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  • Deere & Co., the world s largest manufacturer of farm equipment, reported fiscal fourth-quarter earnings that exceeded Wall Street estimates as sales to U.S. and in the U.S. and Canada for the new year because of production limits due assembly line shutdowns for the transition into a record. — “On the Call: Deere Treasurer speaks on production - Yahoo!”,
  • The acquisition of a stake in a Chinese trading company with more than fif*** years experience will enhance the effective promotion of RUSAL's products in the Chinese market. RUSAL will provide facilities at its plants to commission production, supply liquid metal, and assist in the organization and. — “ - UC Rusal and Norinco Agree Upon”,
  • As demand for Apple's iPad is expected to turn strong for the year-end holidays, Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) recently started mass production of iPads at its new plants in Chengdu, China. Although the production lines can. — “Foxconn plants in Chengdu, China start mass production of iPads”,
  • In Ecology: Primary production, the production of new biomass by autotrophs in ecosystems. Productivity Music production. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Production - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • In a test of loyalty to its Bluenose roots, Alexander Keith's to cut Halifax work force, move 30 per cent of production outside of Nova Scotia. — “Labatt cuts jobs at Halifax plant, shifting some Keith's”,
  • From the Los Angeles Times Sitcoms are making a comeback and giving Los Angeles some welcome comic relief. A new crop of comedies is helping to drive up television production at a time when L.A. has been struggling to keep major feature films. — “The 818 Now " Blog Archive " Sitcom production makes a comeback”, the818
  • Airbus SAS said Gerald Weber will leave as production chief after four years, entrusting his successor from outside the aircraft manufacturer with the task of keeping the new A350 wide-body jet on schedule. — “Airbus Production Head Weber Quits, to Train Successor”,
  • Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (Taqa), a publicly listed company on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, announced the successful restart of crude oil production from the Rijn field offshore. — “Taqa announces restart of North Sea Rijn oil production”,
  • China is developing further policy mechanisms to make its energy-guzzling production cleaner and more efficient, Xie Zhenhua, vice-chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said on Monday at the National Cleaner Production Meeting. — “China presses for cleaner production - ”,
  • Phoenix Coyotes forward Wojtek Wolski's production up, Wolski's spun five points out of eight games including his fourth goal of the season, which he scored Tuesday en route to a 5-0 Coyotes win over Edmonton. — “Phoenix Coyotes forward Wojtek Wolski's production up”,
  • Labatt Breweries is reducing the size of its workforce as it shifts production of the Keith's brand to breweries in Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. — “Labatt cuts jobs at Halifax plant, moves production to Ont”,
  • DESPITE global concern over climate change and carbon emissions, Queensland will increase coal production by almost 80 per cent over the next two decades, Premier Anna Bligh says. — “Queensland to increase coal production by 80 per cent over”, .au
  • Apple's China-based iPad assembler, Foxconn, is adding new assembly lines to meet holiday demand, Joseph Tsai of Digitimes reports. Article:Apple Adding More iPad Production Lines To Meet Holiday:/g/a/2010/11/23/businessinsider-apple-adding-more-ipad-production-lines-to-meet-holiday-and-2011-demand. — “Apple Adding More iPad Production Lines To Meet Holiday And”,
  • A 'film bazaar', inaugurated along with IFFI, is attracting some big market players who are looking for co-production deals with Indian filmmakers. - IFFI 'film bazaar' for co-production, tourism promotion. — “IFFI 'film bazaar' for co-production, tourism promotion”,
  • The IATSE union and producers of "The Biggest Loser" have reached a settlement agreement, ending a two-week labor battle waged against the NBC reality show by its production workers. — “Production Union Settles With 'Biggest Loser' | Los Angeles”,
  • De La Rue has admitted it could face claims from one of its biggest customers over paper production problems that have knocked close to a third off the banknote printer's value. — “De La Rue could face legal action over banknote production”,
  • Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA), a publicly listed company on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX: TAQA), today announced the successful restart of crude oil production from the Rijn field offshore the Netherlands, 12 years after. — “TAQA Announces Restart of North Sea Rijn Oil Production”,
  • General Motors is expected to announce today an investment of more than $160 million at plants in Flint, Bay City and Defiance, Ohio, tied to expanded production of its fuel-efficient 1.4-liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine. — “GM to invest in 3 plants to expand production of fuel”,
  • Porsche 918 Spyder Clay Model – Click above for high-res image gallery Porsche may have inadvertently given us our best glimpse yet at the upc Porsche may have inadvertently given us our best glimpse yet at the upcoming production version of the company's 918 Spyder. — “Are you a production-bound Porsche 918 Spyder teaser? — Autoblog”,
  • Sitcoms are making a comeback and giving Los Angeles some welcome comic relief. A new crop of comedies is helping to drive up television production at a time when L.A. has been struggling to keep major feature films from fleeing. — “No joke: sitcoms fire up L.A. production | Company Town | Los”,
  • Airbus production head to resign in early 2011; replacement unnamed Buy china wholesale products from reliable chinese wholesalers on !. — “Airbus production head to resign in early 2011; replacement”, .tw
  • The curtain is set to rise for Masque Community Theatre's production of "Honk!," a holiday musical comedy with an all-youth cast. — “Masque production promises yuks and a duck”, northeast2
  • The acquisition of the mining lease provides EnviroGold with a significant exploration target in the heart of a heavily mineralised gold belt, along with the possibility of boosting planned gold production for the nearby Pinglio and Papercorp. — “EnviroGold gains potential gold production with acquisition”, .au

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  • Film Riot - Production Audio: What Mics to get & 3 Tips to Better Sound Learn the basics of production audio to have your films sounding better than ever! episode 1 episode 2 episode3 episode 4
  • The Story of Stuff (2007) - Ch.3: Production The Story of Stuff will take you on a provocative tour of our consumer-driven culture — from resource extraction to iPod incineration — exposing the real costs of our use-it and lose-it approach to stuff. The movie is just the beginning of the story. Watch it, learn more and get involved here
  • New Mini Production Video See where the magic happens from inside the factory where the All New Mini is produced.
  • The Production This video and more on youtube channel AVGEEKDOTCOM: Please visit
  • Faber-Castell pencil production (c) telefilm filmproduktion Nürnberg This film shows how pencils are made from graphite, clay and wood at the production site of Faber-Castell AG in Nuremberg, Germany. Links: http
  • IN DEEP - Matchstick Productions www.x- For 2009, MSP Films takes an original look at the sport of skiing. All of the skiers in the film-park rat or big mountain charger-share a common bond : the overwhelming desires to ski. Each person finds stoke in his own unique way, whether it be a double cork 1260, a deep turn on a storm day or ripping a giant AK line. Skiing is an incredibly diverse sport that offers it all. With the progressive skiing and award-winning cinematography that has made MSP famous, MSP Films takes you along for the ride deep into the experience as we share the love for the greatest sport in the world. IN DEEP will feature an epic Shane McConkey tribute segment.
  • A Brief Introduction on Dubstep Production - Dubba Jonny a sick tune This tune is off of UKF dubstep 2010 Album. GET IT!
  • Piano roll production at QRS Music A late-1980s tour of QRS Music's piano roll manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York, originally aired on the TVOntario children's show "The Acme School of Stuff".
  • ideoProduction's Boston YouTube Gathering! "TheWorld According To Jon" YouTube 'visionary', and creator of the hit YouTube series, "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?", Jonny Paula shares his opinionated and enlightened view of the world with you... one amazingly mediocre video at a time. New videos uploaded daily! Unless he posts an episode of "Jon's Adventure Vlog" instead! +++++++++++++++++++++++ Adventure Vlog: Main Channel: Jon's Twitter: Jon's Facebook: +++++++++++++++++++++++ Created by: Jonathan Paula An ideo Production - © 2010. ~
  • MV. ไม่มีความหมาย วิน SQWEEZ ANIMAL by Load - Tear Production NM3402 (Com Arts Abac) Chitnarong Visessompark (Special Guest Actor) Narongrit Jewarad (Special Guest / Location ) Supawadee P. ID 5011641 (Actress / Cover Design / Camera) Tossapon T. ID 1111111 (Editor / Camera / Light/ Director) Nutdanai R. ID. 4911358 (Lighting / Camera / Director) Thanagorn T. ID 4914597 (Director / Camera) Nutcha C. ID 5014718 (Editor / Camera / Director) Special Thank you Chitnarong Visessompark : Special Guest Narongrit Jewarad : Provide Location Toey : Special Guest Sompon L. Cooperator OLIVE KEEPER : Provide Location Studio Abac : Provide Equipments A. Jarn Kie & A. Jarn Ton : Provide Recommendation
  • Together At Last - Engagement Video - Wong Fu Productions This is a video we made for our friends Eddie and Sarah who recently got married this summer! They have a great story. Eddie lived in LA, Sarah lived in Taipei. For 5 years they had to deal with this distance in their relationship, always having to fly back and forth. Finally, the two are Together At Last. The song used is "Say it Again" by Marie Digby. Check out her music, she's really talented! All rights reserved to her and her label. We aren't affiliated with her, but wish we were, haha. The two in the video ARE actually Eddie and Sarah. They did a great job acting! SUBSCRIBE! OFFICIAL FACEBOOK http TWITTER STORE
  • Production Line To Picket Line - China June 2009 Computers, clothes and toys once poured off China's production lines, destined for the West. Now the factories are closed, millions are out of work and Chinese officials fear serious political unrest. All of the orders vanished' says Tanley, the owner of a toy factory in Dong Guan, known as 'the factory of the world'. He's seen factory upon factory close since the autumn of last year. Often, owners flee without paying their staff. 'The local government had to pay the workers' Tanley says. For the 30 million Chinese now thought to be unemployed, there is no safety net. But the government is stepping in to control the large protests evolving out of sudden plant closures. 'We all know the workers are working in the worst situation in the world' says radio DJ and former Tiananmen Square protester, Han. But he believes the crisis has forced the government to address labour rights. 'It's a bad image to arrest workers for going on strike for legal payment - they don't want to exacerbate the tensions' he says. It's 60 years since the communists came to power and 20 years since the massacre at Tiananmen Square. Now at the sharp end of this economic crisis, the government is doing everything it can to prevent a revolt. 'This is progress in the absence of genuine democracy, a more tolerant authoritarian regime.' Produced by SBS, distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • The Turn Off Bites his nails? That's fine. Socks don't match? Ahh, who cares? Bad breath? Just give him some gum. So what's the ultimate turn off?? The American Cancer Society asked Wong Fu Productions to help out with their an anti smoking campaign "X Out Cig". And since we here at Wong Fu are down with this whole- no smoking thang, we were on board help them and make this quick, fun short. SUBSCRIBE! OFFICIAL FACEBOOK http TWITTER STORE Starring Janet Lee Danielle Kim Philip Wang (no, he doesn't really smoke) Production Assistance by: Matt Cheung Music by: Jesse Chui Philip Wang Special thanks to Nubi Yogurt in San Gabriel, CA
  • The Production of Japanese Soy Sauce The process of making Japanese soy sauce in a factory. All soy sauce may look the same but they vary from region to region.
  • Rebecca Black - Friday - RKB Productions Parody - Game Day (NOW ON iTUNES!) A parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday" 6pm, gettin' up in the evening, gotta do my stretches, gotta feed my fish toss the bowl, no cereal, no carbs for me that's how we roll throw my jersey on, everybody's rushin' (Russian) gotta get down to the skytrain, got catch my train, I see the fans Sedins on the first line Kesler on the second line What's with the third and fourth line? Which line will they play? it's game day, game day, Canucks are gonna win on game day Vancouver's looking forward to the playoffs, playoffs It's game day, game day, Canucks are gonna win on game day Vancouver's looking forward to the playoffs Go Canucks, Go Canucks, GO! Go Canucks, Go Canucks, GO! Shoot, pass, kick him in the ass, looking forward to the playoffs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now were on the skytrain, getting psyched for the game, Maple Leafs are really lame, Hockey, Hockey, think about hockey, Main Street Science World Now we're at the Stadium, and can't afford to get in, I got this, you got this hashtag winning! Sedins on the first line Kesler on the second line Who is on the third line? Which line will they play? it's game day, game day, Canucks are gonna win on game day Vancouver's looking forward to the playoffs, playoffs It's game day, game day, Canucks are gonna win on game day Vancouver's looking forward to the playoffs Go Canucks, Go Canucks, GO! Go Canucks, Go Canucks, GO! Shoot ...
  • Canon Lens Production 3 Making of Canon L Series 500mm F4L IS USM. Part 3 of 3 in the production of expensive camera gear. L series is Canon's Premium lens line featuring fluorite lenses. IS refers to Image Stabilzation build into the lens, and USM refers to Ultrasonic Motor drive that makes focusing faster than older systems. Currently I'm using a Rebel XT, although I'm thinking of upgrading to an XTi or 5DMk2. This 500 with the New 5D would be a sweet combination.
  • Fair Warning Productions Dave Chapelle Talks About The Illuminati Dave chapelle talking about his life and how hollywood is an illusion and how it has a ulterior motive.. far from entertainment, he also discusses how powerful they are and his experience with them and his career. More video's to come soon, stay tuned and awake. The Fair Warning Production Team.
  • Rooster Teeth Productions Facility Tour - Burnie takes us on a lively tour of the Rooster Teeth production studio. Special thanks to 1987 for the camera equipment. Watch new RT Shorts a week earlier at http
  • MdL & BoB for EA Games™ Crysis 2 Full launch trailer: TV trailer link: EA Games™ approached BoB and I for music in their new video game, Crysis 2. A reinterpretation of the classic "New York, New York," it's fitting that I'm actually posting this video from The Big Apple. I had several meetings this past week with Virgin, Universal, Motown, RCA, and Atlantic. This video will break down the song and show you how I made it from my latest mobile production setup. I'm excited about this project and look forward to playing when Crysis 2 comes out on March 22.
  • All New Series From ideo Productions! "3 Steps To Success" NEW SERIES - Premieres June 10th! "3 STEPS TO SUCCESS" To replace "Roller Coaster Commotion" which is now on indefinite hiatus, me and Jory are working hard on a brand new series to fill the Weekly-Wednesday slot here on the ideo Productions channel. It'll be a mockumentary-style How-To mini-series called "3 Steps To Success", that'll help you answer the harder questions of the universe. Look for our first episode premiere on June 10, 2009. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Starring & Filmed by: Jonathan Paula & Jory Caron Edited by: Jonathan Paula An ideo Production - © 2009.
  • CLASH PRODUCTION Show Reel 2010 Directed by Stephane Benini
  • Lecture - 1 Project and Production Management - An Overview Lecture series on Project and Production Management by Prof. Arun kanda, Department of Mechanical Engineering. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • LowRider Production Screen Printing Press 4 Silk Screening The LOWRIDER screen printing system is now available from Ryonet. This Conveyor Dryer and Screen Printing Press Combo is great for production screen printing and mobile silk screening.Visit our website for all your screen printing supply and training needs!
  • Medical Animation - Heal: ghOst Production's 2009 Orthopedic Demo Reel Instead of just editing together all of our client reels for the 2000 AAOS meeting, we decided it would be more fun to make a character animation, make him fall off a ladder, break nearly every bone in his body, and then fix him using all of the amazing technologies we've been involved with this year. Written & Directed by Stephan Kuslich Animation and Technical Direction: Nicolas Wiederhold Lead Character Animator: Jayson Slinger Art Direction and Additional Animation: Joel Erkkinen Rigging, Texturing and Additional Animation, Patrick Schwalbe Lighting and Rendering Mad Man: Matt Thelin Music Score: Rob Solberg
  • Charvel® USA Production Model Guitar World Demo/Review by Paul Riario See and hear Guitar World's Paul Riario put the USA Production Models through their paces. Paul goes through the San Dimas® Style 1, San Dimas® Style 2, and So-Cal Style 1 in detail with clean to chrushing tones.
  • Focus RS 500 production @ Saarlouis plant in Germany: foiling done by specialist 3M.
  • Cabron & Don Baxter - Femei [Official track HQ] Femei - Cabron & Don Baxter. Music by HaHaHa Production, performing Cabron & Don Baxter. HaHaHa Production. Contact: office[at], 13 Pajistei, 4th District, Bucharest, Romania All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
  • Audi A4 on the Production Line
  • Canon Lens Production (Part 1) Material processing
  • Medal of Honor: Part 1: Production Click here to watch Medal of Honor - All Your History: Pt. 1 (Game Development History)! Medal of Honor: Art of the Game - Part 1: Production Go behind the scenes and get an exclusive look at the new Medal of Honor at the EALA studios. In the first episode of this 4 part series, we give you an in-depth look at the production of the triple A title Medal of Honor. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE MMO & RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: TAGS: Art of the Game AOTG yt:quality=high Medal of Honor MOH EA Los Angeles Digital Illusions CE videogame video game xbox 360 xbox360 x360 microsoft playstation3 playstation ps3 sony dice ea fps first person shooter single player multiplayer modern warfare exclusive new 2010 series reboot Production Enzo Sprigg Lead Background Artist Drew Stauffer Video Director Gil Ngo Animator Erick Ward Erik Kraber Senior Audio
  • DSLR Rig & Gear for Video Production & Filmmaking Download our complete HDSLR Training Series with over 2 1/2 hours of training here: In this episode, I show you the gear I use for my DSLR shoots. For a complete list of the gear used in this video, visit our website: Hosted by Tony Reale Visit our Facebook page: Produced by Creative Edge Productions http
  • Lecture - 22 Role of Models in Production Management Lecture series on Project and Production Management by Prof. Arun kanda, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Splinter Cell Conviction: Part 2: Production (All Episodes Available on Xbox LIVE) Click above to check out and buy Splinter Cell Conviction: Art Of The Game Parts 1-5 in the Zune Marketplace! Splinter Cell: Conviction: Art of the Game Part 2: Production (All Episodes Available On Xbox LIVE) In the second episode of the five-part Art of the Game series about the making of Splinter Cell Conviction, the production team at Ubisoft gives viewers an all access behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce a high profile game. The team talks about working with voice-actors to create authentic representations of the characters in the game, as well as what it takes to craft a score for a title like Splinter Cell Conviction. Check out Splinter Cell: Conviction Art Of The Game in the Zune GamerTV section on Xbox LIVE! Download all 5 episodes now! ------------------------------------------ Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high splinter cell conviction art of the game aotg 008888523840 0008888523840 52384 behind scenes xbox LIVE zune gamertv Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Future Soldier Sam Fisher steven masters andreane meunier vincent gagnon
  • #5 - Audio Production Q&A with Dave Pensado In the 5th episode of Pensado's Place, Dave hosts an all Q&A episode with tons of great viewer questions! With Part 2/2 of the latest "Into The Lair", Dave takes you through some tools he used on the mix for "Shorty is a Weirdo" by Mr. Midwest and Ray J. Get a behind the scene look at how your favorite songs were mixed and the tools that were used by Dave! 3:20 Into The Lair 3:50 Metric Halo Channel Strip 4:00 Waves CLA-76 compressor 4:33 McDSP FutzBox 4:49 Waves L1 Limiter 5:20 Massey L2007 Mastering Limiter 5:45 Massey De:Esser 6:07 Bass plugins: Waves GTR Stomp Box Waves GTR Amp Waves RBass Kick Drums: 6:45 Focusrite d3 Waves PuigTec EQP1A Slate Digital Trigger Hi Hat EQ: EMI TG12414 Live Drum parallel compression Plug-Ins: Waves CLA 76 Waves PuigTec EQP1A Waves CLA 3A Focusrite d3 McDSP Filterbank P4 Waves SSL E-Channel Strip Digi Comp Lim Dyn3 API 550A Waves HComp 12:28 Guitars Plug-ins: Waves L1 Limiter Waves GTR Stomp Box Effects 14:10 Organ Plug-Ins: McDSP E6 Waves Center Waves Enigma 15:40 Corner Office 16:22 Dave talks about the best way to use this show and how not get too caught up in the specific details, but to grasp higher concepts. 18:35 Dave tells viewers about his RTA (Real Time ***yzer) -Audio Control Real Time ***yzer 19:54 Converters: -The difference between top of the line converters is negligible -Dave's favorite converters: HD IO ( Lynx Aurora ( 21:00 Antelope Clock (Dave feels he gets a slightly ...
  • The Hobbit - Start of Production Courtesy of Peter Jackson's facebook page. I do not own this video.
  • Production process of the official 2010 FIFA World Cup match ball Jabulani Watch the production process of the official 2010 World Cup match ball Jabulani. All Official Match Balls for the 2010 FIFA World Cup have the same weight and the same circumference and are therefore always the same size. Production capacity for the Official Match Ball for South Africa: 1760 balls per day. Production has been running since April 2009. For more about the 2010 World Cup ball Jabulani and its technical specifications see- Read more about the progress towards the 2010 World Cup here -
  • New Ford Focus RS Production Line
  • Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Production Line Take a tour around the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren production line with Manufacturing Director Alan Foster
  • Kung Fooled BEHIND THE SCENES & OUTTAKES: Written, Directed, Produced by Wong Fu Productions Special thanks Chris Dinh VisualFX and animation by Derrick Lee Featuring: Freddie Wong Wesley Chan Nathan Moore Ryan Higa DeStorm Brandon Laatsch Music: Original music by George Shaw David Choi Watch the "kung fu" movie Freddie and Wes were watching "Greenside": SUBSCRIBE TWITTER FACEBOOK ‪ VISIT OUR STORE ‪ ‬ OFFICIAL WEBSITE ‪ http
  • Iron Sky teaser - Space ***s attack! The first teaser for Iron Sky - the upcoming scifi comedy from the creators of Star Wreck. Check out for more info about the film - and how you can get involved in the production. You can support us by buying our merchandise at or investing in the movie: Become a fan on Facebook: or follow us on Twitter: The music is "Under the Iron Sky" by Soundreel: The film is in pre-production and thus the teaser does not contain any actual footage from the film.
  • Mercedes-Benz plant production of cars part 1 (1/3) Development of a Mercedes-Benz includes history,design,safety test,assembly of cars. Mercedes-Benz plant production of cars part 2 (2/3) Mercedes-Benz plant production of cars part 3 (3/3) The Daimler group
  • The Production of Rubber Gloves How the humble rubber gloves are manufactured...and yes, the word 'vulcanisation' makes yet another appearance!

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  • “Participate in the Wallace and Gromit Community online - share ideas and thoughts in our forums, upload your images and have fun!”
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  • “But while I expect it from student films, it's super noticeable in a major--typically awesome--production. Involved! Production-. Production- Forum. Production-Now”
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  • “Instead of doing a rundown station by station, location by location on the blog, Laura, our PR steamroller made this handy map so everyone can see the widely spread amount of airtime we gained over the witching season! By Team JibJab | Posted in Halloween, Production Art | Leave a Comment”
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  • “IMS Productions is a High Definition-multimedia savvy production company. Capabilities include HD Live Event Production, Broadcast Television, New Media, Studio Production, Satellite Services, Field Production and Post Production. IMS”
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  • “I'll have part 6 of the Production blog up eventually, but for now I thought you might be move on to the physical production stage! With the reference design”
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