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  • Prolog ( ) n. A programming language used for writing programs that model human logic and decision making Relations and queries are constructed using Prolog's single data type, the term. — “Prolog: Definition from ”,
  • With Prolog, you're in control of the project. Prolog's budget and cost management features are second to none. They provide all users with a standard way to look at project budgets and all related contract commitments. Want to view all invoices against the project budget?. — “Prolog Construction Project Management Software”,
  • Innovations in design, technology, and materials make Safer Building Materials' frangible The PROLOG in action. 2010 Rolex KY CCI**** at The Head of the Lake. Photos by Tricia. — “Safer Building Materials, Inc”,
  • . — “Prologs - Welcome!”,
  • Definition of prologs in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of prologs. Pronunciation of prologs. Translations of prologs. prologs synonyms, prologs antonyms. Information about prologs in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “prologs - definition of prologs by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Stable and free standard Prolog implementation. Targeted primarily at research and education. Windows, Linux and Unix versions available. Comes with a visual debugger and a GUI environment. — “SWI-Prolog's home”, swi-
  • Establish working relationships and communications with ProLogs foal points in each country program on the ProLogs deployment project and take charge of all aspects of project management. Communicate the intent of ProLogs and the. — “ReliefWeb " Vacancy " ProLogs Project Deployment Coordinator”,
  • Encyclopedia article about prologs. Information about prologs in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “prologs definition of prologs in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • ProLog will monitor DX Spot information either from a TNC or directly from the internet via DX-Summit. A separate monitor window is maintained through which you can view all packet activity. ProLog's selective alerting and Origination Filtering makes snaring the new ones easy. — “Datamatrix”, prolog2
  • If this is your main priority, you might find that Visual Prolog's sacrifices are well justified. EZY-Prolog can check programs for Visual Prolog compatibility and it produces warning messages when code violates Visual Prolog's typing rules. — “Bitwise Magazine :: Free Prolog Programming Tools”,
  • Day-in and day-out, ProLog handles thousands of orders, phone calls and e-mails for some of the most respected companies in the world. ProLog provides a tremendous opportunity for businesses to reduce their costs for warehousing, fulfillment, and/or customer care. ProLog's pricing reflects the. — “Savings Potential”,
  • Tutorial explains Prolog concepts with text, diagrams and specialized diagrams for illustrating flow-of-control. Uses full program examples to lead you step-by-step through writing: an adventure game, an intelligent data-base, an expert. — “Contents”,
  • Prologs' definition, a preliminary discourse; a preface or introductory part of a discourse, poem, or novel. See more. — “Prologs' | Define Prologs' at ”,
  • The CCA has short listed Prolog and client RSPB for the Best Outsourcing Partnership category of the 2010 CCA Explore Prolog. Find out about Prolog's many outsourcing services. Visit our cutting edge sites across the UK. — “Prolog”,
  • Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Prolog. Get exclusive content and interact with Prolog right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends. — “Prolog | Facebook”,
  • Two differences with other Prologs Two differences with other Prologs. The DCG expansion provided by XSB is in certain cases different from the ones provided by some other Prolog systems (e.g. Quintus Prolog, SICStus Prolog and C-Prolog). The most important of these differences are:. — “Two differences with other Prologs”,
  • Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on - prolog's profile. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from other consumers on - prolog's profile before you decide to buy. — “ - prolog's profile”,
  • Thousands of horses for sale every month. Also featuring photos, results and news from events across Australia. PROLOGS jumps debuted at the Canadian Eventing Team mandatory Olympic short-list outing at the Ocala Horse Park this past weekend (July 12-13, 2008). — “Horse Deals - Gallery, Events, News, Results, Programs”, .au
  • In Prolog, program logic is expressed in terms of relations, and a computation is OW Prolog has been created in order to answer Prolog's lack of. — “Prolog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Prolog and F-logic Integrated in POSL. Both predated the (Semantic) Web, yet have been very useful for it. Prolog: Positional Prolog and F-logic Integrated in POSL. Both predated the (Semantic) Web, yet have been. — “Integrating Positional and Slotted Knowledge on the Semantic Web”,
  • Toll free unlimited Internet access provider. — “Prolog Internet Access”,

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  • Parrots, Piraha, and Prolog I In which we begin our quest as to how to teach prolog how to count. Our point of departure is Alex the talking Parrot. We model a bit of the parrot's brain in prolog, and ask the question, is Alex really counting?
  • Elisabeth Scheveningen 1 - Prolog/Proloog Musical Elisabeth - Scheveningen 1999 Watch in HQ: Elisabeth: Pia Douwes De Dood/Death: Stanley Burleson If you don't understand dutch: The judge: But why, Lucheni? Why have you killed empress Elisabeth? Lucheni: Alla malora! The judge: Answer, Luigi Lucheni! Lucheni: Why, why? Each night the same question, already hundred years. What is the point? Merda, I am dead! The judge: The cowardly attack on the empress of Austria Lucheni: Va a farti phot-delicate! The judge: Reveal at last the aims! Lucheni: The aims? I killed her because she wanted! The judge: No nonsense Lucheni: She wanted it There are reliable witnesses The judge: What kind of witnesses are that? Lucheni: Her contemporaries, yes.. but still dont rest, still speaking about Elisabeth! The death: the empire has sunk, flesh rots, gloss fades. But in the dark of the grave, There at night they are dancing the deaddance. Hate, dead, madness that drives us Envy, danger, duty that we ignore Mourning, fame, everything what remains us Illusion, doom, everything went wrong Elisabeth, Elisabeth You were lonely, till the end A riddle was put in front us The solution was never confessed, Weak, bashful, holy and cursed Delicate, docile, lonely and desired Wild, obedient, looking for luck Strong, weak what went wrong Lucheni: Nobody was as proud as she. She has despised you, And you are, full of superficiality The deads: In the ravine of time! Lucheni: Nobody has ever understood her. She never gave up her ...
  • Heavy Rain Prolog Music Gareth Johnson - Nerves Music from the prolog in Ethans house
  • Prolog Construction Project Management Software Construction project management software for real estate, construction and facility professionals. Whether youre a building owner, engineering and construction firm or a public agency, Prolog allows you to proactively manage project details and status in a single system of record.
  • The Ring Soundtrack - Rachel's Quest Music by Hans Zimmer
  • Pagliacci - Prologo The famous american baritone, Robert Merrill, singing the prologue to Pagliacci
  • [APH] 7 Years War~Prologue [Eng,Ger sub / 中文字幕] info of this song: Info for FAQ and details of the playlist:
  • Vama Veche - Prolog
  • Erzberg 2010 prolog ride1 part 1 Bike: Gasgas ec 300 sixdays -09 Camera: Gopro hero HD filmed in 720p 30fps orginal gear ratio 13-48 gear ratio during the prolog 14-44
  • Prolog ( Tabor uhodit v nebo ) - Evgeniy Doga 1975. Movie is based on early stories by Maxim Gorky
  • Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye - Prolog 2009 Red Bull Romaniacs 2009; Prologue and Intro of the world's toughest rallye, including a burning man & machine.
  • Leonard Cohen Prolog London 2008 Leonard Cohen Live Prolog London 2008
  • Enduro DEM 2009 Zschopau Prolog "Rund um Zschopau 2009" Round 8 of the German Enduro Championship. This is the Prolog in the old MZ factory on Friday evening. With special guests from Finland: Juha Salminen, Eero Remes and Samuli Aro in his last international race.
  • Elisabeth - Prolog (Wien 1992) Clear picture. Dress Rehearsal Uwe Kroeger and Ethan Freeman
  • prolog Elliot Jones - Ayabuki Mao Anabelle - Ootsuki Sayu Christopher - Ouki Kaname Van Helsing - Ozuki Tooma Lady - Miho Keiko
  • Mutiny on the BOUNTY - Prologue (lost for 40 years) HIGH QUALITY, CLICK: This Prologue is the way the 1962 movie was intended to begin. Unfortunately it was only seen in trial screenings and just ONCE on ABC-TV in 1967. It has not been seen since that time. The prologue sets the scene of one of the greatest sea stories ever told. Although it's based on fact, the film does take liberties and use artistic license. The epic 1962 version of MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY is finally on DVD. Definitely worth buying or renting. Gorgeous on an HDTV flat panel.
  • Erzberg rodeo prolog 2009 Yamaha R1 start Erzberg rodeo 2009 start of the yamaha R1 offroad on the first prolog race.
  • Petter feat. Timbuktu - Tidens Tempo/Prolog Music video by Petter feat. Timbuktu performing Tidens Tempo/Prolog. (C) 2004 BMG Sweden AB
  • Narnia Soundtrack: A Narnia Lullaby
  • Prologs. Kazanovas mētelis (TVD) Prologs žetonvakara izrādē "Kazanovas mētelis" @JVĢ 6.02.2009 , TVD filmēts
  • Lecture - 13 Logic Programming : Prolog Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit
  • Kolmogorov Complexity Using Prolog #4 In which we go through the solutions to homework #4 by expanding the geneology of Jesus to include his mother's side.
  • "The Bells of Notre Dame" (German) - Chris Murray From the Disney musical 'Der Glockner Von Notre Dame' (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), played in Germany. ----- Erwin Bruhn (Frollo)
  • Lecture - 15 Prolog: Exercising Control Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit
  • Lecture 6 -Resolution Principles & Application to PROLOG Discrete Maths-Resolution Principles & Application-PROLOG
  • Lecture - 14 Prolog Programming Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit
  • Metallica-Ride The Lightning with lyrics Metallica's ride the lightning
  • Erzberg 2010 prolog ride1 part 2 Bike: Gasgas ec 300 sixdays -09 Camera: Gopro hero HD filmed in 720p 30fps orginal gear ratio 13-48 gear ratio during the prolog 14-44
  • Rallye Paris Dakar 2009 Heroes Legend - Contiger Rally Team Austria, Prolog Helmet Camera
  • Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 - Prolog Training / Lots of Pictures here : Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 the Prolog Training on the 400m track
  • Walkthrough Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Prologue Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, played on PC on Hard Prologue (Tutorial) Chapter introduction: "Finally! After years of practice and study, Master Phenrig is taking me with him on one of his treasure hunts. There's an ancient crystal that we need to recover, and Phenrig says the old temple is far from empty, As last I'll have a chance to use all the skills I've learned, and prove I'm worthy of my training." Items picked up: - Short Sword goTh'a
  • Kolmogorov Complexity with Prolog #1 In which I kick of a "series within a series" about Kolmogorov Complexity. I give a brief sales pitch on why you need to learn prolog, then I walk you through the steps to download and install it. Then I give a brief tour of the command line, followed by some homework to help you get familier with it.
  • Kolmogorov Complexity Using Prolog #3 In which we learn how to talk about things using prolog. We use a Biblical example, showing how to translate part of the geneology of Jesus into prolog.
  • Jerry Goldsmith - Main Title / Klingon Battle Don't you hate pants? :D
  • Russian animation: The Hobbit (+English subtitles) Actual name: "The Treasure Under the Mountain" This is the prologue to a feature film that was never finished or released, based on Tolkien's "The Hobbit". This video dates from about 1994, and was made by Argus International. Some have speculated that maybe work was stopped because artists in Russia were just finding out about how copyright laws limited what they could make. In the USSR, artists could adapt anything they chose with no regard for copyright, especially in the 1980s when ideological restrictions were relaxed. Then suddenly the 1990s come around, and you're finding that the older ideological artistic restrictions are replaced by newer ones, except that this time you're not allowed to adapt any popular artistic creation within the last 100 years or so (because if it's popular, the upfront fees will be astronomical). Translation/subtitles were made by myself. Credits: Full text of song: Goodness and laughter, laughter and joy Smiles light up the faces of all and souls, like windows, are thrown wide open. The sky up above shines clear and blue. No-one wants to believe that bad dreams may come true, nor know that some day that some day the weather will worsen. But the tempest arrived, as is always the case. Disaster moves in to take merriment's place, With fire and armor and no shred of mercy. The desperate bell tolls too late to assist, And how will a mere paper dragon resist a brave paper dragon against one that's real? When all is stretched thin ...
  • Prolog---Padi (LIVE) good song by Padi comment please
  • Long, Long Time Ago ~ Javier Navarrete This song works so well with Chapter 23 the Angel in twilight. Play this And start reading I made all my friends and they said it really help set the mood made with 
  • Howard Shore - Jacob's Theme 15 Eclipse Ost DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG OR PHOTO. The song and photo belong to their respected owners. No copyright infringement is intended. This is used for entertainment purposes.
  • Introuction to Prolog *updated Jud and Mike, get into character as they play the inventors of the programming language known as "Prolog", in the "Introduction to Prolog"
  • Absa Cape Epic 2009 - PROLOG Clip The world's largest and most spectacular mountain bike stage race returned with a premiere: for the first time, the CAPE EPIC kicked off at the world-famous Table Mountain. This spectacular setting was the prologue to an exciting race: the 6th edition of this literally epic race leaded the riders along the Garden Route, from Gordon's Bay to Lourensford. From March 21st to 28th 2009, thousand mountain bikers from all over the world experienced the magnificent scenery of the Western Cape with its wide open African plains, majestic mountains, deep ravines, indigenous forests and flourishing vineyards.

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  • “Authored by 14 of today's leading mystery and crime writers, MURDERATI examines critical themes, historical archetypes and trends in publishing, marketing and the life of the published author”
    — Rules - Blog - Murderati,

  • “"I want to Lose Fat." View prolog's: Profile. BodyBlog. Photos. Progress & Goals. Workout news & special offers from . Home | Store | Products | Careers | Help”
    — - - Blog Entry,

  • “When designers decide not to use some code, they massively reject it: access keys, XML prologs. Blog Admin. Blogroll. Browsers. Cool. Culture. Current Events. Design. Engineering. Events. Food. Front End Engineering”
    — Nate Koechley " 2004 " July,

  • “Kürzlich fand ich diesen Roman als preisreduziertes "Mängelexemplar" auf dem Grabbeltisch. Der geradezu fahrlässig nichtssagende und eigentli”
    — J.L. Nelson: Freibeuter des Königs - Napoleon-Forum, napoleon-

  • “ easier by making good use of Prolog's search and backtracking capabilities and the filter the internet in Australia comments like this blog entry may end up being censored”
    — m3ga blog, mega-

  • “One of the things that IMO is unique with the product is that it has built-in support for I then decided to compare Allegro Prolog's performance against plain CL code using a”
    — Clementson's Blog: Allegro Prolog - A Prolog in Lisp,

  • “Read March Shows 2009 by Lesa Trapp on Myspace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. March 2009 ShowsFor All GuestThis is the number you and yo”
    — March Shows 2009 - Lesa Trapp's Myspace Blog |,

  • “The sequent calculus proof system that defines Forum is contained in this GIF file: this is taken from [Miller 1996]. Two design goals of Forum. Uniform proofs in linear logic. An interpreter for Forum using some of lambda Prolog's program context to hold the classically maintained context”
    — The Forum Specification Language,

  • “Last Stands is a multi-media public awareness campaign by New Zealand author/photographer Kennedy Warne in collaboration with the US-based Mangrove Action Project (MAP) Having just learned how to put PowerPoint presentations on the blog, I am providing two such slide shows created by Candy Feller”
    — Last Stands,

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