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  • a plasma torch having a cathode, anode and an arc therebetween at its outlet and a source of plasmagenic gas at its inlet selected from the group consisting of helium, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and mixtures enabling an outlet speed of plasmagenic gas of at least 100 m/s;. — “Coating apparatus - Google Patent Search”,
  • Patent Description: Our present invention relates to a method of operating a blast furnace and, more particularly, to a blast furnace producing hot metal for the steel industry and ferrous or chromiferous melts from corresponding me The plasmagenic gas may be ambient air or a portion of the blast. — “Method of operating a blast furnace with plasma heating - US”,
  • Definition of plasmagenic from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of plasmagenic. Pronunciation of plasmagenic. Definition of the word plasmagenic. Origin of the word plasmagenic. — “plasmagenic - Definition of plasmagenic at ”,
  • Spanish Word for plasmagenic. How to say plasmagenic in Spanish. — “Spanish Word for plasmagenic | plasmagenic in Spanish”, 123
  • Within its inner parts, a transformation of the electric power into heat occurs, and this energy at high entalpic content (plasma) is transferred to the powders and piece to be welded. The torch is an energy converter from an electric arc (Pilot Arc) to a plasmagenic gas (usually Argon). — “PTA torch - Principle”,
  • The structure of the device placed in operation at the time unfortunately did not allow using water vapor as reagent or to work without consuming the argon necessary as plasmagenic gas of a first pilot arc. conditions, combined with high speed of the plasmagenic medium in the arc zone, cause a. — “Conversion of hydrocarbons assisted by gliding electric arcs”,
  • The most frequently used plasmagenic gases are nitrogen and air. The use of air as the plasmagenic gas partially solves the disadvantages mentioned above, but 80% of the gases are then useless. — “Vitrification Furnace With Dual Heating Means”,
  • Most of the people on this forum appear to have a very solid grip of this stuff, so this may come off as naive/stupid. The plasmagenic stuff looks a lot like an EHD thruster / lifter. — “A stupid question. - ”,
  • plasmagenic - plasmagénico Aticle 5138. plasmagenic. plasmagénico > Index. Send link to this page by ICQ or E-Mail: Post to your site or blog: Post to a forum: Language resources Feedback. — “plasmagenic / plasmagénico”,
  • plasmagene ( ) n. A self-replicating hereditary structure thought to exist in cytoplasm and function in a manner ***ogous to, but independent of, plasmagenic plas'ma·gen'ic (-jē'nĭk, -jĕn'ĭk) adj. — “plasmagene: Definition from ”,
  • Words that start with PLA : Words starting in PLA plasmagenic. plasmalemma. plasmatical. plasminogen. plasmodesma. plasmodesms. plasmolysed. plasmolyses. plasmolysis. plasmolytic. plasmolyzed. plasmolyzes. plasmosomes. plasterings. plasterwork. plastically. plasticenes. plasticines. plasticised. plasticiser. — “Word pla meaning. Word pla definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • The plasma arc which transfers heat energy to plasmagenic gas (Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen) in order to promote the plasma state according to the Saha's law. This arc strikes between the tungsten electrode (cathode) and the constricting nozzle (anode). — “gtglossary_n”,
  • TD Center provides a complete metalforming/tooling and heat treating glossary of definitions. These terms are provided as a service to those involved arc (Plasma) - The plasma arc which transfers heat energy to plasmagenic gas (Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen) in order to promote the plasma. — “TD Center provides a Metallurgical Glossary of Terms for”,
  • Encyclopedia article about plasmagenic. Information about plasmagenic in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “plasmagenic definition of plasmagenic in the Free Online”, encyclopedia2
  • 16: Thermal destruction device as in claim 11, characterised in that the introduction of plasmagenic gas into the torch is achieved using over-pressurisation. [0049]Advantageously, the introduction of plasmagenic gases into the torch is carried out. — “Device and Method for Destroying Liquid, Powder or Gaseous”,
  • The object of this apparatus is to place the plasmagenic gas to be treated in an electric field which is high enough to produce an electric By plasmagenic gas is meant a gas in which the discharge is created due to the effect of the electric field, and the properties. — “Process for purifying a gas and apparatus for the”,
  • Plasmagene definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell, such as a mitochondrial gene. plasmagenic. —adj. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. 2009 © William Collins. — “Plasmagene | Define Plasmagene at ”,
  • Definition of plasmagenic in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of plasmagenic. Pronunciation of plasmagenic. Translations of plasmagenic. plasmagenic synonyms, plasmagenic antonyms. Information about plasmagenic in the free online English. — “plasmagenic - definition of plasmagenic by the Free Online”,

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