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  • POST (HTTP), an HTTP request method. Pillar (car), structural element Posting system, transfer system for baseball players moving from a Japanese baseball team. — “Post - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • url, [ data ], [ success(data, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest) ], [ dataType ] ) Returns: XMLHttpRequest Please do post corrections or additional examples for below. — “ – jQuery API”,
  • Send, receive, and organize email with Hotmail, a free web-based email provider from MSN. Features a personal calendar and customizable contact groups. — “Windows Live Hotmail”,
  • Glens Falls, Lake George, Saratoga Springs news – The Post-Star, serving Warren County, Washington County and Saratoga County in New York state. — “Post-Star”,
  • Supports California law enforcement in serving its communities, including its peace officers, training academies, and state agencies. — “California Commission on Peace Office Standard and Training (POST)”,
  • ( Charles Mitchell for the Post-Tribune) Those less fortunate enjoy bountiful feast. For the fifth year, the women of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority hosted a free Thanksgiving post-: Feedback | Contact Us |About Us | Advertise With Us | Media Kit | Post. — “Post-Tribune”, post-
  • Range of offerings includes the mailing of letters and parcels, international and express delivery, direct mail, and financial services. — “Australia Post”, .au
  • News, sports, opinion, and more for the nation, world, and Washington area. — “The Washington Post”,
  • Latest online news from The Jerusalem Post, the world's top English-language daily newspaper covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. — “The Jerusalem Post”,
  • Denver and Colorado state breaking news, weather forecasts, sports, local events calendar, nightlife entertainment and ski resort / snowfall information. — “Denver Post”,
  • Post definition, a strong piece of timber, metal, or the like, set upright as a support, a point of attachment, a place for displaying notices, etc. See more. — “Post | Define Post at ”,
  • Definition of Post in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Post. Pronunciation of Post. Translations of Post. Post synonyms, Post antonyms. Information about Post in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. post office, ny post, trading. — “Post - definition of Post by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • News and opinion site from Arianna Huffington. Features a collaborative blog with contributions by celebrities, opinion journalists, authors, editors, and more. — “The Huffington Post”,
  • Canadian national daily newspaper offering news, commentary, and diversions. — “National Post Online”,
  • News + graphic t-shirt = T-post. Every five weeks, subscribers receive a new t-shirt in the mail. News story on the inside. Artist interpretation on the front. — “T-post, The World's First Wearable Magazine”,
  • Local news, opinion, gossip, sports, and more. — “New York Post”,
  • Provides local news, including national, international, business, and sports news. — “The Post”, .pk
  • Instant news posting. Free place to post stories, pictures, and links to interesting content. Post instant messages and news to the world for free. — “Free Instant News Posting | Instant Message Post | News”, im-
  • Leader Post is your online source of news on Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada and around the world. Find the latest breaking news in business, sports, technology, energy, entertainment, politics, jobs, cars, homes and opinions from readers. Subscribe. — “Leader Post | Latest Breaking News | Business | Sports”,
  • Post Heritage. Get Post Cereals. Click Here to Learn More. Click Here to © 2008 Post Foods, LLC. Terms and Conditions. Privacy Policy. FAQs. Contact. — “Post Cereals”,

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  • The Listening Post - Thais turn to new media Bangkok has become a very difficult place to cover for both local and international journalists and the Thai people have become deeply suspicious of that coverage. They have called it biased and are turning more and more to new media to find out what is really happening in their country. We go back to Thailand this week to see what the conditions are like for journalists there and who the main players in new media sphere are.
  • DEADLINE post-it stop motion Making sitck'n note stop motion SECOND EPISODE right now, Please go visit: Here is THE MAKING OF : This is my senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design. Where my idea comes from is that every time when I am busy, I feel that I am not fighting with my works, I am fighting with those post-it notes and deadline. I manipulating the post-it notes to do pixel-like stop motion and there are some interactions between real actor and post-its. Directed by Bang-yao Liu Music by Röyksopp () Sound design by Ian Vargo, Shaun Burdick Actor Chun-yao Huang ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Just want to say thank you to every one The responses are really beyond my expectation... Especially thank to my teacher and my friends who help me a lot. Thank to Ashton Kutcher...that was unbelievable for me!!! Appreciate you like it !! : ) --------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT: [email protected]
  • The Listening Post - Sri Lankan media as elections loom On our show this week, we look at reporting in Sri Lanka as the country nears a presidential election and reporting on Eritrea from outside.
  • The Listening Post - Media spin on the Iraqi elections This week, we pick up from where we left off in our last broadcast and ***yze the media spin on the Iraqi elections this time from the American side. Also, we go underground on the World Wide Web to understand what makes whistle-blower's website Wikileaks tick.
  • PostSecret Trailer video for PostSecret and . Produced by Edited by Jim DiSpirito
  • The Listening Post - The Vatican vs. the global media This week, The Listening Post follows the media's trial of the Catholic Church and its role in uncovering one of the biggest scandals to hit the Vatican in years. Plus, the double bombing on the Moscow metro on March 29 was the worst attack to hit Moscow in five years, but for up to two hours after the explosions, Russia's three main TV channels hardly broke into their daytime programming of dance and cookery shows. The Listening Post asks if this is a sign of how much control is exerted over TV news in Russia and how sensitive the issue of terrorism is for the Kremlin.
  • The Listening Post - Media coverage of President Barack Obama in 2009 Listening Post this week is devoted to Obama and how the media from inside and outside the US dealt with this constantly developing story in 2009.
  • Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Post Fight Press Conference Hear what the boxers had to say after the fight.
  • Rise against - Collapse(post amerika) *I DONT OWN THIS, RISE AGAINST DOES* 1 of 13 of rise againsts new album lyrics: When our rivers run dry and our crops cease to grow When our summers grow longer and winters won't snow From the banks of the ocean and the ice in the hills To the fight in the desert where progress stands still When we've lost our will That's how we'll know This is not a test, oh no This is cardiac arrest Of a world too proud to admit our mistakes We're crashing into the ground as we all fall from grace When the air that we breathe becomes air that we choke When the marsh fever spreads from the swamps to our homes When your home on the range has been torn down and paved And the buffalo roam to a slaughterhouse grave What more will it take For us to know This is not a test, oh no This is cardiac arrest Of a world too proud to admit our mistakes Kissing the ground as we all fall from grace This is a chance to set things straight To bend or break the rules back into place There is no middle ground, no compromise We've drawn the line With perfect aim, we stand back and throw Glass windows break and it's all about to blow Lights go out as we pass the torch again In hope that is stays lit Neutrality means that you don't really care Cuz the struggle goes on even when you're not there Blind and unaware That's how we'll know This is not a test, oh no This is cardiac arrest Of a world too proud to admit our mistakes We're crashing into the ground as we all, yeah we all, all fall from grace.
  • The Listening Post - US media double standard This week on the Listening Post's radar: the tweet that ended the 20-year career of a CNN journalist and a Russian social networking site that is not for the masses but strictly for those of class.
  • The Listening Post - Ahmadinejad's media blitz On The Listening Post this week we look at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's media blitz in New York: there were interviews, press conferences and photo-ops but back in Iran the media remain tight lipped and under pressure. We also explore the challenges of reporting in Japan in an interview with Jake Adelstein, an American journalist who has made Tokyo his turf for the past 20 years.
  • *** and the City - The Post-It Breakup It's the day after Harry finally proposes to Charlotte and Carrie's reaction to Berger breaking-up with her on a post-it.
  • The Listening Post - Maziar Bahari Richard Gizbert talks to the Iranian-Canadian journalist who spent 118 days in Iran's notorious Evin prison.
  • The Listening Post - Dubai Hamas murder mystery On the Listening Post's radar this week: closed circuit cameras in Dubai blow the cover off what was meant to be a clandestine political assassination. And we present our second report from Kenya on the media and its problems with corruption, both outside and inside.
  • The Listening Post - General McChrystal: Taken down by the media On The Listening Post this week: How a profile in Rolling Stone magazine brings down the US' top commander in Afghanistan and the stories of three journalists on the run from their countries.
  • The Listening Post - The Gaza flotilla video wars In this week's episode of The Listening Post, we take a look at the on air video wars following the Gaza flotilla attack and we dip into our archive to give you an excerpt from one of our favourite interviews: Wael Abbas on the Egyptian blogosphere.
  • post blue placebo @c***+ -Post Blue-
  • Extreme Sticky Note Experiments (watch in high quality) Winner of a 2009 Webby Award and People's Voice Webby Award! Fritz & Stephen, the madmen behind the Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments, now cause chaos in the office with over a quarter of a million sticky notes! From waterfalls to wheels, all this craziness is made out of nothing but sticky notes -- the zigzag pads made from pop-up dispensers. If you want to see how you can do it yourself, check out the related videos at . From a simple cascading pad to 40000 sticky notes falling from the ceiling, this video uses 280951 sticky notes in less than 3 minutes. And don't worry: they can be reused! And when they're beyond repair, we make sure to recycle them (or use them the normal way!). These new Sticky Note Experiments are sponsored by OfficeMax, Coca-Cola, and "Samurai Girl" on ABC Family. Big thanks to all of them for making this possible! And thanks to Jamie Chung and Brendan Fehr from Samurai Girl for coming over and being in the video!
  • Inside Gaming E3 2009 Post Wrap Up E3 Winners, rants, raves and even some flame wars! This is Inside Gaming for E3 and Post Wrap Up. In case you missed all the trailers and games, worry not we'll show you all the good stuff and even the not so good stuff. It's been a great week, thanks for watching guys. We'll be returning to our normal schedule this week so look out for an new episode this Friday. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter, /insidegaming if you have any questions concerns or interest in my bra size. FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:
  • Post-it - Apatie BEST Song by Czech group Post-it
  • WHIPPING POST - Allman Brothers Band Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers Band, written by Gregg Allman
  • Post-It Love Dir. Si & AD / UK / 2008 Shy girl meets shy boy in the office, and they find a new way of expressing their affection in this endearing film. Music: Masaki Kurihara, Kuricorder Orchestra Editing: Sam Rice Edwards Cast: Charity Wakefield, Lee Ingleby DoP: Carl Neilsson Producers: Elizabeth Gower, Lucy Gossage Appears courtesy of Academy Films: ___
  • UFC 123 Post-Fight Press Conference Highlight Video Download our iPhone app here For more check out
  • mona post it note contest "theres a note for that" contest entry for post it notes, over 12000 used- 40 hours- lisa - music is me on yamaha clavinova midi - mona lisa -7 colors of post it notes-some of the comments on the net are that this is cgi, I only wish I could do cgi--although it is all over the internet this entry didnt win- wanna be really disappointed go see what they picked- please comment to post it notes and not me when I originally began to construct this I had to stop- the notes were 2x2 and it was going to make the final product over 18 feet ( I had nowhere to hang something that big) I over lapped the notes to create 1 inch squares and its final size of 9x9 And yes it is only 7 colors and the black was drawn on the notes for the darkness the finished piece is hanging in downtown Ottumwa- look thru the window at 111 E Main to see it on 9-11-08 AP (associated press) 9-17-08 opening page 9-18-08 ABC News 9-18-08 USNews 9-18-08 TOP AP Stories 9-19-08 lead video 9-20-08 Sky One Tv in the United Kingdom lead video Des Moines Register 10-10-08 Full Story Des Moines Register 10-13-08 Chicago Tribune 10-14-08 Iowa Weekly- Best of the Register 10-21-08 Cedar Rapids The Gazette 11-9-08 Duo Creative Communications- Tv show in Japan April 2009 when it hit the AP they are calling me an artist- thats not it- this is all mathematics
  • Post Event Movie Czech Republic 2010 The O2 arena, magically transformed into Wicked Wonderland, was host to an amazing crowd. The DJ's played some of the finest current slices of electronic music, while acts, lasers and pyro did the rest. A truly unforgettable atmosphere!
  • How to post in the Forums Posting rules
  • Post event movie Sensation Germany NYE 2009 It was an unforgettable night in the ESPRIT arena this New Years Eve. Visitors from all over the Globe welcomed 2010 in Düsseldorf. The result was an immense and above all enchanting evening filled with delicious performances by the artists, sensual acts and the breathtaking atmosphere. Enjoy this post event movie and be sure to check out the podcasts for more Sensation Germany memories:
  • The Listening Post - Pakistan's aid shortfall Did you donate any money to Haiti after the earthquake? Have you donated money to Pakistan to help victims of the floods there? A lot of people can answer yes to the first question, but not so many to the second. What was it about these floods that stopped people dipping into their pockets? We have seen wide shots of saturated fields, families trapped on crudely fashioned lifeboats, villagers left homeless, starving and without clean drinking water. But even with all this we have not been nearly as charitable as we were after the earthquake in Haiti. On The Listening Post this week, we ask: What is about the images of this disaster that fail to evoke the same compassion that others have done? Was it the way the media told the story or are there more complex, perhaps darker reasons behind it?
  • post it - zeptej se video with some pictures... :)
  • POST GRAD - Official Trailer In the comedy POST GRAD, Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel, GILMORE GIRLS) graduates from college and is forced to move back into her childhood home with her eccentric family, while she attempts to find a job, the right guy, and just a hint of where her life is headed. In Theaters August 21!
  • The Listening Post - Yemen news coverage Media coverage of Macau ten years since the handover of Macau to China.
  • The Listening Post - BP's public relations headache This week on the show: A massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico equals a massive PR headache for BP and the ethical dilemma faced by news organisations when their journalists are kidnapped - to report or not to report?
  • Lost in the Post The WOMBATS first video to Lost in the Post
  • The Listening Post - Missing the mark on Wikileaks? There has been another deluge of information released on Wikileaks - this time about the war in Iraq. But many of the resulting stories have focused on Julian Assange's character as much as on the contents of the leaked documents. Has the media missed the mark or has the Wikileaks front man become a liability for the organisation? The Listening Post this week looks at how the media has become more interested in the life of one man than the deaths of 109000 Iraqis.
  • The Listening Post - The Midterms media players On this episode of The Listening Post we ***yse the media players in the US Midterm elections - old and new, mainstream and alternative, news and non-news. Plus our interview with Julian Assange, the Wikileaks editor-in-chief.
  • Post-It A music video for the czech band, Post-It.
  • The Listening Post - A royal engagement On this episode we look at how a royal engagement in Britain made headlines from New York to Bangkok and ask why this story captivated a global audience?
  • The Listening post - Bin Laden tapes This week on the Listening Post: the debates and the ethics of airing material from Osama bin Laden. Also, we revisit the site of the brutal massacre of journalists in the Philippines.
  • Slayer - Post Mortem - Live Slayer performs Post Mortem live. From the Still Reigning DVD.
  • Post-It Note Atari Stop motion animation of Atari games using Post-It Notes

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  • “This post attempts to summarize the Xmarks story: how we got to be the most heavily used to him, Mitch asked a colleague with a widely read blog to write about it, which he did”
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  • “ is the official web site for the White House and President Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. This site is a source for information about the President, White House news and policies, White House history, and”
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  • “Over on the webOS developer blog, we recently announced the winners of our latest million-dollar "Hot Apps" promotion. Lots of to start your own revolution, here's your chance. [This blog post will self-destruct in five seconds.] Natalie M., Channel”
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  • “A considerable portion of my consulting time has recently revolved around the optimization of corporate blogs (or the addition of We try to post useful information, and we have even invited guest bloggers from another web forum (webproworld) and my posting was deleted (they want everyone blogging”
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  • “You can get a blog just like this by emailing [email protected] Posterous is the easiest way to post and share your content. To you intended them to, choosing exactly which sites your post is autoposted to, how to tag by email, and a”
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