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  • In drama, a protasis is the introductory part of a play, usually its first act. It was coined by the fourth-century Roman grammarian Aelius Donatus. He defined a play as being made up of three separate parts, the other two being epitasis and catastrophe. — “Protasis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of protasis from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of protasis. Pronunciation of protasis. Definition of the word protasis. Origin of the word protasis. — “protasis - Definition of protasis at ”,
  • Protasis - Definition of 'Protasis' from our glossary of English linguistic and grammatical terms containing explanations and cross-references to other relevant English grammar terms. — “Protasis - Glossary Definition - ”,
  • Definition of protasis in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of protasis. Pronunciation of protasis. Translations of protasis. protasis synonyms, protasis antonyms. Information about protasis in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “protasis - definition of protasis by the Free Online”,
  • protasis n. , pl. , -ses ( ). Grammar . The dependent clause of a conditional sentence, as if it rains in The game will be canceled if it rains. — “protasis: Definition from ”,
  • I quit around 140. 134. An American urologist bought Napoleon's penis for $40,000. I loved that one. — “320 useless facts that u probably didn't know? 1. Samuel”,
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  • Protasis summary with 1 pages of lesson plans, quotes, chapter summaries, ***ysis, encyclopedia entries, essays, research information, and more. — “Protasis Summary and ***ysis Summary | ”,
  • Protasis is the inventor of the capillary flow probe, which allows ***yzing micro quantities of samples, in the order of 5 microliters. — “Nuclear magnetic resonance : RS²D - Protasis”, rs2
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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Origin of PROTASIS. Late Latin, from Greek, premise of a syllogism, conditional clause, from proteinein to stretch out before, put forward, from pro- + teinein to stretch. — “Protasis - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Protasis definition, the clause expressing the condition in a conditional sentence, in English usually beginning with if. See more. — “Protasis | Define Protasis at ”,
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  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for protasis in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “protasis - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
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  • protasis (plural protases) the first part of a play, in which the setting and characters are introduced. 1922: It doubles itself in the middle of his life, reflects itself in another, repeats itself, protasis, epitasis, catastasis, catastrophe. — James Joyce, Ulysses. — “protasis - Wiktionary”,

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  • Thanassis Dritsas Song of Maria Nefeli This piece (Song of Maria Nefeli) by Thanassis Dritsas is included in his album (CD) Stin akri ton paramythion, (Protasis Music 2008), lyrics of this song written by Odysseas Elytis are included into his famous poem Maria Nefeli. The singer is Athina Dimitrakopoulou and piano is played by the composer Thanassis Dritsas. All photos included in this video are also taken by Thanassis Dritsas
  • protasis.....diamonis...1/10 kanoume tin diki mas protasi gia diamoni stin kabala.....
  • ANEMOS - "Astro mou (My Star)" Astro mou (My Star) ANEMOS (Greece) vocals -lyrics: Katerina Nitsopoulou music -arrangement: Kostas Hatzopoulos taken from the album: "balkan Routes vol.1: Nikola Tesla" (Protasis 2008) Executive producer: Dimitris Meidanis /balkanroutes ANEMOS: /anemosmusic
  • Giannis Skoulas Eksetastiki epitropi gia domimena omologa Giannis Skoulas Sizitisi kai lipsi apofasis epi tis protasis nomou tou PASOK gia tin sistasi eksetastikis epitropis gia ta domimena omologa
  • OΥΡΑΝΙΟ ΤΟΞΟ - Αντιγόνη Κατσούρη / Uranio tokso - Antigoni Katsouri " ΟΥΡΑΝΙΟ ΤΟΞΟ " ( από το cd: " Ουράνιο Τόξο " - ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΗ ΚΑΤΣΟΥΡH ), που κυκλοφορεί από την Protasis. (/Antigonikatsouri and /katsouri) Μουσική/Στίχοι: Άρης Κλεισούρας (/Arisklisouras) " URANIO TOKSO " (= RAINBOW ) (from the cd " URANIO TOXO " - ANTIGONI KATSOURI), by Protasis. (/Antigonikatsouri and /katsouri) Music/Verses: Aris Klisouras (/Arisklisouras)
  • WWW.E-ISTOS.GR...protasis.mpg
  • ep***hpsh protashs gamou (i pio teleia glykia skhnh) eutuxismenoi mazi new episode 55o epeisodio 55 epeisodio paraskeuh 15 maiou maioy 2009neo episode eutixismenoi eytixismenoi maurotsoukalos dionushs elenh markos eua eva alex afroula mhtsos mitsos giannakis thanasis fwths makis viky ifigeneia spyros aglaia mixalis sxoleio spiti xwrismos sxesh filia polemos zhleia markos eva krevati filia agkalia tsakwmos londino taverna douleia eftuxismenoi eftixismenoi h epistrofi epistrofh tou markou ekpliksi ekplhksh ekplhksi eva mitsos mazi fili apothiki apothikoula apothikoula tou spitiou spitoy kithara tragoudi tragoydi apokalupseis sxoleio aithousa ai9ousa ai8ousa egkuos mwro moro pareksigiseis parekshghseis epeteios epetios pilotoi test epaggelma kazino casino rouleta ola sto kokkina lefta iptamenos kai tzedleman tzentleman ΕΠΕΙΣΟΔΙΟ 55 Περίληψη: Η Εύα δεν έχει απαντήσει ακόμη στην πρόταση γάμου που της έκανε ο Μάρκος και εκείνος αρχίζει να απογοητεύεται. Στο σπίτι, έρχεται να μείνει για λίγες μέρες η Βιργινία που είναι η κολλητή της Ελένης από τη Θεσσαλονίκη. Η Βιργινία έχει έρθει στην Αθήνα προσπαθώντας να ξεπεράσει το σοκ του χωρισμού της. 'Οταν το μαθαίνει ο Διονύσης αποφασίζει να την ρίξει στην αγκαλιά του Μάρκου. Η Βίκυ αντιλαμβάνεται ότι ο Μήτσος τους ακούει κάθε βράδυ που κάνουν έρωτα. 'Ετσι, αποφασίζει να κόψει το σεξ με τον Μάκη, προκειμένου να μη δίνουν στο γιο τους το κακό παράδειγμα. Αυτό έχει ως αποτέλεσμα, ο Μάκης, όπως και ο Σπύρος με τον Φώτη, να βλέπουν την Βιργινία ως τη γυναίκα που θα τους βγάλει από τη ...
  • Composition motive ***ysis - Protasis Is an example how to write a theme using 2 frases with motive like this: a -b -a'-b' & a"-b"-cd
  • ANEMOS "Paradise" ANEMOS in greek means wind.... From the new cd single of ANEMOS, titled "Paradise".
  • Thanassis Dritsas Sti Thalassa This song titled "Sti thalassa" (Στη Θάλασσα) by Thanassis Dritsas is included into his CD-Stin Akri ton Paramythion (Στην άκρη των παραμυθιών) (Protasis Music). Lyrics are written by Eleftheria Zampetaki. The singer is Athina Dimitrakopoulou. Piano plays the composer Thanassis Dritsas. All photos also by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • 20-12 apodoxi protasis gamou reggina apodexetai protasi kai anakoinosi stous ipoloipous
  • The Protasis NicFlic has created a modern version of a past style, inspired by chris loprete
  • Thanassis Dritsas Ti allo This song (Ti allo/Τι άλλο) is included into the album of songs (CD) Stin Akri ton Paramythion (Protasis Music 2008) by Thanassis Dritsas. Lyrics by Christos Boulotis, singer is Athina Dimitrakopoulou.
  • ANEMOS cd single: "Paradise" (Radio Spot) ANEMOS cd single "Paradise" by Protasis 2007 Composer: Kostas Hatzopoulos Vocals - Lyrics: Katerina Nitsopoulou
  • Thanassis Dritsas Healing Nature A relaxing combination of music and photo slide show of healing natural pictures. Music is composed by Thanassis Dritsas and included in his CD Ydatografies/ΥΔΑΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΕΣ, έργα για μικρά σύνολα, PROTASIS MUSIC 2004. Music is performed by Odysseas Korelis (violin) and Alexandra Koreli (piano). Photos are also taken by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • Thanassis Dritsas Kokkini klosti music by Thanassis Dritsas lyrics by Christos Boulotis, singer is Athina Dimitrakopoulou, piano played by the composer Thanassis Dritsas, the song is included into the CD Stin Akri ton paramythion, Protasis Music 2008, all photos included in this video are taken by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • Thanassis Dritsas Dreams in Blue, photos by Nikos Kanellopoulos A healing blend of music and photos which combines music composed by Thanassis Dritsas and wonderful photos taken by Nikos Kanellopoulos. Music pieces are included into the CD-Ydatografies (Υδατογραφίες)(released by Protasis Music) by Thanassis Dritsas. The titles of the pieces are "To the simple blue" and "The garden sees, I listen to the colours" and are performed by Odysseas Korelis (violin) and Alexandra Koreli (piano).
  • Thanassis Dritsas Diafaneia 2 A solo piano piece included into the CD Thanassis Dritsas-Ydatografies,Protasis Music 2004. Diafaneia (greek διαφάνεια) means transparent, clear vision through something. Piano plays the composer Thanassis Dritsas. All photos are also taken by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • Project Protasis Forest Edition Introduction Video The introduction video for the Project Protasis Forest Edition presentation!
  • Thanassis Dritsas Fairy tale This song included in the album CD Thanassis Dritsas/Stin akri ton paramythion, Protasis Music 2008. In this rare live document recording the composer sings the song during a rehersal and accompanies himself by playing his guitar. Recorded live at RadioArt studio, RadioArt is an art internet radio ( Lyrics by Christos Boulotis. All photos in this video by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • Thanassis Dritsas Transparent Water The solo piano is included in the album-Stin Akri ton Paramythion (Στην άκρη των παραμυθιών-Protasis Music) by Thanassis Dritsas. The song is presented for the first time and it is included in a private recording of the composer (1998-2000), lyrics by Eleftheria Zampetaki. The song is titled: Two divided worlds (Δυο κόσμοι-μέσα στα διάφανα νερά). Piano plays the composer Thanassis Dritsas, the singer is a young sea-water fairy called L. All photos (including the underwater photos) are taken by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • Thanassis Dritsas Pare me amyito This song is included into the CD-Stin Akri ton Paramythion (Στην Άκρη των Παραμυθιών) (Protasis Music) by the composer Thanassis Dritsas. Lyrics by Christos Boulotis, the singer is Athina Dimitrakopoulou, piano plays the composer Thanassis Dritsas. All photos are also taken by Thanassis Dritsas.
  • balkan Routes vol.1: Nikola Tesla (spot) balkan Routes vol.1:Nikola Tesla. NEW CD by Protasis
  • RADIO ARVILA - Protaseis gia nea AGALMATA (25_05_2010)
  • 2010-08-08 9. COVENANT OF MARRIAGE IN CHRIST. 2010-08-08 2. KING OF KINGS CHURCH PASTOR DAVID JOHNSTON KING OF KINGS, CHURCH, PASTOR, DAVID JOHNSTON, 2010-08-08, 3949 ATLANTIC BLVD, JACKSONVILLE, FL 32207 http DOCTRINE OF DIVORCE AND REMARRIAGE March 22, 1992 Introduction: marriage has been beautifully and skillfully fashioned by God for the maximum joy and fulfillment of each couple. Since marriage is a divine institution, God's design should govern all marital relationships that grow into true marital bliss. Because permanence is a definite part of the divine design, and therefore pleases the Lord, the antithesis does not please Him. God's viewpoint of divorce is that it is tantamount to "treachery"; for this reason, the Scripture declares "'For I hate divorce,' says the Lord"; Mal.2:16; see the context of vs.14-16. Though permanence is God's directive will, or preferred course, this does not entirely cancel out recourse to divorce or separation. God also has a permissive will that allows for a couple to split-up, given the right circumstances. God's directive or preferred course of action is the avoidance of a marital split-up. The Old Testament (OT) regulation of divorce. Scripture: Deut.24:1-4. The potential events in a marital relationship are: marriage, divorce, and remarriage. This passage shows what God allowed, regulated, and prohibited in OT times. In vss.1-3 we have a protasis: a five-fold IF situation, followed by the apodosis statement of resultant action in vs.4. In other ...
  • Thanassis Dritsas Numbers of beauty, photos by Nikos Kanellopoulos Healing demonstration of natural symmetries blended with music of the composer Thanassis Dritsas. Wonderful photos are taken by Nikos Kanellopoulos. Music pieces titled "Invisible geometry" and "Fragile sounds" are included in the CD-Ydatografies (Υδατογραφίες) (Protasis Music) by Thanassis Dritsas. Music is performed by Odysseas Korelis (violin) and Alexandra Koreli (piano).
  • stratos-reggina protasi gamou protasi gamou
  • Άστρο μου (Astro mou: My Star) - ANEMOS *See also ENGLISH Translation* Astro mou (My Star) by ANEMOS Music: Kostas Hatzopoulos Lyrics: Katerina Nitsopoulou taken from the album: "balkan Routes vol.1: Nikola Tesla" (Protasis 2008, Greece Executive Producer: Dimitris Meidanis site: /balkanroutes (My Star) My star don' t ask for a reason to love the moments that hurt you the most. How small do i feel in your kiss and how lost. I' m feeling so small and alone, melted by the sea waves like a stone. Come my star, take me along. Put me in your heart's sweet fire, take me home. Come my love, dance in your dream tonight, the dream that made it through a thousand waves and into the light. My star, i can' t be apart, don't ask for a reason to show me the sign of your heart.
  • Thanassis Dritsas Fragile Sounds Music is written by Thanassis Dritsas for violin and piano and included into his CD-Ydatografies (Υδατογραφίες) (Protasis Music). The titles of the pieces included in this video clip are: Invisible Geometry, Fragile sounds, Transparent purple drops. Music is performed by Odysseas Korelis (violin) and Alexandra Koreli (piano). All photos are taken by Thanassis Dritsas
  • i polukatoikia episodeio 77 / 21 H Protasi Gamou... season 2 Markos part: To xroniko tis protasis gamou!!!! Playlist:
  • Starcraft Mix - Our Mother's Life Instrumentals credits to sub4ru @ Starcraft 2 Sounds by Blizzard Entertainment Mixed with Mixcraft 4. ~Mixer in training~
  • "Nikola Tesla" - Zeljko Joksimovic Nikola Tesla Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia) Music: Zeljko Joksimovic Vocals: Jelena Tomasevic Violin player: Ksenija Milosevic (Previously Unreleased) taken from the album: "balkan Routes vol.1:Nikola Tesla" Executive producer: Dimitris Meidanis Protasis 2008 site: /balkanroutes
  • ANEMOS "Paradinomai" CD Single: Paradise 2007 Vocals: Katerina Nitsopoulou Composer: Kostas Hatzopoulos Lyrics: Revekka Roussi PROTASIS 2007
  • Αγκαλιά σε κρατάω - Αντιγόνη Κατσούρη / Antigoni Katsouri " ΑΓΚΑΛΙΑ ΣΕ ΚΡΑΤΑΩ " ( από το cd: " Ουράνιο Τόξο "), Protasis 2009, ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΗ ΚΑΤΣΟΥΡΗ (/Antigonikatsouri) Μουσική/Στίχοι:Ηλίας Κατελάνος /// " AGKALIA SE KRATAO " (from the cd " URANIO TOXO "), Protasis 2009, ANTIGONI KATSOURI (/Antigonikatsouri) Music/Verses:Ilias Katelanos
  • "oo7/ James Bond Theme" - Fanfare Ciocarlia *taken from the album: balkan Routes vol.1: Nikola Tesla (Protasis 2008) 1. facebook: 2. twitter: /balkanroutes 3. myspace: /balkanroutes
  • Thanassis Dritsas The flight to Neverland-Peter Pan Music written by Thanassis Dritsas for Two musical Fairy Tales for narrator and chamber ensemble. This piece is included into the musical fairy tale of Peter Pan under the title The Flight to Neverland, performed by musicians of chamber ensemble Meizones Apousies (string quartet and flute). the piece is included in the CD Ydatografies by Thanassis Dritsas (Protasis Music). The complete work of Two musical fairy tales is included in the CD Two Musical Fairy Tales by Thanassis Dritsas (LYRA). Original children paintings come from Vima-Vima Nursery School, Glyfada, Athens.
  • DDR - AAA Was @ sixflags, played a game.
  • skorpismenes protaseis!!! tragoudara!!!

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  • “But, second, that ***ysis results in the protasis being a statement by the Pharisees and scribes (quoted by Jesus, direct discourse), but the protasis consists of Jesus' words describing the consequences of If the protasis were shorter, one might have found a connective of some kind introducing”
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