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  • Offering how-to advice and real life ways to train and care for your horse and pony and other animals. TIME TO THINK ABOUT COLD WEATHER AND HOW YOU WILL PROTECT YOUR HORSES AND PONIES!. — “Hunter's Pony Farm Country Living”,
  • Boutique carrying creative products including artwork, toys, clothing, printed matter, plush, and household items. — “Magic Pony Shop & Gallery”, magic-
  • Official site for the organization seeking to expand youth baseball and girls softball programs to young people throughout the world. — “PONY Baseball/Softball”,
  • Motorcycle Gear at The Iron Pony. Your source for motorcycle clothing, motorcycle accessories, atv acessories, motorcycle stuff, motorcycle parts catalog, motocross and motorcross gear. — “Get Your Motorcycle Accessories , Motorcycle Helmets , and”,
  • There are many different breeds of ponies. Compared to horses, ponies often exhibit thicker manes, tails and overall coat, as well as proportionally shorter legs, wider barrels, heavier bone, thicker necks, and shorter heads with broader foreheads. — “Pony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Shop for pony at Target. Find products like horse, my little pony and more. Choose from My Little Pony Hat Box, My Little Pony Radio Controlled Rainbow Dash Plane and other products. — “pony : Target Search Results”,
  • Classic Shetland Ponies for sale, show, driving, breeding, and pleasure. show ponies that have the conformation, looks, and temperament to win and bring great pleasure to their owners. — “Hausman Pony Farm -”,
  • kyle chapman pony league - houston texas:league web site hosted at eteamz - Houston, Texas 77074 USA Kyle Chapman PONY League has been officially named host of the 13-year old Zone Tournament for the 2011 PONY National Summer Tournament Season. — “http:///”,
  • A national not-for-profit organization that provides a program for youth teaching riding, mounted sports, and the care of horse and ponies, with the goals of developing responsibility, moral judgement, leadership, and self-confidence. — “United States Pony Clubs, Inc”,
  • PONY is a high quality book club for all horse-loving youngsters - whether they own a horse or just dream about them. Once you become a member, your child will receive a monthly package featuring books and other fun horsey items. — “Pony Club | The #1 Book Club For Kids Who Love Horses And Ponies!”, pony.us
  • pony n. , pl. , -nies . Any of several types or breeds of horses that are small in size when full grown, such as the Shetland pony. — “pony: Definition from ”,
  • Mustang parts for early model and late model Ford Mustangs. We carry everything you need to restore your classic mustang or enhance any Mustangs performance. — “CJ Pony Parts - Ford Mustang Parts”,
  • Visit us here in Pony, Montana at the foot of the Tobacco Root Mountains. Go fly fishing in the Madison River, Blue Ribbon Trout Fishing, Outdoor Recreation Area. — “Pony, Montana - Recreation Area, Near Blue Ribbon Trout”,
  • pony horse *** ponies *** tail gay penis ride unicorn *** girl ugly crap poo monkey riding *** hair love stallion ass car mustang dick colt retard equestrian *** fat rubbish awesome homo midget crazy idiot jew cute pony boy good equine butt *** the ponytail slang pone *** magical stud boy. — “Urban Dictionary: pony”,
  • Your official source for My Little Pony Games, Toys, Video Games, Online Games and other fun stuff! MY LITTLE PONY REMOTE CONTROL RAINBOW DASH PLANE. — “My Little Pony”,
  • pony (plural ponies) Any of several small breeds of horse under 14.2 hands. A cheat sheet used in Latin classes, often tolerated, sometimes not. A measure of one ounce of liquor. A small serving of an alcoholic beverage. (Australian) A serving of 140 millilitres of beer. — “pony - Wiktionary”,
  • Official site of the athlete wear and shoe label. — “Pony”,
  • Ponies trained by inexperienced individuals, or only ridden by beginners, can turn out to be spoiled because their riders typically lack the experience base to correct bad habits. Properly trained ponies are appropriate mounts for children who are learning to ride. — “Pony”, schools-
  • Pony definition, a small horse of any of several breeds, usually not higher at the shoulder than 14½ hands (58 in./146 cm). See more. — “Pony | Define Pony at ”,
  • National museum of the Pony Express, which also houses some of the original stables. Includes information on the educational programs, adult tours, and press releases. — “Pony Express Museum, The”,

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  • My Little Pony - Sweetie Belle's Gum House Surprise The new style ponies feature in their first animation spot. A short episode : Sweetie Belle's Gum house surprise!
  • The Legend of Zelestia: Navi Pie P-targeting is the new Z-targeting. All of the sound effects and music in this video are from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and are ©Nintendo. The footage is from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and is ©Hasbro and Studio B.
  • 300 Ponies Update 5: 300 Ponies with 300000 views. I love you guys. After about 14 hours of cutting, pasting, syncing, adjusting, effect adding, and having Sony Vegas crash, I bring you the 300 Trailer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Update 1: If anyone is curious as to how this started, it began as a bet from a friend that not every series could make a good 300 Trailer. Myth busted. Update 2: Guys? If you want to use this handy MLP MPAA screen, stop ripping the low quality one from this or other videos. Just use it from the source (me)! Here it is in 1280x720. oi52 Update 3: Hell Yeah! 100k views! Thank you everyone so much for promoting this video and leaving such positive comments. You're all awesome. Update 4: OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH. 200k views! I'm so excited! Copyrights go to Hasbro for My Little Pony, Lauren Faust for developing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Legendary Pictures / Virtual Studios for producing 300 and the trailer. ~2011 Alexstrazsa
  • G3.5 Scootaloo meets G4 My Little Pony Something about G3 Scootaloo rubs me the wrong way Rhianna Bergquist AngelinTrainingx3 Rina-Chan fsujs
  • Harry Potter Re-enacted by Ponies The unicorn blood scene has been left out for obvious reasons. For updates on future projects, check my Facebook: Twitter: Voice acting for AJ, Dash, Celestia, Rarity, and Twilight by Kira Buckland aka Rina-chan. Check out her channel here: Voice acting for Pinkie and Derpy by Bree Faith. Check out her channel here: Voice acting for Fluttershy by Aimee Smith: --- You can see all of my movies at T-shirts available at http This movie was made with the program "Macromedia Flash MX 2004" because I'm old-school like that. Translation for the Polish subtitles by FubuDorweCie Translation for the Swedish subtitles by Occe94 More Pony videos- Call of Duty Re-enacted by Ponies: Star Wars Re-enacted by Ponies: Nintendo Re-enacted by Ponies: Dragon Ball Z Re-enacted by Ponies: Watchmen Re-enacted by Ponies: The Matrix Re-enacted by Ponies: Avengers Re-enacted by Ponies: --- Legal Stuff: All of the music used in this video is by Kevin MacLeod. MacLeod's music is free to use on YouTube according to his site. This can be verified at The music is Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" The song titles that I used are: Pale Rider This song can be found here: Our ...
  • Season 3 NYCC teaser (HD) - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic SPOILER ALERT The clip from season 3 premiere as posted on Facebook by The Hub. It was first shown at the New York Comic-Con My Little Pony panel. Crystal Ponies seem to have some weird problem... Season 3 airs on November 10! All rights owned by The Hub and Hasbro Studios.
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Season 3 "The Crystal Empire - Part 1" - The Hub When the powerful Crystal Empire reappears in northern Equestria after a 1000 year curse caused it to vanish, Princess Celestia calls upon Twilight Sparkle to find a way to protect it from falling again. Season 3 premieres Saturday 11/10 at 10 AM ET | 7 AM PT - only on The Hub! Check your local listing: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic:
  • PONIES the Anthology II The Fun Has Been DOUBLED!!! ------------------------------------------------ Shirts and Posters now available, please support our charity! www.anthology2.com http anthology2 --------------------------------------------------- goo.gl - Table of Contents courtesy SonofMrPeanut --------------------------------------------------- Here are all the awesome people that helped with this project! --------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to MusicByOctavia for use of "Smile Smile Smile" ----------------------------
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic | At the Gala (Best Night Ever Song) Disclaimer: I don't own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or it's amazing music. That all goes to Hasbro inc. All credit goes to them making this amazing song.
  • PONIES (A MLP:FIM Parody) PONIES: The Anthology: Wallpaper here! This is the opening for our latest video, PONIES The Anthology. Fall_Child42 (aka Dr. Dinosaur) had the idea for this, to parody the Kanye West music video "Power." The original video can be found here: After Fall_Child42 cut out all the ponies, I assembled them in the form you see now. "No one mare should have all dis powa!"
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - Season 3 Episode 3 - Too Many Pinkie Pies [HD] Please support The Hub/Hasbro! Season 3 Episode 3 Synopsis: When Pinkie Pie finds it impossible to choose between fun activities with her friends, she decides to use magic to make more Pinkie Pies. But her clones soon make it impossible for Pinkie Pie to be with any of her friends at all. Check this guy out: I do NOT claim ownership of any of the images, videos,or songs used in this video. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is copyright of Hasbro inc. I am not associated with Hasbro inc or any of its subsidiaries.
  • PONIES The Anthology WARNING: this video does contain some filthy language, parental discretion is advised. Repeat: not for kids D: CLEAN VERSION HERE: Pony with Jolly Roger used in Jackass segment courtesy of SeeTheMutt. Much of the video and audio used in this project belong to other people, please watch the credits! Animated sprites from the credits: courtesy of all the Desktop Pony Bronies at Ponychan /collab/ and desktopponies.co.cc Table of Contents Google Doc HERE: goo.gl courtesy of SonofMrPeanut Special thanks to everyone who contributed!
  • Ginuwine - My Pony Only Audio of "My Pony"
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - This Day Aria [1080p] 7000000+ views! :D My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 x Episode 26 A Canterlot Wedding Part 2 Credits go to Daniel Ingram for composing the song. Lyrics: This day is going to be perfect The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small Everypony will gather round Say I look lovely in my gown What they don't know is that I have fooled them all. This day was going to be perfect The kind of day of which I dreamed since I was small But instead of having cake With all my friends to celebrate My wedding bells they may not ring for me at all. I could care less about the dress I won't partake in any cake Vows, well I will be lying when I say That through any kind of weather I'll want us to be together The truth is I don't care for him at all No I do not love the groom In my heart there is no room But I still want him to be all mine. We must escape before its too late Find a way to save the day Hope, I'll be lying if I say I don't fear that I may lose him To one who wants to use him Not care for love and cherish him each day For I oh-so love the groom Oh my thoughts he does consume Oh Shining Armor, I'll be there very soon. Finally the moment has arrived For me to be one lucky bride. Oh, the wedding we won't make He'll end up marrying a fake Shining Armor will be Mine, all mine! Download (MP3):
  • We Love Fine 'My Favorite Pony' Contest! (DA version: fav.me We Love Fine is having another contest! Three in one, actually. Thanks for voting guys! One of our designs actually won! To see the other designs that didn't win, as well as host of other designs, check them out here! Animated by Zedrin Song is Pinkie's Parasprite Polka (8-bit) by RainbowCrash88 Rigging by Silly Filly Studios Background by Shade Twilight Sparkle: Taylor Bolam Rainbow Dash: Emily Koch Fluttershy: Meredith Sims Vinyl Scratch: Kira Buckland (Rina Chan) My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro
  • *LEAKED* My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Extended Introduction Sing-Along The Extended My little Pony Friendship is Magic Introduction Sing-along by Rebecca Shoichet! Enjoy! Rights belong to Hasbro Rights belong to Shout Kids This for anyone who is looking for an mp3 of this song:
  • Something's WRONG with MY LITTLE PONY Friendship is magic Blunty3000 is a Brony... he watches My little Pony: Friendship is magic. He likes it. But there's something just a little WRONG here somewhere... Wonder what it could be? and will it CORRUPT THE CHILDREN?! "Twilight Sparkle, a talented but introverted student of Princess Celestia, is sent to Ponyville in the hopes that she will open up and make some friends. There, she meets fellow ponies Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Fluttershy. However, she is too focused on researching and preventing a prophecy, involving an evil pony who was sealed within the moon and would return during the "longest day of the thousandth year". From the TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", the 2010 reboot of the perennial Hasbro franchise as masterminded by Lauren Faust. (of the Powerpuff girls and more)
  • Pony An older animation I did during my undergrad at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.
  • Star Wars Re-enacted by Ponies For updates on future projects, check out my Facebook page: Awesome voice acting by Kira Buckland aka Rina-chan. Check out her channel here: Translation for the Spanish subtitles by Arnulfo Castillo Spanish subtitles revised by Fernando51b Translation for the German subtitles by Theallerbest Translation for the Swedish subtitles by SurfSmurf778 Translation for the Japanese subtitles by princessgirl1291 Translation for the French subtitles by TheCanadaPenguin Translation for the Indonesian and Chinese subtitles by impactorforGod Translation for the Dutch subtitles by dariogweg Translation for the Portuguese subtitles by feelingblue2 Translation for the Norwegian subtitles by DarthGamer2000 Translation for the Czech subtitles by GihanGanno Translation for the Finnish subtitles by BronyMahkyla Translation for the Polish subtitles by FubuDorweCie More Pony videos- Call of Duty Re-enacted by Ponies: Nintendo Re-enacted by Ponies: Dragon Ball Z Re-enacted by Ponies: Watchmen Re-enacted by Ponies: The Matrix Re-enacted by Ponies: You can see all of my movies at I'm on Facebook My Twitter: This movie was made in 2 weeks with the ...
  • Picture Perfect Pony Official Music Video Animation Tee-hee~! Did it in 24 days more or less (around three months. Busy periods are busy) Wanna support future animations? Donate Button is on my tumblr! ask- People who helped: Silverstreak: MandoPony: Ask The Crusaders: ask- EileMonty: AND BerrySweet: DZ-Aladan:
  • TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos for May 2012 - Community Voted First month back in the saddle (heh heh) and I decided to try a few different things with the visuals. Hopefully you people approve. On to the links. Intro Video Pony Pony Pony Pony (Season 2 Compilation) by jhaller2 - Ending Credits Song Pinkie's Brew Russian Gypsy Jazz by Lenich - Honorable Mentions Bronies React: Season 2 Finale by ACRaceBest - Victory (The Real Wedding Ending) by Adecoy95 - Ponycraft II: Queen of the Swarm by SilkAMV - Top Ten Videos BEAT | PMV by Liftlok - Happy Birthday Berry Sweet! by C***eDoppiaggi - The CMC Wait for Season Three by SnivianMoon - Rainbow Dash Stole the 20% Cooler Thing by 2007excalibur2007 - Spike Bravo by Catsuhako - [PMV] The Massive Smile Project Music Video by BronyDanceParty - Take On Me by rsmv2you - Dash's Determination by GlitzerAMVs - Soviet Pony March by Dabuxian - Magic [PMV] by MadameLeFlour -
  • My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash - You're Gonna Go Far Kid [Explicit] Best. Pony. EVER. My Little Pony Clips - Hasbro "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" - The Offspring
  • My Little Pony Friendship is Magic "The Crystal Empire" (Clip) - The Hub When the powerful Crystal Empire reappears in northern Equestria after a 1000-year curse caused it to vanish, Princess Celestia calls upon Twilight Sparkle to find a way to protect it from falling again. Check your local listings: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic:
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Season 3 Episode 4 One Bad Apple The fourth episode from season 3. All rights to HASBRO! 1080p HD version is up go here!
  • The Top Ten Pony Videos of October 2012 Welp, let's see how this all goes. Contact can be found on Twitter: Top Ten Links. Smile song - Tombstone Mix [(not a) Typography Animation] by NoPonyZone: Batman Hates Bronies - (Dark Knight & My Little Pony Cartoon) by JamesLee03: [Ponification] Power Puff Girls Intro by MrShinyObject: The Pony and the Car by GalaxyArtForever: Wildfire's Road Rage by nomorethan9: When The Ponies Cry by FantasyBlade: Appleliscious by BlackGryph0n: Daylight's End by SillyFillyStudios: Derpy's Perfect Math Class by SubZeroVector: 2 Best Sisters Play Resident Evil 4 by 2Snacks: Honorable Mentions MLP: Nightmare by Saxm13: Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon #2 by Hotdiggedydemon: G3.5 Scootaloo meets G4 My Little Pony by ToucanLDM: Intro Video: Poniryoshka by Parnas1us: Credits Song: Zedd ft. Matthew Koma — Spectrum (Odyssey's Prism Mix) by OdysseyEurobeat: Winning Contest Entry Video by 4SuitTheUnicorn:
  • Chubby Checker - Pony Time
  • Ginuwine - Pony Music video by Ginuwine performing Pony. (C) 1996 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT
  • TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos of September 2012 This will be the last Top Ten I do for awhile. JHaller is taking my place so go to his channel to keep following it: Links: HASTILY MADE PONYVILLE TOURISM VIDEO by Jhaller2: The Pony: An Unexpected Journeigh by GalaxyArtForever: Dan Vs. FIM: Crayon Vision by FluffyMixer: Rarity Rhymes by BlackGryph0n: "The Convention" - At The Gala Parody by SherclopPones: Twilight The Unicorn by SillyFillyStudios: Chaotic Wedding by MrPoniator: [PMV] Dork by Feedsy: My Little Pony: Friendship Was Magic by DeusGear: Rhythm is Magic - Remix Apple Apple Apple by MysteryBen27: Honorable Mentions Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony FIM - Turnabout Storm [Part 3/4]- Twilight by PWaaMLPfim: [PMV] Awoken by BronyDanceParty: She Likes Clouds by DabuXian: Intro Video Sweetie Belle Relays a Message by BronyVids: Credits Song Pixel Rush by Glaze/WoodenToaster:
  • Rainbow Pony Gangnam Style EDIT 3: Over 300k views in a month? I can't believe my first animation got so popular so fast! Also, WHY DID YOUTUBE REMOVE LOOPING. The cries of abused replay buttons will now echo throughout youtube. EDIT 2: Wow! This got over 100k views in 2 weeks! EDIT: Featured on EQD! I'm so happy right now, I'm now motivated more than ever to make more animations. Based off a pony video based off gangnam style, we follow Rainbow Dash as she runs around Equestria with her coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness cranked up high. ORIGINAL ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE! ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE! This is a PARODY, and is not to be taken seriously. This is my first time ever animating, and boy is it hard. I love the song Gangnam Style by Psy plus I love ponies and the video that Coconeru made inspired me to make my own animation. I've never done any animation before and it took me forever to finish. But the mental image of Rainbow Dash staring at Spitfire's plot kept me smiling when I worked on it. I REGRET NOTHING. Credit goes to MLP Vector Club some vectors I used and the double rainboom project for the puppets.
  • My little pony Intro, opening theme My Little Pony opening
  • Pony Gangnam Style Kanashiipanda and Coconeru present... PONY GANGNAM STYLE! Thank you all for 1500 Subs!!! Love you guys. Yes this just happened. Don't forget to subscribe :3 Follow me on tumblr!!!! BETTER FLASH VERSION http GET THE GIFS HERE 1n33d4 WATCH HIS DEVIANTART SEND HIM FLOWERS OR SOME ***. For those of you who don't know kanashiipanda he's an awesome artist and animator who did this animation. Check him out here. GO SUB TO HIM ON YOUTUBE NOW He's working on some sweet stuff. ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE! The Dancing Pony is my OC Coconeru The Mare with DAT PLOT is my friend's OC named Dreamwhisper You can find her here! she's quite the artist and she should be told that more often! GO TELL HER THAT! Bahaha EqD'd Thanks guys! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video is a parody, and is protected as such under US copyright law. All trademarks, music ect. used belong to their respective holders; no infringement is intended. (C) Officialpsy Psypark
  • Night Of Pony ★ ナイト・オブ・ポニー HELP SANDY VICTIMS - PLEASE SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING GROUPS! ★ ★ ★ ★ PROPS TO THE GOOGLE/YOUTUBE SUPPORT TEAM FOR FIXING THE ANNOTATIONS! .. AGAIN! It finally let me delete the pauses. yay! MP3 ►►► GOCKapella - Now also on Nico Nico Douga (thanks Lothies! ^_^) www.nicovideo.jp MOAR MLPFiM PARODIES AND REMIXES (a playlist of my personal favorites) DJ P0N-3 ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - HELP JAPAN NOW ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ ► ► ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ - ★ (These two links above were provided by someone who absolutely knows for a FACT that your donations won't be wasted, use these first!) ► ►INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS ►SALVATION ARMY ►AMERICARES ►SAVE THE CHILDREN ►GLOBAL GIVING ►INT MEDICAL CORPS (Thanks @atomicboyx for the links) So "What is this?" Night of Nights (ナイト・オブ・ナイツ) is a "remix" of a song from a series of videogames from Japan called Touhou. However it's also a fad of fan made hyper edited videos edied to go along with the song. The fad started in 2008 and peaked ...
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S03E03 Too Many Pinkie Pies 720p I know... it's 720p... BUT it's released early and up here, and I will have the 1080 when/if it comes out. in the MEANTIME, enjoy! Note: at about 2:47, there is an audio glitch. this is present in the source I have unfortunately
  • [Song] My Little Pony - Babs Seed (from 3x04, One Bad Apple) iTunes version here (higher quality): youtu.be Download:
  • TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos for July 2012 This is probably the best month that the top ten videos list has seen so far. Links: Opening Video: The Legend of Zelestia: Twilink Sneaks Surreptitiously into Canterlot Castle by TheDanielsaur: Top Ten Videos Cutie Mark Crusaders - Beep Beep! by Snapai: This Day Aria: Literal Video Version by missbunniswan: Magic The Traveling by BronyToons: Love Me Cheerilee Music Video by BronyDanceParty: Musical Film - Wake up Applejack! by Tsubukichan: My Little Portal: Episode 1 by ChristansCartoons: Ponies Royale by Feedsy: Want It, Need It (Hold Me) by OmegaOzone: Picture Perfect Pony Official Music Video Animation by JanAnimations: PONIES The Anthology II by ZephyrStar and Company: Honorable Mentions: Rainbow Dash Presents: Haunting Nightmare by FiMFlamFilosophy: Teleport Potion by 2Snacks: Disconnected PMV by MyLittleVisuals: Ending Song Disconnected by Pegboard Nerds:
  • Batman meets My Little Pony What if the Dark Knight stumbles into a world of talking ponies. Rina-Chan
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Every Season One Song The updated version of my original upload. All of the Pony songs compiled into a single video. Enjoy! --- The songs that this video includes are: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - 00:00 Pinkie Pie's No Fear Song - 00:35 The Grand Galloping Gala - 02:05 Pinkie's Buttering Up Song - 03:09 Junior Speedster's Chant - 03:34 Hop, Skip and Jump - 03:59 Evil Enchantress - 04:48 Evil Enchantress, Flutterguy Version 05:13 Winter Wrap Up - 05:52 Baking Cupcakes - 09:09 Stitching It Together (Art of the Dress) - 09:38 Pony Lullaby - 13:49 Cutie Mark Crusaders - 14:44 You Got to Share, You Got to Care - 17:22 Magical Place - 18:42 Singing Telegram - 19:37 At the Gala - 20:23 I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala - 23:47 Pony Pokey - 24:57 Lyrics can be found here: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is trademark of Hasbro. I do not own any of the footage shown within this video and I am making no profit from uploading this content. By uploading this, I fully acknowledge the creators right to request that this content is removed.
  • Pony Pokey | MLP: Friendship Is Magic [HD] Song: Pony Pokey My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 1 | Episode: 26 - The Best Night Ever MP3 version (HQ): (Link to the whole soundtrack can be found on my channel page) //LYRICS// You reach your right hoof in You reach your right hoof out You reach your right hoof in And you shake it all about You do the Pony Pokey meeting lots of folks with clout That's what I'm talking about You step your left hoof in You pull it right back out You step your left hoof in But you better help him out You do the Pony Pokey but you'd find a different route That's what it's all about You kick your back left in You pull your back left out You reach your back left in Just be brave and have no doubt You do the Pony Pokey feeling like you're gonna pout That's what I'm singing about You tilt your head in You tilt your head out You tilt your head in Then you shake it all about You do the Pony Pokey even though your date's a lout You're better off without You stomp your whole self in You stomp your whole self out You stomp your whole self in And you stomp yourself about You do the Pony Pokey and you give a little shout Fluttershy: COME OUT! That's what I'm talking about You do the Pony Pokey You do the Pony Pokey You do the Pony Pokey And that's what it's all about YEAH!
  • TheMovieBrony's Top Ten Pony Videos for August 2012 Classes, papers, and peer reviews oh my. This probably won't end well. Links are below. Intro Video: Applejack's Falcon Kick (MLP in real life) by StormXF3: Top Ten List Smile Song Literal Version by Missbunniswan: Batman Meets My Little Pony by ToucanLDM: Hotdiggedydemon Panel Cartoon #1 by Hotdiggedydemon: Yugioh Re-enacted by Ponies by jjkmovies: Pony Gangnam Style by Coconeru: My Little Portal Episode 2 by ChristiansCartoons: Toothpaste Cannon Infomercial by MeleePrincess: Derp Face by Bronyvids: (PMV) The Garden by Mmmandarinorange: Rainbowliscious by Christkids: Honorable Mentions: [Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 2 (Trixie) by BogyleBronies: Smile Like you Mean it (PMV) by pspchief: Double Rainboom Promo 2 by Flamingo1986Studio: Credits Song: E48 by SoGreatAndPowerful:
  • Swagberg ft. Maros - Pony Swag (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (HD Audio Edition) MORE SWAGBERG HERE! Get the new mixtape and support the artists! This is some really hot ***, trust me. 17-Minute Multi-Brony Megamix! Download the official single at: For best video quality, go to (Verse 1 - Swagberg) This...
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Twilight's BBBFF [1080p] :D My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 2 x Episode 25 A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 Lyrics: When I was just a filly I found it rather silly To see how many other ponies I could meet I had my books to read, didn't know that I would ever need Other ponies to make my life complete But there was one colt that I cared for I knew he would be there for me My big brother, best friend forever Like two peas in a pod, we did everything together He taught me how to fly a kite (Best friend forever) We never had a single fight (We did everything together) We shared our hopes, we shared our dreams I miss him more than I realized, it seems Your big brother, best friend forever Like two peas in a pod, you did everything together And though he's oh so far away I hoped that he would stay My big brother best friend Forever Forever Download (MP3):
  • Sh-Pony As a follow-up to "I'm a Pony", I bring to you: "Sh-Pony"! This time, Rainbow Dash is singing the good old hit "Life Could Be A Dream (Sh-Boom)" by The Chords! She sure loves old classics, huh? In actual work-time this took like 4 hours to make, because I experimented with so many new things - but in ACTUAL time this took like 30 hours to produce because it was post-pony'd beyond belief. The most annoying part about this animation was making Spitfire turn around. ;~; For those of you suggesting I'm implying RBD is lesbian, you're wrong. All she has is a healthy obsession with best pony Spitfire. Thumbnail Of The Year: i44 Spitfire-model made by EGPicturesStudios: Spitfire's brief voiceactress: Wallpaper (1080p) of impending rape: And an even higher resolution vector: fav.me Tumblr: Twitter Steam:

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