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  • Poultry definition, domesticated fowl collectively, esp. those valued for their meat and eggs, as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and guinea fowl. See more. — “Poultry | Define Poultry at ”,
  • 5151 - CN Golden Whole Muscle Tenderloins. 5211 - Southern Breaded Breast Fillets. 5214 5980 - Speed GrillĀ® Savory Recipe, Butterfly. 6022 - Fajita Seasoned Breast & Thigh Sizzle. — “Pierce Chicken”,
  • The mission of Poultry Programs is to facilitate the strategic marketing of products of the poultry and egg industries in domestic and international markets and, through various programs and services, promote a competitive and efficient marketplace that benefits U.S. producers and consumers. — “Agricultural Marketing Service - Poultry and Eggs”, ams.usda.gov
  • Poultry is a category of domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of collecting their eggs, or killing for their meat and/or feathers. Poultry also includes other birds which are killed for their meat, such as pigeons or doves or birds considered to be game, like pheasants. — “Poultry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms / Hatchery breeds chickens bantams ducks chicks hatchery hatcheries. — “IDEAL POULTRY - Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Guineas, Bantams”, ideal-
  • Poultry Manufacturers & Poultry Suppliers Directory - Find a Poultry Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose quality Poultry Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at . — “Poultry-Poultry Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on”,
  • Poultry is the class of domesticated fowl (birds) farmed for their meat, eggs or feathers. When the first fleet arrived in Australia, the cargo included poultry and since that time there have been many importations of poultry into the country. The use of domesticated birds has led to the growth of a. — “Poultry - Poultry Hub”,
  • Ads Welcome to Ads Section. The better place to sell or buy New Ad | All Ads | My Profile | My Ads | Rules Poultry Farm for sale Layer Poultry Farm. — “Ads - | Poultry Farmer Site”,
  • Global news and information concerning raising poultry and those involved in the industry. — “Poultry, Poultry Health, Welfare, Diseases, Poultry News”,
  • An online guide to raising poultry and raising chickens in your backyard. Free poultry articles and tips, chicken photos, breed reviews, and poultry forum community. — “Raising Backyard Chickens and Raising Poultry | PoultryOne”,
  • This page lists articles, reports, and other resources that describe the problems caused by poultry factory farms. — “Poultry | Socially Responsible Agricultural Project”,
  • Poultry are of considerable significance to rural as well as national economies and an important source of animal protein. Poultry constitute by far the largest group of livestock and are estimated to number about 14,000 million, consisting mainly of chickens, ducks and turkeys. — “Poultry: Chickens”,
  • Backyard Poultry magazine is bimonthly publication with information on raising, breeding, marketing and housing chickens, ducks, geese, guineas and domestic fowl for small business or hobbiests. — “Backyard Poultry magazine. Dedicated to more and better small”,
  • Poultry Farm in Morgan CountyAs Europeans and European Americans began to settle in Alabama in the seven***th and eigh***th Chickens have continued to be the leading type of poultry raised in the state. However, Alabama poultry production has evolved from a small, farm-based operation with. — “Encyclopedia of Alabama: Poultry Industry in Alabama”,
  • The poultry industry in fact began as a backyard enterprise but has The growth of tile poultry industry in the Philippines has indeed been impressive but its problems including inefficient management and the prevalence of many destructive poultry diseases and parasites cannot be ignored. — “Chicken Poultry Raising " EntrePinoys Atbp”,
  • Definition of poultry in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of poultry. Pronunciation of poultry. Translations of poultry. poultry synonyms, poultry antonyms. Information about poultry in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “poultry - definition of poultry by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • poultry n. Domestic fowls, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese, raised for meat or eggs. [Middle English pultrie , from Old French pouletrie. — “poultry: Definition from ”,
  • Represents its members in all aspects of poultry and eggs on both a national and an international level. — “US Poultry & Egg Association”,
  • The most important is the common fowl, which is remarkable as having no distinctive English name; but the present article also deals with the poultry-farming side of the turkey, the guinea-fowl, the duck and the goose. For purely zoological. — “Poultry And Poultry-Farming - LoveToKnow 1911”, 1911
  • Poultry Science. The Department of Poultry Science provides outstanding educational experiences for students and service to poultry producers, poultry related businesses and the general public through the discovery, verification and dissemination of relevant, science-based knowledge. — “Poultry Science Department at CAES | UGA”, poultry.uga.edu
  • See updates from latest news, blogs and columns, videos, and community at a glance. Categories include feed, poultry, pig, business, and products. The International Poultry Expo and International Feed Expo present the world's largest display of poultry and feed technologies in Atlanta January 26. — “Watt - Stress, disease, nutritional solutions in”,
  • Free resources on poultry, broilers, and raising chickens - articles, news, jobs, events, discussion forum, and b2b. Managing poultry health, hatching eggs, poultry housing and more poultry resources. Information for the poultry vet, producer and. — “Poultry news, articles, jobs, events, products & information”,
  • The low investment and small area required to raise a flock of domestic poultry makes this an ideal venture for the beginning small or part-time farmer. Domestic poultry can supplement family food supplies, and small specialized poultry producers can sell to several niche markets. — “Poultry - Virginia Cooperative Extension”, pubs.ext.vt.edu

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  • Poultry Processing Rental Equipment Colin Barricklow, Kirsop Farm in Tumwater, WA shares his diversified farm's practices for cultivating row crops and small-scale poultry production for direct to consumer sales of up to 1000 birds allowed for in the WSDA Special Poultry Permit. Food safety, animal husbandry, and predator control are essential components of Kirsop's whole farm system. Kirsten Workman of WSU Mason County Extension walks tour participants through on-farm poultry processing including how to use rental killing cones, scalder, and plucker that Kirsop uses in their commercial production. Al Kowitz of the Community Agriculture Development Center (CADC) and poultry farmer Cheryl Templeton present the Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU) operated by CADC out of Colville, WA that meets WSDA poultry processing facility licensing requirements for processing up to 19999 birds annually.
  • Preened, pampered poultry on show Enthusiasts flock to the National Poultry Show in Canberra to check out the more than 70 breeds on offer.
  • Granny's Poultry Violations UPDATE - May, 2011 Between 2007 & 2009, CETFA investigators documented humane transport & slaughter violations at Granny's Poultry Cooperative in Blumenort, Manitoba ( We requested a meeting with senior management to discuss improvements but they refused to meet with us. On May 9, 2011, our investigators returned to THE SAME barn we documented cruel handling practices at in 2009 and again documented abusive practices, as well as unprofessional behaviour of the catchers during loading. LET GRANNY'S POULTRY COOPERATIVE KNOW YOU DON'T SUPPORT THEIR CRUEL AND UNPROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE TOWARD ANIMALS. BOYCOTT GRANNY'S POULTRY PRODUCTS (www.grannys.ca Music: Kevin MacLeod ()
  • FLEXIBLE DEAD POULTRY! - Daily Vlog (509-13/10/11) Another 'Daily Video Blog' from Stu & Family PLEASE RATE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! Follow Stu on Twitter: Like Our FaceBook Page: SECONDARY CHANNEL (for "different" videos): Short, Live Updates from my Phone: Intro Song by Brett Randals:
  • Haritha Keralam: Poultry/chicken farming - Part 1 This episode of 'Haritha Keralam' focuses on the poultry faming or chicken farming in Kerala.
  • Let's Play Dead Space 2 - S6 P3 - Evil Poultry 3 of 3
  • Poultry Processing Part 2 Poultry processing using Featherman equipment
  • Hormel Foods Business Units New President; Eggs, Poultry & Red Meat Updates Hormel Foods has promoted Steven Binder to the position of executive vice president and president of Hormel business units; Updates in the egg, poultry and red meat markets; Sponsored by the English-Spanish Meat Buyer's Guide
  • Commercial Poultry Processing Equipment Demonstration.avi Brower Commercial Poultry Processing Equipment Demonstration: Actual footage of a plant processing about 1000 birds per hour. PO Box 2000 Houghton, Iowa 52631 USA Telephone: (319)469-4141 Fax: (319)469-4402
  • Permaculture Poultry The world of poultry
  • Simple Steps to Keep Backyard Poultry Healthy Have backyard poultry? Watch this video to see what you can do to keep your feathered friends healthy. A few simple steps will help you increase biosecurity for your birds.
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  • National Poultry and Food Expo 2010 Pakistan Pakistan's largest Poultry and Food Expo. NAPFEX 2010
  • Let's Play Banjo-Kazooie - Episode 21: Piano Poultry. THANK YOU... for watching, Banjo-Kazooie Playlist: Facebook: Twitter:
  • automatic poultry deboner Model : DB-200 DB-300 Capacity : 160-260kg/h 300-350kg/h Power : 4kw 7.5kw Size : 1440x750x910mm 2000x900x1100mm Weight : 400kg 600kg Ratio of meat deboned : whole chicken 90% up meat . Ratio of poultry bone : broken bones and minced meat : 75- 80% The minced meat can be used in making hamburger ,sausage,chicken nugget , meat pie,meat ball etc.
  • Honk! the Musical - Part 1 HD ('Poultry Tale' & 'The Joy of Motherhood') Part 1 of Holy Rosary College Mountbellew's 2010 production of 'Honk! The Musical'. It is Spring, and Drake thinks about life on the farm. ("Poultry Tale"). As he attempts to sneak away, Ida scolds him for neglecting their eggs that are about to hatch. Drake believes one huge egg is a turkey's egg, but Ida is doubtful. Ida expresses "The Joy of Motherhood" and is joined by her friend Maureen, when all of the "normal" eggs hatch. Drake takes the ducklings to learn to swim, leaving Ida to wait for the fifth egg to hatch. STARRING: Drake: Brian Carthy Ida: Rebecca Ruane The Cat: James Fleming Maureen: Jennifer Kirwan Ducklings: Matthew Mannion, Lauren Jackson, Callum McInerney, Niamh Kirwan. TAGS: Honk! "Honk! the Musical" funny comedy musical theatre "The Ugly Duckling" HRC "Holy Rosary College" Boyle360 HD "live music" vocal instrumental "Poultry Tale" "Joy of Motherhood" Drake Ida Maureen ducklings turkey rooster
  • Poultry - A Billion Dollar Industry, 1930s A US Government film about the poultry industry. Footage from this subject is available for licensing from
  • Let's Play Dead Space 2 - S6 P2 - Evil Poultry 2 of 3 Part 3:
  • poultry show 2011
  • Poultry Best Management Practices
  • Inmaa Poultry & Feed 2011 - Sudan
  • The Poultry Industry's Threat to the Chesapeake | Pew There are hotspots along the Broiler Belt with even greater concentrations of poultry operations. Nowhere has the problem of managing broiler manure waste and its associated pollution become more evident than in parts of Maryland and Delaware, known as the Delmarva Peninsula. This sliver of land produces 500 million broilers and the 700000 tons of waste each year (enough to fill the Capitol dome more than 50 times), a signficant contributor to the declining health of the Chesapeake Bay. For more information please visit /BigChicken
  • 1936-08-22 - Porky's Poultry Plant Classic Cartoon
  • respectful chicken harvest part 1 of 2 kill and pluck - how to Alexia Allen of Hawthorn Farm is a wilderness skills instructor who also has a small farm in Woodinville, Washington. I thought she did a really good job of demonstrating a respectful harvest of a chicken. I thought about trying to squeeze everything into a five minute video and decided instead to edit out very little. So there are two parts. This part is ten minutes and focused on killing the chicken and plucking the feathers from the chicken. Part 2 will be about separating the tasty parts from the not so tasty parts butchering. (twelve minutes) Alexia has many approaches to her philosophies about harvesting animals: "I usually like wearing pink when I do my butchering. It makes me the angel of death. I have come to this process of killing animals with this sense of being almost a midwife? Or at least when I teach people about butchering chickens I want to emphasize It's not about being brutal or macho, it's really about 'hey, you kill things and eat them.' That's part of how the world seems to work. I didn't make up how the world works. It just seems to be what needs to happen whether it is a chicken or a carrot. It's just a vertabrate bias that might make a chicken seem different than a carrot." Relevant threads at permies: music by Jimmy Pardo
  • Malarum Bhoomi: 'Poultry Farm' Ranganathan speaks about Poultry Farm and shares his experiences in this edition of 'Malarum Bhoomi'. www.istream.in
  • How to do organic small scale poultry -1(a low capital venture for small farmers) Healthy for the family,ecology and local economy. This venture improves the FOOD and NUTRITIONAL SECURITY of the region IMMENSELY.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IN EACH AND EVERY ORGANIC FARM. Good quality,natural,organic diet keeps our flock healthy and disease free. these are 7 month old Organic Freerange, hens.they are now fully grown.their reproductive organs all are ready only after 6 months.at 7th month steady supply of ORGANIC EGGS starts. Azolla is an excellent food supplement for backyard poultry.easy to grow and practically free of cost.Helps keep feathers shiny n improves their digestion.it is cool and keeps their bones strong. This is a nice backyard type of business activity to generate employment and income for small n marginal farmers,housewives,unemployed youth,bored ***agers,enterprising people as well as organic farmers,health fanatics etc. main requirements for a 100 hen poultry: 1)a warm and cosy nursery coop or room to nurse the little chicks during first 3 months.a small room of about 10 feet by 10 or 15 feet should b enough.the coop height can b around 4 ft.extra height costs extra. 2)a 2nd coop for the 3 to 5 month adoloscent chicks.this coop should have a sufficiently spacious sunning and playing area .a properly fenced and protected open air courtyard where they sun themselves and peck around.hawks,eagles,mangoose,dogs ,cats rats proof. 3)the final coop for grown hens with half acre at least fenced area for grazing and free rangeing.THats what uc in this ...
  • Poultry Prices PKG
  • Vermin Control. Ratting On Poultry Farm Ratting on poultry farm. Even Rat poison couldn't keep them at bay.. Excuse My Language, i was on edge alot of the time lol. Enjoy!!
  • poultry farming back yard farming
  • Pastured Poultry Production This is some b-roll footage from the Voices of Experience video series, produced by the NY Beginning Farmer Project at Cornell University in 2008. This clip shows Pierre Dionne of Sojourner Farm feeding his pastured broiler chickens.
  • Pizzas and Poultry Allie eats some breakfast pizza and learns how to judge a chicken.
  • Poultry Processing Part 1
  • Herbalife: Getting Picky About Poultry Don't assume that all poultry products are healthy and low fat, or that poultry is always better than beef. Learn what to consider when buying poultry.
  • Poultry Manure becomes ORGANIC Liquid Fertilizer! Aussie organic innovation is coming to the USA! Dr Grow It All, an organic liquid fertilizer made from potentially hazardous poultry waste, is about to launch on the American market. Check out the amazing work they've been doing in their home of Queensland, Australia, as covered by the local news...
  • Define Poultry My name is Scott Carter, and I'm the Global Poultry Market Manager for Novus. It's easy to assume that we're focusing on one species, and that, has typically been the broiler business, the chicken business, if you will. And the chicken business is important because, you know, we're feeding a lot of people around the world chicken, certainly. But poultry doesn't just encompass, chicken production. It encompasses egg production, it encompasses turkey production, and can even ... we can even start to think about ostriches, and, and game birds, and guinea fowl, and, and all of these other things that, are an important part of the global poultry business, if you will. And so, our technologies, while they're equally applicable to chickens ... or while they're applicable to chickens, they're equally applicable to all these other poultry production species as well. So, it's fair to think that we're focused just on broilers,because that has the biggest commercial impact, but in reality, we really have our eye on all of these other poultry production systems.
  • Organic Farming - Pastured Poultry, How to Learn how to set up an Organic Pastured Poultry Farm. Richard Statham of Rosnay Organics near Canowindra, NSW talk about how to set up mobile chicken coops . .au Music - Ross Williams
  • Some Thoughts on Cookware, Poultry, and I Am Tired! copyright 2011 Lisa B. Falour, BS, MBA all rights reserved LISA, INC. (EURL) These are all just my thoughts and opinions, so take it with a grain of salt, but please don't add any to your stainless steel cookware -- ha ha ha! I still post, of course, on Dailymotion under "LisaFalour," and my other YouTube channel is SLOBOMOTION. I have a web site you can visit. Thank you for watching! Please rate, comment, subscribe, share -- I plan to be on YouTube for at least a few months longer, if they'll have me.
  • Poultry Farming Advancements - America's Heartland We're eating more chicken today than ever before. With increased chicken choices at fast food restaurants and chicken being a popular choice for those looking for a low fat, high protein meal, the demand for chicken grows and so does the need to produce more birds for market. We'll take you to Arkansas where one agricultural operation works to build a better bird! Visit to see the rest of episode 508.
  • Polyface Farm - Pastured Poultry - Part 1 2010 Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense FundRAISER - Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm Tour
  • Natural piggery and poultry farm Carolina - Naga City The farm ist located in Brgy. Carolina at the sloop of Mt. Isarog in Camarines Sur, Philippines. Eden and Ricky started the project in March 2011. On September 16 some pigs of the first batch where butchered. The meat quality is superior and the cost of production competitive.
  • Pigs n' Poultry - Epic Meal Time All these birds! We're all about the selection with our line-up of custom wings deep-fried and wrapped in bacon! We also got that sauce, in bird carcass dipping bowls!! EpicMealTime takes selection to the next level by creating a wide variety of sauces and specialized chicken wings! Twitter: Facebook:
  • The Chicken of Tomorrow: Scientific Agriculture and Poultry Farming (1948) Poultry farming is the practice of raising domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, as a subcategory of animal husbandry, for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. More than 50 billion chickens are reared annually as a source of food, for both their meat and their eggs. Chickens farmed for meat are called broilers, whilst those farmed for eggs are called egg-laying hens. In total, the UK alone consumes over 29 million eggs per day. Some hens can produce over 300 eggs a year. Chickens will naturally live for 6 or more years. After 12 months, the hen's productivity will start to decline. This is when most commercial laying hens are slaughtered. The majority of poultry are raised using intensive farming techniques. According to the Worldwatch Institute, 74 percent of the world's poultry meat, and 68 percent of eggs are produced this way. One alternative to intensive poultry farming is free range farming. Friction between these two main methods has led to long term issues of ethical consumerism. Opponents of intensive farming argue that it harms the environment and creates health risks, as well as abusing the animals themselves. Advocates of intensive farming say that their highly efficient systems save land and food resources due to increased productivity, stating that the animals are looked after in state-of-the-art environmentally controlled facilities. A few countries have banned cage system housing, including Sweden and ...

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  • “Irish Poultry Community Forum”
    Poultry Ireland Index page, poultry.ie

  • “The Blog Barn: an Assortment of LH Member Blogs. Entries Tagged with [poultry] Are pastured chickens better for you than their su Blog: Spring Hill Farms - Monday August 30, 2010 - By David. This is a great video showing the nutritional profile of pastured vs conventional chickens”
    — The Blog Barn,

  • “Delivering the keynote address at the first World Poultry Forum in Guadalajara, Mexico, Dr. David Nabarro, UN senior coordinator for human and avian influenzas, challenged the poultry industry worldwide to work together to minimize the impact of H5N1”
    — 2006 - Guadalajara, Mexico Hosts First World Poultry Forum,

  • “The poultry club, founded 1877, is a registered charity existing to safeguard the interests all pure and traditional breeds of poultry. guardians of the 'british poultry standards', the club has a crucial role in safeguarding stock bloodlines”
    — The Poultry Club of Great Britain - Poultry includes chickens,

  • “It is interesting to note that the home grown variety is better than any commercially bred poultry. You can find valuable information on cultivating chickens at his blog at Backyard Chicken Coop Info”
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  • “Welcome to the blog pages! Here you will find some weblogs or online diaries' of some of the users of is a web site run by a small group of poultry enthusiasts, interested in keeping chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry”
    — The Blog - Chicken Blogs and Duck Blogs as,

  • “[Archive] August 2008 poultryOne Community Contest (Sponsored by Ideal Hatchery) poultryOne Contests The poultryOne Community, your favorite poultry forum, is giving away two $20 gift certificates to your favorite poultry hatchery: Ideal Hatchery”
    — August 2008 poultryOne Community Contest (Sponsored by Ideal,

  • “GAMBIA - Around 50 poultry farmers held a one-day consultative forum on developing the poultry industry in the country”
    Poultry Forum Aims for Self-Sufficiency,

    — POULTRY,

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