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  • Definition and other additional information on Prototrophic strains from Biology- dictionary. — “Prototrophic strains - definition from Biology-”, biology-
  • With nic-2 allele 2, you obtain three prototrophic colonies A, B, and C, and you cross each separately with a wild-type strain. From the cross prototroph B × wild type, you obtain 100 progeny, of which 78 are prototrophic and 22 are nicotinamide requiring. — “Problems -- Modern Genetic ***ysis -- NCBI Bookshelf”,
  • A majority of prototrophic macroconidia of two of the three histidine transformants of Neurospora crassa tested required histidine for germination. The amino acid requirement by prototrophic macroconidia was not specific, was limited to colony formation and was not due to low endogenous content. — “Pitchaimani and Maheshwari, FGN 47:89-91”,
  • Intraspecific protoplast fusions were carried out with active ergocornine-ergokryptine and inactive ergocristine Claviceps purpurea strains and vice versa. The isolated prototrophic strains from both types of crossings produced all three alkaloid types, showing that biosynthesis of distinct alkaloid. — “Activation of ergot alkaloid biosynthesis in prototrophic”,
  • Definition of prototrophic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of prototrophic. Pronunciation of prototrophic. Translations of prototrophic. prototrophic synonyms, prototrophic antonyms. Information about prototrophic in the free online English. — “prototrophic - definition of prototrophic by the Free Online”,
  • Prototrophic information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues. — “Prototrophic - ”,
  • Prototrophic wild type. 31. S. chattanoogensis ISP5002. Fredericamycin. Prototrophic wild Prototrophic wild type. 29a. P. pyrrocinia 2327. Pyrrolnitrin. — “Acquisition of Certain Streptomycin-Resistant (str) Mutations”,
  • Prototrophic definition, (esp. of certain bacteria) requiring only inorganic substances for growth. See more. — “Prototrophic | Define Prototrophic at ”,
  • prototrophic definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “prototrophic - Definition”,
  • Definition of prototrophic. Provided by Stedman's medical dictionary and . Includes medical terms and definitions. — “prototrophic definition | ”,
  • Expression of the fragile X site fra(X)(q27.3) was studied in thymidine-prototrophic and auxotrophic human-mouse somatic cell hybrids. In these cells, low thymidylate stress, achieved by 5-fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine (FdU) treatment and by limiting. — “Fragile X expression in thymidine-prototrophic and”,
  • Transient Marker System for Iterative Gene Targeting of a Prototrophic Fungus deficiency can be complemented by the transforming DNA and allows selection for transformants that have become prototrophic. — “Transient Marker System for Iterative Gene Targeting of a”,
  • Definition of prototrophic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of prototrophic. Pronunciation of prototrophic. Definition of the word prototrophic. Origin of the word prototrophic. — “prototrophic - Definition of prototrophic at ”,
  • prototrophic adj. Having the same metabolic capabilities and nutritional requirements as the wild type parent strain: prototrophic bacteria. — “prototrophic: Definition from ”,
  • A fully prototrophic strain, and its isogenic gcn2Δ counterpart, were used to study depletion for each of the 20 amino acids, To determine the requirement for GCN2 during the nutrient shift, growth of a prototrophic strain containing an intact GAAC pathway was compared to an isogenic gcn2Δ. — “BioMed Central | Full text | Selective control of amino acid”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for prototrophic in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “prototrophic - Dictionary definition and pronunciation”,
  • prototrophic. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search prototrophic (comparative more prototrophic, superlative most prototrophic). — “prototrophic - Wiktionary”,
  • Medical definition for the term 'prototrophic strains' The information shown above for prototrophic strains is provided by Stedman's. — “Prototrophic Strains -- Medical Definition”,
  • Definition of prototrophic in the Medical Dictionary. prototrophic explanation. Information about prototrophic in Free online English dictionary. What is prototrophic? Meaning of prototrophic medical term. What does prototrophic mean?. — “prototrophic - definition of prototrophic in the Medical”, medical-
  • New applications of pHluorin—measuring intracellular pH of prototrophic yeasts and determining changes in the buffering capacity of strains with affected potassium intracellular pH of prototrophic yeasts and determining changes. — “New applications of pHluorin—measuring intracellular pH of”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of PROTOTROPHIC : having the nutritional requirements of the normal or wild type. — pro·to·tro·phy\prō-ˈtä-trə-fē\ noun. — “Prototrophic - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • What is a prototrophic? Read about the definition of prototrophic on ecomii. Home > ecomii science dictionary > prototrophic. prototrophic. Pertaining to bacteria with the nutritional properties of the wild type, or the strains found in nature. — “What is prototrophic? – A definition of prototrophic from the”,

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  • Chromatium - A Purple Sulfur Rotten Egg Lover Chromatium is a Purple Sulfur prototrophic Gamma Proteobacterium that lives in salt marsh ponds. When you smell rotten eggs, that's hydrogen sulfide. Chromatium uses the energy of sunlight to oxidize hydrogen sulfide and fix carbon dioxide into sugars. In large numbers, Chromatium colors the water red. As rod-shaped bacteria go, it is a giant. This one came from a salt pond in Bayfront Park, San Francisco Bay. Shot in the field at 800X using a Swift FM-31 Field Microscope and Nikon Coolpix 885 digital camera.

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  • “Best answers will be made green and the forum topic will be locked for future reference. overnight incubation, about 100-200 prototrophic transformants per plate were obtained, i”
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  • “Thimerosal represents a medical crisis" Jof Toxicology and Environmental Health PrisonPlanet Forum > Globalization and the plan for NWO > Vaccine information (Moderator: Brendan) > Thimerosal represents a”
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  • “Answers to all your Biology Questions. Search. forum | site wide. Search. forum | site wide. Board index " General Biology " Molecular minimal medium ( i.e. prototrophic) and was sensitive to antibiotic”
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  • “diclofenac iridosclerectomy prototrophic. 8 cialis absorbancy oosperm Few people know that relevant posts make the blog itself more appealing”
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  • “Directed away from the stem of a plant; pertaining to the lower surface of a leaf. prototrophic. strains. mitosis. A sequence of cellular events that culminates in the”
    — Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology,

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  • “mutations, and heterozygous perithecia were identified by the presence of recombinant prototrophic 1999 National Fusarium Head Blight Forum. Poster. Figure 2. During the 1999 growing season in Fargo, North Dakota, the role of”

  • “photoautotrophic, photolithotrophic, planktotrophic, polytrophic, prototrophic. The Volcanism Blog "allgeo" via Chris. Teaser. Alrighty, then. Dana has posted a couple of”
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  • “Have a question or want to discuss transformation? Ask our scientists. Its free. mutants which can be transformed with plasmids containing wild-type homologous genes, rendering the cells prototrophic”
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