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  • Speed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Promptness) Jump to: navigation, search "Fast" and "Slow" redirect History of classical mechanics · Timeline of classical mechanics. — “Speed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The partnership may be dissolved at any time by agreement of the partners, in which event the partners shall proceed with reasonable promptness to liquidate the business of the partnership. The partnership name shall be sold with the other assets of the business. — “Partnership Agreement - Free Legal Form”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Promptness - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • "I personally, and through the media, request that the Delhi Police should remain alert and such matters should be dealt with promptness," Dik*** told reporters here. Jun 23, 2010 - Sheila Dik*** - Hindustan Times. Reid called the governor Wednesday. — “promptness in English - Google Dictionary”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The noun promptness has 2 meanings: Meaning #1 : the characteristic of. — “promptness: Information from ”,
  • Definition of promptness from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of promptness. Pronunciation of promptness. Definition of the word promptness. Origin of the word promptness. — “promptness - Definition of promptness at ”,
  • I thought you might enjoy it. My family has a history of promptness. When we were growing up, dawdling was considered a sin sort of like stealing or lying. We were never just on time; we were usually early. After I become a mother, being on time took a lot of planning. — “PROMPTNESS”,
  • promptly (adv) promptness (n) promulgate (v) promulgation (n) prone (adj) prong (n) promptness (n) Synonyms: speed, rapidity, swiftness, alacrity,. — “Synonym for promptness (n) - antonym for promptness (n”,
  • County of Riverside v. McLaughlin - The Promptness Requirement. In Gerstein v. Pugh, the Supreme Court attempted to reconcile important competing Riverside-v-McLaughlin.html">County of Riverside v. McLaughlin - Significance, The Promptness Requirement, No More Than 24 Hours Is Needed, Impact. — “County of Riverside v. McLaughlin - Significance, The”,
  • Specializes in markings, striping, and line removals. For over 30 years "Quality and Promptness" has been our company's motto. Our experience and commitment to quality will keep us on the cutting edge of durable markings well into the future. — “Dennis Parking Lot Maintenance”,
  • STATE REGUIAR UI APPEALLS PROMPTNESS AND WORKLOAD REPORT. FIRST QUARTER FISCAL YEAR 1993 30-Day Promptness Performance. o The National average for performance at the 30-day level. — “PROMPTNESS & WORKLOAD REPORT REGULAR STATE UI APPEALS”,
  • Promptness definition, done, performed, delivered, etc., at once or without delay: See more. — “Promptness | Define Promptness at ”,
  • Muti-field Translation. Muti-language Translation. Book Translation Home Introduction Our Service Our Clients Quote Contact Us Copyright @ 2009 Proz. — “Proztranslation - ACCURACY – PROMPTNESS – REASONABLE PRICE”,
  • Definition of promptness in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is promptness? Meaning of promptness as a legal term. What does promptness mean in law?. — “promptness legal definition of promptness. promptness”, legal-
  • State agencies could set a shorter period of time or "standard of promptness" in their state plan. The standards of promptness for applications are in DHS's Program Administrative Manual. — “08-04-02 — Michigan Poverty Law Program”,
  • We found 23 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word promptness: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "promptness" is defined. General (19 matching dictionaries) promptness: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of promptness - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • (c) Opening of bids; promptness of award; written notice. Sealed bids shall be opened publicly at the time and place stated in the solicitation. reasonable promptness to the responsible source whose bid conforms to the solicitation and is most advantageous to the United States, considering. — “United States Code: Title 41,253b. Evaluation and award | LII”,
  • Synonyms for promptness. Other words for promptness. Different words for promptness. Antonyms of promptness. — “promptness - Synonyms from Roget's A-Z Thesaurus and Roget's II”,
  • Definition of Promptness in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Promptness. Pronunciation of Promptness. Translations of Promptness. Promptness synonyms, Promptness antonyms. Information about Promptness in the free online English dictionary and. — “Promptness - definition of Promptness by the Free Online”,
  • Court Hours and Promptness. The Court makes every effort to commence proceedings at the time set. Promptness is expected from counsel and witnesses. If a witness was on the stand at a recess or adjournment, have the witness on the stand ready to proceed when Court is resumed. — “US District Court - Southern District of Illinois - Judge J”,
  • promptness (uncountable) The habit or characteristic of doing things /wiki/promptness" Categories: English words suffixed. — “promptness - Wiktionary”,
  • Top questions and answers about Promptness. Find 30933 questions and answers about Promptness at Read more. — “Promptness - ”,
  • Promptness. Promptness Quotes. Python Prompt. Restore From Command Prompt. Sat Prompt. Sat To Insure Promptness. Uncategorized. Vista Dos Prompt. White Stereotypes. — “Promptness”,

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  • TERRACHIM Since its foundation in 1997 up to now, Terrachim 97 AD has been evolving until becoming one of the leading companies in manufactore of preforms and PET packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industry. PET is a plastic material that complies various characteristics that makes it ideal for manufactoring bottles thanks to its multiple characteristics: versatility of uses and forms, lightness, transparency, impact resistance, recycle ability, impermeability and voids oxidation, full compliance with all requirements towards the packaging of food products. Today Terrachim 97 AD is specialized in the manufacture of PET preforms and plastic packaging (PET, Polyethilene, Polypropilene and PVC) for the food and the pharmaceutical industry. The quality of the product, the continuous innovation, the promptness of response and the satisfaction of the customers are the values that the company has pursued from its creation and those that will continue performing in the future.
  • Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Forever DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY IN ANY WAY. Subscribe & receive updates of my new amv's! Viva Forever Lyrics by Spice Girls **SPOILERS** Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (The Eternity You Desire), abbreviated as Kiminozo or Kimibou, is a romance story, the central theme being an accident that profoundly affects the lives of a girl and her three high school friends. The story begins by introducing Haruka Suzumiya, Takayuki Narumi, Mitsuki Hayase and Shinji Taira. Mitsuki sets Takayuki up with the shy Haruka and they begin to date each other, out of sympathy or other reasons involving Mitsuki and her deep friendship with Haruka. Despite having such problems occur, Takayuki and Haruka eventually develop an intimate relationship—where Takayuki and Mitsuki start realizing their feelings for one another. One day, Takayuki is running late on his way to meeting up with Haruka. This turns into tragedy when Haruka becomes involved in a very serious automobile accident and as a result falls into a coma. This puts Takayuki into a serious depression (by feeling that his lack of promptness caused the situation). As time goes by, Takayuki grows worse and worse. Mitsuki begins to take care of him because she has feelings for him which she has always kept hidden. Eventually they start dating, and then eventually living together in Takayuki's small apartment. Then, one day, three years later, Haruka reawakens from her coma ...
  • 3 traits of a successful law firm Herbert Fuller, Of Counsel at Fuller & Fuller, reflects upon his experience and identifies the three key traits required of a successful law firm: availability, promptness, experience. These traits have helped Fuller and Fuller successfully negotiate and litigate on their clients' behalf for nearly 40 years.
  • Pollard Tied to Peace Process Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has decided to publicly and officially appeal to president Obama to release Jonathan Pollard. As response to these proclamations, US government officials indicated that Netanyahu's request could be tied to considerations of peace talks with the Palestinians. State department's spokesman PJ Crowly claimed that Pollards' Issue was mentioned with regards to the Mid East peace process both in the past and in the present. He added that although Pollard's case's promptness is understandable, the peace process is US's top priority thus any subject other than this particular matter will be evaluated within these terms.
  • [HD] Sucker Punch OST: Tomorrow Never Knows - Carla Azar and Alison Mosshart [Track 6] The Beatles! this be a sweet driving song, idk why lol. _____________________________________________________________ Anyways, I'm hella late in regards to promptness. I guess it can be made up by using CD Quality! Thanks for watching :) Buy the CD/Digital Download here:
  • Energy of Fantasy - Electron EPITA MTI PLIC - Projet Libre de Communication et d'Innovation Grand Defense 2 - Late July 2011 Game developped in C# 4.0 with XNA 4.0 Development duration: approx. 4 months Development team: - Josselin "Mithra" Muller - Théo "O" Richart - Tony "Lamiomni" Nguyen «Electron» is a 3D platform game and can be assimilated as a Marble Madness-like: a sphere to be controlled, in levels in 3D. It is necessary to mix the historical codes of platform games with the possibilities offered by a advanced physical management. Address and promptness, even reflexion are needed to succeed a level.
  • TIP = To Insure Promptness Blondes Prefer Gentlemen Mailbag Ever wonder where the word TIP came from? plus other great dining out TIPS. TIP = To Insure Promptness From my mailbag: Hi Dianne, I wanted to share this........ TIP...if I may In the 70's I became much more involved with the tremendous influence of positive thinking, motivational speakers( Best in this country), and personal development. One of these men was Mr. Jim Rohn. He taught me that the word Tip meant......" To Insure Promptness " In essence one should pay a generous Tip before the meal, to make sure your server was aware of the level of service expected. He said a gentleman would NEVER take a chance of inferior service on his date. It is advice that has not let me down. Most the arrangements can be handled beforehand, and not necessarily at the table. Also, I added my own touches to this great advice. As I will order flowers to have at my table, with a card, and small gift to set the ambiance that I want around my personal table. It is always fun to see the expectation in the eyes of the staff, as to who is this special lady that deserves( having so much fun making a fuss over), so much preparation, and attention to detail. Just my two cents........ Best Regards, Mike
  • Your Court Date (Representing Yourself in Court) Chapters 16-21 - "Your Court Date" of "Family Matters: Choosing to Represent Yourself in Court". Covering topics including impartiality, legal advice (1:38), promptness (3:10), appropriate clothing (4:08), friends and family (5:04), and appropriate conduct (6:21). Video developed by (c) 2008 Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration.
  • YMCA Change Agent Productions Change Agent Productions is a social enterprise comprised of professional digital media artists who work alongside urban youth to carry out professional video productions, graphic design projects and digital media trainings with attention to detail, quality, creativity and promptness.
  • Betty Boo - Let Me Take You There Lyrics I'm at work, I don't feel like working The sun is out, don't tell me off for lazing It's so hot 'cause my ice cream's melting We're only used to the same rain belting Belting down, why don't we take the top down And drive around and pump up the sound Leave this desk, oh yes, this is a protest Go to the seaside and you could be my guest Rest assured, you know we'll have a good time Bathe in the sea and bathe in the sunshine We've got all day 'cause this time is all mine We'll take it easy, the sun goes down at nine We'll take a hamper with some cashews and shampoos Now and then we need a good pamper We'll make our way for the day with much promptness Excuse me while I make the most of this (CHORUS:) Come on, let me take you there, this is something we can share Come on, let me take you there, ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh yeah Come on, let me take you there, this is something we can share Come on, let me take you there, ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh yeah Take proctection now, don't say I didn't warn ya You must be careful, you'll go as pink as a lobster Only have to look at the sun and then I go brown Don't wanna upset you, come on, let's go to the fairground The house of fun, the big wheel and the dungeons There's loads to do, so many of them I don't feel like going back to the grindstone But what'll we do when the sun goes down (CHORUS) Ooh, ooh ooh Ooh, ooh ooh Ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh yeah (CHORUS) (REPEAT CHORUS TO FADE)
  • K9 Search & Rescue Training - Wilderness Air Scent This was an impromptu wilderness air scent search and rescue problem. Vaquero sends out with enthusiasm on the "Go Find" command. He ranges very well, works independently and with confidence. This was improved upon by using positive markers as he ranges further and further. I increase my speed and enthusiasm in direct proportion to the quality and promptness of his alert. This 'behavior shaping' technique ensures improvements over time.
  • Us Three Dads Go To College The three dads are each others dads, did you know that? But, as it just so happen, their sons are play the music so loud and they are bad dads. So they must become good dads by go to college to learn the four principals of being dads: Promptness, Science, Power, and Efficiency. Will bad dad confuse the dads when they find out the college is closed for learn? How will they evan learn?
  • Video Introduction of The Duncan Duo's Buyer Agent Robert Johnson Video Introduction of Buyer Agent for The Duncan Duo & Associates at Keller Williams in Tampa - Bobby Johnson Robert joined the Duncan Duo & Associates in 2010 after working for several years in sales. He received his real estate license and began working for Keller Williams Realty in July. After achieving sales goals with his previous company for four years straight, he used his wealth of knowledge in sales, marketing, and team skills to finally make the jump to the real estate world full time. Robert's focus is on finding exactly what his client wants. He gives his commitment of 100% to every client, no matter how large or small their budget. He guarantees promptness, friendliness, and professionalism to every client who trusts them with one of life's most meaningful purchases. Having been born and raised in Tampa to a family whose ties to the bay area go back three generations gives Robert an edge many local Realtors can't match. Robert grew up in Carrollwood and attended Gaither High School. After high school, Robert attended the University of South Florida before moving to downtown Tampa and starting his sales career in the health care industry. In 2009, Robert got married to his lovely wife and moved to Seminole Heights before finally purchasing their dream home in Original Carrollwood. From Hillsborough to Pasco to Pinellas, Robert's knowledge of every facet of this community means he can help you find the home or the vacation retreat you truly ...
  • Part 4 of 15 Ketinoa Videos Revived Kurgapkina 80 Gala Lopatkina Obraztsova Ayupova Nioradze This will be the fourth of 15 videos, uploaded this week, that had been visible on youtube from Ketinoa, until copyright claims by the Balanchine Trust removed all 1300 Ketinoa videos. The timing of events led this to be the most significany of the 15 videos being revived with this program in two parts. The original program was shown on Russian TV on April 30, 2009 and circumstances prevented Ketinoa from uploading this video to youtube in Ketinoa's typical promptness. Eight days later, Kurgakina was tragically killed by a train, probably due to her poor hearing at night, which prevented her from hearing the train making noises. With the sudden death of Kurgapkina, this video resulted in being a great tribute video to Ninel Alexandrovna Kurgapkina, certainly one of the most important personalities at the Kirov and Vaganova school. She is one of the Vaganova school's most famous teachers and at the Kirov Mariinsky, she is one of it's greatest dancers and greatest coaches. She danced with both Nureyev and Baryshnikov, when they danced for the Kirov. She coached three of the Mariinsky's current best coaches, Tatiana Terekhova, Ludmila Kunakova and Irina Chistyakova and now Elvira Tarasova is coaching for the Mariinsky and her favorite,Zhanna Ayupova, will probably become the best coach that was coached by Kurgapkina.. The majority of this video was filmed during the special 80th birthday gala for Kurgapkina and is certainly one of her greatest days ever. She was like a ...
  • Mill Pond Village Apartments For Rent - Broad Brook, CT Broad Brook apartments - Mill Pond Village apartments for rent in Broad Brook, CT. Get into the swing of things! Call 866.674.8132 or Visit for apartment prices, pictures, videos, floorplans, availability. With updated and spacious apartment homes, a magnificent clubhouse, the seasonal beauty of 47 impeccably landscaped acres and forest views, life at Mill Pond Village is a country retreat, a place you'll be proud to call home. You'll enjoy numerous amenities including an outdoor swim center with lounge decor, well-equipped fitness center, theater style media center, cafe and beautifully decorated club room. Our eight distinctive and spacious floorplans will allow you to choose the apartment or townhome that reflects your individuality. When it comes to special attention, the exclusive one-day maintenance program guarantees the promptness you come to expect when living in a fine apartment community. And it's all yours to enjoy without leaving the comfort of Mill Pond Village.
  • The Central Holidays Difference (HQ) For more than 35 years, Central Holidays has provided extraordinarily high-quality travel programs and garnered an internationally acclaimed reputation for meeting our clients' needs and travel desires. Stability - Central Holidays, operating from the family owned headquarters in New Jersey, has been established for more than 35 years, offering the financial stability and security necessary to ensure peace-of-mind. Resources - Central Holidays' own office in Rome and our associations with leading and reliable partners in every major European city, ensure that your groups receive the necessary attention to each detail of their itinerary. This benefits your group directly: expeditious service, competitive pricing, constant contact on site and destination knowledge, just to mention a few. Expertise - Our strength lies in the individually selected industry veterans that make up our team in the US as well as in Europe. They each possess the in-depth knowledge, heritage and experience in the destinations that they present, to bring you a truly comprehensive insight into the places that you visit. Reliability - Count on Central Holidays to offer you the personal care and attention to ensure a successful trip year after year. We strive to consistently maintain a high standard of service, from trip inception, while on location and after your return, ensuring that your group is fully satisfied with the trust you have placed in Central Holidays! Commitment - We pledge to respond ...
  • Meet the Powerful iMac Here's something that's a little different than your usual unboxing.... Inspired by MattsMacintosh's Magical Magic Trackpad video! NOTE: This is the unboxing of the mid 2010 iMac, not the late 2009 one. The late 2009 iMac that was unboxed was sent back to Powermax and I received the mid 2010 for an exchange. Kudos to Powermax for having great customer support and promptness! Links: Music from - (awesome music!) Powermax - http Twitter -
  • Pope Meets With Russian Catholic Bishops Benedict XVI met with a group of visiting Catholic bishops from Russia, just days after the Russian Orthodox Church elected Metropolitan Kirill as its new patriarch. The Pope extended his congratulations to Kirill and the Russian Orthodox Church, and urged the Catholic bishops to maintain a dialogue with their Orthodox counterparts. Benedict XVI Unity is a gift from Christ, which grows and develops in real situations of many local churches. (FLASH) To you, pastors of the Church in Russia, the Successor of Peter renews his sense of promptness and spiritual closeness, with encouragement to pursue unity in pastoral activities, also benefiting from the experience of the universal Church. He also said he understood the difficulty of carrying out their spiritual tasks in a country where Catholics are a minority. According to the most recent statistics, there are approximately 796000 Catholics in Russia, a country with a population of more than 143 million. Benedict XVI Since the concerns which you must measure daily are not few, I exhort you to not be discouraged if you think the ecclesial reality is modest at times, and the pastoral results you achieve do not seem suitable for the efforts that went into them. The Eastern Orthodox Church broke with Rome in 1054, but both sides have been engaged in dialogue in recent years. Benedict XVI hopes that Orthodox and Catholics will be together in full communion in the future.
  • Moving On Up Hollywood SC Moving On Up Hollywood SC Packing supplies,Florida local & long distance moving, and promptness , reliability, courtesy, excellent reputation, moving storage, Corporate Moving,
  • China quake: Foreign media praise China´s relief efforts News media around the world have been praising the Chinese government and people's rescue efforts after the deadly earthquake in Sichuan province one week ago. They said the information and reports are public and transparent, and believed people in disaster-hit areas are able to rebuild their homes. The BBC says that China's leaders of all levels were quick to mobilize the nation's resources into action. It also mentioned that PLA sodiers involved in the rescue work are providing effective support for the victims and in clearing up the aftermath. Britain's Daily Telegraph spoke highly of the promptness of China's reaction to the earthquake. The article described the relief work as orderly and stated it showed Chinese people's ability to deal with the emergency. A commentary in the Los Angeles Times said China is in the midst of pain and sadness, while rescue teams are making all-out efforts to rescue survivors from the rubble. The response to the earthquake showed the world a new China, a country with compassion. Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao posted an article on their official website, highly praising the Chinese government's relief efforts. It stated that this earthquake was huge in scale, leading to massive casualties and economic losses. However, the people's mood is calm and social stability has been maintained. The Czech Republic's MF Dnes offered praise to China's rescue and relief work, calling the Chinese government and people cool-headed and well-organized in the ...
  • Bloodstain Pattern ***ysis - An Impromptu Joke April 21, 2009. We decided to play a little joke on the students to test their promptness in dealing with the media. This was thrown together seconds before we hit the record button. Thus, Perry Winkle from Channel 5 Action News was born.
  • Dianne Koch I find it an honor and a privilege to assist my clients with their real estate needs. As a full-time realtor, you will find me enthusiastic, attentive to details and sensitive to the enormousness (it really is a word) of the emotions involved in buying and selling a home. I have assisted many clients within the Pierce County area--including Tacoma, Lakewood, Steilacoom, Fircrest, University Place, Gig Harbor, Lacey and Federal Way. Here's what a few of my clients said about me: "Thanks again, Dianne. I like your professionalism and promptness. You must be the Top Agent in your office." "Dianne: We love our home! And you know, Chuck and I sit in our own wonderful kitchen, have coffee and sing your praises. We think very highly of you....Coldwell Banker and the whole experience....and we will share that sentiment at every opportunity. Thank you." Having Dianne as a realtor was wonderful. It took us several months to prepare our house for sale and Dianne was always there with helpful advice. At the end of the sale, we were out of town and she phoned us more than once to let us know how everything was going. She really went out of her way to make the sale a positive experience for us. She is very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend Dianne to anyone looking for an outstanding realtor." Scott & Susan The most important work I have done has been raising three children--two graduated from college and my youngest son is a Junior at Georgetown. I am very proud of the young ...
  • Beyond Harvard 03 Beyond Harvard A Harvard University study indicates that in achieving success only 15% is contributed by information, while 85% is contributed by attitude. Yet 100% of modern education is focussed only on facts and figures! Vedanta deals with attitude, the inner working of the mind. It hones your skills, helps re-engineer your inner personality and paves the way to success.
  • Part 3 of 15 Ketinoa Videos Revived Kurgapkina 80 Gala Lopatkina Obraztsova Ayupova Nioradze This will be the third of 15 videos, uploaded this week, that had been visible on youtube from Ketinoa, until copyright claims by the Balanchine Trust removed all 1300 Ketinoa videos. The timing of events led this to be the most significany of the 15 videos being revived with this program in two parts. The original program was shown on Russian TV on April 30, 2009 and circumstances prevented Ketinoa from uploading this video to youtube in Ketinoa's typical promptness. Eight days later, Kurgakina was tragically killed by a train, probably due to her poor hearing at night, which prevented her from hearing the train making noises. With the sudden death of Kurgapkina, this video resulted in being a great tribute video to Ninel Alexandrovna Kurgapkina, certainly one of the most important personalities at the Kirov and Vaganova school. She is one of the Vaganova school's most famous teachers and at the Kirov Mariinsky, she is one of it's greatest dancers and greatest coaches. She danced with both Nureyev and Baryshnikov, when they danced for the Kirov. She coached three of the Mariinsky's current best coaches, Tatiana Terekhova, Ludmila Kunakova and Irina Chistyakova and now Elvira Tarasova is coaching for the Mariinsky and her favorite,Zhanna Ayupova, will probably become the best coach that was coached by Kurgapkina.. The majority of this video was filmed during the special 80th birthday gala for Kurgapkina and is certainly one of her greatest days ever. She was like a little ...
  • Victims of Gaza conflict await justice Amnesty International's Philip Luther calls on UN Human Rights Council to take action for victims of conflict. Please take action by signing the petition here: On 21 March, the Human Rights Council will consider the second report of a Committee of Independent Experts which it mandated to assess the Israeli and Palestinian investigations into serious violations of international law committed by Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups during the 22-day conflict. The UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, commissioned by the Human Rights Council and headed by Justice Richard Goldstone, found in September 2009 that the violations committed by both sides included war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity. It recommended that the Israeli authorities and the relevant authorities in the Gaza Strip be required to investigate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law reported by the Mission. If the authorities failed to conduct independent investigations meeting international standards within six months, the Mission recommended that the UN Security Council refer the issue to the International Criminal Court. The previous report of the Committee of Independent Experts, issued in September 2010, concurred with Amnesty International's continuing assessment that the investigations conducted by both the Israeli authorities and the Hamas de facto administration have failed to meet the required international standards of ...
  • Vain & Vocabulary - GRE Vocabulary Ep 2, Season A GRE Vocabulary Words--An Episodic Journey 1. Abyss - n. an extremely deep hole 2. Accretion - n. a growth in size; an increase in amount 3. Acidulous - adj. sour in taste or manner 4. Acme - n. highest point; summit; the highest level or degree attainable 5. Adulterate - v. to make impure 6. Advocate - v. to speak in favor of 7. Aerie - n. a nest built high in the air; an elevated, often secluded dwelling 8. Aesthetic - adj. concerning the appreciation of beauty 9. Affected - adj. phony, artificial 10. Aggrandize - v. to increase in power, influence and reputation 11. Alacrity - n. promptness, cheerful readiness
  • Joy of Life - Warrior Creed Album: "Hear the Children" & Apoptose & Joy of Life LP I have no parents: I make the heavens and Earth my parents. I have no home: I make awareness my home. I have no life or death: I make the tides of breathing my life and death. I have no divine power: I make honesty my divine power. I have no means: I make understanding my means. I have no magic secrets: I make character my magic secret. I have no body: I make endurance my body. I have no eyes: I make the flash of lightning my eyes. I have no ears: I make sensibility my ears. I have no limbs: I make promptness my limbs. I have no strategy: I make "unshadowed by thought" my strategy. I have no design: I make "seizing opportunity by the forelock" my design. I have no miracles: I make right action my miracles. I have no principles: I make adaptability to all circumstances my principles. I have no tactics: I make emptiness and fullness my tactics. I have no talents: I make ready wit my talent. I have no friends: I make my mind my friend. I have no enemy: I make carelessness my enemy. I have no armor: I make benevolence and righteousness my armor. I have no castle: I make immovable mind my castle. I have no sword: I make absence of mind my sword. --Anonymous Samurai; 14th century
  • Kala Hawaiian Mahogany Ukulele Demo | Bye Bye Blackbird | Farm TV No Frills Review The Kala Mahogany Series Ukuleles offer a Full-Bodied Tone with plenty of Sweet Highs And Mellow Lows that combine for a full rich sound. Traditional white binding on the top and back accent the Rich Satin Mahogany finish, while chrome die-cast tuners assure your instrument will keep its tune. The KA-C Mahogany Series Uke comes with NYLGUT Strings. Until the mid-20th century ukuleles were strung exclusively in gut, a material that combines excellent promptness of attack with brilliance of timbre, very different, in other words, from nylon strings. A fundamental aim of research has been to make a new synthetic product having the same acoustic properties as gut but without its typical defects - (high cost, limited durability and high instability in varying climate). NYLGUT has precisely these qualities: allowing one, on the one hand, to rediscover the original sonorities of the ukulele; and guaranteeing, on the other, a stability of tuning higher even than that of the best nylon strings.
  • JOHN BARRY 'Masquerade' Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1988 This is John Barry's complete original motion picture soundtrack for the 1988 Bob Swaim directed, Masquerade. Olivia (Meg Tilly) a wealthy heiress is vulnerable, mourning over her mother's recent death. A handsome talented yacht captain (Rob Lowe), seemingly uninterested in her money, sweeps her off her feet and she thinks it could be true love. However, a conspiracy is revealed that is devised to rob Olivia of both her fortune and her life. John Barry's score is both romantic and dramatic and includes several 'source' cues* (music played by a dance band in one scene and music heard on a radio in another etc.). Barry also incorporates several pieces of music from his failed 1981 musical 'The Little Prince & The Aviator', the Main Title theme being one of these. 1. Main Title 2. Graduation 3. Compulsive Promptness 4. Masquerade / Daddy Would Have Liked You 5. Face Slap 6. Virgin Sacrifice 7. The Fight / Tony Dies / Call The Police 8. Two Glasses / Violence, Not Affection 9. Married 10. Ann Is Dead / I Sleep like a baby With You 11. 'Obsession' Is Ready / Pregnant 12. Tim & Brook Cool It For A While / Birthday Gift 13. No Crash 14. Your Move Romeo / A New Plan 15. Sabotage 16. Explosion 17. She's Alive 18. End Titles 19. Made For Each Other - version 1* 20. Pity The Poor* 21. Made For Each Other - version 2* 22. It Was You* 23. The Last Dance* 24. Lobster House Blues* 25. Lobster House Rock* Composed, Arranged & Conducted by JOHN BARRY. Recorded in December 1987 at ...
  • The Three O'Clock - Suzie's On The Ball Now (Extended Mix) This is one of my favorite obscure 80s songs. Have a listen... Lyrics: She was late for college Late for school Late for things that normal girls do The time she spent He time has due Enough to change her point of view *Chorus* And Suzie's on the ball now Follow her, and see just how Boys are staggering when she comes to town *Chorus* She was late for tea And late for trials Late with words And late with smiles Time she spent The time was due Enough to change her point of view This is the B-Side on the IRS 12" single, "Suzie's On The Ball Now". (L33-17204) Produced by Ian Broudie, and remixed by William Orbit from the album, "Ever After" (IRS-5833) by The Three O'Clock. Copyright 1986 - International Record Syndicate, Inc. (IRS) Manufactured, and distributed by MCA Records, Inc. djk mix is here:
  • Ufit Co., Ltd. IT Planning SOA : DigInfo DigInfo - The use of workstations is expanding within companies and as a result, complex computer management systems are now found within departments of modern day corporations and it has become difficult to deal with the business changes that are occurring. To overcome this challenge, Ufit Co., Ltd. now provides its clients with IT Planning SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) to reliably and securely organize and integrate workflow and information systems in line with business flow. Ufit intends to provide many companies with consulting services for SOA promptness, flexibility, and energy savings in the domain of business process management.
  • Ps of business-promptness William Lambert, Lambini777, Ps of business
  • Nancy Today: Being on time I don't like being somewhere late when someone is expecting me. I'm running pretty late today.
  • Gyan Ganga Bhopal college's Freshers Party Students activities take place in every institution. But here at Gyan Ganga these activities invigorate and refresh the students to face the undaunted task and chaotic world of future. Also such activities provide them a higher sense of devotion, dedication and responsibility. The aim of these activities is not only to get fun and amusement but also to develop a sense of competitive spirit, co-operation, leadership, carefulness, promptness, punctuality, team-spirit as well as to provide an environment for the development of their creative talents.
  • Mr Rooter Seattle WA | http:// | Mr Rooter Seattle WA Mr. Rooter Seattle WA | http Mr. Rooter Seattle WA (425) 999-4525. For a professional plumber contact Mr. Rooter in Seattle, WA. In today's plumbing industry selecting a plumber can be as risky as a roll of the dice. Is the plumber I choose going to be properly licensed? How much experience have they had with this type of problem? Are they going to arrive on time, or even at all? Will they have all of the tools necessary to get the job done? Not to worry Seattle, with Mr. Rooter you'll never again need to worry about the quality of service you receive at the hands of a plumber. Mr. Rooter is bringing the Politeness, Professionalism, and Promptness into the plumbing industry and into your home. Mr. Rooter plumbers value your home as we do our own, even going so far as removing our shoes as a consideration for your carpet. All of Mr. Rooter's plumbers are fully licensed and insured professionals, so you can rest assured that your home is in the right hands. Our personnel will show your time the respect it deserves by their promptness in arriving and swiftness in providing you with a written estimate before any work is begun. Mr. Rooter is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and we are so confidant in the quality of service we provide you with a lifetime guarantee of our work in writing. After all, there's a reason they call us 'Mr.' To experience the polite, professional, and prompt side of plumbing in Seattle, WA ...
  • México Video Documental Mexico is located at about 23° N and 102° W in the southern portion of North America. Almost all of Mexico lies in the North American Plate, with small parts of the Baja California peninsula on the Pacific and Cocos Plates. Geophysically, some geographers include the territory east of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (around 12% of the total) within Central America. Geopolitically, however, Mexico is entirely considered part of North America, along with Canada and the United States. Mexico has long been a favorite destination for people from American countries, but it is also becoming increasingly popular with visitors from Europe, as more and more of them are prepared to put up with the long flight to get to know a country that besides sunshine, scenery, sandy beaches and clear blue seas also has a cultural heritage that is astonishingly varied and often of a breathtaking grandeur. UNESCO has in fact designated the following as world cultural heritage sites in Mexico (recently Mexican Food was also included in UNESCO's list of Intangible World Heritage): Mexico City's historic centre and Xochimilco, the towns of Guanajuato, Puebla, Oaxaca, Morelia and Zacatecas, the historical monuments at Querétaro, the Hospicio Cabañas with the Orozco wall-paintings in Guadalajara, the archaeological sites of Teotihuacán, Monte Albán, Chichén Itzá and Palenque, El Tajin and Uxmal, the monasteries on the slopes of Popocatépetl, the Sian-ka'an nature reserve, the Sierra Francisco (rock ...
  • Deodorant Allergies 2 I'm trying it again, so hopefully you guys (especially those of you who requested it prior) will like the promptness of this update in comparison to the ones before it. I talked a lot in this video about quite a few things, so let me summarize all the main points: This is probably the last time you'll see a quick update for a while, because July is a busy month for me and August will be the start of my Fall semester for Sophomore year at college. "What's the difference? You never upload more than once every five centuries anyway..." I also mentioned something about getting into writing sneezefics but not having the time to actually complete any of them. Truth be told, I have had LOTS of ideas for fiction (original and of the *** variety) for months now, but simply can't be bothered to complete an entire tome of the stuff. Mainly because I have no motivation to do so -- I could have all the time in the world to sit down and crank out a few paragraphs, but what for without any audience? Basically, I'm saying that if you'd be interested in reading any fiction about original characters in an original setting, I can give you a sample of one of my completed works. Like I said in the video, I know that not everyone is keen on PMing their email addresses, so the only other way I could go about this would be to... I dunno, read the story out loud in an audio clip? Of course, I wouldn't be inducing whilst reading, because I'm not good at doing that and then I'd have to find a ...
  • Los Angeles Commercial Construction, General Contractor LA Los Angeles commercial construction services Los Angeles trusts -- call Paul G. Lindsey for a free estimate of your commercial construction project in Los Angeles. Whatever your commercial project needs are, commercial general contractor, Paul G. Lindsey can handle it with promptness, expertise and affordability. (818) 352-6766 Los Angeles commercial construction projects are our specialty, including new construction, building renovation, office and retail space remodeling, and more. Los Angeles general contractor, Paul G. Lindsey provides maintenance service as well for your commercial property in the greater Los Angeles area. We specialize in building code violations and health department violations. We also build handicap or disabled access ramps, and provide general construction and remodel services for churches, office buildings, schools, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, restaurants, hotels, etc. Call for a free estimate of your commercial construction project or visit us at
  • Leo Lubricants Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is a leading manufacturer and supplier amongst the automotive players in the petroleum sector, with its product portfolio including a wide array of automotive lubricants, engine oils, gear oils, 2T oils, brake fluid dot - 3 4, coolants, greases and other specialties. The company has many certifications to its credit and has been thriving in the sector due to the impeccable quality of its products. The manufacturing set-up of the company is located in industrial area of Mumbai. The processes involved in the production of standard automotive & industrial lubricants, being comprehensive in nature, are completely automated. After establishing a firm business presence in the domestic petroleum market, Leo Lubricants has embarked in the overseas market and has already garnered an epitome of reliability and promptness for itself in the Gulf, African and Asian countries.
  • 29 Helens : Promptness 29 helens agree... promptness is important

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