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  • Payable on Death, term used on certain bank accounts or Totten trusts, where payment is made to specified person upon account holder's death Pod, a short user-created non-fiction video or documentary aired by Current TV. — “POD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • POD DESIGN+MEDIA _ is a multi-disciplinary design laboratory. We believe you should DESIGN LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Period. No matter what the project may be. Our think-tank approach allows us to pursue a wide range of projects in all types of scales. — “POD DESIGN+MEDIA | a design research office”, pod-
  • Best mixes on planet Earth. DJs, radio, performing artists, educators, and more. Get a free podcast, share your faves. Only on PodOmatic. — “PodOmatic | Best Free Podcasts”,
  • Delivers and retrieves units for packing and moving. Option to store units at company-owned warehouses available. — “Portable On Demand Storage (PODS)”,
  • is the ultimate podcast collection. Find podcasts from around the world. Play, collect, download and share any podcast. — “ is the ultimate podcast collection”,
  • to pod (third-person singular simple present pods, present participle podding, simple declension of pod. singular. plural. gender n. indefinite articulation. — “pod - Wiktionary”,
  • POD Ltd. / Proizvodnja Opruga Dežanovac. A family business founded in 1971. as a workshop for production of springs. The company started with five employees and has developed steadily over the years. In the early stages, the company produced mostly for domestic needs. — “POD”, pod.hr
  • Official site. Contains tour dates, biography, news, discography, and more. — “Payable On Death (P.O.D.)”,
  • Forest River RVs. We are Manufacturers of Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Sport utility Trailers, Pop Up Campers, Motorhomes, and Park Models r•pod by Forest River - Expandable RP-172T Shown. The r•pod is the first of its kind to offer you affordable luxury at the lowest tow weight in its. — “R-Pod Ultra Lite Travel Trailer by Forest River”,
  • P.O.D. [rare; sometimes POD' without the periods] Acronym for Piece Of Data' or Plain Old Data' (as opposed to. — “POD: Information from ”,
  • Pod definition, a somewhat elongated, two-valved seed vessel, as that of the pea or bean. See more. — “Pod | Define Pod at ”,
  • First: print this out so you don't have to keep referring to yahoo! answers. The above person does not know what she's talking about Ipods are NOT programmed to block pirated music but you have to have music in itunes format in order to load. — “i pod problem? I want to ask a serious question my uncle buy”,
  • Learn about iPod, Apple TV, and more. Download iTunes for free and purchase iTunes Gift Cards. Check out the most popular TV shows, movies, and music. — “Apple - Play music and more on iPod”,
  • Podi, makers the only OEM replacement steering column for your Audi or Volkswagen. We pride ourselves on delivering the best pod and gauge solutions on the market. — “Podi.ca | Gauge solutions for Audi and VW”, podi.ca
  • Definition of pod in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of pod. Pronunciation of pod. Translations of pod. pod synonyms, pod antonyms. Information about pod in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. pea pod. — “pod - definition of pod by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Find, shop for and buy iPod at Can't decide between the iPod touch, classic, nano, and shuffle? Use our handy chart to compare all current iPod models side by side. "Check it out. — “: iPod”,
  • Listen and search for music for free. Create free music playlists and share them with friends on MySpace, Facebook, hi5, Friendster, blog, website and more!. — “MixPod - Music Playlist, Listen to Free Music Online, Free”,
  • Live music venues, bars, clubs and concerts with uptodate event listings in Dublin City Centre, Ireland POD, Old Harcourt Station, Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, Ireland Tel: +353 1 4763374. — “POD Live music promoters, concerts & venues in Dublin, Ireland”, pod.ie

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  • POD - The Messenjah The 8th song called The Messenjah from POD's album "Satellite". Rate, comment, and subscribe! Lyrics: I message, written in rhyme, prophetic Teachers amongst the skeptics and guiding the misdirected Infected with their lies and their alibis With their third eye blind, out of line, they try to prophesy I and I unfold the mysteries told From the futuristic realms to the days of old Make straight through the path of the one voice calling Truth shines, back again two times in the Second Coming I am the Messenjah (4x) (Chorus:) This I pledge, and Ill take it to my death Ill lay my life down for you and die over again I and I, Im not ashamed of the Most High Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight This I pledge, and Ill take it to my death You can bet your life on my words and everything I said You cant take away my love for this sacrifice Even if I die tonight, if I die tonight True king descendant, master to the apprentice Pleased to release and reveal in me His presence Forever blessed, I believe if Jah said it The word of life came alive in the scriptures I read it All hail, we prevail, the Tribes of Israel, flow through ya We pursue the conquering lion of the Tribe of Judah Dont let em fool ya, before this, the foolish get rushed So dont slop, you never knew us (Chorus)
  • A-Pod part 1 A-Pod is an ant inspired hexapod robot with a 2 DOF abdomen (tail), a 3 DOF head with large mandibles. 6 legs with 3 DOF each. Total 25 servos. This video demonstrates body movement and mandible control. I still have to do some mechanical improvements to the legs (therefore little walking). The robot are remotely controlled with a custom 2,4 GHz RC transmitter. The Basic Atom Pro 28 are used as the main microcontroller. Visit for more info about the BAP28. Sound track: Artist: Trifonic with Lies (Instrumental).
  • POD - Boom (Video shot to Album Version Audio) © 2006 WMG Boom (Video shot to Album Version Audio)
  • POD - Southtown (Video shot to LP Version) © 2006 WMG Southtown (Video shot to LP Version)
  • A-Pod part 2 A-Pod is an ant inspired hexapod robot with a 2 DOF abdomen (tail), a 3 DOF head with large mandibles. 6 legs with 3 DOF each. Total 25 servos. This video demonstrates improved walking ability. A-Pod are controlled using a custom made transmitter, XBee communication, Basic Micro BAP28 mcu, SSC32 servo controller, powered by one single 2S LiPo 5000 mAh battery. Music: Trifonic, Parks On Fire.
  • POD - Set Your Eyes To Zion Song: Set Your Eyes To Zion Artist: POD From the album(s): The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown/Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years
  • POD - Execute The Sounds The 4th song from POD's self-titled album "Payable On Death".The song is called "Execute The Sounds". Lyrics: I man a mad stylee, underground We come cool and deadly with that natural sound It make you feel so free, you no turn it down Vibes 619, from the Southtown And Jah know, what I and I gonna do Because Jah know, I man stay true You know Jah know, the real who is who Ain`t no time to fake it, make it feel brand new It goes 1, 2, 3, the crew is called POD And if you want to go to the tiptop Break it down with that one drop Chorus: Execute the sounds Positive come around impact the sounds Positive all around You want to mess me, try to take this crown Babylon test we, me go smash them down Original OG, this is my playground No take me seriously, you gonna feel it now I man know the harder they come Because I man a gonna get the job done You know I man know they don`t want none Me never have to cheat, `cause me already won 1904, home to the real *** And you don`t want to sleep, don`t talk I`ll break you down with that one drop Repeat chorus
  • Line 6 Pod X3
  • Alive "Alive" from the album "Satellite"
  • Boom - POD ★★★★★ Boom - POD Another Asraf Production ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝
  • Happy Tree Friends - Peas in a Pod Episodes, games, merchandise & DVDs visit: HTF on Facebook bit.ly HTF on Twitter: bit.ly
  • POD - Change The World (Video) © 2006 WMG Change The World (Video)
  • pod - boom payable on death - boom
  • POD - Sleeping Awake (best quality!) [Thanks for the 100.000+ views!!] POD - Sleeping Awake, specially made for "THE MATRIX" rate and comment. PS: I KNOW THAT THE LYRICS SEEM WRONG at some places, i know it already people! no need to post hundreds of comments about it! and it's not the LYRICS that are wrong, it's the song! YES people, POD planned to sing the song like the lyrics are (in the video), but they screwed up, and sing the song like you hear now. so READ THIS what i just wrote first, before you post another smart-ass comment saying that the lyrics are wrong. PSS: comments have been disabled because people are TOO freaking stupid, and hundreds of kids keep posting bullsht comments.
  • How to seduce a Hipster Does your cheesy taste in music prevent you from getting dates? The Hipster Pod is the latest Apple-esque product that displays the titles and tracks of the hottest independent bands while delivering your favorite karaoke tracks to your headphones.
  • POD - Without Jah, Nothin' (Feat. HR of Bad Brains) Without Jah, Nothin' from POD's 4th studio album entitled...Satellite. Featuring guest vocals from HR from the Bad Brains.
  • POD - Eternal Artist: POD Album: Payable on Death Song: Eternal Released: November, 2003 by Atlantic All rights go to the owners of this video.
  • Star Wars:The Phantom Menace (Pod Racing Scene) This is the pod racing scene from The Phantom Menace
  • POD - Youth Of The Nation - (LIVE) otimo video
  • pod pod school of hard rock
  • POD- Southtown Southtown Welcome to hard times, back again like it's never been. for the first time it seems to mess with my head. when i realize what it takes, can i realate. with whatever, but never will it drive me to hate. could i be the next guy that you take before i wake. now i lay me down to sleep, eyes tight when i pray. this here is real life, circumstances make you think. should i be counting my blessings, the next second my eyes blink. [chorus:] here in the southtown you know that kid don't play. put it down on the streets, will i see another day. if i make it back this time, gots to hold what is mine. and thank god that i made it alive. One love it's easier said than done. can i rise above anything that gets in my way?. like words you say, you let your tongue get loose. and when push comes to shove, i'm not used to walking away. i keep on looking up, because these times are getting tough. tomarrows gone and its the same o' song. father fill my cup, give me strength to power up. a life to shine, you're the diamond in this rough. IT AINT GOTS TO BE LIKE THIS. DONT WANT TO THROW UP MY FIST. DONT WANNA BE LIKE THIS. DONT WANNA THROW UP MY FIST. I MUST RESIST. [chorus:] [chorus:] here in the southtown you know that kid don't play. put it down on the streets, will i see another day. if i make it back this time, gots to hold what is mine. and thank god that i made it alive.
  • POD - Satellite (Video shot to Album Version Audio) © 2006 WMG Satellite (Video shot to Album Version Audio)
  • The POD Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) and Tim Hope in their experimental techno group before the mighty Boosh. Take the piss out of Donna Air, tell us the meaning of life and then deliver one of the greatest pieces of music never to be known to mankind. . . . untill now
  • POD - Roots In Stereo (Feat. Matisyahu) The 1st track off of POD's album, "Testify". The Song is called "Roots In Stereo", featuring Matisyahu! Wan't a download link? Well here it is... www.4 Lyrics: POD and Matisyahu Original Roots In Stereo, ya know One time, bring it down selecta I got that Boom Bye Bye, so nobody disrespect, Jah love Give me strength and power flow through white dreads ('nough said) You all walk with kings, talk with kings When it all goes down, have no idea what it really means. To live by words, if scripture is roots, and the wise hold they tongue when the youth speak the truth. You learn real quick, where I'm from if you don't belong Only the strong survive, Southtown and Babylon (See Babylon Burnin to the ground yo) You think your number 1 wicked selecta Try to sneak up in my hood, we not gon'let ya (Babylon's burnin to the ground, yo) In the streets they hear your name, they no respect ya You can run and hide, in the end we gon' getcha Boom Biddy Bye Bye Original Roots In Stereo So rep the streets you ride on. Chant them down with that rude boy sound, and watch the whole world lie down. We generals in the streets they know Who wears the crown for shine now It got that champion sound moshin through your town We go make the world go lie down. Me say, Hey natty dreadlocks where you come from? Where the mountains watch the city and waters touch the sun Where some carry crosses like others carry guns And pray Jah be glorified till the day soon come. Follow me Lick a shot if you a ...
  • Star Wars - Pod Race Recently Episode 1 was broadcasted in German TV (so this is no DVD-rip), I recorded it and thought... man, without those few nasty scenes in the race, this would kick-ass! So I decided to do a little re-cut on my own for this. What do you think? Tell me your opinion ^^
  • America - Santana (feat POD) Santana and POD - America. If you like this you may also like; Santant and Chad Kroeger - Into The Night. Van Halen - You Really Got Me
  • POD - Shine With Me The 2nd song of the album When Angles & Serprnts Dance . Lyrics: So why don't you come with me And take a trip to the other side? Where you and I, we can sing, we can fly We can dance as the stars go by And the heavens will open up With a vision inside 'jah love The earth, and the moon, and the sun will align With a voice from the sky above One love So come on and shine with me Like the beautiful star you are. So come on and shine with me Shine with me. Float through the sky, And look through my eyes And then you will see what happens. Nowhere to hide, look deep down inside In life you must take your chances Come with me and you will see My love is like la la la la la... So come with me and you will see One love... So come on and shine with me Like the beautiful star you are And leave it behind with me Cause forever is not that far So come on and shine with me Like the beautiful star you are And leave it behind with me And shine with me Shine on, shine on, shine on! one love! [chorus] Shine with me Shine with me
  • POD - School of Hard Knocks Original Soundtrack Video Lyrics: [chorus] we from the school, the school of hardknocks who's ready to rock? (ready to rock) are you ready to rock? (ready to rock) round'n up suckaz, knock'em, knock'em out the box Graduate at 13, the streets made me a scholar flood the microphone, one by one, hear'em holler the sure shoots, rock box, rhym'n on blasted beats mics on my side, they call me Hip Hop Along Cassidy rap'n catasrophe, but only time will tell could we excel and rock bells like LL made me feel I was ill, music euphoria went to the doctor, DOC gave me the formula hey young world, the world is yours turned my whole wide world into metaphors you kept me straight, when times got hard so let me reminisce over you my God [chorus] I came through the door, I said it before we pioneers, redefining *** you want more MC's and DJ's dues we pays 8 out of 7 days in many ways, I've seen a lot go around pound for pound from SD to Boogie Down we've been around, bout as round as they come from all yes y'alls, to dum ditty dum dum see this is philosophy, on the industry that there ain't no other brothaz bout as bad as we you see my squad stays on point rock this funky joint. can you dig it? [chorus]
  • HP Pod Data Center Container We recently got a tour of the HP POD (Performance Optimized Datacenter), which is HP's entry in the data center container market. HP's Steve Cumings provides a tour of container and some of its features, including the ability to maintain the cold aisle temperature at up to 90 degrees, much warmer than the 68 to 72 degrees seen in traditional data centers. The POD features taller 50U racks to separate and contain the hot and cold aisles. For more data center news, visit our web site: Follow us on Twitter Our Facebook Page:
  • POD - Set It Off The first song called "Set It Off" from POD's album "Satellite". Lyrics: Our time has come, watch me set it off Its been a while but we back So you can count it loss We lay and wait, dont hesitate When opportunity knocks Break the locks and rush the gates Seize the day, we got moves to make Its got to be now Cause were half past late Say what you say, but you aint shown me nothin If you want me to feel you Then you best to show me something All bark and no bite, talking all hype I hang with the illest You I dont recognize Desensitize and paralyze Sabotage headquarters Flood your bloodlines, we sterilize Here we come Chant down dem Babylon The wicked man when he sees me I go run Me understand Why dem cowards dont want none Underground blaze the sound to Armageddon (Chorus 2x:) RISE - Let your spirit fly RISE- Stand up for yourself RISE- Hold your head up high Our time has come Set it off Choose my battles, unravel your crew Dismantle, they still cant handle or fathom What I throw at em I cant imagine, they babblin Acting like Im laughing, dont find it funny But I smile at your sarcasm You plastic, so tragic, you fake So you mask it, no gimmicks, no antics We real and weve outlasted Your phoniness, so you best to come correct You want to disrespect Why do cowards talk the loudest Papa didnt raise no punk On everything I love, if you ready Then come and get it son Overpower the strong tower Infiltrate top ranks Count down the final hour Here we come Chant down dem Babylon ...
  • POD - Will You (video) Album Version audio © 2006 WMG Will You (video) Album Version audio
  • Youth Of The Nation (Video shot to Album Version Audio) © 2006 WMG Youth Of The Nation (Video shot to Album Version Audio)
  • POD - Going In Blind (Official Music Video) HQ POD's music video for their single "Going In Blind." From their greatest hits CD entitled: "Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Be sure to check out the POD forums, to interact with other warriors...WORLDWIDE!
  • POD Alive
  • POD - Goodbye For Now (Video) © 2006 WMG Goodbye For Now (Video)
  • POD - Going In Blind POD's single called "Going In Blind" from the album "Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years". Lyrics: One Day, Some Day This life's not like you wanted it. His eyes I can see again, I need you here. In your mind, nobody's listening. It's alright not to feel again, just breathe again. Time after time, I walk the fine line. Something keeps bringing me back. And time after time, I'm going in blind. I don't know which way I need to go. Feels like your world is caving in. And I cry, failing to understand, I wish I can. It's alright if your missing him. In His eyes you can live again, free within. Time after time, I walk the fine line. Something keeps bringing me back. And time after time, I'm going in blind. I don't know which way I need to go. Time after time, I walk the fine line. Something keeps bringing me back. But time after time, I can't see the signs. I don't know which way I need to go. Do all these roads lead me back to you? (Count on Nothing) I don't know which way I need to go. (Count on Nothing) Do all these roads lead me back to you? (Count on Nothing) I don't know which way I need to go. One Day, Some Day. Time after time, I walk the fine line. Something keeps bringing me back. And time after time, I'm going in blind. I don't know which way I need to go. Time after time, I walk the fine line. Something keeps bringing me back. And time after time, I can't see the signs. Do all these roads lead me back to you? And time after time. Do all these roads lead me back to you ...
  • POD - Youth Of A Nation Lyrics Lyrics Vid For The Song Youth Of A Nation By POD copyright on this song belongs to POD and no infringment is intended by it
  • Sleeping Awake POD Music Video for the single "Sleeping Awake" off the Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack
  • Star Wars Episode I Pod Race (Re-edit) Star Wars Episode l pod race re-edit. I've taken out the silliness.
  • POD - Ghetto The11th song called "Ghetto" from the album Satellite, by POD Enjoy! Lyrics: chorus: I believe that this world believes in love (x 2) We might never really agree On anything about the lives we live Between you and me. So differently. We don't always see things the same We should agree to disagree If we meet at love we can work it out chorus: I believe you and I will overcome I believe you and I believe in love Whether you think I'm so confused Or if you feel the way I do So don't give in to this hate within Living in this world of pain Don't let it bring you down The world is a ghetto chorus: I believe that this world believes in love I believe you and I believe in love

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