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  • Hawai i Pacific University offers a Pre-Law Program designed to meet the needs of our students seeking a career in law. Because of the rich complexity of law itself, there is no pre-law curriculum. — “Pre-Law”,
  • Pre-Law Society. Anne Dutia has an open-door policy, but it's always best to schedule an The Pre-Law Advising and Resource Center offers a variety of services. — “UTD Pre-Law Advising”,
  • A student who is "undeclared" about an academic major initially, but who has indicated a pre-law advising track, will clarify his or her academic interests through regular conversations with his or her advisor. Pre-law advisors maintain continual contact with law school. — “VCU UC - Pre-Law”,
  • Advising: Prelaw seeks to provide our students with advice useful to preparing for and applying to law school. As a requirement of the program, during the spring, prelaw students must enroll in POSC 4300 LSAT Review Course. — “Pre-Law Program”,
  • Pre-Law Program. North Dakota State University offers students a special program of pre-law advisement. The Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science provides an extensive program for all interested students regardless of academic major. — “Pre-Law Program Fact Sheet”,
  • Pre-Law Advising will help you with the entire application process. Cornell Pre-Law has a list of schools that require a Dean Certification as part of their application process. — “UB Prelaw Advising”,
  • Preparing for Law School Information for Pre-Law and Law School Students with Admission Law Essays, Law, Criminal, Justice and Paralegal. — “Pre-law Information - Law School Preparation”,
  • Prepared by the Pre-Law Committee of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar Pre-Law Advisor: Undergraduate institutions often assign a person to act as an advisor to current and former. — “Preparing for Law School”,
  • Pre-law advisors within UMKC's College of Arts and Sciences take a personalized approach to helping students understand all of Students in the pre-law program can choose their major from more than 30 different programs of study spanning the arts, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. — “Pre-Law”,
  • The pre-law advisor will discuss how to best prepare for law school and explain the various resources available to pre-law students. All pre-law students are encouraged to carefully assess their interest in and motivation for attending law school. — “Pre-Law Advising”,
  • The ESF pre-law program helps students understand the opportunities in environmental law and develop a law school application package that demonstrates to law schools The program is based primarily on individual pre-law advising between the student and Dr. Robert Malmsheimer, ESF's Pre-law advisor. — “SUNY-ESF, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry”,
  • The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is, for many prelaw students, the biggest obstacle between them and admission to a suitable law school (in fact, between them and graduation from a suitable law school). Taking a practice LSAT today may well put the fear of the LSAT in you. — “PRELAW HANDBOOK - Home”,
  • Become a Prelaw facebook fan today! Welcome to the BYU Prelaw Advisement Center website. Sign up by clicking here, then write "Add me to the Prelaw Newsletter list" in the message subject line. — “Prelaw Home Page | Pre-Professional Advisement”,
  • The pre-law program at Hollins University provides individual advisors to assist you in preparing for and getting into law school. — “Pre-Law Program - Preparing for and Getting into Law School”,
  • Pre-Law Advising Services is part of the Campus Center for Advising and Academic Services. Pre Law Club: Visit their website or join their Facebook group. — “Home - Pre-Law Advising Services - University of Illinois”,
  • Pre-Law is a program of studies, which prepares students for law school. What Kinds of Students Major in Pre-Law? Law schools are primarily interested in students who possess strong ***ytical and communication skills. — “Pre-Law Major - Info, Careers, and Jobs”,
  • Want to live in a residence hall with other Prelaw students? It is important to meet with your Prelaw Advisor in order to develop a semester-by-semester road map for success. — “Texas Tech University :: TTU Prelaw Program”,
  • Home Pre-Law Preparation. Pre-Law Preparation. At OSU, the term "prelaw" refers to a student's intention to pursue law school following his or her undergraduate degree, not to any prescribed degree or exact set of courses. Law is a very diverse profession. — “Pre-Law Preparation”,
  • is the meeting place, practical pre-law resource and motivational tool for anybody who is: Considering Law School. Already Applying to Law School in Canada or the U.S.. Preparing personal statements and the autobiographical sketch. Seeking letters of reference. — “Welcome to - Sponsored by the Richardson Prep”,
  • Almost never offered as a major, a prelaw advising program will help you stay on track as you prepare for law school. Learn more about this major at . — “Prelaw Studies”,
  • In the United States, pre-law refers to any course of study taken by an undergraduate in preparation for study at a law school. The American Bar Association requires law schools that it approves to require at least a bachelor's degree for North American students for admission. — “Pre-law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The leading categorized, quality-controlled web guide of Internet resources for for law school applicants and pre-law students. — “ILRG's Pre-Law Student Services”,
  • Pre-Law Events "The academic rigor and open-door policy of the professors provided me with the skills needed to be accepted and succeed at University Regardless of your undergraduate field of study, our Pre-Law Program will help prepare you for law school. — “Christopher Newport University”,
  • Pre-Law sponsors several trips throughout the year to interact with attorneys, law schools, and more Pre-Law students complete academic majors across the range of disciplines available on campus. — “Pre-Law Program - Cornell College”,
  • Welcome to the Pre-Law Advising Web Site! The best preparation for law school is a broad liberal arts background that includes courses that strengthen your command of English, develop your ability to think logically, and increase your understanding of human institutions and values. — “Pre-Law for Badgers:Getting Pre-Law Advising”,

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  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, concentration in Pre-Law If a career in law interests you, then you will want to be a part of the Legal Studies/Pre-Law Program. We offer a challenging academic program to prepare you for law school. Through lectures, seminars, mock trials, simulations and guest lecturers, you will gain a solid foundation of the legal system and issues. FHSU has a reputation as an excellent training ground for law school. Let us help you gain access to some of the top law schools, whether you want to study and practice in Kansas or elsewhere across the country. Many of our students have won full-ride scholarships and gone on to successful careers in the field of law. Learn more about the BA in Political Science concentration in Pre-Law, including the program of study at A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law is available completely online. To learn more about earning your Political Science with a concentration in Pre-Law degree online, please visit the Virtual College Web site...
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  • PreLaw Society Brings Project Salute to Campus The Texas A&M Pre Law Society brings Project Salute, a traveling organizations of law school students and professors who help veterans receive benefits, to campus.
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  • National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair Testimonials: Keith Lampkin
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  • Cornell University Prelaw Program: Hello Prof. Stewart! Cornell University Prelaw Program students created this video to show their appreciation for Professor C. Evan Stewart and talk about their experiences in the Prelaw Program.
  • Pre Law School Advice pt 2 The sequel to "Dear pre law school me" featuring a fresh faces and even fresher advice.
  • From Pre-Law to Automotive Mechanic As part of "Assignment America," Steve Hartman travels to Arizona and meets 32-year-old Sarah Lateiner from Arizona, who took her dreams from lawyer to automotive mechanic.
  • Go From the Classroom to the Courtroom: Study Pre-Law Text-only transcript: Study Pre-Law: Graduates from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UGA have many job opportunities in the state of Georgia. --- Sam Drew Descriptive Text for Video [ Music ] The scene opens with Sam Drew, a male student majoring in Agribusiness and minoring in Environmental Law, sitting in front of a bookcase. He introduces himself. The scene changes to a photo of cows behind a barbed wire fence. The scene returns to Drew speaking about why he chose the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The scene changes to an outside view of Conner Hall - the administrative center of the college. The scene returns to Drew talking about his most influential faculty member, Dr. James Epperson. The scene changes to a photos of North Campus ñ from Baldwin Hall to Terrell Hall to the UGA Arch. The scene returns to Drew in front of the bookcase. End of video (c) 2011 University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Office of Communications and Technology Services
  • The Third Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference 2007 Features actual photos from the Third Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair 2007.
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  • THIS CHRISTMAS Clip "Pre-Law" Watch a clip from This Christmas - in Theaters 11.21.07 The Whitfield Family comes together for a family dinner in this clip from This Christmas. Featuring Laz Alonso (Malcome Moore), Lauren London (Melanie Whitfield), and Keith Robinson (Devin Brooks)
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  • The National Black Pre-Law Conference - Promo Video No. 1 06/10 HQ Features actual photos from past National Black Pre-Law Conferences.
  • The UMKC Student Experience: Pre-Law / Athletics UMKC students share college experiences in their fields of study. Visit our Web site:
  • National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair Testimonials: Sonya
  • The Fourth Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair Features photos from The Fourth Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair 2008 (October 2008, University of Houston, University Hilton, Houston, Texas).
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  • The Prelaw Program at Finlandia University Finlandia's Pre-Law program blends coursework, practical experience, and individual advising to help you prepare for law school and the LSAT. While there is no distinct pre-law major at Finlandia, the pre-law program directs you toward developing your ***ytical, creative, and logical reasoning abilities through a suggested list of courses. It also strengthens your reading, debating, and written and verbal communication skills. In addition to the suggested list of courses, students will choose one of the many major programs of study at Finlandia, including Liberal Studies, Criminal Justice, Social Sciences, Psychology, and Business.
  • Chris Oliver on The National Black Pre-Law Conference Created on December 6, 2010 using FlipShare.
  • Sixth Annual Black Pre-Law Conf. Features photos from the Sixth Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference and Law Fair 2010
  • 2007 National Black Pre-Law Conference Samples Part 1 My great movie.
  • Financial Advice from a Pre-Law Prostitute 1 I have a sugar glider in my shirt.
  • Pre-law students in Boston are searching for... Facebook, law school, personal branding, Brazen Careerist, LSAT prep Boston, Atlas LSAT, Knewton, Parafinch, pre-law, Boston
  • Vintage Vester (stage series) pre law suit era guitar demo
  • Pre-Law Major Sean Bedford Argues Case For ACC Football How many college football players do you know who are aerospace engineering majors? Georgia Tech center Sean Bedford is, but he's also a double major studying pre-law. In this clip, he argues his case for ACC football over SEC football.
  • Integrative Learning at EIU: Artie Berns, BGS Program, Pre-Law Minor Artie Berns, a student in the BGS Program at Eastern Illinois University, discusses his integrative learning experiences in the BGS Program.
  • Pre Law Program A local law firm and a non-profit have teamed up to help Palm Beach Lakes High School with its' new "pre-law magnet program".
  • UA Pre-Law Association The University at Albany Pre-Law Association is an organization run by UAlbany Undergraduate students who are interested in law, careers in law, and attending law school. Our purpose is to inform and prepare our members about the Law School application process, and provide knowledge about the field of law. This is a short video portraying our accomplishments this past semester, Fall 2010. I apologize for the quality, this is the first video I have ever made and the program I used kind of pixelated my pictures quite a bit...
  • Pre-Law Society Student Panel The Pre-Law Society at Simpson College hosted a panel of law students from Drake University.
  • J Free (Pre-Law) for Edge Magazine Pre-law student tells us what puts her on the Edge!

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  • “I think this blog has run its course now that I am no longer in law school and the Illinois bar is successfully behind me. The pre-law blog will be going on hiatus until at least after the 2008 February Bar Exam. The last piece of advice I have is to”
    — CALI's Pre-Law Blog, calis_pre-law_

  • “Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Pre-Law Forum. Get exclusive content and interact with Pre-Law Forum right from Facebook. Join Facebook to create your own Page or to start connecting with friends”
    — Pre-Law Forum | Facebook,

  • “This blog is a resource for incoming law students in coordination with . It is maintained by Austin Groothuis, a second year law student at Chicago-Kent and an employee of CALI. Views/advice do not necessarily reflect those of CALI”
    — CALI's Pre-Law Blog: Law Students,

  • “We're taking a break from posting to this blog. In the meantime, please sign up for the Pre-Law Newsletter Pre-Law @ USC College. Law School Admission Council. Archive. Created for University of Southern California”
    — Pre-Law Blog on a Break,

  • “Pre-Law Forum 2010" will bring many of these opportunities to on one day and at one place. Please print a copy to bring with you to Pre-Law Forum. 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. lunch break”
    — Pre-Law Forum 2010 – June 5 – Toronto " Pre-Law Forum – June,

  • “Update your links -- we've moved the blog from blogspot to the UMass The Pre-Law blog is an up-to-date listing of official Pre-Law Advising workshops, law school open houses, practice LSAT tests and”
    — UMass Amherst Pre-Law Blog: The blog is moving!,

  • “Pre-Law Forum”
    — Pre-Law Program: Law Day,

  • “It's called the Pre-law blog. It is run by the folks at CALI who produce law school Job Market Article Coverage (Ie, The Pre-Law Blog Doesn't Get This Kind of Linkage for”
    — Adjunct Law Prof Blog: Pre-Law Blog,

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