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  • view that program predictability originates at certain points. during a program's this predictability is propagated by each of the successive. — “Modeling Program Predictability”,
  • This study explored the interaction between semantic predictability and regional dialect variation in Previous research on the effects of semantic predictability. — “Effects of semantic predictability and regional dialect on”,
  • Definition of predictability from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of predictability. Pronunciation of predictability. Definition of the word predictability. Origin of the word predictability. — “predictability - Definition of predictability at”,
  • Predictability (also called b***ity) is the degree to which a correct prediction or forecast of a system's state can be made either qualitatively or quantitatively. [edit] Predictability and Causality. Causal determinism has a strong relationship with predictability. — “Predictability - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of predictability in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of predictability. Pronunciation of predictability. Translations of predictability. predictability synonyms, predictability antonyms. Information about predictability in the free. — “predictability - definition of predictability by the Free”,
  • predictability ( prə′diktə′bilədē ) ( navigation ) The measure of the accuracy with which the system can define the location of a point in terms of. — “Predictability: Definition from ”,
  • We are a dental corporate services company. Our goal is to help you maximize the full potential of your dental business, whether it be a dental office or dental laboratory. — “Predictability Plus Web Design Group”,
  • General • The Predictability Research Division investigates the predictability is studied in the more theoretical context of isentropic contour. — “Predictability”,
  • The ultimate goals of the proposed work are to estimate the predictability of mesoscale features control the limit of predictability at the mesoscale through explicit. — “07: Flow and Regime Dependent Mesoscale Predictability”,
  • In general, time series predictability is a measure of how well future values of a time predictability under a particular modeling method can be measured. — “Time Series Predictability”,
  • To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Predictability Archives. Subscribe to Predictability by filling out the following form. — “Predictability Info Page”,
  • It is reasonable to expect that variations in the predictability of husbandry review examines the behavioural and physiological effects of the predictability of aversive and appetitive. — “Effects of predictability on the welfare of captive animals”,
  • CLIVAR is one of the WCRP programs, and aims to understand the physical processes responsible for climate variability and predictability on seasonal, interannual, decadal, and centennial time-scales, through observations and models. — “CLIVAR - Climate Variability and Predictability”,
  • These experiments lead naturally to further questions concerning the mechanisms for and characteristics of the error growth as well as the ultimate predictability of precipitation at these scales, which will be addressed in a companion paper. — “Numerical Prediction of the "Surprise" Snowstorm of 24-25”,
  • Earthquake predictability. October 17, 2008. 1 / 36. So people think they can predict Earthquake predictability. October 17, 2008. 2 / 36. Predictions vs. — “Earthquake predictability”,
  • We found 22 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word predictability: the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "predictability" is defined. — “Definitions of predictability - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Predictability. Learn about Predictability on . Get information and videos on Predictability including articles on sameness, tire calculation, dependability and more!. — “Predictability | Answerbag”,
  • Predictability. Introduction. This page primarily addresses two major misconceptions in both the researcher and practitioner parts of the real-time computing community: "predictability" is often recognized as an essential concept and property. — “Predictability | Real-Time for the Real World”, real-
  • Abstract: A new metric that quantifies the predictability of financial time series is proposed. This new time series predictability metric is developed based on the. — “Stock selection applications of the predictibility”,
  • Definition of predictability in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is predictability? Meaning of predictability as a legal term. What does predictability mean in law?. — “predictability legal definition of predictability”, legal-
  • Predictability by Construction. Software components have certified properties and the behavior of systems assembled from components is predictable. We predict the behavior of a component-based system prior to implementation, based on known properties of components. Overview. Getting Started. — “Predictability by Construction | Getting Started | Glossary”,
  • Predictability. As the term predictability would indicate, a McDonaldized society, " emphasizes such things as discipline, order, systemization, formalization, routine, consistency, and methodical operation. But, is this predictability better? When you travel to a different area, do you want the. — “ - Predictability”,

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  • Isolating Cluster Users for Performance and Predictability AsiaBSDCon 2009 Paper Session. Abstract: At The Aerospace Corporation, we run a large FreeBSD based computing cluster to support engineering applications. These applications come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities of implementation. To support them and our diverse userbase we have been searching for ways to isolate jobs from one another in ways that are more effective than Unix time sharing and more fine grained than allocating whole nodes to jobs. In this paper we discuss the problem space and our efforts so far. These efforts include implementation of partial file systems virtualization and CPU isolation using CPU sets. Author: Brooks Davis is a Engineering Specialist in the Technical Computing Services subdivision of The Aerospace Corporation. He has been a FreeBSD user since 1994, a FreeBSD committer since 2001, and a core team member since 2006. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College in 1998. His computing interests include high performance computing, networking, security, mobility, and, of course, finding ways to use FreeBSD in all these areas. When not computing, he enjoys reading, cooking, brewing, trying to introduce people to the pleasures of Slow Food, and pounding on red-hot iron in his garage blacksmith shop.
  • Is Predictability Really a Bad Thing In Prowrestling? Something that has been on my mind for a while.
  • Devlin Edora - Estate TD - Booty, Pavelows, & Predictability Check out The Booty Man and other cool videos here: Hey, what's goin' dooown youtube? It's Saturday, which means it's time for another of Uncle Devlin's crazy commentaries. Today we'll be talking about a wide array of subjects, including Booty, Pavelows, and Predictability. Hope you enjoy! If you enjoy this video, check out my channel for others like it. I upload 2 videos per week at the VERY LEAST, so be sure to stay tuned for more!
  • We're All Predictably Irrational - Dan Ariely Dan Ariely, a professor of behavioral economics at Duke University, presents examples of cognitive illusions that help illustrate why humans make predictably irrational decisions. EG is the celebration of the American entertainment industry. Since 1984, Richard Saul Wurman has created extraordinary gatherings about learning and understanding. EG is a rich extension of these ideas - a conference that explores the attitude of understanding in music, film, television, radio, technology, advertising, gaming, interactivity and the web - The Entertainment Gathering Dan Ariely is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Behavioral Economics at MIT Sloan School of Management. He also holds an appointment at the MIT Media Lab where he is the head of the eRationality research group. He is considered to be one of the leading behavioral economists. Currently, Ariely is serving as a Visiting Professor at the Duke University, Fuqua School of Business where he is teaching a course based upon his findings in Predictably Irrational. Ariely was an undergraduate at Tel Aviv University and received a Ph.D. and MA in cognitive psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Ph.D. in business from Duke University. His research focuses on discovering and measuring how people make decisions. He models the human decision making process and in particular the irrational decisions that we all make every day. Ariely is the author of the book, Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces ...
  • Improve predictability with systems and software engineering With accurate timelines and streamlined processes, organizations can deliver smarter products to customers on time. Hear how IBM is helping product development businesses more accurately predict product timelines. For more information please register for the following white paper. Improve project success with better information: www14 View other videos from this series: * Leapfrog competition: * Manage complexity: * Streamline compliance: * Ensure quality:
  • Deaf DVTV Vloggers Predictability They go hand in hand with my marketing gimmicks.
  • Real-Time Java is Predictable. JavaOne 2008 See how predictability and deterministic behavior in your Java applications can make or break your bank account. Watch the Java and Wall Street Trading Application Demo to see what I mean. You can really see the impact between Real Time Java and standard Java in this demo. As a Systems Engineer, Eric is out in the field working closely with customers and licensees and really understands the need for predictability when it comes to critical timeframes and deadlines. To find out more about some of the cool implementations for Java RTS, listen in as Eric talks about how Reuters is using Java RTS for their trading systems and real-time market feeds, and ITT is using the technology for ground based space and object and debris tracking systems. How cool is that!
  • Probability vs. Predictability predictability always beats probability
  • The Predictability Prinicple Get what you put in! Live with accuracy and pinpoint precision!
  • Predictably, I drop the ball ... Several times
  • 7. How Predictable Is Evolution? (January 28, 2010) Professor Lynn Rothschild discusses the predictability of evolution in regards to in the world today by using insight from the past. Stanford University: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • Passion & Predictability in Relationships (1/2) ~ Mooji Passion & Predictability in Relationships: Part One~ (official website); Youtube channels and other associated channels. Also see: and http (a source website of moojis video satsang)
  • Dan3.0 - Predictability vs Spontaneity In which Dan talks about what worked and what didn't with planning week. To submit an idea as to what Dan should do with his life, head on over to and click the big orange button! Dan 3.0 on Squarespace: dan3point0 Dan on Twitter: Dan on YouTube: Music courtesy of "Mars Argo":
  • Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability, Brooks Davis, MeetBSD 2008 Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability by Brooks Davis, The Aerospace Corporation, MeetBSD November 15, 2008. Source: Julian
  • Predictability of risk: macro, micro, eliminating, and creating trade offs After moderating a great panel on risk management, David Spark spoke with David Mortman, Director of security and operations at C3. His panel had a lot of differing opinions over just the definition of risk and whether it was predictable or not. One issue that came up was when you eliminate risk (eg, require everyone to wear seatbelts) people become more reckless (eg, drive faster) and therefore create a new risk. Mortman said that tradeoff is not necessarily a bad thing because there are now new benefits as people can get to locations faster and be more efficient. Changing your risk for another isn't necessarily a bad thing. The goal is to make an intelligible trade off for risk, and not just create it at random, said Mortman. Mortman and Spark also talked about predicting risk at a macro or micro level. While it's impossible to predict what a specific person will do next, you can do it in the aggregate.
  • JLS Ep192 - Predictability And Karma Originally aired sometime in December of 2008. Justin talks about Karma and how predictability can work to people's advantages, also he goes way too far with a joke and includes the extras for your enjoyment.
  • The Brain 22 Stress Locus of Control and Predictability
  • ADC-VX™ The Agility of Virtual; The Predictability of Physical Radware's ADC-VX™ is the industry's first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Hypervisor that runs multiple virtual instances on dedicated ADC hardware, our OnDemand Switch platforms. ADC-VX enables consolidation of ADC hardware devices without compromising on resiliency or performance predictability -- resulting in significant hardware savings and operational expenses. Additionally, ADC-VX provides the agility and simplicity required in the dynamic, ever-changing virtualized data center, driving faster deployment and better alignment of ADC services with frequent configuration changes.
  • Let's Play Sonic Adventure PS3 Part 4: Predictability Predictable plot points, Predictable jokes, Predictable lines, Predictable fights, it's ALL Predictable!
  • Precedent predictability and flexibility Brief description of precedent predictability and flexibility.
  • Predictability of Randomness Some of my art is based on the observation of drops of water falling on a surface. Imagine an increasing array of random elements. Will it ever become intelligible? Why some random compilations are intelligible? Is that the beginning of art? More generally -- how much do we control?
  • Predictability With Direct Editing (CoCreate Modeling) In this video I attempt to show what I mean by "predictability" when using direct editing technology in a mechanical CAD system. For this example I am using CoCreate Modeling.
  • Comfort in Predictability Hello everyone. We've something a little different for you today. Me playing something that is not Domination with my peep, Woodworth.. hahaha.. Anyway, I've got a Team Deathmatch on Grid for everyone showing the 1 thing I like about this game mode.. 1 or 2 people can in fact, carry a team.. haha..
  • A Prediction on Predictability Fahrenheit CEO Geoff Vuleta diagnoses the current innovation gap between corporate CEOs and their Chief Innovation Officers, offering a prediction on what will bridge it AND boost ROI.
  • Forex Megadroid Super Forex Predictability Forex Megadroid is an RCTPA Driven Robot that is the Culmination of Development Resulting in the Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Allowing Forex Megadroid to See Into the Immediate Future with Over 95% Accuracy.
  • Predictability Steel Talon hits the body of the chopper, killing almost all of the people who dismounted
  • Revenge Killing: The Predictability of COD Players This is a video I made for several reasons: 1. I ***ing HATE douche bags like the ones you'll see in this video. 2. Its pleasurable to watch the aforementioned die over and over again, without figuring it out. 3. It illustrates how often this happens in COD. 4. I enjoyed the hell out of making it. Remember, if you plan to camp for revenge killers: "Relocation Avoids Fragmentation!" And yes, the smugness of the commentary is intentional.
  • Campbell's Predictability Soup can be so predictible...
  • Predictability With Direct Editing #2 (CoCreate Modeling) With this video I am showing another, but more complex, example of what it means to get predictable results using direct or explicit editing capabilities is a mechanical CAD system. For this example I am using CoCreate Modeling.
  • A Prize That Shies From Predictability By DWIGHT GARNER Published: October 8, 2009 The winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature isnt always a bolt-out-of-the-blue surprise, a writer whose work is known only to an elite fraction of American readers. It only seems that way. Since 2000, after all, Nobel recipients have included VS Naipaul, JM Coetzee, Orhan Pamuk and Doris Lessing, writers of vast audiences and outsize reputations. But the Swedish Academys announcement on Thursday that the 2009 prize had gone to the Romanian-born German novelist Herta Müller — she is the 12th woman to win the Nobel in its 109-year history — caught more readers than usual off guard (Herta who?) and reinforced the Academys reputation for being defiantly, if predictably, unpredictable. Ms. Müller joins the ranks of Nobel laureates — most recently the French writer Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio last year and the Austrian playwright and novelist Elfriede Jelinek in 2004 — whose work, at the time of their announcements, anyway, was little known and little translated here. Only 5 of Ms. Müllers some 20 books have been translated into English. Those translations are suddenly in great demand and short supply; the Nobel committee has given American readers another unexpected and vaguely exotic homework assignment. The choice of Ms. Müller, whose dark, closely observed and sometimes violent work often explores exile and the grim quotidian realities of life under the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, may feed the suspicions that the Nobel ...
  • Relationship Astrology Workshop: Consciousness vs. Predictability Astrological compatibility goes far beyond simple comparisons of Sun-signs between two individuals. Assessing true compatibility astrologically involves investigating both the potential for openness and the potential for blockage toward love in each individual. It is only through conscious awareness of our differences in terms of values, romantic approach, and communication style that we can begin to accept one another in the form of "relationship." In this interactive workshop we will uncover your unconscious preferences and styles in relationships and learn to build our relationships 'in love' rather than 'in fear' This is a brief clip from my workshop entitled: "Relationship Astrology: Beyond the Myths of Sun-Sign Compatibility" To purchase the entire 2-1/2 hr workshop please visit ! Also, check out for this and other upcoming workshops in the Sacramento, Ca area!
  • Grasshopper Masterspy- A Novel of Predictability 2000
  • Underestimation of The Predictability of Stupidity If you think Formula One drivers can't drive, you're stupid, if you think NASCAR drivers can't drive, you're stupid. The Kimi Raikkonen debate seems to rage on with Formula One and NASCAR in the middle. Ask Kyle Busch if Kimi can drive.
  • Mitral Vave Repair Predictability By Surgeon With Dr. Steven Bolling -- Dr. Steven Bolling, Director of The Mitral Clinic at the University of Michigan, addresses the predictability of surgeons to perform mitral valve repair for diseases including mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation.
  • Passion & Predictability in Relationships (2/2) ~ Mooji Passion & Predictability in Relationships: Part Two ~ (official website); Youtube channels and other associated channels. Also see: and http (a source website of moojis video satsang)
  • The Predictable Mass Man For total control of society you want predictability in each person. That's why personality profiles have been gathered for many, many years on every single person by police and organizations because they want to know if you are predictable. If fact, the control freaks cannot stand the possibility of unpredictability and if you are unpredictable—meaning you have a mind of your own and you might not choose the path and a particular walk that they expect you to choose—you could cause problems. In fact, they might have nervous breakdowns that you're not doing what you're supposed to do......
  • Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability, Brooks Davis (DCBSDCon 2009) Isolating Cluster Jobs for Performance and Predictability, Brooks Davis (DCBSDCon 2009) At The Aerospace Corporation, we run a large FreeBSD based computing cluster to support engineering applications. These applications come in all shapes, sizes, and qualities of implementation. To support them and our diverse userbase we have been searching for ways to isolate jobs from one another in ways that are more effective than Unix time sharing and more fine grained than allocating whole nodes to jobs. In this paper we discuss the problem space and our efforts so far. These efforts include implementation of partial file systems vitalization and CPU isolation using CPU sets. Source: Jason Dixon
  • The "Identity" live at 'Maggie Mays', Glasgow, 10/06/11 Jamie Size : Guitar and Vocal Martin MacPherson : Bass Dino Facchini : Drums
  • Predictability of regulations, transparency -- these can attract global investors to India Interview with Partha Iyengar, VP Distinguished ***yst, Gartner, Pune (), May 26, 2009, 9.30 am (Taj Cor)
  • Six Sigma Interview with Jack Welch

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  • “Web design is a creative art. We've all experienced situations where we've been wowed by a site with an exceptionally creativity design or functionality. Whether you are building an opt-in mailing list for a newsletter or looking for new blog subscribers, predictability is important here too”
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  • “Regardless of the methodology we follow on software projects, due to complexity, our ability to predict the ultimate outcome is nil. /2010/06/01/the-fallacy-of-project-predictability/ Tweets that mention The Fallacy of Project Predictability”
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