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  • A 32-bit Prolog compiler developed to work within operational systems Windows 95/98/NT and Unix/Linux. Supports SQL, CGI, Internet Sockets and ActiveX. — “Strawberry Prolog”,
  • This book can serve as a textbook or tutorial for anyone who wants to learn the Prolog programming language. The next section, Programming, explores additional concepts that are useful when programming in Prolog. — “Prolog - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks”,
  • The difference between Prolog and other languages is that a Prolog program tells the computer what to do (a technique called declarative programming) Prolog was originally designed for non-numeric information processing, but contemporary Prologs typically feature mathematical extensions. — “PC AI - Prolog Programming Language”,
  • This collection of non-commercial links treats Prolog within the context of object- and component-orientation. — “Cetus Links: 18,452 Links on Objects and Components / Prolog”, cetus-
  • Articles, technotes, games, expert system shell prototypes, demos, samples, pointers to other resources and Amzi! product information. Prolog + Logic Server™ is an embeddable, extendable, highly portable implementation of ISO standard Prolog, including full support for ISO modules enabling large-scale. — “Amzi! Prolog + Logic Server Repository”,
  • Products & Services | Contact Us | Our Partners | Sister Companies Personal Storage Space and Homepage Setup. E-mail. Usenet Newsgroups. Unleashed Wi-Fi. — “PenTeleData : HomePage”,
  • The ideas behind the language are revolutionary: whereas in other languages, the programmer must specify precisely how every problem in a program is to be solved, in Prolog it is only necessary to specify the problem itself and then allow the program to find one or more solutions. — “Bitwise Magazine :: Free Prolog Programming Tools”,
  • Free Prolog Compilers, Interpreters and Development Systems This page lists free implementations of the Prolog programming language, ie, Prolog compilers and interpreters. — “Free Prolog Compilers and Interpreters ()”,
  • Prolog is used in many artificial intelligence programs, but its syntax and semantics are very simple and clear (the original goal was to provide a tool to computer-illiterate linguists). The name prolog is an acronym for PROgramming in LOGic. — “Encyclopedia4U - Prolog - Encyclopedia Article”, encyclopedia4
  • This version of the Prolog dictionary assumes the syntax of SWI Prolog. The Prolog Dictionary is not a suitable way to begin to learn about Prolog. — “The Prolog Dictionary”,
  • This page describes the term Prolog and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is Prolog? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • Versatile and efficient CLP system based on Prolog with extensions for programming concurrency, constraints and interactive graphics. B-Prolog accepts not only standard form Prolog programs but also matching clauses in which the determinacy and input/output unifications are. — “B-Prolog”,
  • Prolog has its roots in formal logic, and unlike many other programming languages, Prolog is declarative: The program logic is expressed in terms of relations, represented as facts and rules. A computation is initiated by running a query over these relations.[4]. — “Prolog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • As you can see, the flow of the code in Yield Prolog is similar to Prolog. Yield Prolog is made possible by the yield keyword, which automatically creates iterators that you can nest, combined with Yield Prolog's Variable class which can unify a variable with other values (just like in Prolog). — “Yield Prolog”,
  • Prolog ( ) n. A programming language used for writing programs that model human logic and decision making. — “Prolog: Definition from ”,
  • Prolog definition, a preliminary discourse; a preface or introductory part of a discourse, poem, or novel. See more. — “Prolog | Define Prolog at ”,
  • Prolog is a logic programming language. The name Prolog is taken from programmation en logique (French for "programming in logic" Prolog is used in many artificial intelligence programs and in computational linguistics (especially natural language processing, which it was originally designed for). — “Prolog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Prolog, the primary logic programming language, through the interactive SWI-Prolog system (interpreter) Prolog. In this section you will be introduced to the basic features of the logic programming language Prolog. — “Prolog”,
  • Please be patient as we update the content of our website to reflect the many new features of ProLog V7. Our ProLog logging program has established itself as the premier product in this category of Amateur Radio software. — “Prolog2k”, prolog2
  • Stable and free standard Prolog implementation. Targeted primarily at research and education. Windows, Linux and Unix versions available. Comes with a visual debugger and a GUI environment. — “SWI-Prolog's home”, swi-
  • This compiler accepts Prolog + constraint programs and produces native binaries. The obtained executable is subsequently stand-alone. The size of this executable can be quite small since GNU Prolog can avoid linking the code of most unused built. — “The GNU Prolog web site”,
  • C/C++ and Java based Prolog Compilers and Prolog based Internet Programming tools. The Site describes the area of logic programming and Prolog. — “Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Prolog”,
  • W-Prolog is an interpreter for a Prolog like language implemented in Java. Used as part of Roman Barták's Guide to Prolog Programming. Used to compute kinship relationships at the center for social anthropology and computing at the University of. — “W-Prolog”,

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  • prolog Elliot Jones - Ayabuki Mao Anabelle - Ootsuki Sayu Christopher - Ouki Kaname Van Helsing - Ozuki Tooma Lady - Miho Keiko
  • Kolmogorov Complexity Using Prolog #3 In which we learn how to talk about things using prolog. We use a Biblical example, showing how to translate part of the geneology of Jesus into prolog.
  • Kolmogorov Complexity with Prolog #1 In which I kick of a "series within a series" about Kolmogorov Complexity. I give a brief sales pitch on why you need to learn prolog, then I walk you through the steps to download and install it. Then I give a brief tour of the command line, followed by some homework to help you get familier with it.
  • Borland TURBO PROLOG Here's an oldie from the mid 1980s. I purchased a copy of Borland Turbo PROLOG back around 1988. I used it for a time, but as I moved away from DOS, it was forgotten. I recently came across a few Prolog books and decided to see if I could find my old Turbo Prolog install disks. I found them without much difficulty, was able to install them in an XP virtual machine running on a Mac, with slightly more difficulty, and made a short video of some of the example programs included with the package. This video shows the following three example programs included with Turbo Prolog - 1) Towers of Hanoi, 2) Labyrinth Generator, and 3) Symbolic Differentiation.
  • [APH] 7 Years War~Prologue [Eng,Ger sub / 中文字幕] info of this song: Info for FAQ and details of the playlist:
  • Einsturzende Neubauten - Prolog/Feurio! (Live 1990) Prolog + Feurio Live at Dusseldorf, Rockpalast, 21.11.1990
  • 3 Musketiere Stuttgart "Prolog" The "Prolog" scene from "3 Musketiere" Stuttgart
  • Lecture 6 -Resolution Principles & Application to PROLOG Discrete Maths-Resolution Principles & Application-PROLOG
  • Prolog to Worldview Eyelemica For fuller coverage of Worldview Eyelemica go to
  • Habitat Prolog - Tarnów 15.03.2008
  • Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye - Prolog 2009 Red Bull Romaniacs 2009; Prologue and Intro of the world's toughest rallye, including a burning man & machine.
  • Day 1 27-06-2009 Prolog, Dresden Day 1 of Rallye Breslau 2009. Prolog in Dresden.
  • Kolmogorov Complexity Using Prolog #4 In which we go through the solutions to homework #4 by expanding the geneology of Jesus to include his mother's side.
  • Howard Shore - Jacob's Theme 15 Eclipse Ost DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS SONG OR PHOTO. The song and photo belong to their respected owners. No copyright infringement is intended. This is used for entertainment purposes.
  • Resonance of Fate - Prologue This is like the second intro of the game which shows up if you don't press any button at the start screen. This is one of my cutscene video series of Resonance of Fate played on PS3. Played and recorded by me. Copyright by tri-ace and SEGA.
  • Tour of California - Prolog Action FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: Start house action from the Tour of California prolog with Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Tom Boonen, George Hincapie, Ivan Basso and plenty more top road cycling pros! More exclusive videos at CYCLEFILM In association with The Fredcast Cycling Podcast:
  • Elisabeth Scheveningen 1 - Prolog/Proloog Musical Elisabeth - Scheveningen 1999 Watch in HQ: Elisabeth: Pia Douwes De Dood/Death: Stanley Burleson If you don't understand dutch: The judge: But why, Lucheni? Why have you killed empress Elisabeth? Lucheni: Alla malora! The judge: Answer, Luigi Lucheni! Lucheni: Why, why? Each night the same question, already hundred years. What is the point? Merda, I am dead! The judge: The cowardly attack on the empress of Austria Lucheni: Va a farti phot-delicate! The judge: Reveal at last the aims! Lucheni: The aims? I killed her because she wanted! The judge: No nonsense Lucheni: She wanted it There are reliable witnesses The judge: What kind of witnesses are that? Lucheni: Her contemporaries, yes.. but still dont rest, still speaking about Elisabeth! The death: the empire has sunk, flesh rots, gloss fades. But in the dark of the grave, There at night they are dancing the deaddance. Hate, dead, madness that drives us Envy, danger, duty that we ignore Mourning, fame, everything what remains us Illusion, doom, everything went wrong Elisabeth, Elisabeth You were lonely, till the end A riddle was put in front us The solution was never confessed, Weak, bashful, holy and cursed Delicate, docile, lonely and desired Wild, obedient, looking for luck Strong, weak what went wrong Lucheni: Nobody was as proud as she. She has despised you, And you are, full of superficiality The deads: In the ravine of time! Lucheni: Nobody has ever understood her. She never gave up her ...
  • Rallye Paris Dakar 2009 Heroes Legend - Contiger Rally Team Austria, Prolog Helmet Camera
  • Enduro DEM 2009 Zschopau Prolog "Rund um Zschopau 2009" Round 8 of the German Enduro Championship. This is the Prolog in the old MZ factory on Friday evening. With special guests from Finland: Juha Salminen, Eero Remes and Samuli Aro in his last international race.
  • Prolog Construction Project Management Software Construction project management software for real estate, construction and facility professionals. Whether youre a building owner, engineering and construction firm or a public agency, Prolog allows you to proactively manage project details and status in a single system of record.
  • Aion DEU - Elyos Prologue Aion: The Tower of Eternity The german prologue video for the Elyos. Video from the german version of the game. Aug/2009 All rights reserved by NCSoft.
  • Lecture - 14 Prolog Programming Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit
  • Lecture - 13 Logic Programming : Prolog Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit
  • Introuction to Prolog *updated Jud and Mike, get into character as they play the inventors of the programming language known as "Prolog", in the "Introduction to Prolog"
  • Prolog---Padi (LIVE) good song by Padi comment please
  • Änglagård - Prolog.wmv This song opens Änglagård`s "Epilog"
  • Absa Cape Epic 2009 - PROLOG Clip The world's largest and most spectacular mountain bike stage race returned with a premiere: for the first time, the CAPE EPIC kicked off at the world-famous Table Mountain. This spectacular setting was the prologue to an exciting race: the 6th edition of this literally epic race leaded the riders along the Garden Route, from Gordon's Bay to Lourensford. From March 21st to 28th 2009, thousand mountain bikers from all over the world experienced the magnificent scenery of the Western Cape with its wide open African plains, majestic mountains, deep ravines, indigenous forests and flourishing vineyards.
  • Parrots, Piraha, and Prolog I In which we begin our quest as to how to teach prolog how to count. Our point of departure is Alex the talking Parrot. We model a bit of the parrot's brain in prolog, and ask the question, is Alex really counting?
  • Experimental SWI-Prolog Integration In Bioclipse Bioclipse is a free and open source workbench for the life sciences based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) (), developed at Uppsala University and the European Bioinformatics Institute, among other places. As a part of my degree project, I'm integrating SWI-Prolog into Bioclipse, for doing semantic reasoning. In the video I demonstrate some basic prolog code in Bioclipse's scripting environment, showing how a Prolog Knowledge base can be created inside Bioclipse's JavaScript environment (stored in a JS variable), loaded into bioclipse (with a special manager method of the Prolog integration plug-in), and then queried from, and the results retrieved back to, the scripting environment. The Bioclipse Plug-in for SWI-Prolog inegration, is hosted at GitHub Note that this is still at the experimental stage, so things are a bit rough around the edges!
  • Necron Battleforce - Destroyers PROLOG Hi Its starts with big "?" so many ways to deal with it. So cant make a good choice for colours:( Yes they gonna be as my previous stuff have same look. But as a Destroyers unit they have to look slighty diffrent.There is so much space for decals - they beg for it (me for real camera:) Unsure about those white masks???Uhm...dont know. I got some sick idea about they also.Top secret. I wont tell any more time will tell =] Destroyers times three in a box but will be nice if they will be expand to Heavy Destroyer,Destroyer Lord.Got no propa mag for it need 2x1mm if that propa size.That stops work also. Please let me know about those flying bases: cool/epic fail? That is my alternative for clear plastic.Good,bad,ugly??? That will be all =] O....Spyder so much work file and pretty much as above=] Thanks for watching and CU next time :] Peace on world,war on table.
  • Komlo - Prolog A 2009-es Komlo rally Prológja
  • The Ring Soundtrack - Rachel's Quest Music by Hans Zimmer
  • Long, Long Time Ago ~ Javier Navarrete This song works so well with Chapter 23 the Angel in twilight. Play this And start reading I made all my friends and they said it really help set the mood made with 
  • Prolog - Przemysław Gintrowski
  • Elisabeth - Prolog (Wien 1992) Clear picture. Dress Rehearsal Uwe Kroeger and Ethan Freeman
  • Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 - Prolog Training / Lots of Pictures here : Red Bull Romaniacs 2010 the Prolog Training on the 400m track
  • Kolmogorov Complexity Using Prolog (V) In which I describe how to give names to queries so you don't have to type them all over again and again.
  • Walkthrough Dark Messiah of Might & Magic Prologue Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, played on PC on Hard Prologue (Tutorial) Chapter introduction: "Finally! After years of practice and study, Master Phenrig is taking me with him on one of his treasure hunts. There's an ancient crystal that we need to recover, and Phenrig says the old temple is far from empty, As last I'll have a chance to use all the skills I've learned, and prove I'm worthy of my training." Items picked up: - Short Sword goTh'a
  • Lecture - 15 Prolog: Exercising Control Lecture Series on Artificial Intelligence by Prof. P. Dasgupta, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. For more Courses visit
  • TERA Prolog TERA Prolog Video
  • Erzberg rodeo prolog 2009 Yamaha R1 start Erzberg rodeo 2009 start of the yamaha R1 offroad on the first prolog race.

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  • “At IH Berlin PROLOG we place great emphasis on combining creativity and communication - whatever the language and ability level”
    — Student Blog - IH Berlin PROLOG, prolog-

  • “The Ai Forum is a discussion zone for of the theory and practice of artificial intelligence, language, mind and consciousness and the history and culture of AI. The Forum is the heart of a growing community of artificial intelligence http:///prolog.html -- the Prolog AI Blog”
    — Ai Forums - The Artificial Intelligence Forum, ai-

  • “Java Tips Blog. Weblog of Java-. Home. XML Prolog. 25 July 2008 XML Prolog”
    — XML Prolog | Java Tips Blog, java-

  • “In Thursday's ProLog, we'll hear from Keith Tucker of Acacia Travel in the second installment of the SDNN travel blog”
    — ProLog: Travel Blog – Part II,

  • “I updated the front page of the Prolog Blog to use a page that is processed using templating system I've extracted from Prolog Server Pages over the”
    — jeff.dallien: Prolog Blog has an RSS feed,

  • “Nothing except a lot of wheel spinning and a huge boost for artificial intelligence and a couple of little known programming languages: LISP and Prolog. These languages were thought to be part of the Fifth Generation puzzle, Prolog in particular”
    — " Whatever Happened to Prolog? Dvorak Uncensored: General,

  • “Original Post: Prolog In Smalltalk. Feed Title: (render-blog Ng Pheng X, I noticed it comes with an implementation of Prolog in Smalltalk by Aoki Atsushi, who”
    — Python Buzz Forum - Prolog In Smalltalk,

  • “Gulf Breeze Blog. Monday, March 10, 2008. SCEProlog - Prolog for the State Based Correlation Engine. A new release of OpenESM for Prolog (V1.1) is now available at Sourceforge. This new release includes a Prolog engine for the TEC 3.9 State Based Correlation Engine (SCE)”
    — Gulf Breeze Blog: SCEProlog - Prolog for the State Based,

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