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  • Planisphere star chart Miller is used as a Star Chart to find Constellations in the Sky at a particular time at night. The planisphere is a thumb wheel index chart that allows you to dial in the date of the year and the time of day to show you. — “Planisphere Star Chart”,
  • Planisphere 2, the Super Planisphere makes finding star and constellations easy using its patented 3-coordinate system. — “Planisphere 2: Index”,
  • Free Celestial Planisphere Online on Top Astronomer. — “Celestial Planisphere on Top Astronomer”,
  • Definition of planisphere in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of planisphere. Pronunciation of planisphere. Translations of planisphere. planisphere synonyms, planisphere antonyms. Information about planisphere in the free online English. — “planisphere - definition of planisphere by the Free Online”,
  • A planisphere is a type of star chart that can be set to show the location of objects in the sky for any given date and time. Bright stars, constellation outlines, and some deep sky objects are shown on the white "sky" portion of the planisphere. — “How to Use a Planisphere”,
  • A planisphere is a star chart with a horizon overlay that allows you to see which constellations are up on a given day or time. The planisphere chart is a star chart centered on the north celestial pole (All you southern hemisphere web. — “Planisphere”,
  • The simplest sky model is a planisphere. Untold numbers of these star finders have been The basic idea behind the planisphere was used in ancient Rome. — “Using a Planisphere”, astro-
  • If you are not familiar with the night sky then Company Seven recommends you buy a good simple Planisphere for use in *** eye learning of the Constellations, or for that and finding several of the brighter deep sky objects and This Planisphere is easy to use with the set up steps clearly. — “Company Seven | Ken Press "David H. Levy Guide to the Stars”,
  • Every sky watcher needs an easy-to-use planisphere to quickly tell which stars and constellations are above their horizon on any day and time of the year. To use the planisphere simply turn the dial to match the date with the time. — “: Planispheres”,
  • The Compass Rose Geocoin, manufactured by , pays tribute to the compass. These coins resemble compass roses used on sea charts, land maps and compasses, and is only available at certain times during the year. The first star chart to be called a planisphere was created in 1624. — “The Compass Rose - Planisphere Geocoin™”,
  • Learn more, read reviews, and download Planisphere by Horsham Online Limited on the iTunes App Store. — “Planisphere for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes”,
  • Generates a planisphere for Google Earth to show you what's visible in the night sky. — “HeyWhatsThat Planisphere for Google Earth”,
  • The 4th Day Alliance only carries the Night Sky Planisphere for two different latitudes that cover the majority of the United States. Below are the images of Sagittarius shown on conventional planispheres (left image) and then on the Night Sky Planisphere (right). — “4th Day Alliance | The Night Sky Planiphere”, 4
  • A planisphere is a star chart ***og computing instrument in the form of two adjustable disks that rotate on a common pivot. A planisphere consists of a circular star chart attached at its center to an opaque circular overlay that has a clear elliptical window or hole so. — “Planisphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • [email protected]“p l a n i s p h e r e . c o m m u n i c a t i o n s”,
  • Any planisphere will do, but some kind of planisphere or star wheel is required for getting to know the night sky. Order a planisphere for your latitude at Sky and Telescope's skypub website. — “USING A PLANISPHERE”,
  • "Chandler's planisphere (rotating star-finder wheel) is the finest available"--Sky News " The Night Sky is NOT a conventional planisphere! No flat map can remove all distortion, but The Night Sky eliminates over 90% of the distortion inherent in conventional. — “The Night Sky”,
  • Procedure Position the planisphere so that the side with the title (not the instructions) is facing you. Notice on the planisphere that the names of the constellations are given in all capital letters and that the names of the stars are given in smaller letters. — “Using a Planisphere”,
  • The planisphere is an ***og computer for calculating the positions of the stars. On the other hand, at the twist of a dial a planisphere can show the positions of the stars at any time, on any day, for a particular latitude, so it is as good as a whole book of star charts. — “Planisphere”,
  • You can see how the stars look in the night sky - at any time of the night with a star planisphere the star planisphere will show you all the stars that are visible in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere at any time of the year, so you don't have to wait for months to see them. — “Sky & Teoh Observatory”,
  • With a planisphere, or star wheel, you turn a disk to set your time against your date. The edge of the star map then represents the horizon all around you at that time. The most important aspect of a planisphere, however, is the clarity and realism of its star map. — “Planisphere”,
  • A planisphere is a device that lets you predict when celestial objects will be above your horizon. The Planisphere Watch is a little planisphere on top of an ***og watch. — “Planisphere”,
  • planisphere ( ) n. A representation of a sphere or part of a sphere on a plane surface. Astronomy . A polar projection of half or more of the. — “planisphere: Definition from ”,
  • Meet Planisphere, the powerful tool that provides a quick answer to the question, "Is this the appropriate time for me to view my constellation (object) in the night sky? You can buy a planisphere at most bookstores, but if you want planisphere for another latitude, it can be a problem. This program. — “Planisphere”,

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  • Justice - Planisphere Part 3 Justice EP © Ed Banger Records
  • Planisphere - Simplified (Original Mix) [HQ] Brilliant masterpiece created by Laurent Véronnez aka Airwave, taken from the album "Solarized". Nice rhythm...
  • Tiesto - Planisphere - Totem
  • Justice - Planisphere Part 1 Justice' New EP © Ed Banger Records
  • How to make and use a planisphere Wright State University Astronomy Club introduces the viewer to the "planisphere," a visual aid for identifying constellations in the night sky, and shows how one can make one's own planisphere (with a little help from the National Research Council of Canada) using nothing more than some basic office supplies.
  • Blue alphabet - Cybertrance (planisphere 98 mix) Blue alphabet - Cybertrance(planisphere 98 mix) Real retro house classix
  • Planisphere - Moonshine Retro trance
  • Justice - Planisphere ( MMMatthias Remix) /mmmatthias
  • Planisphere - No Sugar Added (HQ) Planisphere - No Sugar Added Album: Solarism Year: 2007 Produced by: Airwave Written by: Laurent Veronnez & George Petkidis
  • Al-Pha-X - A new planisphere
  • Justice - Planisphere (Part of guitar solo on Violin) Justice - Planisphere (Part of guitar on Violin) Become a Facebook fan: Become a Myspace Friend:
  • Justice - Planisphere (Part 4/4) Part 4 of 4 The song Justice produced for some Dior Fashion show.
  • Jimmy Galle - Eleventh (Planisphere Remix) Artist(s) .........:: Jimmy Galle Title .............:: Eleventh (Planisphere Remix) Genre .............:: Trance Record Label ......:: Bonzai Progressive Catalogue Number ..:: BP-204-2010 Release Date ......:: 28-06-2010
  • Planisphere, Final - Justice Please rate and comment. Brand new EP from Justice, Planisphere EP!!! Planisphere, Justice's magnus opus that they created for the Dior Homme Spring/Summer 2009 fashion show. They polished this track up, added their signature reverbs, effects, chopped up edits etc. They even added a proggy wanking guitar solo. You can tell their love for The ***ing Champs is really making an impact on their music. There seems to be a return to their epic church disco sound circa Waters of Nazareth. Maybe Justice is on the way of becoming a full fledged electronic prog band? I wonder what is in store next. Title:Planisphere, Final Artist:Justice Album:Planisphere EP Here's the link: Don't you just love guitar in it? I don't know but I think some track like Daft Punk's Aerodynamic. ...Et Justice Pour Tous!!!
  • Planisphere - Hosanna Beyond The Stars From the album, Solarized. Planisphere is Laurent Veronnez, also known as Airwave.
  • Planisphere - The Eyes Of Truth Released on Green Martian Catnr: GM 99019 Produced by: George Petkidis and Laurent Véronnez
  • Planisphere - Cyborganic - Preview Video It's been well over a year now since the release of the previous Planisphere album. Today we present you the new mini album made by electronic music wizard Airwave under his Planisphere alter ego. A 7 track mini album spiced with a journey through experimental beats, anthemic melodies, deep moods and some trancy elements. Without a doubt a true music experience with on top 4 bonus remixes by Planisphere from various artists including Björn Small, DPP, Alex Coollook and Toby Shark from the past 2 years. Very variable and enjoyable album which you can both use to relax and in the couch or where tracks such as the titletrack Cyborganic are extremely playable, a matter of fact this track was already championed by the likes of Armin and Above & Beyond requested it too... Nuff said, just grab this brilliant album and let it overwhelm you.
  • Planisphere - Timestop
  • Planisphere - So Many Ways (Force Mass Motion Mix) 2000 Planisphere - So Many Ways (Force Mass Motion Mix) 2000 Label: Bonzai Trance Progressive UK Catalog#: BTPUK010 Format: Vinyl, 12" Country: UK Released: 2000 Genre: Electronic Style: Trance, Progressive Trance
  • Justice - Planisphere Part 1 Justice EP © Ed Banger Records
  • starmaps planisphere and astrolabe pt2 - intro to astrolabe.avi introduction to starmaps, planispheres and the modern astrolabe modern astrolabes are availabe, made accurately to your back garden or any spot in the northern hemisphere you chose just £7 available from
  • How to Buy a Telescope : Using Planisphere With Telescope Why a planisphere should be your first telescope accessory. Learn more about purchasing accessories for your telescope in this free home astronomy equipment video from a telescope designer and manufacturer. Expert: Bill Burgess Bio: Bill Burgess is the owner and founder of Burgess Optical, which is world-renowned for its custom-built telescopes and planetary eyepieces. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
  • Justice - Planisphere Pt 3 Song: Planisphere Pt 3 Artist: Justice rather slow and deliberate.
  • Justice - Planisphere (Part 1/4) Part 1 of 4 Th song Justice produced for some Dior fasion show
  • Planisphere - Jarresque [HQ] Master piece taken from the album 'Cyborganic', created by the best: Laurent Veronnez. Enjoy it! For more info, click here:
  • alex coollook-define real (planisphere remix)
  • Planisphere
  • Joker Jam - Innocence (Planisphere Remix) Label:Green Martian Catalog#:GM-2001-037 Format:Vinyl, 12" Country:Belgium Released:28 Jun 2001 Genre:Electronic Style:Progressive Trance Credits:Written By, Producer - Bart van der Zwaan , Uwe Hoelters*
  • Planisphere Feat Kevin Vega - Cloudmaker When it comes to breakbeats and progressive trance, there are many various artists on our planet that rule those genres. And I'm not scared to admit that Planisphere is one of them! I have to admit that Planisphere and Mr. Kevin Vega did an excellent work on this particular tune! This is one of the best tune that I've heard in many years. Enjoy and feel free to comment!
  • Deep blue dream - Planisphere - Dave Seaman 012 Buenos Aires cd2 Deep blue dream - Planisphere Dave Seaman 012 Buenos Aires cd2 Track No4 1999
  • Planisphere - Cyborganic I would love it if any of you could recommend similar trance or electronic songs that you know of. I am not an extraordinarily huge fan of trance music; the genre is just so big with so much filler that it's hard... Actually... it's tough... but someone's gotta do it.
  • Narel - Run (Planisphere Remix) remix done by planisphere, aka Laurent Veronnez, who also produces music under the more well known "Airwave" and "Lolo" aliases, among others. check out his website here for more tunes: www.airwave-
  • Planisphere - Deep Blue Dream
  • Planisphere - Lost planet Old Techno
  • Planisphere - Teardrop [HQ] Sweet tune created by Laurent Veronnez & Georges Petkidis. I had to cut it a bit at the end in order that it fit in 11 minutes. For more info, click here:
  • Justice - Planisphere (Kaxe Remix) Just another song brought to you by MrPinker
  • How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Accessories: Planisphere Purchase a planisphere or star chart with a telescope to be able to locate planets and stars in the night sky.Find the stars in the sky with telescope tips in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson. Expert: Jesse Sturgeon Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow
  • Anhken -First Division -Planisphere Remix [HQ] High Quality
  • Daft Punk - Interstella 5555 set to Justice "Planisphere" An abridged version of the Interstella 5555 "Veridis Quo" portion set to match with Justice's Planisphere Pt 2 (notice the many instruments on Darkwood's desk used for celestial coordination).
  • Planisphere - Nye

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  • “The Planisphere Watch For Astronomers - From technology- Back to the main gadget blog page. Subscribe To Gadget Blog RSS Feed. The Planisphere Watch For Astronomers. If you always had a keen interest in Astronomy then the Planisphere watch will help you chart the night sky onto your wrist!”
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