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  • CTU Precast concrete technology serves construction projects starting with an efficient and optimal design of precast system and its elements; a high efficiency production processes and in-house quality control program resulting in quality products. — “CTU Precast”,
  • Precast concrete offers an almost endless variety of products and design options for both above ground and underground construction. From the largest infrastructure projects to the smallest architectural details, precast is one of the most. — “Home Page || Connecticut Precast Corporation || 555 Fan Hill”,
  • Manning Quick Wall of Florida offers precast homes with steel reinforced 6000 psi structural concrete walls that withstands 140 mph hurricane winds with cast in engineered window and door openngs. — “Manning Quick Wall, Precast Concrete Walls, Precast Concrete”, precast-
  • Olympian Precast manufactures architectural precast concrete, cast stone, and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Since 1987, we have supplied custom components to commercial, industrial and government construction projects in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. — “Olympian Precast - Home”,
  • Definition of precast in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of precast. Pronunciation of precast. Translations of precast. precast synonyms, precast antonyms. Information about precast in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “precast - definition of precast by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • International Precast will partner with you to manufacture and deliver your custom concrete products where you need them, when you need them. International Precast is a GSA-approved provider of Modular Armory Vaults as well as other security and weapons storage facilities. — “International Precast, Inc. - custom precast concrete”, international-
  • Tricon Precast - One of the top concrete precasters in the nation offering precast concrete bridges, walls and products. — “Tricon precast concrete products and solutions”,
  • Provides precast, prestressed concrete products and services. is a PCI Certified prime manufacturer of architectural and structural precast concrete components. — “Sidley Precast”,
  • LHV Precast Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete products in the Hudson Valley of New York. LHV Precast's facility is large enough to handle any size job in a timely fashion! LHV uses only top top. — “LHV Precast Incorporated's home page”,
  • Manufacturer of precast concrete utility and building products, prestress concrete, bridges, modular housing, pump stations, fuel storage and more. — “Oldcastle Precast, Inc”,
  • CPS manufactures quality precast/prestressed concrete products for heavy-duty industrial and marine applications, such as precast parking garages, bridges and stadiums. CPS also specializes in reflective and absorptive precast sound walls. — “Coastal Precast Systems 1”,
  • Manufacturer of precast concrete site products, retaining walls, trench drains, and nuclear shielding blocks. — “Long Island Precast, Inc”, li-
  • Norwalk Concrete Industries in Ohio is a custom manufacturer of precast concrete products including basement barriers, basins, parking blocks, leaching chambers, cisterns, curbs, fences, foundations, slabs, inlets, interceptors, and grease traps. — “Precast Concrete Products, Better Living Basements by Norwalk”,
  • Welcome to . November 22, 2010. Win A Cup Award - Deadline is Dec. 1 Want to win friends and influence specifiers? MEMBERS • GUESTS • CONSUMERS Resources for producers, suppliers and consumers including publications, member news and tech support. — “NPCA | National Precast Concrete Association”,
  • US Concrete Precast Group is a strong union of reputable companies on the forefront of the precast industry, joined together to delivery financial stability, quality control, economies of scale and a broader product offering to our varied customers and market segments. — “US Concrete Precast Group”, us-
  • Precast structures are ideal for new construction, commercial sites, subdivisions and public streets. They can be used in retro fitting, upgrades or replacement projects and are ideal for restricted access applications that have time sensitive and rigid deadlines. — “CSI Precast - precast concrete structure and custom build”,
  • Precast Manufacturers & Precast Suppliers Directory - Find a Precast Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Precast Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Precast-Precast Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Precast concrete has proven to be a durable, high performance solution for bridges and commercial buildings, so why not for pavements? Click through the links to the right to learn more about precast concrete pavement and how we might be able to help you. — “Welcome to ! | Precast Pavement”,
  • Learn about Precast on . Find info and videos including: Precast Concrete Testing, How to Repair Precast Concrete, How Precast Wall Panels Are Made and much more. — “Precast - ”,
  • A precast concrete walled house in construction. Precast Concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to the construction site and lifted into place. — “Precast concrete - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • A full service supplier of the finest architectural precast stone components for commercial and residential projects. Located in Ventura, California with twenty two years experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing architectural. — “Fine Line Precast, Inc”,
  • Al-Kifah Precast Company (KPC) is a new branch of Al-Kifah Holding Company. KPC offers a complete precast package consisting of design, manufacture, transportation and erection of precast concrete units. — “Kifah Precast Company - Saudi Arabia - Saudi precast concrete”,
  • International producer of large structural metal castings, primarily for jet engines. — “Precision Castparts Corporation”,
  • Custom concrete buildings with any number of options. Int'l delivery. Restrooms, hazardous storage, guard houses, generator housings, communication shelters, electrical AES Precast is a GSA Vendor. If you are interested in becoming a vendor / distributor, please call our sales office. If you can. — “AES Precast Concrete Bulilding Systems”,

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  • Precast Prestressed Concrete (Fall 2006) - Full Video Marty McIntyre of PCI speaks to Eastern Illinois students about the PreCast Concrete Industry and the work process involved.
  • Pruksa Precast
  • Construction 101: Lifting & install 2 tons precast column using tower crane Easy way to install precast column at high level
  • Setting Up and Running Mini-PROTEAN® TGX™ Precast Gels For more info, visit Follow these step-by-step instructions for setting up and running Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN TGX precast acrylamide gels to ensure proper running and perfect results every time. Use Bio-Rad's high-quality Mini-PROTEAN TGX, Tris-Tricine, TBE, and TBE-Urea precast gels with the Mini-PROTEAN Tetra cell to simplify electrophoresis workflow and obtain consistent results.
  • Modular Precast Systems-Affordable Housing Nicaragua Slide show of the manufacturing of the panels in our Winter Haven, Fl plant, shipping and erecting an affordable home model in Nicaragua.
  • Precast Prestressed Concrete (11/20/2009)- Full Marty McIntyre of PCI and Mark Greiner of High Concrete speak to Eastern Illinois students about the PreCast Concrete Industry and the work process involved.
  • Precast Pavment Panel Showcase A workshop was held in June 2011 to introduce and demonstrate the use of precast pavement panels. This video show the process of placing a panel on I-215 in the Salt Lake City area during the workshop.
  • How to Produce Fast, Production of Precast Walls, Wall panels, Light Weight concrete, Light Panels Website: www.concrete- Email [email protected] Tel: +6568960705 - Precast Walls - Wall panels - Low Cost Housing - Light Weight Wall - Light Weight Panels - Precast Housing - Producing
  • Fibrebond Precast Concrete Buildings Construction Site (time-lapse) Watch as Fibrebond makes this huge concrete building in just 4 days! Precast concrete buildings are a topic that many people know very little about. The nighttime radio airwaves are inundated with advertisements for pre-fabricated steel buildings, but precast concrete is largely unknown. This time-lapse video shows a precast concrete building being put together over four days. Check it out to get a better idea of how precast concrete buildings can solve the unique issues with your building situation. For more information, contact us today at (318) 268-3425. Fibrebond has been a leader in the concrete building industry since 1982. We specialize in telecommunications, education, and corrections applications for concrete buildings.
  • How Precast Concrete Walls help protect your home. FEMA states that in Hurricanes and Tornado's in urban areas, the majority of injuries and death and the majority of property damage is caused by flying debris. This video show why and then demonstrates how precast concrete wall panels resist flying debris with the wind cannon test.
  • Precast concrete panels as the building envelope in a Netzero duplex Learn about the manufacturing method of precast concrete panels which will serve as the building envelope in a NetZero duplex.
  • From precast yard to river bed: Olmsted dam construction In-the-wet dam construction has been described as building underwater with giant Lego pieces. This time-lapsed video of the dam construction phase of the Olmsted Locks and Dam project on the lower Ohio River explains the process of moving the giant monoliths from their construction beds to their final destination on the bottom of the river.
  • Precast Structural System for Salman Bay Housing Project, Jeddah Animation Video for the proposed Precast Concrete Structural system of Salman Bay Housing Project, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Prepared by Prainsa Technical Office
  • Precast Corp.mp4 This is how it is in the Precast Industry.
  • How to Build Fast, Building with Precast Walls, Wall panels, Light Weight Wall, Light Weight Concret Website: www.concrete- Email [email protected] Tel: +6568960705 - Precast Walls - Wall panels - Low Cost Housing - Light Weight Wall - Light Weight Panels - Precast Housing - Building
  • Precast Concrete Box Culvert: Design & Installation Since 1968, Jensen Precast has been a leader in manufacturing precast concrete products. With production plants in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Hawaii, Jensen Precast is one of the largest independently-owned, American precast concrete companies in the United States. All of our Box Culvert structures are designed by a staff of Professional Civil & Structural Engineers certified by the NPCA. Our standard Box Culvert designs meet AASHTO HS-20 Traffic Loads in accordance with ASTM C-1433, ACI 318 and AASHTO Specifications.
  • Precast-Suite Preview for Revit Structure Revit Precast Tools for Revit Structure from IDAT allows structural engineers greater design flexibility to model and detail precast elements. The toolkit provides the ability to create corbels, mounting parts, reinforcement and shop drawings automatically. The toolkit is highly customizable and can easily be configured to suit specific business needs helping firms working with precast elements gain important efficiencies and accelerate project delivery. Now you can extend your design models from Revit Structure into the Revit Precast Tools for Revit from IDAT for the fabrication of precast concrete.
  • Advantages of Precast Concrete Chambers - Armtec Ltd This informative tutorial video by industry leading Armtec Ltd, provides details about the specifications and various uses for its highly versatile and structurally strong precast concrete chambers. Armtec uses self-consolidating precast concrete, which pours like water but the aggregates do not sink to the bottom.
  • Precast Concrete Steps Construction Tutorial by Armtec Ltd. Armtec Ltd. specializes in the construction of precast concrete steps and precast concrete decks. This tutorial gives insight into the process from start to finish, explaining the intricate stages in deciding on the perfect precast steps and decks for you. Concrete steps are a fast, durable and cost-effective way of providing access to residences, apartments and condominiums.
  • Construction stages of precast wall This video shows the wall production stages in Tachydomi SA factory. More information: The production stages are the following: Plotting, Moulding and electric/water installation, placing reinforcement(ironing), concrete filling, vibration and formation of double wall and finally temporary wall storing.
  • Pre Cast Concrete Wall Installations By Vinyl Industries Utah; 877-216-3166 New-to-Market Pre-Cast Concrete Wall Installations from Vinyl Industries. Durable, affordable, decorative. Solid, sturdy, no maintenance fence and wall installations. call for estimates: 877-216-3166; or 801-294-4794.
  • Cell Blocks Precast Post Tensioned Concrete Foundation Cell Blocks Precast Concrete Foundation Install for Cell Towers
  • Modular Precast Systems- Affordable Florida Housing Affordable home model manufactured in our Winter Haven, Fl Plant shipped, then erected on site in Davenport, Fl. This model features a concrete roof.
  • Precast element installation made easy Precast column and beam installation made easy. The precast columns are installed using Peikko Column shoe -bolt connection. Beams are installed on Peikko PCs hidden steel corbels using Peikko beam shoes. Learn more about Peikko Column Shoes and Hidden Corbels at and
  • Precast Concrete: Reinventing Residential Construction Gate Precast Company, was recently contracted to produce the precast concrete facade for the new Omni Nashville Hotel. For your next project consider precast concrete, the best line of defense in providing structures that are resistant to fire, weather and other potential threats. Precast concrete brings environmentally-friendly solutions to those prominent questions of life safety, speed of construction and long service life while allowing architects and owners to meet their aesthetic dreams. For design assistance:
  • Spanwright precast concrete flooring units - Hollowcore floors Spanwright Concrete produce precast reinforced, prestressed hollowcore and Block & Beam flooring concrete floor units. Precast concrete floors are more economic for shorter floor spans (up to 6m) and light loading situations, eg Housing / residential construction, while Prestressed flooring units can span longer distances and take heavier loads, thus more suited to commercial projects. Block & Beam floors are more commonly used in ground floor construction over short spans and where access for heavy plant machinery is limited. Our technical department will be able to advise you which product is best for your particular application, so if in doubt please contact us.
  • Fibrebond Precast Concrete Buildings Construction Site (time-lapse) Watch as Fibrebond makes this huge concrete building in just 4 days! Precast concrete buildings are a topic that many people know very little about. The nighttime radio airwaves are inundated with advertisements for pre-fabricated steel buildings, but precast concrete is largely unknown. This time-lapse video shows a precast concrete building being put together over four days. Check it out to get a better idea of how precast concrete buildings can solve the unique issues with your building situation. For more information, contact us today at (318) 268-3425. Fibrebond has been a leader in the concrete building industry since 1982. We specialize in telecommunications, education, and corrections applications for concrete buildings.
  • Precast Walls, Wall panels, Low Cost Housing, Light Weight Panels, Precast Housing - Precast Walls - Wall panels - Low Cost Housing - Light Weight Wall - Light Weight Panels - Precast Housing www.concrete-
  • Precast Concrete | Verti-Crete's Precast Concrete System Verti-Crete's precast concrete mold and form systems produce seamless, double-sided, beautiful, commercial-grade walls with the look of real stone. For more information go here: www.verti-
  • How To Run the Bolt Pre-Cast Protein Gel Learn more at How to run the Bolt Bis-Tris Plus Pre-cast Protein gel on the Bolt Mini-Gel Tank. Do you run pre-cast protein gels? Are you doing any Western blotting? If you do, you should check out the New Bolt Pre-Cast Protein Gels and Bolt Electrophoresis Tank. The Bolt system is designed to give you best-in-class Western blots every time. The new Bolt BIS-TRIS-PLUS Gels come in different concentrations and gradients, and you should pick the one that is best suited relative to the molecular weight of the proteins that you are working with, the sample volume, and the number of samples. All Bolt gels have wedge wells that allow you to load 50% more sample to each well. You'll want to first place the Bolt tank stand on a flat benchtop surface, then snap the electrophoresis tank into the stand. Then, you can place the cassette clamps in the appropriate chambers of the side-by-side Bolt electrophoresis tank. The Anode connectors should be positioned in the middle of the tank away from the Cathode connectors You'll next need to cut open the gel cassette pouch and remove the gel cassette from the pouch. Gently, Remove the tape at the lower portion of the cassette. You can gently remove the comb by sliding the comb up one side at a time. Wash the cassette wells with 1X running buffer. Invert the gel and shake removing buffer. Now, you can place the gel cassettes into the cassette clamps with the wells facing forward towards you. Secure the gel by closing ...
  • PRECAST SEGMENTAL ERECTION BY VSL Casablanca viaduct is twin carriage ways precast segmental bridge which shall be erected by Launching Gantry using Free Cantilevering or Balance Cantilever Method. VSL Scope of work in this project are : 1. Supply and Operation of Launching Gantry. 2.Construction Engineering 3.Geometry control and Stage-by-stage ***ysis. 4. Design & supply of temporary steel work 5. Post-tensioning work.
  • Lafarge starts a NetZero precast concrete energy home In partnership with Habitat for Humanity and Stantec, Lafarge begins the construction of a precast concrete NetZero energy home in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). This innovative duplex will give a hand-up to 2 local families and thus help communities become more sustainable.
  • Precast Concrete Deck Pier founder, Tim Carter shows a precast concrete deck pier before and after installation. He compares pros and cons of all styles. Get FREE tips like this by subscribing to Tim's FREE newsletter now. Go to:
  • How I re-layed precast steps and stone sidewalk. Mike Haduck Mike Haduck shows how he did a stone sidewalk and re-layed 3 old precast steps. It should be noted that the garage was built almost 50 years ago . the ground was well settled, I used ;about 10 inches of gravel and pinned the sidewalk with re-bar into the building. there is not a lot of weight with the steps so I seen no need to dig a deep footer. All my videos are my ways and ideas and I always suggest when someone is building to ask outside professional help.
  • Easi-Set Precast Concrete Building Easi-Set precast concrete buildings are durable, versatile, and portable. They are available in a variety of finishes, styles, colors, and finishes. They can be outfitted as required. Installed in as little as a day. Applications include, but are not limited to: equipment shelters, restrooms, substations, storage buildings, hazmat storage, concessions, and dugouts.
  • RedX Industries - Precast Concrete Plant Operating as one of the largest and the most efficient Precast Concrete facilities in the Kingdom our management and staff are committed to producing and delivering the highest quality product for our customers. We design and manufacture standard and custom precast concrete products to meet large-scale infrastructure demands for highway construction, retaining walls, electric and gas utility, telecommunications, water, on-site wastewater, and sewage applications. We work closely with engineering firms and regulatory agencies in pioneering new products and new methods of installation. • Foundations • Pipe supports • Road Barriers • Wheel stoppers • Cable tiles • Concrete Manholes • Future Plan • Boundary wall • Precast Panels • Column, beams • Custom made precast products
  • 05-Component-Based Stair - Precast Stair In Autodesk Revit 2013, component-based stair is now available. You can now define a notch conditions to the precast stair, this enable more accurate insight on how the stair may be constructed.
  • Dramix® Steel fibers in Precast The video reviews how the steel fibers are added to the concrete, the steel fibers being placed in the precast product and what the finished product looks like. In addition the video reviews the benefits for the manufacture, inspector and end user.
  • Precast Concrete Walls for Seismic-Resistant Design: From PRESSS Research to PreWEC webinar "From PRESSS Research to PreWEC" is the eighth in the Research to Practice Webinar Series co-produced by the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) and the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI). The PREcast Seismic Structural System program (PRESSS), completed about a decade ago, introduced the use of unbonded post-tensioned walls for seismic-resistant design. Since that time, several research advancements have been made and codification of unbonded post-tensioned walls has been completed. To improve cost-effectiveness and resiliency, the PREcast wall with end columns (PreWEC) was subsequently introduced. Today, an investigation of PreWEC—focusing on understanding the influence of various damping components and interaction between rocking walls and surrounding building components—is being conducted in the NEES Rocking Wall Project. The webinar will provide 1) a brief summary of the PRESSS wall system; 2) details of PreWEC and its performance; 3) ***ysis results that examined the interaction between a PreWEC system connected to floors and gravity columns; and 4) directions for implementing ongoing and completed research in design practice. In addition, an opportunity to provide input for the NEES Rocking wall project will be provided. Webinar presenters are Sri Sritharan, Wilson Engineering Professor at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa and Suzanne Dow Nakaki, a licensed structural engineer in California and the Principal of Nakaki Structural ...
  • The Construction and Use of Precast Concrete Slabs - Armtec Ltd. This tutorial video by Armtec Ltd. demonstrates the specific steps and techniques used in the creation of precast concrete slabs. The informational tutorial also outlines the various ways in which concrete slabs are used in the construction of stadiums, condominiums, apartment building, bridges and walkways. Precast concrete hollowcore slabs are precision manufactured to provide an extremely dense product with a non-slip, easy-to-clean surface. Armtec provides concrete slabs that are customized to the specifications you need.

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  • “Precast Forum offers complete modular precast systems for use in construction of highway bridges, buried structures, culverts and underground storage”
    Precast Forum - Company Profile | LinkedIn,

  • “Everything relating to precast products Precast Blog > Blog. 23 Nov 10. Harnessing the Power of Precast. If you've ever flown a kite, you know that the higher it goes, the better it performs. The same basic principal applies to wind turbines: higher is better. However, this can't be achieved”
    — National Precast Concrete Association Blog,

  • “National Precast Concrete Association Blog "The number one thing on the minds of voters is jobs, and precast manufacturers and other small businesses can't create jobs with all the uncertainty that has been thrown at us," Houk said”
    — EPA | National Precast Concrete Association,

  • “Why, they're all incredible home and garden products from Architectural Precast GRC Inc, of course! There are quite a few amazing things about the precast products from APGL”
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  • “The proper selection of color, form, and texture is critical to the aesthetic appearance of architectural precast concrete. Customizing Precast Products. Written by Marty McIntyre at 1:28 PM (0”
    — PCI-IW: This Week in Precast (blog), pci-

  • “Official blog of NPCA's Precast Show The Precast Show 2011 will take place Jan. 27-29, 2011 at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C. For a full listing of the education offerings available at The Precast Show 2011, click here. In addition to the educational opportunities”
    — The Precast Show Blog,

  • “Blog. Contact Us. Follow us on: The History Of Columns. Written on December 15, 2009 at 5:05 pm, by admin. The earliest columns of Articles (3) Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS) World Concrete Precast is proudly powered by and whiteboard”
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  • “About This Blog. Concrete Videos. Feb 27 2010. Concrete Furniture Videos If you are looking for a concrete memorial park bench then take a look at what is available at Dominion Precast”
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