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  • ***og gain and filtering using proprietary Meridian Class-A discrete amplification. These transition effects incorporate proprietary Canopus Effects Technology and provide the power to create stunning and professional quality video transitions. — “Use proprietary in a sentence | proprietary sentence examples”,
  • Proprietary Information describes the level of confidentiality given Generally, a document classified by the owner as "proprietary" limits who can view it or know about its contents. — “Proprietary Information and Competitive Intelligence”,
  • Proprietary software is computer software licensed under exclusive legal right of its owner. The purchaser, or licensee, is given the right to use the software under certain conditions, but restricted from other uses, such as modification, further distribution, or reverse engineering. — “Proprietary software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A company or any organization cannot run without proprietary rights. In simple sentence, it is 'protective shield' of any organization. Read on to know details. Proprietary Rights. — “Proprietary Rights”,
  • Proprietary definition, belonging to a proprietor. See more. — “Proprietary | Define Proprietary at ”,
  • proprietary ingilizce türkçe sözlük proprietary nedir? proprietary tanımı tüm sözlükler proprietary etimolojisi proprietary okunuşu proprietary sözlük anlamı proprietary çevirisi proprietary kelimesinin eşanlamı nedir?. — “proprietary < tüm sözlükler < sesli sözlük : ingilizce türkçe”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of PROPRIETARY. 1 : one that possesses, owns, or holds exclusive right to something; specifically : proprietor 1. 2 : something that is used, produced, or. — “Proprietary - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Some proprietary products can only function properly if at all when used with other products owned by the same company. An example of a proprietary product is Adobe Acrobat , whose Portable Document Format ( PDF ) files can only be read with the Acrobat Reader. — “What is proprietary? Definition from ”,
  • proprietary - definition of proprietary from : Characteristic of, or relating to, a proprietor. — “proprietary definition”,
  • offers Proprietary. — “Proprietary”,
  • proprietary (comparative more proprietary, superlative most proprietary) Of or relating to the quality of being an owner, as the proprietary class. — “proprietary - Wiktionary”,
  • A typical definition of the information protected by such an agreement includes a notion that the information is "confidential or proprietary. Black's Law Dictionary defines proprietary as meaning "1. Of or relating to a proprietor {the licensee's proprietary rights}. — “AdamsDrafting " Blog Archive " "Proprietary"”,
  • Definition of proprietary from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of proprietary. Pronunciation of proprietary. Definition of the word proprietary. Origin of the word proprietary. — “proprietary - Definition of proprietary at ”,
  • Free online English dictionary. We define proprietary as NProprietary \Pro*pri'e*ta*ry\, a. [L. proprietarius.]Belonging, or pertaining, to a proprietor;. — “Definition of Proprietary from ”,
  • Explore Microsoft Windows family of operating systems home page for products, PC upgrades, Windows 7 features, downloads, offers, and more. — “Microsoft Windows: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP”,
  • Definition of proprietary in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is proprietary? Meaning of proprietary as a legal term. What does proprietary mean in law?. — “proprietary legal definition of proprietary. proprietary”, legal-
  • But proprietary software companies typically use the term "free software" to refer to price. which could be modified and redistributed noncommercially, and " proprietary software", which could not be. — “Categories of Free and Nonfree Software - GNU Project - Free”,
  • Definition of proprietary in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of proprietary. Pronunciation of proprietary. Translations of proprietary. proprietary synonyms, proprietary antonyms. Information about proprietary in the free online English. — “proprietary - definition of proprietary by the Free Online”,
  • This page describes the term proprietary and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is proprietary? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • their own proprietary name reviews and providing FDA with the data that result from those process that could enable pharmaceutical manufacturers to carry out proprietary name reviews of. — “Concept Paper: NOT FOR IMPLEMENTATION”,
  • Proprietary software - Definition "Proprietary software" is a pejorative term used by the Free Software Foundation to describe software in which the user does not control what it does or cannot study or edit the code, in contrast to free software. — “Proprietary software - Definition”,
  • proprietary adj. Of, relating to, or suggestive of a proprietor or to proprietors as a group: had proprietary rights; behaved with a proprietary air. — “proprietary: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full”,

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  • Proprietary online stock day trading, scalp trading - $5600 profit day Join our next free workshop: Affinity Trading Group is a Proprietary Trading Firm that provides trading courses on Scalp Trading, Day Trading and Swing Trading for both the Stock and Forex markets. This July 26 video is a live session of Scalp Trading covering the...
  • Epitomics Corporate Presentation Epitomics, Inc., an emerging biotechnology company, is dedicated to developing their breakthrough monoclonal antibody technology (RabMAb) for research, diagnostics and therapeutics. The Company has utilized a unique and proprietary RabMAb technology invented by scientists at Loyola University of Chicago and the University of California at San Francisco. This enabling platform produces high quality antibodies that have the potetial to be used in the broad areas of research, diagnostics and therapeutics. Compared to currently available monoclonal antibody technology, such as mouse hybridomas, the Company's proprietary technology can generate RabMAbs more efficiently and with superior binding affinity and bioactivity in a wide variety of biological assays. The high throughput and robust nature of the technology allows for the simultaneous discovery of disease targets and potential therapeutic antibodies in the same experiments, significantly shortening the drug discovery and development cycle. The Company aims to become the largest provider of monoclonal antibody technology through developing and commercializing their RabMAb technology and products in research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. The Company is headquartered in Burlingame, California and operates a wholly owned subsidiary in Hangzhou, the People's Republic of China.
  • Karin Hiebert Winnipeg | Patents Trademarks Information How to patent Info on patents proprietary property, copyrights, Patents, patent pending, steps to getting a patent for your idea, product, or similar inventions, patents, ideas, what not to do How to Patent. Why Patent?
  • MRET water ERT water http://www.ER*** MRET Ert Water www.ER*** 877-224-4899 MRET Ert Water http MRET Ert Water www.ER*** MRET water ERT water How iWater™ Works MRET ERT Water 877-224-4899 The essence of iWater™ lays in its combination of two cutting-edge technologies the proprietary, patented MRET and BIOPROs proprietary ERT. The process utilizes a one-of-a-kind dual action that synergistically couples the special polymeric composition of MRET and the subtle energy imprinting of ERT. A combination of magnets and an LED (Light Emitting Diode) excites the patented MRET polymer, emitting a highly effective noise-field. The low frequency oscillations activate and change the water or liquids molecular structure into a highly intelligent, bio-available water or liquid. Coupled with BIOPROs proprietary ERT (Energy Resonance Technology), which imprints a vital subtle energy signature into the water, iWater™ truly represents a major scientific breakthrough in water technology.
  • Market Technical ***ysis - Proprietary Techniques Give Rise To Profits As Markets Dump This video discusses the ins and outs of the market today from the aspect of technical ***ysis. Not only is key technical ***ysis used but it is a branch known as InTheMoneyStocks Proprietary Technical ***ysis. Using these methods have proven to be the best at picking exact entries for longs and shorts in the markets, commodities, stocks and currencies. Stocks discussed today are SPDR S&P 500 ETF (NYSE:SPY), Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (NYSE:GS), Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), Transocean LTD (NYSE:RIG), Apache Corporation (NYSE:APA) and more.
  • Konarka manufacturing - Organic Thin film Solar Cell Modules Konarka is recognized throughout the world as a leader in OPV (organic photovoltaic) technology a 3rd generation solar technology that is rapidly emerging to compete with silicon based 1st and 2nd generation solar technologies. The company holds over 350 patents and filings covering every aspect of our proprietary chemistry and processes. Our current research efforts are exploring exciting new OPV chemistries as well as advances to our existing technology that will produce greater power output at a lower cost. At the heart of Konarkas technology is a photo-reactive polymer material invented by Konarka co-founder and Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Alan Heeger. This proprietary material can be printed or coated inexpensively onto flexible substrates using roll-to-roll manufacturing, similar to the way newspaper is printed on large rolls of paper. The resulting Power Plastic can then be manufactured into a wide range of end-use products.
  • Pinnacle PCTV HD Ultimate Stick Visit for more information! Enjoy live HD or SD TV on your PC anytime and anywhere. Watch and record SD and HDTV on any PC using the Pinnacle PCTV HD Ultimate Stick, featuring a unique PVR application that runs from the stick's on-board flash memory. Plug it into any PC and start watching and recording in seconds -- no software installation required.
  • Stock Symbol: MDOR (Rubber Recycling Solutions) Magnum's proprietary "Green" technology provides a one of a kind solution to all of the challenges in eliminating Stockpiles of Scrap Tires and Global Waste including: establishing Turnkey Recycling/Waste Management facilities; design, manufacture, and sell products made with recycled materials; and institute viable solutions to the problem of recycling waste rubber. This also includes our one of a kind close loop recycling technology using our proprietary know-how for recycling scrap rubber to produce a variety of end products while reducing greenhouse gases. Magnum currently has open contracts with NSS, LLC that equal $131 Million USD over the next five years for the production of both rubber nuggets and rubber buffing. The Company has acquired licensing rights to a number of patents that allow rubber to be reconstituted, liquefied, specially blended into EPDM powders, and EPDM compounds. These Agreements provide the Company with an array of technologies that could potentially revolutionize the rubber recycling industry in the US, Canada, and China. Magnum's Magog, Canada Facility: Magog is a well known rubber and plastics epicenter that is located in the Estrie region of Quebec and in the MRC Memphremagog. It benefits from an exceptional geographic location since it is situated on the Canadian-American border. Located at 2035 Rene-Patenaude Magog (Quebec), J1X 7J2 is comprised of a 98000+ sq ft mixed use building located within the Technology Center of Magog, Canada on ...
  • Dr. Paul Clayton 3 of 4.mpg Introducing MonaVie (M)mūn™ for Daily Immune Defense MVāo² Antioxidant Blend with Wellmune® for a Healthier Life January 12, 2010 SALT LAKE CITY--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--MonaVie (), maker of premier acai berry juicebased nutritional and energy drink products, is adding new MonaVie (M)mūn (), daily defense for a healthier life, to its line of MonaVie™, MonaVie Active™, MonaVie Pulse™, MonaVie Kosher™ and MonaVie EMV acai berry juice products. MonaVie (M)mūn (pronounced em-mune) is a beneficial blend of 19 fruits and the proprietary, patent-protected ingredient Wellmune®, and is scientifically formulated to optimize the bodys natural defenses and support the immune system on a daily basis. MonaVie brings innovation in the healthy lifestyle product category with the introduction of (M)mūn, says Jeff Graham, MonaVie vice president of product management. We have exclusive rights to market Wellmune® in our industry, delivering a daily immune defense solution to the health-conscious consumer who is on the go. Wellmune® preps your immune system to identify and neutralize potentially harmful microbes. The ingredient is a natural beta-glucan polysaccharide (a complex carbohydrate) isolated from the cell walls of a proprietary strain of bakers yeast. Four ounces of MonaVie (M)mūn deliver 250 mg of Wellmune®, which has been shown in clinical research to help strengthen your bodys natural immune defenses and promote overall well being. In a four ...
  • Converting Trash into Electricity - Eliminating the Unwanted, While Creating the Needed The major thrust of EDCI Clean Energy Solutions is the conversion of waste and other carbonaceous materials into synthesis gas, liquid fuels and/or electricity. Depending upon the specific solution needed, EDCI works to establish a sound partnership that provides the right combination of cutting-edge technologies and expert project management. The advantages of using EDCI Clean Energy Solutions to convert carbonaceous materials and hydrocarbons into synthesis gas, liquid fuels and/or electricity are that: - Nothing hazardous ever goes into the ground, and practically no pollutants go into the air (emissions are well below all California EPA requirements). Through a proprietary "closed loop" system using super-low NOx burners and advanced thermal distillation technology developed by ACTi, our processes provide clean energy solutions that are more efficient and environmentally-friendly than any competitor's. - Processing of variable waste/organic streams through standard and proprietary processes (eg automated recycling of metals, autoclaving of municipal solid waste, etc.), provide for a much greater efficiency in the clean energy process, including the storage of gasification feedstock and produced fuels, as well as the concurrent gasification of multiple carbonaceous materials (eg coal, municipal solid waste, agricultural and animal waste, sewage sludge, used tires, waste plastics, medical waste, etc.) - Outputs are (1) synthesis gas, or syn-gas (CO+H2), which is either ...
  • Mystical Chain Lunatic - Marisa and Alice in the middle of Kaguya vs. Mokou HD HQ This is from a pretty fun fangame I stumbled across today. Sadly there's only a trial out now, and I'm not sure when the full game will be out... but if it's as epic as the trial was the final game is going to be incredibly awesome. Looking at this, I actually came insanely close to no-miss too, heh. Demo found here:
  • Taking aim at Wordpress, Joomla!, and Drupal Proprietary software vendors are feeling threatened by open source alternatives and they are lashing out. I almost feel sorry for them. This video is in response to:
  • 1985 Tandy 1000 EX - 10 Minutes of Ultima 1 A composite output from an original IBM Compatible Tandy 1000 EX from 1985 running MS-DOS 2.11 and Richard Garriot's Classic game: Ultima I: The First Age Of Darkness. Specifications Tandy 1000 EX (1985) -Proprietary All-In-One-Minus-Monitor Case -640 Kilobytes of System Memory -PC Jr. Enhanced Graphics -3 Channel Internal Sound System -300 Baud Proprietary Modem -1 360K Floppy Drive
  • 27c3: ***yzing a modern cryptographic RFID system (en) Speakers: Henryk Plötz , Milosch Meriac HID iClass demystified Popular contactless systems for physical access control still rely on obscurity. As we have shown, time and time again, proprietary encryption systems are weak and easy to break. In a follow-up to last year's presentation we will now demonstrate attacks on systems with 'proper' cryptographic algorithms. Since we broke the last of the big players on the market at 26C3, most vendors are now migrating to new systems which rectify our main point of concern: proprietary algorithms. All new technologies use AES or 3DES for encryption and/or authentication and vendors tirelessly tout the security of their systems and the use of these algorithms between card, reader and host. We will discuss the design of the successor to a system we attacked last year, and demonstrate how a system can be insecure despite the use of secure cryptoprimitives. For more information To download the video visit:
  • Dr. Paul Clayton 2 of 4.mpg Introducing MonaVie (M)mūn™ for Daily Immune Defense MVāo² Antioxidant Blend with Wellmune® for a Healthier Life January 12, 2010 SALT LAKE CITY--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--MonaVie (), maker of premier acai berry juicebased nutritional and energy drink products, is adding new MonaVie (M)mūn (), daily defense for a healthier life, to its line of MonaVie™, MonaVie Active™, MonaVie Pulse™, MonaVie Kosher™ and MonaVie EMV acai berry juice products. MonaVie (M)mūn (pronounced em-mune) is a beneficial blend of 19 fruits and the proprietary, patent-protected ingredient Wellmune®, and is scientifically formulated to optimize the bodys natural defenses and support the immune system on a daily basis. MonaVie brings innovation in the healthy lifestyle product category with the introduction of (M)mūn, says Jeff Graham, MonaVie vice president of product management. We have exclusive rights to market Wellmune® in our industry, delivering a daily immune defense solution to the health-conscious consumer who is on the go. Wellmune® preps your immune system to identify and neutralize potentially harmful microbes. The ingredient is a natural beta-glucan polysaccharide (a complex carbohydrate) isolated from the cell walls of a proprietary strain of bakers yeast. Four ounces of MonaVie (M)mūn deliver 250 mg of Wellmune®, which has been shown in clinical research to help strengthen your bodys natural immune defenses and promote overall well being. In a four ...
  • Traders Proprietary Secrets Revealed Webinar Series Part 4.mp4 What you need to trade. We have members who trade for a living. They make $150-$1500 a day trading futures.
  • Google - Display Ads - WATCH THIS SPACE. Display ads are Big. They're gonna be Huge. This industry is growing and innovating at an unprecedented pace, and is poised to create opportunities for advertisers never before possible. At Google, each day, we're making it easier to create, buy, and measure display ads.
  • Proprietary House Tea Room A video taken inside the tea room of the haunted Proprietary House, Did not notice any EVP's in this one, but if you listen hard enough, maybe you'll hear something that I missed. Present for video: Greg Caggiano, Brett Bodner, Dan Breen, Brian Otto, and Brad Schultz.
  • Panacea's Fuel Saving & Pollution Cutting Modifications (1 of 7) Considering there are 920 patents since 1920 that have never made it to the consumer relating to improved fuel economy, alternative fuels and the reduction of emissions. www.panacea- It is now up to our open source community to push this issue and create the educational resources needed to improve public health and help relieve an economic burden. There has never been as much testing of retrofitting modifications for this tasks other than the following open source / proprietary engineers achievement. Panacea is will continue to promote open source engineers hard work and test, we are conducting a FREE fuel saving and pollution cutting school to support the open source engineers work and proprietary supporters mods out there. This can also help return remuneration for the non profit organization's environmental projects and future tests. Thanks to many new volunteers we are ALL gathering momentum and we are proud to report your hard work in this new production. This research report shows how valuable the open source engineers work is.Plus has our own validation testing and features the pinnacle of all the mods out there. The PDF is loaded with unique testing and has a good balance of open source and proprietary modifications for all. Only as a community is our voice going to be heard the loudest. A special thanks to all the volunteers and donors that have come on board here to police the truth, create security and ensure there is some ...
  • Ion Torrent Chemistry Ion Torrent pairs semiconductor technology with a simple sequencing chemistry that is based on a well-characterized biochemical process. In nature, when a nucleotide is incorporated into a strand of DNA by a polymerase, a hydrogen ion is released as a byproduct. Ion Torrent uses a high-density array of micro-machined wells to perform this biochemical process in a massively parallel way. Each well holds a different DNA template. Beneath the wells is an ion-sensitive layer and beneath that a proprietary Ion sensor. Here's how the technology is used to call a base: If a nucleotide, for example a C, is added to a DNA template and is then incorporated into a strand of DNA, a hydrogen ion will be released. The charge from that ion will change the pH of the solution, which can be detected by our proprietary ion sensor. Our sequencer—essentially the world's smallest solid-state pH meter—will call the base, going directly from chemical information to digital information. The Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM™) sequencer then sequentially floods the chip with one nucleotide after another. If the next nucleotide that floods the chip is not a match. No voltage change will be recorded and no base will be called. If there are two identical bases on the DNA strand, the voltage will be double, and the chip will record two identical bases called. Because this is direct detection—no scanning, no cameras, no light—each nucleotide incorporation is recorded in seconds.
  • CEOLIVE: Access Pharmaceuticals CEO, Jeff Davis Interview with Mr. Jeff Davis, President & CEO of Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCBB: ACCP). Mr. Davis discusses their proprietary drug delivery platform, CobOral™. About Access: Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an emerging biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes proprietary products for the treatment and supportive care of cancer patients. Access' products include MuGard™[6] ([7]), for the management of patients with mucositis, ProLindac™,[8] currently in Phase II clinical testing of patients with ovarian cancer, and Thiarabine[9], a new generation nucleoside ***og which has demonstrated both pre-clinical and clinical activity in certain cancers. The company also has additional advanced drug-delivery technologies, including CobaCyte™-mediated targeted delivery[10] and CobOral-oral drug delivery[11], its proprietary nanopolymer delivery technology based on the natural vitamin B12 uptake mechanism. For additional information on Access Pharmaceuticals, please visit our website at [12]. This video blog contains certain statements that are forward-looking within the meaning of Section 27a of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and that involve risks and uncertainties. These statements include those relating to: our cash burn rate, clinical trial plans and timelines and clinical results for ProLindac, MuGard, Thiarabine and Cobalamin and other product candidates, our ability to achieve clinical and commercial success ...
  • Solve Media 101 Solve Media's proprietary TYPE-IN™ is branded CAPTCHA (human authentication), which places relevant brand messages where users are already engaged. TYPE-INs™ provide value for Advertisers, Publishers and Consumers: - Guaranteed engagement for advertisers - New inventory for publishers - Better experience for site visitors Visit to see more
  • GULF BIO-TERRORISM: A SILENT & DEADLY ENEMY AMONG US (Part II) In this broadcast from 2/25/11, we discuss NALCO and the proprietary ingredients of Corexit. "It's like any other product," said Charlie Pajor, a senior manager at the Illinois-based company: "We developed them and we're protecting our trade secret." Roughly 20-odd dispersant products exist, he said, and while they have similar types of components, they "have proprietary recipes like Coca-Cola". (May 5, 2010 archive from ) Continue reading article at International Common Law Copy Rights by Michael Edward, the World Vision Portal at , and The Gulf Blue Plague at http
  • 08/12/08 The Omni Proprietary Moving Average. A Fundamental Shift ? The Omni Proprietary Moving Average. A Fundamental Shift in the works?
  • Shadowrun LARP Actual game footage from a Shadowrun live action roleplaying game, organized by non-profit organization Le Four Fantastique in Lausanne, Switzerland. --- Images tirées d'un jeu de rôle grandeur nature Shadowrun, organisé par l'association Le Four Fantastique à Lausanne (Suisse). --- --- Inspiration Music: Fatboy Slim "Right here, right now" IR toys: Lazer Tag Team Ops Sk8park: Matrix: www.edusim3 Textures: www.dystopia- --- WizKids, Inc. has sole ownership of the names, logo, artwork, marks, photographs, sounds, audio, video and/or any proprietary material used in connection with the game Shadowrun. WizKids, Inc. has granted permission to Le Four Fantastique to use such names, logos, artwork, marks and/or any proprietary materials for promotional and informational purposes on its website but does not endorse, and is not affiliated with Le Four Fantastique in any official capacity whatsoever.
  • Rosetta Stone v3 - Japanese Rosetta Stone (NYSE: RST) is proprietary language-learning software produced by Rosetta Stone, Ltd. Its title and its logo is a reference to the Rosetta Stone, an artifact inscribed in multiple languages that helped Jean-François Champollion to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Rosetta Stone software utilizes a combination of images, text, and sound, with difficulty levels increasing as the student progresses, in order to teach various vocabulary terms and grammatical functions intuitively, without drills or translation. They call this the "Dynamic Immersion method". The goal is to teach languages the way first languages are learned. According to the company, Mr. Allen Stoltzfus had learned German through immersion while living in Germany, and found it relatively easy. In the 1980s, Stoltzfus began learning Russian in a classroom setting, but discovered it to be much more difficult. He wanted to simulate the German experience, and he decided to use computing technology to create a similar learning experience. He enlisted the aid of his brother-in-law, Dr. John Fairfield, who held a PhD. in computer science. By 1992, CD-ROM technology made the project possible and they formed a company known as Fairfield Language Technologies in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Allen and John brought on Eugene Stoltzfus, Allen's brother, as company President and CEO, and released their software product under the name Rosetta Stone. In 2003, the company came under new leadership with the ...
  • Wave59 Neural networks Genius Features™: Artificial Intelligence modules Proprietary genetic algorithms Build powerful new tools using Wave59 indicators as building blocks & make familiar techniques more powerful. Indicators like Moving Averages and Momentum Curves are more effective after theyve been processed with Wave59s Neural Network wizard. Wave59 contains an advanced Artificial Intelligence module that allows technical traders to apply neural networks to a specific problem, such as reducing lag or even forecasting indicator values 2-3 bars into the future. Wave59s proprietary genetic algorithm teaches the neural network the patterns in the data and has complete control over all phases of network training and structure. Genetic algorithms are optimization tools based on evolutionary theories - chromosomes containing neural network data are mated, mutated, and sorted in the same way as plant and animal life in nature. The best chromosome at the end of the training period is the one that gets used in the neural network.
  • Well_Compltn_web.flv Well Completion Hunting PLC is a global manufacturer of accessories and completion equipment for the worlds principle producing regions. Providing products, proprietary technologies, engineering expertise and services below the well head. OCTG supply, advanced manufacturing techniques, high specification casing and premium connections for global markets, 2-step tubing for the US. Speciality threading, OEM manufacturing and proprietary down hole tools used by the upstream oil and gas companies. Clear Run technology provides a significant advantage in performance for running tubing in zero emission environments and technologies such as APRS add significant value to the customer.
  • The Future of Software is Open Source - You are an absolute fool to believe that the future of software is anything but open. Are we there now? Obviously not... but in good time, proprietary software will become a thing of the past.
  • CM6.0.0-test0 on Dream/Sapphire wow! AOSP 2.2 (with some CM6 goodies) built and booted up using 100% open source code from AOSP, no proprietary junk. However, to be fully functional, we'll need to add in those proprietary bits, but, it is looking good for Froyo on the G1/MT3G!
  • Proprietary House EVP This EVP was taken at the Proprietary House in Perth Amboy. The spirit communicated with us through whistling noises. I hope to go back soon and pick up some more audible EVPs.
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus - PSP - Killing Basilisk - Boss Fight - Gameplay (HD) ..:: God of War: Chains of Olympus ::.. Killing Basilisk - Boss Fight Gameplay Player: Ever Platform: PSP Developer: Ready at Dawn Studios Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Engine: Proprietary "Ready At Dawn Engine" 2.0 Genre: Action / Adventure / Hack and Slash Thank you for watching this video. If you like it, please check out my channel for more videos. Don't forget to RATE/LIKE ..
  • Cutera Pearl Fractional for Photodamage Reduction Treatment In 2007, Cutera introduced its proprietary 2790 nm YSGG technology with the Pearl laser for epidermal treatments to improve fine lines, texture and pigment. Cuteras new device targets the deeper dermal layer with the objective of improving photodamage. This is the logical next step in the evolution of YSGG in this emerging and growing fractional ablative market.
  • FOSDEM 2009 Reverse Engineering of Proprietary Protocols, Tools and Techniques This talk is about reverse engineering a proprietary network protocol, and then creating my own implementation. The talk will cover the tools used to take binary data apart, capture the data, and techniques I use for decoding unknown formats. The protocol covered is the RTMP protocol used by Adobe flash, and this new implementation is part of the Gnash project. By Rob SavoyeFOSDEM (Free and Open Source Development European Meeting) is a European event centered around Free and Open Source software development. It is aimed at developers and all interested in the Free and Open Source news in the world. Its goals are to enable developers to meet and to promote the awareness and use of free and open source software. More info at
  • Barrett M99 Tutorial The Model 99 rifle is a robust and accurate single-shot rifle. At its heart is a one-piece Alcoa 7000 series aluminum alloy extrusion. A heat-treated steel M1913 optics rail is attached to the top of the extrusion by closely spaced high-strength structural fasteners. The match-toleranced barrel is hydraulically pressed and locked into the extrusion resulting in a rock-solid, unitized structure on which to mount a rifle telescope. Safety is unparalleled because the cartridge is surrounded by both high-grade gun barrel steel and the aluminum extrusion. The bolt is machined from a single piece of proprietary grade steel. Its 15 lugs safely lock it into the machined barrel extension. The bolt's few moving parts are its extractor, ejector and firing pin assembly. It is reliable and easy to maintain. The Model 99 is easily disassembled without tools by removing three quick-release assembly pins. These pins attach the trigger housing and bolt guide to the receiver assembly. The match-quality trigger design is proprietary and virtually maintenance free. The bipod is easily detached for benchrest shooting. The Model 99, like all Barrett rifles, is continuing to be improved. A more effective muzzle brake is now standard. It is available in .416 Barrett and in several barrel options. Other manufacturers may cut corners on quality and design. Barrett does not because even in a single shot, you get what you pay for. The Model 99 is what you expect in a Barrett. Strong. Simple. Accurate.
  • Warrior Kronik Hockey Stick 2008 Review Molded using Warrior's proprietary True-1 molding system Made from only the finest handpicked ingredients, the Kronik is the ultimate package of precision and power The Spyne blade design has been integrated into the shaft kickpoint design, giving you maximum feel and response instantaneously at your fingertips Nipple Grip coating 3 Skin impact protection Hi Density blade core Uber low kickpoint
  • Traders Proprietary Secrets Revealed Webinar Series Part 3.mp4 More benefits to trading futures.
  • Traders Proprietary Secrets Revealed Webinar Series - part 1.mp4 The very basics of what futures are and where they came from. This is part 1 of a 5 video series showing you how we teach people to make $150 in 10 minutes trading futures.
  • Hotel Technology Forum 2011: Choice Hotels CTO Talks Benefits of Proprietary PMS Todd Davis, CTO for Choice Hotels International, reveals how choiceADVANTAGE, a proprietary system that lives in the cloud and blurs the lines between property management and central reservations, helps build a better ROI for the enterprise.
  • LA Amp Show '10 - Metropoulos Amps 1967 Pinstripe Cab Demo PG's Joe Coffey is On Location at the 2010 LA Amp Show where he visits the Metropoulos Amps room. In this segment, we get to see and hear their new Metropoulos 1967 Pinstripe Cab Demo played through a '66 Replica 45 head. The 1967 True Era Replica Cabs are contructed from their proprietary reverse engineering of vintage Marshall speaker cabinets. The addition of EC Collins' reproduction pinstripe grillcloth fabric completes the 1967 cosmetics. Cabinet structure, hardware, and parts are based entirely on a set of vintage 1968 Marshall straight and slant cabs. Precise measurements of every part of the vintage cabinets were converted to CNC plans that allow them to produce true replicas. In addition, they fabricate their own proprietary cabinet hardware and metal parts. The process, hardware, and finished product are completely exclusive to Metropoulos True Replicas. For more 2010 LA Amp Show videos, or to view Premier Guitar's COMPLETELY FREE digital edition magazine, be sure to visit
  • OTRSOnDemand: PackAndGo Cloud-based computing is growing rapidly because of its many compelling cost and time advantages. It allows users to take advantage of sophisticated software solutions, without the cost, delay and complexity of owning and maintaining hardware and software. Its primary disadvantage, especially in the eyes of growing businesses, is that their business processes and data are locked into a proprietary format, and are under someone else's control. Avoid being locked into a proprietary cloud-based solution and opt for OTRS OnDemand today.
  • Forex Trading with the Ichimoku Trend Based System Affinity Trading Group () is a Proprietary and Online Trading Education Firm that provides courses and trading services in Forex Trading and Stock Trading with a focus on Scalp Trading, Day Trading and Swing Trading. Join us for our next Free Forex Trading Course at...

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  • “Vinotology Wine Blog. Wannabe Wino. Wine Conscience. Wine Harlots. Wine Wise Web. Winecast Proprietary fits. When you think of proprietary you generally think of ownership, and the”
    Proprietary | LangeTwins Winery and Vineyards Blog: A,

  • “When it comes to creating a new website or updating your old site to a new one, content management systems (CMS) make it easy for you to manage the content and appearance of your website.  CMS's can be thought of as the "core"”
    — Open Source vs Proprietary Content Management Systems (CMS),

  • “I remember the discussion like it was yesterday in our former 8x10 makeshift training room/office/conference room/lounge, with the first trader who ever failed”
    — The Failure Rate of a Proprietary Trader | SMB Capital - Day,

  • “Phil Longman follows up with a power punch to the bottom line of proprietary HIT vendors. Storage STAT " Blog Archive " CODE RED – How Proprietary HIT Vendors May Screw Up Health”
    — CODE RED – How Proprietary HIT Vendors May Screw Up Health,

  • “Filed under: Major Movement, Management, Competitive Strategy, Market MattersThe new so called Volker rule is forcing banks to spin off their proprietary”
    — Goldman Sachs To Spin Off Proprietary Trading Business | Eco,

  • “proprietary. Open Source or Closed Options. Posted Oct 31, 2008 by Corey Smith. When you proprietary, website. Corey Smith's blog. Read more. free website review. see how your site”
    proprietary | Tribute Media,

  • “Red Hat's choice of Movable Type to power its blogs has drawn criticism from some in light of the company's public advocacy of open source software”
    — Red Hat's Use of Proprietary Blog Software Questioned | Netcraft,

  • “Goldman Sachs & Co. (GS) has decided to close down its principal strategies desk, a unit that is in proprietary trading, according to a report by Bloomberg News. The decision to spin off the proprietary trading businesses followed the regulatory”
    — Goldman to End Proprietary Trading – ***yst Blog | Stock,

  • “On February 5th, 2009, a new bill was introduced concerning Alabama proprietary schools. The new law, named HB 428, requires proprietary schools to obtain a”
    — Alabama Proprietary School Bond | Surety Bond Blog | JW,

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