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  • Health sector jobs grossly politicised. Health sector jobs grossly politicised in Bangladesh News. Bangladesh Health sector jobs grossly politicised. — “Health sector jobs grossly politicised - Bangladesh News”, .bd
  • Definition of politicised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of politicised. Pronunciation of politicised. Translations of politicised. politicised synonyms, politicised antonyms. Information about politicised in the free online English. — “politicised - definition of politicised by the Free Online”,
  • Cairo - The Arab League and Sudan warned Saturday against the International Criminal Court (ICC) becoming politicised after Khartoum called for an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers to discuss reports that the court prosecutor may. — “Arab League, Sudan warn of international court crisis”,
  • Hugh Robertson has warned that having five politicians on the World Cup bid board could politicise the process World Cup bid must not be politicised. Wednesday, October 8 2008. Hugh Robertson, the Shadow Sports Minister, has warned that having five current or former politicians on. — “The Conservative Party | News | News | World Cup bid must not”,
  • It's not peace in heaven that religion is after, but political power here on Earth, says Elizabeth Wilson Politicised religion requires a militant response. — “Elizabeth Wilson - Politicised religion requires a militant”,
  • Scots Government's heavily politicised' legal aid reforms play with public's access to As the dust settles on last week's heavily politicised announcement from Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill of access reforms' to legal aid availability, some inside & outside the profession. — “Scottish Law Reporter: Scots Government's heavily politicised”,
  • Sri Lanka's judiciary: Politicised courts, compromised rights - ICG report Rather than constraining militarisation and protecting minority rights, a politicised bench under the just-retired chief justice has entrenched favoured allies, punished. — “ReliefWeb " Document " Sri Lanka's judiciary: Politicised”, reliefweb.int
  • What is the intent of the phrase "whose writings have been described as being politicised" Agreed with removing that phrase about his writings being described as politicised and replacing it with just a description of who this John Dee. — “Talk:British Isles/Archive 31 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Government's standards watchdog has "politicised" an inquiry into the House of Lords, The Government's standards watchdog has "politicised" an inquiry into the House of Lords,. — “House of Lords inquiry politicised, say peers - UK Politics”,
  • TouchStone Resources director Dr Anthony Turton has called for a paradigm shift in perceptions of wastewater treatment works, arguing that it should be named water recovery works. — “Water is under priced and politicised – Turton”, engineeringnews.co.za
  • Hamas said on Monday that the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip is a humanitarian mission that should not be politicised or exploited at the expense of the Palestinian people's national rights. — “Hamas: Rebuilding Gaza is a humanitarian mission and should”, palestine-
  • Most objective observers believe that Justice Chaudhry is considered politicised not because of his speeches but due to the suo moto actions he took against powerful persons and business entities. With some modifications, the US envisioned-scenario is back in place. — “WASHINGTON DIARY: Power of myth”,
  • Ballarat council chief executive Richard Han*** says the Eureka Dawn Lantern Walk has been "politicised" "They'll either join the dawn lantern walk understanding that it has been politicised in the fashion that it has been by the organiser, or they won't. — “Lantern walk 'politicised': council chief. 29 November 2006”, .au
  • Fiji's Police Commissioner Commodore Esala Teleni says he found the police force heavily politicised when he left the military to take up his new job last year. in I knew the police was already politicised," Teleni said in an interview with Fijilive. — “Fijilive - Gateway to Fiji, Fiji News, Fiji eDirectory, Fiji”,
  • Financial express latest business and finance news: Politicised AP lacks policy rationale. — “Politicised AP lacks policy rationale”,
  • Dr Omede Idris, a public health specialist, is the National 'Health Issues Are Being Politicised' All Africa 2010-08-30. Dr Omede Idris, a public health specialist, is the National Read full article Post a Comment Email this Page Sms this Page RSS. — “'Health Issues Are Being Politicised' - ”,
  • IPCC Too "Politicised" To Survive. Posted on 11/28/2009 by TonyfromOz. 0. By Andrew Bolt. TonyfromOz prefaces . These are dramatic times in Australia, mainly in the political arena, but the genesis of those political dramas lies with the Climate. — “IPCC Too "Politicised" To Survive " PA Pundits – International”,
  • allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience Maputo — The Chief of Staff of the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM), Paulino Macaringue, has categorically denied the repeated claims by the former rebel movement, Renamo, that the army has been "politicised". — “: Mozambique: Army Not Politicised, Says Chief”,
  • Iranian artist displays highly politicised work at Dubai gallery. — “Iranian artist displays highly politicised work at Dubai gallery”, thenational.ae
  • It was the politicised Treasury which got the UK economy so heavily into debt. It was the politicised Treasury which got the UK economy so heavily into debt. — “Comment: Why the politicised Treasury is to blame”,
  • Sri Lanka: Politicised Courts, Compromised Rights INTERNATIONAL CRISIS GROUP - NEW REPORT. — “Sri Lanka: Politicised Courts, Compromised Rights”,
  • The public think politicians should not meddle day-to-day with the health service, a key body claims. Last Updated: Tuesday, 19 June 2007, 01:35 GMT 02:35 UK. E-mail this to a friend. Printable version. Public wants NHS 'de-politicised' The wards cannot be completely free of politics, the body concedes. — “BBC NEWS | Health | Public wants NHS 'de-politicised'”,
  • 'MEDIA HAS BECOME POLITICISED' The junta crackdown on the Internet and broadcast news media continues apace. Newspapers have been politicised since Thaksin's time and now they continue to be politicised by supporting the junta-backed administration. — “'MEDIA HAS BECOME POLITICISED'”,
  • IM VIDEO JOURNALISM: The Politicised Generation Cutting edge videojournalism posts from Int. Awards Video journalist, Snr Lecturer, Artist in Residence, Multimedia expert and PhD candidate publisher of viewmagazine.tv. — “IM VIDEO JOURNALISM: The Politicised Generation”,

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  • Cambridge Ideas - Seven Ages of the Body Dr John Robb is an archaeologist and has been studying how people have understood the human body over the last 10000 years. "It may seem surprising to think the human body has a history. We take it for granted it's a material thing, it's just there" Over time his research shows the body has been seen and portrayed in different ways: the body as an animal, the body politicised, God's body, the body as a machine and as a simultaneous mixture of the above.
  • Michele Aaron on mainstream American film Dr Michele Aaron discusses her research into politicised readings of mainstream cinema. /acs
  • Mrs Mandela - Trailer Mrs Mandela Oscar-nominee Sophie Okonedo brings the life of one of the most extraordinary and controversial figures in recent history to the screen. Mrs Mandela is a triumph, a tragedy and an unravelling love story, charting Winnie Mandela's progression from innocent country girl to politicised fighter against apartheid; from adoring wife to revolutionary firebrand. Shot on location in and around Soweto, the film focuses on the development of the relationship between Winnie and her husband, Nelson Mandela, from their brief courtship in the Fifties to the aftermath of Nelson's release from prison in 1990. It is a subtle exploration of a remarkable relationship set against the backdrop of one of the greatest political struggles of the 20th century.
  • Climate change too politicised: Garnaut Climate change expert Ross Garnaut says political debate is diluting the science of global warming in the eyes of the public.
  • Zahid: Religious issues should not be politicised Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says Malaysians of all religions should abide by the Federal Constitution and understand the importance of stability and harmony in the country.
  • Spin Marvel - The New Album 'The Reluctantly Politicsed Mr JameP The Reluctantly Politicised Mr. James is the second album by Spin Marvel, a group that wowed critics on their debut self-titled album in 2005. Led by drummer Martin France, it features some of the best improvisers in European Jazz, and with the addition of celebrated trumpeter Nils Peter Molvaer, marks a giant leap forward and reflects some of the most exciting music bursting our of the European scene. More info at
  • What do you answer to those who say that the STL is politicised? Daniel Bellemare, Prosecutor
  • Don't Panic! They ARE watching you! Mar 8, 2009 - recorded 12:55 GMT ****** Update ******** Pay attention - why??? Bill Gates' foundation dumps shares in Warren Buffett's Berkshire: www.marke*** *********************** New 'safe' bed allows savers to safely store their cash under the mattress: Summit to draw up new global rules for bankers: Retailers revolt as Europe's largest mall struggles: GM set to give up on Europe: Brit Insurance falls on talk of fundraising: Lloyds primed for 1980s slump: Caught on film and stored on database: how police keep tabs on activists: Police surveillance: 'They're focusing on the press more than the protesters': Politicised prying: Under surveillance: police target environmental protesters and journalists: US Army To Buy $6 Million Of Riot Equipment : Gordon Brown calls for 'morality' in financial system: For my kids - rock on F Nickelback The Ghost of Tom Joad: Hitler: Another trade, another margin call Like Sheep to the Slaughter: An interesting diversion - hey where's Zeppelin on the list? Ah, this must be why my marriage never worked out - i had the wrong song!!! Top 100 Love Songs for Weddings: .au
  • Zunou Keisatsu - Jyuu wo Tore The debut LP by Zunou Keisatsu (aka. Brain Police) was immediately banned for its political sentiments and use of an infamous bank robber as its cover star Haruo "Panta" Nakamura vocals, guitar Toshi Ishizuka drums, congas, bongos Hiroshi Nar (Narazaki) guitar Coming on like a politicised Tyrannosaurus Rex in the style of Terry Stamps Third World War, Zunou Keisatsu were a radical protest band with a penchant for changing members and line-ups often depending on who was straight enough to make it all the way through the gig. They were formed in the late 60s by vocalist and guitarist Panta, who had formerly played with festival obscurities Peanut Butter, Mojo and Spartacus Bunt, and Brain Police songs were all built around the guitarists fist-in-the-air people-at-the-barricades lyrics. Taking their name from the early Mothers of Invention song "Who Are The Brain Police?" the band survived long enough to make six LPs and continued until the end of 1975. However, there are two obvious peaks in their career, the first being their rousing duo performance at the GENYA anti-airport protest festival, when Panta and conga player Toshi shared a bill with Blues Creation, Masauki Takayanagis free rock New Direction For The Arts, and Keiji Hainos Lost Aaraaff. Performances of the songs "Pick Up Your Gun" and the seven-minute chant "World Revolutionary War Declaration" received such a positive response from the crowd that the nihilism of closing act Lost Aaraaff was greeted with large ...
  • The Tucson Massacre: a Politicised Issue I find it morally reprehensible that anyone would make a political issue of the events of January 8, 2011. The fact of the matter is, 6 people lay dead, and 13 wounded. It doesn't matter what political philosophy they hold, if any. It matters that they are Americans.
  • Chan Kong Choy: Do not politicise mother language MCA deputy president Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy says mother tongue education could have been developed better if it has not been politicised.
  • Bra-et Al Rouh Trailer.flv The trailer for our new short. 'Bra-et Al Rouh' aims to raise awareness of the Palestinian refugees by using a common theme of homelessness. This theme highlights the parallels between the Middle East and Western people in a way that refrains from being politicised. Its main star is a six year old Palestinian girl from Gaza and it is through her eyes that the story unfolds. The Palestinian girl is drawn to help a man on the street who is deep in despair. By showing him a small act of kindness life seems all the brighter to him and that his life has new hope
  • Ongeri: Cash saga has been politicised www.ntv.co.ke Education minister Proffessor Sam Ongeri has his New Year resolution ready; he will not resign. The minister now claims those pushing for his resignation are on the payroll of his political enemies and as Rashid Ronald reports, he is promising to name names soon.
  • Politicised Northerner NOrtherner
  • Bedroom Rock-'Politicised'(Unplugged)by Wriddh This is an original,composed by:Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya,Atanu Ray,Sayantan Roy and Agniva Sen)(KrYptiC),Lyrics:Wriddhaayan Bhattacharyya
  • Sugar Politicised
  • Weapons of Mass Deception trailer Weapons of Mass Deception trailer Watch the full film Here: www.joiningthedots.tv The Iraq war has politicised the world in a way not seen since Vietnam. But, have we focused too much on political and intelligence failures and not the failures of the media to scrutinise the policies that led the US and Britain to war? In WMD, Media critic, Danny Schechter, explores the roles the Pentagon propaganda machine and the media played in the Iraq War. WMD's hard-hitting dissection of information warfare asks if the media was complicit in the selling of an unpopular conflict and if the media-management techniques of government are now out of control? Schechter's film includes never-before-seen footage from Iraq, insider information about Pentagon information warfare strategy and a report about torture at Baghdad's notorious Abu Ghraib prison that predates the US network stories by eight months. The film investigates the embed program, 'infiltrates' Fox News and takes a global approach to ***ysing coverage. WMD comes on the heels of an admission by the New York Times that its pre-war coverage was deeply flawed, a view seconded by Michael Getler, ombudsman of the Washington Post. WMD adds to a growing debate within the US news business about its coverage that differed dramatically from reporting seen around the world. Schecter argues that the war would never have been fought had the corporate owned media held a more scrutinising position in their approach to the Bush administration ...
  • Is the Malegaon blast probe being politicised? Muqabla - Top politicians combat each other with the help of a live audience in this formal debate. Each party has a limited time to respond to allegations and criticism.
  • Public unimpressed by politicised Jedward posters A Labour Party poster that casts Tory pair David Cameron and George Osbourne as Jedward, the 'X Factor' twins, is a "childish" and "pointless" ad which would not sway people to vote in Labour's favour, according to members of the public interviewed in this week's video.
  • Too much, too young: why is policy obsessed with ***age mums? Speakers: Simon Blake; Professor Rosalind Edwards; Dr Lesley Hoggart; Dr Jan Macvarish Chair: Brid Hehir When a Conservative election campaign document mistakenly asserted that 54 per cent of girls in deprived areas fall pregnant before 18, it revealed a widespread prejudice that ***age pregnancy is a huge problem. While critics rushed to condemn the mistake (the figure is in fact 5.4 per cent), it is considered common sense today that ***age parenthood is a significant social issue. Some £300 million has been spent on New Labour's ***age Pregnancy Strategy since 1999, aiming to cut the number of *** pregnancies in half by promoting comprehensive *** education and birth control. Many in academic and policy circles, however, now concede that ***age pregnancy has become over-politicised. It is pointed out that British ***age pregnancy rates have been falling since the 1970s, are lower than countries such as the USA, and that the gloomy predictions of failure attributed to ***age parents and their offspring are not borne out by the evidence. Research even shows that parenthood can give young women and men a sense of maturity and responsibility. So why are policy makers preoccupied with ***age parenthood? Some argue that state intrusion in the lives of the young, advising them on employability, training them in parenting skills etc, is a cover for a neoliberal agenda of individualising responsibility and coercing young people off benefits. Others see it as undermining ...
  • 2G was politicised, all loss figures are incorrect: Uninor's Sanjay Chandra Unitech, one of the companies named in the comptroller and auditor general (CAG) report, has gone on the offensive against the country's auditor. Speaking exclusively to NDTV from Davos, Unitech's MD Sanjay Chandra has countered all the allegations against his firm and said the 2G issue was politicized. He said the real facts and numbers really not what have come out in the media.
  • Douglas Murray - Islam is Failing Europe (23.02.2010) Highlights from an IQ debate last year which largely focused around the ability of Muslims in Europe to cope with criticism, many of whom in the audience did not seem to appreciate the irony of booing and interrupting Douglas upon hearing that criticism themselves.
  • Politicised Folk - Hunger Strike An extract from a BBC Documentary - Politicised Folk - which looks at the role of Christy Moore and Moving Hearts and their music during the 1981 Hunger Strike
  • New Labour attack Tories on their spending plans (18Sept09) Now that New Labour continue to rack up ever higher, record breaking borrowing (debts the taxpayer owes), New Labour have used the Treasury resources to rubbish alleged Conservative spending plans, in a blatant piece of New Labour propaganda (the taxpayer paid for to produce). So much for the independent civil service. They 100% work for New Labour, abusing taxpayers money. A mass clear-out of this civil service garbage is needed after the general election. Recorded from BBC 10pm News, 18 September 2009.
  • Endosulfan issue politicised; UDFnot to cooperate with CM: Chennithala UDF has decided not to cooperate with LDF and VS Achuthanandan in their fight against Endosulfan as the entire incident got politicized.www.istream.im
  • Wikileaks founder wanted on politicised rape charges in Sweden WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is wanted in Sweden where he has been accused of rape, a prosecutor has said.Karin Rosander, director of communications at Sweden's prosecutors' office, said an arrest warrant for the 39-year-old Australian was issued late on Friday.
  • Genova Pride 2009 - video 250000 townspeople and revellers took part in the city's first major LGBT pride, culminating in an address by the mayor, Marta Vincenzi, on the main city square, Piazza Ferrari. Although around a quarter of the city turned out for the 3.5-hour pride politicised police estimates of attendance were as low as 40000.
  • Lefties-Property is Theft The story of Villa Road, a squatted street, during the heyday of squatting in the late 1970s, when all over the country people lived together in politicised communities. These squatters were on the left, and were part of a generation whose views were underwritten by Marxist ideology. They believed that the revolution was coming and the state would be overthrown. Villa Road in south London brought together an extraordinary community of over 200 people. QUOTES "The idea was that there would be a revolution. One was always a little bit vague about exactly what form that might take in Britain, maybe a general strike or whatever. It sounds and it was wildly utopian." Mike Reid, Villa Roader Anarchists mixed with hippies and feminists, and homeless single mothers rubbed shoulders with marxist revolutionaries. The core group in Villa Road were white middle-class graduates. These politicised intellectuals with allegiances to various left-wing groups led the Villa Roaders in all their anti-capitalist campaigns. Villa Roaders were against the nuclear family, which they felt denied the full potential of the individual. They were antagonistic to the police, who they viewed as an embodiment of the state. They identified politically with the working class, and supported striking workers. These were also the early days of feminism, and women on Villa Road struggled to free themselves from male domination by attending consciousness-raising groups and Marxist reading groups. As well as ...
  • Politicised Public Service
  • Review - Red Alert: The War Within Story: Suneil Shetty, a cook who delivers food to a band of Naxals holed up in a forest, is forced to join them, when the cops follow him and stage an encounter. Is this the initiation -- and politicisation -- of the apolitical simpleton into India's most violent and visible grassroot movements today? Movie Review: Now what could be more topical than a film on India's most burning issue of the moment: the Naxalite movement that has metamorphosed into a civil war that seems to be setting our nation on fire. Ananth Narayan's film, scripted by one of our finest women directors, Aruna Raje, is doubly important. First, it literally takes off from the headlines that have been glaring in your face in the last few years. Second, it dares to enter not only the geographical territory of the war within, but also explores the more tricky ideological terrain. Is there any justification at all for the maoist movement which has created heroes out of people who are allegedly responsible for unprecedented violence and death? More importantly an ideology which is gradually growing into a mass movement, resulting in an ever-growing Red corridor, running through the heart of India. Most of the drama is centred in a Maoist camp and witnessed through the eyes of Suneil Shetty, a humble cook who has no political leanings whatsoever. All he wants is to be left with his simple wife Bhagyashree and his two kids, after completing his job which entails delivering food for the fugitives. When one ...
  • There's no law and order problem in Andhra: Jagan After defying the Congress high command by undertaking a tour of Telangana region, YS Jaganmohan Reddy on Monday said he was ready to quit as Kadapa MP if it was proved that he had politicised the visit even as insisted on continuing with the yatra.
  • Are UP rapes being politicised? Left Right And Centre: The UP chief minister has been under fire for the law and order situation in the state. There have been 10 rapes in the past 48 hours in the state. Today while announcing new measures for dealing with rape, Mayawati hit back at the Congress and said it was baseless to suggest that the maximum crime against women was taking place in Uttar Pradesh.
  • В.Путин.Прямая линия.24.12.01.Part 11 Live with President Vladimir Putin - Hot Line (excerpts)Part 11 December 24, 2001 Moscow, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, village of Kazache-Malevany (Krasnodar Region), Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Rostov-on-Don, St Petersburg Прямая линия с Президентом России 24 декабря 2001 года Москва, Владивосток, Екатеринбург, Казань, хутор Казаче-Малеваный (Краснодарский край), Калининград, Новосибирск, Мурманск, Ростов-на-Дону, Санкт-Петербург Unfortunately, this sphere is very poorly regulated. Our legislation is illiberal and confusing. It is too heavily politicised. In general I must say that most industrialised countries solve their demographic problems through the influx of immigrants. They even pursue a policy of attracting immigrants and they have big problems in this field. Because as a rule the people who come dont speak the language, belong to a different culture and so on.Honestly, to us these people are a godsend. The citisens of the former Soviet Union who speak Russian and share our mentality and culture and so on, adapt easily. But, lets face it, we must have an immigration policy that benefits us. We must attract manpower to the places where the country needs it and not to allow everybody to go wherever they want.I have given instructions to the government and we will try to get this law through the Parliament. Unfortunately, I would like to repeat that the issue is too politicised here. Some of the deputies still insist that all the citizens of the ...
  • Mangalore Peace and Non Violence Mangalore! A place known for peaceful co-existence is being politicised and corrupted for personal benefits...
  • Paradise for the Few - Fiji August 2010 As Fiji's Bainimarama continues to refuse to hold elections, this report gains unprecedented access to the military leader. Speaking candidly of his aims, he is showing no signs of loosening his grip. Since coup leader Commadore Bainimarama took control of Fiji in 2006 it has become a political pariah, sliding rapidly down a slippery slope into economic quicksand. Bainimarama may believe that, "the military's the only entity that can bring about reforms", but with 45% of the population falling below the poverty line, the nation is struggling. Father Barr explains how the church is trying to empower those trapped in squatter camps to, "overcome their culture of silence". Yet recently twenty church leaders were charged with organising meetings in breach of public regulations. Bainimarama is frank: "they were politicised so I needed to silence them". Ignoring international pressure to hold elections and censoring the media, the dictator is determined to keep democracy at arms length. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures
  • Son defends Interlok's author Thariq Abdullah, the son of national laureate Abdullah Hussein, today expressed regret that father's work 'Interlok' has been politicised by those out to make personal gain from the controversy. interkok author abdullah hussain's son Thariq AbdullahSaying the work had been well-researched by his father, Thariq added the critics were selectively reading certain pages, instead of the whole book.
  • Kokoda | Ep 1. premieres Thursday 8:30pm April 22, ABC1 Kokoda is a two-part documentary. Kokoda tells the story of the brutal World War II campaign fought between Australia and Japan in the green hell of the mountains of Papua New Guinea. Told from both the Japanese and Australian perspectives the documentary also explores the impact of the decisions of high command on the soldiers at the front line. While most Australians have heard of the Kokoda Track the scene of an eight-month campaign that led to the defeat of the advancing Imperial Japanese army and proved a turning point for the Allies in World War II few know much about the struggle that forged its treacherous reputation. No army had fought in such terrible conditions; no Allied general believed it possible. Fought without mercy by foes with everything to lose, the ferocious battle of the Kokoda Track saw bravery and atrocity, noble and malicious intent on both sides. From day one of the Kokoda campaign, the fighting was politicised, mismanaged, mythologised and venerated. Kokoda delves behind the myths of war to tell the story from both sides of the conflict, giving an authentic and comprehensive account of the desperate confusion of war, the intricate connections between the frontline soldiers and military high command; and the political agendas that influenced the campaign and continue to percolate through contemporary Australian society. To tell the story with authenticity, the Kokoda film crew walked and filmed the length of the Kokoda Track, capturing for the ...
  • Menny Moore - Bingo Players Special Menny Moore - Bingo Players Special Tracklist: 1. Chili Hifly feat. Jonas - I go Crazy 2. Copyright feat. Mr. V & Miss Patty - In da Club (Shake it Up) (Chocolate Puma Club Remix) 3. Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix) 4. Bingo Players - Chop 5. Bingo Players & Chocolate Puma - Touch (Bart B More Remix) 6. Ralvero - Partypeople Enjoy it! download at
  • Nixon In China (Opera): Act II Scene 2a - "紅色娘子軍" John Adams's first opera Nixon In China (1985-7), produced by Peter Sellars, with libretto by Alice Goodman, about the visit of Richard Nixon to China in 1972, where he met with Mao Zedong and other Chinese officials. Act II Scene 2 (excerpt) - The Nixons attend a ballet "Red Detachment of Women 紅色娘子軍" directed by Madam Mao 江青. The piece is a simplistic display of politicised music-theatre, with the oppressed peasants of a tropical island saved from their brutal landlord by heroic women of the Red Army. However, somehow the main characters are drawn into the opera, each revealing their true nature, with Pat Nixon defending the weak, Kissinger siding with the brutal landlord and Madam Mao's desire to save the peasants at all costs leading her to become more brutal than the landlord was in the first place. Tags:
  • BE***R BHUTTO BACK IN PAKISTAN Bhutto back in Pakistan amid political crisis. The former Pakistani Prime Minister Be***r Bhutto has returned from self-exile. Deputy Foreign Editor Anthony Murnane looks at how she is returning to a country in the grip of a political crisis as the Supreme Court prepares to decide on the eligibility of President Pervez Musharraf to remain in office for another term. Be***r Bhutto has always cut a dash on the world stage. Instantly recognisable in her trademark headscarf, she was twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. Politics is in her blood. Her father, Zulfika Ali Bhutto, was prime minister in the 1970s. He was executed in 1979, charged with murder by General Zia ul-Haq following a military coup two years earlier. Educated in top American and English colleges, Ms Bhutto was imprisoned around this time, for five years all. She emerged a highly politicised activist, running the Pakistan People's Party from a base in London. There was a triumphant return to the military-led state in 1986 and she took the party into government for the first time between 1988 and 1990. A woman prime minister in an Islamic country aged just 35, she was hailed as a modern symbol of a democratic Pakistan. After her second term in office between 1993 and 1996 she was dogged by charges of corruption. Ms Bhutto has denied claims that she and her husband, Asif Zardafi, were complicit in stealing millions of dollars from the state. She has spent the last eight years in self-imposed exile ...

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  • “Old Stuff. Old Blog. Pre'07 Archives. Archives By Title. Music and Video Mr Power's Blog Theme Tune " Tuesday. Mar162010. Politicised and bureaucratised. Tuesday,”
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  • “Please check out the homepage of the Daai Tou Laam Diary for the latest blog entries. Hong Kong's Politicised Police @ Sun 30 May 2010 11:46 AM HKT by Tom Legg. PR blitz on political reform launched. hey've been going around Hong Kong in an open-topped bus and handing out fliers to passersby”
    — Hong Kong's Politicised Police - Daai Tou Laam Diary, the-

  • “ Ethiopian News Portal dollar programmes funded by the World Bank and others have been politicised and manipulated by the Ethiopian government and are used as a powerful”

  • “Minister shouldn't have politicised forum. by Seah Ru Han. — October 20th, 2008, 1.39am. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan speaking to participants of the forum at the reception---Photo: Chong Zi Liang The Singapore Daily " Blog Archive " Daily SG: 21 Oct 2008”
    — The Enquirer " Minister shouldn't have politicised forum, enquirer.sg

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  • “BLOG RSS FEED. You are here: Home " NEWS " Politics " The enduring roots of a politicised The nature of the struggle meant that they were highly politicised”
    — The enduring roots of a politicised military | New Zimbabwe Blog,

  • “An environment blog from. Tuesday, June 17, 2008. Politicised science: good or bad? We all all, then I think I vote for politicised science over ignored science”
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  • “The Blue Blog. Almost 50,000 people are dying with malnutrition in the Go to The Blue Blog. Subscribe. Print " Previous post Next post " Comments. Comment by”
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  • “Cyprus: greek cypriot language: yassas ti kanete? so let me introduce myself i live in australia born in cyprus (greek side) and 2 greek parents mums cretan dads from epirus. i This is a highly politicised forum where some of the prisoners in the Cyprus Problem pages have been known to”
    — Cyprus :: greek cypriot language, cyprus-

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