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  • pronunciations's examples. enPR pronunciations should not have diagonals or brackets, as their purpose is to be Whenever possible, however, such ad hoc pronunciations should be replaced with one in an. — "Wiktionary:Pronunciation - Wiktionary", . — “Pronunciations Definition. Crossword Dictionary”,
  • A free online Talking English Pronunciation Dictionary - simply mouse over your entry to hear it pronounced. American and British spellings, with alternative pronunciations. Sounds are fast, clear and completely natural, pre-recorded by native. — “Free online Dictionary of English Pronunciation - How to”,
  • pronunciation n. The act or manner of pronouncing words; utterance of speech. A way of speaking a word, especially a way that is accepted or About 100,000 words in British English with alternative pronunciations. — “pronunciation: Definition from ”,
  • Pronunciation refers to the way a word or a language is spoken, or the manner in which someone utters a word. About 100,000 words in British English with alternative pronunciations. — “Pronunciation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Forvo: the largest word pronunciation dictionary in the world, now with translations. All the words in all the languages pronounced by native speakers You can also help others by recording your pronunciations in your own language. — “Forvo: the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world”,
  • Non-native pronunciations of English - Definition. Non-native speakers of the English language tend to carry Tendency to pronounce 'z' as /tz/ or /dz/ instead of /z/ (this is rare), because those are the pronunciations of the letter 'z' in Italian. — “Non-native pronunciations of English - Definition”,
  • Definition of Pronunciations in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Pronunciations. Pronunciation of Pronunciations. Translations of Pronunciations. Pronunciations synonyms, Pronunciations antonyms. Information about Pronunciations in the free. — “Pronunciations - definition of Pronunciations by the Free”,
  • Pizza: Ordering - Standard and Custom Pronunciations However, a combination of standard or text-to-speech pronunciations combined with custom pronunciations often work the best when the speaker is known in advance. Creating such models is a form of speaker-dependent training for the speech recognizer. — “Pizza: Ordering - Standard and Custom Pronunciations”,
  • Macmillan Dictionary: Includes definitions (English), synonyms, antonyms, illustrations, animations, phonic pronunciations, sound pronunciations, origins, example phrases, usage functions, rhymes [46109 words, 9May2010, More info] phonic pronunciations, sound pronunciations, origins, thesaurus. — “OneLook: General dictionary sites”,
  • Pronunciations cartoons from the CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. — “Pronunciations Cartoons and Comics”,
  • All bookmarks tagged pronunciations on Diigo. — “pronunciations | Diigo”,
  • Dictionary Online - Find definitions, spellings, pronunciations and word suggestions in this free online searchable dictionary with over 200,000 entries, 70,000 audio word pronunciations, and 900 full-page color illustrations in the American. — “Dictionary: Online definitions and pronunciations - Yahoo!”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Merriam-Webster Dictionary”, merriam-
  • Foreign accent reduction, accent modification, speech and voice improvement training by Everett Leiter, speech-language pathologist in New York City In an enjoyable learning format, it teaches you the correct pronunciations used by careful, educated speakers. — “English pronunciation software, accent reduction programs”,
  • The pronunciation guide. Learn how to pronounce the names of the ancient gods and goddesses (English) http:///miscellaneous/pronunciations.html. — “Encyclopedia Mythica: Pronunciation guide”,
  • Pronunciations. Selected Links. Weights and Measures. Common Medical Tests. Drug Names: Resource. Pronunciations. Pronunciations. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L. M. N. O. — “Pronunciations: abetalipoproteinemia - aztreonam: Merck”,
  • enPR pronunciations should not have diagonals or brackets, as their purpose is to be Whenever possible, however, such ad hoc pronunciations should be replaced with one in an. — “Wiktionary:Pronunciation - Wiktionary”,
  • The American Heritage Dictionary system sweeps this problem under the rug by saying "The pronunciations are exclusively those of educated speech", which, to my mind, is a cop-out, and not a satisfactory solution for Wikipedia. Obviously listing pronunciations in all possible dialects is not a. — “Pronunciations in the English projects - Meta”,
  • Encyclopedia article about Pronunciations. Information about Pronunciations in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “Pronunciations definition of Pronunciations in the Free”, encyclopedia2
  • It was passed around a bit (with my permission), and then was also published in two parts with some slight modifications as "Dr. Language Person's guide to bird name pronunciations, Part 1 and Part 2" in the newsletter of the San Diego Field Ornithologists. — “bird name pronunciations”,
  • HOME. EPISODES. PRONUNCIATIONS. IDIOMS. QUIZZES. HOW-TO. FORUM. More Videos. A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page]. — “SOZO EXCHANGE - VIDEO ENGLISH LESSONS " Daily Pronunciations”,

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  • Turkish Lessons2 - The Pronunciation Of Ğ (Soft G) I've just prepared this video for those who learn Turkish. Soft G has to pronunciation rules: Sometimes it's just soundless and sometimes it makes the letter before it pronounced for a long time. Please leave a comment. I'd like to know what you think. And I'd like to answer your questions.
  • Ancient Hebrew Alphabet PRONUNCIATION The ancient Hebrew Alef-bet, with explanation of the sounds - all of these letter pronunciations are found among Yemenite and Iraqi Jewish communities. Many of the other unique pronunciations are found among many other Middle Eastern / Asian Jewish communities. Since it isn't known with certainty what the exact pronunciation of samakh is... therefore I can't really say with 100% that this is the truly original pronunciation.
  • "TH" Pronunciation English Meeting ESL Lesson Free pronunciation lesson (North American English). Pronunciation of the voiced & voiceless "TH" sound. video with Dave Sconda. I hope you find this lesson helpful & enjoyable! North American English Pronunciation pronunciation video...
  • Na'vi Language Sound Pronunciations () In this video I explain some of the confusing sounds the Na'vi language uses.
  • Cherubic Hymn Pronunciation The pronunciation in Church Slavonic of the Cherubic Hymn, also known as Izhe Xeruvimy. Let me provide my version of the transliteration into English. Izhe xeruvimy tajno obrazujusche, i Zhivotvorjaschej Trojtse trisvjatuju pesn' pripevajusche, Vsjakoje nyne zhitejskoje otlozhim` popechenije. Amin'. Jako da Tsarja v***` podymem`, angel'skimi nevidimo dorinosima chinmi. Alliluia. Note: the letter "j" is like the German letter "j": Ja = ya. the letter "x" is usually written as "kh." Either way English speakers need an example to know how to say it so listen to the video. "sch" is sometimes written as "shch" but do not be fooled―it is one sound! That is why I choose to use "sch" instead. ` is a hard sign and ' is a soft sign. They are different; you will get the relevant pronunciations from the video. "y" is a very difficult letter to pronounce, please take the time to learn how to pronounce this letter well because if you don't you will sound very unauthentic. That is all! Good luck practicing your Church Slavonic =]
  • Cantonese Language Translations - Phonetic Pronunciations In this video, learn some of the reasoning and phonetic pronunciations of the Chinese dialect of Cantonese.
  • Pronunciation of T in American English, part 1: Brief introduction This video in two parts talks about the different pronunciations of the letter T in American English. The pronunciation of the letter T as 'sh' ([ ʃ ]) as in INFORMATION is not mentioned. However, I do talk about the pronunciation of the letter T in the words TIME, ADVENTURE, TRY, TWENTY, BUTTER and GET. With two different alternatives in the pronunciation of GET, that makes for seven different ways to pronounce a T. Isn't this letter fun?
  • Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone App Review The iPhone App Review looks at Bible Audio Pronunciations, a great resource to learn pronunciations and information about biblical terms on the iPhone. Check out our YouTube channel for more video app reviews, or for heaps of written ones!
  • Different Chinese pronunciations.MP4 Chinese pronunciations
  • Vegetables | Learn English | Vocabulary and Pronunciation Extras: There are many dozens of names for vegetables in English. Here are 35 of them with phonetic transcripts and pronunciations for every one. There are self-test exercises to go with them (click the links above and below), and there is a timed quiz. Most are written as single nouns, though of course many of them have plurals. Plurals are normally formed by adding -s or -es. Some are uncountable and do not take a plural. The self-test exercises will tell you if they are countable or uncountable nouns. The cooks among you will find this lesson very interesting, and I hope you all find it enjoyable. | Learn English online using Skype: I also give online English classes by Skype. You can find out more by visiting If you want to learn English quickly and easily, I invite you to take classes with me online using Skype. You can improve your writing, too, with my English writing course. As a professional writer, I will guide you through the writing process, step by step, until you are able write with an effectiveness that will get you noticed. Improve your English writing and you improve your prospects of success in all areas of your life. The course is a series of writing assignments designed to take you through all aspects of writing in English. You will learn all about sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation, outlining, introductions and conclusions, topic sentences and more. By the end of the course, you will ...
  • Peppy English Pronunciation Lesson 3-Learn English with Steve Ford British American accent reduction lessons with Steve 1-2-1: priva*** free English practice:
  • Turkish Alphabet II: Letter Pronunciations and Sample Words - 2nd Lesson about Turkish alphabet. Letters were pronounced one by one and with sample words. 1st Lesson is not a video
  • N'T Contractions -- American English Pronunciation TRANSCRIPT: This video goes over how to pronounce the n't contraction
  • English pronunciation - past tense This video will teach you the 3 different pronunciations of the past tense -ed. If you leave off this little ending, many of your native American English speakers will seriously be lost!
  • Gaddafi Speech: I will fight till death & die a martyr The Libyan leader has vowed to fight till the death and die a martyr in his homeland, refusing to step down amid widespread anti-government protests. In his first major speech since the unrest began, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi talked of the 'cowards and traitors' responsible for the uprising. Referring to protesters as 'rats', Gaddafi urged his supporters to take to the streets and attack the opposition who he claimed were bribed, drugged and 'serving the devil.' The Libyan interior minister has defected and joined the protesters calling on the army to follow and support the people's demands for change. Several Libyan ambassadors have also quit in protest over the use of force on civilians, demanding the end of Gadaffi's decades-long rule. The country's leader reportedly ordered the army to use airstrikes against the demonstrators - something he denies. Several hundred have been killed and over four thousand injured in the first week of violence, making it the bloodiest of all the Arab revolts. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • IPA pronunciation - le "R" français: voiced or voiceless? Here I try to demonstrate why there are two pronunciations of the French R one voiced and the other voiceless. This may be known but I don't see it discussed in teaching.
  • Talking Clipboard SSML Aliases, IPA Pronunciation, Regex Text Transformers Talking Clipboard support SSML aliases and IPA pronunciations. It also supports regular expressions based text transformers, that modifies the input text using regular expression, before it is been added to a new tab. SSML aliases can define correct alias for any words, eg CSharp for C#, Microsoft Speech API for SAPI, etc. IPA pronunciation can define correct pronunciations for proper nouns eg aɪnstaɪn for Einstein, ɹəˈbɛːɹɾo for Roberto, etc. Text transformers can be used to removed unreadable text, advertisements or metadata from the text to be read.
  • Bible Audio Pronunciations http Lite Version: Giving readers an innovative new way to experience a sacred text, the Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone application announces its launch today, featuring audio recordings of over 1000 challenging words. To provide people with a new way to experience the Bible, the app will play recordings of terms, names, and places that many people find difficult to pronounce.
  • NG pronunciations: American English TRANSCRIPT:
  • Pronunciation of T in American English, part 2: The meat and potatoes This video in two parts talks about the different pronunciations of the letter T in American English. The pronunciation of the letter T as 'sh' ([ ʃ ]) as in INFORMATION is not mentioned. However, I do talk about the pronunciation of the letter T in the words TIME, ADVENTURE, TRY, TWENTY, BUTTER and GET. With two different alternatives in the pronunciation of GET, that makes for seven different ways to pronounce a T. Isn't this letter fun? IPA transcription of the examples: TIME [ tʰaɪm ] TALK [ tʰɔk ] ADVENTURE [ ædˈvɛnʧɚ ] TRY [ tˢɹaɪ ] TREASURE [ ˈtˢɹɛʒɚ ] TWENTY [ ˈtʰwɛni ] BUTTER [ ˈbʌɾɚ ] GET [ ɡɛt ] or [ ɡɛʔ ] (The sound in TRY and TREASURE isn't just fricativized, but also aspirated. I left the aspirated part out of the transcription in order to not have two diacritics on the same symbol. For an unaspirated version of [ tˢ ], try the word ATROPHY.) More information:
  • George RR Martin - Days of Ice & Fire George RR Martin visits the FFG Event Center to discuss his work and the upcoming HBO series for A Game of Thrones.
  • Aunty Jack - Pronunciation Damien has returned from the Northern Hemisphere with a new range of unique pronunciations.
  • 418 Prepositions "With" ESL British Pronunciation Meanings of the preposition "with". Part of the playlist, "400 Series Use of Prepositions in English ESL"
  • Words With More than One Pronunciation This video gives examples of English words with a variety of accepted pronunciations. For instruction in English pronunciation and accent, visit . Please leave comments if you found this video useful!
  • T after R like in PARTY - American English Pronunciation How to pronounce T? See the transcript here: along with more videos and exercises to improve your spoken English / American English pronunciation.
  • Latin Vowel Pronunciation Reading and pronouncing Latin vowels for helping students of Latin. *according to restored classical pronunciations*
  • Japanese pronunciation Get rid of your gaijin accent!! Follow these tips and you'll at least sound like a Japanese person from Tokyo. Song is Oreskaband's Pinocchio For other pronunciations... go here: Type in what you want to be said IN JAPANESE KANA/KANJI. Sometimes romaji works, but it'll sound slightly different than in Japanese type. Select the language to Japanese and click "Say It". If it's too fast, change the speed to Slowest etc. She'll say it slower. Type something in English and select Japanese. It'll translate it and then speak it for you. But the translation's not likely to be accurate. Even more fun, type it in English, uncheck translate, and have the Japanese speaker say it. She'll say it in a Japanese accent.
  • "Cinco de mayo" - Pronunciation ***ysis in Spanish Various pronunciations in different Spanish accents
  • Learning German: Pronunciation Pronunciation of German words is much harder than English words, in the sense that the consonants have a harsher sound. Understand the proper letter and sound pronunciations with help from a German language instructor in this free video on learning German. Expert: Dan Cheatham Contact: Bio: Dan Cheatham is the owner of Legends Consulting, which provides German tutoring and translation services for both Germans and Americans. Filmmaker: Paul Sampson
  • Spanish pronunciation Here Matthew shows the pronunciation of Spanish vowels and demonstrates some words using them.
  • Good Eats S7E19P2: Toast Modern It may be simple, but it's the original GB&D (golden, brown and delicious) good eats. Alton walks us through the basics of crispy toast, including the history of toasters and how to select one. Recipes featured in this episode: - French Toast - Bruschetta - Welsh Rarebit
  • The Russian Alphabet To make this video I used the Ogg Vorbis file from the Wikipedia article "Russian Alphabet."
  • Three Sisters pronunciations in Rossiya created for the Three Sisters cast, serving the purpose of inculcating the correct pronunciation of names in Russian.
  • Chinese for Beginners - Lesson 1 - pronunciations In this Chinese / Mandarin lesson we will talk about 1) What is Pinyin? 2) 4 different tones Chinese has 3) Practice the pronunciation of some typical words 4) Practice reading a whole text (written in pinyin) The purpose of this lesson is getting used to reading pinyin in a correct way. This is extremely important at the first stages of the learning process, therefore we wan't be talking about the meaning or the characters of the words but only be focusing on the pronunciation. Here's the text we are reading at the last part: Nǐ tōngxiāo zài wǎngbā dōu zuò shénme le? Hé péngyou liáotiān, gēngxīn bókè... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 你通宵在网吧都做什么了和朋友聊天,更新博客--------------------------------------------------------------------------- you stayed over night at the internet cafe, what were you doing? I was chatting with friends and updating my blog. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • "S" Pronunciation - English Lesson 18 www.learn-to-speak-english- This pronunciation lesson studies English sounds of the letter "S" on the ends of words. Also, pronouncing "S" sounds with "SS", "CE", "X", "ST" and others can be practiced by ESL learners. (Music is John Denver's Country Roads.)SPECIAL OFFER - ENGLISH CONVERSATION PROGRAM * My Award-Winning "Speak English Here And Now" ESL program is now only $9.95 for all 30 Units. Learn important English Conversation Rules & the Right Things To Say in male and female dialogs to make you an interesting and popular English Speaker. Hundreds of speaking tips. Easily works in a browser. For FREE LESSON CLICK LINK ABOVE Enjoy! Teacher Frank TRANSCRIPT PRONUNCIATION OF "S" in ENGLISH LESSON 18 2 "(It's) Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountain, Shenandoah River." "ST" SOUNDS: Often-used "s" sounds, especially in word endings aren't found in many languages. "st" endings include: almost toast boast; east west crest zest 3 "Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains flowing like the breeze." "S" and "Z" SOUNDS include plural nouns with "S" endings:: trees bees knees peas seas; hills mills mountains fountains 4 "Country roads, sing, take me home to the place I belong, West Virginia, Mountain Mama." "CE" SOUNDS include words ending with "ce" and "se". They have a strong "S" sound. Repeat twice: place mace face lace pace race brace trace base case 5 "Take me home, country roads." Pronunciation of the English letter "X" /eks/ has ...
  • T Pronunciations: American English American English Pronunciation: Understand the rules on how to pronounce T in American English. TRANSCRIPT:
  • Different pronunciations of 'qu': American English Pronunciation Transcript:
  • RP British Accent - Business Pronunciations Learning the British Accent - Some Business words and their pronunciations
  • Bible Audio Pronunciations iPhone App Demo - DailyAppShow Discover a new way to experience the Bible. With Bible Audio Pronunciations, you can hear helpful audio recordings of over 1000 challenging words, names, and places. The app contains helpful audio recordings of some of the Bible's most challenging words (how do you pronounce Epaenetus?). Use it alongside your reading of the Bible to increase your understanding and enjoyment. We carefully researched and recorded the pronunciations of important terms, names, and places, to help you embrace the Word of God more easily. This easy to use app is perfect for using on your own or sharing with others.
  • Commentary: Runescape Pronunciations Do the random words that Jagex invents for names of game items confuse you? Well it confuses me! Here's a sampling of some of those words. Probably not my best video, but I've been sick the past week and have also been my usual lazy self. I wanted to get *something* out for the fans demanding new stuff ... so this is all you get when I have to rush it. =D

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