responsible for producing electronic assemblies. We are proud of our ability to offer customers high quality, superior service, fast delivery and competitive pricing. — “Rapid Prototypes | Technology & Manufacturing, LLC”,
  • A prototype is an original type, form, or instance of something serving as a typical example, basis, or standard for other things of the same category. Prototypes are typical instances of a category that serve as benchmarks against which the surrounding, less representative. — “Prototype - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Dent Prototypes is a full service rapid manufacturing company. We say "Rapid Manufacturing" rather than "Rapid Prototyping" because the parts you receive are not just prototypes, they are real parts, made to your specification, ready for use, and delivered fast. — “DENT PROTOTYPES - RAPID MANUFACTURING”,
  • Prototypes Manufacturers & Prototypes Suppliers Directory - Find a Prototypes Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Prototypes Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Prototypes-Prototypes Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters”,
  • Usability Methods, Design New Site, Prototypes: A prototype is a draft version of a Web site. Prototypes allow you to explore your ideas before investing time and money into development. A prototype can be anything from a paper drawings (low. — “ - Prototypes”,
  • If you or a loved one is battling substance abuse, mental health conditions, domestic violence or trauma, homelessness, HIV/AIDS or other life problems, PROTOTYPES can provide you with the necessary residential and outpatient resources and support necessary for recovery. — “Prototypes - Inspiring Hope, Health, and Independence”,
  • Watch videos & listen free to Prototypes: Je Ne Te Connais Pas, Who's Gonna Sing & more, plus 23 pictures. The Prototypes are a French band formed in 2003 when both members of Bosco (Stéphane Bodin and François Marché) collaborated with. — “Prototypes – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats”,
  • A prototype is an original model of an idea and is generally used to provide a credible Building a prototype is an essential step in the inventing process. — “Professional Prototype Development”,
  • Prototypes Plus, Inc. in Menlo Park, California provides the following services for all of your Rapid needs. CNC Machining, Steriolithograpy (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), RTV Tooling, Urethane Casting, Professional Finishing and. — “Prototypes Plus”,
  • Dip Adapters from EZ Prototypes. EZ Prototypes provides products such as Dip Adapters, USB, SPI and I2C ***yzers, breadboards, chip adapters, enclosures, sockets, soldering tools and more. — “EZ Prototypes: Products Main. Prototypes, DIP Adapters, SOIC”,
  • prototype ( ) n. An original type, form, or instance serving as a basis or standard for later stages. — “prototype: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • On Jiwa, listen for free in HD mp3 streaming to Prototypes, his hits ***y, Tir Aux Pigeons, Minimal Animal, , discover his dicography, his album the most recent: Synthétiqueand biography. — “Prototypes - Free Music in HD mp3 - Jiwa”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Prototypes. Download Prototypes Electro / Pop / Electronica music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Prototypes's blog. — “Prototypes on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • This category covers all aspect of prototyping, including the benefits of prototyping. It also covers strategies one can utilize to know what prototyping is worth the money and when it might not be the best initial investment. — “Prototypes - Invention Tips”,
  • Definition of Prototypes in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Prototypes. Pronunciation of Prototypes. Translations of Prototypes. Prototypes synonyms, Prototypes antonyms. Information about Prototypes in the free online English dictionary and. — “Prototypes - definition of Prototypes by the Free Online”,

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  • Paper Prototype Paper prototype created by using the Scrum process.
  • iControlPad Prototype running psx4iphone - Wipeout XL - Ridge Racer ZodTTD of here! Following the success of my previous iControlPad video showing snes4iphone, which was recently featured on , I have made this quick video. It shows the iPhone 3gs being charged with the iControlPad as well as some quick examples of the ***og nubs in action when playing Wipeout XL and RIdge Racer. Sorry for the lack of audio, the people in my house were being a bit talkative. ;) Remember this is a prototype iControlPad, so the plastics aren't polished or smooth yet. This is a fully functional iControlPad, though things may still be tweaked before release. Please comment here as well as join my site at ! Thanks, ZodTTD
  • Panasonic shows off its latest robot prototypes The company wants to make robotics into a major business and is developing robots for use in the home and workplace
  • NVIDIA @ MWC 09 NVIDIAs Vice President of Mobile Content Neil Trevett demonstrates the companys 3D user interface running on the Tegra APX 2600 development platform.
  • New NFL 2012 Uniforms Prototypes In 2012 Nike is supposedly becoming the supplier of all the NFL team's uniforms. This is what they have so far, and these are only prototypes. Which one looks the best to yall. I like the Chiefs with the feathers on the helmet personally. I did not make these uniforms or claim to own them.
  • Prototypes - "Je Ne Te Connais Pas" Download the Free Video at The rhythmically hypnotic electro-pop of this ascending French trio washes up onto American shores. Is it safe to say that singer Bubble Star may very well be Europe's answer to Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
  • The Prototypes - Cascade [HD] The Prototypes' latest single "Cascade". Absolute banger! Set this tune to repeat and enjoy! Check them out on Facebook:
  • The Prototypes - Kaleidoscope 'Kaleidoscope' by The Prototypes. Featured in the Fifa 07 videogame soundtrack.
  • How and When Prototyping Practices Affect Design Performance Google Tech Talk November 19, 2009 ABSTRACT Presented by Steven Dow. How does the structure of prototyping practice affect learning, motivation, and performance? In this talk, I will describe research on iteration and comparison, two key principles for discovering contextual design variables and their interrelationships. We found that, even under tight time constraints when the common intuition is to stop iterating and start refining, iterative prototyping helps designers learn. Our results also demonstrate that creating and receiving feedback on multiple prototypes in parallel — as opposed to serially — leads to more divergent concepts, more explicit comparison, less investment in a single concept, and better overall design performance. This talk highlights relevant research in cognitive and social psychology and shares the results of our preliminary design studies. Steven Dow is a Postdoctoral Scholar in the HCI Group at Stanford University where he researches human-computer interaction, creative problem-solving, prototyping practices, and computing for education and entertainment. He is a co-recipient of a Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Grant 2009-10. He received an MS and PhD in Human-Centered Computing from Georgia Institute of Technology and a BS in Industrial Engineering from University of Iowa.
  • Prototypes - Who's Gonna Sing? The video of the new single of the french band Prototypes used in the Apple iPod Shuffle TV ad. Realised by marc Cortès.
  • Robocop Prototypes Scene from Robocop 2 where OCP reveal their new prototype model robocop
  • How to create an interactive iPad app prototype in 30 minutes with Apple Keynote Get your Keynote prototyping pack at
  • Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix)
  • The Prototypes - Kaleidoscope I do not own this song or claim it as my own, the songs name is Kaleidoscope by The Prototypes. This song was request by Morimoto 100 one of my friends and subscribers here on youtube. The picture was done by Ammotion on Deviantart, my thanks goes to him for letting me use his pictures for my videos. This song is not trance, it was a request, and for all those that still want one of their songs up that haven't subscribed, you can still subscribe now there are 5 more subscribe areas that you can get into for having your own video put up! : )
  • BumpTop 3D Desktop Prototype - Download now from ! BumpTop is a fun, intuitive 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. Like a real desk, but better.
  • Sikorsky - X2 Raider™ Prototypes [720p] 20 Oct 2010 : West Palm Beach, Florida - Sikorsky Aircraft will design, build and fly two prototype light tactical helicopters as the follow-on advancement to the X2 TechnologyTM demonstrator aircraft that unofficially shattered the helicopter world speed record here in September with a flight speed of 250 knots (463 km/h). The decision to continue development of the next-generation rotary wing technology will enable Sikorsky and select suppliers to offer the high speed X2 prototype vehicles for flight test and evaluation by US armed forces. Sikorsky Aircraft is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). "Having proved the X2 Technology design to ourselves, we have full confidence we can now mature the technology for the US Army's light armed reconnaissance helicopter size," said Sikorsky President Jeffrey Pino. "Self funding the design of a brand new light tactical helicopter -- the Sikorsky S-97 -- and manufacturing two prototypes we have designated as the Raider™ X2 helicopter will help military aviation evaluate the viability of a fast and maneuverable next generation rotorcraft for a variety of combat missions." In March 2010, Sikorsky submitted an X2 aircraft design to the Army's Armed Aerial Scout (AAS) program in response to a request for information. The AAS program is currently conducting an ***ysis of alternatives for the Army's next armed reconnaissance helicopter. Like the X2 Technology demonstrator that broke the helicopter speed record, the X2 ...
  • Prototype (Full English Fandub) DOWNLOAD LINK: Original by: Chiaki Ishikawa Translation: Vocals: geekymcgeekstein Lyrics: geekymcgeekstein Mixing: geekymcgeekstein I am actually very proud of this one, because I think it's vastly superior to my previous attempt. Sorry for all the people whose messages I need to check out, by the way. Life has been hectic recently and I have a massive backlog of pretty much everything. Lyrics: The power of innocence Is such a simple power indeed Yet it still can obscure everything, casting the world into shadow Wanting to reach the light is not so simple Hidden so far beyond your grasp as you try to touch it Raising your hand so high, paralyzed in the sky But you are crouching low, as if you've fallen down Prototype boy, you only live on for tomorrow Yours shall not become the tale that's passed on to the next generation But you'll find your solace at the brink of this hell And it suits you ever so much, an irony that's tragically part of you Insidious silence Has served to herald every mistake, and the rift that exists in this world tears from the force of your guidance The gaze that is judging you Will show no mercy Even as you are trembling from the guilt that's inside you It will not even see blatant hypocracy Though that may be why you have made the choice to fight Prototype boy, your heart is no longer within you Stolen by this drive that you have, this restlessness that always is growing Wreckages surrounding things that once ...
  • The Prototypes - Need The Love |FULL| Summer love :) Make sure to check out The Prototypes on any of these pages :) Download link for picture:
  • Tom Kundig: Prototypes and Moving Parts A collection of projects by Tom Kundig of Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects.
  • Star Trek Communicator Cellphone - Rare Prototype More Info: (Description below) A working cellphone made in the form of a Star Trek communicator. This is one of 14 numbered prototypes distributed internally at Nokia in 2008. I bought it on eBay from a former Nokia employee who received it as a gift and no longer works for the company. This is a heavily-modified N76 with custom sounds, graphics, and hardware. It is very much a prototype and obviously in a late Alpha or early Beta stage. A little different from our usual fare. Sorry it takes me so long to get to the device itself; would have made a shorter vid if I'd known this was going to be picked up by so many tech/Trek blogs. Hope you enjoy it! Shot with HTC Evo 4G (Inflammatory or derogatory comments, or those unrelated to the device itself, or comments regarding eBay auction price speculation, will be removed.)
  • ICO Playstation 1 Version [PSX Prototype - CANCELLED!] video from Shadow Of The Colossus Japanese DVD Bonus "Already a number of Ico's elements were in place, and Ueda began to work with Kaido at this point to turn the concepts expressed in the movie into a game design for a PSone title. Their three key points were "differentiation" (to make a game unlike any other), "artistic presentation" (a level of aesthetics such that any still screen of the game would be artistic), and a "non-realistic reality" featuring a vivid heroine who would make the player want to be heroic. They began to accomplish this using a method they referred to as "subtracting design every element of the game that took away from its reality was removed. Instead of having a varied cast of enemies with unique strengths and weaknesses, for instance, there would be only one enemy type; instead of a castle, its environs, and nearby settlements, there would only be the castle and an escape from it. They also used unconventional hiring techniques: to put together a team capable of realizing Ueda's vision, they hired mostly outside of the industry to put together an initial staff of two programmers, four artists, and one designer in addition to Ueda and Kaido. A movie Ueda put together during this period shows what they had so far on the PSone version. The lone enemy type is one of the masked, horned soldiers present in the final game only during a cutscene, though the horns are now on Ico rather than Yorda. Some locations are already familiar ...
  • Power Laces 2 PROTOTYPE DEMO Help me get these onto shelves! www.Power- After the popularity of the first version, I upgraded the Power Laces prototype to show what could be accomplished with proper funding. Support the Future that 80s comedy movies promised us! www.Power- (As requested, the song is entitled 'Take the Lead' and can be found here Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for providing the music under Creative Commons.)
  • Sony unveils prototype 360° 3D display The display offers an impressive image and doesn't require glasses. It's just a prototype now.
  • New BMW 6-series prototype Coupe and Convertible F13 chased by G-Power BMW M3 SKII CS DKG | DCT www.m5 New BMW 6-series prototype Coupe F12 and Convertible F13 chased by G-Power BMW M3 SKII CS DKG | DCT
  • Spyderco Amsterdam meeting 2011: knife prototype previews Last week I went to Spyderco's meeting in Amsterdam, where Spyderco owner Sal Glesser and his son Eric showed various production prototypes, and all those present could handle them and give feedback. A splendid day. Dutch knife forum member Wouter was the official photographer and meanwhile he put his pictures online. I use these as basis of my slideshow and meanwhile I comment on my impressions of every knife, singling out my personal favorites.
  • Aston Martin V12 Zagato racing prototypes ready for action Aston Martin has announced plans to enter two V12 Zagato prototypes in this weekend's 24 Hours of Nürburgring. The red car, named Zag, will be driven by Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin Nürburgring Test Center Director Wolfgang Schuhbauer and automotive journalists Horst von Saurma and Matthew Marsh. The green car, dubbed Zig, will be piloted by One-77 Chief Engineer Chris Porritt, experienced sports car driver Oliver Mathai, automotive journalist Richard Meaden and experienced amateur racer Peter Cate. Besides the two prototypes, Aston Martin has also entered a V8 Vantage GT4 which will be driven by Darren Turner, journalist Shinichi Katsura, Australian racer Rob Thomson and seasoned Nürburgring veteran Jurgen Stumpf. According to David King, Aston Martin's Head of Motorsport, "Our entries this year extend our Nürburgring racing philosophy. For five years now we have signed-off our new products by entering a car which is as close to the road car as possible and subjecting it to the toughest 24 hour test on what best simulates the extremities of public roads. This year we go a step further by testing a car at prototype stage." High-res photos:
  • Objet's PolyJet Rapid Prototyping Actual Footage An actual footage of prototyping using the PolyJet prototyping process from Objet Geometries. Very fast process, very accurate prototypes..
  • Rapid Prototyping of Ubiquitous Computing Applications: Tools & Frameworks Google Tech Talks March, 24 2008 ABSTRACT Yang Li - RESEARCH SCIENTIST Pervasive or ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) applications can support people's everyday activities in the physical world by leveraging advances in sensor technologies and computing infrastructures. Designing ubicomp applications is challenging because our everyday activities are more complex, dynamic and less structured than the tasks supported by traditional desktop computing. Ubicomp design is difficult, time-consuming, and requires a high level of technical expertise, especially with sensor technologies. To address this, I created a set of rapid prototyping tools and frameworks. My early work with Topiary introduces high-level abstractions, such as maps and scenarios, for designers to easily model location contexts and specify location-based behaviors. Topiary also allows a design to be tested in the field via a Wizard of Oz approach, without deploying a location sensor infrastructure. My recent work is focused on activity-based ubicomp prototyping, a process for enabling long-term activities (such as keeping fit)—a larger unit for design than the tasks that are the focus of traditional design. To support such a process, I created ActivityDesigner, a system that allows designers to create functional prototypes of ubicomp applications based on field observations, and easily deploy and test these prototypes in situ. Speaker: Yang Li - RESEARCH SCIENTIST Yang Li is a research associate in the Computer ...
  • The Prototypes - Breathless (Rollz Remix) Rollz reworks The Prototypes' latest single 'Breathless' with a dubstep twist to coincide with its release on Formation Records on the 21st of February. Become a fan of The Prototypes: Follow them on Twitter: Become a fan of Rollz: Follow him on Twitter: Listen to him on Soundcloud:
  • 1944 V2 Prototypes Launching Failures Mix of German WW2 footage related to the failed launches of early V2 missile prototypes. Original German WW2 propaganda soundtrack, added in 2007 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES, performed by "Charlie and His Orchestra" Slumming on Park Avenue. Infos about "Charlie and His Orchestra", and the love-hate relationship the ***s used to have with Swing music, can be found on this webpage: "SUBSCRIBING to this Channel is a MUST for researchers and RARE HISTORICAL FOOTAGE fans!!!" V. Romano The parts in color are clips from the ROMANO-ARCHIVES' new website-"Unknown World War 2 in Color"-"WW2 Europe" section. At: Visit also: Or: A better quality longer complete silent version of this clip is available. Hi-Res videos from our Collections are available on DVD, CD or directly in your inbox. Clips and movies can also be downloaded from our servers using a PW or uploaded by us to your FTP.
  • Headhunter - Prototype (Modeselektor's Broken Handbrake Remix)
  • The Prototypes - Cascade Another exclusive clip from rising drum & bass stars The Prototypes. Their latest track Cascade is setting the scene on fire, receiving support from Friction, Roni Size, Sub Focus, Andy C, DJ Fresh, Sigma and many more. It is also featuring on the latest Ministry of Sound CD mixed by Friction and will be released on J-Majik's legendary imprint 'Infrared Records' at the end of Summer 2010. Become a fan of The Prototypes: Check them out on MySpace: http
  • 10 Minute Mock Prototyping Mocking up user-experience designs needn't be time a huge time-sink. This is especially true for sketchy, early-stage designs. PowerPoint is great for fleshing out quick and dirty UX Design Mockups. You can whip screen flows together, make important elements interactive and clickable, share with other people, and quickly iterate on the mock. When I'm mocking/prototyping in PowerPoint these are a couple of short-cuts I take to make the work go fast. For the full article:
  • Hanmail Paper Prototype This video is paper-based prototype for Daum's web mail service, made by Ajax.
  • The Prototypes - Breathless Image -
  • Don Diablo ft. Dragonette - Animale (The Prototypes Remix) The Prototypes' remix of Animale by Don Diablo featuring Dragonette. Available to buy later this month from all good digital download stores. Become a fan of The Prototypes: Follow them on Twitter: http
  • Color E Ink Prototypes from LG - FPD 2010 - LG were also showcasing some new color E Ink type displays / e-reader prototypes among a few others. Can't tell you much about these displays.
  • New Drum solo tricks and tips by Scott Pellegrom The newest drum tips and techniques by Scott Pellegrom. Scott has studied with some of the greatest new drummers like Johnny Rabb and Adam Adam Deitch delivering wild drum solos, breakbeats and killer new ideas that are meant inspire! Scott Uses Hand drum and super fast stick rolls, thanks to products from the start-up company NuEdg percussion.To find out more about the products used in this video go to .
  • OLPC's Negroponte says XO-3 prototype tablet coming in 2010 One Laptop Per Child project founder Nicholas Negroponte said that the organization is accelerating its development of the XO-3 tablet computer and will have a working prototype by December 2010, two years ahead of projections. Negroponte said the final product would cost US$75.
  • Prototype - 2011 Alien Invasion Paintball Gun We were lucky enough to get a prototype 2011 Alien Invasion Paintball Gun. This is NOT a production model, this is one of the prototypes. We wanted to get a video up, just showing it shooting and showing it in our hands. They are going into production very soon, so we'll get a REAL production model here shortly!

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