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  • How to Install Xbar Plasmoid - Kubuntu 9.04 tutorials, this tutorial will show you how to install Xbar Plasmoid system menu. — “How to Install Xbar Plasmoid Video – 5”, 5
  • Here, you define how you want your plasmoid to look. You should only paint in the boundaries defined by If you would like to connect to any of Plasma's DataEngines, you can implement the dataUpdated method in your Plasmoid. — “Development/Tutorials/Plasma/GettingStarted - KDE TechBase”,
  • plasmoid. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: has an article on: Plasmoid. Wikipedia plasmoid (plural plasmoids) (physics) A region. — “plasmoid - Wiktionary”,
  • Infrared and x-ray telescopes have confirmed the existence of a plasma-focus plasmoid at the core of the Milky Way. This high-energy electrical formation is the heart of the galactic circuit. — “Milky Way Plasma-focus Plasmoid”,
  • plasmoid) have a characteristic length of about 400 km. The ob Selected frames of the processed movie taken during the observed time sequence to show the behaviour of the CFHT coronal plasmoid. — “ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS Coronal plasmoid dynamics”,
  • Encyclopedia article about plasmoid. Information about plasmoid in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “plasmoid definition of plasmoid in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Definition of plasmoid in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of plasmoid. Pronunciation of plasmoid. Translations of plasmoid. plasmoid synonyms, plasmoid antonyms. Information about plasmoid in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “plasmoid - definition of plasmoid by the Free Online”,
  • Plasmoid seeks to conquer Earth, though he spends a lot of time trying to communicate with unintelligent items such as household appliances. Plasmoid joined the Ultimates almost as soon as he landed on Earth. Plasmoid is a damaged machine who doesn't know its own function. — “Plasmoid - RPGnetWiki”,
  • Myspace Music profile for PLASMOID. Download PLASMOID Electro / Experimental / Psychedelic music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read PLASMOID's blog. — “PLASMOID on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • You need to upgrade your Flash Player: . — “PLASMOID - Design, Development & Consulting by Philipp Reichle”,
  • plasmoid ( ′plaz′möid ) ( physics ) An isolated collection of electrons, ions, and neutral particles which holds together for a duration many times as. — “Plasmoid: Definition from ”,
  • plasmoid - download tag ApcUps Plasmoid 0.1.3. update. Plasma widget and data engine to monitor the status of APC-brand Uninterruptible Power Supplies [read more >] License: Rating: Downloads:. — “plasmoid - download tag - Softpedia”,
  • A range of printed t-shirts, embroidered hats and polo-shirts, mouse mats, mugs and bumper stickers, promoting the Electric Universe. Note:Hover cursor over image to zoom. Click image for more details, styles, colors, etc. Many products let you On Store Wall On Products Made by plasmoid. — “The Electric Universe Store: Home: Store”,
  • The purpose of this experiment is to maintain a stable plasmoid ( a ball lightning ) at one atmosphere in a spherical glass A plasmoid is a great source of ions and can be very useful for EHD, MHD and Electrokinetic devices such as. — “How to make a Stable Plasmoid ( Ball Lightning ) with the GMR”,
  • TRACK: Plasmoid / Cybernetika / Nanospheric"It's all an illusion, albeit a persistent one" - Einstein. — “YouTube - +++LIGHT+++”,
  • The word plasmoid was coined in 1956 by Winston H. Bostick (1916-1991) to mean a "plasma-magnetic entity":[7] A plasmoid has an internal pressure stemming from both the gas pressure of the plasma and the magnetic pressure of the field. — “Plasmoid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • One of the projects I've been working on over the last couple of months is the networkmanager plasmoid for KDE4. During development of the networkmanager plasmoid, I've often used the GNOME nm-applet. — “[ :: Networkmanager in KDE4. ]”,
  • This experiment will allow you to see and check by yourself that a stable Plasmoid ( an artificial Plasma Ball ) can be created in air ( at a pressure of one atmosphere ). This simple and basic experiment is one of the main part of the working. — “How to build a Stable Plasmoid at one atmosphere”,
  • Plasmoid Phenomena * Copyright 1995, 1996 by Edward Lewis. Fundamental anomalous phenomena are the contradictions of the postulates of the premises of people's theories, and the environment. Those who apprehend a theory and experience according to the theory may experience the contradictions. — “Plasmoid Phenomena - Paper by Edward Lewis”,
  • A plasmoid is a coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields. The word plasmoid was coined in 1956 by Winston H. Bostick (1916-1991) to mean a "plasma. — “Plasmoid - (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)”, plasma-
  • Every Plasmoid that was submitted was a success and a joy to try out: congratulations to all of those who participated. this Plasmoid captured attention for its easy of use and high utility. — “Plasma Javascript Jam Session: Plasma for KDE”,
  • KDE 4 includes many exciting new technologies, including Plasma, a feature that forms the desktop shell of KDE 4. See how to write simple Plasma applets (known as 'plasmoids') to greatly improve the desktop experience and how to turn a plasmoid. — “Introducing KDE 4 plasmoids”,
  • While it's cool that you write tools that can be used upstream, I wonder why you wrote your own NetworkManager Plasmoid. Finally for making this plasmoid I didnt spend so much time, if we decide to use Gnome NM we will use KDE4 NM, but this plasmoid can be easily modified to use Gnome. — “Network-Manager Plasmoid”,

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  • KDE 4 Plasmoid for eBay item video tutorial.
  • OOOH Those Plasmoids! Things to do on a Sunday afternoon when you get bored, My wife will kill me when she sees this! Apologies for not cleaning the microwave first.
  • Veromix Plasmoid - Sound Control for PulseAudio - Kubuntu 11.04 kde- Description: Veromix is a mixer for the Pulseaudio sound server. Features: - Media player controls (aka nowplaying) - per application voluem control (replay & record) - global hotkeys - can life in system tray - switch sound card profiles (for ex. from regular to HDMI) - control LADSPA effects (equalizer and other effects) Requirements: - plasma-scriptengine-python - python-xdg - python-qt4-dbus - pulseaudio - swh-plugins / ladspa-swh-plugins (for equalizer and other effects) Quickstart: - middle click on panel icon mutes the default output - mouse wheel over panel icon increases/decreases volume - drag and drop playback streams between different output devices - if expanded: -- kill playback streams -- set default output device -- set per channel volume -- switch sound card profiles - assign hotkeys - click the add icon (bottom-right) to add a new effect (drag and drop playback stream to the effect sink)
  • First Trial on generating plasmoid Plasmoid (so called ball lightning) can be produced in your own microwave oven. The procedures are extremely simple. Thank you for the neccessary information.
  • C++ and QML OCS knowledge base plasmoids on the left there is a plasmoid client for the Open Collaboration Services Knowledgebase (such as ) written in C++ on the right there is an implementation in QtQuick QML that weights about half the code size. they use the same Plasma dataengine and the same theming features. so while the support is still not complete to switch overnight it gives us a clear path oon the way to go forward
  • How to use Google Calendar plasmoid Brief introduction to my plasmoid that shows agenda for Google Calendar (that is, upcoming events). Installing in kubuntu: wget -O - | sh -s github:
  • Welcome Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 74) An early implementation of the Welcome Plasmoid for KDE 4. Recorded by Siraj Razick. See commit-
  • KDE Plasmoid Widgets - Kubuntu 9.10 basic adding widgets
  • Plasmoid experiments in the home microwave - part 2 Plasmoid experiments in the home microwave. Autumn and I trying to make a microwave plasmoid - part 2 : We get a spark on a plasmoid forming.. short video.
  • Orb Photographs, Observational Lights, and Plasmoid The 2nd photographic presentation from . Orbs, plasmoid, and observational lights.To see more of DJ Browne's beautiful Orb photos go to
  • Daisy Plasmoid-KDE4 installation a circular application launcher dock, on DebianLinux/Sid with KDE4.2.2
  • Orb Photographs and Plasmoid Orb and plasmoid photographs taken over a 3 day period - 1st to 3rd November 2008. To see more of DJ Browne's beautiful Orb photos go to
  • microblogging plasmoid in KDE 4.3 This is how the KDE Microblogging plasmoid (supporting twitter and will look like in 4.3: the layouting problems are gone and there is a scrollbar when the number of tweets is beyond the plasmoid size, so it feels way more a real app
  • Microwave Plasmoid Fun with matches, a fishbowl, and a microwave
  • plasmoid mini how-to installing plasmoid. Daisy is a circular application launcher plasmoid for plasma download : www.kde- the music is new live album Coldplay "leftrightleftrightleft" is a free legal download at .
  • Plasmoid in a Microwave This video shows how to create a stable plasmoid at 1atm in a microwave. It's a lot of fun =) The setup was built as in
  • KDE4 Welcome Plasmoid (playground) This is the Welcome Plasmoid that will probably be released with KDE 4.3. It's really cool. Take a look. ;]
  • plasmoid plasmoid created in microvave by polish students
  • Plasma shares plasmoid with N900 This is a video that shows a desktop running KDE4 and sharing a plasmoid with a completely different device (even different architecture). It's important to say that the plasmoid was not previously installed on the device.
  • KGet Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 75) A demonstration of the Plasmoid for KGet in KDE 4. Recorded by Javier Goday. See commit-
  • Plasmoid in microwave oven To conduct a successful plasmoid experiment, you need only : - A microwave oven, - 3 plastic caps ( about 10mm thick ) used as a support, - a cylindrical cork, - a wooden toothpick, - a transparent vessel for microwave cooking ( it must be heat resistant ). STEP 1 : Preparing the mounting base and the plasmoid igniter. Cut a 15 mm slice from the cork and stick the toothpick in it, then place the 3 plastic caps so the build the mounting base for the transparent vessel (to let the air flows inside the vessel). STEP 2 : Place the mounting base with the igniter in the center of your microwave oven and ignite the toothpick. You may add a cup of water in the microwave too absorb excess microwaves. STEP 3 : Cover the apparatus with the transparent vessel. STEP 4 : Close the door and switch on your microwave at full power...and see what happens......
  • Silicon Based Plasmoid Silicon based plasmoids. NOT SLAG, NO RESIDUE. Not a "welding" phenomenon.
  • SRA Stockport UK DNA damaging Plasmoid frequency weapon This is a plasmoid frequency lazer weapon designed to damage DNA pointing in a kitchen window from the residential social worker office next door to a Northern counties flat in Stockport uk.Look how the flats designed. The frequency weapon can be seen in the corner above the office prison bars with a box next to it. The the lazer camera is supposed to be protecting them but its pointing straight in the window of the flat next door - this is illegal.. This is a classic traget location .The flat is 130 flat 1(Hadar the edomite- intellectual ***ness being watched thoroughly) wellington rd north Stockport with a new sandblasted plaque on the front carved with built in 1862 (1862 apollo-repetative cycles,psycho***yis) on the front of the property. The birthday of the targeted individual is the 13th apiril 1980 11:25 . The Birthday of the target is very important it's his DNA this is the reason why they wanted him at this flat. Asteroid 130 Elektra(bloodletting/edomite) was an asteroid at the targets most unlucky position in his 6th house conjuct his arabic lot of assassination self undoing. the satanists/social services forced him to connect to this flat the 19th september 2005 9:30am.only allowing him to view the flat then at the same time he was forced to sign for it.(motherless-MOON conjunct north node in the 6th house in pises and Nero(955) conjunct the fortuna.) The astrological time is very important to understand their evil agenda for this individual. They threatened ...
  • Plasmoid This is the video for Plasmoid, by DJ Flannelbush from his debut album, Synthetic Beast. Enjoy yourself! Video By Naphan Fitzpatrick.
  • Dictionary Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 64) The Dictionary Plasmoid, one of the many recent creations for Plasma. Recorded by Jeff Cooper. See commit-
  • Full Plasmoid support on Hildon-desktop Full Plasmoid support on Hildon-desktop for Ubuntu. Plasmoid code available in
  • System Menu - Xbar Plasmoid - Kubuntu 9.04
  • Kat De Luna- Wine Up (DJ Plasmoid Remix) This remix was inspired by a song that had potential to make it to a dance hall but missed that "wow" factor. However, it is a base for people to work on, which should prove to have entertaining results. For anyone who does not like it, please either leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, make a better mix and show me, or just stfu. By you insulting someone's work you show both ignorance and stupidity, because you probably cannot make something better and have to find something to criticize. Thank You. /djplasmoid
  • Amarok 2.1 svn - back to the future - Services Plasmoid What is coming in Amarok 2.1? Plenty!!! Just check for a complete review.
  • Beginnings of Weather Plasmoid (KDE Commit-Digest Issue 86) An overview of the progress and beginning implementation of both the Plasma Weather data engine and applet. Recorded by Shawn Starr. See commit-
  • Orb Photographs and Plasmoids No.II To see more of DJ Browne's beautiful Orb photos go to . This presentation of Orbs and plasmoid photographs was taken on 9 November 2008.
  • Plasmoid experiments in the home microwave - part 1 Plasmoid experiments in the home microwave. Autumn and I trying to make a microwave plasmoid - part 1 shows an attempt, but not a success.
  • Plasmoids iconification An upcoming feature of KDE 4.2: when a panel is resized, plasmoids switches between icon+popup and the complete plasmoid in the panel
  • Ozric Tentacles - Plasmoid
  • DJ Plasmoid's Techno Mix One of Time Wasted Productions' DJ's in action (me) doing some techno mixing. Vinyl's will never die! BTW, there is a song that just suddely comes on somewhere around the beginning of the vid. That was my dad's phone and it was when i disappeared so please excuse that.
  • Gmail Plasmoid - Kubuntu 11.04 kde- This widget is designed to be docked in a panel, or added to your desktop, and display the number of unread messages in multiple Gmail accounts. Clicking on the widget will open the Gmail account in your favorite browser. The widget is written in python, meaning that there is no compiling necessary as long as you have the required script-engine installed.
  • Microwave Oven Plasmoid Create plasma balls in a hotel microwave oven. Science on the the go for the total nurd.
  • ufo freestyle hip hop hup plasmoid rap kc moonshine reports just another one of those plasmoids and it''s vanishing act march 6th 2010 dordrecht holland
  • My "Frame" plasmoid An applet that displays the picture of your choice or Wikipedia Picture of the Day
  • +++LIGHT+++ TRACK: Plasmoid / Cybernetika / Nanospheric "It's all an illusion, albeit a persistent one" - Einstein
  • KDE pastebin plasmoid demonstration Demonstration of this fantastic plasmoid, which uploads any image or text to or, by dropping it.

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  • “[29 Dec 2009]New Atheist Quote Plasmoid Update (49 comments) app. comic. presentation. changelog. facebook. student. gsoc. web. blog. google. project. se. plugin”
    — Ricodigo Blog,

  • “hey everyone i would like to do a brainstorm plasmoid so that a lot of people can vote even without actually using a webbrowser for this i will need some”
    — Brainstorm Plasmoid • KDE Community Forums,

  • “Fix systray icon and aMule plasmoid aMule Forum > English > Feature requests > Fix systray icon and aMule plasmoid. Pages: [1] " previous next " Print. Author. Topic: Fix systray icon and aMule plasmoid (Read 868 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. raffaele181188. Newbie”
    — Fix systray icon and aMule plasmoid,

  • “Rubytime plasmoid Read more about kde, plasmoid, python, rubytime, widget. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. blog comments powered by Disqus. Browse through archives: 2009, 2010”
    — Rubytime plasmoid - Marcin Kulik's tech stuff, ku1

  • “Article Topic: Python Plasmoid Example. option, rect): painter.setPen(Qt.white) painter.drawText(rect, Qt.AlignVCenter | Qt.AlignHCenter, "Hello developers-!”
    — Python Plasmoid Example, developers-

  • “Home > Blog > Daisy Plasmoid – A dock for KDE 4. Daisy Plasmoid – A ( I'm sure that Lechio will accept any help ) Anyway, have a look at the project page, KDE-Look page or try the plasmoid from the Build Service”
    — stick's corner " Daisy Plasmoid – A dock for KDE 4,

  • “The plasmoid also was neglected. I would like for it to contain backup statistics as well Chatonka::Blog – Andrew Stromme is powered by WordPress | Photo by”
    — Chatonka::Blog – Andrew Stromme,

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