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  • Post-harvest fisheries culminates all steps, process and/or activities immediately after catch, handling and transportation, processing and distribution of fish an fishery products where if control is not applied post-harvest losses will occur. United Nations Declaration. — “CCE: Post Harvest Fisheries”,
  • In agriculture, postharvest handling is the stage of crop production immediately following harvest, including cooling, cleaning, sorting and packing. The most important goals of post-harvest handling are keeping the product cool, to avoid moisture loss and. — “Postharvest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Utilizing improved postharvest practices often results in reduced food losses, improved overall quality and food safety, and higher profits for growers and marketers. Do you have questions about where to find information about postharvest practices?. — “Postharvest Training”,
  • Postharvest News & Updates from the University of California More than 115 participants from 12 countries met the last two weeks of June at UC Davis for the 30th Annual Postharvest Technology Short Course. — “Postharvest Postings - Agriculture and Natural Resources”,
  • This publication covers postharvest practices suitable for small-scale operations, points out the importance of production and harvesting techniques for improving quality and storability, and discusses various methods for cooling fresh produce. — “Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables”,
  • The Postharvest Survey was conducted for oats marketed from August 1, 2005 to July 31, 2006 which covers the 2005 crop. The agricultural chemical use estimates in this report are based on data compiled from the 2006 Potato Postharvest Chemical Use Survey. — “Agricultural Chemical Usage - Postharvest”,
  • Five regional workshops have been held with the GFAR regional forums to review and define the postharvest research and develpment needs of the partners. It is planned to hold a synthesis meeting at FAO in 2003, to set a new global agenda for the postharvest sector. — “Foodnet-Uganda > Postharvest Activities”,
  • Avocado Postharvest Research: 1998/99 - Ethylene Ripening Protocols for Avocados Avocado Postharvest Research: 1998/99 - Novel Postharvest Treatments for Rot Control - A. — “POSTHARVEST”,
  • Research and advice on fruit and vegetable storage and handling for hundreds of different crops, with an extensive collection of postharvest horticulture links. — “Sydney Postharvest Laboratory”, .au
  • Postharvest definition, the gathering of crops. See more. — “Postharvest | Define Postharvest at ”,
  • Harvesting, Postharvest handling and processing, storage and food safety considerations need to be reviewed and await more development Postharvest ripening procedures currently applied and possible ways to improve it, organically produced dates and value added treatments will be presented. — “Pest & Desises”,
  • Post-harvest operations are assuming importance due to higher yields and increased cropping intensity. The post-harvest losses are estimated to be about 25 per cent. — “Ikisan - Post Harvest”,
  • Hands-on experience, on-line tools give Iowa fruit and vegetable growers new perspective on postharvest handling, food safety. Postharvest handling decision tool. The web-based Postharvest Handling Decision Tool is one of the first resources created for the Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Working Group. — “Handle with care | Rodale Institute”,
  • Handling Techniques for Maintaining Postharvest Quality of Vegetables - Successful postharvest handling of vegetable crops requires careful coordination and integration of the various steps from harvest operations to consumer level in order to maintain the initial product quality. — “General Postharvest Information”,
  • Postharvest Information Network--a service of the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, Wenatchee, Washington. Developed and maintained by Dr. Eugene Kupferman, Postharvest Specialist. — “Postharvest Information Network Home, WSU Tree Fruit Research”,
  • April 27-29, 2011 Advanced Topics in Microbial Safety of Fresh Produce Workshop (SCRI-Grant: Florida) Link to Brochure/Application Form. May 4-5, 2011 Delivering More Flavorful Produce (SCRI-Grant: Florida) Enroll Online. June 13-24, 2011 Postharvest Technology Short Course Enroll Online. — “Postharvest Technology Center, University of California”,
  • Post harvest technology is inter-disciplinary "Science and Technique" applied to agricultural produce after harvest for its protection, conservation, processing, The process of developing of post harvest technology and its purposeful use needs an inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional. — “Agricultural Marketing, Tamil Nadu”,
  • DECCO postharvest products ensure that your produce is the consumer's choice. — “DECCO US: Home - DECCO, postharvest”,
  • International Directory of Suppliers. Equipments, Materials and Services. Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamentals. Postharvest, post-harvest. — “POSTHARVEST.BIZ - INTERNATIONAL DIRECTORY OF SUPPLIERS”,
  • Generate, extend and commercialize appropriate and problem-oriented postproduction technologies and practices to reduce losses, improve food and feed quality and maximize the benefits to various stakeholders. — “Philippine Center for Postharvest Development and Mechanization”,
  • Deltapine Brand Class of 09 and 10 Cotton Growth Management. 10/07/2010 Agronomic ALERT. Post-Harvest Control of Palmer Amaranth Yield Data Via Text. Use LINK to get Deltapine yield data texts and you could win a seed credit for next season! 1) Text Deltapine. — “Home”,

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  • MNA POST HARVEST PROCESSING AND TRADING CENTER EPISODE 06/07/08 part 1 Maunlad na Agrikultura Post Harvest and Trading Center EpisodeExecutive Producer: Inez G. Magbual Writer: Fe Ramirez Hosted By: Amelyn Veloso Field Reporter: Mae Ramos Cameraman & Editor: Randy Ebonia / Multimedia Solutions Production Staff: NABCOR's Postharvest Processing and Trading Centers
  • Control of postharvest rot (part 1) Results from postharvest treatments of apples and peaches with hot water, generally recognised as safe (GRAS) compounds and biological control agents (BCA). Presentation by Paolo Bertolini, Head of Department of Protection and Improvement of Agricultural Food Products, CRIOF, University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Mango Production and Post Harvest Management-Part1 (CISH Technologies)
  • Small-scale postharvest handling practices hort crops Part 3 Introduction to small scale postharvest handling of fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers.
  • Post Harvest Treatments School of Agriculture: Diploma in Production of Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables(DPVAPFV-English): BPVI-001 Food Fundamentals
  • Broccoli, Cauliflower & Lettuce Harvest & Postharvest Handle Details of handling systems for fresh broccoli and lettuce harvest and postharvest handling.
  • Post-Harvest Handling: Salad Greens Video on post-harvest handling of salad greens.
  • Small-scale postharvest handling practices hort crops Part 1 Introduction to small scale postharvest handling of fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers.
  • USAID Training Videos: Mango Post Harvest Handling and Care USAID presents a step-by-step training video on international best practices in mango post-harvest handling and care.
  • The Post-harvest Professor 8 minute video featuring UH Professor Robert Paull who talks about how to handle tropical fruits during harvest and post-harvest. This segment is part of a longer video for farmers called "Hawaii Grown! A Guide to Harvesting and Handling Tropical Fruit."
  • Food Contamination with Post-Harvest Pesicides No1 Publishing date; November 20,1990 Planned and Produced by; Junichi Kowaka Secretary General Japan Offspring Fund
  • Harvest and post harvest technology of Onion Oriya Pragati Odisha The video elaborates the ideal method of harvesting and post harvest practices of onion crop so that the crop can be kept safely for long in local conditions.
  • Post Harvest Handling: Field Cooling Video on post harvest handling of fruits and vegetables. This installment is on field cooling product.
  • Food Contamination with Post-Harvest Pesicides No2 Publishing date; November 20,1990 Planned and Produced by; Junichi Kowaka Secretary General Japan Offspring Fund
  • Lettuce Vacuum Cooling and Potato Postharvest Handling Details of lettuce vacuum cooling and postharvest handling systems for potatoes.
  • DANGER OF POSTHARVEST PESTICIDES No1 Production year;1995 Planned and Produced by; Jun-ichi Kowaka Secretary General Japan Offspring Fund
  • An Arrey Mbongaya Ivo video on Post Harvest Fisheries This Arrey Mbongaya Ivo video highlights pertinent issues about post harvest fisheries. Guest speaker is senior researcher for post harvest fisheries, IRAD, Limbe, Mr Eyabi George. It is part of series styled "People Places and Events" as platforms to better failing development interventions (Gow and Morss, 1988) via more process and participatory approaches.
  • Asparagus Harvest and Postharvest Handling Details of handling systems for fresh asparagus harvest and postharvest handling.
  • Missing food -- the case of post-harvest grain losses in sub-Saharan Africa This video was released upon the launching of the new FAO/World Bank report Missing Food: The Case of Postharvest Grain Losses in Sub-Saharan Africa. As in the report (produced in collaboration with the UK's Natural Resources Institute) the video makes the case that investing in post-harvest technologies to reduce food losses could significantly address food security concerns in sub-Saharan Africa through increasing food availabilities and reducing pressure on food prices and land and water resources. It highlights the high levels of post-harvest grain losses in sub-Saharan Africa underscoring that these losses: are worth around $4 billion a year; could meet the minimum annual food requirements of at least 48 million people; and are roughly equivalent to the value of annual cereal imports in the region. The video then presents a variety of practices and technologies which are available for reducing post-harvest losses, and identifies conditions for their successful application. © FAO
  • Wheat: Post-Harvest Burndown (from Ag PhD #536) Brian & Darren give tips on knocking out weeds post-harvest.
  • DANGER OF POSTHARVEST PESTICIDES No3 Production year;1995 Planned and Produced by; Jun-ichi Kowaka Secretary General Japan Offspring Fund
  • Greenhouse Video for Post Harvest
  • DANGER OF POSTHARVEST PESTICIDES No2 Production year;1995 Planned and Produced by; Jun-ichi Kowaka Secretary General Japan Offspring Fund
  • Mango Production and Post Harvest Management-Part 3 (CISH Technologies)
  • Date Harvest and Postharvest Handling (Spanish) Part 2 Date Harvest and Postharvest Handling (Spanish) by Boudjebel VACPA (Packer and Exporter of Dates), Tunisia (2006)
  • BioLargo, Inc. Introduces Isan - A Water Treatment System- Post Harvest Treatment System The Isan® water treatment system is an innovative, environmentally friendly, fully automated, cost effective disinfection solution for agriculture, horticulture, waste water, manufacturing, industrial and consumer applications. The award winning and patented technology together with the patented form of pure iodine, which is both safe for the environment and easy to handle is revolutionizing industries where disinfection and water recycling have become critical. BioLargo, Inc. formed a strategic alliance with Ioteq IP Pty, Ltd., an Australian company, and its United States affiliate Ioteq, Inc., in 2008 and is authorized to represent and market Ioteqs iodine-based disinfection technology, Isan®, on an exclusive basis in the United States and on a non-exclusive basis in the rest of the world.
  • ASLP Mango Postharvest Training.DAT
  • CTI on improving post-harvest food processing in developing nations Anne-Marie Hendrickson - Compatible Technology International CTI's vision is a world in which everyone has adequate nutrition and clean water. Now in their twenty-seventh year, they have been working toward that vision by engineering, designing, and distributing culturally appropriate equipment and shared knowledge aimed at improving post-harvest food processing for small land holders in developing countries. Thousands of people's lives have been improved by the introduction of simple devices like burr grinders, driers, and even storage facilities. Our Strategic Planning is leading us towards an even greater in-country presence with locally sustainable manufacturing and distribution centers, employing people in developing countries to work on the solutions to their own crop processing opportunities. Recorded on July 31st, 2008 at Solutions for the Other 90% at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Mango Production and Post Harvest Management-Part 2 (CISH Technologies)
  • Post Harvest Treatments
  • Mushroom Harvest and Postharvest Handling Details of mushroom harvest postharvest handling.
  • Date Harvest and Postharvest Handling (English) Part 1 Date Harvest and Postharvest Handling (English) by Boudjebel VACPA (Packer and Exporter of Dates), Tunisia (2006)
  • Small-scale postharvest handling practices hort crops Part 2 Introduction to small scale postharvest handling of fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers.
  • An Arrey Mbongaya Ivo film on post harvest fish technologies.mp4 An Arrey Mbongaya Ivo film on post harvest fish technologies.mp4 Video is an entry tool to better development in the sector and relevant areas by African Centre for Community and Development. , , http
  • Principles of Post Harvest Management of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Postharvest storage temperature effects on cut flowers This clip shows the dramatic effect of dry storage temperature on the ability of three cut flower species (tulip, snapdragon, iris) to recover during vase life.
  • Seed processing: Post harvesting Thisvideo was made to document best practices for use in crop genebanks as part of a project on management of crop diversity as a global public good under the System-wide Genetic Resources Programme of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research. It was filmed and produced at the International Livestock Research Institute in Ethiopia by Lieven Corthouts with guidance and commentary provided by Alexandra Jorge and Jean Hanson and reviewed by Ehsan Dulloo and Imke Thormann.
  • Carrot Postharvest Handling Details of postharvest handling systems for carrots.
  • Bamboo Pole Grove, Pre and Post Harvest Bamboo Pole Grove Pre and Post Harvest. Southern Bamboo produces the largest domestic supply of decorative and timber bamboo poles in the United States. Our bamboo poles are grown, harvested and distributed in the USA and we're a Jackson Mississippi based company.
  • Mechanization and Postharvest issues in east and southern Africa Joe Rickman ( ), IRRI representative for the East and Southern Africa Region and program leader, East and Southern Africa: Rice for Rural Incomes and an Affordable Urban Staple, discusses the importance of mechanization and postharvest activities in the region. For more information on ending hunger in Africa, go to

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