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  • prolate spheroid. A spheroid, or ellipsoid of revolution is a quadric surface obtained by rotating an ellipse about one of its principal axes; in other words, an If the ellipse is rotated about its major axis, the result is a prolate (elongated) spheroid, like a rugby ball. — “ - Spheroid from Wikipedia”,
  • In the last couple of years there has been increasing attention paid to the potential drawbacks to vision quality when the natural prolate shape of the eye is disturbed. Some of the newest developments have been to try to maintain the prolate shape while reshaping the cornea. Illustrations. — “LaserMyEye :: Encyclopedia :: Prolate”,
  • Prolate definition, elongated along the polar diameter, as a spheroid generated by the revolution of an ellipse about its longer axis ( See more. — “Prolate | Define Prolate at ”,
  • Definition of prolate from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of prolate. Pronunciation of prolate. Definition of the word prolate. Origin of the word prolate. — “prolate - Definition of prolate at ”,
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  • Encyclopedia article about prolate. Information about prolate in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. prolate spheroid. — “prolate definition of prolate in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • A prolate spheroid has the surface area. where is the angular eccentricity of the ellipse, e = sin(α) is its (ordinary) eccentricity, is the polar radius, and is the equatorial radius. The volume of a prolate spheroid is calculated by [edit] Uses. — “Prolate spheroid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • prolate ( ) adj. Having the shape of a spheroid generated by rotating an ellipse about its longer axis. — “prolate: Definition from ”,
  • PROLATE CONSULTANTS is a consulting firm, which believes in a Perfect profile and provide solutions in benchmark practices, trends, polices and strategies in Human Resources to its clients. Copyright © 2009 All right reseverd Prolate Consultants. — “Prolate Consultants”,
  • Prolate/Lintox-HD™ is a liquid product for livestock and swine that kills pests on contact. Prolate/Lintox-HD™ also can be used as a spray for treatment of swine with lice or sarcoptic mange infestations. — “Starbar | Products | Prolate/Lintox-HD”,
  • Prolate. Includes Polar Axis, Oblate Spheroids, Angular Eccentricity, Radius, Volume, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Rules Football, American Football and Canadian Football information plus more related topics on — “Prolate (Prolate Spheroid, Properties, Crab Nebula) @”,
  • Indian Painting 750.00. Add To Cart. indian mother $650.00. Add To Cart. Pravin1 $249.00. Add To Cart. Indian Women $250.00. Add To Cart. All prices are in USD. Copyright 2010 Prolate Art. Sitemap | Ecommerce Solution by BigCommerce. — “Prolate Art”,
  • Definition of prolate in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of prolate. Pronunciation of prolate. Translations of prolate. prolate synonyms, prolate antonyms. Information about prolate in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. prolate. — “prolate - definition of prolate by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • prolate (comparative more prolate, superlative most prolate) "http:///wiki/prolate" Categories: Latin derivations | English adjectives. — “prolate - Wiktionary”,
  • spectrally efficient Prolate Spheroidal wave functions. the spectrally efficient, Prolate Spheroidal wave functions. These waveforms have minimum. — “Modulation with Spectrally Efficient Prolate Spheroidal Wave”,
  • Prolate spheroidal wave functions, because of their many remarkable properties In this work we shall be concerned with the construction of prolate spheroidal wave func. — “A New Friendly Method of Computing Prolate Spheroidal Wave”,
  • prolate: Definition and Pronunciation elongated along the polar diameter, as a spheroid generated by the revolution of an ellipse about its longer axis (opposed to oblate). — “prolate: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • Prolate System is India's leading Electronics Gadgets manufacturing company, based in India. Prolate System manufactures screen motion display, motion display signs, scrolling display, to enhance your market presence with impressive presentation. — “Prolate System | motion display scrollers, motion display”,
  • A prolate spheroid is a spheroid in which the polar axis is greater than the equatorial diameter. The prolate spheroid is the shape of the ball in several sports, such as in Rugby league, Rugby union and Australian rules football. — “Wikipedia:Prolate - Global Warming Art”,
  • Prolate Top - Perpendicular Transition. When the transition moment and the principal inertial axis are not parallel, transitions obeying the "perpendicular" selection rule of DK=±1 become possible. Time-dependent signal for the prolate top - partial perpendicular case. — “Prolate Top - Perpendicular Transition”,
  • extended; especially : elongated in the direction of a line joining the poles Origin of PROLATE. Latin prolatus (past participle of proferre to bring forward, extend) from pro- forward + latus, past participle of ferre to carry — more at bear, tolerate. — “Prolate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • “ used organophosphates and oranocaramates include dichlorvos, cythioate, diazion, malathion, cararyl, fenthione, methylcaramate, and prolate. Soap Earthceuticals Natural Soaps Blog | Earthceuticals Natural Soaps Blog on Earthceuticals® Organic Soaps”
    — Earthceuticals Natural Soap and Pet Products Blog | Natural,

  • “and plays every year in prolate-spheroid ball. Division champions in prolate-spheroid ball meet in my backyard (which can last year's ACC prolate-spheroid ball championship game) to determine the ACC prolate-spheroid ball champion,”
    — The Meck Deck " Blog Archive " SEC Owns ACC,

  • “Providing refractive surgery to Denver, Aurora, Englewood, and surrounding Colorado areas, Dishler Laser Institute employs top-notch professionals for outstanding pre- and post-operative care”
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  • “My guess also would be prolate. It's nice to learn new things, so thanks for making us was football, but too many letters Prolate sounds like something medical or a some”
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  • “ brachistochrone, tautochrone, curtate cycloid, prolate cycloid, animation on January 19, you are interested in reading other math blogs or maybe you are also a math blog writer!”
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  • “A prolate spheroid is what you get by spinning an ellipse around its major axis. ellipsoid with a = b > c. A prolate spheroid is an ellipsoid with a”
    — What is the shape of the Earth? — The Endeavour,

  • “Chemistry in its element – caffeine. Chemistry World blog - TRIM21: A Cure For the Common Cold? Maybe Not. To calculate the coulomb barrier parameter with a prolate deformed target nucleus, order Selegiline online c.o.d, Buy Selegiline”
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