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  • While browsing Stamp Guides and Reviews there was not a single article about precancels.  nbsp While writing this beginners guide, it became clear to me that more information was necessary to truly capture the scope of. — “eBay Guides - Guide to Precancel Collecting for Beginners”,
  • Precanceled postage stamps have existed for more than a century, and A precancel is really just what it sounds like: a stamp that is canceled before it is. — “Precanceled stamps offer collecting variety”,
  • JOBI Philatelic Services net price list of US precancelled postal stationery Precancel varieties from Precancelled Envelopes of the United States, third edition, 2003, Smith, David W, managing editor, published by Precancel Stamp Society. — “JOBI PHILATELIC SERVICES: Precancelled Envelopes”,
  • to use your duplicate Precancel and Service Inscribed Stamps to mail letters, flats and packages. Click here to see Section 604-3.0 of the Domestic Mail Manual pertaining to Precancel Stamps. — “Using Precancels For Mailing Purposes”,
  • Precancels serve a definite purpose in the scheme of moving the mail - they aren't made just for sale to collectors. Precancels issued up to Scott #2231 t have horizontal lines across the stamp, while subsequent PCs do not. — “Avbstamps - U.S. stamps for Collectors,varieties,precancels”,
  • to precancel (third-person singular simple present precancels, present participle simple past and past participle precanceled or precancelled). — “precancel - Wiktionary”,
  • Here is my latest price list of precancel literature. Please note that I usually have most items listed here, but some of the tougher things may not be in. — “Precancel Catalogs | Precanceled - Literature & Envelopes”,
  • Official web site of the PSS: Specializing in precancels and precanceled envelopes. Precancels are postage stamps that have been canceled before being used on letters or packages. — “The PSS Precancel Information Page”,
  • I buy precanceled stamp collections and estates - the bigger the The following is a partial listing of precancel material I now have available. — “Precanceled Stamps:”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of PRECANCEL. transitive verb : to cancel (a postage stamp) in advance of use. — pre·can·cel·la·tion\ˌprē-ˌkan(t)-sə-ˈlā-shən\ noun. First. — “Precancel - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Precancels are typically used by mass mailers, who can save a postal system time and effort by prearranging to use the precancels, and delivering the stamped mail ready for sorting. Precancels were also used on newspaper wrappers in Canada, Austria and Great Britain. — “Precancel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of precancel in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of precancel. Pronunciation of precancel. Translations of precancel. precancel synonyms, precancel antonyms. Information about precancel in the free online English dictionary and. — “precancel - definition of precancel by the Free Online”,
  • precancel tr.v. , -celed , or -celled , -celing , or -celling , -cels , or -cels . To cancel (a postage stamp) before mailing. — “precancel: Definition from ”,
  • Large companies buy ''precanceled'' stamps from the post office to conduct mass mailings. These stamps may not be used for any purpose other than mass mailing, and the general public can not buy them or use them again on other mailers. — “Precancel - Get great deals for Precancel on eBay!”,
  • Studiegroep Voorafstempelingen afbeeldingen en/of artikelen zijn mede afkomstig van http:/// en http:/// Onze speciale dank aan de USA/CANADA club voor het beschikbaar geven van diverse boeken, waarvan u op deze website diverse artikelen. — “Studiegroep Voorafstempelingen”,
  • Buy US Stamps precancel, Stamps items on eBay. Find great deals on us precancel, us stamps items and get what you want now!. — “US Stamps precancel items - Get great deals on Stamps, us”,
  • Buy precancel, 1901-Now Used items on eBay. Find great deals on Collections, Lots, 1941-Now Unused items and get what you want now!. — “precancel items - Get great deals on 1901-Now Used”,
  • Definition of precancel from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of precancel. Pronunciation of precancel. Definition of the word precancel. Origin of the word precancel. — “precancel - Definition of precancel at ”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for precancel in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “precancel - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • Texas Precancel Club, quarterly newsletter, mailed with precancels, member e-mail list, events, where to buy precancels, precancel dealer information, precancel stamp type information. We can help you get started. — “Texas Precancel Stamp Club”,
  • Precancel definition, to cancel (a stamp) before placing it on a piece of postal matter. See more. — “Precancel | Define Precancel at ”,

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  • were supplied with devices having wider spacing between lines like 706 and 707 In the last years of the stereotype handstamps devices showed hair lines above and below the legend
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  • the watermark just hold the envelope up to a very bright light opening the flap with the back towards the lamp Here are all of the watermarks used in Bureau Precanceled envelopes
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  • 672x611 pokekale gif John Foster s kaleidoscopic version of Tobin James Mueller s colorized Discovering the Heavens
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  • or without comma after town name Styles 556 to 581 generally show no punctuation Styles 601 635 carry periods after the state abbreviation but usually no comma after the town name
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  • corbis com 595x480 flammcs jpg Corbis Bianchetti image with Corbis watermark per use payment required for unaltered image
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  • “Some precancel stamp collectors might contend that a certain 2 cent the original pane of 100. Since the Scott Stamp catalog "ignores" bureau precancel stamps,”
    — Print Blog / Color + Design: The World's Most Valuable Stamps,

  • “MyPhilately - Social Networking for Stamp Collectors - meet other stamp collectors online, join and create collecting groups. Create blogs, polls, discussions and share your thoughts on philately”
    — Blog on MyPhilately,

  • “12 Precancel Forum back issues 2003 Stamp Collecting $8.95. 1911 Reconstitution Forum Rome Web Site Forum Blog Adsense $500,000.00. FORUM YOUNGBLOOD 157W CM”
    — Forum Mid, Skates Rollerblades, Rd Forum, Inline Skates,

  • “Buy, Sell, Trade your Stamps, Post Cards, Precancels, and Covers for Free with other Collectors! Absolutely Free Classified Ads. No insertion, selling or any transaction fee on any stamps”
    — Online Stamp Trader - FREE Stamps Classified Ads,

  • “October 1999 -- Machine Cancel Forum # 190. CHRISTMAS 1974 PRECANCEL Forum for January 1996 at page 1662; THE NICKEL CHASE CONTINUES, Machine Cancel Forum for”
    — The Machine Cancel Forum -- DVD Explained,

  • “Lantus Insulin, Order Tetracycline Without Prescription, Cheap Trimox No Rx, Buy Lynoral Overnight Delivery Red-pied abscesses have resegregated to precancel. Claritin-D Without A Prescription Breathe to drip! Insulin”
    — Lantus Insulin - Get Your 15% Discount, .au

  • “1) The Infamous Stamp of Approval If you are using the Standard Mail stamp on your envelope to improve receptivity, take the next step and precancel it too”
    — Leslie Goldstein: Marketing Tips – Issue 19 | BB Direct Blog,

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